Tides Near Me

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Shelter Island Mapping Company, LLC
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tides Near Me

4.81 out of 5
129.5K Ratings
3 years ago, wmrubel
Easy to read, tables.
Tide tables rise and fall on their tables. What you get with this app are tables that are easy to read. What can I say? It also using ones location to offer the tide tables where you are when you open it. For example, fly from California to London and then open the tide table and you will see the London Thames River tides at various points, like the London Bridge. This is useful information, even for a tourist, because during low tides there are large beaches - the one the the Globe Theater, for example — that you can walk down to. If you then walk to the water water you are likely to find artifacts, like ceramic pipe stems, pipe bowls, bits of pottery, glass, and metal. Roman and Medieval artifacts can be found — but you are sure to find bits of pottery and pipes from the 18th and 19th centuries. This app is like craigslist. Plain looking. Works flawlessly.
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4 years ago, Funderb
Best tides and currents app available.
I’ve been using tides near me for several years now. It has been reliable, accurate, and most importantly, easy to use for planning fishing days, boat trips, and even dock building days. It gives you a simple user interface to check tides and currents from real data stations in your area. It’s been a clutch app for planning arrivals and departures in a way to avoid arriving in the face of countercurrents that can make a normal day an upstream fight. Even with the free version, ads are unobtrusive and fit aesthetically in the simple design. (Which hasn’t changed much in years and why would it? It’s great.) This is a 5 star app for its design. Others fall short of its simplicity and efficiency. Note: I was not encouraged or incentivized in any way to write this review.
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3 years ago, Yonsider
Beachcomber’s Guide
I use this app daily to check high and low tide and how strong they will be. I can also use it to see the conditions in other areas to plan a trip. It doesn’t work as well internationally since fewer locations are available. I wish it would allow long term checks to see the strongest tides over the course of the year. I’m not sure if it figures in the effects of wind speed and direction, or shifts in offshore currents. I use another app for wind, and one to determine phases and nearness of the moon. It would be great if this app could sends alerts for ideal conditions at selected locations.
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7 years ago, mate1600
Daily use by professional mariner
Great app. Generally reliable. As a professional mariner I use this app mainly for the currents information. As far as I know there are not many tide apps that also include currents. I would gladly pay for this app if a couple of improvements were made. 1: allow user to establish a list of their favorite current/ tide stations for quick reference instead of having to search/ scroll through listings. 2. The map feature should show all the reference stations not just those nearby. A user could quickly select their desired station by going to the map instead of again scrolling through the lists by country and state. Otherwise, simple and effective. I use it daily working aboard tugs in New England.
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2 months ago, Moteaux
Didn't work for me
I downloaded to read tides for OW swimming. This app was highly rated so I tried. Downloaded the app, accepted location while using and started the steps to find rides near me. My country was not listed. I searched for well known areas in Oman and by Oman only and no results. I selected searching by map and the names are in Arabic. Fine, I live in the Middle East but no way to change them on the map. I tried to zoom in on some potential areas but the map was not helpful at all and gave no information. I never did see a single table. Would it have been in Arabic anyway? I don't know. I tried clicking on the support button the settings section and it was non-responsive. Overall at this point, the app has been of no use to me and I have been unable to get any support and can't recommend it.
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8 years ago, Low-tide Walker
This is a wonderful app!!!
I have tried several apps for watching tides and weather, but I keep returning to this one as my favorite pick. It is very dependable and helpful whether I want to walk the beach or my husband wants to watch the tides/weather/waves for fishing trips. I would highly recommend trying this app. It's free, so what have you got to lose to give it a try??? You can always uninstall if you're not satisfied ... But I don't think you will once you see how great it works! Great app! ... 'Nuf said!!!
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8 years ago, Yurtlelynn
Always dead on
We live on the Delaware River and apparently there's a ride station very close to my house in Edgely, PA. And so the times it says it switches, is about to the minute. We really do count on this app a lot. My man builds sea walls and can only bring his machine (backhoe) down onto the beach to work on it, say, to lay a row of huge blocks that will form the wall, during super low tide and only for a little window at a time. We always use this app to plan out the strategy. Hasn't let us down yet!
