textPlus: Text Message + Call

4.6 (171.9K)
154.5 MB
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Current version
textPlus, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for textPlus: Text Message + Call

4.59 out of 5
171.9K Ratings
4 months ago, Mbentony1
My name is Ryan, TextPlus is my worst nightmare I got the app believing is better not knowing is the poorest app I’ve ever got and I regret the fact that i download it, I actually spent a week to register it and I also spent 3days before they could give me number and due to the stress they made me go through I had to purchase a year to keep my number which i spent $4.99 to secure the number but unfortunately they allow me to text with the number for 3weeks before this app logged out itself so every since then I can’t login to it again and I’ve contact the customer service server times and I also screenshot it everything on my phone and mail it to them because they promise to work on it but they fail to do so… they just made me waste my money and also lose my families contact
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4 months ago, Alexander Albert
Three And Not A Five Star Service¿
As not a five star service connection,and with being so a three star service connection,”being with a twist or two twists of a Text-Plus service connection call”,and being so as not,(with even being close) to a five star service call,and being so,being because the connection call,being originally made by a Text-Plus contact of mine,where as the call coming through my personal Text-Plus telephone number,and as always colliding the call as constantly stuck,as at ending up ringing,where not being able to answer this call,and so as with getting the particular call,stuck,(and not being able to being answered,obviously immediately),being so as entering as an interruption”stuck call”,being between my Apple iPhone 11📲 and Apple iPad Pro,simultaneously,and if so being able to answering the call,being through my Apple iPad Pro,(since being stuck through the Apple iPhone),the call is then answered through the Apple iPad Pro,yet still at ringing in,(and still stuck,as with meaning as to not being able to answer through the Apple iPhone 11📲,as a so called normal person),and so then with speaking with the caller,through the Apple iPad Pro,yet while having a stuck,yet ringing Apple iPhone💫✨.
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3 years ago, Wolfbelle
Don’t download if you plan to use it!!
I had this app and the same number, for several months. Didn’t send many texts though. Then, I decided to use it as my main texting number. About 20 days in BAM! I wasn’t getting messages and mine weren’t going out. Ok, contact support and after jumping through a few hoops, they gave the lame excuse that it was my carrier. Which was a crock. Because I had the app on two different devices with different carriers. If it had been my carrier, then it would have worked on at least one of my devices. Eventually, I was logged out of my account on both devices and not able to get back in. Sooooo…after a month or so, decided to download it and try again. Because before all that happened, it was actually a pretty neat app. I was able to get a new account, different number. And it worked great…until I actually started using it. Heck I even paid for a month of no ads. Then BAM! I am logged out and can’t log back in. Sent a report to support. Still haven’t heard back. But this app is good, if you don’t use it much. But more than 3 chats and it’s like they lose their minds and close the account. And although 99 cents won’t make or break me, I still feel ripped off!
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4 years ago, vania752949
App needs to be fixed
This app needs to address a couple of issues. I am going to name two: I have yet to receive a call successfully as the call drops or doesn’t ring long enough to give the user enough time to answer before the call is dropped. It looks like there’s been a recent update, but again, I have yet to receive a successful call. The second issue (which I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled in an attempt to fix selecting a new phone number) is I get a series of random texts at all hours of the day/night with random messages from people I don’t know. I think it’s an attempt from other users to keep the free number for longer than the given week, so they randomly text other numbers? That’s my guess, so bringing back the free phone number for a month instead of a week may help fix this issue? But it’s annoying and my husband has uninstalled the application for the same reason. In all, I only use the app to have a free number to give out when I don’t want to disclose my personal number but going to be looking for other options. Not satisfied.
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3 years ago, Ashleybaby87
I downloaded text plus for my iPad Pro 11.I had no idea when I downloaded it, that going it was going to be, my now favorite app. Not only is it easy to use,it works flawlessly. Granted, it’s a little annoying trying to earn credits, so I just paid for a year of unlimited talk and text. I don’t really talk on the phone, but if I have to, guess who’s doing it free? I pay for unlimited data, so this is a win/win! The only thing I don’t like,is that I paid for the unlimited talk and text, to keep my number a year, and add removal for a year, so why are there still ads trying to get me to earn credit? Please fix this because it’s super annoying. Other than that, good job! Y’all get this app,you won’t regret it!
