The Video Converter

4.4 (7K)
37.6 MB
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Current version
Float Tech, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Video Converter

4.36 out of 5
7K Ratings
2 years ago, Shad0wXCat
Mp3 to MP4 conversion! Best app on the store!!
I would just like to say; this was the fastest and easiest conversion app I’ve used in YEARS. The file itself was a bit large so I did have to compress the file to a ZIP before sending it to the necessary party. Once sent, it was uncompressed and attached to FB. It was clear and there were no corruptions to the file which I was terrified about due to the file being so large. Keeping my subscription for a week so I can at least pay the 2.99$. Thank you so much for the easy peasy experience!!! Y’all are life savers 🥰💖✨
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3 years ago, ShadyBacon!
Doesn’t work
This app is garbage, don’t download it, don’t bother. It works off uploading your videos and converting them in a server -patently insecure- before downloading them back onto your device. Not only does that take a century, it also uses up a massive amount of data since you’re uploading your file and downloading your file, the travel of which seems entirely unencrypted. It doesn’t matter that they say they delete the file off their server once they get it back to you- who’s to know if that’s the truth? Anyway, I tried this ridiculous upload/download process four times over the course of a day not back to back, and it failed to do anything each and every time. The app would just stop working, returning to its main screen after I began to upload the video which it failed to complete three times, it /eventually/ managed to get the video uploaded only once. Don’t waste your time, or your money. It’s good that they had a trial period so I expect my piddly 2.99 back, but I still wonder if this isn’t just a front app to steal videos. This might be Apple but bad apps proliferate anywhere, just ask Ars Technica.
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5 years ago, TeacherLady2468
Works 10% of the time -many glitches
This app has been extremely frustrating. In theory you are supposed to be able to leave the app and then get a notification when it’s done-no such thing. It takes forever to convert, and when it’s “done” it takes me to the home screen & there’s no final product (I’ve tried watching my screen, staying on the app the whole time & it freezes, never to finish). I’ve tried uploading files from my photos on my phone, my files, & from online. I’ve renamed docs & been in touch with their customer support. They’ve been friendly in suggesting trouble-shooting ideas, but none of it has worked. The only reason it has 2 stars (not one) is because I do have 2 successfully converted files (albeit after days with many attempts). At this point I’m considering this app a sunk cost & am looking for a new one.
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5 years ago, bcstxboi
What happened!?
Why do the app creators take a good thing and then make it useless? I used Video Converter every single day and never had a problem with it until just recently. Now I can’t get it to do ANYTHING. I’ve changed nothing in the way I worked with this app. Now suddenly when doing it the way I always had, it tells me that it won’t convert MOV to MP4. I send in a help request, and they tell me I now have to rename my files. Then they tell me I have to get my files from a different location when I had always gotten them from my Photos Library with no problem. So I do everything they told me, and now the file won’t even upload completely without getting stuck. I’ve started the upload 4 times now, and I haven’t even made it to the point where there conversion begins. Why did you ruin a good thing? Guess I’ll have to find another app to do what yours did back when it worked properly. ☹️
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4 years ago, Ef_review
App doesn’t Work!
I feel like I have been scammed! I paid $7 to get access to this app. I tried converting my videos, it told me it has been converted. I could not view any of them. I sent one of the video to a family member, the person downloaded the file and her document became corrupted. I feel like my money was just wasted. Also, I am unable to send any message to the app support through the application. This is actually unfair.
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2 years ago, love this app! download
i didn’t really need to use it until i couldn’t upload videos in certain apps or if i needed the audio of a video, but this app makes it possible to switch it to any form and it’s superrrrrr easy and fast and i love the layout!!! 10/10 recommend! i have the premium pass and id say it’s worth the money but the free version is also amazing!
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5 years ago, _k-t-b.
It does works but...
This app does give you somewhat helpful articles to help you figure out the app. I spent half an hour trying to figure how to convert it. I was looking for an app that would bring a video or a audio, anything to my photos, but it wanted me to convert a video from my photos. It also told me that I had to buy premium for the MP4 (video) and MP3 (audio). (I didn’t pay for the premium but I suggest that you should read the reviews about it) When I finally converted one video, after that I couldn’t convert any more. It said that there were only “Maximum Conversions Exceeded (1)”.
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9 months ago, Kenzie :).
It’s Great!
