The Clocks: Alarm, World Clock

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Meanterm Inc.
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5 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Clocks: Alarm, World Clock

4.03 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, larsen268
Great for what it does.
First of all, for such a small app, it does a lot that I needed to do. The reason I got it was because I wanted a clock on my phone that would stay on all night. The built-in iPhone clock times out and there are times where I need to be able to see what time it is. This clock stays on all night, gives me five alarm options and allows me to choose the music I want to wake to. The only downside is that the alarm only goes for two minutes and, if you are a heavy sleeper, may not wake you up. Also, there have been times where it randomly does not go off. It illuminates like it is and has the snooze option or turn off option, just no actual alarm. If I close out the app and reopen it, it comes back to life and works like normal. I would recommend this app for anyone looking for a bedside clock/alarm clock. I also use it in meetings where I need to have the time visible. I would just make sure you completely close out the app each day when you’re done rather than let it hang out in the background to fix the occasional error.
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3 years ago, snorincats
Great use for old iPhone!
I love this clock, and have been using it as my alarm clock plus the clock in my living room, on old iPhones, for years. I love the choice of clock faces, the alarm choices, and all the other settings options available. But I just have a question and a suggestion. My question is that the two devices I have that are set on your app are showing two different times—-one is five minutes slower than the other! One would think the app is set to the Atomic Clock, so would simultaneously display the same time on all devices. So why are two devices showing two different times? My suggestion is that your app have a FAQ section, and include a customer service contact form, so that one does not have to go through the Review section to ask a customer service-related question (like my question above). Other than those two things, the app is the best of any of the other clock apps I have tried, including the Apple clock app. I recommend it to anyone with an iPhone, old or new, who wants to get rid of a clunky old alarm clock that takes up way too much space on their bedside table (mine is in landscape mode and taking up minimal space sitting on a business card holder), and/or who travels and doesn’t want to pack a travel clock or depend on hotel wake up calls.
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1 year ago, David - CA
My New Bedside Alarm Clock
I had my IPad for a decade but hardly had reason to opt for it over my laptop or phone (i.e., it didn’t get much use). But a recent series of scheduled power outages that rendered my dedicated bedside alarm clock the equivalent of a door stop, I sought a more intelligent solution. I considered my IPad for that solution and found it in the Clocks app. This app with its daily programming capability, selection of displays, selection of alarm sounds, and the ability to adjust the intensity over a broad range completely outclasses the standard one dimensional alarm clock. In fact, both bedside alarm clocks that I’ve tolerated over the years as “good enough” solutions when the powers not interrupted have been decommissioned in favor of the far more capable Clocks app-powered IPad. Thanks to the Clocks app I now utilize my IPad every day of the week whether it’s waking me up or I just need to know the time. I will NEVER again opt for a dedicated bedside alarm clock and plan to take my Clocks app-powered IPad with me on travel so I don’t have to deal with the hotel alarm clock.
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8 years ago, AppKitten
Adore this Clock - It's the Best!!!
I use this in so many different ways. I do a lot of executive and public briefings in rooms that unfathomably have no clock or where it's facing the wrong way, I lead meetings and conduct other events where being mindful of time is important. I travel so time in different zones is also important. Of course, there's the usual needs of desktop clock because the time on my computer can get obscured or is too small to claim my attention (In a meeting driven work life, time is a constant factor.), bedside clock, bathroom clock to keep watch as I get dressed (amazing how a hot shower at 4am can lull away time), or using the second hand on the analog to time intervals during my workout. I literally use this on every IOS device I own. It's that good. I absolutely love being able to resize and re-position the clocks to suit different needs. I shrink the size in meetings and enlarge for easier viewing when I'm m presenting for example. The dimmer is awesome. The color is too. Fancy picture or moving backgrounds shine too bright in a dark room and/or are too distracting for most of my uses. I have no desire to turn my time into yet another "social media" event. The simplicity of this clock is honestly one of its most beneficial features. So why 4 stars? The alarm. It's touchy. I have too be very careful to make sure it rings and/ or rings loud enough to wake me. Otherwise, easily in my top 3 must have apps!