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5 years ago, HH Dog Crazy
Helps me plan my trips to the beach
I have dogs that I take to the beach every day. On warm days when they can swim, the tides don’t matter as much. But when it is cool and I don’t want to wash dogs I aim for low tide and keep them away from the ocean. It also helps in planning our beach trips when it is tourist season to keep the dogs as far away from beach goers as possible. Some people just don’t like wet sandy dogs. Love the app and use it every day.
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11 months ago, xX-ADR12308-Xx
Not very accurate lately…
For the third time in a row this app has failed me. I’ve been using this app for years for fishing in high tide down at the FL Keys but as of late is not reliable. It shows the time the tide is supposed to start being high but we have arrive at the fishing spot 1-2 hours early and high tide is already in and low tide kicks in way earlier than shown. Last fishing trip was wasted and we only enjoyed 1-1 and a half hour max of high tide when we were supposed to have at least 6. Using other apps in the meantime. Hopefully whatever is wrong gets fixed.
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2 years ago, ALASKAUK
My Go To
I’ve been using this app for at least five years now. It’s so simple and easy to use and gives me just what I need -which is tide high and low times. The only thing I would like that would make it better would be if it would go further out than a week. Not being able to see the tides past a week makes it tough to make decisions that are very far away regarding travel. Five stars is length of time is increased!
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3 years ago, Car in NC
What time today should I walk the beach? I answer this question with this great Ap since walking at high tide is annoying. Also I use this Ap to know the exact time of sunset! I can therefor plan the visit to a good location to view. Recently I used this to view areas affected by the King Tide. While visiting any coastal area, I use this Ap many times each day! Totally awesome!
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8 years ago, CY from IB
Awesome app
Just want to say thank you!!!! I live close to the beach and sometimes do my walk partially on the beach. Because of bad knees I need to have accurate knowledge of local tides. I also recently took up kayaking and tides are also very important for where I go. This app gives me accurate tide times and sunrise and sunset times. All very important for my exercise routine. I really could not ask for anything better!!!
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4 years ago, Kw123789
Know the tide when you need it!
This allows you to know the tide conditions for your time on or near the water. Now, later in the day or later in the week. You need to invest a little time to understand the station that represents where you are going to be. Once done you can always known the tide conditions.
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3 years ago, martisumas.
Timing is everything
On a recent trip to the Pacific NW I couldn’t decide which I liked better. The violent waves as they slammed against the massive rocks close to shore spraying a mist all over me during High tide or Low tide and a chance to explore the tide pools and the complete eco system living in them. Either way, I never missed a high or low with this handy app.
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6 years ago, Savy Gran
Indispensable App When Traveling
Discovered this app while in Hawaii last month. Spot on here in Mexico this week. Told folks all day yesterday to take heed of big surf coming about 9:00 PM. Those who didn’t believe that such a calm flat sea would rise up, are the ones hunting for their beach furniture this morning. Truly indispensable for any traveler who is serious about surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, or fishing.
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8 years ago, BayEnt
Love this app. High tide at my beach nearly covers it all, while low tide turns it into a huge beach with lots of room to cruise for hours -- if the next high tide doesn't come in to cut off the bike route. And tides at my beach change every day, sometimes 2 high 1 low, or the opposite, or 1 of each during the daytime. This app is so accurate I can plan my days around it!
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4 years ago, Sisu Klister
Easy, Accurate
Mostly I use Tides Near Me for local conditions here on Cape Cod for shell fishing and shoreline access. The locations on the website are positioned so that I can figure out places that are not specifically listed with some confidence. I’ve also used Tides Near Me on the West Coast. Its format is clear and it’s and easy to use. The only weakness is that you cannot advance the data farther into the future than a couple of weeks.
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9 years ago, Sharpie9
Very handy
Shows all small craft landings in my area, and gives phases of moon, rise and set of sun and moon, all very useful in planning outings, since water is very shallow at dead low on king tides, and many small bridges flood at high on a king, closing roadways. I live in the Lowcountry in South Carolina, and will use this app on a rainy day if I have to go into Charleston, which 9 times out of 10 will flood in places on any high tide.
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6 months ago, TheOleGringo
Best info sight
I have had 3 friends that I talked into subscribing to your site it gives all the necessary info for planning on where and how I will fish, not to mention how great the stored pics of a fishing trip is giving All the pertinent information on past trips as well as gps location. Biggest bang for the buck .
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5 years ago, kaiodydave
From a five star to a one star
This was my go to app for tides on the mouth of the Columbia River. Here in Astoria we go from ocean to river in short mileage, with tide changes over an hour difference in these short miles. This app changed about a week ago I can’t find half the tide stations that I had. Making this almost impossible to use.
