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User Reviews for Temperature Gauge

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9 years ago, Henry-In-Florida
Good & Useful a bit pricey (esp since there is a “Pro” app upgrade)
Like most of the commenters, I similarly appreciate this nifty little utility. While not an absolute necessity, this app is one I classify, “Nice to have.” It gives you peace of mind to know that your Mac is staying cool and if not, which apps, connections are pulling a lot of CPU, or other resource heat (e.g., demand). After all Apple provides Power and Battery monitoring, CPU monitoring, network monitoring available to the user. Why not heat? The sensors collect the data and the CPU reacts to that data, perhaps when it’s too late. The user should know about it in similar detail. Since Apple chose not to do so, thansk to TunaBelly we have that capability. Thanks, guys! TG and its big brother TG Pro use little resources on their own and give you the information needed in great detail or less if you set the preferences that way. Pro adds higher than normal fan control if you choose. FYI, my machine (15” Retina MBP) runs at 125°F with the fans running silently @ 2000RPM with the cover closed. I was concerned at how that would go. One item they could add is a comparison tool for stock machines and voluntary statistics from other users about the running temperture performance. I think a price point for the base software should be $3.99, but considering the rules in App Store a dollar more to be able to use on any family machine is not too expensive. Congrats to you for a nice bit of software.
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6 years ago, somebodytookmynick
An Invaluable App - Taught the Apple Store Geniuses a lesson.
I took my iMac 27” i7 (Mid-2011) into the Apple Store because the fans were racing intermittently. The technicians tried various fixes, or told me it was due to “non-Apple” memory, or because I was mixing memory sizes (Two 4gb and Two 2gb DIMMs). Nothing worked. Midway through the process, I presented the genuises with what I considered very conclusive evidence from TG Pro that there was an LCD Proximity Temperature Sensor that was either missing or showing a crazy negative reading when the fans were racing. But TG Pro showed two LCD Proximity Temperature Sensors, and the Geniuses swore that there was only one. Their Apple diagnostic software showed only one sensor. And all service manuals and parts descriptions that I found showed only one sensor. I emailed the developer of TG Pro, and he told me that if TG Pro showed a sensor, then it was there. Finally, on what was the fifth return trip to the store for the same problem, one of the geniuses took the TG Pro printouts from me and said they would look at them seriously. Not long after, a technician called and told me that he removed the cable to what they thought was the single LCD Proximity Temperature Sensor, and then he peeled the tape off the entire length of the cable. And you can guess what he found. The second LCD Proximity Temperature Sensor! He replaced that cable, and My iMac has been running like a champ ever since. End of story.
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11 years ago, mister zed
Problems… lots of them
This can open as an app (with an icon in the Dock and in the Command-Tab menu) or as just a menu item in the menu bar, but if you want the menu-only version, then you're forced to have it start up automatically. This is kind of dumb. Why can't I toggle the auto-start function without having to first change another preference that is barely related and where there is no logical dependency? If they want to prevent (or for some reason cannot allow) opening the app as a menu item, then instead of graying out the auto-start checkbox, they should allow you to uncheck that but revert to opening as a full application when you do so. -1 star for this. Furthermore, when I close the app I'm not in the mood to be presented with a nag screen to rate the app, or shown ads for their other apps. Very very annoying. -1 star for each of these. Lastly, I have reason to believe the data the app is presenting is not accurate, since there are times that my laptop feel very cool, but I get endless alerts about it being too hot, while at other times it is extremely hot to the touch and there are no alerts and the reported temperature is much lower than at the times that it is wigging out over nothing. I have not absolutely verified that this apparent problem is in fact taking place, so I'm not taking away any more stars for that. I need to do more testing to make sure I'm not missing something somehow.
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10 years ago, LBrehm
Great App!
I use Handbrake on my new iMac i7 to rip Blu Rays, and Handbrake really makes the CPU cores heat up, and heat up very quickly. I have faith in my Mac, but this nifty app gives me a little more peace of mind because I can actually watch the rpms of the fans increase as the heat ticks upward, and decrease as the heat drops a few notches. It takes awhile to rip a two hour Blu Ray, so this back and forth with the temp and fans gives me some comfort that everything is working properly. My only criticism is the warning that appears in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It disappears quickly, and I’m unable to read the entire message. I don’t know if that’s a Mac warning or a Temperature Gauge warning and/or message, but it would be nice to be able to read the whole thing.