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3 months ago, Fraudulent act lttt
Worst nightmare even after subscribing
My name is Ryan, TextPlus is my worst nightmare I got the app believing is better not knowing is the poorest app I've ever got and I regret the fact that i download it, I actually spent a week to register it and I also spent 3days before they could give me number and due to the stress they made me go through I had to purchase a year to keep my number which i spent $4.99 to secure the number but unfortunately they allow me to text with the number for weeks before this app logged out itself so every since then I can't login to it again and l've contact the customer service server times and I also screenshot it everything on my phone and mail it to them because they promise to work on it but they fail to do so... they just made me waste my money and also lose my families contact Developer Response Feb 5 I’m not Ryan I’m Steve and I’ve this same issue which is why I copy his compliance because it’s exactly the issue I’m facing .
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6 years ago, Jango the Hedgehog
This used to be the best app for people without iPhones. Now it’s just an ad trap.
Back when I had an iPod gen 2, the gen 3 was coming out with camera and microphone. Mine didn’t have any of that. So I used the original apple earbuds that came with it. You could call anyone in the US for however long you wanted. I would talk to my mom for so long at school! Now that I have an iPhone, I wanted to call someone without giving them my exact number, and I remembered this app existed. WOW did it change. You have to watch a 30 second ad for every 30 seconds worth of call. Not only that, if you or the other party hangs up before those seconds are over, the system decides the credit has been fully used, and so far when testing it, (watched 4 ads which is 2 minutes, called for 34 seconds) it completely “eats” the remaining time. i guess i’ll stick to gmail’s phone service. at least you don’t have to watch an ad every 30 seconds. and actually seems to have even better connection. for free!
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1 year ago, Diana Rayyan
Don’t use this app
I don’t recommend using this app if you are planning to use the number more than once. It says in the application if you don’t want to purchase the number then you must ensure logging in to the app more often - within less than seven days - to continue using it for free. I did! The number was linked to my emails and other accounts. I can’t access any now because simply I found out the application has reclaimed the number (even though I was signing in on a daily basis as instructed) without any warning or notification! I can’t log in to any of my accounts now because it’s linked to that number! I write to the customer service and they did nothing but blaming me. Not mentioning that you can use this number for any social media accounts like instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, telegram, WhatsApp and many others. My bad for using this service and their service is a shame.
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12 months ago, BeekyLovesSnoopy'sStreetFair
Works like a charm
Downloaded this app because I needed an alternate phone number to call my service company to change my phone number. I was able to quickly download and get a new number in under like 2 minutes! App works great and quality of phone calls is clear/no echo. Thank you for helping me get my problems solved! Only change I recommend is- Please make it easier to simply BUY minutes. This isn’t 2009 anymore. I don’t have the time to watch ad videos to earn free minutes. I had to search the app pretty fervently to find a page to PURCHASE the minutes. Otherwise, wonderful app!
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6 years ago, Tyrannnosaurus
Fix this issue
This app used to be a go to app for free/cheap texting and calling. Now, it’s just immensely buggy. People call/text me, and their number shows up as “Unknown” and it’s not blocked because blocked numbers show up as “Restricted”. Their texts show up double or triple on my end. Also, my texts are not going through. When I try to call people, the app either will not let me, or it also has a habit of hanging up in the middle of the conversation. I also think that it’s cheating to use my paid minutes before the person even answers the phone, the minutes should be deducted once they answer. I have to also keep the phone on speaker, and not tilt the phone, because if I do, the minutes go from example “30 mins” to “- - -“ and the call briefly disconnects and neither of us can hear each other, until I tilt the phone back. So that means I can never tilt the phone onto my face. What’s that about. Kind of disappointed.
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3 years ago, JonW2019
Won’t let me create account
This app is useless and a waste of time after installing this app and then trying to create a account and then keeps saying oh no error or whatever the freak. here I took my spare time finding and installing this useless peace of junk app and then I use a existing email of mine to sign up and then everytime I try to sign up it gives me a loading wheel and then says oh no error try again later. This was so frustrating and a waste of time and is making me think the rest of the texting app will be crappy to and not a good liable fully trusted texting app now either. for all I know this texting app won’t function correctly either. ”Text+ had an error please try again”. “Text+ had an error please try again”. “Text+ had an error please try again”. Cant sign up to this darn thing so it’s useless and it’s pointless and should bill you text+ developers for all the waste of time I spent.
