Timer+ · multiple timers

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Minima Software
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3 months ago
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16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Timer+ · multiple timers

4.77 out of 5
35.6K Ratings
6 years ago, nasa is out of this world
Overall Fantastic
I bake bread at home a lot so I need to keep a running list of timers for the various steps that I'm at with the breads I'm baking. This app makes life 800x's easier than my previous method (shell scripts with Cron jobs and text messages). There are two things that I would like to see: 1) The Apple watch version to be more robust. Right now I can't get it to sync my timers and I'm not sure why, but being able to add a quick timer would be fantastic. 2) Timer groups. Having the ability to separate my timers into groups of timers would allow a cleaner separation of timers with less verbose names (eg. I can call a timer preferment in an Italian bread group and the same in a sourdough rather than how I have to do it now, which is Italian preferment and sourdough preferment). It'd allow a cleaner separation of what's being times even for things like medications, dinners, board games, etc. I personally find myself with 20 timers regularly with 3-5 running at any one time. Again this app is fantastic, but the latter missing feature almost prompted me to write my own or keep my previous process. However, after using the app exclusively for a little over a month I decided this worked "good enough" for the time being.
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5 years ago, Scott04172019
Excellent app, especially for ADHD’ers
This app is excellent, folks. High quality, just works and is exactly what I was looking for. Tracking time is key for those with ADHD and other disorders or injuries that cause our estimate of how long tasks will take or our ability to effectively estimate the passage of time go all out of whack. This app lets you time your tasks or set a timer for your tasks. It’s awesome, thank you! For feature requests, I’d love to see the ability to chain related timers together so that when one ends, the next one starts. I’d also like to sort timers by color. More colors, too, please! Last one - if I buy the premium version, I’d like to have my timers populate on all my iOS devices. Real time synchronization would be awesome but at least having the same set up on iPhone and iPad seems basic. I’m not seeing much Apple Watch integration, either, but maybe I’ve missed it - I would like to select and start and monitor timers from the Watch. Overall, it’s an awesome app, I use it daily and highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, WMichelsen
Wish I Could Preset A Count-Up Timer
I use a lot of “How long since” timers. Sometimes I forget to start the timer, such as when I take my meds. I may remember 90 minutes later and would like to preset a timer to 90 minutes and count UP from there. Unfortunately, this app does not permit this. I can preset a time only to count down. Also, when a countdown timer expires, it stops after just a few minutes, so I have to use TWO timers to do what one COULD do if it kept timing after expiration. For example, I count down until the next time to take my meds but sometimes don’t notice when it expires. So at the same time as I start the countdown timer, I also have to start a count up timer to track time since so that, if I miss the countdown timer alarm, I’ll know how long my meds are overdue. A single timer could do the job if it kept timing after expiration to show how far overdue the event is. A previous timer app I used did both of these things and was perfect but it is no longer being supported and was not updated to 64 bit. This app is functional and reliable but falls short in meeting my particular needs.
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1 year ago, Jackiesingshigh
Wonderful app!
I love that I can set multiple times simultaneously, and that they keep running in the background. Also you can choose your sounds, and whether or not the sound plays continuously until you stop it or just plays once and stops on its own. The only thing I wish this app had which would make it incredibly amazing, would be a stats/totals feature, where you could see how much time you have spent total on certain timers/tasks, maybe even over a selected time period. They would probably need to integrate a calendar as well to make this doable but on the most simple level it wouldn’t be necessary…you could just have a total time counter that you could look at in a stats page which totals the times spent on each timer. It would be awesome to see how much time you’ve spent total on learning a certain skill, etc.
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1 year ago, Thermostat404*
Really useful and convenient
As of version 2.18 on iOS 16.3, the active timers widget works when the phone is locked. Suggestions: Slightly darker widgets when in Light Mode, to reduce contrast with other app widgets. For when the phone is in light mode, an option to choose the background color for the "Active" timers screen, and the active timers displayed in the app, because the contrast of light mode to dark timers is harsh. A way to adjust and save audio level for this app independently of device audio. It's not necessary but, would like to be able to change amount of time added when the 'add' button is pressed. Would like to choose/ make a different gesture for adding Quick Timer. It'd be nice to be able to keep a Quick Timer as a permanent one. The circular buttons are nice but, would like the option of the rectangular ones too.
