TimeClock Plus

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Current version
Data Management Inc.
Last update
9 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for TimeClock Plus

2 out of 5
4 Ratings
13 years ago, TLBeth
Won't save settings
After updating to current version, the app no longer crashes, but now it just won't save the server settings. Just says to make sure the webservice host and name are correct, but I know the info I'm entering is correct because I use the same info with our web access. Thought maybe it needed the Company Settings tab filled out, but my company name has spaces in it and when I try to enter it, there's no space bar on the onscreen keyboard. So this app is still useless to me, as much as I need a mobile version of Webclock.
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9 years ago, Once a good game
IOS 9 flaw fixed
It works great, glad everything was fixed after updating to IOS 9.
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4 months ago, J. Harnick
Downloaded this for work and was immediately double charged. Upon opening you get asked for your location. Do not download this app. Also hasnt been updated in 8 years. Clearly a info grab
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1 year ago, betteroffwithoutTCP
UNETHICAL COMPANY They’ll rip you off!
Pay attention to their rating, it speaks volumes. Their technology is ancient and their customer service is nonexistent. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. There are so many other better options out there.
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8 months ago, Jennnnuhhhzz
Won’t even open
I have a fully updated iPhone 14 and it crashes every time I click on the icon. Trash
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8 years ago, Ka401222
Broken apps not working with IPod 6gen
Black screen
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10 years ago, Robstoppable
Abandon hope, all ye who clock in.
When it works, it is easy and quick. But rarely does everything go right. Often, the initialization is everlasting. Login information submission is eternally slow. It has problems consistently through 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi. Occasionally, or rather RARELY, reinstalling the app will yield a day or two of function. Dragging my unmentionables through broken glass is preferable.
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12 years ago, Manufac
Made for iPhone only and very unstable
We recently upgraded Timeclock Plus and went from wired physical punch terminals to using this iOS app on iPads. Because it is made for iPhone only, it will not rotate so we had to install swivel mounts on all of our iPads in our manufacturing shop. The app also freezes several times a day and has to be restarted. All-in-all not a very pleasant experience. We've contacted TCP on several occasions asking when they will provide a native iPad app and they seem to have no firm plans for that or to address the stability issues. If you are considering upgrading for this app, I'd wait a while.
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9 years ago, relientk6275
Worked great for a while
The app was working very well for the first couple weeks. Now when I go to load the app it says "initializing application" for over a minute. I have to completely close it out and restart it then it might work. Hope they can get whatever bug they created fixed.
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9 years ago, Sljmoore
Could be more streamlined.
In order to approve your shift, you have to log back in to do so. (You are automatically logged out after clocking out.) Our admin wants us to approve our shifts immediately after each shift. This constant logging in and out is annoying and cumbersome. Please fix it.
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9 years ago, Dan Lair
IOS 9 failure, but
Even before that it was testy trying to connect. My work uses it and we are clocking in manually right now. If they fix the operating system issues and the slow connection problems, it is fine. Waiting on an update.... Step up your game folks!
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12 years ago, Zenjeffm
Needs help.
I never write reviews; this is my first. This app works fine but there is no way to tell how much time you have left on your break and no confirmation of status as you enter the app. For example, when I open the app it doesn't say whether I am clocked in or for how long. It doesn't feel user friendly at all. Maybe this could be fixed. It sure would be nice.
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9 years ago, K2Ranch
Will only let me view & approve hours and login. Pretty useless if I can't enter my actual time. I uninstalled & downloaded again, entered my company info, & same results. Hope it is fixed soon. Also would like app for iPad access as well.
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9 years ago, HillbillySid
iOS 9 Fail!!
I have to use this app to clock in so I can get paid but after updating to iOS 9, I can no longer clock in. Going to their website on an iPad doesn't work either. My job requires me to be in different locations so I can't always hop on a computer to clock in and out. Thanks TimeClock Plus! Now I'm not sure how I'll get paid!!
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10 years ago, Jfbotts
Doesn't work since ios8 update
Worked as expected with my company's system until I updated to iOS 8 Now, it won't let me select any fields or switch pages from the options page.
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10 years ago, Worker📚
This app started to work great! Then after about 12 uses the company number wouldn't show up? And now I have to delete the app and download it again and again.
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12 years ago, Gunsaregood
Advertised to work with v6.0 not just web service. It won't. Zero help with setup. Seems straightforward but its not App "support" is generic link to their website. Search for "mobile" or "iPhone" generates unrelated info -- if anything. No instructions. No setup help. Can't even click on "about" without proper setup.