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7 years ago, John02186
Does the job well (that Apple abandoned!)
For a free App, it's easy to install and use. The interface is very simple, but that's all I was looking for. An analog clock with second hand to set the exact time on my automatic wristwatch. It runs well:no crashes so far. I only use about once a week. It let's you select analog or digital: for each you can choose minutes only or seconds, too. You can also select a variety of time zones. It would be nice if they allowed you to customize the appearance. For example, it'd be quite cool to have the ability to create a mirror image of my white face Ebel automatic. Or perhaps I could emulate my dream watch, a Panerai, for a weekly reminder of what I might someday afford if I play my cards right.😁 Last, its FREE! I'd be willing to buy it or even lease yearly as long as the price wasn't more than a few bucks. I'm not sure how the developers are supporting it: mine hasn't yet run any ads. It it did, goldangit! I'd gratefully read 'em all. Well maybe I would...😷
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8 years ago, Eben.Visher
Call me obsessive maybe
Whatever I am, I really, really want a nice clock. This app, Clocks, is it for sure. It has exactly the features I want, or the ability to disable features. It offers a second hand that goes, jump, jump, jump. Alternatively the second hand can move smoothly. I really like it smooth. Not many clock apps let me choose. Speaking of "clock apps," I have tried many. Many, over the years, and this is the cream of the crop. That is why I am taking time out of my busy day to rave about it, to let you know my exuberance for the app, Clocks. It allows me to choose an analog face or a digital face. Maybe in the digital face there are some nice numbers, I don't know since I use the analog face. The only digital face that I noticed uses these really stupid numbers that are incomplete and look like somebody printed them with a paint- on-the-curb stencil. I assume one can choose a decent, legible font also. I can dim the clock face. I can show a bezel around it or not. I can have the face be all black with white lettering or the reverse. Basically, what I am trying to say I guess, is that this programmer has thoughtfully given us the ability to configure all of the things that are important to me. My suggestion is that you give up trying app after app after after like I did. Take it from me that you will be happy if you get Clocks and use it, and spend the rest of your time doing romantic or world changing things.
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7 years ago, Shadowthehh
Take the time (pun intended) to learn things, people.
I've noticed that all of the low (1-2) star reviews are people who simply don't know how to use this. "Clock style randomly changes and you can't change it back" Swiping left/right changes the clock style. "Can't change the brightness." Rubbing up/down raises and lowers the brightness respectively. "No alarm when device is locked" From what I've experienced, alarms do go off when my tablet is locked. However, it's only the default, built in alarms. Not any music you may have chosen for a custom alarm. "too confusing" If you messed around for more than 10 seconds, you'd find the app is very simple with 2 main screens. The first which displays the time in whatever style clock you've chosen, and the second where you actually set your alarms. These can be switched to by the buttons that show up on the bottom left (when on the clock screen) and upper left (when on the alarm screen) corners when interacting (even simply just tapping the screen) with the app. IMO this is a very good, nearly perfect app. I say "nearly" as I've had 1 problem. The alarms seemingly randomly decide to stop going off. This seems to be fixed by restarting the app and turning any alarms off and on again. Other than that, everything's been great. And it only requires iOS 5.1.1, which is perfect for me since I only have a gen 1 iPad.
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6 years ago, RedRoseAlways
I have tried EVERY clock app
It's sort of humorous when you look at the home screen of my old iPhone that I use as a constant alarm clock besides my bed. It is just page after page of alarm clock apps. I've tried nearly every one, paid and free. They all are just not quite right. They each have one fundamental flaw that makes it annoying to use it as a constant alarm clock. Either ads you have to pay to remove monthly or poor graphics or bad ui or an over complexity of features or a too busy, uneditable display. Well, my quest is finally over. This one takes the cake! It's BEAUTIFUL. Simple. Ad free. Does what it's suppose to. Doesn't read "unable to update" (Alarm Clock HD!!!) because it needs to run 24.7 and is having memory issues. Perfection!!!! Love the HD precision of the lavender digital clock without blinking dots or distracting seconds. Perfection. Sheer perfection.
