The Audio Converter

4.5 (10K)
37.3 MB
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Current version
Float Tech, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Audio Converter

4.51 out of 5
10K Ratings
2 years ago, emdaria
An answer to prayers! Worth the price!
I record and upload a lot of music to Distrokid for distribution to all the music sharing and streaming sites. I use my iPad and GarageBand for recording and mixing. I used to be able to do this and share it until about a month or so ago. I love Apple, but it’s ridiculously hard and complicated to get your creations off your devices. They just make it so hard and frustrating. This app is so simple for converting a GarageBand song into the different files for sharing. I used to have to go online and do all this. Now it’s way easier on my device. I also wasn’t being able to share files from my device that were obviously there. It was right after the last update. But now I’m able to access these files through this app. So worth the price for lifetime use. Thank you so much to the developers! This app is literally an answer to my frustrated prayers. Seriously.
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5 years ago, Ty patience
iOS 13 no longer works
I’ve used this app for quite sometime; Long enough that I thought it wise to just buy the app entirely. Updated my phone and iPad to the new os and this no longer works. All I ever see is “error converting file” and this is after it worked fine for almost 2 years. I have tried the app on every device I have and with every file format possible with different video inputs.... If I spent the egregious amount of $$$ for a permanent purchase of the full app, and it DOESN'T WORK, then I should be refunded. As it stands this product is garbage.
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5 years ago, GracoTrunner
How do I cancel the subscription???
Ok so 1) it takes a while to convert a file (but that’s fine and expected since some files are larger than most. 2) it doesn’t tell you this upfront but there is a file size limit on the free version of the app so if you are converting a large file, you’ll need to purchase the subscription which is $2.99 a month (could be worth it if you convert large files often enough). BUT the confusing part of the app is that there isn’t a navigation menu/bar to direct you to how you can cancel the subscription. There aren’t any account settings tools visible accessible. I was able to cancel the subscription by going to the payment confirmation email sent by Apple and following the link to cancel the subscription. Not sure if the vendor has their own way of doing it but I couldn’t find one through the app or on their website.
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6 years ago, ArnPoe
Ugly, but works great!
The interface looks horrible, with oversized text and an unbalanced layout ... But the app has worked flawlessly since I downloaded it. It does exactly what it says it does. I use it for converting my original music to MP3 to share with friends. Pros: - accepts multiple formats - converts to multiple formats - converts quickly - simple and no glitches Cons: - the ugliest app I’ve ever seen - uploads, converts, downloads ... so you need an internet connection - there’s no legal notice to assure me my files are safe and private - the help file is empty Despite the cons, it works great, and is worth the download. UPDATE: I like this app. I use it quite a bit. It’s still ugly, but I think my only complaint now is that it asks me to rate it after a few conversions, consistently, despite the fact I’ve already rated it. But it’s still a really, really good utility for converting audio files. I’ve found the fastest way to convert a file is by starting with an already compressed file (no brainer!); I use the Audio Copy app to convert my wav files to m4a, then upload the m4a app into this to convert to mp3 for sharing with my android-using band mates.
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3 years ago, Mikemdp
Useless for evaluation
I'd read in the reviews that the app requires a paid subscription to convert files longer than a minute. I thought, fair enough, and made a 45-second clip in iMovie and attempted to use this app to extract the audio. Then I found this app locked every single popular audio format for subscription. No WAV, no MP3, no M4A. Nothing remotely useable to anyone who would want to convert or extract audio. Even worse, all the remaining free options failed to convert. Listen, I'm not looking for a free lunch here. I'd have paid cash money for an app that provided this service and was absolutely ready to do so with this app tonight. But requiring people to pay to see if your app works at all is not just outrageously greedy, it's just stupid, bad business. And if you're limiting the conversion to less than a minute anyway, you've already made the end result practically useless. And that, as I said, is fair. Why not open up all the formats, then, to let users see for themselves that this app is worth their investment? Again, stupid and selfish. Lots of reviewers here say your app works. Good for them. I'm taking my money to one of the many similar apps in the App Store. I recommend anyone considering purchasing this app to walk away and do the same.
