The Pantry: Associate App

1.7 (188)
75 MB
Age rating
Current version
Panera Enterprises
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Pantry: Associate App

1.67 out of 5
188 Ratings
1 month ago, Creative yay
so bad
it crashes often and you can't see who you're scheduled with. not very user friendly either.
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2 months ago, Jaella_
Pretty Annoying
I couldn’t put my face ID or save my password for the longest time so I would have to input my employee email and password every single time to login. If i tried to temporarily leave the app to check my calendar and come right back to make sure my schedule matches it would sign me out every single time. I mean it works for the most part but for an app that is meant for work schedule it make it very inconvenient for me to compare my schedule. 😭
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3 days ago, Sad.Kngs
worst employee app ever
talk about an app for 4+ it looks like it was made by 4year olds this app is constanky lagging and never showing your schedule time and when you work, ive deleted the app, logged out and logged back into to not even be abke ti see notifications that have been posted, How can i see the notifications that ive been traded a shift but when going ti click said notification nothing pops up?
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3 months ago, PoThePurpleLover
Always crashing when I need to see my shifts
This app always crashes whenever I try and login with Face ID. It glitches out and forces me to re-enter my login info. Sometimes I am able to login and it won’t show me my shifts. This app needs more frequent updates. I’m talking like the folk over at instagram because this app is whack!
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2 months ago, Jdndndjdkss jdnsbshdbd s
just terrible can’t communicate with coworkers via app 2. you can’t see what position you are working that day, 3. you can’t see the position on a shift that’s been posted so you just have to hope you are able to cover it (and if you get denied you have no idea if it’s because of the shift or not) 4. your past shifts don’t stay up in the app so if you don’t remember what time you worked that day to count your hours you’re screwed (unless you save your time slips but still, it should show in app) 5. it doesn’t notify you if someone has requested to pick up your shift. so you’re just left hoping someone did and you’re just waiting on manager approval 6. extremely buggy legion is a much better app for all these reasons i’ve never had a scheduling app as bad as this ever panera needs to fix it for the convenience of the employees
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3 weeks ago, O was eksjj no wo
I always put in my time off requests ahead of time to ensure staffing can be covered. However, now, I am unable to access anything or even cancel requests that I have put in. The self service is one of the most important aspects of this app! And now it can’t be accessed! Ugh!
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2 months ago, sandmate
Worst Employee App
I’ve worked at Panera for 6 years, this app has gone down hill so fast. It doesn’t allow you stay logged in, the Face ID never works, it crashes more often than going through a web browser. Just unreliable and a pain.
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5 days ago, kittyeyez5
Notification Center
Everything else is good except the Notification Center isn’t working I try to click on it, it isn’t open at all need to be fix for to check the request or shift available
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2 months ago, jtjjdjdjd
Horrible Service
Laggy, buggy, cluttered. Impossible to navigate easily and it loads super slow and doesn’t have readily available features. The overall layout and system design is also very poorly optimized. 1/5 is generous.
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3 weeks ago, Maya253
Requesting Time Off
The new update will not allow me to request time off. The screen won’t even load, no matter what devices I use or how many times I redownload the app. Please fix this!
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3 months ago, ✨Lost Child ✨
I went to see what my schedule for the week is and it popped up and error and is taking forever to load so I don’t know when I work next.
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3 months ago, sberrhi
notification glitch
everytime my manager posts a new schedule, i get a notification on the app that wont go away. other notifications have an okay button to push that marks them as read, but i cant do that for schedule posting notifications. i have 6 notifications as of right now and only expect this to increase, please fix this!!
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3 weeks ago, FarrSky
Fix pls
With updates it will not allow me to see my scheldule
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2 months ago, yolandabrady
Still can’t clear notifications. Bugs need to be fixed it’s making wanna not even use the app
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3 weeks ago, ryadav_
I cant see my schedule
Apparently i’m just supposed to guess when i’m working!! Thank you to the genius team behind this app 🙌
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4 weeks ago, ffghrdhh
Slow, logs you out instantly, terrible UI, and a ton of missing features that’d help.
