THV11 Weather

4.8 (5.7K)
61.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tegna Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for THV11 Weather

4.78 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
4 months ago, cla-ar
Favorite Weather App
This has been my favorite weather app. Now I see a message it will be discontinued and available on the THV11 news app. IT IS NOT THE SAME! I much prefer the weather app layout for the radar map, weekly, daily, & hourly information. Although this has not been functioning as well as it once did, now I may know why. I will be saying bye bye to THV11 weather. This is an awful change.
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3 years ago, not blood
Your chances of precipitation never match one another nor the temperatures. Sometimes the radar button works and other times it doesn’t. I really want your Channel to come through 100% on my phone but it doesn’t anymore.
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1 year ago, Dcs 5566
THV11 weather Team all ways been on top their game. All ways one of the first weather team to let us know about taking cover if and when we needed to. And been a joy two watch Tom got Is fun to watch.
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3 years ago, SkiBob 10
Homepage radar is hard to load at low signals
The homepage should consist of current temp and the forecast only. That way you could ck that at low signals. The radar should be a different page . It will not load at low signals. If the current homepage won’t load because of the radar, you get nothing.
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2 years ago, VA Dare
It’s been a great app for the most part. This week when I want to add a location, the app crashes and won’t allow another one. Please fix. Thank you.
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10 months ago, Ekudyma30
Easy Review:
Fantastic the way you can see the future weather. Easy to review . Thanks for all your hard work in putting this program together
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1 year ago, Quick Bob
Quick Bob
The app opens with the local radar. No fooling around it gives me the info I need immediately and additional info is easy to access.
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5 years ago, LauraDeal
New layout
I like the new updated layout. Love that the actual weather map is bigger on the page and the other stuff doesn’t take up as much room. Still needs to update faster using cellular service though.
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10 months ago, coco& ron
Great , no ads or interruptions by ads or commercials
Very accurate A lot much better than the weather channel
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2 weeks ago, lioness92962
I really liked this app but it looks like they have merged the weather app with the news app. I’ll use this until it quits working. I picked this app because it was local and a stand alone weather app. I don’t want to have to tap through a news app to get to the weather.
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3 months ago, i now hate the nick app
Good app, but 1 problem.
I love THV11, but the thing is that the notifications are broken. Whenever there was a severe thunderstorm watch, I did not get notified. If you could please fix the issue, I will change my review to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Rvrknight
Most recent update has the worst future radar model. It doesn't correspond with past or present radar, or hourly forecast. It used to fit seamlessly and accurately with the current radar. Now it is just wrong, every time, which makes it worthless. This used to be my weather app and I consulted it several times a day. Goodbye thv. Time to find a new weather app.
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6 years ago, Littlebit1968
Slow not loading
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8 months ago, Llama r Great
Big shout out to Tom Brannon we can always depend on you and your weather team for great coverage of our weather. Y’all are the best!
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2 months ago, Jdd501
THV11 weather app is one of the best local weather apps. Have used it for years. Get rid of the merger banner it’s a annoying distraction ,we got the message. Get the bugs out of the app and add new features.
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4 years ago, AR iPhone Princess
Great app but fonts are too small!
THV11 If you read this please increase the size of the fonts! Hard to read but love the app!
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12 months ago, curleeJr
Weather App
It’s convenient and accurate!
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2 months ago, MaaaPaaa
Keep this app!!!
I’ve tried the radar on the news app and I do not like it!! Please keep this app!!!
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5 months ago, ggarcias
Been using it for over a decade
Best and most comprehensive weather app. It is a amazing plus it is free.
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2 years ago, Lisa1264
Daily and hourly forecasts no longer work.
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3 years ago, CLByers
Radar will not load
I have an iPhone 8 and the radar will not load. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck of fixing the issue
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1 year ago, tribal gear
Best weather app
Weather weather everywhere great app
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1 year ago, lttyyuu
It seems the map has changed and I can’t see rain and storm formations.
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1 year ago, Meux1
Awesome web site
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6 years ago, Joeypepper77
Sooooooo Slow
This app is horrible. It takes so long for the app to load. I open the app and sit down my phone then come back in a few minutes. Sometimes it’s loaded sometimes it’s not. Deleting this app now.
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1 year ago, dgsfgfyhhbj
Weather is the same as is on the weather channels app.
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4 years ago, ShanT81
New Version is Horrible
The old app was great! The layout of the new app is horrible. Not user friendly. Hard to find things. It takes awhile to load. Please go back to the old app much better!
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6 years ago, kenang 66
Weather app
Very reliable app go to app for day to day updates
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3 months ago, wbell56
Love app the way it is ! The new app is horrible it is nowhere near as good as THV weather app! PleS don’t discontinue app! Will have to get weather somewhere else! Graphics and ease of use are not good at all!
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3 years ago, jizmjake
Best weather app ever
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4 years ago, Sambrady76
Won’t work anymore
App won’t work at all since last update. Force closes every time I try to open it. Please fix! This is the only weather app I like. HELP!!!
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1 year ago, WolfChic345
“THV11 Weather Team”
You guys are the BEST 🌞😎
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1 year ago, needy sinner
Jimmie Richards
Ch11 is the best
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3 years ago, waynek63
Your constant barrage of requests to rate the app may cause me to delete and find another app!!!!!
