2.6 (177)
47.7 MB
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Current version
Therap Services, LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Therap

2.57 out of 5
177 Ratings
11 months ago, Missyfacee
Checking MAR, ISP Data
It would be helpful if the app version also offered a way to check off due/overdue medications like the browser version does. It would also be helpful if the browser version showed previous ISP’s filled out on individuals like you can see on the app version (if you wanted to see if you’d already filled one out on someone, for instance.) making both versions offer the same things would be very helpful.
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6 years ago, Deritamc
Can't Use App
I have been lovin' this app...up until yesterday. An onscreen message tells me that *this version of the app is no longer supported. Please upgrade to latest version.* I am using the 5.0 version and it's the latest version available in the App Store. I have tried deleting and reinstalling and resetting my phone, but none of this has helped. I have the same issue on both my iPhone and my iPad. I am so disappointed! Update: Therap 5.1 is now available for download! Thank you! I am happy again!
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3 years ago, Razor1701
Pop up info gets in the way
The new release has a pop up that says you will need iOS 11 or higher soon. I have iOS 14.8, so I don’t need the reminder. It pops up when you open the app and again when logging in. This really slows me down. There should be a way to dismiss it completely, or at least snooze it for a while. Please fix this. I see up to 12 clients per day, sometimes logging in to switch services as well. This means I may be logging in to check in or out 20-30 times per day, so I need to dismiss the pop up window 40-60 times per day. Ridiculous!!
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2 years ago, Timeoutgirl
Poor Programming
Required by law, both the employee and employer portions have serious problems. Sometimes the words and tabs overlap so you can’t read/use them, the required locator is wrong about 40% of the time, so manual corrections have to be made, various portions of the program don’t work or work differently so you have to go in multiple times to check and make sure entries are properly recorded. They’ve been trying to make it more workable, but it’s upon the individual to figure out what features have been fixed and how to use them. Newest change: Telephone is now spelled “Telephony”. I mean, really?
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6 years ago, iancorporated
I used to love this app. But now, it's only usable for entering MAR data and daily tracking. Whenever I attempt to enter Behavior data or goal data the app freezes and closes. I have an iPhone 6S. Please help! This is a total time saver when it is functioning properly. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, Vaness_xmx
Good app
I have to use an app similar to this for my other job. They just added features this app already has but it lags so much. I love this app! Haven’t had any problems with is so far. Today it couldn’t connect to the server. Easy to use, doesn’t lag, good features
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2 years ago, LisaKat11
This app is crap!!!
If I could give this app no stars I would! It doesn’t show my correct location when I try to clock in and out for work. Also, several times, the app would not even allow me to clock in because it said I wasn’t at the correct location. Half of the time it says I am not even scheduled to work when I am. I am so glad the dumba$$ people in the state made this app mandatory for clocking in and out at my place of employment!!!!!!!
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3 months ago, Kylax_
Frustrated every time I use the app
The app is incredibly slow, especially while logging in. I’ve never had this issue on my device before (iPhone13Pro), but there is also a consistent 0.5-1second delay whenever I push a button. It seems as though updates and bug repairs actually manage to make the app worse/slower. For such an easy concept of data tracking/management, Therap does a terrible job.
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6 months ago, UN1UNO77
It would be awesome , if what needs to be done would be at top of list , and what’s done floats to the bottom , if that makes sense ? So when you jump on , what needs to be completed now or soon is at top , instead of fishing through and checking time stamps , when you lose track of documenting , easy to do when you are very busy
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6 months ago, Clan wars
New Update
I feel bad because I actually think therap is quite nice, but the new update is horrible. For some reason half the things that used to be available in app now drag you towards the online version. I used to be able to sign in and check scomms through the app but now I have to do that on the website. What’s even the point of the app then?
