Torchlight ◎ Brightest LED

4.6 (3K)
36.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Just2us Pte Ltd
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Torchlight ◎ Brightest LED

4.59 out of 5
3K Ratings
1 year ago, Haleyranaew
Perfect and bright
I share a room with two kiddos a lot of times and I stay up late to work @ home or read, and this is perfect!!! I tried many diff lamp and flashlight 🔦 and lamp apps but they all fell short and my regular screen did just as much as these apps. Then I found THIS ONE and I love it. It’s so bright and useful. Simple and super helpful. I set it facing up on my table at night when the kids sleep and I can work, read , do paper work, crafts or really anything without it being too bright! Only one suggestion and it would be to be able to dim it some! But besides that it is perfect and anyone needing a mini lamp or light this is your app 😎😍🙏
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1 year ago, NobodyYask
Birthday boy Thunder down under
You should try it with the chicken broth instructions in your manual for a good time to make sure you get the proper consistency in your recipe before you start making the sauce again with the chicken stock in your hand and then add the liquid to your mouth when they start cooking the liquid out of the chicken stock
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6 years ago, Rennee05
Rating 4 stars
One night when I was looking for my phone I needed a flashlight ,but unlike my phone my apple tablet does not have it automatically downloaded so i went to the App Store. When I looked for falshlight apps this app came across my screen and it said three modes so I downloaded it. When my app finished installing I opened it up and found out it only had one mode (normal). When I turned it on I looked all around the room to look for my phone and I didn't see it so I looked in the living room and there it was sitting on the couch. I am glad that I was able to find a bright amazing flashlight app to help me to find it. I would recommend this app to others that are so forgetful and loose their phone as much as I do.
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10 months ago, Jixxynomics
Why is there a trial?!!!
Dude no TRIALS allowed!!!!!!! This is supposed to help you if you don’t have a flashlight, not annoy you after like 5 months to 2 FRICKIN YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! It lets you watch an ad to extend the trial…………………………….by only 1 DAY!!!!!!!!!! There shouldn’t be a trial, that’s what I’m saying. So if you guys respond, then I’ll write another review and tell you why I was upset. I’m sorry if I’m being dramatic. I’m just saying there shouldn’t be a trial. Actually, this app has been handy when I downloaded it so ima rate it 4 stars.
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4 years ago, pickledsquirrel
Amazing app!
So the power is out in my house and we are trying to find the power switch for the generator now my phone is dead but I happen to have a tablet with this app on it so we are able to see with it and find our generator and have power! Thank you so much! 😄😄😄😄😄
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4 years ago, Nytechilde
After struggling for well over a year with an inferior flashlight app, I found this one in desperation. It is reliable and easy to use. I give it both thumbs up and recommend everyone gives it a try!
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5 years ago, GreenieD-07
Please, not an ad now!
Our home power went out last week after dark. I hadn't used this "TorchLight app for several months. As I turned it on, an ad appeared in my iPhone screen, instead of TorchLight. I had to interact w/your ad for 30 or so seconds before your light would come on. Way to be there for my family in an emergency! (I I think you can find a different method of advertising, rather than very unexpectedly holding us hostage.) I'LL NOW BE USING A DIFFERENT LIGHT APP!!! Ron Greenleaf ("in Utah")
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12 months ago, yackalips
This app saved my marriage
I usually use a different flash light app but that one ran out of batteries, so I found torch light. I mean this app is just amazing. With out this app I would be a divorced man with no home.
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7 years ago, Sharontot
Saved me!
This app has saved me several times when I have been walking and it got dark or I needed a light to read a serial number, phone number, etc!
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4 years ago, Foxemare
Happy light
Bright when you need it. Variable strobe effect when you need help or need to be seen. Great for walking at night
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3 years ago, this reveiw is amazing
Great app but...
In my opinion this app is great but there is one problem... if you turn the “torch” the max flash it is so fast it may give seizures, however other than that it is a great app
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5 years ago, ajo5253
Great Flashlight
This flashlight is great. I deleted the one I had before due to dimming as soon as I would turn it on. This one does not dim and works great. Thanks.
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4 years ago, best features of light
Flashlight feature best one
Nice light easy features true light instead of led bright its like real light
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4 years ago, Kmae67
This app is an annoyance!
