Titan: App for Titan accounts

4.8 (1.2K)
129.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Flock FZ-LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Titan: App for Titan accounts

4.76 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Chris J.G.
Top notch
So far so good with Titan. The app is slick and super fast. And overall it's just easy to use. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles and everything is easy to find. There are no over-complicated features either and nothing is buried. Most importantly though, I've had no issues with sending or receiving mails. I've had trouble in the past using my domain for email, discovering too late that I was missing emails. It wasn't complicated (and it was quick) to get everything working properly with Titan. Some great email management tools as well.
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1 year ago, Jmb1947
Mobile App Freezes
I had to change to this app because I changed my Web Host. I open it and after a couple of emails it freezes. I have to close it completely and then reopen to unfreeze it. If I didn’t have to use it I would delete it and not look back. The computer app works fine. The mobile app not so much. Titan gave me an email for support. The system identifies my email to them as spam and kicks it back. It asks me to force send, which I do, and it doesn’t go thru. This fiasco is only getting worse with no way to contact them as they block my emails as spam. Maybe the could just give me a phone number or unblock my email address.
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10 months ago, Cleaner Outlook LLC
So many wonderful features!
First off when I started using Titan I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was just gonna be another email client but boy I was wrong! This app has so many features, some of which I have not even learn as yet. I love the fact that you can schedule message later. This was before Google and the others were doing it. I also love the fact that it sends you read receipts so you can know when your messages are open. It also gives you an option to delete your message or unsend your message if you made a mistake. That’s golden. I am still learning more about the program, but with each updates I can say I am thoroughly impressed. Highly recommend.
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9 months ago, Big Vally's Girl
Good but could be better
Titan is great for the most part. There are a “few” things that I am accustomed to that are not available such as not being able to preview attachments without downloading. That is very important to me when I’m composing an email. Sending a client a wrong image can be detrimental. As a graphic designer I will have a huge number of almost identical files with different file names. I need to be able to check files visibly before I send and my clients need to preview before downloading.
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2 years ago, Good in Hood
Excellent and Easy to use!
I have Titan service since one year ago; recently, I had an issue with the configuration of my Gmail account. I contacted Titan customer service, and they helped me immediately. I was surprised that was a live person and took me to step by step through all the configuration processes—great customer service, which is super important.
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3 years ago, rainn sideways
Solid App
So far it has been pretty good. Nice layout and easy to use. Emails show up just as fast as gmail. Pretty cheap per month for a business email as well!
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9 months ago, Calebdtt
Not bad but definitely need a some work
It’s not a bad app, it has what you need but it could definitely benefit from some added functionalities that go beyond basic emailing. For example, there’s no way to block senders, if the subject line is too long there is no way to read it on the mobile app, minimal stuff like that. It isn’t essential to the functionality of the app but would never happen on other platforms.
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3 months ago, MsCeeJae
Emails bounce back and I receive messages that come back saying to do something coding. Tech Help wants me to do something that sounds very techie. I don’t even know where to start to try to fix it. My VA has fixed it twice, but again organizations are not receiving my emails or some bounce back. I have never had so many problems with an email. I would say it is the app on my iPad , but I use it on a different computer with same results. I just want it to work.
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2 years ago, PrincePringles
Minimal, if any, mobile support functions
The IOS version of app would rank higher with me if I could simply manage my email account from mobile. Being able to read and reply to emails is fine and getting the read notices is cool but being able to manage access, blocking and simple account setting features would turn this app from a 3-ish to a near 5.
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2 years ago, RoseAgate1
App Does Not Work
I have downloaded this for my business website Titan mail account which also does not work any longer with Hostinger twice. Both times the app also does not work. I have correctly entered email and password. Login never activates, and I have deleted the app. I am now looking to sever tis to Titan mail with my host and business to source a reliable email account service. Blaming my DNS, clearing my cache, or my iPhone is not the problem if it is isolated only to Titan mail and no other app or online service.
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1 year ago, $c@nEagle1!6
Zero features and won’t stay connected
I’ve had this for over a month and still hate it. It requires a degree in computer science to set up and god forbid if you try to use outlook as the client because that’s the industry standard and it actually lets you copy things without paying more for a basic function! The amount of support articles on the exact same subject reflects on the overall poor quality.
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2 weeks ago, Dee2R
Emails fail to load
I really like having this email service, but more often than not, when I open an email, it doesn’t load. I get a blank page. I thought maybe the last update would fix it, but it didn’t.
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4 years ago, Bluebird loves kitty
App is slow; font needs to be darker
I am paying for Titan eMail, and extremely disappointed in this email App. Takes forever to delete one email; freezes up the entire app until the deletion is done. Also, the font used for the emails is small and too light; my eyesight is bad and I can barely use the app. Also needs more customization features.
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4 months ago, FMNP2024
Fix the typing
I have to delete each letter when I start a new sentence for a new paragraph and capitalize it on my own. Very frustrating. This is an auto correct That’s been over, written for whatever reason, each new sentence after a period should be capitalized, that should be a given. All I’m saying.
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5 months ago, JR1994_94
Great app
Has more features than your standard mail app and easy to understand.
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3 months ago, Hazey87$
Complete trash / risk of fraud /scamming credentials
Can’t login to any email that uses titan, it will except your credentials then sit there and does absolutely nothing as a developer this is sad ,unprofessional and looks like a perfect example of login credential mining from customers. I would use at your own risk and I don’t recommend it! One star was giving because it don’t except zero stars !