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5 years ago, SprinklesTheEmu
Look, it just f——n works. Get it.
I don’t know why it is SO HARD for people to build an app that allows a simple repeatable timed chime that 1. Doesn’t crash constantly 2. Has a simple, functional UI 3. Doesn’t lock every usable feature behind a paywall 4. WORKS WHEN THE SCREEN IS OFF I went through about an hour of searching and MANY apps to find this and it just works and it’s fantastic. (Which is an admittedly very low bar to be excited about, but the App Store is cluttered with so much freemium blatant cash-grabs and half-supported functionless garbage to wade through, something like this is akin to finding the not-rusty toaster in the thrift shop amongst a pile of toasters that are missing knobs or catch fire when plugged in.)Should the built-in iOS app have this BASIC functionality under the clock OR reminders app? Yes. Am I frustrated with and blaming Apple for not having this extremely simple and obvious feature? Also yes. Does this detract from this app doing /exactly/ what it says it’s going to do and doing it well the first time? Not in the slightest. TLDR; if you need a chime set to an interval that lets you lock your phone while in use, just get this. Reasonable, non-intrusive banner ads are all you have to contend with. Everything else just works. Take note other devs (who I’m totally sure will ever see this review).
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1 year ago, Littlerockjim
Do not install
I installed this app to see if I liked it. It didn’t meet my needs, so I stopped using it and removed it from my Apple Watch. After that, whenever I try to set a timer on my watch using the built-in timer app and Siri, it tells me I don’t have the timer app installed. I finally tracked it down to timer+ still being installed on my phone, so I uninstalled it. That fixed the problem, so I let it go. But then somehow this app got reinstalled on my phone and suddenly I can’t use the timer and Siri anymore on my watch. I uninstalled this app again and that has fixed the problem. At least, until timer+ decides to reinstall on my phone or I accidentally click the wrong thing and install it myself by mistake. I tried this app, it worked fine, but it has caused nothing but headaches with other apps ever sense I uninstalled it. I guess if you want to install it and use it as your only timer app from that point forward, it might be acceptable. But not playing well with other Apple apps and the Apple ecosystem gets it a one star review from me.
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11 months ago, JudyQFU
I’ve been using this for about a year and I love it! But!
New review: recently, I have found that occasionally a random alarm will not go off. My sound is turned all the way up, and that particular timer will be set exactly like all the others with the same sound and settings. The only way I know the timer has ended is if I’m looking at the screen and see the notification. I can find no reason why this happens. Old review: Not sure if you guys recently did an update or not, but suddenly the ad that should be at the bottom of the screen is now in the middle. It’s hard to do anything with the ad covering up some of the timers. If it doesn’t fix itself or get an update that fixes this I’m going to have to find another app. Later: Got a response from the developers! It’s fixed! Thanx guys!
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8 months ago, roguenarwhal
So Helpful!
I am a medical professional that uses this for my job, love this app! I frequently have to keep track of how exactly long it has been since I have done something, plus remember to do another task in a certain amount of time, and do multiple instances of both of these things at the same time… you get the idea, it can get complicated and a lot to mentally track! This app is unique as it enables me to do it all in one place and on one screen! The ability to not have my phone go to sleep and stay awake as long as I have the app open is also a big plus. So thankful this exists, it deserves all $15 of its lifetime subscription fee. Plus, it is way less inconspicuous than multiple stopwatches or fumbling around on the regular Clock app’s screen! ☺️
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6 years ago, \m
Sometimes doesn’t register duration changes; may drain battery?
This app has a weird problem where it doesn’t always register changes to a time duration. For instance, if you have an existing timer that runs for 30 mins, but you decide to change it to 20 mins, if you hit start too quickly, then the timer runs for 30 mins (showing a duration of 30 mins, so at least you can catch it, stop the timer, change it back to 20 mins, wait for the new duration to register, then hit start). This is still my favorite timer app, but I’ve started killing the app (double-clicking home, then swiping the app away to kill it), because at some point either it started chewing through my battery, or our new wifi system (Google Wifi) is draining my battery. In the last 7 days this app has used 23% of my battery, and 15% in the past 24 hours. Otherwise, a great app!
