Time To Pet

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Sweet Spearmint Software, LLC
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Time To Pet

4.29 out of 5
170 Ratings
3 weeks ago, OD3SSA
Works well, big fan of the location tracker
I use this app for work and I like that the pet owners can see where I walked their dog or that I stayed at their home for the full duration of the visit. There's one tiny thing. On the main page under the schedule tab, at the top, there is a horizontal bar showing the days of the week. You can click the arrows or swipe to jump to the previous/next week. I wish this bar had a sliding effect instead of fully jumping to the next week so that I could better control which days are shown. I don't know why, it's very minor, but it drives me nuts lol. I also agree with other reviews saying it would be nice to see a list or monthly view of scheduled services instead of having to swipe through.
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4 years ago, emmm1996
Lifesaver as my business grew larger
The entire TTP software, including the app, have been wonderful for me since I started using them. My favorite part is that it’s a relatively small company, so when I write with questions or suggestions, the team is always quick to respond and very helpful. They take suggestions seriously, so if enough users are asking for a specific feature, they do what they can to make it happen. The app is great for keeping track of your schedule, handling client information, and communicating with clients. The two features I’m still hoping for are (1) A place to see all new/unopened messages. It’s a little annoying to get a notification that a client has messaged you, and then have to scroll all the way to the client’s name and then to their conversation to be able to see the new message. I’m always afraid I’ll miss one. New messages in one central location would be great. (2) Larger request, but the ability to do scheduling and approve/deny requests from the app. This would take much more time than the messages thing to implement, so I know we might not see it anytime soon. That’s okay.
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4 months ago, Misplaced Ads Ruin Everything
Be Mindful of your Data
The app collects a lot of data (addresses, emergency contacts, home access instructions, payment) and this is their deletion policy: “Time To Pet is a very complicated cloud-based system. Because entities in Time To Pet are so interconnected (one client may be connected to staff members, events, pets, custom rates, services, and more), permanently deleting individual items can lead to breaking some of those connections and can cause unexpected errors in your system. Marking a staff member, a client, or a service as inactive will essentially delete them (as they will not have any access to your system) without the risk of breaking a connection. However, we can permanently delete all data from your account. If you would like us to do this, please contact Time To Pet support.” Any service that self-describes as “complicated” should send up a red flag. You can email support and request deletion, which takes 7-10 business days. Just important context to be aware of. The app also allows companies to require credit cards be kept on file. But the invoicing and billing systems are still handled manually behind the scenes which can lead to human errors including double billing. Companies may like this app, but from a user standpoint it’s clunky (doesn’t just list your scheduled services; you must swipe to the month), allows companies more control of data than users, and requires extra steps to manage your own data. Wouldn’t recommend.
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3 weeks ago, Come, Sit & Play
Great software and company!
I have been using this software for a year now and love it. We just started our services last year and I actually started with a different software, but quickly changed when I found TTP. So glad I did! So easy for my other sitters to use. I love that as the admin I can oversee what’s going on with all my sitters. The clients love it as it’s easy and convenient for them to use and they love the reports. I especially appreciate how helpful the company is if I have a problem, but I rarely have to contact them because they have done such a great job creating easy to find and follow videos that walk me through most any questions I have!! They are always working to make upgrades and improvements. I highly recommend this software for any sitters!
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6 years ago, Hank azaria
I wanted to create my own app for my company
And I went to my cousin who has an idea on why it would take. It was clear that in order to do everything I wanted it would be a huge undertaking. And then this app came along and it does everything I want. It Gps and time tracks. It integrates the schedule and the invoice. It allows me to send messages and photos to clients and for them to communicate back through the app or email. They’re quick to fix issues and seem keen to improve the app regularly. When I first started my company I was writing my schedule in my notes app and sending it to my walkers via text. I was invoicing using a free clunky invoicing program clearly not made for my company. I was leaving “report cards” for the dogs which were little slips of paper with some info on the walk that were mostly just thrown away or left near the doorway. I was uploading photos to Facebook. Time to Pet makes most of those things unnecessary. I love it. On one hand I want to shout about it to all the dog walking companies out there because I want Time to Pet to thrive. On the other hand I don’t want my competition to touch it because it’s a genuine leg up in many ways over whatever else they may use.
