The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

4.8 (104.6K)
32.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vitalii Gryniuk
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Moon: Calendar Moon Phases

4.83 out of 5
104.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Caribbean Jim
Great moon phase tracker
Right up front it tells you what you want to know: the moon age since the last new moon, the exact time/date of the full mmon or other phase of interest, the time it rises and sets and the percentage illuminated. You can explore for other info. The calendar is accurate. The initial display is updated in real time, like the small clock on your iPhone homepage, that has the time correct up to the second. The coordinates of the moon’s are available, useful when you can’t see it, and for astrologers you have the zodiac sign and node, etc. Not quite free, it’s 99 cents to unlock the calendar, one of it’s most useful features, but you can see the calendar relative to the current date for free. Well worth it. Try it for a while, then pay $0.99 if you like it, which I did. Great app. The ads are no bother, and some are interesting, so I didn’t spring up $2.99 to be free of ads. Great app, nice ads! Update: another couple of years (2020 May), still my go-to app for moon info. 2021 Sep ditto.
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4 years ago, JᏌyᎧ
The only thing that would make it better
I absolutely love this app, so much that I put it in place of my calendar app. It tells me everything I need to know about the moon’s current and upcoming phases, what constellation it’s in, even down to the nitty gritty of its exact location in the sky in real time. The ONLY thing that would make this app better, is if the icon was dynamic, like the Calendar app’s icon. The only thing I miss about the calendar app is that I can look at it from a glance and know what the date is. This app still tells me the date if I open up the calendar within it, but I do miss the convenience of being able to look at my home screen and see on the icon what the date is. I think having the icon reflect the current date and moon phase would make this app so much better. I don’t know if that’s possible for non-official apps, but I can dream. Overall, I highly recommend.
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3 years ago, clambert2025
One of the best out there
I love this app. I usually don’t write reviews for these things, but this is a great way to keep up with the moon phases and times. I love how this is a simple and functional app— one to zero bugs have popped up in the long time I’ve had it. I have tried other moon trackers but this is the one I’ll stick with. It shows the phases, zodiac signs, and more which is very useful. It even has a note tool that keeps up with when you typed it and what phase the moon was in at that time. I haven’t had any problems with this app, and the Calendar feature isn’t of my greatest desires to buy. I love this app so, so much and you should definitely consider getting it.
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6 years ago, Jagecho
This app can really help you out
Before this app, I had a terrible time keeping track of the moon cycle. I never was the best at science or astronomy. I did my best to learn and I ended up downloading this app to help to process. The moon is an essential part of life for everyone but especially for me. If I can’t tell what night the full moon will be on it will be trouble for all around me. A transformation is a draining process and all I can think about after is FOOD. Doesn’t matter what or who it was. Not many people take into consideration my condition. Turning in to a beast isn’t fun and games, people. I thank you for this app, on behalf of myself and the Were-community.
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3 years ago, Kevin Lenn
I always watch the moon phases. Years ago I worked for the Austin State School in Austin Texas. The gentlemen I worked with were non verbal, and non ambulatory with many types of seizure disorders. Whenever the moon was full we had many more seizures to attend too. It only makes sense to me that if the moon is powerful enough to move such massive bodies of water, why then would it not be possible to move our puny little bodies that are made up of 91% water? Or at least have some effects on our brain? People tend to be short of temper and just a little psycho around full moons. Observe for yourself! We did!
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2 years ago, kendramonet
Be Ready to Purchase Basic Information
App offers very little information without in-app purchases. Information made available for free is easily google-able very quickly, so app doesn’t really offer any convenience. Bummer! Especially considering the app already has ads and that the moon calendar does not fluctuate or need constant maintenance. The app is more convenient at the start of the month, as it will give you the current calendar month for free, but if you check in on the 29th, you only get 2-3 days information until the next month arrives. App would be much better if it offered 15 days prior current date and 15 days after current date. Then the free version would be much more logical!
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6 years ago, RavennaNight
Great for tracking the waxing and waning of the moon!
I love tracking the phases of the moon, because I’m one of those nuts who believes the nuts do come out when the moon is full. I used to have another app before this one but the developer is gone and the app doesn’t anymore update. It was called Moonphase, and you could set it to howl to remind you of the impending full moon. I thought that was fun and quirky, I wish this app had that because I truly miss it so. It was just a fun thing to have and joke around and show people. Maybe if you find the developer and work something out and add it to this? Otherwise it is an excellent app!
