Timesheet Mobile™

4.4 (2.1K)
88.6 MB
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Timesheet Mobile™
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Timesheet Mobile™

4.43 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Aggressivebottm
Almost there.
The app is not bad, responsive, and on the right track. Consideration of alerts over navigation and the inability for the app to cache static content in the notes section between screen darks and locks is problematic to mobile business and those operating machinery. Keep up the good work. The app is very close to excellence in my view.
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3 years ago, Master Plumber 2
Needs more updates!!
The service company I work for use’s this app. Which it has some good features but!!! Whoever developed this app doesn’t have it installed on their personal phone because they would see how annoying it is when, everywhere u go your phone alerts you to every house you’ve been to!!! And it won’t stop and even in my house from one side to the other I get all different alerts to punch in! Even as I’m typing this review I’m getting all the pop ups!! Please change that!! It won’t let allow me!! 2nd which I don’t understand is the constant punch in and out why can’t you create a simple pause button for lunch breaks in stead of reentering all of your punch information all over again.. it can’t be that difficult.
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3 years ago, lapato7070
Good very good
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3 years ago, mike susini
Frustrating as can be
When my people use the landline to clock in and out and then go to another job they are unable to clock into travel time and this creates me to have to manually put in the time every single day this is frustrating and not necessary also when I get on the computer it’s always in a busy mode sinking for long periods of time and it is very frustrating
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6 years ago, Mel1837572
Horrible app
I have to use this app with the company I work for. It is so frustrating to use. Sometimes it says I am punched in and then when I go to punch out I wasn’t even clocked in!!! It also makes me let them have my location 24/7 which is fine while I’m at work but it is a little creepy that they can see everywhere I go! It also crashes pretty often. Not worth the fuss in my opinion.
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10 months ago, dhdhdhxvdjsj
Geofencing is useless. Does not auto punch out between sites. Only updates when I wake up phone even though I gave my phones soul in permissions to these Neanderthal app developers. If you market your app to track time and travel then it should. This is a ink app. Don’t waste your money. Spend a little more and get one that works. Support is non existent as well
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6 years ago, nb update hater
Just updated TSM
Once again we had an update to the program. I waited until my crew punched in and set their task codes for the day. After the update, I can no longer see anything other than my own time card. As a manager I used to open the Manager section, but now the program says that I am not a valid user. Sure do like the paper time cards better.
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7 years ago, Tywaltinc
Drains too much battery and is still using locations hours after you punch out.
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3 years ago, ma'am!
Timesheet trouble
This app freezes a lot. I’ve deleted and downloaded constantly to see if I could log in. Myself and several co-workers have issues punching in and out on a daily basis. At this point I wouldn’t recommend this app and would suggest with another option.
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4 years ago, intell77
Needs more improvements
The app should allow an employee who uses their personal phone to change location services from always to only while using. There should also be a warning message for punching in and out to prevent accidents ie: message box: you are punching in/out , click ok!!
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7 years ago, Ryon34
Best app for payroll time tracking ever!!
Works like a dream!! Support team is on point! Seriously. Couldn't image running my company with out this app. Thanks Bob in support.
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1 year ago, Prime Home Renovations
Notifications Issues
The App was work fine since last week! Every time when my Helps clock In or Out I always get the notifications! This Way I can relax and know everything it’s fine! Suddenly stop work! I already uninstalled twice, turn on and off the notifications, locations, permissions, Update the IOS! Nothing make work again! So I’m moving too the another app!
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5 years ago, WE BE Honest
once you clocking your screwed . Unable to switch tasked with out having to log out and back in . Unable to access any information like address or other notes Unable to edit notes Blah blah blah wouldn’t recommend this app at all For those who do recommend it try using the app for a few months . There are several problems with it that you can only find on a day by day usage.
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5 years ago, Purplegirl39648
This app has been messing up my phone every since I downloaded it and I have to have it for work. I have to restart my phone several times a day and that didn’t start until I downloaded this app.
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5 years ago, HWO1990
There’s no reason to have location on always it should be only visible when clocked in kinda makes me want to get a new job that doesn’t use this feature or should I say invasion of privacy
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3 years ago, wjja50
Geofencing leads to payroll headaches
Employees do not know if they clocked out with a valid location until payday. It’s always an unpleasant conversation to explain to Employees why they not getting paid for some long shifts. The App needs to show Employees position is determined before they clock out!