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6 months ago, Acid_Cowboy
Great. Functional. Show Date Feature
Compared to other Clock applications, which charge a little bit more and have ads. I think this one is great. The only thing missing is a feature to show the date on top of the time, a stopwatch and possibly a floating time feature. I would pay extra for the aforementioned and potentially additional features. As it is a free app. This app is significantly better than others. As for complaints logged by others: I love the alarm volume as opposed to default LOUD alarm standard in iPhone; there is a method to adjust iPhone alarm volume, but I digress
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6 years ago, DigitalMatt0
Great Instant Clock
This app is the *only* reason I take my iPad on trips and vacations. Let me explain: I have the first iPad and a couple years ago no apps would support it, websites wouldn’t render, etc. Functional it’s fine, it’s just old. I was going to mount it and make it a dynamic photo frame, but I’m to lazy. So now it is my clock. My iPad is on a shelf in my room with this app running almost 24/7. I take my iPad on every trip so I can have my clock where I want it. Not next to the bed in a hotel where I have to turn around to see it and then it’s so small it’s hardly readable from across the room. Now I just put my iPad up and I have a huge analog clock the size of an iPad screen I can read from anywhere and I can put it where I want it. This app is the only reason my iPad is used instead of laying in a drawer. I love this app. It does one thing and does it well, exactly what anyone would want from a product. I wish I could pay or donate to say thank you, but there is no way to. And the other reviewer is correct: there are no ads, not one, not ever. It doesn’t ask for weird permissions to spy on you either. It’s truly free.
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8 years ago, Mickey330
UPDATE: I thought I had not reviewed this, so came here to do so. Discovered I had and ... can't change a thing about this review. I still use it every day, it's still awesome and I still think it's perfect! This app [still] has a spot on my phone's first page and I don't see that changing, ever. Again, thanks for the awesome app!! _____________________ I use this clock every morning whilst getting ready for work (I don't have a clock in my bathroom). The simplicity of this app, combined with the awesome graphics, make this the perfect clock (I love the second hand's accurate shadows). And, not having ads is the best. I'd pay for this app! It's a beautiful, yet functional app that is one of my faves. Thanks for the excellent work.
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1 year ago, the Lew 3
Wow, it is left me literally in the dark several times now. I do not know why but the alarm does not sound until I open the banner message only then the alarm comes on after I was supposed to wake up. I’ve even tried, leaving the phone connected and volume all the way up. Which I normally absolutely would never do so that no one could call or text and wake me. But again I was trying to figure out how to get What is the the alarm to sound. I’ve looked at it and even the app support doesn’t open correctly. Not at all helpful and cost me time Otherwise, I like the ability to leave a clock on for part of my business that is very helpful. But is it worth keeping multiple clock apps just to have? Bummer because I erased the factory app and I’m not sure how to get it back⏳
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2 years ago, COSrunr
Great app destroyed by moronic programmers
Displays time great, but the programmers have zero concept of human factors so the interface to access functions is useless. If you accidentally use a motion to close the clock you disappear down their rabbit hole of commands that are all gestures that have no rational logic. And since mostly you just want to see the time, which this does better than the native Apple clock, it really destroys its utility. Alarms, world time, etc are all done almost infinitely better with the native Apple app; the only thing this does better is display time better. But you occasionally jam it up because the programmers have yet to discover how to program menus, necessitating wasting more time than a time display is worth. Get something else unless you like wasting time with your time app.
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6 years ago, oatmeal_mac
Excellent little app! It is perfect for making people uncomfortable!
Apple’s clock should be able to display a digital clock face for viewing across the room, but it doesn’t. I needed to show the clock at the back of a small room for presentations… this was perfect! But let’s talk about that screen orientation feature… why did you program it that way!?! I love it! 🤣 The app lets you enlarge and shrink the clock as well as change the viewing angle. It doesn’t restrict the clock size to the size of the screen, and it doesn’t restrict the angle to the standard angles. You can put the phone on a stand, rotate the clock so that it’s several degrees off level, distinctly off center, and leaves parts of the numbers off the side of the screen. It’s disturbing to many people, and that makes it hilarious to see who sits squirming through presentations because they can’t handle the clock display. “Can you fix your clock?” “Sure…” and make it worse. Best clock app ever. 👍🏻😁
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5 years ago, Dmguth3
Does the alarm only run for two minutes?
