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78.9 MB
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Current version
Total Security Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for TotalAV

4.62 out of 5
52.1K Ratings
1 year ago, kotsunega
I have never before found an App that can so quickly and intelligently separate real “junk” photo attempts from true photos that actually are useful photo shots with true clarity of the intended subject matter! The App can clear out the junk in a matter of minutes, if not less than a single minute! The results, even when handling junk photos in the thousands that I’ve ignored dealing with; mostly due to their sheer numbers and repetition, this App can collect for removal - even the duplicates of duplicated junk almost instantaneously. The App shows me what junk photos it intends on deleting before doing so. I can review what photos (and their unintended copies the App has placed in a temporary file, and never, in my experience, are any of the App’s gathered photos selected by mistake, either. Plus, whereas over time or any other possible reason, the junk photos may have been initially captured and filed on my device absent any logical reason for the lack of order they appear in, the App can detect and group the junk photos by their likeness to one-other. Who’d a thought? LOL, such intelligence could exist in an otherwise low-to-no cost App. Especially one that works so well for someone like me who is clumsy at best with even the most user friendly of Apps on the market.
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1 year ago, Alpha1AF
To app developers
After the last updates I gave you a 1 but I had to do a work around, I have a 5 plus 2 account but am only using 5 (actually using only 4 at this time) afraid to build the last laptop since the update. As I work in IT and have a masters degree in IT I am only trying to get you revisit your last update. The initial problem of recycling the TotalAV affected the current OS of one laptop, one 2 iPads with the current iOS iPhone updates. Everything was fine but each day we experience errors. Tonight for example we had to remove and reinstall TotalAV on the same devices that we got working; the iPhone and one iPad. We did not check the other iPad or computer tonight. What we found tonight as we had before was we had to delete TotalAV app and reinstall.. please look this over, everything was solidly performing correctly until the last update release. Thank you
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3 years ago, The-Jovial
Fails at its purpose, continues to charge you after uninstall
This is supposed to be one of those all in one VPN, firewall, ad blocker apps with visual read outs and graphs of its effectiveness. For the service they charge you a yearly subscription fee. The most important service this would provide is the VPN or virtual private network which protects her phone from sniffing attacks, oppressive government‘s and snooping Internet service providers. Unfortunately,The app over reports it’s effectiveness using data and graphs and yet none of the services offered are very well-maintained or produce a very good outcome. the VPNs often not engaged, the ad blocker doesn’t block many ads. When you have problems, contacting tech-support is near impossible. When you decide this isn’t worth it, it is near impossible to cancel your subscription. The subscription is not through Apple’s subscription manager so it’s nearly impossible to cancel the reoccurring payment to them. We’ve seen this type of app many times before committing to reoccurring payments is easy, using the app not very easy, canceling the payment not very easy. Ultimately bad business practices and bad performance are often equated as “a scam”. If you need a VPN there are much better options out there for much less money
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1 year ago, Tommyboy33333
Most user friendly clutter cleaner & security ever
VPN’s are a dime a dozen now. Rather then using my phones free service who shares data as it’s primary service I found this & my iPhone is been cleaned up in minutes, secured with a VPN IP address & for those who don’t get it which I was one of them it means that when your in a store on their Wi-Fi shared maybe you have a Bluetooth setting on or something you don’t know is on or a aggressive talented hacker is phishing near by all he/she would be another IP address then your own to protect you from anything so you can sleep easy honesty. I had 57,000+ photos & screenshots already organized deleted duplicates & are In dedicated files in less then 30 minutes from signing up. VPN’s are the future & this app is worth the small fee & no I don’t have any benefit from this review.