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12 years ago, JHM211
Great mobile solution!
Love it...easy interface paired with great back end software!
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9 years ago, Gambitt1970
iOS 9
The app has worked well up until the iOS 9 update , now it just sits there and try's to load , please can tech support resolve this issue
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10 years ago, Giordano21
Get with the program.
This app is out of date. Visually it's off putting and dated, it still has the old keyboard. The last time this app was updated was 2 years ago!! I use this for work and it just looks awful. Fix it now!
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9 years ago, Rogwill30
iOS 9 Alert!
The app won't work with iOS 9! I'm not sure why they didn't have an update ready for the launch.
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9 years ago, Callieaa
Fix this!!
App not working since iOS 9 update. I need this to be paid! UPDATE we called the Time Clock support and they charged us $50 to push thru my app update "faster." Yes folks $50 because they don't have their app ready for iOS 9!
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12 years ago, eLi1985
This app crashed the first 5 seconds
I just downloaded the app and as soon as I open it to use it, the app crashes. I closed it and re open it and it keeps crashing. :( sorry this app was no good for men
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9 years ago, Robdmcs71
IOS 9 Update
App not working after iOS 9 update. The same thing happen after the iOS 8 update. Our payroll department contacted their tech support and the response they got was to revert back to the previous iOS.
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9 years ago, devynfederighi
loading error
was working perfect until iOS9 update. I don't want to have to undownload the new update and shouldn't have to. a new update to the app should be made instead. now I can't get paid for work
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9 years ago, Thawmmy
Timeclock plus
The app stop working completely on ios9 and need urgent update
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10 years ago, PeterPeterPunkinEater
Initializing takes forever...no updates in 2 years. Doesn't work with iOS 8. Can't believe company's pay to use such crappy outdated program
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9 years ago, relationshipwithJesus
Didn't work
I am not able to get the app to work at all. When I try to type in the company name, nothing appears in the box and I can't go any further.
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9 years ago, 101715girl
Needs to be fixed
This needs to be fixed ASAP!!! I need this app to login in and out for work! When should we expect an update?
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9 years ago, Rothschildfhnjj
Worked until the new update.
Worked great until the new iOS 9 upgrade! Fix this issue please. I need to use this app for work!!
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10 years ago, baystacey
Ridiculous problems
Doesn't work with the iOS 8 update on my iPhone 5,.. It's what I use for work which has made my life miserable. Fix it apple.
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9 years ago, Wadesterboo
Update to new iOS
Please update to the new Apple iOS!!!!!9.0
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9 years ago, Mickey2174
iOS 9 update
The app is not working with the new iOS 9 update on iPhone 6 Plus Fails to initiate app... Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Can't enter settings app fails to load.
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9 years ago, Kimichic
iOS9 Time Clock Fail!
When are you going to update Time Clock Plus? I need to use it for work!! Please update asap!!!
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9 years ago, Rv0513
Worked fine before the iOS 9 now I can't get it to stop loading
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9 years ago, Eoff
Another iOS 9 Alert!
Like someone else mentioned, the app worked on iOS 8, but does not work on iOS 9.
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9 years ago, KatheIsForReal
This app was working just fine, but I updated my iPhone with iOS9 and isn't working anymore, please fix it, is very important!!!
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9 years ago, Bobbysere98130
Please fix ASAP
Never works kills your battery. Now won't work with iOS night.
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10 years ago, FishTankGuy
Current Timeclock plus user
ANY UPDATES PLANNED FOR iPhone IOS8?? I updated to the iPhone 6 and now my time clock won't function at all... :-(
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9 years ago, Rowlandh25
Not Liking ios9
Please fix. Not working on iOS 9.0
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10 years ago, Smokin 14
Works ok before the update, now after..... Doesn't work at all! App needs to be updated!
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9 years ago, Kahuna_Dude
Another fail does not work on iOS 9
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10 years ago, Mlc5525
Please up date to work with iOS 8
Won't work with iOS 8
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11 years ago, Remet718
very bad app.
Please don't waste your time.
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9 years ago, jharrison98
iOS9 Fail
Updated the phone to iOS9 and the app stopped working.
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9 years ago, Jon Meckes
Doesn't work with iOS9!!!
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10 years ago, Astan7
Does not work with IOS 8 👎
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10 years ago, Woe69
Can't login
Once you type your code in there is no way to login
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13 years ago, GingerLoaf
This is perfect! I can do my clock operations from my phone now! The app looks pretty good too ;).
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