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6 years ago, exhaustedmommacat
Buggy and support has been unresponsive
We use this for a business, as when we opened we opted to not have a phone. It is primarily used on an iPad, and it consistently freezes, doesn’t load texts, or doesn’t send outgoing texts. I have this loaded on my personal phone as a way to actually be able to get the texts that will not load on the iPad. I don’t want to have to have this on my phone as well, but that does work most of the time for retrieving the texts we can’t load. The incoming calls setting has been disabled, but it still allows them, which is frustrating for both our guests and ourselves. This feature is disabled on both the iPad and my phone. I have emailed support twice about this and gotten zero response. This is our main issue with this app. The owner of the business does not want to install a phone. Otherwise we wouldn’t be using this.
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1 year ago, mradin
Nice app- but bugs to address
Really like using it to have an alternate number. But I wish that some issues are addressed soon: 1. When on wifi, cannot make or receive calls. Basically outgoing call fails, incoming call gets dropped as soon as answered, which forced me to disable wifi and use network data for calls. 2. Any video I receive, plays back without sound. 3. Can't receive pictures from T-mobile cell customers. 4. In the latest version, the keyboard hides my text input box. 5. Also in the latest version, at other times the text input box is buried way at the bottom edge of the screen, to the point I can't tap it to enter my message. Thanks for your attention.
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3 years ago, JNoNoLA
Hey Developers, Use Your Own Apps!
Let's forget the fact that the creators of this app have not made an easily discernable distinction between it and the identical Next + app. Why are there two of the same exact app operating simultaneously through the I store?! I will say I used to like this app, and appreciate that has stored and restores all my old texts to my new phones. I used it as my secondary line. However, you'll spend about 20% of the time fighting the barrage of adds that appear WHENEVER YOU SWIPE BACK FROM A TEXT STRING. If I didn't have year's old texts I wanted to keep on there, I would prefer to never open the app again just to smash the screen because the 15th add in five minutes needs a Cypher to dismiss it from the phone! Developers, there's no way you could possibly use this app and allow it to be such a circus show.
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3 years ago, banjunkapps
Nuisance app
I initially thought this app was useful. After downloading I tried it for a few days and thought it was useful enough to pay to lock in the number for a year. That was a HUGE MISTAKE! Since locking in the number it receives daily calls from nuisance telemarketers originating in area codes from all over the country. Evidently the company behind the service sells the locked in number to all manner of ‘fly by night’ telemarketers. Many of the dialers seem to use numbers that originate on google voice. Additionally they are using a robodialer as in many cases the number I paid to lock in is dialed repeatedly (in one instance more than 50 times in succession!). As I paid to lock in the number I will retain it for the year but i will not pay not one penny more. I have enrolled the number on the National do not call registry every day I still receive abusive calls. ENROLL IN THIS SERVICE AT YOUR PERIL!
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3 years ago, Nyck3501
Fix the BUGS!!
This app definitely needs a fine tuning and revamping. I cannot even put into words how annoying it is that this app picks and chooses when it wants to operate properly. Constantly freezing and slowly buffering, even with an unlimited data plan and strong wifi connection. One thing that definitely works for sure are the irritable ads, each time you return to the main screen. Trying to go back and reread old messages is another challenge, nonetheless trying to look through sent and received photos as well without making the app freeze then. If your issues are like mine, then this app won’t cooperate with you for days at a time and call quality is just not up to par. Calls get dropped frequently and messages will not deliver. Please work on this and improve the quality of this app.
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1 month ago, Haven013
I was utilizing this app for a little awhile and then disconnected it. The phone number I had been using and paying for was then used by someone else to attempt to scam my parents. The scammers apparently had access to my contact list. The person pretended to be me, stating that they were in trouble and needed $500 sent to them on the CashApp. They attempted to make my parents think that I was kidnapped and being held by men somewhere until the money was paid. Fortunately, my family is military and federal law enforcement. They didn’t fall for this, but other people may not be so lucky and can fall victim to scams like this. Other people need to be aware how this app compromises your information, especially your contact lists. All information regarding this incident is now being handled by law enforcement and is under investigation. Posting this to warn others.
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5 years ago, Aggressors dance
You don’t deserve my low rating
I have been loyal to this app for many years, following it all the back when it used to have communities, and through it’s changes. It has always been my preferred method of contact and it is a great app. The problem is it has become ineffective lately. I am finding out that often the messages I send are not being received all the time on the other end. I have no problem receiving texts, but sending them has gotten so bad it feels like a 50/50 sometimes on if the person will get them. I don’t know when this started as it just gradually got worse to the point of being intolerable . I thought it was my device being old but I just got a new device and the problem still exists. I’m sorry to give it 2 stars, if it weren’t for this problem it should be a 5 or 4 star app.