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2 years ago, majestic lion
Forecasting ???
These guys couldn’t forecast the weather inside a biosphere. Look elsewhere.
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4 years ago, kmlc13
Update causes forced close
The app was updated today 5/1/19. It no longer opens. Please fix.
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4 years ago, Jcwmswoogcar
Old App much better
Old app was a 5 star rating. New app is not good.
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12 years ago, black_hawk89
I paid $15 for a weather app back in 2008. THV Weather is 10 TIMES BETTER than this and it's FREE! It's Dec. 31 and I woke up to TORNADO SIRENS IN NW Arkansas - I quickly went to my THV app and saw that my home was in the path of a rotation. I followed the storm step by step - read the detailed alerts - and my family and I stayed safe. 3 people were killed by a tornado in Cincinnati, AR - tragic. Being able to turn my iPhone on and know whats going on in seconds is priceless. Thank you THV. This app is easily worth $10-$15. Another great feature that the iPhone 4 has is how the compass works with the map. Very, very impressed with this app!!!
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13 years ago, pedum
Great Weather App!
I've been using this app for over 4 months now, and am very pleased with it. No problems with the operational aspect of it. I'm using this app on my iPhone 4. Many map overlays, etc. are provided. Very attractive user interface, which is also very easy to navigate. Only thing or two, I can think of I would like to see added is perhaps more information for the "Current" weather (e.g. Feels Like Temperaure, UV Index, Barometer reading). Also, a $0.99 ad-free version would be nice. :) pedum
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13 years ago, ckanddd
DD Claud47
I have many weather apps , and this one ranks up there as 1 of my 2 favorites ! The graphics are crisp and clear. I like the option of showing different versions of the maps, I.E, cloud imagery , precipitation , to name a few. This app is VERY USER FRIENDLY. I have an iPhone 4 which makes this app even nicer. I really like the Compass overlay on the maps!! The Alert screen is very well defined too. The app has ALOT of great features. I would love to see the THV icon someday have your current weather temperature on it , along with PUSH notifications if. An alert is in your pre- defined location. This app is FREE and does what it says . Keep up the good work! If I
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9 years ago, KayeKarma
Doesn't Work
The app seems to be broken. It's 7am right now and says it was last updated at 2:30pm. The map never updates to show what's going on with radar; just says "Data Unavailable". At first, this seemed to be the best weather app. Now... not so much. We had severe weather last night, and I was left in the dark about what the weather was doing when our TV went out since this app doesn't do anything anymore. Fix it please?? Edit; It isn't working, yet again. Today is supposed to have severe weather, including tornadoes. How am I supposed to check on the go with a broken app? Looks like I just need to delete this one and find something else -- The Weather Channel app maybe.
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8 years ago, brian48195
Was a good app
New update is terrible. Forecasts are in blue on blue background which makes it hard to see what the weather is at a quick glance. Also the text didn't pop. Too bad. Hope the go back to previous or otherwise I'll have to delete and find another app. :(
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11 years ago, RTTV
Use this app
I use this on a daily basis. Track bad storms as they pass through the area. Have it set for 4 locations where the kids live, scroll thru with ease and it is usually pretty close to being right. Keep up the good work!!
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12 years ago, scotyv
Best weather I've had
This is the best app I've had so far. Out performs weather channel and other apps I paid for. For my iPhone 4 and my area of Hampton Roads, VA this is by far the best app. Kept me up to date during hurricane Irene and tropical storm Lee and never was slow or cut off.
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12 years ago, Arkiann
Thank U THV
Great app & very accurate. Saw hail storm heading towards my way which gave me time to take cover. Much better than most paid apps. Keep up the good work and maybe add lightening and push notifications!
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11 years ago, Fake app info
Its not a bad app ppl....
All you hav to do to keep it from going bck to little rock, AR is open the app, press the little house on the right by the key and "i" then pess edit and delete little rock and press use current location
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13 years ago, WSI Developer
Ad Apology
We apologize for the inclusion of FULLSCREEN Ads. We have been in touch with our Ad vendor and have instructed them to desist IMMEDIATELY. Our intention was NEVER to include annoying fullscreen Ads like this. We hope those of you who removed the App because of this will reinstall once this problem has been Resolved. We are also VERY keen on your feedback and are actively responding to your suggestions in the coming releases. Thanks, WSI.
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12 years ago, jkcanewton
I like this app. Some suggestions would be to offer a paid ads-free version and also have a way to PUSH weather statements. Thanks for a good local app that I hope will continue to be developed into something even better.
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8 years ago, Gurecchen
They ruined this app. I loved how it was. Now it is identical to the new weather app for ch 7 (in Little Rock). I don't like it & now I'm going to delete ch 11's. There is no point in having the exact same app. Honestly one might be too many, definitely not two. Please change it back. The old one was my favorite for the past 4 or so years.
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8 years ago, SarahAnn82
Older version was better
I'm not a fan of the newest update to this app. I've used this as my main weather app for years, but now I'm not so sure if I will continue to use it much. I really miss being able to see the hour by hour chances of precipitation for the current day. I wish I hadn't updated. 😩
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