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User Reviews for Towbook

3.15 out of 5
260 Ratings
6 years ago, Sjgree6a
App crash on IOS
The app is great resource when it is working. I keep having problems with the app crashing. It happens most of the time when I am taking pictures and having the customer sign damage waiver. I always show the customer the pictures that I have taken and make them aware of any damage that I see. I know we are limited to the pictures we can take on busy highways but multiple times I have had the app crash after taking pictures and hitting the done button. It does not save any photos once this problem occurs and I have to retake once again while keeping myself aware of the traffic. I know that I can take them with the devices camera and save to camera roll but I have also had issues with the uploading of photos to the calls if pursuing that method. A fix for these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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2 years ago, Naskid96
Best there is in the business
The support and friendliness of all the staff within the towbook organization is like additional family to my business. The ease of use and funneling everything into on centralized app makes dispatching calls much smoother. I could go on forever but definitely give it a try and if you need to ask questions from a person that uses it constantly you can always call me or ask towbook for my number they will be glad to have me speak to you so go ahead and sign up for the free trial period, my business could not function now as smoothly without team towbook. Initially I was against using any software company as I saw it as money out of my pocket when I’m reality it puts more revenue back to my bottom line with all the features available to use. Thank you Towbook and best part is they are like us and have 24/7 service for any questions you might have, and yes I’ve been known yo call at 3AM numerous times. Now they are like family To me. I am Turning Wheels Towing located on Long Island NY, feel free to contact me my name is Kurt.
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5 months ago, Just another brick
Lady from customer service calling to let people know the trial is up is a complete ?$&(,
I’ve had Towbook for almost 2 years. I’ve had nothing but problems. Customer service is garbage. If the app came as a one time purchase and no customer service and you could just use it for Dispatch tool, only I would probably buy it. As far as roadside calls or customer ….They don’t explain anything other than we need money. Try to explain some things that might help their company out while they’re trying to talk me into staying with it and all she wants to do is argue that everything. Cop out saying everything is optional and it’s our fault that app is trash basically. Honk sends out calls for $30 for over a hundred miles away to change a tire. Or travel 80 mile one way and Tow someone for $90. useless. it’s overflow from out of network basically, so trash roadside companies, dictating trash prices, through a trash app, with trash customer service….. hundred percent do not recommend. just because of the attitude of their entire company! three phone calls now everyone was more useless than the last. Didn’t want to hear why we didn’t want to continue with them once she realized we weren’t paying her whole attitude and demeanor changed. Like I said useless.
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4 years ago, "Miami Juan"
I haven’t really had any issues using the app, however the main issue to me is communication. There is NONE. These people will text , call, email when they have a call for you but when you need to talk to them about something they are MIA. It takes them forever to pay for the calls that are completed. They tell you “direct deposit” is on mondays but it’s been 3 weeks and still no response. Today I logged on and I get a call almost immediately. Michelle immediately sends me a message through the app telling me I have a call. Not only are these people incompetent sending me calls out of area every time but they are also extremely unprofessional. I replied to this guys message about the call telling him it’s out of area and also asked about the direct deposit and how I was going to get paid for a call I did 3 weeks ago. NO REPLY. STAY AWAY! There are tons of others apps that will send you calls. I have worked with dozens on apps, and this has been the first app that doesn’t ask me for any information regarding my vehicle, insurance, license. NOTHING. Talk about SKETCH. Today was the last straw. I’m not going to be running calls for free.
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3 years ago, [reeniebby..]
