Touch VPN Secure Hotspot Proxy

4.6 (14.1K)
71.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Touch VPN Secure Hotspot Proxy

4.58 out of 5
14.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Raiders_Rock_PRO
Touch VPN has all I can really ask for in a mobile VPN. It does it’s job the way I want it to. You can use it to connect to servers across the world. And whenever I check my browser after enabling it, I have a different IP address then before. And to top it all off, it’s free! There may be 1 or 2 ads shown, but there is an x button on all of them, and they are relevant ads. I really have no complaints, and I love this app, so I will give it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Lord_Liecanthrope901
Seem okay but I thought it included more features
I’m confused since every time I refresh my wheresmyipaddress page it gives me the same one every time. I guess it’s since I’m not a premium member? And I can only use “Optimal Server” mode (which placed me in LA), but will not allow me to select the USA, UK, France, etc., etc. unless I upgrade. I understand having to pay for quality, but I assumed there would be one company out there willing to protect the world/its citizens through anonymity. I will admit that I do not know a whole lot about VPNs but I was under the assumption that all of these apps or sites would randomly change your IP instead of only giving you one layer of protection that is in essence a sitting duck... can someone elaborate or help me understand if I’m missing something? Thanks in advance - trooph WArrIor
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7 years ago, Wesley92
Go to VPN app that works very well
This VPN(Virtual Private Network) app offers the service required to secure your internet connection. It allows safe encryption of IP addresses as well as location options for stubborn apps that may not work in certain areas. I am currently using the free trial and am very satisfied with the application's user friendly layout.
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1 year ago, Frustrated Four
The App No Longer Works! I WANT MY MONEY BACK
I have been working with Customer Service for the past two days; Yes, even in the early mornings as the developers can’t fix these concerns since their last update. Since their last update, this App stopped working and NO ONE can help provide an answer / response to fix this issue. The developers need to fix this immediately, this in lieu of just, “. . . thanking everyone for their support?” (from customer service?). I still need help and now want a complete refund as I went with Express VPN WITH NO ISSUES! Does anyone care in fixing this?
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4 years ago, Ap0II
Excellent but.
Very excellent vpn, used it for a few months now. Always able to access restricted sites. But, the description literally says no session or limitations, and truly unlimited. However, when I opened the app to connexct, it said I reached the daily limit, when I used it for 20 minutes. I dont understand because in the past month or two I used it without any sessions and just now is giving me a session.
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7 years ago, ourf
This one is the best
I have downloaded more than 10 apps (most of them have thousands of comments), but all failed to connect, only this app works well. I'd like to give you 10 stars. Great job!
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6 years ago, DavidTileDog
When on it work most of the time. I had three problems. First, every time the iPhone woke it was necessary to open the app to restart VPN. Second, some web sites would get stuck “spinning wheel keeps on turning”. And the best for last, it corrupted the touch screen. It now regularly does not respond. Previously I had to wipe the iPhone of ALL software. Then rebuild from scratch at the Apple store. Other than that it is great.
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5 months ago, SarikDragnil
Not always working
Today second day when app not working “Something went wrong, please try again later “ Please fix that. I pay every month and I wanna use it when I need. Other time working great and I like it.
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6 years ago, Adamt2001
I tried out the free subscription for the elite membership and shortly after I canceled my subscription because I was unhappy with the quality and did not want to get charged for the membership. One month later I get a receipt email from apple and it says I have been charged, although I cancelled the membership. 2 months later I got charged again, although I presented on the “cancel subscription” button multiple times!
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5 years ago, PouyA Pazooki
Used to be good but not anymore
It used to be one of my favorite app. I had my best VPN experience with this app but recently it has turned me down. Never connects (despite having a good connection) and if once in a hundred, it disconnects immediately and no data is transferred. Because of this recent issue, I’ll give a 3-star since it really made me mad.
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7 years ago, okder than 15
I can watch porn with this super easy! My parents still thinks the internet blocks out porn for me but not anymore with with great trusty app! Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, 11113475484488
Product works. Good luck canceling.
I used this app overseas to use USA services. It worked great for that. The problem lies with cancelling the automatic subscription. The app says you can go into the account settings to unsubscribe which is not true. There is no such option. Long story short, this app is taking my $12 monthly for almost a year because I cannot unsubscribe.
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9 months ago, G00d! :)
I mean it’s okay
Good for everything but now it doesn’t clean up extra things on the device that takes space which makes me sad
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2 years ago, Hwestern
Connectivity Issues
Since the new update I seem to have a lot of connectivity issues. Won’t connect and then I can’t access my internet because of it. Very annoying, so I have to delete and reinstall. Thinking about changing VPN services if this keeps up.
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2 years ago, McCoyWitham
Used to be good.
Got this when it first came out. Works somewhat decent but costs money now. Definitely very disappointed as I loved this vpn, but I guess every company values money over customer satisfaction. Plus, why bother giving us ads if we still have to pay? Either make it free with ads or pay for no ads.