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3 months ago, student9382919374728
schedule error
every time i log on it won’t let me see my schedule and this is a pretty big problem. it seems like there’s a new issue with this app every week.
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9 months ago, MidnightSn1
Alaska Home
Horrible, Horrible Site. When trying to look up the work calendar, requested time off, go back to home, EVERY TIME I got kicked out of the site and had to sign back in!! I have tried eight (8) TIMES to request 1 full day off and 1 partial day off, without success. Have not had a great deal of help from those who should be there for me. It took me 6-7 times to even get the online site signed in to and all I got was WAITING, WAITING, WAITING and the site never did open. I finally got a big, fat, rotten clear screen. I truly don’t know how long I can work under these circumstances. I have had absolutely wonderful employment experiences in the past and have never, ever came across such a mess that I am finding here. I probably should have given a one (1) STAR, but I was trying to be nice. Good Luck to whoever tries to use this site. I certainly am not recommending this situation to anyone.
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3 months ago, misrakestifanos
It’s always crashing
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1 week ago, gravity13!!!
always crashes never works like why must it be this way, very irritating
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3 weeks ago, alpacawrld
a nightmare to use
i love how it takes 5 minutes to even get on the app 🙃
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2 months ago, panerahater
I frickin hate Panera
I frickin hate oanera bread
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1 month ago, civilducky
i hate my job
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6 months ago, fivcbyfivc
A headache to use & unbelievably glitchy
If you set up the thumbprint to sign in, you then need your thumbprint to sign in on that device IN ADDITION TO putting your password in. Not only that but you can click on shifts to see what you work on X-day, only to have to back out 5 or 6 times because it doesn’t work on the first multiple. Additionally, you can as shifts for pickup but it won’t let you know or give you any way to check if it went through or not. Multiple times this has messed with my schedule due to an error on the app.
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6 months ago, Markthesuperpro
Horrible in almost all ways
The only feature that is ok to look at is the payment tab, but even that can improve. It’s a mess to look at on mobile and you might as well just use your browser and go to the website. When you go to look at anything other than your basic schedule or pay, it sends you to the website in your browser - making this app even more redundant. If you leave the app for even a second you have to log back in completely, which is completely idiotic. The app updates and changes all the time, but they clearly aren’t listening to ANY reviews because it never changes in any good way. Save your time by not getting this. In fact, save yourself by not working at panera. A multi billion dollar company isn’t able to make a decent employee app nor pay its employees wages equal to similar companies. Panera is completely ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Max LaSalle
Overall a good employee app
Overall it’s a pretty good app for Panera Employees. I finally was able to figure out the notification settings so it reminds me when the weekly schedule has been published. In addition, I can view the My Panera news and other announcements. The only reason why I removed on star is that if you click on iboh links, or any other links in there (like requesting days off) it opens the safari app every time. Why? Just have it open in the app itself. Why do you need to open another app on my phone. Might as well just delete this app and have everything online. Other then that one issue, it’s stable and pretty good.
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3 years ago, ilovetrench
its okay
the good things about this app are that you can switch shifts with someone, you can see your schedule clearly, theres always updates you can read, and the available shifts are always easy to see. the bad things are that the notifications never go away, I have to click on the notification in the app for the green dot to go away but even after that, once I close the app it still says I have notifications and I can never get it to go away. what I also dont like is that you cant do everything on the app, for some things it takes you online and it’s annoying because the whole point of the app is that you dont have to go online.
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7 months ago, Bread Worker
Fix the bugs
This app has issues that have been persisting for months and haven’t been fixed. You would think an app with face id would sign you in, but there’s a coding error that pops up every time I attempt face ID log in. Which is mildly annoying, but fine. That issue has been happening for over 2-3 months. Now for the past week or two, I’ve been attempting to request time off on certain days, and when I go to pick the day I would like off the app doesn’t select the day I’m choosing, it just leaves a blank field. This app is only useful for looking at your schedule when you’re at home, and even then sometimes the app struggles to show your weekly schedule.