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6 years ago, Kaiyze
Great Utility (TG Pro free upgrade)
If you want to micromanage your Apple device’s fan speed or just want to know how certain components in your device are maintaining in temperature and speed. You can’t beat something that Apple themselves don’t offer. The fact you’re able to manually adjust your Fan Speed (rpm) is a marvelous feature that gives back control to the user. Then having the ability to configure different settings for the Fan Speed in the preferences so you don’t have to do it manually is just another great feature. Let’s be honest, if you bought a product most likely you’ll have to pay for an upgrade version. That doesn’t happen here because when you buy TG you are offered the upgrade to Pro for free: A courtesy that the Tunabelly could of easily charged for and for that I rate it 5 stars.
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10 years ago, CTechno
Solid Informational App
No, you obviously cannot control fan speed, Apple wouldn’t allow that. But it monitors every possible sensor in a well-designed layout, with the ability to customize features to your preference: including how often it checks temp, the threshold at what temp app alerts you, and other functional adjustments. An easy $5 bucks to maintain the health of your CPU/Computer and increase its longevity. Most negative comments here are from people that don’t know what they’re doing, or complaining about a “missing feature” that is actually there, plain as day. Memory, CPU, Battery and other stuff is monitored in an easy and intuitive layout. It has a few quirks, but it’s no big deal, and a steal at $5 bucks.
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10 years ago, flyinghatchet
Great temp/fan monitoring app
I run the app on startup (MacBook Pro) and it displays the info I want. I also have smcFanControl but prefer Temperature Gauge if the temp/rpm info is all I need to know. If this app had the option to control fan rpm, it would be just about perfect (the default fan controller seems to take a while to react to hot temps — like 30 secs to a minute, and the fans spool up slowly). Actually, it would be nice to have an app that combined the detailed info (temps of each sensor and component) of Temperature Gauge with the fan control profile ability of smcFanControl. I use both apps and go back and forth depending on the tasks at hand.
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4 years ago, Markiemark69
Best Money I ever spent
I use my late 2013 MacPro in a mission critical recording studio and post enviroment. The late 2013 MacPro can run a bit hot… It’s got thermal issues and everyone knows it... I installed the software and went to tunabelly(the developer) and downloaded the pro version, you’ll want it and it’s a free update.. I enabled the menu bar temp in farenheit and it showed 165 degrees, I went to the menu and boosted the fan manually and now my mac is sitting at 114 degrees which is where a nicely ccoled pc usually sits. That’s pretty amazing, in 60 seconds I lowered my system temp 51 degrees. That’s pretty impressive and means no more overheated sessions. - Mark Riddick Productions, Nashville -Outstanding job guys!! Thank You!!!
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8 years ago, danwagner01
Annoying Feature
I was going to give Temperature Guage four stars… but I dropped it to 2 because of an annoying reminder the developer added that persistently asks you to rate the software. Several times I have clicked the “no thanks” option hoping that would forever stop this desperate attempt at forcing users to rate the program. But that “please rate us” screen also stops the program from quitting. For me that screen causes this chain of events: Temperature Guage will not quit which in turn prevents my MacBook Pro from shutting down its automated processes. This results in an overheated machine that several times/week will not shut down if Temperature Guage is running. In essence, Temperature Guage causes my machine to run hot all night long because that pop-up screen prevents system shutdown late at night.
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11 years ago, herocero
great app, awkward update process
I bought this awhile ago. Great app. Only minor issue, when I start parallels (a windows 7 VM) i get GPU and some CPU temp warnings that are clearly faulty cause the next second the temperature measurement goes back to normal. I hope this is fixed in an update then 5 stars . . . And I just downloaded the update. I will update this review if the temperature spikes occur with the update. I understand why it cannot be uploaded to the store but there has to be a better way to alert users to the update method than simply putting a note in the product description.
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9 years ago, Chuck "Sparky" B
Good App - Could Be Better
I Like the app, except for the bar graphs indicating MAX TEMP. There;s no temp scale, so you can;t what max temp an individual aenor reached, unless you use log files. I tried the demo for the PRO version, and it would be great to have since you can set your own fan speed limits to run things cooler than apple does. I don’t like the idea of having to purchase the pro version from the developers site, as I don’t like doing online credit card purchaes with unknown companies due to possible secirity leaks of my credit card info.
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10 years ago, Matt Sahlgren
Does what it says. Pro Version gets you Fan control
Although updating it to the latest version (and also to Pro for another $5) is an annoying hassle; I that’s more Apple’s fault than the developers. I think it digs a little further into the OS’ hardware functions than Apple is comfortable with. The external installation is a bit quirky but Tunabelly’s support was very quick (a couple of hours for me) and accurate. The app itself works better than I expected, flawlessly in fact.
