4.4 (2.4K)
79.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alexandre Morcos
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Thermometer

4.35 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Nose Cone
Temperature and Weather
Delivered temperature information as advertised. Accurate and app opens quickly. What’s not to like?
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7 months ago, Tango and Jinger
Simple. Easy to use. Accurate
areas. I’m impressed with the simple fact that it’s easy to use, small footprint and more accurate than my weather app, when it comes to measuring specific areas.
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8 months ago, shutter user
I bought this for inside temperature and it displays that at first. Then it said with premium I could have outdoor temperature too. But it won’t go back to indoor and another location page.
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1 month ago, jimfritz
Weather app not a thermometer
Just looks up the local temperature by sharing your location and ads
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2 years ago, TaxDaddy124
I decided to try app before going to big box retailer. So glad I did!
Works great!
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3 years ago, geniusteslawoman
Manufacturing manager
This is a helpful app to quickly see the temperature.
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7 months ago, Kiber71
I searched for an inside room thermometer
This was crazy how hard can it be to get a thermometer for your room, car if you’re maybe stranded , heater went out I needed to check my kids rooms abd it’s taken me an hour to half way find what I needed.
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10 years ago, Larry_Hinman
Yes, but....
The other reviewers are correct about this being a weather app and not a thermometer. However, it does seem to give a fairly accurate temperature reading. The default setting is Celsius, make sure you change it to Fahrenheit to get an accurate reading one of the reviewers said the thermometer read zero when it was around freezing. My guess is it was just zero Celsius.
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3 years ago, Dennis595
Doesn’t do what I wanted
I wanted an App on my home page that showed the current outside temp without opening the app. Maybe use color to show the immediate forecast. This is a dumb icon: always red 23 on a black field. 1’ll delete.
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7 months ago, I’mjt308
Simple!!! I had no idea this app existed!
This really convenient! Thanks
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2 years ago, magillicutti magee
Thermometer i very accurate
I. Am uery pleased with this app
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11 months ago, Irish54 forever
Does not update
Does not show up on background refresh and does not update. Love the display, but with no weather update it is not usable
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3 years ago, katrikess
Question katrikess
I would like the temp to show up on my phone without opening the phone. If this app can not do this I will delete it
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1 year ago, UI not found
It’s a weather app
There’s no iPhone app which is really a thermometer, all they do is go to free weather sites and get the reported temperature at a location close to you.
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2 years ago, glarnold
Sorry, but 27 degrees off
27 degrees off, unable to find my location, and no way to get help, leaves me very dissatisfied. Would like to get my money back.
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2 years ago, PainToPostHere
Not as advertised
Wanted and read as at my phone. Gave me local weather temperature. There are dozens of better apps for that purpose.
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1 month ago, jimmythejim
Not a room thermometer
Over a week I tested this. It’s not a thermometer. In an air conditioned room it doesn’t read the room, just copies whatever the local outside temp is.
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3 years ago, bugsmemuch
Exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Barry Greenhill
Perfect all the time!
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4 years ago, Serious gamer!
I turned this on yesterday to check weather and all my locations are gone!! What is going on?!!
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12 months ago, WinstonPudge
APP Doesn’t Work
Once I downloaded the app, it worked once and now I have a blank screen when I open it.
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4 years ago, dcfmsf
No screen temp
Thought it would update and show temp on screen.
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9 months ago, Poorscratcher
Temperature is awesome
It’s a nice thermometer I really like it
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1 year ago, Tulip tree
Love it, first time user.
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1 year ago, mamorgan321
Do not feel it is accurate. Reading way lower than it is.
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2 years ago, SNBM4
Doesn’t work
Said the temperature was -2 and there’s no way it was that cold. I’d be freezing if it were.
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8 months ago, tygerlayke
It’s not working!
It worked great before, but now every place is showing 0 degrees! Will not show temp.
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12 months ago, Wyllow61
Paid—for a blank screen???
I want a refund! I paid for the ad free and all I get is a black screen. Avoid this app! It’s a scam!
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2 months ago, ghjiu8y7tfdhrggh
Doesn’t measure room temperature.
Only shows outside Temperature
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3 years ago, Fjordamy
Crappy App
I want something that can register the current ambient temperature- not the outside temperature according to the weather forecast.
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2 years ago, NoAreda
Why is my location relevant to ROOM TEMPERATURE? Location required for weather not room temperature!!!!
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4 years ago, glass ball
Not accurate
Every thermometer I have says 45 degrees. This app says 51. It’s too inaccurate to use.
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9 months ago, arpeco
NOT an INFRARED thermometer!