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8 years ago, Jim5328
Highly Recommended!
Often I am disappointed with apps but this one truly delivers. I am a rower and I use the app every week to decide best conditions for rowing. Having the magnitude of the tide shown is very helpful -- if too low or too high I can plan my row a few hours ahead of or after a particular tide. Always accurate. Great app!
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3 weeks ago, Hudhfjfhcdgjh
The greatest tide app EVER
Download this app…. Guaranteed you will learn tides in an easy visual format…: then you dominate at fishing …. Post a picture of you fishing… maybe even holding a fish. Bamm! Here come the ladies. Women love pictures of chubby guys holding bass. Triggers something at the dna level. It’s sciences. All starts with this app. Then it’s baby making time.
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8 years ago, Chikimama
Nothing after Saturday?
It's an ok app if you never want to find out about other locations near you. But I found no way to enter a different beach/location that wasn't on the list. Also, it's Saturday today, & I want to know what tide levels are for next week. Not happening. I suppose that's because the app only shows "the week." So if I'd like to know about tomorrow & later, I can't plan it until tomorrow (Sunday) is here. Had to go online to find the info that I wanted. Kind of messes up the reason for the app.
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6 months ago, Juan Mocast
Feeding Time This is a valuable tool for data driven decisions.
These accurate tide times help determine best tidal flow for optimal feeding times for specific fish targets. Another tide app now comes on for 5 seconds and then throws up an ad.I liked the chart that was presented but it’s not worth the tease. It makes me appreciate you more.
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3 years ago, Lockwoods Folly
Thank You
When you live on the Intracoastal Waterway and own a boat, accurate tide information is a necessity!! Thanks for keeping us safe. Tides Near Me has kept us from joining the “been aground” club. Nothing worse than wasting a beautiful day stuck on a sandbar waiting for the next high tide.
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8 years ago, Skyrider8
Key app for this kayaker
I'm addicted to kayaking. I have 5 kayaks. I kayak in the Salish Sea most weekends of the summer. I do at least one kayak camping trip each year. This is my go-to app for tides and currents. The weekly view is usually what I go to immediately. The tide tables, and, this app, have saved my life multiple times. This app gives you the data. I am so grateful!
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4 years ago, always falling
Easy interface, decent information
The information is generally accurate, however I live near the end of an estuary and there is a delay between shoreside high and low tide and actual high and low near my location. That said, it is a handy app when traveling near the shore.
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4 years ago, YoBobby
I sit near the ocean waves as close as I can to remember all the fun of my youth playing near , in , and on the Ocean.... digging for clams, lying in the hot sand after a good series of body surfing waves, fishing in the surf and sailing. Now I sit and reflect on all of my memories while watching others experience the joys of the ocean. The “Tides” app helps me to place my chair so I don’t get washed away.
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7 years ago, Markflyer737
I live on water front in Puget Sound. The, "old way", was to look at the Tide Calendar and then put in a factor of plus minutes. This app is spot on and so easy. Gives you SRSS too. Always works. Never glitches. Only thing I wish it had was a graph presentation - like a Tide Calendar.
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9 years ago, Bud in Edmonds
Use it all the time to plan my day, whether it's a beach walk, a crabbing trip or just checking, because I'm curious. Use it while traveling which is especially helpful, when I don't speak the language, because it gives me a kind of local knowledge that's hard to get otherwise.
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9 months ago, NIC202430
Best Tides App Out There
The reason I say this is I’ve been using this app for a while now and I have never had an issue with it never been wrong when I’m out on the water I can always count on it I would highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, TENNIS DEBSTER
Quick great response
I had trouble connecting one time and the website person responded immediately. Nice to be able to work with someone so responsive ! Love being able to plan around the tidal changes!
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5 years ago, Bud banzai
Losing quality
This used to be a great app. It used to be within like 10-15 minuets of the tide. Now since the first of the new year it’s been between an hour to two and a half hours off. I dont know what happened but I wish they’d fix it! Also there should be a place to punch in a place to look up on a map to look at instead of having to actually drive to the spot you’d like to know about
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3 years ago, WeatherWatchingGeek
No connection
I use this app daily for several locations. It has far more info than just the time for high and low tides. Right now, it does not work at all though. I just get an error message on the app start page saying no connection (on both my iPad and iPhone).