I’ve been looking for a way to convert videos for forever and so downloaded this for a sort of last resort and it works great! Theirs no adds and barely any wait. The only problem is the paywall but its only like 6$ and In My opinion totally worth it! (P.s. if you have a desktop computer clip grab is another great choice and it’s free)
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3 years ago, Doonsie
DO NOT BUY THIS APP - it doesn’t work!!!
I wish I’d read the reviews before I did... i purchased the “Lifetime subscription” for $6.99 and the app does not work! I requested a refund from Apple, they told me it was ineligible. Couldn’t understand why... it didn’t work. I disputed but again they said ineligible but no explanation! I contacted the developer who didn’t offer any help at all... they just said speak to Apple as we can’t issue refunds. So I kept trying... I kept asking for an explanation, repeating what was wrong... then I was told I could not be refunded because it was an unauthorised purchase. It wasn’t - it just doesn’t work! More emails and calls and then finally today 11 days since I bough the app, I spoke to someone who said as it downloaded... Apple couldn’t refund me. The fact the app doesn’t and never has worked... it would seem is irrelevant. Save yourself the anger and frustration I am feeling right now. DON’T BUY THIS!! If I could award no stars I would!
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1 year ago, Bigguy2211
Pay to Use, HUGE thumbs down
Can you imagine going to test drive a new car you like, and the dealership makes you pay for a monthly subscription just to test drive the cars on their lot, how are you going to know if you like that car or not? I am so sick and tired of these app developers that do this crap. You have to subscribe to use it, they give you a trial window to try it but you have to remember to cancel it in case you do not like it. They are counting on you forgetting and just saying, “forget it, ill just keep it”. Huge thumbs down.
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5 years ago, JasonSkins69
Great Video Converter Program
I use an iPhone XR to record short videos for my business networking events. They record in the .mov format which is not compatible with many programs or websites. I needed a program to convert these to mp4 format. I am very pleased with this program and can recommend it for the short < 1 minute videos I record on my iPhone which need conversion to mp4..
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4 years ago, LFringe
Used to work great but that was then
And this is now, went to convert a video from a format used bu my surgeon so I could watch on my MacBook Pro, go to open the app and it closes immediately! I never buy apps but bought this one. The reason I normally don’t buy apps is because of situations like this one! UNHAPPY
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5 years ago, ArmyBratt777
App no longer working
I got this app when I had the iPhone 8 Plus. I’ve used it so much and I’ve loved how easy and seamless it is to use. I just upgraded to the XS Max and the app no longer works. It’s frustrating because I use it so much. Will there be a bug fix for this? I’d hate to lol for another app as I’ve grown accustomed to this one. Please help.
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8 months ago, jcpnnca
Was totally frustrated until I found this app
Was totally frustrated trying to convert mp4 video files to mp3 audio files for my podcast. There are many useless apps out there but this one works!!!! This app costs 6 bucks for lifetime usage and it totally amazing!
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3 years ago, J Livingstone
Don't use it.
I was trying to send someone a video in an app, but it was a .mov file, so it just showed as a file. I searched an app that could convert, and I found this. I tried doing both MP3 and MP4, but it requires a subscription, which is outrageous! Why do you need a subscription just to convert a video? So I had to convert it to a different file type. After a long wait, it finally finished. When I looked at it in my photos, it was extremely low quality, and when I tried sending the video again, it still was just a file!
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1 year ago, MarcusD.Kidd
After the promo
This app is so easy to use to convert videos…the speed at which it works is amazing and the quality remains in tact and may even improve a bit. So far so good after using the promo free trial.
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3 years ago, mcgurme
Failed the second time
To its credit, it worked the first time to encode a video into an audio for quicker upload with limited internet. I had to start a trial to get that to work. Then, the second video, it wouldn’t convert, it said “failed” upon repeated attempts, every time. Same format of video, recorded on the same device, only 20 minutes after the first video, shorter than the first video. It wouldn’t do it. There was no guidance as to what was wrong, just that it “failed.” Additionally, there are no settings for encoding quality or anything like that. The whole reason I tried this app was to more highly compress a big video for upload with spotty internet. All it did was waste my time. Unsubscribed.
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4 years ago, Kell. M
App is a scam
I’ve been trying to upload a song for at least an hour. I had to purchase in order to do so. But since I found a faster way to get my work done. I want to contact them to get my money back, they do not provide and email or a number to reach them. They leave the email to sender blank which is sneaky! If I don’t get my money back it’s going to be a problem and they won’t continue to draw money from my account so. I will continue to bring their rate down until the job is done.