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7 years ago, LEMLUV
Home page
I liked seeing my total hrs for the week on the home page
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5 years ago, srormin norman
TMS changing constantly
Getting very frustrated having to learn new ways to log into TSM and having to find different information that may or may not be visible after the changes.
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4 years ago, AM G4s
Bad app
Terrible location freezes my phone constantly app freezes constantly there are better apps use those!
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2 months ago, anoonimos
Battery killer
I hate the constant prompts I hate that it forces you to have notifications on just to punch in or out. Bad user experience. Bad UI. Bad everything.
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2 years ago, whydoyoumakememakeanickname
Why does app need location while I’m home not clocked in.
Can’t think of any reasonable explanation for this aside from sale of collected data. Not surprising.
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6 years ago, stellpf
Not for construction
This app is big brother at its finest and a waste of time during your day . If your a paranoid micro manager this app may be for you
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4 years ago, any employee
Thumbs down
Can’t stand tracking my movements when I am not at work.
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6 years ago, jujgdrgjtcko
Keeps messing up my hours and why does it keep saying nickname taken gave it lot of nicknames
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6 years ago, 610C2C33CA
Did not work at first wasting time
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10 years ago, Rcook900
Works good for me. Get a random notification every time it opens tho. But now it has to the second when you clock in. Also gives notification when you are signed in to punch out. I think it should reset hours on Sunday night not Saturday night.
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10 years ago, Hayl507
This App is Useless
Don't waste your time or money on this app. It will randomly (and frequently) clock you both in and out. Though being clocked out without your permission is much more common. It also can't accurately add hours, thus defeating it's entire purpose. Once it somehow gave me credit for working 50 hours, when in reality only a span of 24 hours had passed. Which is clearly not possible, given that my job entails no time travel. The way this app works, is you have a menu of different jobs available for you to clock in for. For example: in the office, out in the field, etc. You must pick which job you are clocking in for in order for the "clock in" button to work. But this app will occasionally just completely clear out your list of available jobs, leaving you completely unable to clock in. The app will need to be completely reset, and whoever is in charge of the account will need to re-enter the password info for it to work again. I shudder to think that any company would base their payroll on such a buggy app. Don't use this.
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9 years ago, Lucycdghjj
I guess it's okay because I can clock in and out. But, it uses my battery and data constantly and I don't have unlimited data...it didn't do this until I just updated...and it is killing my battery and keeping my location on and now I have to keep my background refresh on, which I never do to save data and battery...it's annoying and will cost me money now..
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7 years ago, Q-4-Short
Works well
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10 years ago, er-apple
Fantastic way to track employee time and location
Easy to use, secure, and syncs with server. You will love how easy this is to use and how much time and money can be saved on your time sheets each payroll!
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10 years ago, troykrueger
This application has revolutionized the way our company tracks employee hours in the field. Their support team has actually encouraged and welcomed my feedback! Great software, great company!
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10 years ago, a6str1nger
No record keeping?
While it is handy to use my phone as a timecard, I do not like the fact that it does not keep records from previous pay periods. Also, it has crashed on me more than once and I could not clock in on time.
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10 years ago, nedeeezy
Mistakes left & right
The clock in device can configure your hours to something else. I clocked out of work @ 4:30pm & didn't clock me out until 11:59pm. I constantly have to go on the physical website and make the changes as needed. Really annoying app!
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10 years ago, Clr603
Excellent employee time clock with GPS
Easy to use. Secure and prevents buddy punching. Reduces time for employee time sheets and payroll. Great app and system!
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8 years ago, Derekd 88
Always Watching
The GPS has to be set on 24/7. The app should only pinpoint your location at punch in/out. 24/7 monitoring is ridiculous and kills the phone battery. Any employer who forces their employee to use this has no trust/respect for them.
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10 years ago, ItzelthS
New update
Love the update!
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9 years ago, Macadocious77
Awesome app! So convenient!
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4 years ago, piscuiza
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7 years ago, txpainter
Glitchy af
This app is a pain in the butt. It will have you waiting 5 mins to punch in or out. And if you don't review the app, it crashes. I've had to uninstall the app every time it ask if I will review it. Great idea poor performance.
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