Weather Forecast

4.6 (27.8K)
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The Tomorrow Companies, Inc
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6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Weather Forecast

4.63 out of 5
27.8K Ratings
2 months ago, mhorsestar
The Best There Is
For years, I have searched far and wide for a weather app like TMRW. The depth of customizability, especially when it comes to notifications, was exactly what I was looking for. I do several outdoor activities that are weather dependent, so this app is incredibly useful. For me, I don’t just want to know the temperature and forecast — I need to know if I’m going to have to take my allergy medication, if it’s going to be too humid, etc. The only thing that would make this app better for me would be more notifications customizations and widget notifications. Specially, I’d love widgets and notifications for my activities and allergy counts. Thank you for making an amazing weather app that is free and not pumped full of intrusive ads.
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3 years ago, Max Performance
Best around, but I hesitate
So clima-cell dislodged the weather channel app as my favorite weather app. It does seem to be the best weather app around for day to day forecasts, for tightly localized areas. I live in northern Colorado and I’m a daily motorcycle rider so I need a dependable accurate forecast. If I get caught in a snowstorm it could go badly for me. Climacell gives you the ability to tightly localize your weather area and that is one of its advantages over other weather apps. For example I have one locale for home and one for my office, they’re separated by about 12 miles. They differ, sometimes significantly, like snow/no snow and perhaps as much as 10 degrees. I’m no the kind of reviewer that gives out many 5 star ratings, so a 4 star from me is what would probably garner 5 from someone else. I mean, 5 stars means perfect, nothing could be improved on in the app. So I hesitate to give anything 5 stars, even a weather app as good as this one can be improved on, but it is the best around right now.
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3 years ago, Fhhfhhcgv
Recent upgrade ruined the app for me
I was so excited to find this app a little while ago because finally there was a weather app that would replace storm (before it was downgraded into just a weather radar app). I loved how TMRW weather has detailed hourly forecast info at a glance as soon as I opened the app, and a great extended forecast after one quick scroll. I just want a lot of info, instantly available, laid out intuitively, requiring minimal navigation through the app. This most recent update (June 15, 2021) just ruined the app for me because now when I open it all I can see is the temp and scrolling just takes me through big chunky pictographs with minimal info. Like they redesigned the app for old people who don’t want anything more than some basics. WHY is it so hard for app developers to not ruin their own products? One after another, they seem to want to streamline by reducing the availability of information, while adding large visual elements that don’t really contribute much. Guess I’m back to square one.
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4 years ago, Imnrgru2
Pretty accurate here
Now that the sunrise/sunset times have been fixed, I have zero complaints. I have had this app for several weeks now, and have been able to plan outdoor events as far as two weeks out with better accuracy than any other app. In Minnesota, the weather changes constantly - and this app keeps up with that. I rely on the humidity forecast - and even if the forecast looks crazy, it has always been accurate when the day comes. I don’t get alerts - I choose to allow this app to use my location only while I’m using the app. I think some people forget that they have a choice in some of the things they are complaining about in these reviews. I use ‘MyRadar’ to track wind patterns and storm severity. I used WTFORECAST (And several others), until I found this one. This app is excellent for planning. It is always different from every other app I have, and always ends up being the most accurate. Weather is unpredictable. Computer models can misinterpret hi/low pressure patterns, etc. If you really expect any app to know that the rain will start at precisely 3:24p.m., you have some expectation management to work on, I imagine you are either frustrated or disappointed frequently on any given day. Also, why are people so mean and sarcastic in reviews? Lighten up!
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3 years ago, diggity.doyle
Pretty good weather app so far
nice clean interface, and appears to be pretty accurate for my area. There hasn’t been any severe weather in my area since I’ve started using this app, so not sure yet if the severe weather alert notifications are up to par. I guess the only negative I can mention is that the activities feature seems pretty worthless. The times it recommends for some activities seems really odd. Probably best to just look out the window to see if it is a good time to mow the yard. Update 4/27: Severe weather in my area today. I’ve noticed that all alert notifications from this app have been approximately 15 minutes late. Also, when you try to read the alert notifications, you can only read what fits on the screen… couldn’t you guys fix this so that a person can scroll through a notification to read the entire thing?