Glitchy lately
I do dispatch for a towing company and lately both myself and my drivers have issues with this app. I will drop the pin on the map for exactly where the driver needs to go, and yet towbooks GPS will bring them somewhere entirely different. This is the main issue that is causing us a lot of grief lately. Second, there are times when I receive a tow alert through the app, I will click on it and the whole thing will freeze. I have to close out the app completely and reopen it. Sometimes the call will no longer be there, or it will be automatically accepted without approval. These issues are becoming more prevalent lately and I’d like to see the Towbook team address these issues. Lastly, I will enter pricing info during an active call, but if I have to change or add any other information in the call form, all of the pricing info resets and I have to re-enter it. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, smith7795
I hate this app
Raggedy I have ATT for service and Towbook always goes down saying I have no internet when all other apps requiring internet will work I’m am constantly have to reset my whole phone to get it to work I have been stranded in downtown ATL needing to call a contact and Towbook will say I have no internet and it’s a combination of 30 min to an hr wasted if not longer uninstalling Towbook making sure my phone has the latest Ed update amd doing resets on everting on my phone to get it back working and usually just half to call the office and have them text me pick up drop and contact info but Towbook is so raggedy we use this app to make money and it has got to be the most unreliable app I’ve ever used you have no idea how long it’s gonna work for before I just goes down and you have no idea how long it’ll be down on my phone before it just decides to work again set it up and fix your issues Towbook this is becoming ridiculous
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9 months ago, TBrady81
When it works
I am a tow truck driver for one of the biggest towing companies in iowa. Towbook used to work amazing but I have called Towbook multiple times hoping to have the issue fixed but so far still not letting me know when I get calls and when I mark myself on scene or towing on my end it’s not updated for the dispatchers and they are always calling my phone wanting to know if I made it or if I’m towing. I have logged out multiple times didn’t fix it. I have deleted and reinstalled Towbook multiple times and still not working. I just deleted it and reinstalled it again tonight hoping it fixed it this time.
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1 year ago, Roadside 940
Works okay on IOS, but has problems.
After this recent update, I have been noticing a few problems such as app crashes when trying to change the status of a call, information and photos being saved one moment and deleted the next, the cancel call option missing from some vendors’ calls, and notifications still being sent to you constantly after logging off and closing the app. Some of these have been continuous since before the update, such as the crashing and deleting information portions. However, notifications would not disturb me after logging out prior. Attempting to call Towbook to seek out remedies for this issue left me high and dry on a dead line despite offering 24/7 support. If it weren’t a requirement by my employer to use this app, I would seek alternatives until these bugs are ironed out.
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5 years ago, Ralaniz88
Towbook User for 4 Years
Im a tech guy and have to say there’s very little complaints I have with Tow Book, The website and app is very well thought out and easy to use. Makes the work flow a lot easier and gives your company a better impression on the customer with all the features you have using tow book. The only thing Ive been hearing them say for the last two years is the credit card integration. This needs released already. Also being able to see The accounts page should be able to be seen in the app as well. I was told a year ago the credit card part is coming soon. Other than those tow things that Tow Book is Perfect and gets 5 Stars.
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3 years ago, Just Tow It
Been waiting for an update forever!!! the app glitches your active calls shows up in waiting calls, can’t search for completed jobs by date, employees tell me they took pictures that never uploaded also it would be nice to be able to save calls as a quote until customer calls back for service a lot of customer call around until they find the price they want and when they call back I don’t have to re enter all their info.
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7 years ago, Un-Prepared1
Nice but needs tweaking
I like the ease of the app, however I don't like randomly getting logged out and having to log back in, I don't like logging out and notifications still going off, I don't like the issues with the app loading and having to sometimes open, close, clear, and reopen the app a few times to get information or incoming calls to load. I can open any other app on my phone at that time and they load normal. Same problems on 2 separate phones I've had.
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6 months ago, Salvage79118
More options?
Now being a tow truck operator calls for some late nights. And without the proper sound or notification to alert us, we’re gonna be sound asleep with no way to be reached. I believe there should be a notification sound option to choose from your existing sounds. Because no offense, but a chime doesn’t always do the trick. Hopefully this is a option for a later date.
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5 years ago, lordbeck
Please whoever is the developer of Towbook, please add an option for the pictures to stop saving into the iPhones camera roll, its ridiculous, we are a heavy and high call volume of an company using towbook for our calls and every driver completes an average of 15-20 calls a shift and we require 5+ pictures each call so at the end of the month or even day theres MILLIONS of random cars in our camera roll, Please add this option to not save in the settings!!
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12 months ago, Parlay713
Copy & Paste
App is good. When going back and forth from job list to job the list will skip around. Please fix this. Please make the addresses copy and paste a bowl when I’m trying to dispatch several different jobs. I’d rather just copy and paste into Google Maps instead of having to type in numbers and what not please add copy and paste to both drop off and pick up addresses.