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1 year ago, Alwayshome63
Game Changer!
We’ve used this software since 2015. The excitement we had to offer this to our clients was appealing to us. It saves us so much time because it frees us up from everything that has to do with scheduling, oncme, oayroll, staff. The upgrades they’ve added and keep adding and improvements to this app is always a big plus. They listen and make the changes. Still things that are not perfect. Bit, overall we think it’s a game changer and would highly recommend it to anyone whether your a sole proprietor or highly staffed it makes your company next level and the clients love it! Get it now and see what a difference it makes in your business with a small monthly fee. Your welcome.
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1 year ago, Smol Potat Wrangler
Medication and map sections could use improvement
This is a great app overall but could use MUCH improvement in the medication section. Ideally, clients would enter their cat’s medication instructions in AM, PM, and/or anytime sections and babysitters would see ONLY the medication instructions for the time slot(s) they are assigned to and not the others. This would not only provide a standardized medication section that would force the clients to be specific as to when the medication(s) should be administered, it would show ONLY the medications that apply to each visit (AM, PM, anytime) for the sitters. This is a critical part of the app that should be more robust for the safety of the animals we serve. Also, it would be great if the app could provide sitters with a map of all their pinned visits for the day so their could route efficiently.
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6 years ago, JBaconBitts
Easy to use! 70 year client loves it!
I operate a concierge pet care business and this has been a game changer for the company. Managing clients, sitters, and pets is seamless and no one is forgotten. I worried the change would be transition would be difficult for some of my less tech savvy clients but have received overwhelmingly positive feedback on TTP ease of use and even my senior (70 yr old!) loves it!. The GPS tracked updates and photos for clients are a great way to live update traveling pet owners that miss their pets as visits are happening and ensure that sitters are performing visits as scheduled. It helps the company take our service to another level and provide peace of mind. The support from TTP is very responsive and they implement improvements and updates based on feedback.
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2 years ago, Rate Macy's app 556677
New User
I just starting using Time To Pet! It is a great pet caregiver software. However, I would like to see you add the option to select all day option to the trip tool when scheduling overnight pet sittings. I schedule a large number of pet sittings that include overnight and day care it would be helpful if in the trip tool I could select all day vs having to schedule them for all day and all night. I can’t figure out how to bypass this. It’s very cumbersome and clogs up my entire calendar and makes it difficult to see my walks and drop ins for other clients.
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2 years ago, Samster05
Lifesaver for growing businesses
As my business is quickly getting bigger and busier, Time To Pet has been essential to keeping track of everything. It’s very intuitive for both my clients and staff. The only thing that really annoys me is that I have to go to an outside payroll company just to keep track of what to pay my hourly manager. Meanwhile, I don’t need to do this with my sitters whom I pay by the visit. Why?? Anyway…they are adding new features all the time and they do listen to their customers on what’s needed most, so I give them a lot of credit for that. The team is also highly responsive if you have questions or issues.
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2 years ago, Mys18
FINALLY! A Solution!
I had been searching for a software for YEARS that would allow me the freedom to schedule, invoice and communicate like we always had WITHOUT forcing an entire new way to do things. Okay, I admit - I’m very picky. But I don’t have time to not be. And Time To Pet rose to the occasion (and my outlandish expectations). I could ramble on about every feature and why it’s so great but what it all boils down to is that this software was made BY pet sitters FOR pet sitters. You can see it in every detail. My favorite thing is every thing about it. Thank you, Time To Pet. You have saved my business and, most importantly, my sanity.
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3 years ago, Silverabyss
Loving this app!