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3 years ago, LEX BEANIE
I tried canceling my subscription only seconds after purchasing! The advertising was so misleading I ended up paying far more than 3$!!!! I am disgusted with the app creators. Apple needs to take them down. I have read many reviews of this app not working, people trying to cancel, and YOU CANT! It is impossible to cancel! So if you buy beware, you will forever pay for it. Apparently, this app hacks your devices and does absolutely nothing to protect them. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Shame on you, fraudulent thieves! I have tried for several days to cancel my subscription. I paid for it BEFORE reading reviews, and from now on, I have learned my lesson and will ALWAYS check critical reviews from now on because those reviews are the most honest and written by real people !! The good reviews are just bots to up the rating, which is scandalous. You will have to change your credit card information ASAP if you already purchased. Because a few reviews said that they finally were “canceled” but still being charged. This app is a get rich quick scheme that this app creator is doing and a scam and dishonest!!!! Return my money at once!
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3 years ago, BethK628
Watch your bank account
I downloaded this FREE app onto my phone last year (don’t even remember why), then deleted it within a day. I never filled out any subscription forms or agreed to any services. Just yesterday I noticed an automatic payment from TotalAV for 8.99$. I had to google what it was because I had no clue, and didn’t remember downloading then deleting the app last year. When I looked into my payment history, I saw that I’d been billed for this service every month (that isn’t even installed on my phone), since last January. When I remembered having briefly downloaded then deleted the app, I immediately became livid. I emailed customer service and got some generic response about introductory rates and payments going up, but their service was totally worth it, so I should be happy. Another email response assured me they were working really hard to protect my phone from viruses...but I wonder how they’re doing that when their software isn’t installed on my phone? I obviously need better security if a security company can take unauthorized payments right out of my PayPal account. Download at your own risk.
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4 years ago, Nene King
Ease of Use
I am a 65 year old next to illiterate, Grandmother of 6. I have been out of the workforce on a full-time basis since I was in my thirties. My main use of the computer lately has been paying bills, communicating with family and playing games. I had not attempted to download this program since finding out about it several months ago because I was afraid it would be too difficult. Tonight, I decided that the worse I could do was to freeze my computer up! I must say I have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of installing this program! Hopefully others will use this program to prevent their computers from being infiltrated by hooligans content with preying on others!! Thank you so much!!
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1 year ago, TJB179
Happy with the app but one major issue
I signed up for a subscription the The app does everything it says it does and I was very happy with it until I had an issue with it accessing my Wi-Fi at home. it wouldn’t allow my laptop tablet cell phone or desktop to connect to my Wi-Fi. I thought it was a service provider problem they sent a tech out and after a couple of hours of troubleshooting asked me if I had a VPN I said yes he said that’s the problem deactivate it so I did and everything started working again. The tech guy told me to only use VPN when you’re traveling and trying to connect with public network. I thought the whole purpose of the app was to give you security when you’re on your own net work I guess not. if this is a bug with the app it needs to be addressed. otherwise I will probably cancel the subscription.
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3 years ago, Should be so much better
Not worth the hassle
So once you realize that your entering into a monthly subscription, that the article failed to mention on this oh so great software, you waste 2.99 only to realize that even though you have the app downloaded you get messages to download it again??? Between the bait & switch of the awesome deal on a great and powerful app (yeah right), you now have to download the already downloaded app so you’ll stop being pressured to download the app you downloaded. Then when you realize you’ve been duped and want to cut your losses, you do what any iPhone user does, head to your subscription status only to find this app doesn’t show up. So now your searching for how to cancel your subscription and discover that the only way to cancel is to send an email or make a phone call. Neither of which do I have faith in. The email account is mostly likely Checked only on odd days in even months of odd years, and since the last thing any company wants to do is loose income, those emails are most likely send to a spam folder that only gets checks on days that DO NOT end in “y”. The phone number I’m certain is a phone tree with so many branches that actually talking to someone with a pulse is next to impossible. This app was recommend and highly rated supposedly by Apple, why I’m not sure and No I’m not gonna waste time using it trying to figure out.