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4 months ago, jeskamoniquexo
Currently displeased …
I’ve used this app for years and I love it. I really do. However, I’ve been trying to use it for the past month and it clearly says everywhere that I paid, my subscription renews August 7, and it is January 22, and it will not let me access it. I have called Apple multiple times I don’t know what to do. i’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it, it still says my subscription has expired or billing error. Which neither is true. So I just completely deleted it and made a new Apple ID for this, ( which has been quite a pain) and I’m going to resubscribe. I requested a refund. I really hope this goes through/fixes so I can give y’all the five stars because I’ve always loved the app, except for this current humongous issue.
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7 years ago, Claudine73
Moon Goddess Connection
A couple of novices to our coven bring a tremendous enthusiasm and love for our Moon Goddess. This app is exceptional. The knowledge and arrangements of information of the Moon is a blessing for us. We use this app as an alternative learning tool. I do miss the brother wolf howl during the full moon. Also miss the different names of the moons whether according to Indigenous cultures, Celtic, or Norse. Adds a bit of heritage. I really enjoy learning about the Moon, it’s affects on the ebb and flow of natural living here on Mother Earth. Thank you to the creators of this app. Number #1. Merry meet and merry part, blessings always come from our hearts. )O(
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3 years ago, Astrodoc71
Overall great except
Great app overall. I use it all the time to plan my astroimaging sessions. It would be great though if you could come up with a different way to mark the current day and label new and full moon other than red. The red bar under the current day and the red lettering is extremely difficult to see. You need something much brighter and more visible. Maybe highlight the whole day with a shaded brighter color and come up with a brighter marking for new and full moon. Other than that it's great
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2 years ago, Judee Mermaid
Every night I use this app to see what I want to see! I Thank You for this, it helps me plant, I get a lot out of this app! I really appreciate this app. For Lots of reason’s! Not only planting but just in every day life! I also enjoy just going to it, to go to a Casino’s, my Tarsus, the weight off my shoulders to get info on who I want to see & spend my time with! I go to this app a lot! I really want to Thank You all making it easy for me to read & know I understand it all! Really I appreciate everything this app has FOR ME! 😘👍🏽
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2 years ago, EdajMaI
Amended and updated to 5 ⭐️
I left the original text below just to prove the developers listen 💙💙💙 the howl is back on, and fills me with joy every time I hear it. Thank you 😊 I will continue to be a loyal subscriber and happily recommend this app to any fellow 🌙moon watchers out there ✨ Im gonna nitpick on the one feature that doesn’t work because everything else is freaking awesome - the app does not howl when it gives the full moon notification. In all other respects, this app is perfect for tracking the moon. Fix the howl!
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1 year ago, Blah10003
Perfect for what it is
This app does exactly what it promises to do: provide information about the moon in an appealing, convenient interface. All the basic information about phases, times of moonrise and moon set, as well as detailed astrological information and some astrological information for those who are interested. However, if you need to know when and how much moonlight there will be on a given night - say you are sailing or engaged in some other outdoor activity, this app is an excellent investment.
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4 years ago, MerryRedRose
My favorite
I’m not sure I can tell you why...maybe it’s because it’s easy to use, but I downloaded 3 different moon apps a couple of years ago, and this is the one I used consistently. I love to photograph the moon, so I keep up with rise and set times, and I label my photos as to percent waxing or waning. Basic stuff. All three have that info. This one is easy to see, direct, love it. I had this on my phone and the others on my iPad. I’m now putting this on iPad and giving up the others.
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5 years ago, Melody TurdButt
Great App, Should be Free All Around Though
It’s a simple, great app. I love it. But there are so many parts blocked off unless you pay to unlock and it’s really ridiculous. There is no reason the app isn’t all around free, you shouldn’t have to pay for those features. And it’s super easy to accidentally tap to purchase which isn’t cool. Other than that I love it though and use only the free stuff and it is enough. No crazy adds that take away from the experience which is nice. If an app comes along with free in house moon charts I will drop this for that in an instant though.
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6 years ago, Madutrip
First Dates and new work projects
I always make a first date on a new moon- the relationship has a much better shot! This AP has helped my romantic life! I delayed the beginning of my current job and I am still here 2 years later- starting a new job when the moon is waxing is important and this AP makes it easy! Also if someone owes you money ask for it when the moon is waning- people will let go of things more easily when the moon is getting smaller.