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6 years ago, masnel
Needs a notification badge
It needs a badge to show you have a call, I've never heard it make a sound yet and I have that feature turned on. I'm also experiencing a crash while in edit mode & when I open it up I'm always logged out and takes a few minutes to load up again. Not good when a customer is waiting to go on their way. Other than that it's a pretty good app
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7 years ago, Blackedoutbradley
Pretty good
I've had TowBooks for two different company's now and it works very well. No real issues. But on the other hand you can't change the ringtone on apple. I'd love to be able to change it to a fire truck or police car siren because the default tone doesn't wake you up at night. Of course I need it to wake me up when I get a call at 2 am. Other than that highly recommend
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3 years ago, thorsoph
It works
It works, it’s convenient but there’s several things I’d like to change. 1 make a option to turn off the ringtone, i hate it, I have nightmares because of it. 2 turn off the text messages, I have a million unread texts from ever call I get, from a different number. Seriously? It can’t be the same one? Or give me an option to TURN IT OFF!?!? Please! It’s unnecessary!
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1 week ago, Tow Crazy
Love the constant improvements
Towbook has been around a long time. We absolutely love how they are constantly improving their apps. New features, design and ease of use keep getting better - they release updates every few weeks and they LISTEN to our needs!
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2 months ago, Driver 81 JC
App works great need a option on the settings so we can change the notification tones too what we want to make it louder too hear And calls come in silent sometimes and we have to delete and reinstall too get it to work Can u fix it And add ringtone loud ones please
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2 years ago, towing 24/7
Accept failed
Loosing money for three weeks towbooks will not accept my job request i accept job and says accept failed and i loos the job to another provider been waiting 3 weeks for solution to be fixed and nobody got back to me yet nor fixed the issue. Offered a couple months free or charge but im still having the same issue and one of the agents told me they will have to charge me even tho its not working properly or i can leave towbooks smh. Hopefully management will call me soon for this matter
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1 year ago, T5T1
Fix the Apple CarPlay bug!!
It HAS to be such a simple fix, maybe just underreported. It causes people using CarPlay with a cord to not receive Towbook dispatches. It actually feels like more of a lazy thing; to let an issue with a simple solution go for this long. Maybe you need to hire someone to better monitor, and fix your technical issues and bugs.
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3 years ago, Brando280587
Good app overall, devs seem to be pretty good at rolling out updates to fix bugs. Biggest complaint though is the inability to change the notification sound for dispatches on iPhone. PLEASE add this feature to the iOS app. I hate the default sound and it’s not loud enough to wake me up when I get dispatched at night
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3 years ago, GM 1941
Idea for improvement
I work for a tow company that has used Towbook for a few years now. Something that would be a helpful is a time sheet feature for the drivers. It be like a elog type of deal that office personal could use to help figure pay and hours. Overall I like the app.
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5 years ago, TheOnlyOneCryingAboutTowbook
Good app BUT...
Good app BUT it doesn’t allow you to change the ringtone like the droid version. This is odd considering Apple’s stance with iTunes and ringtones in general. Towbook management software doesn’tseem to care but I suspect other iPhone users would appreciate the ability to change the ringtone as well. I would like to hear from the developer on this.
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2 years ago, pdc1235
The best thing ever for the towing industry!
Towbook changed the towing industry by cutting time taking calls, sending to drivers etc by 50% or more. The Towbook Team is amazing and I will be forever grateful for everything they have done for the towing industry, no matter what kind of towing a company does!
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3 years ago, H_bakri21
New update
When I thought the previous version was bad, the update is even worse. Dark version on social media is cool, but on a work app it makes it hard to navigate. The new update doesn’t have the phone call option when you receive a call instead of accepting and declining. The map is super confusing. The driver is the same color green as if he is on-scene on a call. FIX FIX FIX
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1 year ago, OnixV8
Uploading Photos
This is a major major issue that I have with this app constantly. Uploading photos is the worst even on Wi-Fi. It’s always this zipper in the bottom left hand corner & it’s says no photos pending & im tryna upload impound photos. iPhone 12 is wat I’m using for this app. There’s gotta be sumn u all can do to see about this concern because.
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3 years ago, TyBtv
Game Changer
Idk how anyone can be in towing without using Towbook. There is no way my business would operate any other way. It has taken my business to the next level. The staff is incredible. You will not regret this software.