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3 months ago, FkUfkufkufkufkufku
A Scam App Disguised as a Second Number Solution
As someone in need of a secondary phone number, I turned to TextPlus, only to find myself embroiled in a scam that left me frustrated and out of pocket. Initially, the app seemed promising, offering a convenient solution for those requiring an additional number. However, my experience quickly turned sour. After a mere couple of days of usage, I found myself abruptly signed out of my account, with no recourse to recover my password or regain access. This abrupt lockout would have been frustrating enough on its own, but what truly infuriated me was the fact that I had been charged $4.99 for a service that failed me within days of signing up. To add insult to injury, TextPlus' customer support was an exercise in futility. Despite multiple attempts to reach out for assistance, their response was nonexistent or, at best, inadequate. It became apparent that their purported support was nothing more than a facade, leaving me feeling deceived and cheated. In conclusion, TextPlus is nothing more than a deceptive facade masquerading as a legitimate solution for secondary phone numbers. My experience serves as a cautionary tale to others considering this app – steer clear unless you're willing to risk being scammed and left high and dry with no support in sight.
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2 years ago, Skylar Colburn101
Recommend App!!
I recommend this app for anyone who has WiFi but doesn’t have a phone service plan it it’s a free, easy app to use. This app works soo well. You do have to earn credits to call but texting is completely free, you can watch a 25second video to earn credits and you can use the credits towards getting rid of ads and make reply’s fast. However, I haven’t had any issues with the reply’s being slow at all. This app doesn’t even have a lot of ads like some do. I totally recommend this for everyone.
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3 years ago, Merz469
Text plus’s
Do not download or buy this app. It works. But terrible. You will get a lot of spam, you will miss 25%~40% of your calls. You will not be able to input addresses or notes to the contacts. In order to call out on text plus’s, you will have to reboot your phone more than 60% of the time. And you will only be able to return call using text plus 60% of the time. And I paid for one year of add free and to secure my number. This is an honest review. I would get ride of it. But I all read have 500 business cards printed with this number. Oh! You can not transfer the text plus’s number to a cell number phone. I hope this will discourage frustrations for other prey. Because this company does not see us as customers but see them selves as predators. And do not even realize it. Just business as normal.
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1 year ago, Averyr3d
Great except for one issue
I don’t have many complaints about this app, i think it’s actually pretty good and i use it all the time. The only issue i experience is when someone is calling me, my phone doesn’t ring or wake up and it doesn’t show anyone calling. Once the call stops ringing and goes to voicemail, then my phone will notify me and wake up and show that i have a missed call. happens quite often unfortunately. Thought it may be because of low wifi signal, but it still happens even when i have a strong internet connection. Other then this it’s a great app. iPhone 6 iOS 12.5.6
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4 years ago, wolfiebella
This app LISTENS to you
So I was texting my friend and my ringer was on and my phone started making a noise kind of like a walkie-talkie, you know like that SHHH noise was coming from my microphone on the bottom of my phone. I left the app and my ringer was still on and I could still hear the microphone making noise. I exited out of the app and turn my ringer off and I could not hear anymore. I’m pretty sure that when you text on the App people can H E A R what you are saying through your P H O N E. C A L L S. I am a little nervous about using that app but I have no other way to text my friend. Because my phone doesn’t not have a Sim card and my friend has a Samsung. So it leaves me no choice but to give a bad review and hope they fix this bug… Or at least stop spying on me
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5 years ago, Pnacake :P
It’s okay.
The app isn’t the best. Kind of glitchy but I would suggest if anyone has someone they would talk to but can’t get their exact number. For the most part this app is decent with emojis to play while you’re calling someone but this app has many flaws. Not going to name them all but here are some of them: Glitchy calls Takes some time to send messages (as in a few mins no matter the WiFi) Again, this app is fine besides the issues. For the most part I would recommend this app to anyone and yes I know I’m getting repetitive but I use this app myself to call me friend in Canada and we have loads of fun. We are very upset that we can’t FaceTime though so that should be an update in our opinion.