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1 month ago, Pschaeghe
Slowed down everything on my pnhone
I downloaded this app with high hopes. Not only did they bill me twice, but the app itself has slowed down EVERYTHING on my phone to the point of some other apps not even loading. I’ve tried to contact them with no luck. This is the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had using the App Store. Not only does this app block ads, it blocks me being able to use my phone from most any other app I normally use. This is the ONLY change I’ve made and I am beyond disappointed. They make it impossible to contact them so there’s no way that I can even use my other apps. And charging me twice? That adds insult to injury. I would really appreciate being contacted by this company. I’ve even deleted the app and am still having problems with just about every other app I use. There is nothing else I have done with my phone, nothing. This app has caused nothing but heartache. It should be called app blocker as it has all but cut me off from any other app I use. I am beyond P***** off about this. I want someone to contact me about it and make it right, but they’ve effectively blocked me from even being able to contact them. How in the world do I get satisfaction? I sure hope someone from this company is reading these reviews. I am beyond angry and frustrated by the way this app has jacked up my phone.
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4 years ago, cymrych03
Good stuff
This AV is nice. For one thing, most of the others say free download free trial. Fine. But the trials just tell you whats supposedly there but you cant delete or remove anything at all. Thats not a trial. But Total AV, you can actually use the program to rid your self of stuff. Maybe it was a dollar for all the features to try. But still, a dollar. I put it on my pc first. Then got a message its for mobile too. Yay. Cause the purchase gives you 3 devices to put it on. Seems easy to use and navigate, even the settings. I'm one of those that doesn't really leave comments, UNLESS I find something exceptional. Can not go wrong. Thanks TotalAV. From my PC and my phone. And tablet too. 😁
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3 years ago, Linda O'Steen
I Love My Family❣️
I am 61, a mother of three grown lovely children and four beautiful grandchildren. I’ve had a wonderful childhood full of fun loving memories. I was blessed with a wonderful parents who loved me until the day they went to heaven. Even those some are not with me here on earth I know they watch over me and will be forever be in my heart. In the meantime God makes sure that someone is there for me, they’re called my extended family. Some very special people who have been there through some hard times. They may live close by or far away from you, but family is what you hang on to. I love my family❣️💋
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5 years ago, jjhickcox
It’s great when it works
I suppose it’s a good VPN. I wouldn’t really know because most of the time it’s not on. Customer service is very difficult to talk to. I have a hard time communicating with them through messaging. It would be nice to actually talk to a human being. I suppose there’s a way to do that I just haven’t found it yet. Don’t really have too much trouble with it on the computer. The big problem is on my phone. Whether I’m at home or out somewhere else the VPN just disconnects from the server whenever it feels in the mood. And of course when I’m at home and it disconnects from the server I am also disconnected from my own Wi-Fi, so then I’m using data that I didn’t know I was going to use because I thought I was on my Wi-Fi network. So if anyone out there knows how to keep the VPN on through my phone for more than 6 1/2 minutes at a time I’d appreciate her comment.
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2 years ago, #1Fibergirl
My Rating
I started out really liking this app. I finally felt secure with my iPhone. All of a sudden the app started freezing on me or I can check on one thing and then it freezes also when I check on data breeches there’s no updates. I hope they can fix this problem soon. To the developers: I don’t know why this happened but with the latest Apple update it lost connection to WiFi and 5G very slow. I had to get 2 different replacement phones that did the same thing. Noticed that in setting the VPN was going off and on. I checked on line for this issue and said if I have a vpn app to delete it it should fix the problem. I deleted it and guess what? I’m back on WiFi. Yeah.
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3 years ago, Leavo Matrixo
My story is very similar to others in here. I never signed up for anything with these crooks. I thought I was getting a free app. Then the $8.99 charges started showing up. I never even activated anything!! My bank provided me with their phone number. I called and demanded a refund. The woman with a Jamaican accent tried to strong arm me into keeping the account… even going so far as to threaten that I would get a virus on my phone. For all I know she was doing voodoo against me as well. She was that creepy! No matter what she said I continued like a broken record demanding my refund. Now here we are 12 days later and no refund. I had to call my bank and cancel my debit card and get a new one in order to prevent these criminals from stealing any more of my money. Do not sign up for this app! And Apple you should be ashamed of yourselves for continuing to offer this criminal organizations app!