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4 years ago, M_Kh
Pretty well-built, but don’t like the idea of a subscription.
This app is so simple to use. When you open the app for he first time, it goes right to the main point without any introductions or configurations. And converting files is really simple. However, I don’t like the idea of paying for such a simple task just because I’m on an iPad, not a Mac. That’s why I didn’t subscribe and went for another app. The fact that the app is small in size is also really good. However, on the page when converting files, the app stated at the bottom of the screen in a very unnoticeable font that the audio file would be sent to a server. This fact should be stated clearly to the user, not in an obscure manner.
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4 years ago, Makemylifeeasierplease!
IOS 13 not working and not a local converter
The ios issue hopefully the developer will fix considering the fees charged but if I would have realized the app uploads your file to a secure server that you then have to convert and download to your phone i would have passed on this one. Makes sence when using links but not when the file is already on your phone. My oversight on that but to the developer- this wastes an incredible amount of time and data usage when wifi not available. Most smartphones are powerful enough to handle an app to convert files, please consider putting a local option in the appfor files that are already in your phones storage. Will change my rating when ios13 is working as i did like the .wav and aaif option for higher resolution.
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5 years ago, Davincasa7757
I have been looking for an application to convert qcp files to mp3 for over 5 years. My mother died 6 years ago and I was only able to save her voicemails as qcp. Every audio conversion app I have found is ridden with adds and will only convert half the file unless you pay a decent sum for a subscription. I found this app and was able to convert the files I wanted soooo easily. They converted quick and I was able to save them or send them by email. Very easy to use and very fast. Don’t waste any more time looking for a different audio conversion app.
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1 year ago, Eve Severe
Works and fast
I have no issues with this app. Extremely straightforward, many audio extensions available, and super fast for a two minute video clip. I do wish you could select what portion of the clip you want to convert. That is bizarre to me. I know that all apps can’t do everything we wish for but that is so basic I can’t believe it is not part of the app. I got this app for free so again- I will not complain. If I had to pay for this app I would certainly want that feature.
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7 years ago, Fallston Canon
Great App!
I was creating a vlog type video for a school I was applying for and wanted to insert some voice over into the video. This app worked perfectly for converting the "video" files that my voice recorder generates into mp3s that I can transfer to iTunes and then insert into my video. All the video, sound, editing, and conversion has been done on my iPhone. Amazing that all this tech is available on a mobile platform.
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6 years ago, Left Angle
The app’s terms are buried beneath a three hundred word narration of the app’s workings, and then sprinkled throughout the tome’s last paragraphs. Putting all the pieces together is like participating in a scavenger hunt. The terms appear to say you don’t “buy” this app. You pay a $4.99 subscription fee and implies the fee comes due every “subscription period”, whatever that means. It goes on to say the only way to unsubscribe is via iTunes, but iTunes doesn’t list it as a subscription. When the receipt came, it calls the app “The Audio Converter, Lifetime Pass” Needless to say, I’m a bit confused. It looks like I may have bought the app and all that subscription stuff was a joke. I haven’t worked with the app enough to give an honest opinion yet, so I’m giving it a neutral+ score. It appears to be pretty good. As I work with it more, I’ll revisit my review. Now... if it’s a subscription, I sure hope it shows up on my iTunes list before my “subscription period” comes up.
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6 years ago, KackyW
Good and getting better
Sometimes, not very often, the app randomly decides it can't connect to the server and that is really inconvenient. But it works most of the time. Not being able to to stay signed in for more than a few minutes of inactivity is a pain as well. But the last update did make several improvements. My preferred conversion format is now offered as the default so that saves a step. Also, it is now possible to leave the app to go do something else, and the app notifies me when conversion is compiete.
