Tide Charts

4.8 (98.9K)
149.9 MB
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7th Gear
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tide Charts

4.77 out of 5
98.9K Ratings
7 years ago, Shore Dweller
Used Daily. Love This App!
I use this app to plan my 8-mile beach walks and to plan when I will swim in the ocean. This app is more useful than my paper tide calendar for daily use. I love that it tells me the exact feet and inches at the moment with a little arrow pointing up or down for rising or falling tide. I love how clear the graph is, showing me how the tide will be rising and falling throughout the day and night, and clearly showing me sunrise and sunset as well. This helps me plan my walks and swims so I do not get clobbered with waves crashing against cliffs or rocks while walking, and can float over rocks while swimming, and to plan for sunlight or starlight. I still use my paper tide calendar to see future tides more than a week or two out, yet if need be, I can scroll over to see future tides on the app as well. When I am not working and have free time, I probably use my tide app about four times or more and that is nearly everyday. I love this app!!!
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5 years ago, cprphd
I used to like this app until it got spammy
This was a very simple and useful app for a long time until recently, when I started to receive a lot of annoying and unprofessional advertising on it. I don’t really mind ads in general, as I know they need to make money, but the way they are implementing advertising on this app results in an unacceptable use experience. Two recent examples come to mind: (1) I received a survey invitation in the app to weigh in on building the wall between the US and Mexico. The survey itself was strongly biased toward one particular point of view, and wasn’t really a scientific survey or poll intended to get true public sentiment, so I found it annoying to go through, knowing the results would not be used fairly. And (2) Today, I received an interstitial ad with uninitiated audio, which means that music started to play for an ad as I open the app without any ability to control to stop it for a period of time. This is totally unacceptable advertising on any digital platform, except perhaps if you’re visiting a site or app where you expect uninitiated audio, like a movies review site/app. I am an expert in user experience, advertising online, and design, and I can tell you from years of experience and tons of data that this will make users extremely annoyed. It does not work as an effective form of advertising in the long run. Therefore, I am deleting this app from my phone and seeking alternatives.
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2 years ago, Bernie Fyre
So far so good
I'm a long term user of a different tide app called TideApp. A bit ago their update took away a lot of functionality making it no better then a tide table. A new search for a better app lead me here. So far so good. Accuracy is good and there are a bunch of other thinks like moon phase and local weather in this app. Although this app lacks the ability to know the height of the tide at any time, (so I can know when its deep enough to put my boat in) not just at high and low, the graph is moveable to line up with the edge of the screen so you can figure it out. Overall this has easily replaced my prior app for tides. Glad they are there. If they put in functionality of using you'd finger to move along the graph to see height at any time I would even go pro and pay $ to remove ads or whatever.
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3 years ago, Neville T Chompington
Awesome tool XCEPT for the absurd Qanon ads
This has been a very useful tool when kayaking on my local river which has a strong tidal effect. It’s also nice to be able to check the state of the tides when planning an outing to the ocean. What i really hate about this app is the advertising they push at you about every fourth time you open it. I get that it’s free, and i fully expect to be shilled to on a free bit of software, but the advertising is almost exclusively loud volume hyper conservative “financial planning” advice. During the abysmally embarrassing tRump years this app bombarded you with loud bombastic ads like “do you love tRump more than jesus and are democrats satan” like ridiculously over the top survey type questions. I would just close out the app and reopen it and the ad would be gone but the sudden Q-Anon conspiracy announcements could be embarrassing. Although clearly designed by extremists this app uses publicly owned tidal stations to present very useful information to those of us who love the water.