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2 years ago, Rev_Marc
Scam preying on fears…
This product gets you hooked thinking you’re on one payment when instead they will continue billing you at $9.95/month. I installed it to give it a try at $2.99/month and I had believed that I later went through all the steps to cancel. In fact, I somehow went through enough steps that the app told me my service was expired and meanwhile, I was still getting billed $9.95 a month. I filed a complaint and there was no offer of refund, just a new set of multiple steps to get through so that the subscription would finally end a month later - the subscription the app says I cannot use because it’s expired. By the way, if you like the app, save yourself a lot of money by going through the cancellation process and take advantage of their offer to keep it at $1.99/month after you turn down a $2.99/month offer.
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2 years ago, DannyK47
Scam Subscription:
I never signed up for it knowingly unless a download and install did it automatically without my knowledge. Today, I received an email stating they would soon charge me $119 to renew a subscription I never signed up for, can find no evidence of purchase and short of deleting the app, could find no way to cancel a subscription I don't have. Could not cancel on the site and iTunes store or any otherAapple subscription page list TotalAV as something I have but they claim they will bill me AGAIN! at the end of May. I called the number in the email notifying me of the bogus charge and I hear a message saying this number cannot be called or something similar. I've been on Apple platforms since 1985 and never have required any virus protection so why would I buy any? Bottom line: This feels like a scam. Delete the app and cross your fingers.
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2 years ago, #leah21#
I downloaded this app because it was a FREE VPN protector. I signed up for a monthly** subscription, but ever since then, they have been upping the amounts of money they have been taking from me. Every month the amount gets higher. The apps subscription does not show up under subscriptions in the settings app, so there is no way to cancel it. I tried emailing the email they gave, but I have been blocked every time. They have been taking my money for months and there is no way for me to cancel my subscription. I have spent hours on this and have had no success. I read the reviews for this app and they are almost all saying that this app is stealing from them too. Apple please do better. I am losing my money and there is no way for me to stop it or ever get it back. Don’t download. There are so many better apps. It’s a scam. I want a refund.
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10 months ago, igotthespadeblues
Charges your card different amounts even after u cancel
I tried the “free trial” when this app first came out & I wasn’t impressed. Not only do you have to pay for the version that actually is worth anything when you try to cancel they never cancel your account and continue charging whatever card you use when you sign up. They even try different amounts every day especially if the amount they try is declined. I’m thinking about filing a complaint with the better business bureau because after cancelling 4 times with a live chat with customer service reps explaining the issue still to this day they try taking money off that card and I’ve had to quit using that card because of this issue. I wouldn’t sign up if I were you unless you have the spare money for random charges
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1 year ago, C6RAPTOR1
Confused at first
When purchasing I found after asking for the $1.99 a month form of this App I was asked if I wanted about 3 other add on features. I thought that the paid for App included all the services . It made me feel that this was a scam . I had without thinking asked for the extra features and gave cc number. American Express sent me a strange notification asking me if I purchased the extra stuff . I had American Express cancel the extras. Now I have the base paid for $1.99 a month app and I will see if it works .
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3 years ago, a;sdiuhf
Terrible; Unusable. Worst company I’ve ever dealt with.
This is a scam. Apple Store should remove it. Just purchased and with each log in asks me for a new password. Once password is changed next log in attempt asks me for a new password. Spent over 100 minutes on repeated tries to download and install the and trying to access the app. Each new password created is then denied as “invalid”. Requested money back since they advertise a 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. Have not heard back from them. Called “support”; emailed “support”; told to schedule screen sharing to do the installation. Booked appointments for screen sharing 3 different times; none of the appointments were kept by TotalAV. Called to cancel the account. Refused to refund the money paid and threatened me with a Viral attack!! Tried to sell me additional services on top of what was already not working.
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1 year ago, Nevaeh—G
If I could give 0 stars I would.
