The Toll Roads

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The Toll Roads
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1 year ago
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10.3 or later
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User Reviews for The Toll Roads

3.24 out of 5
550 Ratings
4 years ago, SFofCALiUSA
Text Alert
It is the year 2020 and still can’t provide text alert. There is a text alert feature in the app but it is only for communication incase of low prepaid funds. I was under the impression when I downloaded the app that the text alert feature is for whenever my tag is used for toll I get a text message alerts. mHELPme
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6 months ago, Kwaugh415
Atrocious App & Awful Experience
The app is completely broken, it crashes when you try to pay a toll as a guest. There is absolutely no reason this app shouldn’t work except for the laziness of refusing to fix bugs. Not only is the app not usable but the website is broken too. I had to go to their website, put in my payment information, but it never completed the payment, is got stuck and would not go through, I tried this multiple times updated all my browsers/apps etc. This is just a failure and complete lack of competence of The Toll Roads company or whoever manages it. So you think they’d have a direct number to process online payments over the phone right?! But they don’t. Instead they make you call their customer service number and wait for them to not call you back when they say they will and have longer wait times. Finally after I got a call back from customer service I told them all this information and they just non chalantly transferred me over to an automated phone payment process which did go through but it would not let me leave a review or feedback. Absolutely shady website and process, it’s clear these people just care about money and have no will to make this a seamless process. Everyone there should be embarrassed by their work, it’s truly awful how poorly managed this all is. If I could give negative stars I would. I can’t wait to leave this awful state of California and may it’s greed cause a total collapse of its corrupt government.
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2 years ago, moonstarrage
They want to rob you
I had some violations prior to getting an account and registering my cars so I paid those and got some crazy discount then my account was made. THEY DID NOT GIVE ME A RECEIPT saying what violations this covered, it just shows that I paid a random $21 for like 7 violations. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m getting threats from them asking me to pay the violations and late fees for the tolls that I already paid for, I thought they were mistaken so I ignored them. Then I got a letter threatening me with litigation, placing a hold on my vehicle and sending the balance of over $500 to collections. I disputed the charges but they still charged me $93. I have a receipt showing that I paid $21 that was suppose to cover these tolls but since they purposely didn’t include what the payment was for, they can argue that i paid for nothing. This app and having an account makes paying for tolls extremely easy however, keep receipts of everything WITH THE VIOLATION NUMBERS and make sure to pay all of your violations prior to making an account
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6 years ago, afektmedia
Crashes on iPhoneX & get fined anyways!
What a racket these toll road criminals make! It’s highway robbery to get fined 4000% of a fine to drive. You are promoted to download app to pay your $6.00 toll only to have it constantly crash and unable to check your tolls to pay. Low and behold to find a fine to pay in the mail for over $400 ! How in the hell does a $6.00 toll become a $400? You should have plenty of money to make your application to work on a modern phone thats been available for over a year. And let’s not forget the horror stories of how not being able to pay your toll fines get sent to DMV and law enforcement. These tolls can land you in jail Like all traffic violations in California. That nice afternoon drive on a Sunday afternoon becomes a hard crime with warrant & vehicle seized when unable to pay the extreme extortion fines. Only in America can you find yourself sitting next to murderers, rapists and violent criminals by driving on a toll road and not being able to pay because the payment system is broken!
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2 years ago, tclhb
Works Great
Got the free transponder stickers for both motorcycles and my car. Never had any issue. Everything works perfectly. Be aware that tolls may take a day or two to show up on the app. You can get a small discount for prepaying too, which just charges your credit card periodically for an amount, then you gradually draw that down as you use it, then it charges again. Otherwise it charges your credit card with each use and there is no discount. This is good for all toll roads/bridges in California.
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7 years ago, Kimber112
Easy to Use & Convenient
I love having this app so I can see what's going on with my account. Also, having an account helps ensure any small amounts Im charged from random use of the tolls guarantees I don't let any penalties accumulate and make $2 become $100 or more Bc I forgot to pay within the 5 day time period. Thank you for making one of the things I do & handle much easier so I have one less thing to worry about! This app is a must if you drive any of these tolls so you can monitor your account and what's being changed!
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5 years ago, MGD-64
Constantly needing password, again and again!
I’m giving this one star. Not really because the app is all that bad But rather because of the stupidity in requiring that you login with your password every time you access the app. It is on a secure phone for crying out loud! And why not at least have it save your password like most every other app does. Or better yet, allow us to use our thumbprint. It’s just a horrible and unnecessary design flaw. I keep updating the app in hopes that they fixed this stupid situation but they still haven’t so I am making my point known through this review. If you are reading this… Please also write a similar review so that hopefully they will pay attention to this ridiculous problem.