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4 months ago, DoubleDoug
Shady tactics
I downloaded the app very early on and received a Special One Time price offering to purchase a lifetime membership at a heavily reduced price. I took the promotion and have been satisfied until recently I noticed that I was having to restore my purchase every time I opened the app up and today I have been frozen out of that. I won’t pay again
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3 years ago, The Filthy b0ss
Ruined the App with change!
This app was a true blessing with the ability to copy a link from a webm ANYWHERE on the web that didn’t require logging in. You just copied the video and pasted in this app and you could transfer it to any format you wanted. NOT ANYMORE! Now that they removed this for who knows why! Now you have to download the webm to your files or some other app, then transfer it over, then convert it, then download it again! Stupid! Haven’t used it since.
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3 years ago, Dalittleman
This app rarely works. I should’ve read the reviews, because now I feel scammed. They make you pay $7 for something that doesn’t work. It will say “uploading video” before it converts, then stops at 99% and will never move past there. Not only that, but it claims to work in the background. NOPE. The moment you back out of the app, not close it mind you, it will freeze and not do what it’s supposed to. So far out of the 10 attempts I’ve made to convert a file, it’s only worked once.
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5 years ago, snk616
Would not convert video to audio
I got this app specifically for converting videos to audio and it did not do as promised. I spent the $3 to upgrade so that it would actually let me convert files, only for it to have been a waste since it kept saying there was an “error” for every video. There are other apps out there that are free that have done better for me. In my opinion, save your money and just deal with the adds on other apps. Would have given 0 but that is not an option.
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4 years ago, Adrian Zano
Amazing app but I ran into a bug
Every time I try to open the app, it automatically crashes and won’t open. It brings me back to the main home screen. Please try to find a way to fix this. Thank you.
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4 years ago, \( •__• )/
App keeps crashing after new update
i downloaded the app when the new update came out, and the app isn’t working at all. i paid $7 for the full upgrade after it loaded up, and only got to use the app once. this app is a total waste of time of money. the creators can either fix this issue, or i want my money back because this is a lot of bs. and i know it’s not my phone, because my sister has the app on her Macbook, and it’s doing the same thing
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4 years ago, Dmn0)))
This does not work
Not sure why this seems to be such a constant problem with people. I read the reviews that mentioned it just sitting at about 20% progress forever and nothing coming of it. Not sure why I thought I’d be different. I guess it’s my loss. If you want to risk it just get the subscription and then cancel it if you run into the same problem myself and many other people have encountered. I paid the full $7 and it’s a wash. Oh well.
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5 years ago, Kaleo91
Unauthorized charging
So I downloaded this app to give it a try but as soon as you try to download something it says the file is to big so you have to purchase the premium to continue. I wasn’t that desperate for it so I clicked no and backed out and UNINSTALLED the app. Next thing I know, the next day I get a notification that my purchase was successful and I could now download my file. Immediately reported to apple and am receiving my refund. Scammers just trying to get your $$.
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5 years ago, Sowellman
Did not convert
I tried to convert a mov file to mp4. I paid 3.99. After I assumed it was successfully converted (which I did not receive a notification when completed), I uploaded file to laptop and received an error message.
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5 months ago, JamesInFL
Excellent App
This amazing app does exactly what it says it does. No glitches. Converts very fast. Simple to use. For a small one-time fee, I could not ask for a better app.
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4 years ago, Mint Leaf Plays
Do NOT download
Do not download this app. I’ve tried using this for my Gacha life channel because I was going to do a Gacha life skit. I downloaded this, thinking that it would be good due to the ratings. But no. When I pasted the URL, it said, “URL” must be valid , start with HTTP”. Oh, I thought. I opened back up safari, and copied the link again. I pasted it in the thing again, and it said the same thing! UGHHHHH!!! DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS. This is an utter waste of time. Use DU recorder to get audio. This is utter trash...
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4 years ago, indydoesnor care
Doesn’t work well
Tried to convert .MOV files taken on my phone to .mp4 to hopefully be smaller files for school teachers to use. Tried to convert two different files. After several attempts one got converted. I bought the Lifetime Pass as original files too big to do for free. After spending a Saturday morning trying to convert don’t think worth the money.
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11 months ago, English999
Very Simple - Even for Old Folks
I was very surprised how easy it was to convert my photos and movies so people without an iPhone can also view them.
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3 years ago, iKIngKirk
App crashes immediately. Don’t buy. It use to work well a few years back, but now. Delete.
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2 months ago, nobody ask ed
Satisfaction guaranteed
I’ve used this and never came across any problems 10/10. Will keep using btw
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3 years ago, imtherielest
The app doesn’t even let you convert?