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7 years ago, BillyRainbow
Inaccurate data
I have to reconsider my low rating. I checked the app again this morning and now the tide data is accurate. I don't know if this was a one time glitch or what. So for now the app is working fine and is great for showing sun and moon data as well as tied data accurately and attractively. So disregard my initial review below for now. I can't give this app any credibility at all. It looks good on the surface but the tide data is wrong. It's nearly a full moon and the tides are close to 2.5 feet in Honolulu but the app is showing them at 1.5 feet, and an hour earlier than every other source, including NOAA. In addition, I live right on the water and surf every day and am clued into the tidal heights and times myself. This app gives fake news or, as the Russians used to call it, disinformatsia. So I used it for a day and realized it was really worthless.
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2 years ago, ScarletSand
Best app for tides—I live on the beach. It’s my go-to app.
Fir me, this is the go to tide chart. It’s by far the easiest one to read, and to gauge wave heights, comparing the chart with previous experience I’ve had with tides of those levels. Most of my friends use this chart, too. It is graphically simple, easy to use, and not complicated. The graph is open, not barrow and crushed. It sort of looks like a wave, itself. I appreciate this feature because I can see how many feet it will be at roughly-5-min to half-hour intervals, if I want to break it down like that. I waited a long time to review this app but have never been steered incorrectly. I hope the owners of it do not start messing with the formula. It is PERFECT as it is!
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5 years ago, hzm1016
I like it but the UI has some clumsiness.
I live on the coast and I use it all the time. But the user interface has a couple of “features” that the designers may have thought were clever or inventive but that are really just clunky and annoying. As you slide the daily graph from side to side it snaps to a midnight-to-midnight position. Maybe someone likes it, but I don’t and I wish there was s setting to turn this off and just let me position it wherever I want. Related improvements would be to allow adjusting the scale by pinching and allowing rotating the screen into landscape. Also, you can tap a spot on the graph and it will mark that point and label it with the time and tide height. But is very clumsy to move it. It should let you slide a cursor smoothly along the graph and display the time and height as you slide it.
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5 years ago, BakerBrian
Great App!
I live in an area where the tidal range averages 8 feet. At certain times, you cannot go places by boat. This app very accurately describes the the tides in such an easy to read format that takes all of the guesswork out of trip planning . It’s a must have for all boaters! One feature I would like to see is the ability to choose the area to study, rather than just “nearest,” and maybe that’s a paid feature, but there have been times when I needed to know what the tide was at my house, but was closer to another body of water, so it only shows me that one, not my home. Other than that, this is the very best tide charting app ever seen.
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3 years ago, GalacticJungleKitty
Tides & Moon phases at you fingertips🌙🌎🌊
I so love this app for many reasons. Living in Costa Rica you need to know the tide for everything. I first started using it for fishing. Then it was when I have the widest beach for full days of fun with my wolfpack and friends. Surfing, paddle boarding or building sand castles. Hunting for driftwood and other beach and river treasures, this app reads where I’m at and gives me the skinny on when I should start getting to the tidal water. Then the moon phases are excellent for cleansing my crystals, let alone prepping for full moon events. Knowing the moon phase is so important for planting or just howling at the moon.
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3 years ago, Tilombe
Good at home or traveling
Have used this app for over a year now, both for our local beach in Kachemak Bay and when traveling by sailboat to Prince William Sound without internet. I’m impressed by the storehouse of tide data for what seems to me like obscure locales in many-faceted Prince William sound. I actually had more detailed tide data available with this app than existed on an older Garmin chart plotter that was part of the Pilot house. I particularly like that you can ascertain the exact tide height at any moment, now or in the future, rather than just the highs, lows and their times for the day.
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2 years ago, Hhaaaa
Cheap weather app
This weather app provides current weather and predictions. It could also offer tide height and long time series information. The price is cheap. Many other weather app asks for more than two dollars, while this one is only two dollars. The ads could be annoying for the free version. It is worth to spend two dollars for the paid version, so that the ads are removed. The screen space will be preserved and effectively used when ads are removed. Overall, well made app. Good job to the 7th gear. The brothers Ryan and Chris.