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4 years ago, SomethingElse_ApplePro
This app is pure disappointment
It makes you text at least once a week. Unlike Textfree which reminds you to text at least once a month to keep your phone number. I opened up the app to only be welcomed to spam messages. Textfree does a better job and doesn’t allow such thing. It’s very annoying to get your phone number changed every week. This app is just wants to get your money and mislead you. I also don’t like the fact that there are pop ads. Textfree hardly has any. Dingtone has them but it is only once in a while to get credits. TextPlus doesn’t start you off with free credits. This is why Dingtone is also a better option. With Textfree and Dingtone you can easily get free credits. The layout is confusing. Install others apps instead!
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4 years ago, glorygel
I don’t understand what’s happening
It use to be a very wonderful app before but it’s really bad right now as my account was shutdown for no reason, I do travel a lot and I always wanna maintain a close communication with my business contacts but right now I can’t even get into my account, I tried to reset it couple of times but after changing password it kept saying textPlus error during login. I used my recovery email to get into their email platform to report what’s going on and surprisingly the email that sent me a recovery report can’t even receive email from me. This is pathetic because I have lost a lot of communication with this Please fix this as soon as possible I’m not finding it funny at all.
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6 years ago, Hombre Lyndo
Terrible customer service
I'm not sure what the deal is with their customer service. I recently ran into an issue where I'm no longer able to receive SMS messages. So I attempted to reach out to their support for assistance which is only available by email apparently. I searched all over the web and the only option they have for support is email. So I send an email through their app requesting support for my issue and more than a week later the only response I've received is an automated message that their system received my request. I've emailed them more than once and haven't received anything more than that automated response. Just horrible. Save yourself the trouble of this app and avoid using their service. There are other services available that do a much better job than textPlus.
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2 years ago, Onix Reyes
finally a useful one
I made a TikTok account in which I used a burner google account, well that account was then deactivated by google for lack of use or whatever google does. I needed to add a phone number to the TikTok account to delete and didn’t want to use my real number. I spent about 2 hours on different apps like Textnow all of which make you pay for verification codes. I came across this app and it didn’t make me pay and let me use the number it gave me for verification. This saved me. Amazing work developers 💯
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2 years ago, CeCepandalord
App glitches
I have my email on my account, and I purchased a year plan for unlimited calling and text. But now the app won’t let me make calls unless I purchase credits. I didn’t have any problems until now. I shouldn’t have to purchase credits when I paid for unlimited calling. Now when I go to contact support it says I don’t have my email attached to the account but I do and it’s verified. I can’t restore purchases to fix the unlimited calling problem cause the app says I haven’t made any purchases, despite the fact that my account SHOWS I have purchased the unlimited US calling and text plan along with no ads. AND it’s also on my apple subscriptions. Still working on getting in contact with someone to fix the issue but no luck.
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3 years ago, BillytheKidinColorado
Using New 2020 iPhone SE
Terrible! Was great at first ! I even uninstalled my other calling app. Then after watching many many ads for credit scree went white . The screen stayed white every time I tried to use the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and tried signing back on. Text Plus said No account found ! Shame on you guys ! I am a light hearted guy who would have probably secured more minutes through payment eventually. 4.5 stars on so many reviews has me thinking I did something wrong:( But I couldn’t have . Feeling ripped off of time and what seems like a great app to many.
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4 years ago, kpopkrazygurl
Love it
This app is amazing you don’t even need to pay for a phone number just get this app and you get a free phone number and you can watch videos to earn credits to call for free or you can buy credits but it is simple and awesome and is free with a few in app purchases I 100% recommend this over any other texting app or paying for a phone number but you do need data it is not glitchy at all and is amazing I have had the app for 3 almost four years and it has never failed me
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1 year ago, SaturdayTV.com
Best text app on the App Store
Some Apps try to make you pay constantly. Some Apps don’t work. Some Apps disconnect your number. 🏆This app works for years, and with just a few bugs here and there, I’m over-satisfied with this free app. I bought 1 year, but I didn’t need to for the first 3 years. 5Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The only thing I wish: Sometimes my number shows up as a “VOIP” or VIRTUAL number. I can’t use it when signing up on just a few occasions. Fix that, and I would recommend TextPlus to everyone… They’re the CHAMP OF PHONE APPS.
