The Video Converter

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32.4 MB
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Float Tech, LLC
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
10.15 or later
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User Reviews for The Video Converter

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3 years ago, Daneydu
Work well. Doesn't convert files on actual system.
I have video game clips from Stadia that are WEBM and no Adobe product seems to work with them. I ended up getting this app and my WEBM clips are now MP4. Thing is, the conversion doens't happen on the system itself. The clip is uploaded to a server and converted there. Then it's downloaded. You're only able to upload one clip at a time through the app. I'd really like to see a queue system put into the app. Other than that, it works great!
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1 year ago, Payton I
I have an M1 MacBook Pro with 32 GB of memory, and after installing this, my machine was chugging hard for no reason whatsoever. I tried to use CleanMyMac X to permanetly get rid of it, but it wouldn't allow me to select the uninstall option. I used my fail safe, CCleaner, and when I uninstalled it, it rebooted Finder. Whatever this app does, it's coded in such a way that macOS thinks the app is a system critical piece of software and most uninstaller apps won't work on it. More than likely, it's a crypto miner.
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9 months ago, ANDY347884478
Works, But Could Use More.
I dont really have any complaints as far as the actual converting goes. But I am more so upset that you can only convert one single file at at time, which works if you only need to use it every once and a while. But if you have many files you need to convert at once, that simply is not a option and is a long and tedious process that should be more streamlined at the very least. If this issues gets resolved in the future I would give 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Latytude
Does not Playback on Mac
I bought the Lifetime Pass since the reviews were good just to discover that no matter what format I convert the video to, it does not play. For some reason it takes my 9 minute video and makes it into 15 seconds, but it's stuck in still frame. Thank goodness it was only $8.99 that I wasted for something that will not playback after I convert it. Very dissapointed.
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1 year ago, Quickening
Seems to work!
Just needed a simple program to convert some media files in my library. This seems tø do the trick. My only real complaint is that it seems you can only convert one file at a time, which is a little time-consuming, but it DOES convert them pretty fast which is nice. I'd say its worth the price. If it works out I'll keep it.
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1 year ago, bigedslobotomy
Works well
This program works well once you either subscribe monthly ($2/mo) or do a "lifetime" subscription ($9). It works quickly, but you do have to drag files over one at a time. We'll see how long the "lifetime" subsciption lasts. I've heard too many horror stories about "lifetime" subscriptions that "expired" and the creators demanded that more money be paid.
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2 years ago, ObiKuti
Easy to use, could use bulk function
Program is super easy to use and does what it does well. Well worth the money--except that it doesn't have a bulk-convert function where you can convert a whole folder or a whole list of files at once. That is for me a serious drawback to an otherwise very good app.
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3 years ago, stenusmc
...and easy to use, but very limited as far as customizing. Would be nice to be able to designate the output folder, or even have the file created in the same folder as the original. If you don't allow access to your download folder, there is no way to allow access later on and you have to go searching for your output file.
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5 years ago, Daniel Langfield-USHA
CrankWheel Doesn't Work - This made it work for us
I do virtual sales presentations and am a trainer at my job. we needed to record a presentation and the audio to use to train agents later. Crankwheel records but I can't edit, cut and paste, fast forward or rewind. But Being able to Convert the file to something that can do that will be HUGE!!!! to help my team...
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2 years ago, DonTillman
It works!
My only lament is that it needs more configurabilty and the ability to remember the last settings used. I cannot see why AIFF is not a format there. It would also be cool if we could choose more codec types and bitrates. To be fair, this a nice conversion app. esp. for $10 US. :) TY!
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4 months ago, Isabel J
Could be better
The one thing I can see that would make this 5 stars is to be able to load multiple files at a time and let them convert while you attend to other things rather than the drag and drop and manual button punch to "convert another". That alone makes this not worth purchse because it's tedious.
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2 years ago, SacAris
Bottleneck process, not user friendly
The app allows only one file at a time. So if I have 10 files I want to convert, I need to drag each one at a time, select the type of fole I want it converted to, and once it's completed, I have to click on a button to convert another file. It's absurd. The process is labor-intensive and does not allow the user to start it and forget it until it's done. I am so sorry I purchased this hokey app.
