Toast DVD

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Corel Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.10 or later
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User Reviews for Toast DVD

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
7 years ago, Jimbo1 H.
Good but limited version 2.3
I bought this to burn some DVDs from old DV tapes. I was disappointed at first because it wouldn’t handle the wmv files that I converted to MPEG-4 files with iSkysoft Converter. Each time I tried the software would quit. I dealt with Corel’s Customer Support and that person confirmed 2.3 wouldn’t do that. He suggested I upgrade to version 15 for about $50. Instead I converted my wmv files to MPEG-2 files, which doubles the size of the files, and then Toast was able to burn DVDs to be played on a BlueRay player. I like how simple the screens are. There really aren’t a lot of choices to make. So after discovering which type of files it could handle, it worked fine.
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8 years ago, rman402
Simple and easy to use
Its 2016 but some of my older family members still dont know how to use digital media. ( Not uncommon right . ) So I needed this program to make a few dvd’s of my daughters dance recital to send as christmas gifts for some of the older folks in our family that were not able to see her. Program was quick and easy. Just add the files,( mpeg4 was my format of choice ), select a menu template and hit burn. Of course there are more options available for those who are a bit more fancy than that but that was all i needed. Would recommend this program for a novice as it was very simple to use.
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7 years ago, ALC Music lover
Worth its price
I am really happy to find a software that burns Blu Ray and any other type of disc. This software works just as it says. I'm dissapointed that Apple hasn’t made a good BD burning software that allows you to create professional menus. Toast has been a great fall back for what Apple is missing. I hope to see one day that toast creates a software similar to what Apples iDVD use to be. I’d hope that toast keeps its simple to use format but just adds some more detailed menu creating if we so choose to use it. Love it all in all.
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7 years ago, singing photographer
Horrible app. doesn’t work on iMAC. Customer service horrid.
This app crashed repeatedly, while loading videos. I wrote to support. they asked over and over for a screen shot. i kept replying that was impossible, as the crash made the whole thing suddenly disappear. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. They finally sent me a link to use for a working version. i had to buy an uninstall program to get rid of old. Then downloaded from THEIR repair link. what i received was different. it was Titanium 16. inside that folder was the toast i wanted. BUT IT WON’T OPEN WITHOUT A KEY which they did not send me. so i have nothing. Then they sent long complicated instructions for uninstall. NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SLOW AND REPETITIVE AND TOTALLY UNHELPFUL. I used to like Roxio products but this experience has taught me to AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS.
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6 years ago, Freder_58
Finally Working - REVISED (Again!) REVIEW
NEW REVISED REVIEWL After many months, much complaining and poor reviews, the developer FINALLY issued an update that fixed whaver problems had crept in to make the app fail. Now once again, it’s a simple, easy-to-use aplication that gets the job done. No bells and whistles here, but at least I can now burn disks that work. Thanks for the update! ——————— FIRST REVISED REVIEW It used to be a simple, basic app that did its job; now all it does is crash. I’ve tried everything — it goes through the motions right up until burning the disk should start, then crashes every time. If Roxio fixes the thing I will revise again, but in its ciurrent state, DO NOT buy this app!! —————— ORIGINAL REVIEW: It’s nowhere near as elegant as iDVD used to be — as an example, the avcailable menu designs are pretty much extremely ugly. But it gets the job done, is easy enough to use, and with iDVD dead and buried this seems to be the best option available in a reasonable price range.
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4 years ago, droller44
Love this software....
I use this to burn all my videos to disc, since Apple somehow didn't think that was a necessary need for computer owners somehow. ??????? grumble. But this software has been terrific. It would be nice if the computer didn't shut down while processing, because some videos take a while, but I'd highly recommend this software. And it's really easy to use by the way if you're outputting from iMovie. Just share to file and then pull it into Toast.
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7 months ago, jddj2
Crazy bugs - keeps forgetting names, BGs
Bought this a few years ago, just bought the Blu-Ray plugin to burn some stuff on Blu-ray for a relative. When I save the Toast file to disk and reload, it's not at all certain that the selected background nor the Blu-ray disc title will come back. Also, it uses, but truncates the file name (so all the videos I burnt look like they're the same name) and it puts the file date on the screen - so they all have the same date. 3 stars b/c it burned a Blu-ray that works in a player, though it took probably 16 hours to get there and did it wrong. Ugh.
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5 years ago, Marn at the Barn
Does what it says-UI is pretty braindead easy
My only complaint is when you try to burn an unfamiliar format it gives very vague errors like,” Did not add data.” Instead, if the format is not viable maybe say,” Please convert your movie format to recognized and burnable media. For examples please see” Stuff like that.