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4 years ago, lewdmeat
Hands down the BEST stopwatch on the App Store.
I don’t use much else with this app (but it has a LOT more, like timers and alarms) but the stopwatch feature here is perfect! You can save and rename multiple stopwatches at a time, which is perfect for my hobby here in quarantine. And unlike the normal iPhone stopwatch, you can’t accidentally reset it with a slight button press! You can also select multiple at a time to start/stop them seamlessly. The ads are also not a problem at all, and while I haven’t done this yet, I can definitely see myself paying to remove the ads in the future, just to support the developers for this amazing app! If you’ve been looking for the perfect stopwatch/timer app, then look no further! You have found the holy grail of them.
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6 years ago, lalund111
Great tool to have!
Love this timer app. It allows multiple timers running at the same time. It has the option for timers repeating like for taking cold or pain meds every 4 hrs.; I can set reminders for my girls to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day or what have you. I set a timer for laundry because my washer and dryer are in the basement and I can’t hear when it is done. I set a timer for 55 mins that repeats based on the loads I want to do that day. Keeps me on task to get them done in a timely fashion. Many fun alarms to choose from. You can set them to sound one time or sound repeatedly for 30 seconds to make sure you hear them. Like no other timer I’ve seen before. Very useful!!
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2 years ago, HPitt
Meh- it’s okay
It’s okay, if this was able to have daily routines, reminders at a set time (along with a question, Begin/ start the countdown) versus you going into the app and having to start the time every time, then I would have given it more stars. This is very very basic app. It provides different sounds for notification, time is up. It just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you would want an app to have. Daily Routines, Daily Routines, Daily Routines What is weird is, it asks how many times you want this timer, I chose two, because I want the alarm to go off twice, but during different times of the day. Not consecutively after one another. It’s needs more brainstorming and thought on how this would be beneficial to an individual or group.
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3 years ago, conmandouglas
Timer+ is such a great app!!!
This app is the best timer app! It has timers, stopwatches, and multiple timer/stopwatch support. I can also just name a timer (ex. “Eggs”) and then add a color to the timer so it can be sorted and easy to find and then I can start the timer whenever I want and if I need to, I can just add 1 minute to it wi to out stopping it, but instead with just a click of a button. There is a Pro version that is $2.99 but this app is usable without it (I bought it though) because all it brings is no ads, Apple Watch app, and full widget access (More than 1 on each widget) but buy it if you can! The devs work hard and they deserve it for making such a wonderful app!!!
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6 years ago, elliott L
Much better than "clock"
Lets you set the alarm to sound ONLY once, so if you are meditating as I do, I know that I’ve reached my minimum amount of time and can keep meditating without having to break out of my meditative space to stop the alarm from ringing. I use the wood block alarm sound because it is the gentlest sound I could find for Signaling the end of a a meditation time period. It's free with ads but I purchased it just to support this company because it is a gift for me to have this. I use it for meditation all the time. Ir’s noninvasive because I can set many different sounds and they don't have to keep sounding, until I physically interact with them, unless I wish them to.
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1 year ago, CyclistGuy
Worth it!
This is a nifty app. It does everything I expected it to do. It saves time because you can set multiple timers for different occasions and once they are set they are easy to retrieve - you don’t have to waste time setting a timer for something you do often - you’ll end up with a timer for every occasion. And the timer can either be in the form of a stopwatch or a countdown and you can program the timer to repeat itself as often as you want. Also it gives you many different alarms to choose from and some of the alarms are quite amusing and creative.
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4 years ago, MommyJoys
Nice app, some bugs
I love the ability to preset multiple timers and stopwatches and label them. I also like the edit feature that allows you to drag and drop your timers/stopwatches into the order of your choosing. However, I have discovered a bug with this feature. The timer/stopwatch that you drag and drop changes its name and type to match that of the entry directly below it, and after that, those two timers/stopwatches become linked so that if you start one from the list view, the other automatically starts as well. It super annoying but not impossible to work around. You just have to create all your timers/stopwatches in the reverse order of how you want them to appear on the list.