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5 years ago, prince_caspian5
Rad stuff
Owning a boat I realized that I needed to know when would be a good time to get out there. I started looking at different apps, but nothing really popped out at me until I found this one! Tides is pretty sweet, not only does it sense the nearest bossy of water to you ( and tells u it’s water level) it also has the weather for your location! What I love is that, say I needed to know if next Saturday would be a good sailing day, I can look that up and see! Other then the Annoying adds Tides is a wonderful app that I strongly recommend.
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1 year ago, CanyonMan22
Only tide app for Apple Watch!
This app can display a terrific little tide gauge on your Apple Watch. This is one of the most useful watch apps I have! However it doesn’t work as well as it used to: it’s no longer possible to switch between the different types of info displayed. Needs an update. The phone app works well too. A very small purchase removes the ads…I don’t know why other reviews say there not an ad-free option.
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5 years ago, Viking Son
An awesome app plus
Not only can you get the tides anywhere in graph or chart format the app tracks your position so your cell phone becomes a mini Plotter that is great for a quick location reference on the run. A multitude of pins give instant access to tide info in specific locations with one click. Everything you nee more. Oh and this all works w/o cell tower connectivity & with cellular data turned off. True story..I used this app from Blaine WA to Ketchikan, Alaska. Final destination Haines AK in upper Lynn Canal with Tides by my side.
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1 year ago, ladyrdhd
A must!
Throw away your tide book! This easy-to-read tide app is a must have for anyone who, like me, lives, works, or plays on the tidal waterways. It accurately shows the rise and fall of local tides for the workmen repairing my bulkhead or plumbers under my house, for example, so they can plan a window of time to get the jobs done before the tide covers the beach. The simple line graphs illustrate the rise and fall so anyone can understand it. I can’t live without it!
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3 years ago, Shaved monkey 02
Saved my life
Me and my girlfriend were holed up under a bridge with the waves nearly high enough to reach us. We were saying our final goodbyes when I remembered I had this app. I opened tides hastily, absorbing the data in the app. I realized the tide was finally going out, and we were indeed going to survive. It was a bit awkward after because we started confessing things we never thought we’d say? I mean we did think we were gonna die. Anyways, easy 5 stars in my book 👍
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2 years ago, dyiourcbjuyh
Ok until
I really love the app. Tide chart always seems right on. Have been able to set my lift when leaving and it being just where I need it to pull back in without adjusting it when docking. I don’t mind any advertising. We all need to make a living. BUT. I GOT ONE. THAT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE AN ADVERTISEMENT. IT LOOKED LIKE A IMPORTANT ISSUE FROM MY PHONE. It took up the whole screen and said I needed to do something now and push the link. No clue what they are trying to download on my phone. No company name or service. JUST A SCAM TO GET INTO YOUR PHONE. I emailed the company and asked that they pull that ad because someone will push the link. I now get that ad about every other time now. DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I’M DELETING MINE NOW.
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10 months ago, Uncle Wiz
Can’t fish without it
I fish the Puget Sound nearly year round and this app is a must for me. I fish in different areas and the app automatically shows the tides for the area you are fishing. The app also displays the weather and moon phases which are also important. I look at it every day before and during my trips and the easy to read RED LINE let’s you know exactly where the incoming or outgoing tide is currently. Great app.
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4 years ago, Single Malt 1
First check the tide
The City of Petaluma Marina is decades behind on dredging. That may some day change. So they say. Before I sail anywhere, I check the tides. I need at least 4’ of water. The tides are crystal clear. Graphics easy to understand. Touch the screen and get an instant time / height read out. Ebb- flow a cinch. I don’t want to fight the river. So I can easily predict the best time to head into San Pablo or SF or Carquinez Straight. The app brings up the right chart for location. No computations necessary.