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3 years ago, Jayrodathome
2gb Max
It does the conversions I'm assuming web based as there is a limit on file size which is 2gb. If they were to plainly state that there is a limit in file size in the description or in the app when you go to subscribe then I would not of given this such a low star rating. Basically you subscribe then they tell you it won't work. Only reason I put 2 instead of one is that there is a 1 week free trial.
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3 years ago, T-M0nK3y
It's okay
It gets the job done, but you can only convert one file at a time and it takes a bit of time. Also, you have to pay after only a few conversions. It took video files that were missing audio and converted them 1:1 (mp4 to mp4) and restored the audio. I appreciate that.
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1 year ago, Mbeckerart
Its close but not great.
I found this app for converting my security camera footage. It works, but only one file at a time. It would be a 5 star review if it had a way to convert multiple files or some automation for repeatitive tasks like converting a ton of video.
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1 year ago, Fred_17701
Great but kinda small capacity
I am only working with small logo reveal videos so far, and I have to work to make sure the file stays under 2GB, just moving it up to 3 would be a great help. Thanks!
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5 months ago, jaymanchu
Very few features
This app would greatly benefit from batch file conversions. Right now, you have to do several steps for each conversion that could be simplified a great bit. I feel this app is designed specifically this way to slow down the productivity.
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5 months ago, t0ddK
It's a little clunky.
It's a little clunky. When it saves a file I can't figure out where it saves it.
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1 year ago, Jason 5
Deod not convert files over 2gb
With today's iphones being able to record in pro raw, not to mention, other professional camera's, files are larger than 2 gb. Especially if you convert them. This converter is weak and lack luster. I paid for a video converter, but not one that is limited by the size of the video. Especially with phone camera's recording video larger than this converter allows.
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3 years ago, Sactobob1540
Great App
Intuitive, simple, sraightforward, well thought out...even with one click you can access your download folder for the converted file
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3 years ago, YogiFish
Quick and Easy
Very stable software for converting from, and to, many of the current codec formats. Quick processing even on large size files.
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3 months ago, TeamHS
MPG to MP$
I have a ba-zillion cd-r from the last 30 years. I have kept all my kids moives on these. I am just converting them and saving them to a hard drive. This is the best crazy app ever! Love it! So extemely easy and fast!
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3 years ago, Shanghai Noah
Great app!
I have been using this app for over six months, and I have not had any trouble with it. I literally use this app every day to convert songs for the class computers.
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1 week ago, Topspeak
So much time saved by using this product. You don't have to do that time-consuming upload/download nonsense.
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1 year ago, Coop20232
Can't convert files over 2GB
I can't recommend this. No where does it mention the 2GB limit-- but trust me-- the minute you try and convert a file that's over it- you get an error message "sorry this file can't be converted..." Also, the 1st file I successfully converted was pixilated and unusable in parts. Only one file at a time is also annoying. A bummer all around.
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1 year ago, idahocharley
Google won't send my file!
This was a quick and affordable fix. Quick with NO learning curve. . . back to work. It really is a no brainer.
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2 years ago, Googoochop
Video Converter
Just got this. Seems to work both quickly and well. Enjoying it thus far.
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4 years ago, Raymelcurt
LIfe time subscription, got nothing
Tried to convert a video, it was too big. A notification seemed to imply that I needed a lifetime subscription. I paid and got a payment notice from App Store. I tried again, nothing. Still get a message that the file is too big. I liked the minimalist design but that is the only thing that worked for a file larger than 2GB, I am not a happy camper. and feel rooked.
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8 months ago, ChrisFromOhio
Needs batch support NOW!
Time-lapse generated 33 sequential files on my last shoot. Converting each ONE-BY-ONE is painful. Video Converter does NOT retain settings between videos either so I get to choose .MOV each time I drag one in. Otherwise it's a nice tiny bit of software.
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1 year ago, StrPyre68
just what i was looking for to convert old AVI files from old quicktime videos. best price out there, and quick and easy, so grateful.