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8 years ago, YZFR1_Rider
its a useful little tool.
I’d have given it 5 stars but there are a couple things that bug me. #1 you buy here in the app store and then get redirected to an outside website for the “full upgraded” version. #2 when El Capitan was released they had to up date their program… not really a bit deal but the update kept failing and finally I had to manually move it into the application folder, run it from there before it’d function proper. with that all said it does what its supposed to the rest of the time.
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9 years ago, Lion31
Limited monitoring
While I think this app has some nice features, it lacks critical coverage for my machine. My iMac has an Intel quad-core i7 that is quite able to turbo-boost itself to high temps. This app appears only able to report the temp for core-0 and core-1, which leaves most of the chip not being monitored. The temp differences between cores can vary greatly depending on the software being run, so that this can leave me thinking everything is fine when it really isn’t. The now-discontinued “Temperature Monitor” app did a much better job monitoring all cores, but it does not seem to work with Yosemite. :(
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9 years ago, AussieRealtor
Caused Severe Overheating in Mac Mini 2012
I upgraded to the ‘Pro’ version and was impressed with the user interface, all the fan control and the monitoring of sensors throughout this little system. This little system has two 1 Tb SSD drives and max memory and runs like clockwork with Parallels and Windows 8/Office 2013. It wasn’t long before I noticed the temperatures creeping up around the processor. Then the fans would speed up to a roar and Yosemite started shutting down applications! The mac mini case felt as hot as a frying pan. Everything returned to normal after I removed TG Pro - the little system immediatley starting running cool again. I don’t know what this application was doing to cause such intense CPU activity (I assume) but it is DANGEROUS so be warned.
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9 years ago, EGOSysDiz
Saved my bacon
Had to crack open my mac mini to reseat a HD connector that had come loose when I installed an SSD drive. After I closed it back up, I restarted and noticed that Temperature Gauge was showing that the fan wasn’t running AT ALL. And, the temp was shooting up, up, up. So, I shut it down, cracked the Mini open again and sure enough, the power connector for the fan wasn’t seated properly. Oopsie. (Hmmm, apparently, not reseating connectors properly is a thing with me.) Very highly recommended!
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10 years ago, Big Coxy
Your vehicle has a temp gauge, so should your mac
Both your vehicle, as cheap or expensive as it is, and your mac, as cheap or expensive as it is, are complex machines. We would expect that there aren’t any problems, but the app is great investment to alert you early in an unexpected situation. Prevent downtime and costly repairs, buy this app and let it hangout in your menu bar. Plus, it just looks cool. Very intuitive and actually quite impressive that Apple has built in so many sensors that the app can utilize.
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10 years ago, picker
Good App
Seems like a great app. Does what is says and has decent settings. What more is there to say other than I wish the fan upgrade was included. Oh well, Apple has the fans set the way they need to be, just want to have the option to see the max fan speed similar to the way they have max temperature. Oh well, I guess another $5 isn’t exactly breaking the bank if you bought a Mac over a Windows PC with similar hardware.
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2 years ago, vocabularasa
Perfect for my problem.
Yeah, my Macbook Pro is more than 8 years old now, and I suspect there's something wrong with the internal temperature gauge. Why? It started routinely shutting down due to overheating without the fans kicking on in any appreciable way. This fixes that, and boy did I need it. Zoom was taking me out from time to time, and that can't be happening! $10 well spent (AFTER THE FREE UPGRADE!)
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11 years ago, Photodr11
This is only Ok…. but very annoying!!
This app could be A LOT better if it didn't pop up with notifications every time I run a semi-demanding application. I like the fact that I can view my temps as well as choose which ones I would like to see, but it doesn't need to warn me when my computer is not at risk of over heating nor being in danger of anything other than the fans might have to turn on for a few seconds. As I can see there is no way to set what temp it warns you…. that would be nice..
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10 years ago, ClayMM
Helpfull app
Macbook was getting a little warmer than I liked when I was using it one day so I purchased this app for peace of mind. It really help me pinpoint which apps were causing the most heat, and let me know which apps I really shouldn't leave running in the background. Only gave it 4 stars due to the price point, 4.99 is still worth it but I would of rather seen something like 2.99. This is a core app if you own a Macbook period.
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11 years ago, Dianna88
Well done!!
I would have rated this 5 stars if there was a fan control option! The smc fan control another review was talking about does say the developer isnt a trustworthy source so I wouldnot recommend it. Too many fan control apps can just reek havok on your os, show error & warning messages. Please update with the speed control option and this app will be well worth the $5!!!