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2 months ago, AdsAdsAdsandmoreAds
Ads Ads Ads
Last thing i want to see when i get on an app is a commercial for a beauty salon or some such thing…. If the ad was only 4 or 5 seconds then we can all endure, but on my iPad I tried to use it today and sat there waiting for the magic X to appear and gave up after too long a period., had to manually shut down the app and re-enter. Have enjoyed using this app but the ads are getting annoying. I’d rather pay more up front for the app rather than sit there waiting for an ad to finish each time i need to check the tide in my area.
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5 years ago, JohnHDouglas
Check the wind
OK for getting high and low tide timing, but app’s tide level MUST be taken with a grain of salt. Wind influence has to be taken into account, and this app does not do that. This morning in Charleston the app has high tide at 6.4 feet at my location, but we have an onshore wind and NWS predicts high tide of 7.4 feet. Still, I don’t know of an app that gives you the NWS prediction, so I still use this one. For an astronomical king tide (like today), check with NWS for an accurate forecast to avoid disaster
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11 months ago, RickyBobby0205
Love this app! It’s $1.99 to stop ads so stop complaining!
I use it all the time for tides, and just recently noticed it has the weather forecast too. I use it mostly for the tides though, and it’s always been accurate, with an easy to read chart. And to those complaining about ads, the app is $1.99. A small price to pay a small developer for such a useful app.
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4 years ago, Strick51
Best Tides app on watch
I’ve been using this app when I vacation on Cape Cod for morning swims. On the Apple Watch, it’s the best and most complete presentation of tides information I’ve found. It shows a simple graph of high and low tides, and shows tides well out into the future. The graphics on app on the iPhone are a bit clunky, more functional than pretty. Every year I look for a better tides app, but I haven’t found one yet. Pretty would get 5 stars from me. Unfair, maybe, but there’s room for improvement!
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3 years ago, J-haa
Intrusive ads
Great app, except that when you open it it sometimes plays video ads *with sound*, even when your phone is on silent. This is really intrusive, especially since I often check the app in the morning when my partner is still asleep. Practices like this actually make me less likely to subscribe/buy the pro version. I’ll just find another app. To the developer: please consider removing the ads with sound. This is a terrible user experience. At a minimum ads like this need to respect the silent mode switch.
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1 month ago, zdzdtreyhbvguk
Great App … but….
I like tides presented in this format. Easy to use and reliable. And I get it…. Free apps need ads. But these are awful. They pop immediately when you open the app and ,more often than not , there is no way to shut the add off without completely closing the app. Very annoying. Like annoying your potential customers is going to get them to buy your stuff. Likely just the opposite. Otherwise great app for tides.
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7 years ago, Beachcomber2
All you need to know
I am new to this app, I was using another but they no longer gave the actual high & low numbers just the times of each. Where we go to the beach it is critical to see just how high the tide numbers are due to the terrain. Anything over a 2 ft tide that beach is not accessible. So just seeing that the tide is low at 9 am isn't enough info. This app is perfect for our daily venture to the beach with the pooch! Thanks for the great app.
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7 years ago, ScootBMW_650
Best One So Far
I really like this app. It presents tide data in two formats: graphical and list. The best feature is the graph presents high tide and low tide based upon degrees of departure from sea level. The graph also shows the phase the moon is in at present. Why is this important? The moon controls the tide cycles on earth. I collect seashells and how low the tide is going to be is important in deciding which beach to visit. I use this app every day and highly recommend you download it.
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5 years ago, Coastal Hounder
Coastal Hounder
Wonderful, helpful app. Format and presentation of data is excellent! Clear, concise yet inclusive. Would give the fifth star if: 1. more locations on the OR coast we calculated, offered, displayed. There are similarities to using the 'old fashioned' paper tides book that mandated calculations performed by me. Exactly what I was trying to avoid. 2. Add sunrise, sunset, last light, first light times to the increased readings locations. The data is accurate, helpful and hopefully saves lives.