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7 years ago, Pepper Andy 1977
Tried to get help through customer service. literally just bought the blu ray upgrade and it never worked once. wont even open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have $35 invested and never got one burn. Only posting in hopes that someone will reach out to me here because customer service acts like the product doesnt exist. they are not familiar with the app at all, only their software on the website. she did not know there was a version 2.3 even available. when it was open it looked like exactly what i wanted. really hoping its a short term issue and i can update this review
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6 years ago, An enthusiastic amateur
Easy to use; faster than alternatives
I’ve been using several free utilities to burn DVDs ever since iDVD stopped working. I couldn’t get them to work today, so I gave in and bought this app. It quickly burned 3 DVDs without menus of an mp4 that I had prepared. I can’t speak to any of its advanced features, but it prepared the video_ts folders 3-4x faster than the last program I used.
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7 years ago, superdink
Crashes every time I attempt to open it.
Don’t waste your money. This is a very old version of this app that isn’t stable. I was able to burn three CDs, then it crashed, and I haven’t been able to successfully open it since. Their support pages are only geared toward products purchased from the Digital River web site, and not from the App Store. Apple shouldn’t even allow this product to be sold here. They are currently selling version 15 of this product on their web site. The version for sale here is 2.3. I want my $20 back.
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6 years ago, Baumann_9
Crashes. No MKV support. Told to use a convertor first!
This off-spin of Toast works….rarely. In High Sierra it crashes–despite having more than enough RAM. The Activity Monitor stays in the green for RAM and it eats up processor % quite well. But as the encoding reaches the end, it crashes…after waiting an hour! It will NOT allow me to burn MKV files–ANY MKV file I give it WILL NOT EVEN IMPORT. Tech support finally wrote back their solution: get a free convertor online and convert the MKV files to MP4s! No helpful: another step, another wait. Repeated calls and “chats” come up with nada. Was told by one support person there was a “patch” for High Sierra, but then they turned me over to someone else who will email me. I received that email and no “patch” ever, despite numerous request for it. So far, nothing. Tech Support is somewhere in Asia. Don’t waste your time/
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6 years ago, Urban legends cc
A waste
I download this because I had to make promos DVDS and at first I thought the era messege is from the new update of softwore. So I download on my macbook air because I still was running High Sierra, wrong same problem. It goes the whole process and when it says writing to disk It give a time remaining example 4:34 and stops doing anything. the file was only 2.9gigs. So I waisted time and money on this app. Its a shame I did the right thing got the app threw the app store, but I used torrent sites I never had a problem.
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4 months ago, AGI-USA
We purchased this app long time ago and its still working for our company. Thank you for keep updating. I got some app at the same time and they no longer work on the newest mac OS but it's still good!!! Easy to use!
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6 months ago, chrischram
Works when you…
Works when you discover where the bugs lie, learn to work around them. I have used this app, or it has used me, for several years, and occasionally it gets updated for macOS compatibility, except all the underlying bugs never get addressed. Unfortunately, as far as I know, this is the last app on the App Store that can create a Blu-Ray disc.
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7 years ago, delvebelow
Not for pros
This is not a high quality or professional app. It is only for utilitarian, personal use. If you just need to get your video on a disc and don’t care what it looks like, then you’re fine. But if you need ANY sort of custom control over your menu design you are not going to get it. The preset menus are ugly and inflexible. You can’t even preview your disc! If you’re expecting iDVD sorry but this is not it.
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6 years ago, lyonwmbg
Huge Relief
Finally gave up trying to work with iDVD! That product seems to have lost something over time. The basic Toast doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (or I haven’t found them yet), but love the ease and speed I can now enjoy vs. iDVD.
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5 years ago, Treckymom
Easy - 0nce you figure it out
I wanted to burn an iMovie. In that Apple no longer included the iDVD software, I purchased Toast. I worked for several hours over several days before I went to the Apple Community for help. Once I applied the simple TWO line solution: What happens when export the movie from iMovie: File->Share->File... and choose a location? This ought to create a movie, encoded with H264, and with extension .mp4, that Toast should have no problem using. I dropped the .mp4 into the toast video screen, and the rest is history. Toast was fast and efficient and got the job done.
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6 years ago, Fwbaptist
Very Good
Very easy to use and set up. Have used it for a number of years now once I was introduced to the world of Apple. Very stable and reliable. Was concerned of the cost but in the long run it is worth it!
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2 years ago, outercapewebdesign
Long time since I used Toast
Still great legacy software. They must be doing something right to have been around this long! Well done!
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7 years ago, Purple glue
Make sure you watch a tutorial
MAke sure you watch a tutorial before you begin and then you should be up and running!
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1 year ago, qbearkley
Done Did!!
Did what it was supposed to do with no fuss!! Easy to look and use without having questions. 5 stars!!
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4 years ago, Vicki Colombo
Love this program
My husband and our friends barrel race. I shoot the video and make DVDs for them to use as training tools. This program is very easy to use. Many thanks to the creator! Vicki
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5 years ago, not happy at all about this
Doesn't work at all
Unbelievable!! They can take your money for a product that doesn't work at all. Crashes at launch. The gentleman at Corel after taking my name and email witch he had with my registration said, if I don't hear from a technician in 24 hours to give them a call again. Don't buy this unless you just want to give your money away.
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8 years ago, Toast4me
Frustrating start, but GREAT now...
Had trouble initially with downloading ? app, (and Support instructions were too complicated). The app then appeared and has worked easily and well.
