TOTP Authenticator – Fast 2FA

4.7 (2.6K)
32.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.4 or later
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User Reviews for TOTP Authenticator – Fast 2FA

4.72 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
3 years ago, admanrs
Chrome extension is cool
I love how it can send the otp to chrome via the chrome extension. I configured it to go directly to the clipboard. Also, I love how the otp seeds are synced to icloud.. but to have true 2FA don’t store your main passwords in iCloud as well.
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3 years ago, In The Reeds
Can’t Recommend for Security-Focused Users
After giving this app a good run, I can’t I’m good conscious recommend this to anyone. If you value security and reliability STAY AWAY from TOTP Authenticator. Not only does the iOS app not allow you to set a layer of security separate from your device authentication method, it recently failed in a sync despite a previous backup (and numerous ones before) having all my services and decided to wipe 70% of them so I had to go through the headache of removing and re-adding my this as a 2FA app. Please until the developers put more time and attention into this than one update a year on iOS and add more redundant security measures, do not use it. Use OTP Authenticator instead, black icon with a white padlock on the App Store.
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6 years ago, Llarinb
Easy and simple
Does what it says. Easy to use and set up new accounts
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5 years ago, shepdave
Where is passcode unlock?
I do not use thumbprint security on my iPhone. I don’t think anybody needs to have my thumbprint. I just updated this app and now I can’t access it without thumbprint security. This means I am locked out of all applications that I set up with 2FA using this app. It’s suddenly worse than useless to me. It’s locked me out of sites I need to use.
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4 years ago, Dfloyd888
Works as expected
Excellent app. I just wish it offered encryption when storing the synced 2FA seeds on iCloud.
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4 years ago, goatpwner
Needs dark mode support
Works exactly as stated. Haven’t encountered any bugs. Would be 5 star if it had dark mode support.
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2 months ago, jeyoor
Solid free TOTP app
Solid free basic experience for generating TOTPs
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3 years ago, not2011004
Not working
I can not find my account or access because it did not save
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1 year ago, Dairyairey
Doesn’t work
Codes given initiate a never ending sign in loop. Had to use email method for authorization which isn’t efficient.
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11 months ago, kma2121
Doesn’t work
Tried 10 different times. It didn’t work at all. Delete.
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4 years ago, Ztizzle125
Great Authenticator App
I love this app and it works well. I’ve noticed no issues since using the free version. I just upgraded to the premium so I can copy/paste the codes to save time which is nice however, why does it only allow one code to be pushed at a time? Is there a way to make more codes show in the google extension? My only complaint with the premium add ons
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2 months ago, mzyello34
Doesn’t even work with my workday so annoying
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5 years ago, Jake.Sco
Needs more
If I’m using more than 6 keys, I have a hard time figuring out which key goes to what account. You need better labels.
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5 years ago, KC Minneapolis
This app is terrible. I can't do anything. Like how the heck am I supposed to enable a key manually? This app is absolutely garbage
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3 years ago, tgif euromarche
I can’t login how to login please I need your help Thanks
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10 months ago, Crm202320232023
It would be great if the font on the numbers was larger.
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1 year ago, Tia799
This app is dumb . The end
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5 months ago, Tj1967me
The code expires way too fast. This needs fixed.
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1 year ago, dj wanna-B
No QR Code To Scan .. Now what?
Seriously … no code given … How is someone supposed to verify anything with this app? Honestly, you should just send a verification by pigeon. Shhheeeesssshhhh
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2 years ago, Eaa167
Good app with bad UI
Font should be MUCH BIGGER and digits should be grouped like 123 456. Using it on a daily basis is tedious and discomforting because of that.
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2 years ago, just pick a nickname yourself
Not user friendly
It sends the codes then by the time I go over to my Workday app it says code not correct. It usually takes three or four attempts before the codes are correct.
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3 years ago, LarryNe
No instructions
I’m trying to set up 2FA for Coinbase. When Coinbase says to enter the TOTP app’s code, I open it and see three sets of numbers, each with a moving ring around it. I assume that’s a timer so I quickly enter the top number. It comes back wrong. So I do it again and enter the bottom number. It doesn’t work either. FAQs are totally limited, message option goes to the ether, and nothing on YouTube addresses this dilemma.
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3 years ago, mic_themacguy
I normally give the benefit of the doubt but it appears that since I bought the premium version, I synced with the cloud and all my codes disappeared and won’t come back. If that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve used the contract button in the app and found their website and found the guy that developed this on LinkedIn and have never received a response. Now I have to go through security verification with each company I have a code for and have them confirm it’s me to turn off 2FA so I can fix this mess. This app needs to be removed if the developer no longer supports it. I understand leaving a game or non-critical app available but this is unacceptable.
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3 years ago, Cleveland,Ohio
Very difficult to use
Each time code applied , an invalid message comes up then the account gets locked
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5 years ago, LAVsBgy
IPhone 6s and Citrix Sharefile woks great
I have it working on my Android as well as in my iPhone. They both work well.
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4 years ago, BastardofBolton
Giant pain in the arse
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4 years ago, TJ_RU
Please increase the font size
The app works well as it’s intended to do but it would be great if there was a user setting to increase the font size of the authentication code. It’s very hard to see on my work-issues iPhone 8.
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6 years ago, Rahnold
Like the app, but could use some updates
Doesn’t support FaceID, I still see the TouchID prompt screen but can’t do anything and have to use passcode instead. I’d like the added layer of security versus relying solely on my phone unlock itself— I sometimes disable it to allow a friend or family member to borrow my device, this app will prevent me from doing so with the same peace of mind since it shares the same passcode as your device. Would love to see FaceID support added as well as a dark mode/theme option. With those two features this app is 5/5. (Will update if this changes, reviewed on 10/6/18)
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