4.1 (555)
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TimeStation, LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for TimeStation

4.08 out of 5
555 Ratings
4 months ago, VWJesus
It’s good in all, but . . .
I have used this app for a while now to clock in and out of work. However, this app has not been updated for iOS in 5 years. My Samsung users have had an update in the past year. It would be nice to have my TimeStation properly communicate when I’ve clocked in and when I’ve clocked out. Often, after clocking out, the system does not recognize that I have clocked out. My boss ends up having to go in and clocking me out themself. As I said, the app is an easy tool, but it needs some updates. Thank you!
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6 years ago, FRC Team 2637
Timestation is a great addition to any team!
Our robotics team uses Time Station to assist in keeping track of our members' hours spent in the lab. It is very easy to set up and implement. Our team is really thankful for the ease of access and reliability that the app provides. It helps our members get in and out the door a lot faster. Our team has over fifty members and due to that large number, Time Station has significantly reduced the time spend on manually tracking and calculating each team member's hours. It is quick, convenient, easy and accurate. We highly recommend Time Station for any organization or group of people that requires time keeping. We will definitely continue using Time Station for many years to come. Disclaimer: We received a Time Station sponsorship and received the software for free.
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10 months ago, Sharay232324
Time Log
It does what it’s supposed to, clocks you in/ out but it’s missing a vital component! A time log portal for all employees to access easily. Most of the time doing a hundred things at once you can easily forget to clock-in or out or forget you’ve already pumped in or out. A time log portal would help with the worry of being unsure and playing the guessing game or asking the employer if they could check for you. On the time log portal there should also be a time correction area where you can add a note. Example “Arrived 1hr early to set up displays; Forgot to clock in” / “Clocked-out at 7:30 but was then asked to stay later until 8:15, time was never corrected”. By adding a note you would avoid needing to send an email to employer for time correction. Im sure that could be annoying to an employer having multiple emails for time corrections and have several employees.
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4 years ago, Kevin & Joy
Good app but needs some enhancements
Service is overall very good but does not track overtime at all. You still have to manually calculate it. But the app is pretty good but lacks features. It’s pretty much for punching in and out. Any reporting etc. you have to go to the website. It would be ideal if an employee could check if they’re punched in or not - they sometimes forget if they clocked in or out for lunch. So I get employees who punch in and out or out and back in just to confirm if they are punched in or out. Even better if you could have the option to display who is punched in or out by just looking at the app - seems like it would be a relatively easy add. Scheduled shift time would be good, ideally prompt the employee if they’re logged into app when it’s time to punch out and avoid some overtime. Admin function in app is weak. I’d like to be able to see who is punched in or out, what time they punched in (basically the info that you see when you log into the website). Also Admin area should be able to edit an entry when an employee forgets to punch in or out and needs adjusting. That would make the app way more useful. The app is basically only good for punching in or out - that’s about it. But that one thing it does excellent.
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6 years ago, gr8aztec
Almost great!
It would be great to see if you (employee) are clocked in/out or receive an email to let you know such. The sync needs a tune up as we’ll especially when it transitions from WiFi to phone service provider. App is great other than that...
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4 weeks ago, kristinaannspider
Employees that use time station
I am an employee and I use time station for my clockings at work. I don’t really care for the app too much because I can’t see a history of my clockings all I can see is when I clock in and out of work. It would be really helpful to see a week of clockings and how many hours I had put in for the week. It’s nice to be able to keep record of these things and be aware hours in case I happen to go over or under my hours. So I would give it 5 stars if the app had that feature. Someone should really consider it!
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7 years ago, Bentknees
Great time keeping
Used other software at different companies but this one is by far the easiest to manage particularly for employees who may need to clock in or out when out of the office. Only glitch is they need to clock out on same device as clocked in on or it may not sync correctly. Reports are also easy and can be downloaded into excel which is a big plus.
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5 years ago, Mrs.D123
Great for Career and Technical Schools-Simulation Workplace
We workplace simulation in class and my students have to learn the habit and responsibility of clocking in and out. Bi-weekly I have a student print out a pay report and share it with each student of how much money he/she would have made if they were really being paid! They love this. They also see how being absent and not clocking in affects their pay.