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4 years ago, klh1937
Log in
The app won’t let me log in it keeps saying update by won’t let me update. It just keeps repeating itself. Also I would love for it to update with an edit option. Thank you
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3 months ago, KEKEMC99
Bad last 2 updates
I have been using this app for years. No real problems. The last 2 updates that were done in March and April of 2024 have made the app glitch, not load, glitch and lose material that is in the process of being written. Very disappointed and frustrated
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6 months ago, paulcaridad
Annoying update
On the login page you use to login on the app. Now it takes you to a browser to sign in. One more extra step that we use to not have to take.
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6 years ago, this 1 user
Please update
I can no longer use the app as it needs updated for my phone!
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4 years ago, FSH67
One of the top really awful usage experiences I’ve had the misfortune of... experiencing. Of all the bad and user-unfriendly things in this app, two things stand out even above the rest of the mess that is this application: 1. Having to re-login over and over. Why?! My phone is secure. Why log me out and force me to log in again? 2. No indication of how much time I have worked for during a day, or during a week. This is supposed to be a time card application? Right? There is so much more, like the most used things buried under lots of clicks and menus. Who came up with this?! Pah!
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3 years ago, Valerie Marie 💖
Always updating or out of service at moment try again later.
With my work, we use this app. Every time I have to go and fill out paperwork, it always has those moments where it says “Therap is currently being worked on blah blah blah”. It really irritates me, if y’all could just fix that to where I can actually use it when I need to it would be a great 10/10 app.
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4 years ago, MercedesJ15
Love the app for T-logs and Password reset. Only think that’s bad is ISP Data when inserting goals app doesn’t sync right so you have to scroll up and then back down to where you were. I use iPhoneX
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4 years ago, JLynnVG
Please add the option to edit ISP data from the app! I get tired of having to log-in a million times to fix one little thing
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6 years ago, SlappyGolf1166
Not usable
I just downloaded the app and though I’m a Therap Admin for my agency, all categories I click on say I have insufficient access rights. I’ve waited several years to download the app, but kept putting it off due to reports of the app not functioning. Looks like I will be uninstalling it. The website on my cell phone works well enough.
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2 years ago, Chefarp
Edit ISP data
Would be nice to be able to go back into a submitted form and edit/add something through the app without having to sign on through a PC. Why isn't this already an option??
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6 years ago, GerardoSalinas
Been having issues with this app since July. During an ISP-DATA entry I can’t select “score” without the app instantly crashing. Same goes for when I select a different location. Very frustrating issue on an otherwise functional app. Really hope this is addressed and fixed soon.
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6 years ago, wablamm
I’ve been using this app for awhile, it’s crashed a few times before and now it won’t let me login. Uninstalled and re installed, it keeps saying I need an upgraded version to use the app...only problem is there is no upgraded version. Extremely frustrating.
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3 years ago, t.craven
Behavior data
Good app but when I enter some behavior data the info becomes a jumbled up mess as all the boxes mash into one
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4 years ago, Natii123
Time Issue
When I try to put in begin time/end time for the ISP Data, no other times show up and it automatically puts in the exact time in that moment rather than letting me choose the time.
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6 years ago, GingerBarber0308
Not updating
I keep getting a pop up that says that this version is not supported. But there isn’t another version to update with. I deleted the ap I had and downloaded the latest and it is still telling me the same.
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6 months ago, Yogurtass
Bad Update
The new version makes logging in a pain in my rear. Also it just sends me to a browser to do scomms. Not sure what the point of the app is in that case.
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6 years ago, Ancross
Not able to use the app.
I can’t even sign in to the app, because it is saying this version of the app is no longer supported. I have the updated version on my phone but it is not working.
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6 years ago, Parenting onstructor
Still not able to score
For over three or four weeks, since the latest update I haven’t been able to use the “score” in the app. Please fix this problem!!
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6 years ago, DJ.Dugger
Back to the drawing board
The app was fine until today. It says I need to update it. But I already did. It is now completely unusable and useless. Don’t bother downloading it, they clearly don’t have it together yet.