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5 years ago, Fabygg
Had to pay a violation because app not working
This is the 2nd time I got a violation notice for a toll that won’t calculate on the app. Both times o tried to pay the amount of my toll as a guest . When it kept saying to wait 48 hours I waited 3 days . Checked again , “no amount for this toll” after 2 weeks same thing . I did it all kids of ways, manually too, same thing. Since my use of the toll road was so brief I thought maybe because I traveled for less the 5 minutes there’s no fee. Sure enough a couple of weeks later I get a violation that I had to pay and God knows how I’m going to dispute. Just don’t use the toll roads and if you had the same issue I did we should all file a complaint so we can get a refund from these thieves .
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5 years ago, SANLLVD
Major glitch for rental vehicle case
When I rented a rental car I entered the license plate for it into the app and indicated that I will finish using that rental car on September 22. The app doesn’t permit me to enter the time when I returned the rental car which is a glitch. Unfortunately because of this I was implicated when another person rented that same car and his toll road charges were deducted from my credit card! That rental car was still under my name the whole time on September 22 even though I returned the rental vehicle at 7:06 am. I couldn’t call FasTrak customer service to tell them I returned the rental vehicle because they are closed on sundays. There should be a time entry next to where you put when you pick up and return the rental car.
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2 years ago, Angelfnd
My issue with this app is that whenever I get a new credit card I, like many people, forget to update all my accounts which would of course include the toll app. So instead of me just logging in to update the card when my toll accounts gets suspended, it ALSO suspends my access to the app. That makes NO SENSE. Why would you suspend access to the app which is the only convenient way for me to make a payment to unsuspend the account. Ultimately, I have to go to the desktop website to make the payment but because it’s such a hassle I just postpone it which means you guys don’t get paid. Someone on this development team please make this make sense?
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4 months ago, Betsy c.
Pretty easy - wish I could nickname vehicles
I’m able to log in and see all the cars that are registered but my whole family and some friends are on mine and I lose track of whose is whose. I wish I could nickname the cars and then the nickname would show up when reviewing all the tolls charged. Also would like it to show which transponder is in which car. I’m sure some have been lost, etc.
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2 weeks ago, JamesC911
$30 to create account then pay fee, fd
Beyond ridiculous that you need to pay a fine by having a $30 account then pay the fee separately on top of $30.. update, after Covid I didn't drive through OC, they close my account, to get remaining funds, they wanted a pin or last four of a credit card, of which I had no idea what credit card or any pin. the reset function on the website had me spinning in a loop, the telephone number for support required a pin or last four. No way to talk to someone, this service is set up just to milk people of extra money
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11 months ago, masonichalos
Great App / Rip off of a service
Something has to be done about these people taking advantage of us.. I saw the 91 fwy was $18 for fastrack… who is making these prices? They obviously don’t care about the American people .. unreal It’s sickening that these roads were probably paid for by tax payer dollars just to charge the tax payer more for using them .. where are there ethics anymore
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5 years ago, Tiffie Cherise
Toll Fines
I’m thankful for the toll roads grace arraignment. If you do not call within 5 days but have prior account with the toll then update your CC on file and they were kind enough to bring the toll back down to 6.00 in the past. I really wish they will have the same payment grace system to where the fine is not unreasonable or above my ability to pay all at once!
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5 years ago, IonlyMakeBoys
Wish I had this app sooner
I was unaware of the penalties for not paying in the 5 day window within my first few months after a big move to Cali from Hawaii. It’s crazy how $7 can turn into $200 smh I downloaded the app and loaded money for peace of mind it’s easy to use and set up your account. I wish they advertised this app at the DMV or on the side of the highway!
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5 years ago, Men Igna
Works Fine
The app works well without any problems. I have a credit card on file, so I don’t need to pay as I drive. The only time I use it is to add/remove vehicles or order/replace a transponder, so my uses are few and far between. Still it is much easier than using the internet especially on my mobile devices.
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4 months ago, SachinC12
Beware customers to verify extra charge
Hello customers, caution advised by me as a customer: I am getting a charge for 2017 in 2024 Feb. Even though there was zero balance, I got a bill of $32. When called customer care, they are saying that it’s a charge for using toll road that I had used in 2017. When I asked to dispute, they said I can’t dispute. Crazy as it sounds. Don’t ever back date a vehicle when you add date from when to when. Their system is gonna take the pst history and charge you again.