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5 years ago, thecasemaster
Looks great, hasn’t worked
Everything looked promising from the onset. I loaded in my video file to convert but it wouldn’t let me because the video length exceeded the limitations of a free account. So I tried a couple other apps that do similar conversions but none of them worked. So I came back to this, paid the $4.99 to unlock everything, and then when I tried to convert a video to audio it failed to complete the conversion. I made sure the OS on my phone was up to date and tried again but it still didn’t work. I tried different videos and tried converting to different audio types. In total, I tried converting files 10-20 times and it failed every single time.
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3 years ago, Novice at Work
Novice at Work
I’m quite the novice when it comes to converting my burned cd’s from a wma format that I can use in the car to a mp3 or mp4 format that can be played on any iPhone. iTunes easily converts them but it’s been a problem for me to try and share them with others. This app has simplified the process so I purchased a lifetime pass!!
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4 years ago, Sean LaForce
Great app BUT...
Now this could be an issue on my end so don't let this judge wether or not you get this app but after months of using it it won't even open anymore. Tries to but just crashes. I've deleted and reinstalled, reset my phone , factory reset my phone, contacted apple about MY phone and troubleshooted it etc.. I've done everything. The app still will not open. Along with 3-4 other audio converter apps I try to use. And one know what this is ?
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7 years ago, Rose Rustlers
Works Like a Charm
This was not the first conversion software I tried and it is by far the easiest to use. I was tearing my hair out with 2 other products and was on the verge of giving up and hiring someone to do it for me. Thankfully I tried this app. It works like a charm, quickly and easily converting my recordings to MP3. Try it. You will LOVE how simple it is to use!!!
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7 years ago, Jc33333377
Inaccurate claims!
I only bought this for the claimed ability to convert .m4a to ".ogg" format which is used in Minecraft. This DOES NOT create .ogg files...only ".oga" which I cannot use. It is however pretty nice otherwise but the Developers need to make their description more accurate! ALSO...this app sends your file up to a server online to convert you file. This means that they have control over it and could easily pirate the file. I do realize that there are online "load to convert" sites and for this very reason I chose to use a "local" app I would have control over...WRONG!
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7 years ago, (+[__]::) PSP
Great App!!
I am a musician and at times, I need to make a quick M4a conversion to MP3 to upload to ReverbNation or SoundCloud. This is by far, the most reliable app I have. Sure, I have mastering tools that do it as well. But when sharing music back and forth and you need a quick conversion after a final works great with a "tap."
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3 years ago, hduxhx dn
I already bought a lifetime pass.
I love this app so much and have been using it for almost a year now. I bought the lifetime pass early on of course and have converted almost 100 files. Recently however when i I tried to convert a file it asked me to purchase a subscription again?? I don’t really understand because I already bout the lifetime pass and have had it for a long time. Someone please help😭
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2 years ago, E.Davis
Consistently produces damaged files
This app is fantastic when it works. Sadly, that’s not very often. It’s right on the edge of being unusable but then will go a few weeks without issues. I’m getting really frustrated because it’s so random. Also, the pop up demanding I buy premium even though I did already and having to select “restore previous purchases” every single time I open the app is infuriating.
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7 years ago, Lololomay
Does NOT allow you to Add to Library on iPhone
The UI pics falsely imply that you can add an MP3 to your iTunes library on your iphone. Instead, when you click on that "add to library" button, you get to another screen that says Apple doesn't allow it and that you have to plug into iTunes via USB and drag the file (which you could easily do without downloading this dumb app). I'm not sure how the actual file conversion works, but the app shouldn't have a fake "add to library" button that has never and will never work.
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1 year ago, MT Design Solutions, LLC
Excellent Experience!
This app is beautifully designed and works as it advertises. It's interface is easy to use and the output qualify of the .ogg to .mp3 conversions that I require to save Telegram calls is incredible. Thank you for making this app, pleasure doing business with you!