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5 years ago, blessthejon
Great weather app. Room for improvement.
After using for a few more days, I find myself liking this app. I like the hourly forecast format and the forecast tracker is a nice feature. Happy to see a widget as well. The tomorrow’s forecast notification isn’t as helpful as I’d like it to be as it sometimes notifies me rain for the following day when the only possibility of rain is for the early morning of the day after. Also the app doesn’t seem to notify me every time it is about to rain. I also find the alert time setting a little confusing as at times I’m alerted 5 minutes before even though I have it set to 15 minutes. Maybe it would be better if the precipitation alerts were automatic as they are in other weather apps. I really hope this app receives more features like quick actions and Siri Shortcuts and becomes more reliable as time passes.
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1 year ago, Whyinstagramwhy
Was really hopeful that TMRW would be a good replacement for the beloved Dark Sky but I’ve been terribly disappointed. The layout is fine and the variety of content had me hopeful but ultimately the content does no good if the weather prediction is inaccurate. Every time. I have tested it against a few other apps on predictions for the day ahead as well as its 5 day outlook (let’s face it beyond 5 days, nobody knows so I don’t take into account anything past that) and TMRW sometimes gets it right but not enough times to be reliable. But the fact that it can’t predict the current moment’s weather is what really got me. I could be standing at the window watching the rain fall and open the app and it’s telling me there’s no precipitation for the hour. Conversely, it could be full sun and the app will tell me it’s mostly cloudy. So thus far I have found TMRW to be unreliable, the worst trait in forecast prediction.
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1 year ago, RT...
Wonderful, Easy, Accurate, Complete
This is the only weather app of the multiple that I’ve tried, including the now defunct Dark Sky, that accurately states the weather conditions were I live. There is often fog at my location and TMRW is the only app registering this. There is commonly dense fog, such that I cannot see the house across the street, yet all other weather apps will say it is clear with 10 mile visibility. TMRW is easy to read and navigate. Information is readily available without confusing tapping and swiping. It’s cleanly organized. Two thumbs up to the designers. A relief to have a focus on simple and easy functionality for us, your users. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Ryush806
Better than Apple Weather but still needs improvement
Later edit: this app started out ok but now isn’t making any sense with the forecasts. For example, tonight there is basically 100% chance of thunderstorms and I can see the line forming to the west on radar. App still says 0% chance of rain. Original: Forecast further out makes no sense. I realize it’s extremely difficult to accurately forecast over a week away but there’s no way my location is going to be over 100 F at the end of September after weeks of mid 90s max. Almost seems like they aren’t using actual forecast models and are instead extrapolating from near past. Forecast a few days out seems accurate. I can’t put my finger on what the exact problem is, but the interface feels clunky compared to the exemplary apps like the now defunct Dark Sky or even Apple weather. Please consider adding a Dark Mode setting that’s not tied to time of day. Aka always dark mode.
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5 years ago, wmgolden
Nice but....
First of all I appreciate the concept of this app and also am impressed by how they collect the weather information. I was disappointed in that all the notifications that I Asfoor never came before it storms. In reading other reviews here I see that is fairly common. I’m not sure why something so basic would not have already been fixed. I think it’s unlikely that it is just my hat when I read similar reviews. The other thing that is mind-boggling to me is that there are no alerts pending bad weather from the National Weather Service etc. I would imagine that many are using this as there are only weather source and their safety could be in peril by not being informed of potential disasters ahead. I look forward to seeing the Much needed corrections. I see that they have a business out, I’m wondering if they get the National Weather Service warnings.
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10 months ago, SillySiku
Improvements could make it better
Things such as more kind of pollen alerts. Rag weed, mold and dust & dander pollens would be helpful. Removing the need for someone to use a different app for those. A quicker response to the map showing the radar animation. Right now, it’s showing a percentage of its load when you tap play (to be honest it always has). Other apps just play the Radar animation when you tap play. Some opacity sliders would be useful when viewing the map’s temp readings. Choosing temperature as the layer makes it difficult to see the text on the map. If you open up the Apple weather app, go to the map and choose temperature, the text is crisp and clear. It appears as though they placed the font layer above the temperature layer. Something to look at for yourself and consider implementing into an update.