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4 years ago, ALeighGuitarLover
Love the app
I found this app and have been really happy with it. I rent an apartment, so my green thumb isn’t the best, I notice they have useful information for those who garden too. It works for me in that I plan much of my work flow and intentions around the moon. Now I’m going to take it a step further and learn about the signs the moon is in. This app tells you all of that too (which zodiac sign the moon is in at any given time). You can see into future dates too which is also very helpful.
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4 years ago, Ann1133
Moon calendar doesn’t work
Free trial for the upgrade didn’t work, so I paid for the upgrade and it still doesn’t work. To explain: If you want to see more than just the month you’re in, you have to pay to upgrade. You’re supposed to get a week free trial, but it never worked, gets stuck in a loop where I try to go to the next month, then get a message to unlock the calendar, click on that and get a subscription prompt and when I click on that it says already subscribed. So I let it charge for the upgrade thinking the “free trial” was a joke and the upgrade would work, but nope, get the same thing. Tells me I need to subscribe, then tells me I’m already subscribed. Not impressed.
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5 years ago, uncleAnge
The moon and it’s effect on our lives
Once I learned as a young feller how much the gravitational pull has an affect on planet earth and realized that we are made up of so much water then I started to parallel the two an helps me understand my moods my attitudes which affects my mood an said no and where we are in the moon phase helped me understand with what’s going on in my real life thank you for the moon charts as the moon speaks to the waves of the sea so does it speak to you and me 🙏❤️🥋🥋🦅🐕🇺🇸👌✌️out !
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1 year ago, disappointingdissapointed
Cancel my subscription
Somehow some way this app ended up on my phone and I have no idea how or why but it’s there and apparently I have a subscription, which if fine because I can cancel it. Except everytime I hit the “cancel subscription” button it does absolutely nothing. It’s also connect to a card of mine that was deactivated weeks ago so it doesn’t make sense how it could’ve still been on my phone. Anyways I just want to get rid of the subscription it’s causing me too many issues trying to remove that old card off my email/appleID (I cannot remove the card because it has an “active” subscription.
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6 years ago, Bambambie
Pure Awesomeness 🌙
Hands down my favorite app in my entire phone!! I love taking pictures of the moon with my camera and this app helps let me know anything and everything I need to know about the moon that day. It even tells you what astrology sign the moon. My favorite feature (the one I probably use the most) is what time the moon will rise and set that day. Definitely would recommend this app to anyone who is a moon lover like myself! Stay wild moon child 🌝
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3 years ago, @childishgaby
Love the App! One suggestion though..
Every feature about this app is excellent, especially for .99 cents, it’s great But I would love for y’all to add notifications options for the moon phases like for me I would love the have it notify me if it’s a new moon, or full moon the day of. I know it’s simple to just look into the sky but it would be nice to have a little reminder for my practices :) thank you
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3 years ago, goodform
This App Snoops Into your Clipboard
Thanks to Apple’s privacy features I get a banner notification telling me that this app has pasted information from my clipboard. Why does this app need the last thing I copied to my clipboard? What if that was a password, or some other piece of critical data. Thank you, Apple, for your privacy checking functionality. I’m deleting this app, and I recommend everyone stay away from it. You can also see the developer has not provided Apple with any information regarding privacy. That may be a good rule of thumb when checking out an app, does the developer provide privacy data to Apple? If not, do not install, move along.
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7 years ago, Maymayrays
Love this app...
And I use it daily. The only improvement I would make is to update the crystal/stone names (I keep having to Google them because I've never heard of a particular stone, then it turns out it's the archaic name for a more common stone), and do a bit of copy editing to make the "Characteristics" and other recommendations sections more understandable. They feel like a bad translation sometimes and don't always flow or make sense. With these upgrades, this app would be very popular in the new age/witch/woo-woo world.
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12 months ago, Lady Dragoncloud
Shalom, I am a Jewitch (yes, both Jewish and a Witch), and as BOTH, we follow the calendar cycle of the Moon. It is really a great tool with lots of little extras; and truthfully, I would be lost without it. From always knowing where we are within the rhythm of life and when it’s waxing or waning, to the extras like zodiac, colors or crystal… it brings me great joy Really, I feel wonderfully blessed to have found this treasure. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
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7 years ago, Brookelynn12384866
Love the Moon
This app works perfect and it easy to use. It has many different calendars you can check out too such as the whole moon month and even a compass of where the moon will be. You can also swipe right or left to see the days before or after. Clicking on the moon allows you to see all the moon data. Love it. It looks beautiful and helps me get in touch with our gorgeous moon!