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6 months ago, Invisible Fitness Junkie
I love this App
I love this app. The developer needs to fix the HIIT. I discovered a problem. The HIIT workout timer is not working correctly. I have it set for 4 repeats. I should get 4 highs and 4 lows before it completes. I am getting 4 of one and only three intervals of the other. I sent the developer a request to fix. The only other thing I would like to add is the developer needs to also add multiple alarm clocks. Then, this App would be complete. I normally don't purchase apps but I did buy this one. The developer offers a lifetime one time purchase 👍. I don't like paying ongoing monthly subscription fees.
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1 year ago, manny_with_an_m
Recent update ruined app!
I don’t know why you guys felt the need to “fix” something that wasn’t broken in the first place, but, now, when a given “phase” in a series of timers ends, the notification window completely blocks the timer portion for the next phase. The only way to get rid of it is to, well, get rid of it, manually, by pressing it. Problem is, I use this app for static exercises, so my hands are occupied. I can’t exactly stop what I’m doing to press something on my phone. This has essentially rendered this app useless for me, because seeing the timer itself during each phase was a big part of why I liked it. And this after I paid for the “premium” version to remove the ads! I am massively disappointed, and if this doesn’t get fixed soon, I will have to find an alternative app that does the same thing.
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3 years ago, Malú J
Very useful!
Easy and simple to use. Comes with colors (optional) to identify your different timers. Also you can label each one of your timers. I use it for a lot of different things like dishwasher cycle (I like to take things out right away), some medication that can’t be mixed with other things until a certain time has passed, exercising (I do a certain amount of minutes a day), etc. I have many timers set permanently and then I have others that I use and then discard. I love it! Keeps me on top of things. I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, galveza
Slight issue
As a baker I rely on this app for its ability to have multiple timers running at the same time for the different items I have in the oven. For the most part it works great, however, sometimes when I reset a timer and add or subtract minutes to the timer it will keep the old time. For example, I reset a timer that had started at 6 min down to 4 min. When I press start, it resets itself back to 6 min and counting down from there. It has caused issues with my work because I don’t notice the timer being wrong because I expect it to start at the time I set it to. Those few minutes difference can cause pastries to burn. Please fix!
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6 years ago, jakafully
Multiple Timers is a PLUS!
Great app to have multiple timers. Great job and keep it up. I have a suggestion - is enabling an account for customers for this app that allows them to sync across multiple devices on one of your future plans? I think having an account and syncing between multiple devices will be helpful for everyone. If the spouses do many things at the same time (Washing & drying clothes and cooking dinner), both will check on the timer. Once one of the tasks is complete, he/she can mark it complete just to save our time from communicating with one another.
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11 months ago, dicogito
Excellent Multi-purpose Timer!
I have use this app for many years, and I use it several times a day. I time my tea, meditation, cooking, watering the yard, exercise, you name it. A common use is a repeating timer, so for example, I create a timer that repeats 10 times for 15 seconds each with the sound set to Once. The only issue is that I don't know when the last repeat has completed. It would be a great enhancement to somehow distinguish the sound for the last repeat (loop it, or some other way). Thank you!
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1 year ago, Darelldd
Best I’ve found. Some suggestions..
Like so many others, I needed multiple timers for different stages of making different types of bread. For the most part this app fun fills my needs. Some improvements could make it great. I agree with others who have mentioned the need for groups of timers. Another addition is to allow a sequential timer. As an example I want it to ring at one hour and then at half an hour after that. Right now I must set two separate timers and remember to start them sequentially. When the timers reach zero, now they begin to count up from zero. There needs to be some obvious way to know a glance that it is past zero and counting the other direction! Perhaps change the color from green to red? Or make it flash? The Apple Watch integration needs to be much better. Same request for indication that the time has passed. Also a way to make it ring more than once as I often miss the first brief notification.