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6 years ago, LeeRoyBravo
Works well
Works great. One issue I have is that I’m still getting ads despite having paid for the yearly subscription. Don’t know why it’s happening, hopefully it’s fixed soon.
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7 years ago, JohnZac
Good but connection drops
They tranmission is awesome, but connection frequently drops and sometimes local vpn conflicts with this one not allowing to connect tomcertain countries. Other than that it's pretty decent.
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6 years ago, Sherubi02
Great vpn. But when I connect to it doesn’t show the vpn signal next to my WiFi. Please in the next update have it show up so I know that I am connected to my vpn ASAP! Thanks
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7 years ago, Juven24k
Needs improvement
When I want to use this app the vpn doesn't want connect and I have to uninstall this app and install this app again so that it will be able to work.
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5 years ago, Xan's music fan
It's really useful, l like that. You can use it without any pay except you want a faster speed. But to me, everything is okay!
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6 years ago, mr hmti
It’s very easy to use app and connection fast to vpn so i use it every day and it help me always so ,i have to appreciate from you🙏🙏🙏
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3 years ago, wqqbid
Review comments
Easy to use and fast connection
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5 years ago, Rohāń
Best free VPN ever!
I have used multiple free Vpns and this is the best. I just use it to get past restrictions on school wifi and so far this has been good
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3 years ago, Diamond 75
Roblox problem
So I had decided to do that display name thing from Roblox, I used this and when I turned it off I automatically couldn’t get back the right money for roblox, you need to fix this and while I was getting to us it still didn’t work. Absolutely TERRIBLE.
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4 years ago, kvminari
Can’t use the app for free
It says I can use the app for free with ads, but all the regions are locked and I basically have myself a useless app that does nothing but take up storage. What is the point in advertising that it can be used for free with ads when there is nothing you can do without paying?
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5 years ago, worldremit are loosers 🖕🏿
I need my 12$ back
It’s stinks stupid app ..doesn’t work or block sites .. hey I want my money back or I will report you to AppStore and Apple
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6 years ago, lye🌺
5 stars
It’s a very good app. I haven’t had no issue and I recommend that you should you use it.
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6 years ago, DRxACULA
Haven't had a problem
Awesome app, able to get to the blocked websites that my work thinks is "time wasting" haha.
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7 years ago, Megameep
Works pretty well
Hasn't given me issues
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5 years ago, MaximCapcanari
Adds but works
There is a lot of adds but it work. I had some problems with internet ind this app helped me. So I recommend!
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6 years ago, PiercedByVoices
Works really good just wish it would let me use Netflix
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2 years ago, Whoever44578875443
Slow phone
I use this on my computer but the app makes my phone run so slow 🤷‍♀️
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2 years ago, vern@me
Great way to watch international soccer. Go to the team’s home broadcast channel and stream.
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6 years ago, CrystalSnowe1
Doesn't stay Connected
Works until I put my phone on sleep mode and disconnects when I wake it up, literally just minutes after turning it on again
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7 years ago, Fury duck
Not bad
The one that can really work properly
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2 months ago, Woody512x
Hasn’t let me down yet, they keep on impressing me.
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4 years ago, mostafa mirdar
To thanks
Very very thank you for saving us against prohibition of free information circulation in islamic rep
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2 years ago, Echo Sweats
I still remember when you didn’t have to pay to have unlimited vpn :(
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7 years ago, shadows+dust
I've enjoyed this app. I assume it works by joining the VPN while working in the background. This way any program opened on top of VPN touch will be anonymous. Great app!
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6 years ago, DB1234
VPN frequently disconnects itself. Only worked on my iPhone, the app constantly crashed on my Mac and could never actually be used. Paid for one month to try it out, will not renew.
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5 years ago, yazeed122
It is a wonderful app I have ever used
A app News An And easy to Wonderful It is What
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5 years ago, psdghhxg
Good app
Better than I expected
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6 years ago, Farah Amisco
This app used to have way now features... It didn't have any pop up full screen ads before. It has fallen... I can't recommend it to anyone anymore
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6 years ago, Ash (
4/5 stars
Great app let’s me play Fortnite at school only problem is too many ads.
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4 years ago, ILRich66
No free trail use
App does not say, in app purchase, and there is no trial at least in US. This needs to be mentioned upfront so people don’t load an app that requires a purchase even just to try it.
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5 years ago, Man.sou.reh
Sudden problem
Since I downloaded, I did not have any trouble. But it is almost two weeks that it does not work. :(
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5 years ago, FrozenYeti
Doesn't even work.
I downloaded this app that was recommended online. I opened the app and it said that it couldn't connect. I tried again and reset my router and still wouldn't work.
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7 years ago, Chelbell987
Great app, but vpn drops
Really good app, but would be better if the connection was fixed.
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6 years ago, Hossein777
You have to pay
You have to pay
Show more
5 years ago, Raha56456
It just can survive a bit minutes !!!
Please make it better to survive at least 15 mins !!!
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