I joined total av maybe about a year ago. I decide within that time that I didn’t want the service anymore. I called to cancel. The person in the phone said it was canceled. I was then charged again. I called to cancel again and I thought it was finally taken care of. I was wrong. I saw a charge on my card again. I went back in my history to see if I was charged before and didn’t notice I was. I was charged $6.99 each month for 4 months. I called today and they told me they could only give me back the charge for today even tho they’ve continued to charge me after I’ve called to cancel multiple times! Do not use this company. I now have to try and go through an email to get my money back! I REPEAT DO NOT PURCHASE A SERVICE FROM THEM THEY WILL CONTINUE TO CHARGE YOU!
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3 years ago, hatepickingnicks
Waste of time and money.
Do NOT use this service if you have an Apple device. It can literally do none of its advertised services. I tried it and got frustrated at how little it could do on Apple. Now part of that is due to Apple’s sandbox configuration which renders a lot of Total AVs claimed services pointless. The problem is they know this and say nothing about it. I canceled my service and unsubscribed multiple times. I was able to get the subscription canceled but routinely receive emails from them about needing to correct my billing to renew. I’ve contacted them multiple times and requested to be removed from their mailings multiple times to which they always reply that they’ve removed me yet I keep getting emails. It’s really annoying. Save yourself time, money and frustration. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!
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3 months ago, royalhope
Knocks out WiFi
Last year my WiFi was out but not my internet. Geek squad couldn’t figure out and reset my iPhone. Happened a week later and Apple discovered the VPN was suspect. Deleted app and WiFi was restored. Happened again yesterday. Spent hours on phone with cable/internet provider and router mfg before I remembered the VPN. Deleted app and WiFi was restored. I reinstalled the app and WiFi is working. App also doesn’t let you use VPN with web browser security for some reason. It tells you to open up Safari and key in aA and you’ll get an extension link to click. Never get the link for the extension and I’ve tried everything I can think of.
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2 years ago, Greg101jp
Worst “Paid for App” EVER!!!
I initially purchased a subscription to TotalAV in January 2021 for a one year subscription and the entire year the app didn’t work, when I would open the app it would say that my subscription had expired and I needed to buy another one. That subscription expired in January 2022 so last week I decided to experiment with TotalAV once again. Well, I wasn’t surprised when I opened the app, that I paid for again and still, to this day, it tells me my subscription is expired and I can’t use the app until I buy another subscription. I tried to buy it again but it tells me that I already have a subscription! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP! THEY CAN MAKE IT SOUND LIKE A GREAT DEAL BUT IF IT DOESN’T WORK THEN YOU ARE JUST SHREDDING YOUR MONEY!!! I REPEAT…DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP! I AM ALSO SENDING MY EXPERIENCE TO EVERYONE I KNOW THAT OWNS AN IPHONE!
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2 years ago, ChaoticAsylun
I don’t not recommend this app at all. Once you start making payments with them it does not stop taking the payments even though you cancel, give them the reason why, and the send confirmation that it was cancelled. When you try to reach out to them you can not talk to a real person. They send you emails and no matter what you respond you get a generic response back proving it’s not a real person you’re talking to. I even tried calling but the call would get disconnected. I had to cancel my debit card due to it being lost after canceling it(again) and apparently it was before they tried billing us again because now I am getting multiple emails asking for me to update payment information. Do not get this app.
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4 years ago, Roses eco app review
Not happy
I have problems with being told by a chat representative that they cannot tell me why when I make a call from my I phone iOS 8 updated from iOS6 plus that I show up as unknown. Which my family doesn’t know it is me so they don’t know to answer it with showing unknown is usually some spam or someone wanting to sell u something. Total av just knocked me off the chat part to help - I am so disgusted with getting no help on helping with configuration of I phone to show my name to people I am calling
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1 year ago, N70MP
Automatic renewal
Cancelling the automatic subscription renewal feature takes persistence to find. It is NOT found under Subscriptions as stated in the Apple App store description. You definitely need to prevent automatic renewal which in some places is stated to be $119. After I put TotalAV on my iPad6 I started getting “your network settings prevent content from loading privately” when reading email. I could not find a way to eliminate the frequent annoyance of having to tap on “Download content” anyway except to delete TotalAV from my iPad. So far TotalAV has been very good on my Windows 11 computer.