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5 years ago, tcato808
Super easy to use and set up
I have all my tools and review them every week on my app. I never have to worry about paying because I don’t pay is set up through the app. I can get estimates as to what a ride will be in the estimate is pretty darn right. I like the fact that they have the new Transponders and I don’t have to move them from car to car anymore. Good job Toll Roads.
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7 months ago, nickname game changer annoying
It is such a relief to find an app related to a public use that is simple. They actually try to make things cost effective while giving you needed occasional leeway; like forgetting to add-on a recently acquired car. Once informed I do have an account they made it simple to remedy my violation HALLELUJAH!
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4 years ago, SoCal Burmese
Not Bad, But...
I had the acct for a while, & I totally forgot about it until heard a voice mail asking to update my payment method. That’s a good thing.😊 So, I logged into my acct & found recent charge on my acct. I had some credit on my acct; so I don’t worry about late payment. But when I tried to see if I need to pay, the system didn’t have ability to show if I paid, when I paid, or how I paid the bill. Also, I don’t have ability to print from the app to have my own record (not that I wanted to but I want to make sure that it has that capability). Perhaps, I didn’t know how to the app properly, & I hope, that’s the case. EC
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1 year ago, TRexCantThrow
Report to FCC, Attorney General and Better Business Bureau for harassment
This app is garbage and harassment First, I’m getting emails every month. Of course, the emails don’t say the balance so I need to re-download the app then try to remember my password (it doesn’t save my password or have Face ID) all to figure out the balance is $0. They clearly don’t care since these issues are repeatedly mentioned in other reviews. I suggest everyone report them to the FCC, attorney general and Better Business Bureau.
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5 years ago, mrlunch
User Beware
As soon as my account balance drops below $50 they automatically charge my CC $150 without notice or confirmation. The app should have the ability to adjust and change how much is put on your account. If my account goes under $10-20 that would be more reasonable to charge me $50. Or allow me to add how much i want to load into the account similar to the Starbucks app. This app has no information on how to change or adjust any of this. No explanation on why the charge is so high, etc.
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2 months ago, ListenDeep
Not great.
Really cool that you can take a photo of your license plate to fill in the form where you put in your plate number. Too bad it says Plate Not Valid and gives you no option to go forward. Even entered by hand. Same result. Yet the plate is valid. This is a terribly flaky back end. So you end up just having to call to pay your toll in the end. For all it could be, it is just a frustrating exercise.
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2 years ago, JHarmond
Great Service
Every time I go to the App or if I have to call in it is the easiest and best experience I ever get compared to any other app or customer service number I call. Thanks for your help and thanks again. John
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7 years ago, ChristmasCheer8
Useful but could be better.
It's more friendly than the mobile website for sure. However the screen is very inefficiently laid out. Half the screen is used for large buttons. Touch ID would be nice improvement. I did not try payments but they do not support Apple Pay.
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6 months ago, ADnHB
App does not update Current Balance & they bill you $2 to invoice you
Since August/September 2023 timeframe this app has not updated the Current Balance section. Then the Toll Roads invoices guy in email and charges a $2 invoice fee. Seems very scam like to me and they continue to not fix the app so they can bill multiple clients an unjustified “invoice fee”. Unbelievable. Why even offer an app if it doesn’t work and you refuse to fix it??
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1 year ago, bearspirit1
It be nice if you can work with Apple Maps as to them adding fast track roads as an option, including travel times to destinations
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9 months ago, fonehome
Don’t use these roads. Won’t let you dispute false charges
They won’t let you dispute charges or even offer refund for a car you don’t even own anymore. Terrible customer service. Will never use toll roads. They will literally steal your money and not care one bit about it even if you have proof you were not driving a car you don’t even own. INSANE! Worst customer service imaginable!!
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3 weeks ago, pdgutie
Good Memorial Day 2024
Hi all, We r from rocket city Huntsville Alabama visiting LAX, and 6 of our grandchildren. When we landed in Ontario California the rental counter asked if we’re going to use the toll road system. My wife said no she didn’t know about Californiatolls , well SUNDAY as we went to LAX we gained some tolls and now we want to pay them however there’s some problem with the rental company so we won’t be billed until we leave tomorrow after Memorial Day ??? what a mess this is become. I had deposit $30 in to new Toll account. thank you.
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5 years ago, Qubano_
Seems to serve its purpose
I don’t use the toll roads that often but the app seems to work fine for me. I am confused about why you need the transponders though. I had the app and used the road before I had a transponder and it just used my license plate # and charged my debt card the same way.
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1 year ago, Orlando Garcia
Awesome service!!
