TimeForge Employee

2.1 (38)
25.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Resolution Systems, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for TimeForge Employee

2.05 out of 5
38 Ratings
6 months ago, Ashley23:(
It’s an okay app, has issues
My work made us switch to this app to start asking off, for seeing our schedule, etc etc. At first I didn’t have any issues with it but over time every time I need to ask off it wants to be glitchy and not working. It will either kick me off or mark it as todays date and I can’t change it. It annoys me because we have to have our ask offs in by a certain point and day. It’s just frustrating because I’ve tried to redownload the app, log out and log back in everything. It still seems to not work right!
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1 year ago, Brackinbrax
Best scheduling app I’ve had yet
I love the app it’s the best app that I’ve ever use so far. It has multiple features that I love. The top feature that I love is that it shows me my previous attendance by pay. And it estimates my amount made As well as it’ll tell me my hours that I’ve worked total. I also love the request functionality of the app so that I can request my days off well in advance. Thank you very much app developers!
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2 weeks ago, Reviewer15234
The app has been buggy recently. All posted shifts are automatically marked as given up, and there is no longer an option to confirm a shift. Also the messages board won’t load if you read a message and then try to go back to the main message screen.
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2 years ago, MochiRen
Constantly “breaks”
I use this app to see when I’m scheduled and my managers frequently send messages on the app, but every time I try to view said messages it just breaks, turns into a white page with nothing on it. I can maybe get to see one, go back to try and view another but it’ll just break. Though I mainly just use it to view my schedule, that is a quite annoying issue to have when my managers send out a message.
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3 years ago, Kfnnsndbbsbkak
Doesn’t work
The app doesn’t let you log in anymore. It’ll say you have the wrong credentials even though it’ll worm on the website.
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4 years ago, dzldvd
Horrible app
I used to work for Home Depot and they had a great app for logging on and checking your schedule. I now work for sprouts farmers market and have tried logging in multiple times making sure I correctly input my information and won’t even let me log in let alone use the app!!!!
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4 years ago, Dinahh95
Not Working on iPhone X
The app opens and i can see my schedule only, all other features of the app are inaccessible. The Menu button on the left and calendar on the top right are so high up on my screen my phone doesn’t register that I’m actually tapping on the menu or calendar button instead I get my phones swipe down menu (like the time and notifications) Please update the app to be compatible with all devices properly. If you have the same issue and work at Sprouts download the OKTA Mobile app and it actually has the vine, workday, my hr and others we use. The downfall to that app (that I’ve noticed so far) is you can only see your department’s schedule, not the whole store.
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3 years ago, EMILYGABIEMMA
Lost my job due to malfunction
It said I didn't have any shifts this week so i didn't come in, but appearantly i did so i just lost my job
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3 years ago, cheryyjubilee
Update/Fix NEEEDE
A co-worker recommended i use this app to figure out who works my shifts.(he uses iphone 6/7) My credentials works fine on the website, the app says they are invaled or expired.
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3 years ago, Doorknob142637598
it only loads. never works. if i could give it no stars i would
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3 years ago, SproutieBeck
Not a helpful app unfortunately
This is a hard review to write because, if the developers are trying or working on things, I’m not sure how it will be taken. The criticism is meant to be helpful, not demeaning, so I hope it’s received to make improvements. So far, the only features this app has is that you can see the schedule your managers have made for you, you can receive messages only from managers, and you can put in a time off request 21 days or more out. You can also see other people’s schedules, but it takes a long time/a lot of scrolling to find what you’re looking for. And then there’s no way to contact your team except in person or if you ask them for their info. That’s just not efficient, especially when our schedules are all over the place and constantly changing. What I expected this app to have is easy navigation and filtering, as well as ability to message management and team members for any reason including a message and mechanism to swap shifts. You can give up a shift but that’s as far as it goes. You also can’t put in or set up your general availability. If I have a schedule that I can’t work certain times, instead of setting that as the standard, I’d have to go in every single week to set it up as a time off request. My managers scheduled me for a shift when I’m not available twice now because this general availability is not accessible to them through this app. They have to look somewhere else. There’s also no real info about the developer. No privacy policy available. Just doesn’t tick the boxes when it comes to typical company info or app service. It would also be nice if the app notified us of any changes made to our schedule. I’ve had my scheduled get changed a few times now after it’s been posted, without any notice. If I hadn’t happened to look, I would have missed a shift because I made plans or shown up at the wrong time. If you guys can address these things, you’ll be great competition for other time keeping apps and make a huge difference in your customer base.
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5 months ago, 1847748291@
won’t let log in
everytime i try to log in and double check my info is correct, it says “credentials expired” and won’t let me retry
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2 years ago, Kitteywov
employers do not make your employees use this
time off is not easily requested giving up shifts is a hassle and the messaging does not work
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1 year ago, EsedaTimeforge
Timeforge is amazing!
My name is Erika and Timeforge is awesome!