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11 months ago, Katie_***
Deceiving app
I downloaded the app… it asked to upload a file once I did it takes you to new screen where you’re asked to pay, I was fine to pay (which I did) however right after i subscribed I tired again and uploaded the file once uploaded they screen with “error” came up saying that I they can’t convert the file. Why the heck they didn’t say when I uploaded the file before subscribing… super deceitful… I want my money back please
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5 years ago, Africanative
Not for Opus files
The app does not recognize .opus files. 😢 Update: I tried again. The first time I was trying to open it from my Google Drive, so I saved the file to my iCloud folder and it was able to recognize and open the file. Converted it to ACC format with no problems.
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5 years ago, Chgo18382
Avoid This Like The Plague
Downloaded and tried to convert a .wav to .mp3. App said when it was complete, I’d get a message. Did some work on another app, came back to status, no mp3 and the FAQ section is pathetic. Answers to two things about pdf’s and one thing aboutgoing ‘premium’. Thought maybe I had to register...asks for name & email address, so I do that. Then I try to login and it asks for email and password but it didn’t ask for a password during registration. All I want to do is cancel but it won’t let me. THIS IS A BIG SCAM!!!
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11 months ago, Castillo7755
Just as awesome as I had been told !
It immediately starts looking in files and folders on my iPad and then I select which audio and video files I wanna convert, press on the “Convert “ button and that’s it. It is really worth the money!
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1 year ago, Asylum23
I use it for iPhone ringtones
Great app to use to convert video files (such as screen recordings) to MP3 for importing into GarageBand to make iPhone tones. I recommend just paying for Premium (like $6.99) cause it allows you to export in any format you want.
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3 weeks ago, Parks Media Group
Why does it make multiple copies?
I love the app, however when I go to my files it makes a copy of the MP3 Then it makes many (5-6) incomplete copies of the mp3 making retrieval challenging and more work deleting bad files.
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7 years ago, NikDix7
It was so easy to convert a voice memo to an MP3 to my voice over agent who always sends last minute auditions. Instead of worrying about trying to get to my computer, I just come to my "office" in my car and record and convert away. Thanks for making it so simple!
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5 years ago, frustrated user 0305
Wasted time
Used app once and it worked ok with a couple of hiccups, had to attempt the file conversion a couple of times before it completed successfully. Planned to use the app every week so I subscribed for a year. After subscribing I tried to covert a file and a splash screen appeared inviting me to subscribe. Every time I click on convert the same screen appears and doesn’t convert the file. Tried contacting support and after 48 hours have not received a reply. Moving on to an app that works.
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7 years ago, vlkmt33
Seriously the best
Works great with Google Drive. I convert all my wma to mp3 with no issue, takes less than a minute once you figure it out. I think I paid 4 bucks for the app a while back. Comes in handy. Can't say enough good things about it.
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5 years ago, Big Samp
Great App For Those Who Like The Song, But Don’t Like/Want The Video
Great app hands down. In my personal opinion the set up and graphics in the app isn’t the reason I downloaded it so they really don’t matter and they aren’t have had anyway so it’s an all round win here.
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4 years ago, Rob Weatherly
Please avoid buying this app. I saw good reviews on the App Store and thought it would be perfect for converting my .wavs to mp3 so I purchased the lifetime license. After trying to convert some files they never convert! Even though they say they will send a notification after a file is convert it’s a lie. You go back to the app and it is back on its original screen and never converted the file. I wish I could get my money back but hopefully I can save someone else their time and money.
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7 years ago, Drjw11
This is a gem!!!
This has been a great find now that I'm creating a podcast! I can make the episode from my phone and in less than a minute it's an MP3 file I can easily upload into my google drive!!! Thank you!