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7 months ago, syu025
Stopwatches are flawed
I use multiple stopwatches to keep track of the time it takes to finish my craft projects. This is mostly because I need to collect the time for volunteer hours once I donate the crafts. I think that it’s terrible that the stopwatch randomly unpauses when you aren’t using the app. It’s even worse if you dont notice that it unpaused and you leave it working overnight when you sleep. I get inaccurate times which isn’t desirable for my specific case. The other functions probably work fine. Multiple timers is useful. Don’t use the stopwatches if you plan on saving your recorded times on the app. For example, any runners may not want to use this app.
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4 months ago, John Goodin
Feature request please add a repeat forever option
One change I would like to see in the repeat option is to repeat forever. I just got out of the emergency room after breaking my shoulder. They have me taking a pain medication every six hours. I would like to see a repeat forever option added to the very top of the list. When I am in that state, I really can’t figure out how many times I’m going to be taking that medication. That option will save me that hassle.
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2 years ago, jsygxbsnkshahah
Way better than apple’s default timer
You can group your timers by about ten different options of colors, you can have multiple timers running at the same time, you can save and title timers, and you can have timers repeat themselves automatically. Perfect for what my inattentive a$& needs. I use this timer app along with the app Seconds and Alarm&Timer for all of my alarm, stopwatch, and timer needs. For help with productivity I use the apps previously mentioned along with Finch, Zinnia, Opal, and OurHome. Good luck, peeps!
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3 years ago, x_tina_x
Serves its purpose, would like a tweak
The app is simple and very easy to use and allows you to adjust the title as you desire (surprisingly a lot of timer apps don’t allow that). There’s only one thing that I don’t like about the app and it’s causing me to search for another one is that Timer+ has their “stop” button where you’d want the “pause” button. It’s a small thing but makes all the difference in the world when I need to quickly pause my timer and it just disappears.. I’d love an update on that if that’s not too difficult to do!! But other than that thank you for a very useful app!
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5 years ago, Nikolina.Kurn
Works Very Well . 😊 Just need to make sure iPhone is not on Silent - as it needs the Sounds enabled ( and Notifications enabled ) - in order to Ring . 😊 Also - the Ringer Volume should be high enough - to where you can HEAR it !!! 😊 Only place for improvement : it only rings for about 2 minutes and it STOPS . So - if you are away from the phone for longer than that - you may not hear it . I would suggest for future versions : to keep it ringing for about 20 minutes - same as the iPhone built in Alarms !!! 😊 Enjoy !!!
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1 year ago, Talcime
Hey, I always use this to dictate my days even payed money for the full version good app honestly
However the was an update that dropped where my 1min timers or 30 min timers that I stack for like 10 times will go all the way down to where my 2 hour and 4 hour timers are on the order list when before it used to be up on the top of my list with my other short timers plz fix when you can. This app was perfect for me till that one update came through I love the new ui tho
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11 months ago, BrandonB539
Great app for chores and other personals
A must have app for cooking or cleaning personally. I can set timers for washer dryers dish washers which foods are gonna be done boiling or cooking in the oven etc Reminders to check on something or whatever I need I seriously love having multiple timers as a little micromanager of life stuff. Even if you miss a timer and get back to the phone it lets you know how much time elapsed since that timer went off! Fantastic design. Only critique would be the pricing, 2$ a month, 10$ for a year, or 15$ for lifetime is a little much. Its a great app and the add on features would be nice and Id like to support it. Yet 15$ is a bit much Id even maybe do 10 but thats it. And I surely wont pay a monthly or yearly subscription for such a small app. Thats just personal preference idk if thats the general pop consensus but thats me at least.
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3 years ago, GInaBlick
Need different option
The interface for this app is nice and I like the choice of alarm sounds, but I am looking for a timer app that will give me a simple unobtrusive ding every 15 minutes (or other custom range of minutes) over a two hour period. I participate in long (2hr) meditations and just want a simple reminder (alarm) that can help me maintain my focus. An alarm which will not need turning off every time it goes off, during the two hour period. I can’t seem to make this alarm do that and there are no instructions that I can see, that might explain if this is possible with this app.
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1 year ago, papachungo13
Bug while displayed in lock screen
While using the stopwatch for an extended period , the lock screen will not mirror the actual stopwatch value if you pause it for a few minutes, i.e. if you pause the stopwatch at 6:00 hours then resume it 4 minutes later, the lock screen displays 6:04 while the actual stopwatch is showing 6:00 Still worthy of 5 stars, it is very useful and it is great to be able to keep track of multiple timer events
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1 year ago, SusanLStewart.com
Great Timer!