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5 years ago, prodreview12
Better than Dark Sky
Really clean and simple user experience. It immediately shows the “feels like” weather without hiding it which is really helpful. I like how it breaks down day vs night weather. (Dark sky doesn’t do that right now so sometimes I dress for rain that won’t start till 10pm). It also shows the full week in the homepage view so I don’t need to search. It’s perfect for my needs: deciding what to wear in the morning, deciding if I want to bike to work or drive, and deciding if I want to order delivery or walk out for lunch. The weather “story” feature is easy to understand and plan with, too.
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2 years ago, C Farber
Full page ads at every turn
I like to get the feel for an app before committing to a subscription. The free version of this is terrible. Look at the main page, tap to get the weather details for the day, bam full screen ad. Kill the app cause that’s annoying, relaunch, check out the radar, bam full page ad. Kill it again and relaunch.. tap the settings wheel in the upper corner, bam full page ad. Seriously I can look at app settings without being pummeled with ads?! So.. their tactic is clearly to annoy you into paying $3 per week or $25 per year. The short period I was able to actually see the weather app without any intrusions, it seems like a really nice clean layout with lots of info. But I will now abandon this app because of these tactics. I have a dozen other weather apps that never throw up full screen ads.
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2 years ago, rgunther
You’ve ruined it
I originally started using this app for its simplicity and clarity. Now, after UI changes and a move to push your premium service, the app has become insufferable. It’s useless anymore as a weather dashboard, with the main information you care about—the hour-by-hour forecast—now below the fold and hidden behind a collapsed summary. The home page is now cluttered with sections like “My Activities;” multiple, in-line full-width ads; and promos for premium services. But the icing (or straw, depending on how you look at it) is the interstitial, timed ads you now have to sit through when accessing some features. I get that app devs want to make some money, but your customers should want to include paid features or services because they add value, not because you’re nagging them incessantly about it.
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2 years ago, Chuckles345
Hoping it improves
Bought this app because I read an article about how airlines use this to get more precision with weather events. I do like the app, I like how it warns me when rain is about to start or stop (usually about 15 minutes prior). The problem is that my free local weather app (WGN) is far more accurate at daily and longer term forecasts. There are articles and weather reports in the app, but they are only available for the east coast (I’m in the Midwest). Maybe they are just focusing near their HQ (Boston) for now? Maybe they mainly focus on businesses? I’ll give it another 10 months (that’s how much time I have left on my one-year subscription) and see if it improves. Hope so!
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4 years ago, icelusx
The Best Minimalist Weather App
I’ve tried a lot of weather apps and I can tell you there are a lot of bad ones. For me, I just want to understand the weather ahead for the day, occasionally the week so I can plan accordingly and so many apps have way too much going on for me to be able to do that quickly. ClimaCell is great because it has such a clean design, no ads, the weather is presented clearly and quickly and if you want more details it’s a click or swipe away. The widgets for iOS14 only reinforce this ease and the forecast has been accurate.
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2 years ago, reads24
Who can tell how this app is ? Not me.
I would really like to like this app but there are so many ads you can see very little of what the forecast or current weather is . Every time you try to see anything it pops up asking you to purchase the premium version or what you want to see is covered by an ad. I don’t have any problem paying for weather apps but I wont buy one that is so insistent that I buy the premium version that I cant tell how well it works before I pay more than a few dollars for it . The price they are asking doesnt seem too high especially since they offer a lifetime subscription but again who can tell how good the app is the way the “free version “ is configured at this time.
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4 years ago, burrow5
Great concept but doesn’t work in practice
I loved the local forecast capabilities available from weather underground before the weather channel destroyed it. I hoped this would be a useful replacement but after a few months I see that it isn’t precise enough to plan my day’s outdoor activities. I also don’t understand their metrics for activities. For example today they show bad conditions for the walking activity. It’s 40 F, clear, no wind and the ground is dry. They forecast less than 10% chance of precipitation. How is that “bad”? Yeah I can analyze the details they provide but it shows the lack of awareness this app has in many other areas. I can get the wide area details from many other, better sources. Still searching for a wx underground replacement.