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10 years ago, Daniel BoYeon
Great App for temp monitor
This is a Great App. It is just like the Temerature Gauge in a car that montors the engine’s temperature but instead in a computer. For those who care about your over $1,000 Precious Macs, I highly recommend this app. The only thing i wish there was is a Fahrenheit Gauge. Being in the U.S. Celsius is kind of confusing. But other than that, i love the App especially on my $1,700 Retina Haswell Mac.
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3 years ago, Morning Brew
Solved my problem
My Radeon RX 580 GPU was shutting down, leaving my computer useless. With this app i was able to diagnose exactly at what temperature the gpu would shutdown than it allowed me to create an "auto boost” setting to turn the fans on before that temperature was reached. Worked like a charm, now i’m working 10 hours + with no shutdowns!
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10 years ago, mistergupton
Good deal..,
I agree with previous posts about the price point, but it works very well. Another post read that you can’t change from Celsius, but that isn’t so. Just control right click and change the preferences. It’s keeping my 15’’ rMBP 2.6 nice and cool. Coming from a Win background, would be cool if Apple incuded such a widget… In case I overlooked it.
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10 years ago, BaltimoreOriole
There are issues—annoyances that should have been fixed a while ago
This has the potential to be a great product. But there’s a key problem: The preferences don’t record your preference. In particular, I don’t like Celsius. No matter, that’s all I seem to be able to get, even after changing (I can’t say how many times) the preferences to us Fahrenheit. Fix that, and this is a 4-5 star program. But that’s a glaring issue. Sorry guys, but your QA for version releases is at best sloppy. This one should have been caught.
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10 years ago, rltrane
not happy with misleading trial software
So unless I’m mistaken, it appears that you are asked to download the trial software, which I did. It appears to be great, and allows me to change the speed of the fan to cool my computer down. I think, great, I’ll buy this software now, which I did. Only problem is it only allows me to SEE how hot my computer’s getting, not do anything about it like I could in the trial version. Again, I could have severely misinterpereted this but I would think that the paid version should have AT LEAST what the trial version should have.
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11 years ago, Haristotle
Read the description!
This is a wonderful application in that it shows both the temperature and the RPM of the fans. I am using a 15" MBP with Retina (16GB/2.7GHz/512GB). I was looking for an application which would allow me to control when the fans come on - this only monitors it. I use a cheap plastic cooling pad with 2 USB-powered active fans, but it is insufficient when I connect 2 24" monitors from the 2 Thunderbolt ports (using DisplayPort to HDMI cables).
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11 years ago, app uSeR ussp
possible addition
Hello, this app is really great. it would be even better if you added an option to change fan speeds. theres an app called smc fancontrol that you can set different fan speeds for your computer. anthough I dont fully trust the developer, so it would be great if you guys could implement that. thanks :) right now there are some bugs w/ the startup
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9 years ago, PaulG79
I purchased this app but now I can’t download it anymore
I purchased this app back in Oct 20. My computer died, after repair the great people at Apple replaced my hard-drive and wiped it out. I logged in with my iTunes account but this app is not showing up as purchased. I do have the receipt. How do I get it again in my computer?
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11 years ago, TJX05
Great spec-style tool!!
I really like this temp app!! It is simple and has a spec kind of look to it I can understand. I appreciate keeping graphics and goofy bubbly buttons out of it and making sure I can read the temp on every peice of hardware I own. It makes a difference since I use my computer for AV and heat it up quickly!!
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9 years ago, JR98
This is a simple and excellent temperature monitor. It has all the information laid out nicely and easy to look at. It could use some small additions, such as a viewable max temperature, rather than just a place on the bar, which is cool even by itself. I'm very impressed.
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10 years ago, JR LR
Sweet Program
Does what it says and easy to work with. Support is excellent. I thought I had a problem with the software and found that it was operator error (me). Fortunately, support responded almost immediately and walked me right through an issue that was really unrelated to their software. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, CK Wilson
Very useful!
This is one of the few apps I couldn’t operate without. My MacBook seems to get extremely hot very often, and when it does, Temperature Gauge is there to not only verify that it is overheating, the fans automatically activate and have it under control within ten or 15 seconds!
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4 years ago, Peaeye
Fan speeds don't work 2020 MBPro 16"
I have a newer model MacBook Pro 16" for which I got this program to monitor temperatures because mine seems to get quite hot running one of my external monitors. But the program doesn't show fan speed, which is the quickest way to see overall heat stress. They just register as -1 RPM... pretty useless. There use to be a nice widget for this, but widgets are no more and this software doesn't seem compatible with current hardware. Disappointing.