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10 months ago, FreeMagneticEnergy
I needed to see if the app moon calendar can indeed be turned back to July 16, 1969. However, the app won’t let us test this part of the app unless we pay their asking fee first. So there is no way to test drive the app before purchase. Online apps show the moon’s face was indeed in complete darkness where man supposedly landed on the moon for the first time. That means the landing footage showing full sunshine was faked, and there for the July 16, 1969 moon landing was faked. Do your own homework to confirm I’m correct. I’ve now removed this app from my phone.
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2 years ago, Aura_land_444
Getting moon love
The world as we once knew it is ending. The pollution in the air makes it difficult to see the moon let alone track it’s cycle. I appreciate this app for always being a good source to know when and why things are affecting what they are affecting. I wrote this app and no letters appeared which is why it has errors. Sorry. Great app good idea!!
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3 years ago, tanntan
Has no business accessing your clipboard
It’s a great app for what it does, showing the moon phases etc, but what’s not ok is accessing what you’ve copied onto your clipboard. Why do they think that’s ok, and what are they doing with our information? Thank goodness Apple has started to show the little notification at the top of the page when this happens. I had no idea this was happening, and would’ve kept using the app without realizing this had I not been shown. Apple has obviously been doing this for a while, but I’ve only just gotten around to writing this review now.
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6 years ago, BritheGod
Anyone else notice the constellations are off (possibly by a calendar month)? Ex: the pattern of constellations correlating with the full moon is correct just a month behind. Where Sept. 2018’s full moon should fall in Aries, the app shows it in Pisces. Oct. 2018 is showing Pisces when it should be Taurus. Nov. 2018 is showing Taurus when it should be Gemini. Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to adjust? Are there any other minor discrepancies that others have found that might affect the apps accuracy? I love the idea of the app. But if it’s inaccurate it makes it ineffective.
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4 years ago, im a little big man
It asked me to write a review
I really do enjoy this app very much I love astronomy very much and this is a very useful app for it. But really can Apple can you stop making your apps ask me to give stars and write a review it’s annoying I feel like I’m being asked by one of my little cousins to look at their drawing that I like but they won’t stop asking me about how much I like their drawing.
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4 months ago, Zek or ET
Luna rising
Love to use the calendar it helps me to always stay ready and get my crystals set up for charging. Price isn’t nothing if you cant kill even $3. Plus it’s for a whole year come on don’t think about it try it out I’m sure you will love it just as I do. Thank you for this app continue what yal doing on this.
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4 months ago, ArianaRockelle
Only one problem
I like this app a lot, there’s only one issue. I can’t add the moon phases to my iPhone calendar. When I go into the app, there’s a settings option for Events > Add to calendar. But when I toggle it on, it gives a notification saying I need to give the app access to the calendar. But there’s no option to do this in the settings in app or on my phone.
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4 years ago, indigobogwarrior
I love how this app shows where the moon will rise and set the sunrise and sunset locations the actual phases of the moon it is beautifully done and if I wasn’t so cheap I would pay for everything else because I am sure it is that much better but the devs were gracious enough to give you great things for the price of free so ty and I hope everyone can enjoy this app as much as I do
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6 years ago, Patric31
Love this moon app !
No matter where you call home, you can check out lots of lunar information with this app. I live without a great view of the night sky... and it is not light pollution up here in northern New York State...its called cloud cover. Not to worry. I open the app and loads of data is at my fingertips. The only missing piece is it doesn’t come with the soundtrack of “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd.
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3 years ago, Solracwins
Scrolling issue
Make it easier to change the phases of the moon. It seems like you have to figure out the way the moon is changing to quickly look at past and future phases. Make it to where you can swipe on the screen left or right to see the phases. Thank you.
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7 years ago, KatsyM
Text is nonsensical, have to buy in-app purchases to make it function
1) this is an actual sentence from the app: “activate maximum of you awareness”. Seriously. The whole text about any given day is gibberish that sounds like a bad google translate... and it probably is? 2) to use the “calendar function” shown in the preview for the app (the whole reason I downloaded it) you have to make an in-app purchase. I would have been fine with paying $2 for this app - but to give it as a nearly non-functional free download and force in app purchases to make it function fully is shady. Deleting.