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2 years ago, BlondBrickHouse2001
Like this the best
This seems to be the best weather app for me right now. The forecast has good hourly data, a decent map and forecast info for the week that can be expanded for hourly projections. I can set up other locations for the same info. All this is easy to get to. And there is air quality and pollen count, too. One thing I find annoying is the Weather News feature. It insists on feeding me weather news for the east coast, no matter that I live near Chicago. I can arrange it to be at the bottom of my screen, but no way to eliminate it or get news from NWS Chicago that would be useful.
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1 year ago, Gorode
An App for lost Dark sky Fans.
TMRW picks up where dark sky left off. Dark Sky was great. Easy to read. Fast. Really accurate for near term weather updates but then it got acquired and shut down by Apple. Apple “integrated” Dark Sky into its own weather app. I can only presume they took the best parts of Dark sky and threw them in a garbage because the iOS Weather App is anything but easy, fast, or reliable. Enter TWRW: restoring order to iOS weather functionality and letting us know to run for cover, cause here comes the rain.
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1 year ago, kildrum
Clean and Accurate!
Gets better all the time. The quickest app to glean essentials like precipitation, wind, temps on the run. We are all busy or we wouldn’t be checking the weather behind the wheel of a car or from the handlebars of a bicycle. This one gets the job done locally, as well as in Barbados or Helsinki or Canberra, ACT, Australia; and an awful lot of places in between. If your internet signal dips a lot this heavy-duty weather programme may not work as well as you would like on occasion. Readability trumps glossy graphics all the time.
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2 years ago, Whoeverfeltlikeit
Bad support made right by developer
After writing this review I was contacted by the developer who was able to help me resolve my issue quickly. I appreciate the help I received and the professional way the developer handled communication. I hope the standard support improves but will leave parts of my experience below. A person shouldn’t have to leave a critical review to get proper support, so I hope this helps improve the tier 1 support team. ——————————————— I have been trying to get an issue resolved for almost 2 months now. I was told this issue could be fixed, but since then I have heard nothing from their support other than the automatic response when you email in. I’ve sent dozens of emails over the last 2 months and I have read receipts on the emails so I know they are being read but just being ignored.
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2 years ago, adhdaf
Meh seems ok
I like it ok so far. Nothing mind blowing tho. My biggest problem is widgets. Id prefer the small realtime condition widget or the large daily forecast widget except neither show the “feels like temp” for some dumb reason. I live in Florida where often the “feels like temp” is at least 10 degrees warmer so it’s very important. Only the hourly forecast temp shows the “feels like temp”. Also major letdown here, app doesn’t seem to have any apple watch widgets at all. What’s the point of making it my go to weather app if i have to have another weather app anyways so i can have a good weather widget on my watch?? Please work on the widgets.
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3 years ago, In Situ
Nice looking, no more accurate than other weather apps
TMRW Weather, is supposed to be more accurate than other weather apps. When I left for a walk with my dog, it said rain is expected after another 2 hours 40 minutes. In the middle of the walk it said rain is expected later. When I got home it said rain is expected in another 2 hours 50 minutes. I suspect that just to reassure and instill confidence and look accurate they throw these very detailed numbers at you but they probably don't know any better than any other weather app. But it looks nice, and has a lot of nice breakdowns.
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3 years ago, Musicman2911
Widget Issues
I really enjoy the layout of this app. It gives a lot of details that a lot of other apps don’t. My main complaint is that the first hour in the hourly forecast widget is four hours ahead of the current time, so it doesn’t show the current conditions. If this gets fixed I don’t think I could find a single thing wrong with this app. Update: I guess the app just needed a day or two to refresh itself or something, because the widget works great now!
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4 years ago, Labreal
Love this app!