This timer is exactly what I was looking for. I play a game on my iPad and have to keep track of times for many different things. I was using a timer that let me time one thing. I would forget what the timer was set for and what thing I needed to set up next. With this, I keep track of many tasks and each timer can be labeled so I know what it was for. And, it’s free, but if you want to get rid of the ads, it’s a one-time, very reasonable purchase. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, Livinanlearnin
Works but not effective because I cannot hear alarm
So this app does work but not what I thought it would do. I needed a timer for work so I would know when my lunch break ended. If you can watch the timer then it works okay. I’m in the healthcare field and must slip the phone into my pocket to keep my hands free. Even when the sound is loud on my phone, I usually cannot hear the alarm or feel any vibration at the end of the timer - when I’m busy. If I’m already sitting and staring at the phone then the timer works as described. So two stars for simplicity of the design and it does count down. Hope this review helps before you buy the pro version.
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1 year ago, Yesin Kowshik
I love this app!!!
I use this app every single day! I love the simplicity. My only suggestion is to take the cancel button off of the Lock Screen. I accidentally cancel my timer many times. I just want to see how much time I have left without having to worry about hitting the red X. Canceling should only be done from within the app. The very least the option to disable cancel on the lock screen should be available. Otherwise, I love it!!! Use it for intermittent fasting.
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2 years ago, Bebop a Lula
Everything I need in a timer
I haven’t checked out many other timer apps. So far, I haven’t felt the need to. This one counts up; it counts down. It counts up by intervals, as many as I want (eg, eleven 30-second intervals, with a sound of my choosing at each interval). I’m not sure how many timers I can configure and save. I haven’t reached the limit yet. Big numbers in the display for when the activity being timed requires me to be without my glasses. Everything I have needed so far.
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1 year ago, jackshchou
Used to be perfect
Does exactly what I need it for. Perfect as a rest timer between sets. Ads are minimal, UX is intuitive, notifications work properly without being aggro. Thank you! EDIT: a short while after my initial review looks like they decided to make the ads super intrusive, forcing you to WAIT several seconds before dismissing them... on an app where time is literally paramount. Huge mistake. At least make the ads huge but not blocking. Also none of the updates to the UI/flow were useful, necessary, or intuitive. Knocked down from 5 stars to 2. Used to be the perfect timer app but guess I'll keep looking now since the latest update.
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6 years ago, Eggyhead85
Good for classrooms but...
Restoring pro doesn’t work. Even though I paid to remove ads when the app was installed on an older ipad, my students are still subjugated to banner ads during class time. I’ve deleting the app and reinstalling, and restoring, the works. I can’t get rid of the ads I paid to have removed. Besides that, though, I like having custom alarms set to various colors that have a variety of silly sounds as alarms. The kids, caught unaware, usually find themselves laughing at a cow’s moo or an elephant’s toot instead of the normal chime. Would love to have more added to these sounds someday.
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2 years ago, DrNimaPanahi
Tried the rest, found the best!
I’m a very sick person with many diseases that is also disabled. It was impossible keeping track of all the pills times and what to take for how many hours and spacing of things like pain pills… etc etc. tried so many others and then ran across this. It’s a life changer literally for me, as I have much less very sick hours and I can actually have a tiny bit of real life. God bless you for writing this App! Charge $500 for it!
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6 years ago, Idunno boutit
WAS a great app...
I loved this timer, as a teacher having the pre-saved times ready to go is clutch! I used it everyday in my classroom for a long time, then out of nowhere one day, after the same use as always, after my students timed reading was completed the app starts yelling at me telling me I have been selected for a survey... I was totally ok with the ads in the app on screen... as soon as the ads became an audio obtrusion this app was deleted. Very disappointed, and I will not recommend this app to any other teachers due to the obnoxious audio ads. Not a great choice developers. Especially after apple just released the new timer with seconds built in... This app doesn’t really provide anything else worth the assault on your ears.