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9 months ago, Gudamnitpete
Waste of time
“In app purchases” actually means “this app will do nothing unless you pay us as much as your Netflix subscription”. May be great for professionals, but for the casual user it’s way over monetized. It literally won’t do anything unless you subscribe(I tried on 10 second clip and it wouldn’t do it without payment). Dishonest product page, just show the app as purchasable, not this buried subscription model.
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2 months ago, DJ ALEXHUGGz
I think you said one of the best
I’ve been doing music conversion for a long time, but I tried a couple applications. Do you know what if I love this one thank you so much.
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1 year ago, Ocean in a Drop
Question for Developer
On a 30 minute video, app gives error message: too large. That's with premium pass. What is normally the largest file size it will convert, please?
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2 years ago, SkaDot
Love it!
Fast, convenient, practical, and it just works when I need it. One time fee and has paid for itself many times over.
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3 years ago, QuantumRaiden
Easy to Use for Creators
Everything in the app is very self explanatory and saves you from having to doing it on a computer, for the price of the pro version you can’t beat it.
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7 years ago, Hollaback Grl
User Friendly App
I have now re-formatted 16 files without experiencing any glitches. I recommend this app especially for people who aren't super tech savvy. It is easy to use and converts files quickly.
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4 years ago, dgrjazz
Can’t even try it once.
Downloaded, found the file I want to convert, and chose the format. Then even before showing me that it works, it wants me to pay $7 or sign up for 7 day trial which apparently will convert to a $4 per month subscription. It’s not even clear whether the $7 is a single payment or a subscription. So far I have done neither and will delete it in a couple of days if you don’t clarify soon.
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3 years ago, inbred troglidyte
Pay for use
I wanted to convert one of my numerous videos to a .mp3 file but it kept saying my video was too large so I kept editing it down and when I finally got it to a size it would accept I proceeded but when I hit convert it told me to upgrade to the paid version to do this. If you have to pay for a tool in a free app (which that app is named for) you should pay for the app. Overall this app was a gigantic waste of time
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6 years ago, You cant have my name
Why make it free if you can’t use it without paying?!?!
I don’t want to write some big review so I’m just going to keep it short. Anyways, I recently downloaded this app in hopes to get a new ringtone, instead what happened was a pop up telling me I can’t convert any files above 5mb to an MP3 file. Of course, you can pay 5 dollars to use it, and judging by the other reviews, I would highly discourage you from purchasing it.
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7 years ago, DougS66
The Audio Converter app is invaluable. It works quickly and I've never experienced a glitch. I've just purchased my first iPhone and it's been so helpful to me in converting .wav files to mp3s. Highly recommended!
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8 years ago, Jennifer800
Honest Reviews
I really like this app. It's so simple and easy to convert files. The reviews are definitely fair and honest. I use it all the time. I wish there was a photo element to it. That would make it a one stop shop ❤️!
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3 years ago, Arry Dhayve
It’s not free
Best app for video to audio converts.I just downloaded it and it’s working fine for me. But I think it’s free for only a week, after the week I think it would want you to pay for different converts.
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8 years ago, Akon on
Good app. Need to learn how to use correctly
I bought it, but I can not load file onto it to convert. Contacted their support, they taught me how to use it. Now works great. Their instruction inside app confused me. But once I learned it, it works great.
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3 years ago, Philipnw
I’m not sure why it says you get a free trial for a week because I took the trail. The app works excellent so I can’t worry about that. Then I was just gonna sign up for lifetime access but it looks like they billed me for a month. Maybe it’s my fault, I’m not sure but I emailed them.
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7 years ago, AJRonnie
Really useful
I dictate and sometimes I have to convert my recorder file so it can be transcribed. This is quick and easy, and I love the file format options it has available.
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4 years ago, Pirategennie
Needs 528hz conversion option
Title says it all. Would also be nice to be able to convert an entire album instead of one song at a time; keep original song metadata; and add support for external lightning flash devices. But, they probably won’t because Apple ecosystem is so lacking in innovation that app developers can no longer think outside of the box...
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