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3 years ago, Tmurf12
Works everywhere. I check when I’m traveling in Europe for instance and it’s great.
This app is great just for the sunset and sunrise info. I live near the water and it's good to know tides in stormy weather. I check several times a day just in case they change the sunset time. Love to walk the dog at sunset and it works all over the world.
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5 months ago, nernore
Can’t use it all the time because I don’t have cell service all the time
I don’t have cell service most of the time when I’m out in the boat so it’s back to the old Tide book but if I have self service I use this one. Thank you.
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5 years ago, noreviewsfrommepromise
Coastal Lover
We not only use the app for ourselves here at our place in Coastal Georgia, but all over the world. We just cruised around the world and without the app, we wouldn’t have been able to keep all of our fellow cruisers apprised of tidal conditions wherever in the world we were at the time. We recommend the app to people all the time. My wife and I both love it.
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9 months ago, RD. Dog
Great app…
This is the best tide app to me, hands-down… simple to use , I have programmed into the spots that I travel to. I can look them up in a quick glance. It’s very informative, and I have got a few friends even trying it out and they think it’s great to…
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6 months ago, Captain carlson
Best tide reports
Always s on the money with tide reports. As I live right on the Atlantic Ocean shore line beaches it is important to know especial during a NorEaster. Thank you!! Liv in North Wildwood NJ and survived the Storm of 1962 would have like to have this service back then. Sandy Storm was another bad one. Plus many Hurricanes.
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1 year ago, Cal O. Rie
Life on the beach
Your app is my road map to the beach. We plan on time on the beach based on the tides. Your app is easy to use and accurate. We can’t make a mistake with showing up at high tide and having to turn around and head home.
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4 years ago, SCFUmom
Incomplete versions
The desktop version only has the mouth of the Hudson River and the iPhone/iPad version that shows Riverdale (and other points) doesn’t show when Slack Tide is, only High and Low which can be gotten on 15 other Apps and sites.
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8 years ago, Astro Wanna-be
Very convenient
I love being able to instantly get information on local tides for today and all week. And not just tides - it provides sun and moon rise and set times as well. It is easy to find the same information for other locations as well.
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5 years ago, luckiejp
Wonderful App
This app has been so helpful to me when inquiring about tides for my fishing areas. It could not be faster and it blows away any other method of tide timing I’ve ever seen. I have not even explored everything it does yet but am about to find out. Goody! 10,000 Stars to the creators!!
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7 years ago, Bladewake
A great quick reference
We live on the water in Puget Sound. We aren't able to get to our boat easily when the tide is too low. Also, we need to turn our boat around when the tide is greater than a -2.5 ft. The rudder post on our sailboat could pound and be damaged by wave action.
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2 months ago, Nannapolis
I like using this no-frills app. The timings are accurate, and it's especially useful to go to the "week" view so you will get related weather stats. It's not buggy, but it seems there should be occasional updates for security so taking away one star for that.
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8 years ago, seeinspotscharters.com
Here on floridas nature coast knowing the tides is vital especially when we chase tailing redfish and snook in miles of back country mangrove creeks most of which get less than a foot deep at low tide "tides near me" is accurate to the minute and helps me schedule my trips for the right times my success on the water depends on the tides
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5 years ago, MEW752
Quite Handy
This app is handy for, as the name says, tides near your current location. It is not well suited to finding tides in some more distant location to which you might be traveling. That’s okay for me. What I wish the app included was tide height on the main page. As it is, you have to go to the multi-day page to get that.
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5 years ago, Minipearljam
Dummy’s like me.
Hey, Have to say I am not new gadget savvy. 61yrs old. Took me a while to understand the different menu’s. The part I really like is, you can set your favorite launch areas up then just click on that location. Every time I use this I find more interesting stuff.
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7 years ago, Kayak 24-7
Real Cool
Having to load 4 kayaks and equipment in my truck takes time. This app helps me put more time into kayaking by not having to research a good place to go. All the information I need is right there. Weather I want a lake, river, estuary, or the ocean. Just a few clicks and choose where I want to go.
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2 months ago, papazorz
Live in Two Locations
Use the tide charts all the time especially when working on my two boats and both docks one at Cape Cid MA and one in Marco Island FL.. Some activities require knowledge of high and low tides for access to boat lift and stationary docks and locations of shallow areas 👍
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