I downloaded this app to quickly convert a video for a reaction to my friends and instead of having somewhere in app to do it, it’s just a collection of how-tos. I don’t need that I’m not stupid I wasn’t born yesterday I know how to convert files, but I was looking for YOUR APP to do it for me as it claims. Do not download this it’s just a waste of your time lol
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3 years ago, retail1
Great app!
This app is so wonderful and amazing! I have used it plenty of times and it still does the job that I need it to do!
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2 years ago, dbdgaymer
Doesn’t work
App is pure garbage and can’t even perform what it claims to do in the AppStore. It’s wants you to subscribe for a membership right away to function, this app would be better with ads instead of a subscription; the subscription is two dollars but I’m realistically only gonna use this app once or twice a month so there’s no point.
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3 years ago, ©️Apple ™️
Does not work….
I tried converting an .MKV file to both .MOV, and .MP4 respectively, and it did not convert properly. The video post conversation, could not be saved to photos. It also almost doubled in size from 850MB to over 1.4GB… Really weird… This app is completely useless for what it advertised, and what I was trying to accomplish based on its advertised features/capabilities. ZERO ⭐️
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2 years ago, led_zeppo
File Size Exceeded
I converted a file to the wrong format, so I thought I’d try again. No can do, because the same file is now "exceeding file size by 2gb" Sure am glad I paid for the pro version,he said with as much sarcasm as he can muster over eight dollars. Not recommended, please refund.
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5 years ago,
Waste of money! Doesn’t work!
Tried at least 20 different files and tried to convert to MP4, MP3 and all other choices and it doesn’t work. It makes you pay $3.99 for large files and Apple will NOT give you a refund when you find out it doesn’t work. They also won’t give you a refund even under accidental purchase. Don’t waste your money!
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3 years ago, J & J VIDEO
Started using stream yard recently and didn’t know that my files needed to be MP4 so this saved my life thank you!
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6 months ago, COOLxFRIEND
It just works
I’ve never had a file it couldn’t convert.
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5 months ago, Hansent123
File size limit restricts what you can convert
AVI and MOV files are larger files. I bought this to convert them to MP4 to make them more accessible in the cloud. File size limit is 2 GB. I did not see that restriction in the description.
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5 years ago, overcastpodcast
This app is not actually free
This app is not free. I wanted to convert a file to an MP4 format, but I had to pay for that. I was only able to convert one file to an AVI format before, you guessed it, I had to pay. Maybe this app works if you are willing to pay, but I’m going to keep searching. I’ll spend money for a conversion service if I have to, but I’ll send my money to a less shady app.
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1 year ago, nickname for dumb review
Scammy and can’t cancel
My kid downloaded this last year, the Terran say to cancel in App Store under subscriptions( he did pick monthly charge) but it doesn’t track or shown under active subscriptions, just the $2.99 monthly charge. No way to cancel the charge through the app or apple active subscriptions
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11 months ago, ploypreaw
Low quality outcomes
The quality of the converted videos are bad,really bad, it was easy to use and fast converting but I want good quality videos. I would have given it 5 stars if you fix the quality of the converting videos.
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2 years ago, Joker5456
Never get my time back
I was looking to convert mpeg files to another format and the ratings for this app were high…but, every file I tried converting took me to “Maximum file size reached…” wanting me to purchase an upgraded version. So, what is the maximum size? I couldn’t find that information. Complete waste of time…
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2 years ago, Carrots L
The online article claims and shows it will allow selection of various resolutions. The app itself shows no such thing.
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4 years ago, Space_Bork
A fantastic app
It’s simple, quick and works like a charm. Cannot recommend this app any more than I can; an absolute perfection.
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4 years ago, York Whitaker
Doesn’t work.
I’ve even emailed the developer to let them know I am unable to convert gifs to mp4. They said there was an error for all users and it’s been resolved. I’ve attempted since then and receive the same exact error. Every gif, can not convert. I paid for the full version of this app and I can’t use it for what I purchased it to do.
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5 years ago, McSear
Works! GR8 deal, no quality check
I was nervous about spending the $4, but this works, and NO subscription gimmick. Saved the video files nicely to my free Dropbox cloud storage. No info from dev on any possible quality loss in the conversion. I did not check on that. And I only converted videos less than 3 minutes long. Still, I M HAPPY CUSTOMER. =^) #RECOMMENDED tested iPhone 8, iOS 11.4
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