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2 years ago, milkasaurusrexxt
I only ever have issues on the updates for the app. I have to delete the app and redownload it in order to access my schedule and paycheck information. And my cafe doesn’t post paper schedules anymore so when the app isn’t working like it should, it makes life more difficult. Working at Panera has been amazing these past 4 1/2 years. However the way schedule updating has shifted lately is a big time bummer. If the app nor the workday profile isn’t working how are we associates supposed to be able to do our end of our jobs. Such as requesting time off or picking up shifts. Please work on making the app more functional.
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3 years ago, Cthethan
This app is pretty much required for anybody who works at Panera and lordy, it is the worst out there. I wish they would just use hot schedules or something. 1 - no way to communicate with coworkers 2- super buggy notifications that have to be cleared multiple times 3 - terrible organization that for some reason prioritizes telling you your speed of service over information like your payslips or shift schedule 4 - the login screen, oh my god, something about the mypanera login screen just never works. I can put in identical usernames and passwords multiple times in a row and it will “Login Fail” at me until suddenly it just magically works and logs me in. This has actually caused me issues in the past. 5 - it takes three years for it to load any sort of information or screen transition or menu Some people say Workday is a good alternative, but it is not, as you can’t see your shift schedule through workday. God this app is terrible. I wish I didn’t have to use it.
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3 years ago, lexi200119
Basically only good to see your schedule
This app always has problems with it where you either can see the schedule before it’s posted and being edited or you can’t even log in to see your schedule. It’s also only good to see your schedule because anything else you do on the app it just takes you to your internet browser (kinda makes the app pointless). I hope they fix the problems within the app.
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2 years ago, WhiteTigersRule!
This app has made my life difficult. It takes a kajillion years (2-3 minutes) to load anything. There is no way to communicate with co-workers or managers. It’s pay option was blocked up for so long and for months it said my most recent paycheck was one I had received in December and then in March it was still saying that. I have to delete the app and re-download it because sometimes it gets stuck in this spot where it doesn’t load anything and just flashes grey and white boxes but never displays my shifts. Please make this app better for it’s users. Thanks!
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2 years ago, S Anonymous
Won't Load
I only use this app to check my schedule/adjust availability/request shift changes, and in the 6 months I've worked at Panera, more often than not this app will crash, log me out, or get stuck on a blank screen. It is crucial that this is fixed. I shouldn't have to call the cafe to know what are my shifts this week; it's a huge waste of their time and a decent waste of mine. This app needs an update NOW
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2 years ago, Fredwardlovesbread
Was kicked off
Love the app generally. But today it recently kicked me out. I can’t see my schedule because I can’t log in. For some reason my user name and password doesn’t work. Tried changing it on the website but it said I wasn’t in the system? But I should be since I work here and I had an account. Not sure what happened but I’ll have to figure it out when I go into work. But hi motherbread family❤️
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2 years ago, tuurmeric
insanely bad
never in my life have i encountered an app that struggles this hard to log you in. i have my password saved and yet it's a complete gamble every time as to whether or not the app will decide it's the "right" password. otherwise it acts like i've typed something wrong. good god, if i could just STAY LOGGED IN i would not hate this app near as much. but it's every time you leave the app you have to re-sign in. which wouldnt be so hair-tearingly stressful. if. the. log in. worked. it's actually amazing how bad it is. truly exceptional.
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10 months ago, Diffina
Made me late
The only advantage that this app has over a physical schedule, is that it’s easier to read and access. However today, I received a call from my shift manager saying I was supposed to be at work at 1:00 even though the app said 4:00. Needless to say, this app is, not only buggy and lacking features other competition has, harmful to your ability to get to work on time. If it can’t do the literal thing its designed for, I recommend just taking a picture of your schedule.