New to this and love the interface options, but for one thing I cannot fathom. The alarm only runs for two minutes? I sleep deep and have watched the alarm a few times when I wake before it. The actual run time for the alarm alert (music or beeps or both) only stay on for two minutes. I can unfortunately sleep right through that. Then it’s done and if I sleep past the sounds for two minutes , now the alarm is off and I am not awake. Also when I add both music and beeps for an alarm it seems to only play the music but not the beeps. Is an alarm clock that does not run more than two minutes really by design?
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2 years ago, mr latenight
Updated. Love it, but…
Did a reinstall after the iOS update and the shake flashlight is now working. So back to happiness!! I have used this app since 2013 and it has always been my favorite “flip clock” app. A little bit confusing at first, but when you go through all the options it really is a good alarm clock app. The only problem is that with iOS 15.5 update the “shake to use flashlight” feature doesn’t seem to work. Funny, I use this feature all the time. Will reach out to the developer.
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6 years ago, JimmyDragneel
Simple & Effective
At first when I saw the app it sounded promising and thought maybe it’s a start. Later on trying this app, I find it simple to use but great to use it. It features 6 types of clock 3 with 2 types. You can choose to see seconds or no seconds. When you triple tap you can lock it and what’s nice is that it shows you the date. You can choose 6 time zone at once. And other simple things on this app are shake to turn flashlight on/off, change color of the time, swiping up and down for brightness, triple taps to lock/unlock. Anyways great app :)
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4 years ago, GaileyB
Beautiful Clock App
I keep my phone on a nightstand charger at night and use my phone as an alarm clock. The clock options in this app are beautifully designed. I especially love the analog face and the flip clock is a cool retro look, too. There is also a digital clock. All faces come with options to customize. The clock faces are dimmable to very low light or super bright. And there is no white light bar on the bottom-(it’s there for a second when you put the phone in the charging stand)- a big plus for me, as I like my bedroom to be completely dark for sleeping. Love this app!
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7 years ago, GreggEckhardt
The best for me
I give this 5 stars because it comes closest to what I need. I purchased and tried several others and ended up using this one. I give a lot of presentations and what I need is an app that shows the time in very large white on black numerals so I can monitor it while I’m talking. I typically know whether it’s morning or night so I don’t need it to show AM/PM. Surprisingly, such an app does not exist anymore. They all use lots of space to show AM or PM, as if anybody really needs to see that. Or they insist on telling me what day it is, which is wholly unnecessary. But this one shows AM/PM rather small and otherwise has very large no-nonsense numerals. If I could turn off the AM/PM and stop the blinking of the hour:minute separator I would consider it perfect. And I really wonder why there’s nothing out there for people who simply want to see the time. Anyway I appreciate what the developers have made available and I recommend this.
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5 years ago, Arizona Sackbut
Simple, Elegant, Exactly Right. Outstanding !
As a clock it has the basic minimum feature set to meet the definition of its purpose: it is just... a CLOCK ! What makes this program great is it gives you the time clearly and quickly in the format you prefer with zero clutter. What makes it exceptional is the set & forget config. On initial launch, make it do what you want with a solid set of features and controls... then rejoice that you never have to deal with that again until/unless you wish to reconfigure. I’m a ham radio operator, it’s brilliant to have a clock that launches instantly and clicks the time down to the second... in UTC, local, etc. It is WWV IN MY POCKET ! When I’m operating QRP in the field and need to accurately log contacts, this works right now. When I need to run around the house and set clocks, this is the tool of choice. Grab a copy and have a look. If you need the time right now, your way, this is it. 73 de KD9COJ
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1 month ago, yoga chic 56
Ok clock but….
I purchased this app and was quite happy with it until it stopped working. I use it to time classes that I teach and when I went 20 minutes over because it had stopped working without me realizing it I became unhappy with it. so I removed the clock from my phone and then re-entered it. Once that happened, I started getting ads again. So I went to settings and hit restore purchase thinking that would take care of it but instead I got charged yet again for the same app. I had an option to purchase or restore purchase. Either way I paid twice. It happens again. It will stay gone.