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5 years ago, Fopasanfer
Great time tracking app
Have used for employees timesheet and projects time tracking. Easy to use. Agree with other reviews that being able to see status (IN/OUT + Department) would be great. Ability to add notes when clocking in/out would also be a helpful feature for my business. I still use this app all the time and I highly recommend!
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5 years ago, my girls moma
The greatest time keeping app ever
I’ve been using and wasting so much money on using time keeping apps till I found TimeStation it’s so simple to set up, to use, manage employees and it even tracks by gps you guys have done a terrific job on this app so thankful for it and the fact it doesn’t cost a fortune thankyou for helping me save money keep up the great work Your #1 fan
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6 years ago, AmExcellent
Simple and effective
Wow! What a simple app for recording our employees time. We run a small company, and had been searching for a time punch clock app to use on a decommissioned iPad. Timestation is perfect! So easy for our team to use, and we (the owners) can view the data from anywhere through a web browser. Couldn't be happier! :-)
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8 months ago, Bud1284
Tracking hours
There should be something on the app that a employee can track their hours to know exactly how many hrs they have worked. Is there a way yall can put that into the app? Besides that its very easy to use on clocking in and out.
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6 months ago, snarplaya
Terrible app for employees
You can’t track your weekly hours. You only get a single 2 second pop-up that tells you your clocked in time for that shift. Why can’t it just add hours up to give us a daily and weekly total. It’s too simple and such a crucial tool for employees to know what they are getting paid. This missing feature irritates me to the nth degree. Just update you app to have more functionality for employees. It’s frkn rediculous not to be able to see your total hours.
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3 years ago, coloradodawgz
Very frustrating
I use this app for my company religiously for my employees. I cannot turn my camera around to my rear camera even when i have deleted the app reinstalled andwent through all the settings on the web and on the app. Still wont go to my rear camera. My partners same iphone does the rear. We got out phones at the same time. My ipad air does it just fine. Like wow.
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5 years ago, MassNative
Used for years
We have used this for years for our small business and we love the ease of use for the employees as well as the reporting for admin. Maybe suggest a “facelift” to the app and desktop to keep things fresh? Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, ARM Sanctuary
Great Addition to our Organization!
TimeStation has been such a great addition and useful tool for our organization. The app and software is so easy to use and the support staff is delightful to deal with. Very accommodating and supportive. Highly recommended!! Thank you for your support!!
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3 years ago, Spurgers
Great for our small air conditioning company!
TimeStation makes it easy for me to calculate payroll at the end of every pay period and the GPS features is excellent for keeping track of the jobs.
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2 months ago, Whitemexican.
Its a good app, but…
The concept and the development is great, unfortunately the lack of updates is creating problems with the ability to communicate with androids and apple users, no registered in’s and out’s are creating issues in our company. Wish the developer comeback and work on this.
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5 years ago, woodward147
Years of perfect service
Been using MTS for 4 years now and have never experienced any issues with data loss, never a down systems, or anything of the sorts. Can’t wait til we can start paying as our company grows!
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6 years ago, N. Wheeler
Love the app, But
We love this app, however I wish there was an option on mobile devices to let you know whether you’re signed already or not. Overall great app
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6 years ago, REACHCoach
TimeStation allows our rowers to sign in/out to practice each day, and coaches can remotely check which members of the crew are present/absent in real time. Later we can make decisions about which athletes have demonstrated commitment by the number of practices they attend. Great app!
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5 years ago, Sleepingmom
Great App
TimeStation is what GMR457 has used for the past three seasons to keep track of time the students spend building our robot for competition. Their sponsorship has freed up funds for other materials. Thank you TimeStation!
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3 years ago, Hamilton112
This app is great for tracking attendance. It is very user friendly. My only wish is that I can add hours to multiple people at a time
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5 years ago, Sassy Princess 13
It’s ok
I like this app, but hate the fact that the camera can’t be turned around to scan the barcode to clock in and out. You have to hold it weird and backwards to try and scan it just right. Would be WAY better if the camera was the other way around
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3 years ago, Greg_Banks
Simple, but missing key component
The app works as it should but one key piece is missing. There should be a time log that you can easily view to see a record of your time punches. This would easily prevent the “did I clock in this morning” line of questioning.