I am a landscape photographer, and I rely on the weather to make dramatic shots. I often hike into remote areas to get the exact photo I want. I have had several apps to tell me the temperature, wind, radar, etc. This app has it all in one spot! My only recommendation to improve this app would be to add cloud cover information, a help screen that gives an explanation of what the values mean for things like air quality, and a way to sort the activities so that allergy, photography, sport information can be grouped together. Otherwise, this is my go to weather app!
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3 years ago, The1stBeliever
Bad. Needs Improvement
Edit: Now limiting alerts to effectively ONCE per week. This app is a failure. 1/5. Okay app, does what it says unlike many others. However, send unrelated alerts after setting up alerts. For example, sends unnecessary messages when the heat wave alert is turned on, as well as others. And child abduction alerts??? This is a WEATHER app not my phones emergency alerts! Stop spamming irrelevant alerts. Update: Continued spamming of alerts irrelevant of the alerts that are setup. This app has proven to be just as annoying as it is useful. Lowered to 1 stars. Will use another app if I find one. Another Update: Fake air quality alerts. Unbelievable. Please don’t use this app.
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5 years ago, Big Gallos
Absolute joke
I am in the smack dab middle of Texas where High Pressure sits overhead most of July-August causing 100+ degree temps with 0% chance of rain. This newly installed app is showing 50% chance of rain in two days. No weather apps I have nor local forecasters have rain coming near where I live for 7 days. I checked another location in Texas where I frequently visit. The app is saying it’s 25 degrees cooler than the previous night. It’s always 85-88 degrees at night during the summer. Summer time weather in south/central Texas is so predictable hot/humid and no rain. Any idiot could be a weather forecaster this time of year in Texas. This app was a joke from the very minute I downloaded it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Cannot accurately forecast the most predictable weather in the world!
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4 years ago, ChrisHughM
Awesome Real-time Weather App!!!
As an end user I found the interface really intuitive and easy to follow. If you’re accustomed to modern app interfaces, you’ll love this app. There’s a ton of features in the free version that you simply won’t get elsewhere. You can set notifications based on home, work, and other locations important to you and even integrate that into your Google calendar to keep your travel plans up to date, so useful for business travel and vacations. In looking into their website, I noticed some very impressive customers ranging all sorts of industries. From Airlines (Delta, JetBlue), to Auto (Ford, Porsche), to Ride Sharing (Uber) and more. With those brands alone, you know that Climacell is the real deal. Living in Colorado this app is a game changer for planning hikes, camping trips and (when open back up) ski trips. 10/5 stars!!
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2 years ago, PTdog
Works as Advertised
I was looking forward to a good local weather app. I live in a highly diverse microclimate region. The app has a loading sequence that aggressively pushes a subscription upgrade that confuses the user when setting up the app. It had me convinced that I couldn’t load the app without subscribing. After some advice from the developer I got through that obstacle. Aside from that glitch the app works flawlessly. I’m happy with the ability to forecast the weather in my tiny microclimate area.
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4 years ago, John T. Folden
Shows promise...
Accurate information is a major requirement in a weather app but it’s not the only one. A legible and well organized user interface is another... this app seems laid out well and a lot of the info I want is clustered near the top of the screen. However, does it not show the high/low for the *current day*? I’d like to be able to see this data at a glance, not just for future days. Update: I’m noticing the forecast seems off as well. Several other apps show a day next week as having a high around 80. This app is showing 69. This seems to be a reoccurring issue.
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1 month ago, Mikel Banks
The best weather I used!
This app is absolutely amazing. I love the animation and software. It tells me information so fast and its mostly accurate. I love how it is consistent when sending me notifications on the weather and how to prepare. However, sometimes the information can be a little false because for example it says rain in 10 minutes, but it never rained. But overall amazing app.
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2 years ago, xblue
Hate latest update!
The latest update has ruined this app for me. There’s a new “Relevant for me” section stuck right in the middle of my weather feed. With links to weather bloggers I have no interest in, so not very relevant. I can’t remove it or reorder it to the bottom. Please give us the option to remove! I’ve been mostly satisfied with this app up until now. Weather predictions are fairly spot on and good future predictions. The radar map has always been a low point for me. Doesn’t seem as snappy as other radar apps. Mine always has to download and run through the animation once before it actually shows a weather pattern.