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2 years ago, knshsn
Dark mode
Can’t read the text when using dark mode. So I have to go back to light mode every time I get an email. Please fix it. Other than that no problems so far
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2 years ago, happy Amos
Why can’t I download the app on my phone
Why is the titan not downloading on my phone
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2 years ago, Jlhemt
Could be so much better!
I’s love to see the app mimic desktop more on an iPade but more importantly, we are on apple watch 8 and I can’t use Titan on the watch for my calendar. I get email is tougher but get those two in the iwatch and I’m a fan for life!
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4 months ago, Рустам Каримов
Dark mode
That’s pretty weird, that these guys don’t care about the accessibility of dark mode in the mobile app. That’s pretty simple, to make users clear the way to understand distinguishing between read and unread messages. But they just didn’t care about it. At all. Switched to another.
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1 year ago, Oneday3321
Not good experience
This is paid email and way much worse than Apple’s default email function, can’t copy email address, can’t resend, the fonts are not as good as looking, the only good thing is I know when recipient opens email.
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7 months ago, Khoa Nguy
Cannot change signature
I want to change my signature and the app asks me use webmail. I logged into the webmail by using phone browser. However, it keeps forcing me to use the app… So ridiculous. I have to use my computer instead of browser on my phone. So inconvenient
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1 year ago, Brenda Nolen
Could not print from app
I could not print emails from the app. Fortunately, I figured out how to receive and send on Apple mail, so I am using that again.
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1 year ago, Kpm0618
Great app but no quick share icon
App works great but does not show when sharing photos etc. like Outlook or mail. Please add shortcut Thanks
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3 years ago, >.>.>.>
Very User Friendly
Such an underrated platform. Very easy to use and works very well.
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5 months ago, Dawes 2
Delmer Eldred
User friendly-like all the different features
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2 years ago, Dexinme
Support denies any issue
No email was flowing so I contacted support. Told to try a different browser when in reality there was an issue on their end. They finally admitted it. Their status page is a joke. Show 100% uptime when clearly it is not.
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1 year ago, XxxAlexxxX777
Works great as it should.
Very smooth
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10 months ago, Seefrancenow
Like it
Great for my business needs. Need spell check!
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2 years ago, TheMandalaLady
no way to add folders from the app
Just installed today. set up went well. sending and receiving emails works find. But when i tried to set up folders there’s no way to do it. Their “help” says to go to “web.titan.email” to add folders. The only problem is when I go there it forces me to use the app (the destination url changes to “app.titan.email”. I don’t have a computer. I strictly use ipad and iphone. very frustrating. even the support just says go to web.titan.email. there appears to be no way to add folders in the app. If I hadn’t just signed up, I’d go find a different email hosting.
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2 years ago,
Unable to copy email address from to or from field
Unable to copy email address to compose new mail
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2 years ago, michellechi2020
Cannot even open app onto iPhone
It would not be possible to review this app as it fails spectacularly at the open with an endless spinning wheel which only ceases to twirl by the closing of the app.
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8 months ago, Turningmuffin
Can’t login
Downloaded the app. Set up an account online. Getting 404 error when trying to login. That seems like a basic mistake.
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2 years ago, RickJrB
Email app for email
I have to close and re open the app to view incoming emails, email app should be first priority functionality
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1 year ago, alexstarwood
Not working good
Not working good on Apple, customer service support not professional.
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2 years ago, Dave LostInZeroSupport
Dave LostInZeroSupport
I got Titan because it promised superlative performance. But one day my account stopped downloading email. Zero support. We live by email and Titan is unreliable.
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7 months ago, Fatimaahmed89
App keeps exiting
Too faulty. Each time i try adding and logging into my second email the app keeps exiting and doesnt work. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXTREMELY USELESS THE APP EXITS EACH TIME
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2 years ago, soider317
Cannot sign up on mobile.
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10 months ago, mr ampere
A Promising Mail App with Room for Improvement
The Titan app is a promising email client that offers a range of features to enhance your email experience. While it has its strengths, such as its user-friendly interface and efficient mail sending capabilities, it falls short in one crucial aspect - the inability to receive mail. I have been using the Titan app for a while now, and I must admit that it excels in terms of usability. The app’s interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate, making it a breeze to compose and send emails. The various customization options available, such as email templates and signatures, add a personal touch to your messages. The app also boasts a robust search function, allowing users to quickly find specific emails or conversations. This feature is particularly handy for those who receive a high volume of messages and need to locate important information promptly. However, the main drawback of the Titan app is its inability to receive mail. As of the 24th of August 2023, this issue remains unresolved, and it significantly hampers the app’s overall functionality. While the developers have assured users that they are working on a solution, the lack of progress in this regard is disappointing. Despite this setback, the Titan app shows great potential. If the receiving mail issue is resolved, it could become a strong contender in the email client market. The app’s current strengths, coupled with the promised fix, make it worth keeping an eye on for future updates. In conclusion, the Titan app offers a user-friendly interface and efficient mail sending capabilities. However, the inability to receive mail remains a significant drawback. If the developers can address this issue promptly, the app has the potential to become a top choice for email management. Until then, users may need to rely on alternative options for their email receiving needs.
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