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Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for @Thermometer

4.45 out of 5
201 Ratings
6 years ago, Lbcorp
Gives an accurate reading but the numbers are hard to read because they’re ghosting. It’s like two sets of numbers showing the temperature are stacked on top of each other but are a little off. It’s weird to look at.
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5 years ago, Otterstew
Happy London
I have long enjoyed this temperature app. I like keeping tabs on the weather where I am, and I love London. So, the late two come together each day when I check the temp here in the USA. It is very simple to use, just open the app and it does its job. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Chazz 3
Accurate & easy to view without going to a full weather site.
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3 years ago, scarrydog
This is a real accurate temperature read, have used it for year. When all the other weather apps start to go squirrly as they do sometimes I can always count on this one. Good job guys.
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5 years ago, RVING IN CLASS
Great app
I travel in a RV and needed a accurate thermometer to calibrate my WiFi Tempstick. It works like a charm. Now I can get accurate readings per my text for a peace of mind knowing that my doggies are not overheating while we are away.
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7 years ago, peggyejo
So helpful!
Love having quick access to the current temperature! Thanks a bunch for making it available to us!
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3 years ago, hdroadking1955
This is crap
Unable to customize my own photo into the app once putting in one photo! It will never change to another photo! This is a crap app as it reads off of weather stations & does NOT reflect the actual temperature at your location - at best it is an estimate! Don’t waste your time or money on this app!
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6 years ago, Weather watcher in Aggieland
Quick and Accurate!
Always gives a very accurate temperature, good response time
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5 years ago, Wesew4u
Convenient for the road
When you need to know how to dress for the day or what the road conditions might be, this app will come in handy!
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5 years ago, 5800* elevation
It’s a little higher than true temp
Sometimes the temp on @ thermometer I only about 3 degrees higher. Tonight, it’s about 8 degrees more than the actual temperature. They must be using a weather station that is at a lower elevation and miles away.
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8 years ago, Baldaeous
Does what you need it to do
Gives you the temperature wherever you are. Simple and to the point. Just what I need.
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4 years ago, Ryland Rebel
Useful for work
This app is very useful for working on hvac units when you must know the outdoor temperature to charge up a unit when it's in tge heating mode
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7 years ago, Reuben ER
This apps is very helpful, i can get the right temperature reading in my exact location.
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6 years ago, greywisdom
Great little app
This app is like old faithful it's always there when you need it.
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8 years ago, buvior
Useful application
I found this application useful, with accurate indications. Recommend to install.
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6 years ago, mif605
Sometimes I still need to know what Celsius is. Have many visitors from Germany. It helps a great deal. We all love the app. Thx!!!!
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8 years ago, WThompson39
Good App
Does just what it says. Quick and easy temperature outdoors of my location.
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4 years ago, Scottzzman
This is my primary and favorite temperature app because of its absolutely perfect accuracy. It’s always my go to for the true outdoor temperature! Great app!
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5 years ago, ArlenePi
It gives me what I need
It gives me what I need when I need it. Short n simply
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2 years ago, drsindi
Good good
Just make advertisements less
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7 years ago, J. Wellman
Very useful
Pictures are plenty but just not enough for me.
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7 years ago, Stevenepstein@bellsouth
Very useful
Always very accurate
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8 months ago, Jammer1948
No brained
Simple and right to the point.
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8 years ago, music-Al
Love this app! So cool to be able to know the accurate temp reading ANYWHERE you are.
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4 years ago, Lil' Brown Jug
Great and quick
Love it and use it all the time.
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3 years ago, July 2013 Update
Great app, had it for many years.
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6 years ago, red wagon 55
Great temperature gauge
Very useful tool while I’m traveling to different locations.
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7 years ago, Klimt Connoisseur:
a rehash of local weather, not a thermometer
This app tells you the temperature in your area. I bought it thinking it could tell me the temperature in a given room I was in, and then dumped it. If you know of an app for room temperature, let me know.
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6 years ago, Shadow@88
Rural weather
Always right temperature and froggy is so cute
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6 years ago, EDH_1977
It works pretty good.
It tells me the outside temperature. It works accurately. I’m happy.
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4 years ago, ready7272
Fantastic and very accurate
Great app
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7 years ago, ZokZy_67
This temperature app does a very good job.
This temperature app does a very good job.
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7 years ago, bill52
Works well
Works as intended
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7 years ago, SAS u
Never steered me wrong
See above
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3 years ago, Shermandx
Only can check outside temperature
Useless. Only can check outside temperature
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4 years ago, earthworn
Keeps me informed
Love the accuracy
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6 years ago, boraae
Love it
I use it everyday
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5 years ago, Hyeperf
Why do they ruin everything that was good. They must think I’m eight years old The themes look like they come out of Sesame Street I’m removing it from my phone😱
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6 years ago, joe_0825
A indoor thermometer built in the iPad
What a idea a built in thermometer for indoor in the iPad
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12 years ago, esnertov
Nice weather temp app
Many people complain here because the app doesn't work as a physical thermometer (even though the name of the app favors this confusion). The app won't tell you if you have a fever, it tells you the temperature in the area where you are geographically located at the time you open it. So far it's worked fine for me. It's even more accurate than the built-in Apple weather app. I don't really like the themes, but the app works fine for me.
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3 years ago, pachtie
Not for larger iPads
No landscape view; only portrait.
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5 years ago, Friend of Reptiles
The frog omelet
I do like the frog.
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7 years ago, Olga0962
Ads off
It's very good App but I pay $3.99 for no Ads and I still have .😥
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4 years ago, Fetigani
Works great.
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7 years ago, " Q "
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3 years ago, BigG@OKC-BMD
Great app
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6 years ago, LBH?
Love it
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14 years ago, TK-123
Bad but not for the reasons people are stating
It's hilarious that many reviewers are complaining that the app doesn't give you the inside temp. Well of course it doesn't, it's technically impossible for an app to do that unless the iPhone comes with liquid mercury inside, which is what all thermometers need to detect the current temp. People should however give this app one star because it's completely unnessecary since you can get the current outside temp in your city by clicking the weather icon on your iPhone's home screen which is something that comes by default. Plus that inbuilt app also shows a five day forecast and the daily highs and lows in addition to the current temp and has no ads. So what's the point of using this?
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12 years ago, robeeenz
People are dumb
It does what it says. Do you REALLY think your iPhone has the hardware to tell the temperature?!!! C'mon use a brain cell. It can't tell the temperature via iPhone hardware alone so it has to get the data from somewhere that can - and it does. What's sad is that the developers try so hard to explain this to you- even in-app (outside temperature) and you still review it based on the immaculate mercury collection. I can understand kids who don't understand this concept, but if you graduated high school you should be ashamed of yourself.
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13 years ago, MoonSmiles
Would be okay if it was accurate and consistent
This "@Thermometer" app is a strange one, but the reviewers are even stranger! The app works fine on my iPad, except for one critical problem: it gives a different temperature every time I open it. First 10 degrees too low. Then moments later, about 4 degrees too low. Then 3 degrees. No other thermometer app that I've tried has this problem. I have a message to all those who complain that this doesn't sense the ambient temperature, that it just reports it from weather stations: please don't expect software to perform what the hardware doesn't support. Apple hasn't incorporated an ambient temperature sensor in their devices. Yet. And to the reviewer who complained about this needing an Internet connection: how do you think it can communicate with the weather stations? I suppose it could use radio signals... Hmm... :)) Overall, this would be an acceptable app, if it actually gave the correct current temperature, every time. So far, it has failed 100% of the time, for me. Thus, 1 lonely star.
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