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3 years ago, Wayne Carey
Great idea, failed execution
I was invited as a beta tester and the app intrigued me. It was different but full of information that I was looking for. After the beta test, I subscribed to the app and slowly over time, the forecasts and data that I’ve been receiving is way off from any other weather app on the market. While I understand about forecasting, it should be in the same ballpark as everyone else. Not so! For example, today we are having light snow falling and ClimaCell is saying ice pellets. All the other apps have us with heavy snow coming. ClimaCell is sticking with an ice storm at 16 degrees F. I’ve sent emails about the inaccuracies over the past year and no response from them. Dark Sky is far more accurate than ClimaCell.
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4 years ago, Gebdjdksjshsjksksjsj
Loves the first
At first glance this appears to be a great weather app. However after applying to the subscription and using it for a couple days, I couldn’t hate it any less. The UI and radar is so slow to load, even on a 75mb connection it is sluggish and irritating. Features just up and disappear- like the ability to subscribe to weather in the future. The calendar integration is only for google calendar - what a shame, I use IOS. You have to toggle back and for the between settings to see humidity and temps or other conditions. It’s just overall not a user friendly app. The my are on to something but really need everyday users to coach them through the usability of the app.
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3 years ago, jpspyro
Compared to all other, simply the best
I’ve tried basically every other worthy weather app (and everything in between), and ClimaCell takes the cake. Most apps are just skins on top of DarkSky, and where DarkSky fails, ClimaCell succeeds. It’s more accurate at predicting PNW convergence zone than any other weather prediction sources. The UI is refreshing to use and simple. I feel the app is even useful without subscribing, which most apps lock 90% of the features behind a paywall.
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3 years ago, R.A. LaMond
Must have to move ahead…
This weather app by far is superior to all the ones I’ve installed in the past. It’s very informative and the radar feature is much better than dark sky’s. It’s so good, I paid for the lifetime membership. Once you use it, you’ll be a believer and ask yourself why didn’t I get this sooner. Keep up the amazing work. The developers rocked it out the park. :)
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4 years ago, Shiroga
Nice app, but finding accuracy to be an issue
I like the layout of data and details it offers. It’s clean but still gives plenty of info. Still comparing to see if this app is more accurate than other apps I use. After a couple of weeks of using it, I don’t know if this is a superior app—the notifications for severe weather lag behind some of the other apps. Additionally the hyper local weather rain predictions are off and looking ahead there’s a predicted 66 degree high when we’ve been in the 80s-90s the past few weeks—just doesn’t make sense.
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1 year ago, Miracleair
Not very accurate
I was hoping this would be a good replacement for the dearly departed Dark Sky app, but it falls short. I can understand changing predictions/timelines based on the latest radar images, but lately it’s telling me wrong stuff about the current moment. Last week it kept telling me all day long that it was snowing (it wasn’t), and showed me a map that looked like I was in a blizzard (I wasn’t). In the end, it reported that I’d gotten over 6 inches of heavy wet snow in the preceding 24 hours, when we’d gotten a light dusting amounting to less than 1/4 inch. I’m pretty disappointed.
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2 years ago, Scott.KT
Pretty good - Could be better
Adding back a star to my review as the developers listened and got rid of the god awful pumpkin pie app icon they briefly switched to. The app itself is ok. Accuracy isn’t quite as good as some other apps. My customizations tend to disappear every few app updates or so. The hyper local is the biggest disappointment. It seems to be giving me updates for my city’s center which is several miles to the south rather than my neighborhood.
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4 years ago, manthehelm
Lovely UI & features but forecast and radar are lacking
I've been using the premium trial for about a month in search of an app to replace dark sky. Pros: - The ui is excellent! - I like the air quality information - It's simple and intuitive. Easy to see what I need at a glance and dig in for more if wanted. Cons: - Slow to load app - The radar is very slow to load even on my 200mbs connection and appears blocky - The precipitation info is usually inaccurate or updates at the last second when it's already raining. - The severe weather alerts feel tacked on. Last night there was a very big storm with hail but I could only see the first line of the weather warning. I had to redownload the dark sky app to read it. Overall I think it has potential, but I'll be sticking with dark sky for now. It misses the mark in the weather department, which is kind of the whole point.