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6 years ago, SerenePaddler
Tide App Review
I love the hour by hour temp and wind direction and wind speed information, along with the tide chart info. Would be helpful to know which of the nearby tide stations would provide the most accurate tide predictions and be the closest “model “ to the tide behavior at our location. Versus just the “ closest “ geographically as the crow flies. And to more quickly see a map of the nearby tide reading stations. Use the app all the time . Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, flatspoon
Been using for years.
Just occurred to me I never reviewed the Tides app. It’s so good I just took it for granted. But just now I wanted to see tide charts for other areas, just opened the built in map and clicked. So intuitive, and accurate - having carefully watched our local tides perfectly match up with the predictions in this app for a few years.
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5 years ago, eatsurf
Good Watch Complications, but....
Good App and good watch complications for being out in the water surfing, EXCEPT the third line of text on the center text watch complication is practically unreadable out in the sun and surf. Dark gray on a black background is impossible to see under bright outdoor conditions. The time of the tide change is the most important tide data and should be prominent. Please change the text to white like the rest of the text and I’ll give it 5 stars. Thanks!
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2 years ago, junky22
Excellent app! Couldn’t live without it!
I live right near the Puget Sound, and live by this app for walking my dog! Also when we travel it automatically shows the tides wherever I am at. I love that you can look days and weeks ahead of time or at what the level will be at a particular time. I haven’t found a better app.
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11 months ago, Jozhen B
Disgusting ads
Before even getting into the app, I was shown an ad for a video game where a woman sitting on a park bench is assaulted by a man and after she slaps him, the ad simulates her getting raped (man jumps on top of her, pushes her to the ground in a sexual position, she screams). Thank goodness I didn’t open this app in front of my children; I was trying to look up the tides to see when I should take them tidepooling today. It’s absolutely gross that they would accept advertising money from this kind of game and show it to someone who downloaded an app for tides. I’ll be immediately deleting this.
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3 years ago, JKJLKKJKLJ
Crashes every other time
You watch the ad then it fades to black and you have to restart your device - a phone, an iPad, doesn’t matter - for the app to work again. It works about 40% of the time and is soo aggravating to use. Good data but so flawed in its presentation that it’s better to use other apps.
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2 years ago, Frankviews
Easy use, generally accurate
I like the app to plan my fishing trips but deleted it when it would go inexplicably black from time to time, making it unreliable. But it’s format and graphics are much better than others, so I’m giving it another chance. Hope it doesn’t fail me.
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6 years ago, misschatter
Watch widget gets stuck
I walk daily on a beach that can be blocked at or near high tide where the cliffs stick out. I love this app for the watch part of it. I put the widget on my watch face so I can see at a glance about where the tide is and if it is coming in or going out. On several occasions, however, the graphic in the widget gets stuck and doesn't move for days. I have to reboot my watch to reset it. The side to side scrolling on iPhone x is still a bit wonky too. Other than that, I love it!
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5 years ago, redf250
Versital App
I use this often to look at tide levels and times when I volunteer at Fort Sumter in Charleston SC harbor. I often get questions from visitors about tides and can show them with this very easy to understand graph. I also like it’s weather feature and the location option that allow me to see tidal levels in areas that I travel around the area.
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2 years ago, Sailor 10
Watch app hard to read
I would give this app 5 stars if I could see on the Apple Watch the red low tides numbers on the black watch background in sunlight. There just isn’t enough contrast. Gee, I wish I could select my own colors. Other than this problem I think the app is great and would use it on my watch daily when on our boat (out in the sunlight, of course!). Hopefully a futures update will make the watch app more readable.
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6 years ago, ABNCFish
As good as it gets...
As a surf fisherman who occasionally competes in tournaments, some 24 hours a day for several days and more, this app is invaluable. I usually fish the incoming tide to high tide and regardless of where I’ve been, this app has always been spot on. It helps with developing strategies to maximize the best fishing opportunities especially when fishing through several days at a time. Thanks
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5 years ago, Happy tidewatcher
Accurate, simple and informative!