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6 years ago, Aedhas
Resuming issue while rotation unlocked
Hello, the App is great I don't know if I can say enough how good the clock is and specially how far the customization can go to. However there is one key feature missing for me, the LANDSCAPE mode. The solution would have been; unlocking the phone's rotation and by triple clicking within the CLOCKS App having the display to remain horizontal. But when you go to the home screen or just multitasking and then resuming to the App causes a displacement which leaves half of it covered under the display. I'm on iPhone 6s and I hope this will be fixed.
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7 years ago, Wtballer11
Best Purchase I Ever Made
This clock app saved my life. You have no idea the number of times I think to myself, "Hey, what time is it?" Finally, an answer. This app is truly sent from God. I have no idea how humans knew what time it was before this app. Just think, Earth has been around for 6000 whole years, and we get the privilege of being around when we have The Clock App. And little did I know, it also has a timer! What a pleasant surprise! This app has honestly cured my depression, my AIDS, and my Ebola. It has solved all of my problems. Thank you, developers. Thank you, Jesus.
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4 years ago, NateJerry
Professional, clear, ad-free clocks!
I’ve never written a review before, but I just wanted to say, “Thank you, Meanterm!” This is a great app to keep my boss on track during meetings. I use the “Digital Clock With Second” as the meeting time approaches, and then I effortlessly swipe to “Flip Clock” once she gavels in. I also sometimes use “Flip Clock” to keep me on track in the shower. Even though I’m terribly myopic, the numbers are large enough, and clear enough, for me to make out the time. And it’s free—and ad-free—which really enhances the app’s usefulness in a professional environment.
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7 years ago, Slimbeaux
Perfect! Just like iOS 9 Clock
If you hate the fact like me that you can't change the settings on the iOS 10 clock then this is the one for you. Has the second hand for a precise time and you can switch between light and dark. For a free app it's priceless. Now that I have it I would have been willing to pay a couple bucks for it. It has digital if you want, it has flip if you want. Don't like the second hand; you don't have to have it. Meanterm got it just right. Just a great all around good clock.
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7 years ago, Cat-0
Perfect bedside clock
I like this app so much I actually wish I *could* pay for it. Clocks usually are too bright for me to have next to my bed where I really need one. Being able to easily adjust the brightness, color and style of clock makes this a perfect nighttime clock. No more fumbling to wake up the iPhone in order to get the time. Yes, it does mean the iPhone can't sleep so it does need to be plugged in overnight. A wireless charger stand that allows the newer iPhones to be angled up while charging makes this a pretty sweet setup tho'.
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6 years ago, Mic-E-Say
Make the icon live
Much of what makes this app likable is in comparison with Apple who has become unlikable. I admire the simple elegance of the analog display. The red second hand reminds me of my 50-year old Heuer stopwatch that I still use to time my broadcast products. It took a while to figure out how to set the alarm time. The Tips & Tricks feature is nice; a more directional user guide would be more engaging. Because I relegated the Apple clock to Apple junk file on a back page, I wish this icon was live: showing the sweep second as does the one it replaced,
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1 year ago, eaglebtc
Bought years ago, still useful today!
This app is useful for me when recording demos for bug testing of time-sensitive workflows or to correlate with packet captures. When I start the screen recording, I briefly switch to this app to show the full time with seconds. There is no built in function on iOS that shows seconds, except the very tiny animated clock icon on the home screen. This is far too small for most people to notice. Your app is perfect!
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1 year ago, SpeakNSpirit
Perfectly Noble Simplicity
I downloaded a few clock apps for my bedside and desktop time management so as to try each out and delete the ones I didn't like. I was surprised at the perfectly noble simplicity of this app, as well as its intuitive nature, while at the same time being free! Recommended for those who want a straightforward clock face WITHOUT ADS, but with more detailed customable options at the same time. It is THE clock app. The definite article you might say.