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2 years ago, Nicole Crimando
Just needs improvements.
Please hire some devs to fix this app. The new update took away the “Home,” “Self Service,” AND “My Pay” buttons. Thankfully I can still see my shifts by clicking on my next one. This app definitely would improve with a chat option. For some people, it is DANGEROUS to have their only options to contact coworkers be through phone numbers or personal apps.
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6 months ago, peachy.anastasia
App doesn’t allow you to login anymore
For about a whole month now I would say this app will no longer allow me to login to view my pay and work schedule. I have informed my employer. Nothing happened. This is the same for other employees I was working with. I have to physically go inside the location I work at and take a picture of the schedule printed out on a piece of paper which is very inconvenient.
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3 years ago, Cuppicakegurl
One place for all of it in the online portal was much better. Notifications will not go away and it glitches constantly. You still have to go online to change updated availability/ request time off. When it works it's okay. When it doesn't work it causes a lot of problems with management and employees.
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8 months ago, Sdb5088
Never a issue!
My experience has been very good with the app, always able to access scedual and request time off and do whatever tasks for work!
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2 years ago, j_hammy2865
Needs improvement
It’s ok. You have to manually log in each time. You don’t know what position you are working ahead of time, and you don’t know what position the shifts available for pickup are. There’s no way to message other team members, or for management to send out communication to everyone.
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2 years ago, 𝐉𝐞𝐟𝐟
Works fine, rarely crashes
Works just fine for me! I’ve never had it crash before. I do wish it would tell us the position we would be scheduled for that day. (EX: Saturday,October 8th,8am-4pm on Drive-Thru) Other than that I find it quite useful!
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Doesn’t work
The app is constantly doing this thing where I cannot see me schedule which is a huge issue because this is of course the only way I know what days I work. It hasn’t shown my schedule for 3 days now and I can’t remember if I’m working tomorrow or not which makes the app totally useless
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11 months ago, bipbuttons
For a multibillion dollar franchise, you'd think panera would have the funds and care to design an employee interface that actually works. If i had a nickel for every time i had to call my cafe to ask when i work because the website was down, i wouldnt even need my job. Its been like this for years and i don’t understand how it was allowed to remain in this condition.
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2 years ago, DaftPunkIsLife
It works like 60% of the time. The 30% of the time it doesn’t work being either when I forget what hours I work the next day or when I’m trying to show a trainee how to get the app. it’s improved but still mostly just reroutes you to workday or a web browser.
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2 years ago, JackDamon
Absolute garbage
I’ve had enough of this. The app barely works and functions; I had to keep re downloading from the App Store just to refresh it. After a while flat out nothing will load. The notifications are also janky and barely work. I gave an email but I never received any email notifications. I will just rely on the desktop version and real life paper schedules.
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1 year ago, Hadley Dish Guy
In DESPERATE need of a stability update!
This app is crucial to viewing and adjusting upcoming shifts, so constantly having to fight with it due to its slow, unstable, and downright archaic infrastructure is extremely annoying and obtrusive to work. This company has the money to hire a decent team of programmers to ensure it’s at least running smoothly so why this hasn’t been done yet utterly baffles me. Here’s hoping they get it fixed up soon!
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3 years ago, -HonestTeenReviews-
Till give u all the info u need, when it feels like it
This app is great for pretty much anything you need to know about your schedules and pay. But it’s really inconvenient when you have to bet on the odds of whether or not it’ll even load. Needs major bug fixes to improve how fast it loads
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8 months ago, Kjustwannaplay
App updates
I updated my app with the recent update. Now I not only have issues logging in “can’t be authenticated”, but now every time I open it, it says there’s an update. I already updated it. There is no option to do it again. And it only works half the time. Very sad, as this app has a lot of potential. Hoping it gets straightened out.
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7 months ago, TheLokiLover
Works a lot better.
The app had its issues at first but now it works really well and is pretty easy to use.
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