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11 years ago, Mo'veen
Deserves less than one star
I downloaded timeforge because I wanted a faster, easier way to check out my work schedule than logging onto the original website. I was hoping for either a calendar or a list of my upcoming shifts, but this app provides neither. Under the "Schedule" tab, it'll list one single shift that's coming up in the next week; toggling between the "Sort" tabs yields one other scheduled shift. It's all well and good to know about the existence of one or two shifts, but I'm typically interested in (and scheduled for) more than just those. Oh, want to confirm or give up that shift? The app gives you the option to do so, but first it directs you to sign in to the original website (after you've already signed into the app) and then finish confirming or giving up the shift online. Overall, this app is confusing, unhelpful, and not worth anyone's time. I can't see how it would benefit anyone who already has access to the original website. App developers, want to make this app useful? Give me a list (or calendar view) of my shifts. Bonus points if I can import it to iCal. Please?
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8 years ago, Smartmouth141
App always signs you off
This is super buggy. To be fair, when it works, it works perfectly, but there's a sign on screen that when you put every character a pop up comes up saying invalid credentials. You have to keep ignoring it and keep typing until it yet takes you to ANOTHER screen and then you sign in THERE.
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5 years ago, jlkniffen
Was great but not so much recently
I work at Sprouts Farmers Market. I installed this app when I started working there and I was able to check my schedule, drop shifts, pick up shifts, see messages, and see my last few weeks hours. Worked just fine on my iPhone 6s. I have recently upgraded to an iPhone XS Max and now I can’t even sign in. Tells me my credentials are invalid or expired. They are not. I use them on the website. Please fix the app so it works. I don’t always have access to a computer or have the time to wait for websites. The app was convenient until just recently.
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5 years ago, hyliabunny
PLEASE fix the log-in issue!
I work for Sprouts, and I’m finding that I need to use this app to found out the exact schedule for certain days because the schedule in time forge (via The Vine) is vastly incorrect. I had to text my manager and make sure we had an opening cashier because the website didn’t even display an opening cashier. In addition, the schedule that WAS displayed showed people who weren’t actually scheduled for that specific day. I have downloaded, deleted, and updated this app countless times and I STILL can’t log in. All my credentials are correct, and I still have this issue. Time Forge REALLY needs to fix the issues with their website AND their app.
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6 years ago, Liddorambo
Great when it wants to work
I find myself having to login almost every time, when i first started using the app it would keep me logged in. But now sometimes as I’m typing my login info it starts redirecting me to a safari page and about 60% of when that happens it doesn't let me login even though my login and password are correct. Fix the app instead of putting me on safari, theres no use in having the app take up space if its going to make me use safari when tapping the app icon.
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6 years ago, Rhooooooooooo
Works well!
I work at Sprouts and we use this app for work. It is so convenient to use because it helps me check my schedule in the app without having to go into work not knowing what times I’m supposed to work. You can also give up your shift if you’re sick or unable to work due to an emergency. I highly recommend using it!
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5 years ago, SBL761
App does not work for newer phone
I work for sprouts and I need to use the timeforge app to check my hours since the vine is not reflecting my hours on my pay stub. For some reason the app is saying my login credentials are incorrect, which they are not, I have called IT support to try and resolve the issue. But because the vine login credentials are accurate and I am able to login online using my computer, IT support can not doing anything about the timeforge app. Please fix the app so I no longer have to find a computer to use to get the information I need.
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4 years ago, gltdvktvn
Worked fine until recent phone update
Most features on this app worked until my phone updated. This app needs to be updated so it will work again. Now all I can do is look at my schedule, which is unfortunate because my job makes us request time off through this app. So now I can’t request the day off that I need because this app won’t work. Whoever makes this, please fix this. Pretty much nothing works on this app since the update.
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6 years ago, Sprouts Guy
Terrible app!!!
This app is one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen or had to use. Unfortunately my work makes us use this to see our schedule and no matter how diligent I am about signing in nine times out of 10 I have to re-sign in which takes you to another website and you have to put in a very long password and it’s so frustrating! Please fix this app! Please make it so where once we sign in we are signed in! And add a thumbprint Sign in future for iPhone users!
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5 years ago, omega1017
Working progress.
Most likely to work on newer updated networks. Seemed to always log me off whenever it felt like it , was very irritating but it comes in handy. Haven’t been having any issues lately and the new interface and color is nice I must say it makes me want to use it a little bit more.
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4 years ago, Cyshadichu
Expired credentials on login
I want to be able to use this app, I really do. It appear like a very handy thing to use on a daily basis especially since I am working two jobs at the moment. Unfortunately whenever I log in it tells me "expired credentials, please log in" and never gets past that screen. If this bug could be fixed any time soon then I will re-review it when I can finally access the darn thing.
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8 years ago, Tyler Shores
Fix log in
My log in info is super tedious to have to log in to this app EVERY TIME plus once your finished putting in you log in it re directs you to another page where you have to put it in AGAIN. Fix the stupid log in page I'm tired of having to put it in twice to long in. And fix the time your logged in I hate using this app cuz it takes so long to log in every time I want to view my hours!!
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5 years ago, Maribel C.
Not working
I have an iPhone 8 Plus and just downloaded this app, as I was instructed by my job (Sprouts) to check my schedules. Well, I’m not going to be able to check anything if it doesn’t let you get in, stating that your log in and password are incorrect or expired when they are not. Please update this app, so it can be used.