I want to thank your TEAM OF CUSTOMER SERVICE!! ZAC-10, ANA -10, PHILLIP -10 They were all very knowledgeable on the 91Express, and PROFESSIONAL And Knowledgeable about your TOLL ROADS. They were able to work with me and the 91 Express Team. I also want to thank the 91 Express representative Seline. She was able to provide me the the information needed to resolve my old 91Exp unpaid fees. Thank all if you for working together to make me a SATISFIED TOLL ROADS CUSTOMER. Blessings to all if you, and HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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6 years ago, futr51
Hate this App
I hate this app. Its been 3 times that it charges me double. There is times when it says that there is an error or that your card is decline but it is not decline it actually charges you even though it says your card was decline so I go back and start over to make sure my card info is correct and I pay again which is a double pay!!!! Ive lost so much money from toll roads!!!
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9 months ago, wantedduck69
How bad they are at there job
I called them like 5 or 6 times every time they said they don’t have my plate yet and to call back in a few days so I did ofc and it was the same, I tried to get it figured out with them and they hung up on me, now I got mail saying I owe them 200 dollars. Never going back to Cali I guess and there never getting my money
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5 years ago, neknalla
It would be nice if this app had an alert feature. Every time I use the toll road I would like a little message saying it was used and how much I just paid.
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2 years ago, Scramble!
Feature to delete transponder
Adding a feature to delete transponder would be nice.
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2 months ago, VCMII
Always shows zero balance
The app was convenient and worked as it was supposed until a few months ago it started to always shows I have a zero balance, even after I knew I’ve used the toll road. Please get this fixed!
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1 year ago, Jahiln
Super buggy
I'm sure the toll roads are very profitable and I am positive someone in this organization is doing everything they can to keep a single penny of those profits from updating their app to the current century. It's buggy, to make it crash all you have to do is look at for a few seconds. Just poor execution of on every level.
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3 months ago, GuzFighter
Toll app keeps crashes every time I press the ”pay now” button, so I would have to go the website to make the payment. One would think whoever developed the app would fix the crashing, but it appears the developers did not remedy it. Do they even bother reading these 1 star reviews the app has here?
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6 years ago, ponzu22
Doesn’t remember logon and crashes
For as long as I have used the app, it made me log in every time. And now it crashes when I click LOG IN. Adding a rental car is a hassle because it does not give a visual indication that the car has been added successfully, so you end up doubting and re-adding. For me, the ability to add rental cars is the main purpose of this app.
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7 years ago, Dj’s
Awesome customer service
Great new app update. Much more user friendly interface. Always improving. Like always excellent customer service.
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5 years ago, I like the new update
Ill Love It Because I Can See My Account And What Tolls Roads I Took. I Have The Fastrak Account And Even More Convenient Because You Do Not Have To Worry About Forgetting To Pay. You Pay As You Drive.
Show more
7 years ago, bnanda
What a waste!!!!
This is a free app, so I am not complaining about money, it's about time. As Fastrak does not have an official app, I always used a mobile browser to log log into my account, but tried this app for convinience. The worst part os it does not provide existing Fastrak isers a way to link their accounts on to the app. Does not solve my purpose... So complete waste of mu time. Deleted it immediately...
Show more
3 years ago, cnewman
Doesn’t work; avoid toll road scam!!
Password reset doesn’t work. It walks you through all the steps says it worked, then when you login says you must call customer support and it’s closed, of course. Avoid these toll roads; they are trying to leach high fines from you by making it very hard to pay.
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5 years ago, Gs Hotspot
Great App
The only thing that would make it better is an notification when Charges/Usage are posted to account.
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3 years ago, Axomus
Doesn’t remember password
Not a bad app overall, but every time I need to go in and check my tolls I have to dig up my password and re-enter it. This makes no sense on a secure device and is very inconvenient. Please add biometrics or use tokens to stay logged in.
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1 year ago, Arso1983
Very glitchy
App is very glitchy and does not work properly. It stuck on one page showing the options and when I try to click on statement it doesn’t work. And when I finally race page and click on statement I can’t edit the date.
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4 years ago, Alex '89
Push Notifications needed
I like the app. But my cars has transponders and are rented out. I would like to know when a rented car incurs a toll via push notifications.
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6 years ago, Byanoze
App is useful for my purposes. Easy to check balances and make payments. What I don’t like it my threshold keeps increasing and the automatic debit to my account without notification.
Show more
8 months ago, C7536747
Cannot pay toll without an account
The whole reason I downloaded the app is to pay a toll without setting up an account. When I enter the license plate number and press next, it shows a progress spinner, but never advances to the next page.
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3 months ago, ch_birdy
The app crashes all the time
During the beginning, there were just some loading bugs, but that’s also critical when you are paying bills. Now I cannot even get in never ever. It crashes all the time.
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