I don’t usually leave reviews. But I have to say this app is a lifesaver. It took me some time to get used to how it works but once you learn it it is an absolutely amazing tool to have! I would be lost without some of the features available. The schedule is easy to read/review, clients gain easy access to their profiles while not only being able to communicate with me but also put in requests. My phone doesn’t blow up from a bombardment of texts now either. As I grow I also have the inexpensive option to add employees to it which is definitely a must for the near future.
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1 week ago, 98EMJ
Your Companion’s Guardian (pet care company) in PA uses this app. It is terrific! So well-rounded. Easy to learn and use. Connects both clients and workers. Easy to manage and move stuff around. Information can be updated at anytime. An amazing app to have when running a company. Support team available too. Appreciate the zoom class on how to use the app too because you were able to ask questions and see how the app works. Free trail available so you don’t feel forced to purchase right away and get to learn/see if it’s a good fit. Everything I was looking for. Always improving too.
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2 years ago, Jscarps_16
Amazing app! Can use this feature thou…
Working for a small business and this app is amazing to use with it! The only feature I would love to request is Apple Watch support. It would be amazing to have this app in a smaller form factor where I can at least start and stop the timer and therefore on my walks all I have to do is glance at my watch and it’ll show how much time is left. Maybe even show a preview of the next walk? I feel like there’s a lot of potential for an Apple Watch app version of this. Otherwise keep up the amazing work!
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5 months ago, Mutts on the Move WI
Very pleased with this app
I launched my own business this summer and struggled with how to organize all the ins and outs of logistics. When I found this app I was pleasantly surprised how many working parts it could assist in versus having to reinvent the wheel on my end as it’s my first business. They offer support as much as you need and my clients have said it’s quite user friendly. I would recommend this to other pet service providers!!
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1 year ago, JohnW_1125
Wonderful service
Can’t recommend these folks enough. App is very user friendly. Prices are reasonable. Quick responses to requests and questions. The people are really nice, clearly care lots about the animals, and always give great updates. They are also super accommodating. I’ve had to make last minute changes and it’s never been an issue. I hate leaving my cat but I’m never worried when it comes to TTP because I know she’s in great hands.
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7 months ago, Stan Mures
Scam alert
This app allows the dog walker to withdraw money from your card without your permission. I had the unfortunate experience of hiring a dog walker that decided to withdraw $850 from my credit card. When I contacted Time to Pet they didn’t even bother asking me my name or who the dog walker was. I attempted to provide them this information and the person that answered had little interest in what occurred. So if you do decide to use this app at least refuse to put a card on file and pay another way. I eventually got the charges reversed but it was a bit difficult to explain because the prior charges were legit. So I’d stay away.
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1 year ago, JDomecq
Love this service!
I decided to try this service when I realized that my pups, particularly my Great Danoodle, needed more socialization with strangers. As in not overwhelming them with exuberant puppy joy. Time to Pet has exceeded my expectations. My pups are better at greeting visitors and walking on leash and as a much appreciated bonus, they are pretty tired when I get home. We’ve enjoyed this service so much that we’ve booked two dogless trips 😅💪
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2 years ago, Minecraft guy 77
Great App
This is a great app for dog walking! I agree with the most recent view that there should be some sort of collaboration with Apple Watch! While walking dogs is fun you still always have to keep an eye on whats in front of you and not constantly checking the timer on your phone! It would be awesome if we could see the timer or some sort of data on the Watch!
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3 years ago, LeilaniWest
My go to
Love TTP the customer service is great, anytime I may have an issue I email them and they fix it! Over time it’s gotten so easy to use and they come out with new useful functions quite often. My clients really like it as well as they can book themselves, see reports and pics, talk to the sitters and get invoiced and pay through it. They all say how professional it is. Very happy using TTP!
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6 years ago, Apuck91
I’ve loved the convenience of everything. Having everything in one place has made life easier. The only thing i would change is that I cannot look at/approve requests from the app on my phone. I have to go through a web browser, which is a pain if I’m out in the road and don’t have access to my laptop. The full website on my phone is too difficult to use on a small screen.
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2 years ago, damngina1111
We love TTP!