I happen to live close to a small bay that often gets confused with another waterway that is not subject to as severe tide fluctuations. Not only does the app recognize the differences (others did not) but it is quick, accurate simple to use and provides all the information I need. I use it daily!
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1 month ago, YOLO2C
Used to be good.
If you look at recent reviews you will see that ratings have trended down. Mine now is included. The adds have become really intrusive. At times the only way to close them is to power down my IPad, restart and turn off Wi-Fi before opening the app. I have used it for many years which is why I stuck with it. But this recent requirement to shut down my iPad to get past the adds is just wrong. I suppose it is time to move on.
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1 month ago, WPNS
Works great! Beware ads! iPad Pro not so much...
On my iPhone7+ this works perfectly. Just played a video telling me my phone was infected: • Skip video Super Cleaner 4.3 App Store GET Oakland 65° LIND Your device memory is full! If this problem is not resolved within two minutes, the system will be delete all your contacts and photos, and the SIM card will be damaged 1 minutes 9 seconds How to clean storage Step 1: Click the Clean Memory button below; Step 2: You wil be redirected to the App Store; Step 3: Install the PowerfulCleaner app, open it and run the cleaning procedure Clean Memory News TV Podcasts App Score Maps Health Wallet Settings On my iPad Pro 12" it's showing the wrong data and a different UI.
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3 years ago, DrFriendly
Get tides, past, present & future
Simple, and easy to use. Only improvements I would like would be the ability to zoom on tide graph, and the ability to download tide information (esp. in .csv form) would be amazing. But sadly, occasional full-page ads with no visible minimize button (so you can’t go past them) make this app useless sometimes, so now I have to find some other information source...
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2 years ago, AnjanT
Very clean user interface with useful Tides info.
Friendly user interface. This app does very well for what it is designed for - forecasts Tide and Weather 24x7. Sometimes we go to the beaches to get seaweeds for garden composting. This app helps us to plan time to visit the beaches after high tide that may have dumped a supply of seaweeds on the shores.
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7 years ago, CathyBaber
Has the info but sometimes hard to find.
I really like the app, I love the things that it tells me and its capability. It's not real user-friendly and it's a little hard to find some of the information you're looking for. Somehow I (unknowingly) or the app added several locations and I still have yet to figure out how to delete them. I live on the water so it's a necessity to us.
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5 years ago, WDW1Fanatic
Best for Apple Watch
Without a doubt, this is my favorite app for use on any and all Apple Watch complications. Works fine with iPhone. Great technical support and responsiveness to resolve a watchOS 6.0 compatibility issue. Only real concern is it simply fails with iPad and won’t even display any useful information in even compatibility mode, which forces me to use another Tides app on my iPad vs iPhone & Apple Watch where Tides is my ONLY choice.
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4 years ago, Nerka1925
Great tide app
I often need to know the tide level at specific hours of the day. The app provides an informative detailed graph that provides what I need. Easy to set up favorite locations. The ipad version does not yet provide a landscape view but a very quick reply from the developer indicated it will soon show both portrait and landscape views.
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5 years ago, GF8000
Works well, useful info
Overall works very well. Able to select/save multiple sites and see weather up to 24+hrs in advance. Weather info includes wind speed and direction, which combined with tides is a great tool for paddling planning. Also links with Apple Watch which provides necessary info for quick glances on tides.
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7 years ago, Searching for Agates
Beach Comber
I've been using this app for over a year now. I'm an avid beach comber rock hunter, I've been known to hike out three plus miles and back. This app helps me find minus tide days, but while I'm out it also helps me keep track of where the tide is at the moment and the weather. I'm still adjusting to the update but it's still one of my favorite apps.
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2 years ago, Seattle_Sundowner
Best Apple Watch Tides app
Best graphics, free, and works well on the Apple Watch. The only tricky part, which i literally discovered this morning, is if you want to switch watch graphics from the line graph to the ocean view w/ the little fishes, just long press on the graph screen, and choices will pop up!
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