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9 months ago, H Cherie
App stopped working properly
Over the past month or so, Timer+ has intermittently stopped making sounds when the time is up. I end up having to set a backup alarm on my phone to guarantee I don't miss my alert that should have sounded off on this app. This is despite my verifying that my phone volume is up, phone is not on "do not disturb", and that my chosen alert sound remains selected in this app. I'm at the point where I'm researching other options for apps with simultaneous timers. Very frustrating, as I really like this app (and would give 5 stars) when it works.
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1 year ago, Abnormal*
Have been a active user until recently
I have been an active user of your program for probably 3 to 4 years to use for my multiple medication‘s and all I get is pop up after pop-up I get it it’s a free app and you need to be sponsored to keep it going but it used to be here and there and I can’t even get through making my timer set before the app is kicking me out. Second a big problem the volume is literally not going off and I’m not hearing my notifications I saw somewhere else somebody else made the same complaint please work on fixing these bugs because a lot of people depend on your app.
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6 years ago, Peter Raulerson
Love this app
I cook a 3-course dinner for my family almost every night, and each of the courses often cooks for a different amount of time. One or more food items are cooked on a grill for 2 minutes then flipped over, repeatedly (to cook them all the way through without burning them). So I often use multiple timers in this app concurrently. I love having each timer make a unique sound, run in parallel with other timers, and keep me on track and in sync with my goal of serving all courses on time.
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4 years ago, JTB7777777
Would be a 5 star app with a better Apple Watch integration
Great, simple timer app, but the recurring timers are a game changer. I need to regularly hydrate while I take a specific medication, and the 4 min intervals for an hour are perfect for me. My only knock on the app is that the Apple Watch interface is broken. It forgets my active timers as soon as an alert goes off. Since I don’t always have my phone with me, I need something that can go to my watch. I know Apple Watch development isn’t always a top priority, but I think a timer app should aim to be pretty well integrated.
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6 years ago, Nicki in Idaho
Love this app!!
I have used this app for several years and found it to be very useful and easy to use. I have difficulty getting through appointments at my office. This app allows me to set multiple timers to help me stay on time. I set a warning timer and then one for a few minutes later to notify me that my time is up. It really helps organize my day. I also use it for cooking when I am preparing meals with foods that need attention at different times. I highly recommend it!!
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7 years ago, Sports Vision Dad
So versatile!
I have been using this timer for about 5 years now. It helps me get things done so much more efficiently. I set a timer foe the task and work on it until the timer goes off. Them i move on to the next. I have timers set for my normal run cycle on my washer and dryer. When the washer timer goes off I will check the dryer to see if items are dry and ready to fold if not I let the dryer timer finish. I use these when working in the office to enable me to get my laundry done more efficiently.
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4 years ago, jeremy.b.1129
Great for freelancing
But PLEASE somehow work on an option to allow the pause/resume button to be in the center bigger than the reset button. That’s probably way more trouble than it’s worth, and I guess the reset button being red was a nod to the same idea, but nothing is worse than losing your timer because you’re working on something and so only quasi-paying attention and your brain just tells your finger to press the big button in the center.
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6 years ago, kernelkern
My Favorite Timer App
Love this app, but new update makes selecting multiple stop watches too difficult and deleting a timer seems too tricky, it gives me the option to just reset it instead most of the time. The app deserves 5 stars if this is fixed (or if i am just missing something, better instructions on the new features would be great!) Thanks! Lowered rating, unable to select multiple timers as well, from either view in the app. If issues get fixed and the app goes back to like before recent update will give 5 stars. also name of stopwatch doesn't keep unless i actually hit “save” unlike, before which was easier. thanks!
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2 years ago, FegaMind
Disappointing for Apple Watch
The app description says it is supported on Apple Watches, which is what I really wanted. But you have to buy the “Pro” version to use it on an Apple Watch. Ok. No problem (if it does what I expect). Well, there is a problem that I learned after paying. On the watch, you cannot interact with, set, start, end, or delete any timers. You can only view the active timers that you already started in your iPhone. And there are no Watch face complications to display the timers either. This is a great app for 2014, but lacks a lot of functionality in 2022; especially if you’re charging for it.
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