Owner of Mindful Pets here, I've been using TTP for the past two years, and love it ! It's been a great addition to my business , allowing me to spend less time on scheduling/ invoicing and more time on the things I love. Thank you Time to Pet for always adding new features, updating the software, and taking client feedback into consideration, I can't recommend their service enough!
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4 years ago, Guardian_Pet
Love it! And so do our clients.
Time to Pet was the best choice for us when we decided to upgrade systems a few years ago. The ease of use with the app has created an increase in client communication between both staff and the office. Clients can book, view and pay their invoices all on the app. They can send us messages whenever they need too and they love the photos too. Great choice for any pet business.
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3 years ago, Laura367
Seriously Amazing!!
Time to pet was the single best thing I did for my business. It keeps me organized, I can never miss a visit, my clients love the updates and there’s so many different features like financial and client reporting/tracking. It also keeps track of what I need to pay my sitters so all I have to do is send a number to my payroll company. It’s honestly amazing!!
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3 months ago, Jill Lloyd Flanagan
Battery usage is insane on this app
This actually isn’t a bad dog walking all compared to some I’ve used which are insanely buggy. My main complaint is that it really drains my phone battery and I get messages from the app constantly telling me to turn it to always allow location sharing instead of while using which is really obnoxious. These two issues aren’t that bad but together they add up to a major annoyance
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6 years ago, Shdkdyebkd
Getting better everyday
Ttp is very responsive and always coming out with new updates. I like that they allow suggestions and make changes based on our feedback. I think the app and the people behind it have the potential to make it very robust and I’m looking forward to everything unfold. Thus far I’ve been very happy with their service and technology. Thank you ttp!
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1 year ago, hullothisismee
Good but needs UI improvement
It was perfect for when I was signed up for 1 dog service, but it does not appear to give the option of switching between 2 services without having to sign in and out each time which can be annoying.
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3 years ago, fireboltames
Great for scheduling and payments
This has been a life saver for my one woman show dog walking and pet sitting business. I’m able to communicate with clients, take payments, schedule, and the clients can schedule on their own, and make payments. I’ve used a different platform, and it just wasn’t very user friendly. TTP makes things easier. And my clients like that it has an app and desktop!!
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10 months ago, TXDonnaM
Highly Recommend!
I’ve been in the pet sitting business since 2007 and had previously used another software. Switching to TTP was the best choice I have ever made. The support staff is awesome and made the transition a breeze! It offers so much and the ease of use for my sitters and clients has been wonderful. Hands down the best decision I made for my business.
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2 years ago, Joyea
Modern Day Technology
TTP, is constantly making improvements for better user experience, which keeps them current with their competitors. Both mobile app and desktop are very user-friendly. Customer service is always quick when reaching out. Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, Bhammie85
It's buggy and could be more intuitive
As a client who uses this with my dog walkers, it is definitely better than using their website from my phone (definitely not responsive), but there are bugs. Sometimes my scheduled dates disappear, even though the walkers have them on their calendar still. Scheduled items are not clickable or editable, so I 1) can't see if I've added notes for the walkers, and 2) can't edit/change a date. You have to request a change through a very generic form instead. Past dates continue to show up in the "Upcoming" column as well, which means I have to scroll though a bunch of dates before I can find this week's walks. So it definitely needs work but it's an improvement on their website.
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11 months ago, Beepcha
Intuitive & Powerful
I love TTP! It streamlines my business in so many ways. It has automations that you can customize which keep you looking professional to your clients without breaking a sweat. My clients love it too. It is worth every penny they charge. You need this app to stay tuned in to your business!
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3 years ago, clemsonshannon
Best pet business software on the market
I have had TTP for almost 5 years now and would never be able to run my business without it. They are responsive and innovative. We have a great community eager to help others and answer questions. Can’t say enough great things about this cloud based software.
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2 years ago, Cozy Noses
Customer service
I’ve been using Time To Pet for several years now and it has made my job seamless. The tech-support response time is so quick and so helpful always. I highly recommend this software if you have a pet sitting business.