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2 years ago, daily SaaS roundup
In-depth weather forecasting experience
TMRW Weather is a staple among my friends and family. It notifies me when snow or rain may begin or stop, which helps me plan when to walk my dog. The radar map has multiple view options, giving me an in-depth look at what’s going on in my neighborhood. Finally, the experience is polished off with great news and content about the weather.
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2 years ago, Argorider2
Waste of money
Paid for the complete App because it was the most reliable and accurate weather app supposedly on the App Store. I’m a motorcycle rider I need an accurate app and this one is not accurate in anyway shape or form. Forecast is never right and at least twice a day it fails to load ANYTHING for minutes on end. It’s also really really REALLY slow to load anything 99% of the time to begin with. I wish I could get a refund on it. 3 days IN A ROW I was caught in the rain on days it had no forecasted rain and I’m not talking about a little sprinkle, I’m talking hurricane quality rain. No prediction no warning… total crap app
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3 years ago, llivingood
Hyperlocal precip unreliable
I’m comparing the premium versions of multiple weather apps to determine which is most reliable in my location. This one isn’t it. I’ve been notified that I’m in the midst of a downpour when it isn’t raining—not even a drizzle. I’ve been notified that rain will start in 30 minutes when there’s already a steady rain in my location. None of the apps are as accurate as they claim to be but Tomorrow is the most inaccurate of the apps I’m comparing. Unless I see better reliability, this subscription is not one I’ll be renewing.
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3 years ago, tampawalks
Great App
This is a great App! I’ve found it to be useful in checking and being aware of the weather at all times. It is a most valuable resource for home, business, and travel. The snow, ice, rain, storm, rip current, fog, lighting, flooding, tornado, tropical storm, and hurricane alerts are real time and accurate. I love the rain ☔️ alert which tells when and for how long and the volume of rain that’s to be expected. I highly recommend this App.
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3 years ago, too early to tell?
Icons for the forecast makes me sad
I like the app. The alerts are very helpful! I use the assistant, the radar seems accurate! But I have a pretty big complaint! If there is any chance of rain at any part of the day or night, the whole day gets a rain cloud! 🌧The chance might only be 5%. That’s too depressing!!!! I have to quickly cross check the weather with the competition’s app, to get a better idea of how the days weather will probably look like. I challenge the design team to fix it with a proportional icon of part sun-part rain cloud icon, with the percentage number on the side. [🌦 5%] You can do it! Change it so I can update my rating and stop using my default weather app 😊
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2 years ago, Boocharlie
Best weather app
This is the only weather app that you’re able to pinpoint exactly where the weather is. In most apps you might be getting weather 15 or 20 miles away because the app is set for the general city and in parts of the country like Chicago the weather can change dramatically when you’re only five or 6 miles away.
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3 years ago, stteveHERE
Clean and concise interface
This app has a nice clean and concise interface that provides accurate weather forecasts. The rain alerts are similar to Dark Sky; however, the app offers so much more. I paid for the premium version to get rid of the ads and gain a few more features. I don’t mind contributing a little to help this company become a disrupter among the weather giants.
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3 years ago, DicanNoman
Somewhat useful
It’s a good app. Everything is easy to understand. My only problem is that it’s not accurate for my area. On multiple occasions it said there was gonna be more than 40% chance of rain in my area and didn’t rain at all. It also always says it will be one temperature for the max, but the actual temperature has increased over that temperature by at the very minimum of 5 degrees. NECN is more accurate than this app. If they can fix the accuracy, then I’ll give it 5 stars.
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11 months ago, Laf0807
Finally found a replacement for Dark Sky
Thanks for this app. I love the look and ability to see 2 weeks out and drill down easily. Only wish there was the history function available. It’s handy when planning a trip few months ahead to see what the weather has been like in past years. Thanks!
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