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2 months ago, RegWu
Scam Beware
TotalAv uses absolutely predatory business practices. They make it almost impossible to cancel. I got charged 3 months after canceling my account through their website and deleting the app. I emailed them and they referred me to their website where I logged in and under the cancel tab it refers you to the app, which I don’t have and when I redownloaded didn’t give me the option to cancel. Went back to the website, where it says to cancel through the App Store. In the App Store, the subscription had already been cancelled previous to the change. Finally I had to suspend my credit card and call them. This is completely ridiculous, and I don’t totally believe that I won’t get changed again at this point.
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1 year ago, imastitcher44
Heaven Help You
I tried to sign up for a FREE trial. Before I could get it all installed I was charged $10 for a monthly subscription. I contacted them and was on a chat with their support team. I explained that I wanted to cancel and get a refund. They kept offering me a lower monthly rate to keep the last being $2.99 a month for 3 machines. I kept telling them I didn’t want TOTALAV at any price. It wasn’t until I said I was going to give them a bad review with Apple that I finally got them to understand I wanted to cancel. So heaven help you if you should want to cancel their service. I FINALLY got my refund, but it should’ve taken being threatened a bad review to do so. Ad makes it sound like all you have to do is ask. Well I did ask, multiple times.
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1 year ago, Basqueezer
The Company is very deceptive in it’s advertising. The free part is very limited. Everything else is costly. The vpn has no mention of version restrictions so if you are like me with a top of the line 12 core Mac Pro your purchase will not work as that computer cannot be upgraded to an OS that is compatible with the software. My demand for my 39 dollars back has been ignored and they referred me to help pages which are no help. Apple should remove them from the App Store. They should also remove any App that offers lifetime memberships but voids that by imposing os limitations and don’t offer a work around. This happened to me with Vpn unlimited too with a lifetime membership. Basically unethical all the way around. I include Apple Total m my Mac and VPN Unlimited as Rio off companies.
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3 years ago, cautious conservative
? Big mistake ??
I haven’t tried the app as of today. Still downloading. But how can an app claim to provide unparalleled security and web safety, yet before even completely installing it, prompt you to purchase 3 more upgrades to what they just claimed was fantastic and thorough security ?? Coming from the good folks at Apple, who have joined the censorship of conservative voices game, I now worry if I didn’t just make a big mistake and merely allow Apple to have sole and total access to my info and interests for their own information harvesting game ???
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3 years ago, shomaen
Program works- customer service is borderline harassment
I signed up for the app to protect myself and at the time it was. But when I found a less expensive option and went to cancel I would get hounded with emails from the account manager dean trying to get me back. Even after multiple emails back asking them not to email anymore ad remove me from the lists - and even after a response from customer service that they would - I co tongue yo get harassing emails from the company trying to convince me to come back. If you don’t ever plan on cancelling then go ahead and sign up. But if there is even a chance you may cancel in the future I recommend against- because you will be hounded and harassed by them for cancelling.
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11 months ago, MommyandScooter
I thought that the app was too difficult to run for me (understandable I’m not a tech person) then begins the RIDICULOUS process of trying to cancel my account before the trial period ends. It has proven to be more trouble than it’s worth. The help site lists no contact, the billing section lists no contact. When you search for a contact on a browser the first thing that appears is complaints and an Attorney ready Or represent many people who have been charged without consent. So I find the email address and request cancellation. They reply with a link to the same page with no process to cancel the account. What utter nonsense. Hiding the ball like that is unethical at best. Dumbest process ever. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
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3 years ago, amor 0304
It does not work
This app does not work, it is a robbery, I bought it for my computer because it was an offer of 100 dollars that cost you were on sale of 20 dollars and I bought it for a year and yesterday I saw that I received a notification from the bank saying that that company I was charged 100 dollars without my authorization they never notified me and when I contacted her they told me that my one-way plan ended but I never gave her the authorization to renew that and tell them all that and what they did to her since I canceled The concrete with it they sent a virus to my pc that is useless, even stop using it because it was useless, please do not use it so that what happened to me does not happen to you.