I searched “infrared thermometer” in the App Store, hoping for a cooking thermometer. This is NOT an INFRARED thermometer! This a weather monitor
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2 years ago, FILE ENTRY
No record.
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3 years ago, DarrellKong
Not giving me the ambiant temperature
Darrell Kong
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12 years ago, stan.nikola
Does what it says
I can't believe how many stupid people give one star to this app. This app does exactly what it says it should do in the description and if you have a problem about it, read again. If you need to know the temperature in your room then get a real thermometer, iPhones don't have a built-in temperature sensor yet. This app is not perfect, but hey it's free, it's good for the price. I'm giving it five stars to make up for all the undeserved one stars.
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13 years ago, MoonSmiles
Best of the free ones I've tried
This iThermometer is the best of the 5 free thermometer apps I've tried tonight. I like it for these reasons: 1. The temperature for my location is accurate. 2. It remembers my settings (location and Fahrenheit scale) 3. The ad isn't annoying. However, I am not giving it 5 stars for the following reasons: 1. It doesn't rotate to landscape orientation on my iPad, despite being sold as a univeral app. 2. I don't like the mercury-thermometer graphic being horizontal. Mercury thermometers must be oriented vertically to function, so why turn it horizontal in an app? Overall, though, I am very pleased that it does exactly what it claims, does it well, and doesn't harass me with ads or demands to upgrade.
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13 years ago, 991tts
5 star app...before they added ads
Charging money for an app but at the same time offering an update with new features but forgetting to mention that one of the features is in-app advertisement?'ve just lost your 5 star rating. that genius who wonder why the app shows 33 degrees in Florida in summer: Dude...these are NOT Fahrenheit. Oh boy. To those who think this app is useless because there is already a similar app coming with the iPhone: The weather app does NOT show the CURRENT temperature of your location. To those who thought this app measures ambient/interior temperature: REALLY, dudes???
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8 years ago, Untitledmiss
Wow many stupid comments from idiots
A thermometer is something that measures temperature. It doesn't matter how it measures it. As long as you tap the c to change to f it's all good. If you are looking for a "thermometer" for body temperature lol, you will need one that uses the camera to measure just like the cardio app measures heart rate lol.
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13 years ago, Aviatorone
Are some of you that stupid?
Do none of you read? It says outside temp, it says nothing about inside temps! Don't cut the umbilical cord to soon, some of you still have alot to learn before mommy can let you go! Freaking Morons that believe mobile phones have this type of technology!!! LoL
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14 years ago, Mighy Mark
Love this App
I really like the ui which is beautiful and easy to use...I would like to see a future update to put in zip so I don't have to use the location feature and drain my battery...but great app overall
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14 years ago, provisionplus
Working after a few tries
After launching a few times it started to work
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14 years ago, JMAAVL
Simple and perfect
I travel p lot. I don't have to enter zip codes or go on line to get the temp. Just push one button and you have the local temp.
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12 years ago, PA From KC
Only working on wifi
For what ever the reason mine will not work unless it is on a wifi. 4g isn't good enough for it. Is says to turn on location services....... Dumb app, my location services are on and it still can't find me even when I enter my city. So if I'm out and away from home how am I to check the air temp with this thing. This app is going in the trash.
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11 years ago, Al.bondigas
Smart and Clean
Saw this on the news being used by a news reporter. Clean and looks great. It's free and works as advertised.
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11 years ago, Aharre2
If you download this app, you might as well download "the weather channel" app. All it does is collect weather info. At least if you download a weather app you get a radar, hourly forecast, as well as a thermometer, KNOWN as the "NOW" function on "the weather channel" app. Such junk, not advertised correctly and a wanna be weather app with a fraction of the functions.
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9 years ago, 0zymandias
Blatant Lie
Wrong Larry, the ad touts "turn your iPhone into a thermometer" that is not what it does. I think to myself 'my iPhone doesn't have a built-in thermometer' but I have to try the app because of its misleading BS . OF course it doesn't work! your iPhone doesn't have a built-in thermometer to access but this app makes you wonder if it does
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7 years ago, Tateladyfrog
I love this app. It is very accurate and quick about delivering the results.
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13 years ago, crumb collector
Could be decent but
The problem I reported several months back still isnt fixed. If you need to toggle between C and F, temperature numbers drop and arent accurate any more
Show more
6 years ago, Desju13
Is NOT a thermometer
The photo shown with the description says “turns your phone into a thermometer”. That is very false. This app reads data from the internet to give you stats that someone else already created. Basically a dumbed down weather app.
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