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4 years ago, JLombax
The last clock you’ll need on your nightstand
I’ve had this clock app for over two years, and I would recommend this app to anyone who’s looking for a great long time clock. I been using this clock app every night while charging. Even works with my alarm. Love the anti burn screen feature that makes the clock move in different places to prevent any long term damage. Don’t waste your time trying to find the perfect clock for your phone, this is only clock app you’ll need.
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2 years ago, 2caldwells
Tried them all; this is the best
I’ve tried clock app after clock app, trying to find one that does what I want and no more, which is to be a highly-visible nightstand alarm clock. Simple to use, customizable, let’s me pick the music I wake up to. Perfect — Except for one thing: the alarm only goes off for 2 minutes, which I can easily sleep right through if I’m sleeping soundly. Wish I could select a longer duration.
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5 months ago, Dkhix
Nice App
It’s a small thing with a few clocks and subtleties that are done elegantly. For example, I use the analog clock against the black background, cool and clean looking. When you go into the areas behind the clock the fonts used are so elegant looking, at least to me and then there are the shooting stars on the pages, you almost have to look for them they are so subtle. But above everything else, the app seems to work! Glad I found it.
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7 years ago, JCVandegrift
Excellent with just one bug I can easily ignore
The new bedtime page is great and very intuitive. The bug on that page I can live with is that the sleep cycle records it keeps are inaccurate when present and more often than not entirely missing. But the alarm always works along with a gentle reminder to go to sleep. I keep various time zones clocks based on everyone's travels, easy to add and remove as needed. I often use the stopwatch and timer, the latter often set to shut my go to sleep music off (any music app works).
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5 years ago, ActionAmerica
This used to be my favorite clock app
Until iOS 13, this was my favorite clock app. But no more. Now, the time and battery level displays in bright white, across the top, even when the clock is set to a dim red or blue. The result is that the top banner illuminates the room enough that it wakes me up when I roll over and face the phone. This was not a problem with the earlier version. It was clean and simple and could be easily dimmed to a very low level. It was exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, the developer has not yet updated this app, so I’m stuck looking for a replacement. Bummer…
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6 years ago, Optionsguy
A Real Workhorse
I have used this app for a few years now on a daily basis. The time will display on my phone when it is charging, or not, for as long as I wish. Couldn’t be simpler or more useful. When I get a call, text or other event I select to be notified about, I see that. Otherwise, it is just the time rather than a blank screen. You either need this or you don’t. I do, and I am very glad to have this reliable companion on my phone.
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7 years ago, CrystalAnn Johnson
Options are the digits age time clocks, other clocks, or, as a person over 40, or a hospital employee, it’s the clock we grew up with seeing; Real hands and a second hand!!! No confusion!!! I used to carry a wall clock with me in my suitcase because some places don’t have clock radios, (some Disney top hotels), and I’m always late! Now with the hands, for some unknown reason, I identify with the time! Also, it’s a big clock in the iPhone! LOVE IT!!! You can wake to different sounds and to music.
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4 years ago, Utterly frustrated
Love the app but I have one question....
I love using this app. I am not sure if I am missing something or not. While using the app I am not receiving any phone calls. I hear no alerts for text messages. However, I do get the text message banner notifications. I probably will stop using the app if I can’t figure out how to still hear incoming calls and text messages. Any suggestions would be appreciated because I would hate to give up this app!
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7 months ago, Mimosa Deluxe
A Classic App
I’ve put this app on just about every iPhone I’ve ever had, and I’ve been using iPhones since the first generation. Let me take you back to a time when the App Store first opened: There were lots of free apps that did one simple thing which a developer was kind enough to make. No cost, no subscriptions, no pop up ads. Just people sharing something great and useful. That’s what this app is.
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8 years ago, Ms. Penni
Absolutely the best.
Can't thank you enough for this clock app! The options are awesome...color, size, brightness, style of clock. My night time clock/nightlight forever more! A flick of the wrist makes the flashlight come on and off!!! Great for midnight bathroom or fridge runs! Without affecting my daily wake-up alarm, I can still set 4 other alarms thru out the day! And change the alarm sound! Been using this app for YEARS now and will never change!