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2 years ago, Hungry5166
Money grab
You’ll get the free week then 7.99 a month, then be asked to check their site for an offer of a phone optimizer for 3.99, which I selected , some free licenses to use multiple devices . iPhones apps have to go through extensive numbers of privacy and security checklists before even available in flight team . Ideally you only need a VPN. I should of read about iPhone security protocols before stressing about the devices security. The data breach was the coolest thing this device offers. But you can read about most data breaches by a quick google search and then go the route of changing your passwords . Wish I could get the 3.99 back but glad it isn’t plus the 7.99 at the end of the week.
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3 years ago, Grantf44
Very Bad Experience
Do not fall for this scam. They will take your money and it will not show up as a subscription here in the Apple store. I contacted them and finally got an email that said they were sorry I didn't like their product. It said just follow this link and we will send you your refund. No matter how you answered the questions it came back to a screen saying we are glad you changed your mind and decided to stay. It's a sham. Apple should take this out of their store. DON'T FALL FOR THIS!!!!!! I still haven't received my money back and never signed up for their service. I just downloaded the app but never opened it. If their were skull and cross bones I would rate them a -10. Their customer service the the same way. Buyer beware it is a scam.
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3 years ago, CJ’s MacBk
Security with simplicity
I am a retired IT professional, and I must say this is by far the BEST VPN software for the money. Their technical support is phenomenal! Between their Web Shield and VPN, I can confidently pay my bills, shop online, and transfer money between my bank accounts without worrying about my account being hacked. I use it for my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook. It notifies me when my iOS needs to be updated and it even checks my photos to ensure I don’t have duplicates wasting hard-drive space. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
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7 months ago, USNDad
Double photos
Every time I run the scan, I keep getting the same issue I have more than one of the same photographs. Also. There is spyware in my phone I know for sure and somehow AV is not picking it up. I can’t get this out of my phone I know it’s not your fault. This guy is really smart, but I need to get him off of here I might just have to get a new phone. Please cancel this for me as soon as possible. I don’t wish to continue on this phone. Please cancel immediately.
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4 years ago, PercyJackson BookFan!!!
Best Electronic Protection Ever!
I love it! It protects my iPad from harmful viruses and scans my photos for useless ones! I don’t even have to worry about my iPad, because TotalAV takes care of it, while I take care of my family. I would totally recommend this app for everybody, even children, and I am a teen myself! I can’t believe what it can do! Without TotalAV, I would be worrying a lot all the time about my privacy because of hackers, and other bad things. This is awesome!!! (My iPad might be infected with a virus, but TotalAV keeps me, my family, and my iPad safe!)
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5 months ago, Manny$79
So good so far 🤙🏾 I keep getting a message that says my account information will be updated shortly and it’s been saying this since yesterday evening and another message saying There is a purchase currently pending processing. If this error persists, please contact support. And it’s been saying this since yesterday evening when I tried to put both my phones on one account I need some help with this issue please I’ve already paid the $7.99
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5 years ago, Justandliza
Typical poor customer service- a scam
When I became aware that the device was not what I needed and instead was a photo clean up application, I promptly requested a refund. This was within minutes of the purchase. Instead of receiving an email indicating a refund and cancellation, I was sent an explanation of what the application does- not even bothering to mention my refund request. These are the practices of an app provider that at best has no care for the time of their customers and at worst is willing to cheat people out of a measly $3. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering this application look elsewhere, this is absolutely not worth the trouble. To note- In more than ten years I’ve never felt strongly enough about a product to write a review. Take heed.