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3 years ago, Annalise Crane
face id
im begging you to add a face id login
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6 months ago, Ms. Lizy
I can’t update
This version will not update on my older IPad mini. I can not afford a New I pad mini. I have difficulty typing notes on the iPhone , too small for me.
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4 years ago, hhvfhhunhthjjok
Unable to log in
I’m not able to log in even when I’m at the current adresse , it says « doesn’t recognized the location « . Please can you fix this bug.
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6 years ago, P3b8ers
I’m having trouble with the app crashing when I try to select a score. I see that I’m not the only one who is having this problem. This needs to be addressed.
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1 year ago, Layla8291
Not Working
The app jumps around and doesn’t let you document. Not worth using, way too frustrating.
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4 years ago, Tagged need improvement
Not able to sign on on my phone
I can use app on my laptop however not able to use on my phone
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4 years ago, Ju3385
Doesn’t work
I was forced to update the app when it had no issues. Now I cannot change the time when doing an ISP. Please fix!
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6 years ago, Superstephen93
Worst program my company has ever used
This app does nothing but crash when you try and enter a score. Please fix the issue ASAP
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6 years ago, DimeStevens1
App won’t let me use it.
App keeping popping up a message saying I need to upgrade to the latest version, which I did. Now I can’t use the app. 😡😡😡
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6 years ago, lasjsndmkwsbshs
Need for work
App forcing me to update which I did. App still says I’m out of date after updating and I cannot use it.
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1 year ago, lazy kaiju
Very bad
Why can you not do time tracking on it
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5 years ago, solo9325
I can’t longin into this app and its partners with my job I work with direct support adults and need this app working on iPad. Please fix As Soon As Possible HIGHLY FRUSTRATED WITH THIS APP NOT WORKING AND ITS PART OF MY I NEED TO GET INTO THIS APP
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1 month ago, cookEcutter
What’s The Point
What’s the point of an app that just directs you to the website?
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4 years ago, Spashely_09
Recent update
I’ve been using Therap for a little over 2 years now. Suddenly, with this most recent update, I can no longer log in. It keeps telling me that my username/password is incorrect. I just logged in a couple days ago just fine.
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1 year ago, Benisme207
Wont freakin save
I have to do this 3 times and none of that they save what the heck. bizarre stupid.
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4 years ago, MarieAnnD
I hate how the app can't get to the correct address right away when checking in.
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5 years ago, Peg-eye
Stuck with it for work
Very user unfriendly
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4 years ago, daddykkk
keeps saying to update
it constantly says to upgrade the app but then there isn’t even an update.
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12 years ago, CHUBBYSUMO
Missing something
Yea, it's nice for tlogs, and the nurses here love it, and it makes describing injuries and arguments easier(picture and audio clips), but it needs more functionality. ISP data entry would be nice, as well as GERs, Scomms, and all the other functionality of the web site. It's good for on the fly doc(if your employer doesn't mind phones out), but pretty useless for everything else.
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13 years ago, Luvnframinghanley
Needs more
I use this program for work and was excited to c it as an app but it is only the T-log module! No s-comms, MARs, GERs, ISPs, vitals, etc etc. Everything that I do use and need isn't on this app so I was a bit disappointed. I'll jst stick to going online on my phone to access Therap and get to everything I need. To all those who need Therap login then bookmark the page and add it to your homepage. It's your own homemade app that works even better.
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10 years ago, Primerrrrr
Mostly useless
This app only allows you to see t-logs, which can be very frustrating. At my work, we have one device and generally have at least 4 staff at any given time. Often, I ended up using Therap on my phone to avoid waiting while other staff use the device. Therap is not optimized for mobile devices which is a pain, so I thought this app would simplify things. No such luck. Therap's app does not allow you to enter ISP data, write GERs or read SCOMMs, so I don't like to use it.
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