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1 year ago, GUN DOCTOR 46
Time To Talk
Finally, I have found a Clock app that does exactly what I needed to do and what it advertises it will do this small app sure does a lot. I am absolutely put out with the other alarm clocks that are available because there’s always some gimmick to it. this is a straight up. Great clock easy to work with personally for me. It’s a fantastic design. I love it, I wish I would’ve thought of it
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5 years ago, Rhfunk2
This is a real clock!
This clock has everything a clock needs. I use it every day. I use the different clock faces, using whichever is most convenient for the task in which I am currently involved. Dimmer is wonderful. I just wish I could make the alarm louder. I have to use another clock app to make sure I hear the alarm. I just look at this app and think “I have a great clock; it just doesn’t have an alarm.” But that’s really OK. It’s a great clock.
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8 years ago, Sailorman58
Nifty App
Overall this app works great and does what I need it to do. Day, date and time right up front, sensor for turning off app when it's on the belt clip. The feature, shake for light is nice. But there are occasions when the phone will be in my belt clip and the light comes on. Improvement suggestion, have the light feature check the proxi sensor before turning on. Overall this is a great app and it has a spot on my front page.
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4 months ago, Member 828
Old school clock
I love this app I have used it for years! I use the traditional clock. When I travel, I put it in my phone stand and I have a clock by my bed so if I want to see what time it is you can dim the screen so it’s not as bright it’s just the best ever and as I sit at my desk and work I have the clock screen on I don’t know I guess I’m obsessed with clocks. I know my grandmother loved clocks too. 🤗
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1 year ago, Promiceus
That’s how you do apps: it does what it says, it has convenient extra features, it does not have any annoying stuff, it supports a long list of os versions and devices. And it all comes for free! Author(s) could easily ask for at least 0.99$ or a bit more and it still would be great and totally worth it. Thanks a lot - that’s a very handy little thing!
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4 months ago, KFW.kc
One of my most-used apps
When I need to keep track of time, this simple app does the job so effectively. It’s always-on status lets me know the time with a quick glance. Whether trying to stay on time when I’m not wearing my watch, or trying to stay on time when I’m in a large group and don’t want to appear rude by glancing at my wrist, this app is a lifesaver.
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3 years ago, Dan Hampton
Perfect Car Clock
The clock on my Lexus has gone bad and they want $500+ to replace it. It is impossible not to look at it showing the wrong time, so I had to cover it some way. I found a tip suggesting I stick a magnetic iPhone mount on top of the clock lens. That worked great, but I still needed a clock. Then I found Clocks! The analog clock looks great. I love the ticking hands animation, and it stays on while I’m driving. The perfect solution!
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8 years ago, suecqueue
Really Excellent
This clock app is beautiful in its elegant, but simple designs, whether you love analog displays or digital. The clocks are big and easy on sleepy eyes, with display animation options, color choices, and a wonderful swipe up or down fine tuned brightness setting. Naturally it operates as a full function alarm clock, too. Many are disappointed with the iOS 10 clock changes. This is your new clock. Enjoy.
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7 years ago, Capt611
A Little Too Simplistic
I love the simplicity of the clock, however... It would be nice if you were able to chose more than one song from a playlist to be used as an alarm sound. I suspect I would tire of that same song, Day in and day out. Then to have to change it every day is a bit more labor intensive than I would like my alarm clock to be. Also, it would be nice if you could chose more watch styles, and data to go with the watch face. Maybe a day date? Or the weather? Just a thought.
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6 years ago, Hollow erred
Hidden Gem
For an app that hasn’t been updated in a couple of years since the time of this review, I must say it’s very intuitive and has many useful features. I do hope it gets updated though. For one, it could be updated for clock faces like the Apple Watch, and another for the iPhone X display so the clock could be spread a little but further. Overall, it’s a very useful app.
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1 year ago, TheGreatEscapeArtist
Ok for the price
This app is simple and easy to use. We’re not for one major glitchy aspect to it I would give it a much higher rating. When I switch from landscape to portrait with this app, it occasionally will either get stuck halfway at a weird diagonal, or will try to do both at the same time and rapidly flips back-and-forth between the two. The only way that I found to fix this, is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. I’ve had to do it a few times now and it’s getting a little tiresome.
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