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3 years ago, why? i don't want one
I have been waiting a long time for something like this to come along. I’ll have to delay my complete star rating until I’ve used it a little longer. It will take me another day to get rid of all the current garbage on my phone. I do have a question…will this also take care of all the “SPAM”….”UNKNOWNS”….and other garbage I get? I get over 300 emails a day/night….and I feel like I’m drowning! But I’m already having fun deleting and unsubscribing. THANK YOU!
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8 months ago, Verytonitoni
Be Prepared to Spend Thru Stacking
When I originally read about this amazing app, I though I’d get all the features described for $2!! As advertised. However, probably in the fine print somewhere I missed that each feature they described would be $39 for a year, then $99 annually. In total I racked up $189 and only declined the Password Management. I am willing to try this for a year with all the problems of Identity theft and useless and irritating ads. Hmmm… it’s a lot of money come time to automatically renew - about $600 $700!
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10 months ago, JB Foxy
Total AV Protection
I just took a good look at my Total AV that I Purchased and it really takes care of a lot of stuff, Like No Ads which is Awesome on My You Tube and my Password can be checked I had Awesome Results and you can put on other Devices and Share with A Family Member!!! I really like Total AV it has a lot to offer so Everyone should give it a Try I’ll stand by that, Thank You for Such a Good App, Very Much Appreciated, Keep up the Good Work, Again Thanks!!!
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3 years ago, SomeNoob o.O
Absolutely ridiculous support
I have no issue with the app itself except maybe being a little glitchy loading things. However, I just wanted to give it a try and pay the $3 and then not have to continue being charged. I could not find ANYWHERE on the website where to disable automatic payments and so I called support. After being absolutely harassed on the phone about how I should continue using the app for a few weeks, etc. and “give it a chance” I FINALLY was able to have the guy turn off automatic payments. Absolutely ridiculous that I had to go through all of that. I don’t recommend the service simply for that.
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4 years ago, brentruzzi
I will change my rating to 5 stars if you fix it
If you look at my account I have paid twice full price trying to get the $3.00 promotion. I love AV security but as far as my account I have to pay separately for other features that should be included in what you refer my account as premium and I have secured my VPN by a free app because it was going to charge an additional $50+ for just that. I have tried to get a refund a few times but I never heard back about a refund or how to get the $3.00 promotion. I have been a loyal customer, but since I can’t get anyone to respond I thought I would give a review but I hated only giving you 1 star I hope others read this and not go by my rating. I really hope you fix my account and refund my payment for 2 applications which if you can’t find I can post both receipts here. Thank you, I just read the comments that are only 1 star, and there are several for the same reason as mine. Now I’m wondering if I should contact Apple who was the one that said great things about you and promoting the $3.00 promotion.
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1 year ago, Emel826
One Star is Too Much
this app is terrible. It doesn’t stay functionally on. You have to continue to turn it on and then the promotional deal is misleading. When Contacting Customer Service in an attempt to cancel the subscription, you’re passed on to three separate agents to convince you even though you’ve specifically said, you want to cancel numerous times, but nothing will change your mind. They will continue to offer Additional promotions and discounts. It is extremely aggravating and time consuming. Then once we get past the first individual, the second one actually send you a link in an email, but it takes time for it to be received and that’s when you’re passed on to the next person. I swear the customer service agent didn’t send the original email until 10 minutes have passed Just to keep me on the phone longer. are use a completely different app that I absolutely love and total AV is terrible. I would not suggest anyone to waste their money on it. It’s junk!
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2 years ago, E5gunner
Done in seconds
I used this program to eliminate all similar photos and to get rid of duplicates and once I hit enter, they were gone in seconds !!! It would have taken me several hours to do the same thing. Plus if you actually want any of them back (have no idea why you would) you can get them back when you are finished. I love it big time and no I don’t get a thing for saying this at all.
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3 years ago, willard1#
iPhone 8 S plus
I had the problem of my Wi-Fi not working but it worked on everything else in the home so I called my local and they told me to call Apple Apple figure it out that it was this app they said dump it I deleted it and I haven’t had a problem set I’m still paying for my subscription and trying hard to figure to get out of it but I’d like the program until they messed up my phone
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