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8 years ago, Heidyyperezz11
Expired log in.
Every time my time expires (like after 2 weeks of being logged in) it won't let me log back in. It say my credentials have expired and the only way to log back in, is to delete the app and then download it again and log in. It's very annoying and needs to be fixed like ASAP.
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4 years ago, Ab1gail_H87
I don’t understand why notifications are not present with this app. I get messages from my manager about my upcoming shifts. So if I don’t physically look at the app, I would have no clue! I don’t know, the whole app just seems like it was rushed IMO. Unfortunately, there’s not another app I can use, to get my schedule and all. But seriously, notifications SHOULD have been taught of.
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11 years ago, King Keem
Not fully user friendly
It's lacking the ability to show all the week work schedule at once and needs to be able to show notifications when some is changed/added
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9 years ago, Sam Levine
Sure, it is easier to browse through shifts, but when I go to view all shifts on a day I work, my shift is no longer included. On top of that, the app will no longer keep me logged in, making it very inconvenient to quickly double check my shift. Working people are relying on this to work consistently. Please do better.
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4 years ago, NeldaManz
I work for Sprouts and I’ve never have had trouble with the app until now and it is very frustrating because this was how I checked my schedule it won’t even let me log in at all says invalid credentials or times expired this is very frustrating
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10 years ago, cmw1229
Needs a lot of work
Date picker would be much better with a date range. I want to see my schedule for the next month not just day by day. It was batter before the latest update. Confirm shifts should be in app not take u to the web. Web version is difficult on phone because of hits that never go away.
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6 years ago, keishalewis
Log in every time
It used to keep me signed in just fine. But ever since they started the online upgrade it’s been making me sign in every single time on the app. Can you please fix this or make it thumbprint supportive?!
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9 years ago, Buddy Bob
Good update
Much easier to browse through shifts. Look and feel is much better.
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5 years ago, Masked__
Can’t log in
I have downloaded and re-downloaded this app multiple times before and every time I try to log in, it says my credentials are incorrect or expired. I know for a fact that they are not because I use them every day at work. Please fix your app so people can actually use it. Thanks.
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5 years ago, magic design
Resetting passwords/updates
Why on earth can’t I log in after updating this app? Also why isn’t there a way to reset the password from the homescreen? I also work at Sprouts, and my password on my laptop is true to what I’ve been trying. Too bad using this app was only convenient for a short while..
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8 years ago, Country is all I listen to
Won't let me log back in!
It won't keep me logged in for more than a day, and when I do try and log back in it says my "credentials have expired"! The only way I can get back in is reinstall the app... Thanks to whoever integrated this into the only way I can check my schedule! You were right... SOO much easier! *heavy sarcasm*
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11 years ago, BomagThePooh
You need to add calender or reminder support for iphones, and maybe even make it more like the website so you can see who you are working with and such, but it is an otherwise cool and convenient app.
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9 years ago, Jared Steele
Great update
Love the new app. Really easy to use and clocking in/out is so easy. Wish former employers would use them!
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4 years ago, TrinityRebirth
iPhone X: Time Off Requests
I’ve lost the ability to make time off requests after the new software update. Now the app is only good for checking the schedule. That’s about it.
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11 years ago, yablomx10
Needs a lot of work
This app is barely functional. When I try to view my schedule it shows me a day I'm scheduled weeks from now. That isn't helpful! Makes you log in multiple times when you try to navigate to other parts of the app. Simply, this app stinks!
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6 years ago, just me on the run
Pain to use
Please for the love of everything good make the app not sign me out after an hour. I have to sign in everytime I want to see my schedule and it's so freakin frustrating. Also would be nice if I could put in requests for time off through the app
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4 years ago, jiyoonko
Unable to log in with iphone xs
it says i have invalid credentials when i try to log in, but when i go on the website i have no trouble logging in. please fix this soon because it makes looking at my schedule easier~
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8 years ago, Son of Wulf
Works sometimes...
Works fine for days and the logs me out with an invalid credentials message. I am then unable to log back in and am forced to delete and reinstall the while app and then sign back in.
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9 years ago, Jamaicanjuice17
Fix the app
It's been about three months now, and whomever does the updates for the software has yet to fix the problem. This happens every time there is an update from Apple... Months pass, and nothing gets done.
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4 years ago, wasteo'time
Can’t sign in.
Downloaded the app expecting it to be convenient for work, but it doesn’t even take my login info even though the same info works for everything else. Trash app.
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4 years ago, mlove0515
Same prob as everyone else
I just started at Sprouts. I had no trouble creating an account and accessing my schedule on the website. But on the app it says credentials are not valid. Hope they fix it soon.
Show more
5 years ago, Mikki_Panda
Don’t get if you work for Sprouts
This app doesn’t allow you to view your work week for Sprouts. I couldn’t even give you more review than that, I couldn’t even get in and out.
Show more
5 years ago, TheUptightyWhitey
Complete and utter garbage
I, like many other users, am completely unable to even log into the app. I just get a message about how my “credentials are expired.” Total garbage. Lots of potential, but complete and utter garbage.
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