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4 years ago, joelito2001cu
In or out
The app may be inform if the time to check is in or out. Many times the people forget if made the checking and repeat it again.
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5 years ago, Maia_V.
Great and easy
I used this app for a couple years and it made my life so easy in comparison to manual tracking. The reports were fairly easy to customize and it was very accurate.
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5 years ago, Actxgirl
Needs “in or out” prompt on clock in/out screen!
Great app, very effective but like so many of us, sometimes I get so busy that I can’t remember if I’ve clocked in or back out...would be great to pull up screen and see if I’m “in” or “out” without having to type in my ID to change the status!!!
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5 years ago, Ashley Holsinger
App idea
There should be a way to be able to weekly your total hours and day by day hours. It’s annoying I can’t go back and see what hours I worked each day that week and what my total amount of hours were. We are only allowed to use the app at work and not the internet access profile. It would help a lot to have that.
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5 years ago, mavk2011
Great app could use a few changes in the admin app
I love this app but I wish I could edit everything and print from the app.
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5 years ago, Woodcreek Outreach
We use it but
We use it daily. Always have to uninstall and reinstall. Does not register clocking in or out at time even when on internet and location settings are on. Give readings on hours when clocked out to website at 10.9 but to employees give 17 million.
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5 years ago, Roque inc
Is just great. Easy to manage and reliable Highly recommended if you don’t try it you don’t realize wat you are missing
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6 years ago, Joey Hassan
The Best
For the past few years i have been using this app and honestly it is the best system i have ever came across .
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4 months ago, CamieP
Desperately Needs an Update for Apple
The last update was 5 years ago - issues keep happening more and more with clocking in and out. This app really needs a massive update for Apple users.
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4 years ago, chh6
The best
Now this is an app that has not problems with functionality. See your self👏
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5 years ago, Kelli0annie
Two Big Complaints
I wish employees using this app could see their total hours for the week/pay period. And I wish you could set reminders in the app for clocking in/out. I have used better apps at other jobs for time cards. This one is just ok.
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3 years ago, @&$((($89055
I forget if I signed in or not and it should light of green or something can’t tell if I’m in or out
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6 years ago, Thatxjguy
Works, but needs work
The app lets me clock in and out at work, but it’s too simplistic. It would be nice to have iPhone X support and to be able to use Touch ID or Face ID rather than manually entering the PIN number. This app looks like it was made for iOS 6, and we’re on iOS 11. It should get some new aesthetics too.
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6 years ago, TBBucsfan
Could use an update.
Great app overall just needs an updated look for iPhone X screen along with Face ID for signing in.
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4 years ago, MandarinGorringe
Fine, but needs more features
Please add a feature for the employee to see clock in/out times & total hours worked.
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5 months ago, vbpothead
Please add color coding
Hard to determine if I’m punched in or out. How about adding some color coding - if it’s green I’m punched in, red is punched out.
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6 years ago, mariposky
Mimaropa Naturally
We are using time station on time attendance of our staff operating a trade event. The system is very useful in monitoring 5 simultaneous events.
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5 years ago, Diaroca
Great app
As an employer, this app has been great to keep track of hours and get weekly reports for payroll.
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5 years ago, reKasaurus
Employee access
Would be helpful if time logged was sent to employees or stored in the app for easy access instead of only sent to employer.
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5 years ago, Velosterguy
Needs instructions on PIN number programming and logging.
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4 years ago, HillaryOM
Can’t look back on hrs
I do not like this app. I can’t look back to see what I’ve worked. Clocking in and out is fast but I do not have access to any past info or total hrs etc.
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6 years ago, to_whit
One major flaw.
In the app, there is no way to see if you are clocked in or not. It’s very frustrating. Has led to employees missing punches on their devices. Otherwise, it’s a fine app.
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6 years ago, Cdpics
This app is so glitchy. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Very frustrating. I’m always having to go in and manually add times because employees can’t get the app to respond.
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5 years ago, Sanjay tailor
Very easy to use I love it
Very easy to use and it’s free up to 10 user
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8 months ago, Mikeapp4lyfe
As a user and an employee would really be helpful for a punch in and punch out log for employees no the app
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