The Random Number Generator

4.1 (34)
6.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nicholas Dean
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Random Number Generator

4.09 out of 5
34 Ratings
3 years ago, learningfreely
Lots of great features, but it could use one or two more
Hey, this app is really useful! I'm a Spanish major and one of my weaknesses is numbers, so I like to let it autoplay while I translate as I, say, do the dishes. I would happily pay money for two developments: that I could let it autoplay with the screen off/the app not open, and if this were available in other languages as well. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the app!
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2 years ago, fuxktre
Good app helpful for working out
I’ve been using this app for boxing drills and it’s pretty useful when you have nobody to help you call out movements or punches. It would be really useful if you could set the amount of time between numbers to be random as well. For example having one number be called out and there be three seconds until the next number is called, and then five seconds until the next number is called after that one. Would be a really cool feature.
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2 years ago, acm_redfox
maybe needs better seeding?
simple to use. I run weekly raffles in an online guild, and have used this for a couple years. recently i’ve noticed that the numbers have noticeable patterns — like if I need to reroll from a group of six (same winner as last week), it will often give me the same number several times before I can get a different one. that worries me about the randomness…
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3 years ago, RevRob
So Far, So Good
I’m rating four stars provisionally, and will return to edit this post with my final review in a few days. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I downloaded this app, then immediately ponied up the 99 cents (reasonable) for ad-free access. (You also have the option to send the dev $2.99 at any time; also reasonable, as this option does not appear to be tied to app functionality.) App itself displays as iPad-native (including horizontal view and multi-app view). Excellent. Privacy practices (as disclosed, assuming they are accurate) are within my acceptable range. The option to adjust the color background is a nice perk. REQUEST: I would like to be able to adjust the font size in the data entry fields. FINAL REVIEW: (coming soon)
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2 years ago, Golferatch
Great App!
We use this for our golf groups to generate random numbers to determine which holes we use when counting scores. I made a suggestion to add a feature to never repeat a number consecutively and Nick got right to work on it and added that feature!
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5 months ago, Jonathan Rober
Well designed, aesthetics could use one change
Great app. Has a lot of good options and is very tactile. The only feature I was looking for that wasn’t present is a dark mode. An option to turn the text white would be fantastic. 4.5 stars rounded up.
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4 years ago, Ryan&Beck'smom.
Slight problem
This app is pretty good. You can use it in many different ways. However, I tried entering a negative number and it didn’t accept it. So I was wondering if you would be able to make negative numbers a thing.
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7 years ago, Pinkpig3777
I'm a very indecisive person. Sometimes I'll ask my roommate to pick 1 or 2. One means I have to do homework. Two means I can take a break. Now, I need a similar thing to decide which tv show to watch and i don't want to interupt my roommate to this is very helpful. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Afripino
Tried this app and it picked a number. Works. I’m looking to give something away possibly via a online raffle and this app will just make it easy. Thank you for inventing this app. Kudos!!
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3 years ago, Fixed Bayonet
Now it’s perfect!
This has all the features I was looking for, including speech and adjustable speed. Only one thing needs to be added: a “STOP” button. UPDATE: The developer saw my review and added a simple “play/pause” button. Perfect! Thank you Nicholas. Nice job.
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10 years ago, Arthurbb
Good generator. But
If organized differently, this application would be terrific for those doing sports and competition draws. For this application to work for a referee, the app would need to have seven numbers generators on the page at the same time. I would set them up 1x2. Button. Result 1x3. Button Result 1x4. - Same - 1x8 1x16 1x32 1x64 Then, the referee could push the button for the relevant competitor and placement into the draw. I don't need to maintain a history. But, I do need to be quickly get to the right algorithm. (Top or bottom half, 1 out of 8 spots, 1 out of 3 spots, etc). But, to make this convenient - the 7 choices must be on one page and set up - up front. Doing this would make this application relevant to referees who set up the "trees" for competitions.
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4 years ago, Tweaky Kit-Kat
Best app
My favorite part is when the number is really slow and you make it say 69
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5 years ago, Kris88will
Pleaseeee make this available on Mac book
Use this app almost everyday. Downfall is that I can’t use on my Mac book :(
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4 years ago, Twelve07
Works great. Love the fact it generates numbers in words and #s. Also can e-mail series. AWESOME support from developer.
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5 years ago, jings
Was a great app before this new version
This new version changed several things. Liked about this app. Auto generating speed is too fast, and cannot set by timer. Terrible!
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7 years ago, Michimouse
Works as described. Very good for lottery numbers and generating random numbers for passwords.
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4 years ago, Levels of Light
Occasionally just won’t open. Not very useful.
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7 years ago, Not worth the $$$$$$$$$$$$
Not random.
It will do the highest number lots of times.
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10 years ago, SAS_sensei
Extremely useful and stylish
This random number generator meets all my needs, and is both easy to use and easy on the eyes! It has an improved ability to keep and display the history of numbers that have been generated, which can be quite helpful.
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10 years ago, Number needer
I needed a random number generator that would use a range of numbers to use to select a given value or team (NCAA picks, Superbowl grids, etc). Originally it did not provide way to weed out duplicates but a quick upgrade provides it now. Great app
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8 years ago, Koby15
Top choice!
I am using number generator to generate workouts. This app allows music to background while in use. Simple and effective with minimum and maximum ranges.
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10 years ago, Cmclatcher
Love it!
Great simple and very useful app. Extremely happy with the quality and features of this app!
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8 years ago, Swimgirl48
App crashes
This app works great unless I connect my iPad to a VGA monitor and then it crashes. I don't have a problem with any other app, video, etc
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10 years ago, Idekyiadt
It is an okay app. I wouldn't give it 5/5 stars though.
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8 years ago, Jtin234
Let see if this works :)
I pray and I hope this one could help me. Thank you!
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10 years ago, Happydacat
It just does the last number 50 times in a row..
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