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3 years ago, Tulip S
Why does unlocking everything in the app require a subscription? Why can't people just pay for the app in full? This is ridiculous. I was literally about to just buy the app in full and found out it's a subscription. Like.....there is nothing about this app that people should have to pay for yearly. Other than the subscription nonsense, the app is good and has everything needed in a moon phase app.
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5 years ago, lunarbelieverdon
Useful app.
I truly believe that the moon does affect our mood. If I notice that I am being especially irritable and impatient with others, my driving is aggressive, and others are having the same issue, it typically corresponds with either a new moon or a full moon. Check it out next time YOU have these symptoms. You may become a believer as well...
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2 years ago, g.öff
Good vibes. This app is visually pleasing, accurate, & free. What else could you ask for?
There’s something about that moon amirite? I love to check the app every night too know what percentage it’s at, as well as its rise and set times. There aren’t crazy big full screen ads on the app either. I highly recommend this app!
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7 years ago, RangerPHX
The Moon at its Best
This application is the best for keeping track of what our moon is doing. Tried couple of other apps & they completely failed. Can't think of anything being wrong with this app love it I do you use it on average four times a week keep up the good work guys at least you keep the current which so many apps don't!
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4 years ago, vin00tina
I signed up for a free trial ( they give you a week) but really I was ready to signed up for a year. I wanted to see the features and use the app fully. However, this is my day 3, and it doesn’t let me open anything it tells me I need to subscribe.. which I did. Then I follow the “subscribe” button- it tells me I already did.. but still won’t let me open anything. So annoying. I can’t judge how many stars I would give because if this huge issue. Other then that I think the app could be great.
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2 years ago, Yeliah2018
Really great app
I’ve had this a few years and do subscribe to the yearly plan after giving it a trial run. Great app, quick insight to the phases of the moon, what’s its doing in the present time, and I can also go to a specific date to check out the phases. I’ll continue to subscribe to it, it’s pretty affordable.
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3 months ago, Luv FPGAs
Update v5.6 broke app!
This used to be a wonderful app! I have enjoyed using The Moon on a Mac Mini M1 for several years, but after allowing it to update to v5.6 the app launches then shuts itself down 2 - 3 seconds later, generating a "App quit unexpectedly" message box. I have deleted it, redownloaded it, and restarted the machine, but still the problem persists. I have emailed the author about this problem, but as of yet gotten a response. My only alternative is to delete this and find another app. What a shame, it was such a wonderful app!!!!
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3 years ago, DeborYah
Incredibly useful & accurate app!
I love it! I can keep track of new moons constellation patterns it even has a fun wolf sound you can play any time you want. You can watch how the sun moon & stars move & go to different dates & discover patterns of movement you never realized took place! I love this app! Thank you for creating it!
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3 years ago, rchelle87
It’s fun and I love it!
Living away from a lot of lights, you appreciate the sky more. Plus, summers in Phoenix I can plan when to do outside work - days are much too hot, but you can see well enough for some of the chores half the night. Yet another reason to ditch daylight savings, just look up!
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5 years ago, Lullaby Moon
My go-to charting app
I really enjoy the layout and information available in one place in this app. I use it daily to chart the moon and sun. My only complaint is that the messages are sometimes hard to understand as they seem written by someone for whom English is not their primary language. Also, the messages frequently repeat and are not particularly helpful or accurate.
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3 years ago, G.Truelove
Don't beg
The app is nice except when it's "lap dog" mode, the first thing it does when I open it is ask "hey whattaya think? yes? no? Rate me, please will you rate me??" It's like dude, chill with the ridin'my jock act. Right now I wanna see when the freaking moon sets, I know how to rate apps. when they are good enough I will. When they annoy me enough I will too, like this app is currently doing. other than that great app. does everything you need it to do, usually.
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3 years ago, Berryrockstar
Used for years and now you have to “unlock” calendar, pay to play
I opened my app again this month only to find that I can no longer access the moon phases for the month. It is telling me I have to “unlock” these features now. Was a great app, but now I find it pointless and will delete and find a new app or just use google. I don’t want to pay for what has been free for several years. Just more people wanting more money. It was a good run moon phase app. Adios.
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2 months ago, CStewart7797
Awesome App
I would have given this app a 5-star review but as of about 2 weeks ago, everytime I open the app it crashes on me. Every…single…time. I really enjoy this app and I’ve searched several times to see if there’s an update that could maybe fix this issue but there is none. Plz fix the crashing issue.
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