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3 years ago, Flexnbone
More Transparency Needed
There should be a something in the product description that provides the application has a 2GB limit. Just paid for the lifetime pass and cant accomplish what I wanted. It would have been nice to know the limitation before making the purchase.
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3 years ago, Andyarkin
Support is not good
no matter what i type in the "HOW CAN I HELP YOU"box, it says it cannot find anything. my friend borrowed my computer and wanted to see THE VIDEO CONVERTER which is free for a week but i do not want the app and cannot cancel it. this is nuts. even if i did want it they said there was a way to do a lifetime subscription and that is impossible to find as well.
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2 years ago, Johnny. Just Johnny.
File size limit for free conversion is too small
The very first, 34MB video file I tried to convert cause the app to put up a message "file size limit for free conversions reached; subscribe for $1.99/month". So it has no value at all without paying for it. I was hoping for a simple MOV (HEVC) to MP4 conversion program that doesn't cost $30-$50. Looks like this is not it.
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1 year ago, SevenxZeroxOne
very disappointed app fails to convert 2013 mov files from phone to any format
We downloaded movies from sony cameras and from IPhnes and have had then working and viewable on the Mac pro. Now that they cannot be viewed - downloaded this app to convert them. It fails. Files are from 2013. I have submitted a help request - we will see what happens.
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1 year ago, Gaeseric
Great App
This App works great. I have it on my MacBook Air. I haven't had any issues since I started using it in March of 2023. Keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Alesha Bleu
Great app!
I had some precious videos that i was not able to open on my mac and this app solved the issue for me!
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1 year ago, Transmaster
very smooth
Works great, converting video files that would not play in MP4, a conversion to MKV fixed the problem.
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2 years ago, BlueLTC
This thing is easy, and it converts my files to WEBM on my device. Crazy Good! They so good at this, I'm going to see if they can do my taxes. :)
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5 years ago, Wekiva Springs Fla.
Really Nice video converter!
I have many .MPG 125Gbt videos that need to be sent online to various points. Converting them to .MP4 format with "Video Converter" to a managable size for intermet travel was fast and easy.
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2 years ago, Celestialuna
Fast and Easy!!
I love this App, the Home screen is Setup for easy conversion, the steps are easy to follow, very simple, easy and fast!!!
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2 years ago, ArabicSongLover
Very slow and in the end I could not find where the output is saved
I tried to to convert a webm file of 700M to mp4. It is so slow, and I left my compute working on its own, after many hours, I came back to check the output, and I cannot even find where it is saved.
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3 years ago, Collinsbrian
Read disclaimer
I works! even converted .dav surveillance videos. Not bad. However, vids converted with 3rd party. Takes no responsibility with what 3rd party does with files.
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2 years ago, mikesmithv
Cannot even try it out
Why can't I even try it once without signing up? It's not like there are not many free alternatives out there. I'm uninstalling, Handbrake and ffmpgeg are working fine for me. Maybe this is a better but is it faster? Compiled for Apple Silicon? Just curious but not curious enough to bother.
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11 months ago, Nathan Seamist
Easy to use, Convert quickly and user friendly...
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1 year ago, Max Frakker
Super Easy and POWERFUL!!
This is app is great for converter strange codecs into something my Mac can use. vp9 and WebM are not always friendly with Quicktime and Adobe.
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2 years ago, akreev2
This is a life saver
I have to convert webm video files weekly and this program makes it so easy. Best $8 I've ever spent!
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2 years ago, Sevoflurane77
Great converter
Quick and reliable, got one for my Mac and another for my iPhone :)
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2 years ago, Dudley doitrite
New user
I love how well this app works - simple to use and very intuitive
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5 years ago, Verbeten
slow to convert and did not capture sound
Very disappointing. I wanted to convert 90 seconds of .mov file to mp4. I purchased the Video Converter app. The first try failed entirely after I waited ~ 20 minutes. The second try looked successful - one catch - no audio. Bummer. I’m deleting this disappointing app and getting my money back.
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10 months ago, TKO Svc. Dept.
Can't tell where I'm saving files
This interface is very limited. It's hard to know where you are saving the converted file. Plus the file size is twice the length of my original .MP4. I don't know why that would be.
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