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10 years ago, Collinz4
Very Nice, Clean, MacAPP
I really like the layout on the screen. Everything is very clean and thought out. The only problem I have is that the price was a little high, however I understand that companies/small businesses have to make money too. Awesome App Guys! I will be buying more from you shorty!
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10 years ago, ClintonDyches
Nifty little app at a great price
I always keep an eye on my temps and fan speeds - this little app just makes it that much easier. Do you need it? If your Mac tends to run hot and your fans are at the point where you can actually hear them, yes. Play it safe - purchase this app!
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11 years ago, IloveMac123098
This app is definetly worth the $2 I payed for it (at the time of this review, it could be more…I don't know). It's so convienient to look up in your menu bar and see what your fan speed and CPU Temps are at. I really think it's an awesome edition, especially for 'power users'. Thanks Temperature Guage!
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4 years ago, AppleFan2Billion
Too quick to claim overheating
I like this app to figure out if the computer is running hot what might be causing it, since the alerts can occur during specific actions. Lately, though, alerts for overheating go on when the computer is just starting and no obvious over-heating is occurring, so I am beginning to doubt the numbers.
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9 years ago, shon3
It tells the temps and seems to be accurate
Using this tool I determined that my thermal paste application on a logic board replacement was working as expected. I also determined that the cooling system on the 2014 MBP Retina is much more easily pushed to its limits than the 2012 MBP Retina.
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7 years ago, ballsoben
Bush League.
Yeah this puppy’s a real cash dump down the drain. I bought it assuming it would help keep my computer cooler, because i noticed it was hot, but instead I spent 20 american dollars on an app to tell me when my computers hot when my hand can do just as effective of a job. it does absolutely jack when your computer is hot. would recommend to a friend if I wanted to see my friend waste 20 dollars.
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8 years ago, Macinlover
Memory Slot Temperature BOGUS!
I purchased this app after installing 32 GB on RAM in my Mac Pro, and noticed up on removing a memory board, that the modules felt hot. This app shows the temperature of each memory slot to be 260F, even for an empty slot pair. I used a laser based no contact gun, to measure each modules heat sink temperature, which was around 120F. So this apps memory slot temperature function, is totally bogus, for the Samsung 4GB M39T5166ZA memory module, and obviously an empty slot.
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10 years ago, jaymay2525
Good for the most part!
I just downloaded the app and I really like the app! But whats up with not being able to control the fan speed? it would be awesome if you had an update or even an upgrade to have this. Other then that its awesome!
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9 years ago, Poseidon1564
Farenhiet Won’t stay in Preferences
Over all the app is good and you are able to see all temps. In another post someone had mentioned that when selecting farenhiet in preferences, the app will change to that, but will go back to celsius on a reboot and does not stay. On all my weather apps I prefer farenhiet. Please fix this tiny issue.
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11 years ago, Vixolux
Great App, Does exactly what it is advertised to do
I used this app to test in a new motherboard install. It did everything I expected and I love the fact that the log is saved in .csv format for viewing in a spreadsheet. It is worth the money.
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5 years ago, Ivan Bay Area
a great tool for a developer
I use my mac for development, running many processes and containers at once. It helped me for so many times detecting that some rogue background process is heating my laptop. I upgraded to pro version.
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11 years ago, FlyGuyTy1914
Great Support, but I barely need it
I had a minor issue with Starup displaying the full window, and I got a response from the developer in less time than it took to type the email. I love it!
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10 years ago, Woulfie
First of all the description claim this app gives fan control but that is not the case it only allows you to monitor it to control it you need to spend another $4.99 to upgrade to the pro version I think the description needs to be changed and I will be filing a complaint to Apple that this app is being sold under false pretenses, I for one would like a refund as I did not get what weas advertised.
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11 years ago, Aricsdaddy
Nearly Great
I gave this app 3 stars and that is for one main raason, $10 is a freaking ripoff. On top of that it should have an option to test the fans instead of reporting just the speed. Author if you are reading this, shame on you for charging me $10 for this when it should be more like $2 or $3 if that.
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9 years ago, Jongyan
Great app, but one thing
I love this app, it is an efficient temperature monitor for an array of the computer’s systems. But, I feel like this app is overpriced and a classic bait and switch situation. After paying $6.99 dollars, you will be prompted to buy the “pro” version for a “discounted” $7.49. I would give 5 stars, but because of the pricing and the extra pro-version, I rate this a two star.
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