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6 years ago, sell dat
The worst app ever
Cheap free calls is a lie. First of all the app is consistently glitchy and when people call me it doesn’t even ring it goes straight to voice message. I can tell you don’t want incoming calls to work because it’s free. It constantly cuts off my calls when I answer them and doesn’t show me incoming calls. Which forces me to use credit. Second of all beware this app can cause problems between friends and family because it DOESNT SEND MESSAGES. this app used to be good before it was consumed by ads and credit rating system. I have spent 2 hours worth of earn credit on phone calls that don’t work. The person can’t hear me or it ends the call and takes have my credit. Credit system is trash a lot of downloading free apps only for it not to reward you. THE WORST APP EVER!
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4 years ago, textplus2equalsluv
This app has established a life long pb & j friendship
Text plus was all I had in a dark time. It helped me tremendously when I couldn’t make friends because of my chunky bangs and Perry the platypus t-shirt. Years later as I reminisce, I’m crying right now. So beautiful. This hits home. I love what’s happening right now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 8 years ago we set off on an adventure that lives on today. I deleted the app BUT (and I cannot stress this enough) it’s the bread to our pb and jelly (without the crust) (for obvious reasons) signed, Peanut Butter and Jelly
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3 years ago, morganleeco137
The worst!!
This is the worst texting app I’ve ever seen. It randomly starts playing ads. I’ll be in the middle of texting - ad. I accidentally click the wrong convo and go back to the messages screen - ad. Not to mention I get so many spam calls and texts I quit deleting them it’ll take too long. I get an average of 15-20 spam texts a day and about 2-3 calls. Every single day. Everything takes forever to open. Easily takes 5 mins to open, read, and reply/send. Good luck sending pics 😂 sending videos is out of the question. However if I receive a photo/video it takes forever to load and is in HORRIBLE quality. I’ve literally seen footage from 1940 have better quality. 0/10 do not get.
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2 years ago, Bestest 👑
Awesome service
I never had the inconvenience of running out of minutes. All my calls go through and are very clear as well as the calls I receive. My texts are sent and the voice texts are perfect when I’m in a rush and can’t type the messages. I’ve tried numerous other text apps and I have to say this is my favorite by far. I’m a happy customer and would recommend this app to anyone looking for a free and good quality service.
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4 years ago, CR1T1C@LM@$$
Just dreadful
Tl;dr 100% do not recommend. Its a pain to use with how slow it is and it doesnt even like to tell you when you have gotten texts, causing you to miss them most of the time. Back with my gen 4 ipod this was a great app. It was fast, reliable, and easy to use. But nowadays it takes forever to load a single menu / page, refuses to give notifications (yes i have them on, along with my sound), and wont even update your texts automatically while the app is open. As an example, while im sitting with the app open, waiting for my fiancé to text me, i will have to manually refresh the texts to know ive even received one, and even then it has a 50% chance of not showing the new ones.
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3 years ago, Belima07
Cant log on into my account anymore
I changed my phone and I successfully login on my account registered it with my Face ID, I tried logging into the account last week, I keeps on saying error, I inserted my correct details keeps on bringing the error sign, then after few more tries it requested me too reset which I did, I have repeated this steps almost 7 times still cant log onto my account and have got some credits in it, which I bought and also some messages which I can’t reply cus I can’t login, I had too restart my phone still the same, then I uninstalled and installed the app still the same can you please just help me out with this it’s frustrating please
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6 years ago, JANR415
App was removed from phone yet when re-installed (same day) the email address was not recognized nor was the password. I’ve sent countless emails to customer service and do not get any sort of response back (other than the automated one). Ridiculous!! Please help me!!!!!! Update: I have emailed more than 10 times and it’s been weeks and I still have not received a response. You don’t respond right away... you actually don’t respond AT ALL. Second update to developer: Again, I have contacted you via email more than 10 times and it’s been several weeks and I still have not received a response. You do not respond! I paid money for this service and I can’t even sign in to use the credits which I PAID for.
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4 years ago, TeaganDoodles
This app is amazing! If you have an iPod it's perfect! Especially if your friends don't have an apple! It works well for me. It can be a little glitchy but very rarely! It help me connect with all my best friends! We all have so much fun! You can even just watch videos to get credits! When you call someone you can even play an emoji game! And the other person you are texting doesn't have to have the app! Honestly it's the best! Especially for fun! Get the app! It's a life saver if you have an iPod touch like me!
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2 years ago, Soulja7
Great for Work & Cash App
In my profession, I need to text clients. My boss is cheap and has stopped paying us for cell use since COVID. This Text + works perfectly for me. My actual number remains private and I receive an unlimited amount of text messages from clients. I needed a 2nd Cash App account. Text + allows me to have a 2nd cash app account on my phone. I simply log out of one account and log into the other with my text+ number. I am enjoying this app.