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5 years ago, BikeRide134
Recent changes to the mobile app eliminated the calendar selector for scheduling days. Instead you must know which dates are on which days of the week. The old interface had a calendar. Bring it back. Plus, when scheduling multiple services, they must be consecutive days. If you need Mon, Wed, Fri in the same week, that’s 3 separate entries. Not efficient. Bring up a calendar that allows cherry picking the dates that are needed.
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1 year ago, 13 Roses Pet Sitting
Must have for any size company
I am a solo pet sitter and TTP is definitely the 1 thing I must have (besides insurance). The app is easy. I can use the desktop version on my phone. Scheduling and invoicing is so simple and easy. Clients fill out their own profiles and everything is digital. A+
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3 years ago, WFisher25
Best on the market
This app is the best on the market in my opinion. Totally eliminates worries about scheduling and missed visits. I also love seeing where my crew is, plus being able to read their visit reports. They are always working to improve the app and genuinely listen to suggestions. Customer service = A+.
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9 months ago, Wings and whiskers
Best pet sitting software on the market
I’ve used a lot of non-pet sitting software in my professional life. Time to pet company puts a lot of quality and resources into their software, both web and app that rivals major companies like intuit. Highly recommend!!!!
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9 months ago, STEFUMA87
Great software
I switched to TTP after 9 years in business and the biggest reason was its well developed app and easy sign up for clients. The internal messaging is a game changer and makes it so easy for clients to both communicate with the office and their designated pet sitters. Great software!
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5 years ago, CarlyJpets
Overall GREAT—minus 1 thing
This app is perfect for me as a business owner and my independent contractors to use to complete assignments. The only downside is that I can’t schedule services for my clients directly in the app. You have to use a browser version to schedule services in for a client which is not always convenient for on the go pet sitters.
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5 months ago, mesostinky
Please create Apple Watch app
Please create an Apple Watch version of this great app. We just need to have Read-Only access to Conservations and Scheduling features so if we are out with just our watch we can participate. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Chelle4003
Notifications needed!
Just started using this week as a client. Settings for app in phone setting show that there is a notification option but I am not getting any. On app setting nothing about notification options. Only receiving emails. Would prefer to get notification of any incoming messaging, scheduling, scheduling reminders, invoice notifications, etc on phone.
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3 years ago, Brianpizza
Freaking fantastic app
Easy to use. Handles just about everything I need for my dog walking business. And customer service is quick and excellence. They will consider any suggestions you may have for new functions / app updates!
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3 years ago, ParksidePupsBK
Great app, just needs one thing…
This app has been instrumental in my dog walking business, but… it needs to show the scheduled time of the walk alongside the “morning” and “midday” labels so that people don’t have to guess. will update if this changes 😁🙏
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3 years ago, Romes Paws
Ever since I discovered this system it’s has been great for my pet sitting services! My clients love that we can interact on the app as well as keep everything organized in one place! Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, jxblades
Great software for pet sitters!
I switched to Time to Pet after a few months of using another software. It’s such a smooth, welcoming app. Very easy to use and I rarely have problems. I recommend it for all pet sitters!
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2 years ago, Sigh of Relief Pet Services
I couldn’t imagine running my business without Time To Pet!
I wouldn’t be able to successfully manage a team and our clients without Time To Pet! TTP is must-have software for any pet care business!
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4 years ago, Kberly in VA
Love, love, love this app!
Time to Pet has totally changed my business! I have been with them since August of 2017 and don’t know how I survived before them. It is a full service software for scheduling, invoicing, and tons of reports. Highly recommend them to all pet sitters!
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2 years ago, Kál42
Another critique
Please add a feature that highlights what part of a client profile has been changed, instead of sending the notification and assuming people will figure it out. 😕 And again, please fix the notification issues with the app. Thank you!
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3 years ago, nickiownsu231
Great app just missing some features
I had to go to the desktop version to update my photo and other info after sign up and those changes aren’t necessarily visible on the app version. Besides this, it works pretty well and efficiently.
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