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8 years ago, dghye
Worked immediately!
I bought this for a personal project. It worked right away, and even warned me when I configured it wrong. (It was set to PAL when I needed NTSC).
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6 years ago, ThisPersonWhoIsMe
Simple and easy to use
If you just need to burn some DVDs, and don’t need a lot of fancy options, this is perfect. Simple, easy to use, and gets the job done.
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1 year ago, xobod
Great Tool
Easy to use, fast, and complete. This app reminds me of when apps were well-built and did their jobs. The UI is simple, but intuative. Well worth the price.
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6 years ago, The G”s
Easy to use
slow recording but the results are good this is the second time I've used it simple to use.
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4 years ago, Nevin513
Crashes Immediately - DO NOT BUY
I bought this app after doing some research for burning DVDs. Seemed to look good but won't even loaded after downloading. Read the reviews and formus about this issue and it seems pretty common place. In addition, not great reviews on Customer Service. I put in my request for a refund, but I would avoid buying this app at all costs.
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8 years ago, thə dig·​i·​tal no·​mad
No Longer Working (Fails To Start-Up)
Not really sure what’s going on with this application but it no longer works. A shame, I’ve been a loyal Toast Pro (and other Roxio) products for years. This application won’t even start up and what’s worse is the developer won’t even acknowledge the problem (blaming issues on Apple, Inc. and/or other installed software).
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4 years ago, TrustGodanyways
great program
not hard to figure out, only records at 3x, kind of slow, but makes good dvd's when done. I reccomned this program
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7 years ago, Buffleheadprod
Crashes after encoding
This application loaded fine, and runs okay, but then crashes after encoding media. So - after taking an hour and a bit to encode material, it just gives up the ghost, and one has to start over from scratch. Tech support was unresponsive, and getting a refund has proven difficult. Would suggest avoiding.
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2 years ago, Jdbartram44
Works and easy to use
I have had no trouble burning DVDs from mp4 files, which is what I want to do.
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3 months ago, Ontrek9
Does not burn Blu ray disc
I always get am error when I try to burn a Blu ray disc . It goes through the whole process then an error pops up and it quite after wasting my time looking like it going to work.
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4 years ago, fhjfdrgvydguh
I was trying to burn a data Blu-ray disk, not a video, not a bunch of images. My basic problem is that my Macintosh won't recognize the disk burner. This software didn't help. But even so, it seems like this software isn't designed to burn backup disks with just files on them. Now that I know that, I really wish I hadn't paid for this.
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6 years ago, Sanmaran
Very Impressed.
After trying to burn Family DVD’s, I was frustrated until Toast. A very good program with ease of use.I havent even got completely into it yet, except a burn. Looking forward to delving into its possibilities. Well worth the price. Thank You Toast.
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3 years ago, w4anb
Works Great
I have burned 4 DVD's so far and it worked perfect every time. Thank you, money well spent.
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7 years ago, Donna2017
Does everything i need it to do. Easy to install and use. Worth the price.
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6 years ago, Sensei1337
Broken. Do not Buy!
If you are on the newest Mac OS it will just crash. Until there is an update do not buy. $20 down the drain. They recommend spending $70 to upgrade to the “pro” version. But my turst that even that will continue to function is very low. I will find another solution.
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7 years ago, skippy-jlp
Doesn’t last
I bought this as a replacement for iDVD. It worked great for a few weeks and now no longer burns DVDs. There is little support for the 2.3 version of the product so once it stops working you are kinda stuck.
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7 years ago, deni140
Crashes and Errors Constantly
I have never been able to use it everytime I attemt to I get errors and message cordes that I never seem to fix I get them fixed and they come back I always go back to using burn thats free I have tried with videos from imovie and final cut and nothing. Good Luck
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2 years ago, Northside Nick
These folks ARE GOOD!
I've had TOAST products, probably since their inception. My experience is 5 STAR.
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6 years ago, S. Coffman
Used to work great - now just crashes?
I’m not sure what happened - an update maybe? Used to work great, now all it does is crash. Can’t get it to open. Uninstalled, downloaded a fresh version from the app store… and crash. Disappointing, to be sure!
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2 years ago, Androcles In NC
Won't Start
Sorry, but mine doesn't work. It fails as fast as you try to launch it. I figured, my problem was unique to my copy, so I attempted to contace support but got no answer. I refuse to spend another $10 to replace my copy.
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7 years ago, Skiball7
Works like a charm
This application is fast, stable and easy to use.
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3 years ago, Ships of banjos
So easy and straight forword to use.
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1 year ago, boppyboy
Does not even open
Avoid at all costs. Does not even open on iMac running Ventura. Complete fail. First Mac app I've ever purchased that doesn't even open. Mac App store concept is losing it's appeal with no refund seemingly possible.
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7 years ago, roee.7
very easy to use
Very easy to use and reliable.
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5 years ago, Jimbo192
Crashes and audio out of sync when it does work
This app crashes all the time. When finally burned a disc successfully, the audio is out of sync with the video. I would like a refund!
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