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6 years ago, Russ326
Fix up the app
So it is a great app I love being able to text my friends but there is three things you need to fix 1.i think it is very important to be able to call 911 what if some one is in a really bad situation and this is the only way to contact police 2. My number switched and it made my friend think I was someone else and it keeps doing that! 3.whenever someone sends me a big text they come in parts and they get mixed up and boom I think my friend just said something bad about me then I figured out I need to piece it together like a puzzle I shouldn’t have to do that please fix these bugs
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6 years ago, agustmiinty
Really good but 1 question
This app is really good especially if you don’t have a phone to make phone calls. I just have one question, it says there that you can buy something that says that you can keep your phone number. What does it mean? And does your phone number change every month if you don’t buy it? I was wondering that. Besides that the app is awesome and i recommend it to others who don’t have a phone but do have a tablet or an iPod.
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6 months ago, nrgized1
Ads are getting truly annoying
I rated this platform highly a few months back. I was truly enjoying the service. Unfortunately, the volume of ads and the difficulty in using the service as a result is making it difficult to remain as positive. I cannot check a text without the platform locking up on ads, even when I watch multiple full-length ads a few seconds prior. Trying to close out an as is nearly impossible. I understand that there are packages to go ad free, but that defeats the purpose of using a service like this one. I was and am willing to watch some ads for cost savings, but lately it has just been ridiculous.
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6 years ago, TextMe2
Great for work!!
I am a home visitor & I like this app because it assigns a random phone number to you & you don’t have to share your personal information. Texting is the main type of communication being used, so this is good for texting. The downside is that calling is only possible if others download the app as well. When I have been able to call the service is NOT great. I work with low income families & a few do not have money to pay for phone service. Most houses have WiFi & they can download this app & use it to receive calls(while connected to WiFi)!
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10 months ago, Francesca Mav
Terrible customer support
I’ve used this app for more than a year, it’s always been pretty wonky but I put up with it because overall I found it useful. Then last month, all of a sudden I wasn’t able to log into my account anymore with no explanation. I reached out to customer support several times and finally I was told that my account was blocked for violating Terms and Conditions. I requested an explanation of what terms I violated, since I did not engage in any spam or misuse, and how to get my account reinstated, and it’s been crickets since then. I’ve followed up 3 times and it’s been more than two weeks and the issue hasn’t been solved. I regret using this app!
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3 years ago, Hazel0816
Overall Greatness
I love this app. Been using it every since my phone was turned off. I would recommend the creators to add games to play for coins! That would be awesome! Getting to a certain level on a game to get a certain amount of coins! It’s hard getting a lot of coins unless you subscribe to something and waste money on something you don’t even want but you do it to get coins to call people. other than that I am enjoying the app! Great job guys! Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, mandem000
Fix this Issue
It’s my first time trying the app and I’m enjoying the texting part of it but not the calling side, contact can’t call me, it rings at their end but doesn’t ring here but I get a missed call after, and when I try to call back and the person answers we don’t hear each other. It’s just mute automatically on both sides. And lastly sharing photos doesn’t get through on Both sides , it says sent but no one gets it , either than that the app seems good and perfect with texting. Good job but update it please
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4 years ago, You To Decide
Still NOT ready for primetime
I don’t normally write reviews, but I have had this app for greater than 6 yrs. I loved the idea for being anonymous and having a second number for business. However, the product and service have become extremely unreliable, i.e. missed calls, calls that don’t ring but go straight VM, trying to answer a call and not being able to do so, and THE WORST (latest issue) video ads that interrupt you with EXTRA LOUD volume and can only be stopped by quickly closing out the app. This is extremely intrusive when I’m in quiet or important places. For these reasons, the app needs an overhaul in vision and execution. I’ve been slowly phasing out use of this app – can’t trust it. -CC
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6 years ago, djuferhni
Impossible to make calls
Used to be able to watch videos to earn reward credit which is needed to make phone calls, but now videos aren't available at all, and the only other way to earn credit is through downloading bloated apps or taking surveys, and I haven't had any success earning credit that way. Sorry to be that guy that types in all caps but YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO EARN CREDITS TO PLACE PHONE CALLS. From a technical standpoint I haven't had many issues, the app itself is solid, but as it exists today it's no longer possible to use and I've switched to using other apps that do the same thing. As long as they work I won't have a reason to come back.
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