I understand that there needs to be advertisements when it is a free app. But do they need to be actual “ talking “ ads that you are forced to listen to and turning off the sound is not an option unless you shut the app down. It disrupts what ever you are doing that you need the flashlight for. I will be deleting this app !
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1 year ago, 21st. Century Humanoid
Demanded I buy when I was in a dark hall middle of the night.
Dark hallway, bathroom trip, 3:30 a.m. — without warning does not turn on but demands payment or watch video ad. This app is therefore unreliable, potentially dangerous, certainly unethical. The app developer gave no warning in advance of its own “power failure.” Uninstalling.
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2 years ago, YourLocalJunkBot
No change
There was no difference, I used it for artistic purposes and there was no significant difference once or ever. If you use an iPhone literally it just feels like using the same iPhone light no difference!
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2 years ago, jcmk2019
Show me the light
It is very useful app looking and working like a real flashlight.
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7 years ago, Vicci22
Love it
It's great I always have my phone and when needed I have a flashlight too.
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2 years ago, Judy S @-@
The wholeee point..
When I turn on the flashlight it just turns HALF the screen white! As if I am meant to increase brightness, which isn’t really flashlight.. I wouldn’t need to download an app to get a not even fully white page either..
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5 years ago, twogan
I am always able to read when dark.
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7 years ago, cj.wall
Love it
Don't have to look for a flashlight or worry about batteries for the flash light. 𗀔
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2 years ago, mto941
Super bright
Very, very bright light, which is nice. Wish it was easier to dim and brighten. Good app.
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1 year ago, d'stravels
Useful tool
Great light when needed
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4 years ago, jim white jr
This go out at the time when you really need it and you can’t get it to turn back on,Thanks but no thanks,I understand the adds,I don’t even give it a 1,it won’t let you post without rating something!!!
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4 years ago, RaRa 😌
I just wanted to l..
One of the best flashlights out there any one can use user
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4 years ago, John McGuire raw & unleashed!!
Zero complaints
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7 years ago, Grandcook3
Janet Cook
Love it so much. Have tried others but this is the best yet
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3 years ago, kiki85382
Easy Does It
Simple..Basic. 3 Options. Just what I need
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2 years ago, $nicki4me
Torchlight review
This product works very well
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7 years ago, Cupper Tupper
Great just what I needed a bright light in my eyes when I'm trying to get to sleep or back to sleep from a completely white screen. Wanted a light to shine from where camera flash is like on phone this is not it. Sham?
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4 years ago, Reidrat1967
Cool Flashlight app
Good job. No adds Pro version is worth it.
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4 years ago, Imlateagain
Couldn’t get the light to come on.
I clicked and pushed and slid the lever so if it really does work and I got a dud, I can’t give a good review. Maybe if I bought the pro, no-ad version but I couldn’t trust a bait and switch, either.
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3 years ago, StanRes
Nice light
Simple light. I’m happy with it.
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4 years ago, Pleasebaby
Peace mama
Brightest light on an app I’ve seen I will continue to use this great price and refer to my friend
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7 years ago, omapeg
Hate it
Annoying bright light. Ads that you have to pay to remove. Should've read the reviews first. How do I uninstall?
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4 years ago, memalp
Not sure why or what you would do with the blinking light
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3 months ago, Don Bucky
Works best on cell phone.
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2 years ago, Jr157
Works great
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2 years ago, Culturista_86
It doesn’t stay on
I wish it would stay on
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12 months ago, Tvc4me
Hate it
It works on the screen, hard to use.
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5 years ago, BenjaminZ63
Keep it kept On falling above..
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5 years ago, 912707
Annoying ads
App is ok but ads are very annoying.
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5 years ago, help-help
Make flashlight a lot brighter?
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4 years ago, nahabahai
Its terrible
This is terrible because I want to do a tiktok with my flash on but it doesn’t work 😡
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1 year ago, Creative_Dragons
Flashlight for I pad
Flashlight is Not for IPad, don’t waste your time
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4 years ago, BelleAm
Didn’t work at all, then played an ad.
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4 years ago, kbauch2020
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work
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4 years ago, ttisa3
Keeps turning on by itself
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1 year ago, juju1645
Bad app don’t download it…
It’s so bright and it’s bad so it’s a 1 star
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2 years ago, Pete12211
No flood
This fluid light is A. . . . Not bright . B. . . . . . No options. C. Just a dim light. Apple light better
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