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3 years ago, Jeremy Lacey Brown
Bad update
I hate the new update. The new format is not convenient. It’s glitchy, I can’t review completed calls -sometimes- then other times, I can. I have to jump around screens to update the status. Why fix something that wasn’t broken. The old version was perfectly functional.
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7 years ago, Joemoz
Need to Fix a bug
Great app and definitely makes my life easier being in the truck and having to enter in info. The only thing is every time I️ go to enter in an expense I️ have to close the app to enter another one because the little green button next to my name goes away. I’m entering g fuel receipts so I️ hope you’re able to fix this sometime soon. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Trichards7707
Glitch with IPhone 12 Pro
The app has always worked great until recently when I started using an iPhone 12 Pro. Now the functions on the top blue bar do not respond well. I also tried it on an iPhone 12 Pro Max and had the same problem. Please update app to work better with IPhone 12.
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3 months ago, Tony/Minnicks
Vin number
I use this app every day. Literally the only problem I have is when entering the last three of the vin number… the tag number will disappear and I’ll have to do it all over again. Please fix this problem
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3 years ago, KML.4
I liked it better when you would type in a address and it would pop it up for you. The other thing is you can’t even cancel a call it when a call cancels.
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10 months ago, Priority Towing
Keeps crashing when I open the app I restarted my phone and still the same issue. It also crashes after the screen loads.
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3 years ago, Fabiabarua
Accounts messed up
We’ve been calling Towbook “support” since this particular problem started around 15 days ago, I only have access to certain accounts now for some reason and they say that they are working on it but I’m still can’t see all the accounts so how I’m supposed to work without seeing the accounts? Plus, now that the app is updated I can’t cancel my calls! Total disaster.
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3 years ago, Gilucd
Great App Is there a way to add back the part to where it remembers words in the Damages section. It helps to go faster when putting in descriptions of damages. It was in the old app and worked great Thanks
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3 years ago, DNTBJLUS
New app works pretty good
App works great as a dispatcher and a driver. I like it better than the old one… one thing that would be nice is that if you could have a Apple Watch app and CarPlay capable. That would be great
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3 years ago, zenitra91
Error messages
Since the last update, when I dispatch a call to myself or another driver I will get an error message 40-50% of the time. Then have to call the driver and verbally dispatch them. iPhone 12
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3 years ago, tipitapon12122
Notification default ringtone
The app should give the option to change the ringtones for notifications, the app default ringtone for a notification is way! Annoying it rings multiple times in a row! It drives anyone crazy with so many work orders entering at once. The dispatching job is already stressing haven’t customers calling alll the time and roadsides assistants as well.
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4 years ago, OregonTowRob
Excellent, but needs an update
Please update resolution for iPhone 12’s! Some functions hard to use without rotating phone to horizontal and then vertical again.
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5 years ago, t&m towing
iPhone 6 Plus
Refusing to keep updated, anything changes on With a call or anything the app does not update if the status changes or call cancels or information changes it does not update on my phone
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6 years ago, iLOVE808
I wish
It is great when it works! When I'm logged out. I still get notifications. When logged in the notifications cycle through to many screens to get to what I need to see. a new call disrupts the whole screen causing me to go through the steps again to get to "my" call. GOA'S vary depending on the insurance company.
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4 years ago, mr stop ur madness
Problem with service
Hope that this 2nd go round the app shouldn’t give any issues.. it kept telling me that the server where down an it would not log me in..
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5 years ago, Abc124abx
Offline mode
We use Towbooks everyday all day but we can’t use it when out of service possibly make it offline friendly use real time modes when back in service update it
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6 years ago, dan(noltes)
New update
Sense the new update the app will not let me put in a driver/truck until I save it and go back and edit the call then will allow me to put in driver/truck on iPhone X
Show more
5 years ago, grh3
Updated the app today. Now it keeps crashing and I can’t even log in! When issue is fixed i will fix my review!
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1 year ago, Towman Sean
Keeps freezing after latest update
App keeps freezing on my iPhone after the latest update
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3 years ago, Skeezahlei
I have an iPhone and since the new update my Towbook keeps freezing and it doesn’t open properly I have to go out and go back in multiple times until it loads
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2 years ago, Jus Lube N Go NC
iOS app No internet connection
I have reinstalled this app 20 times in the past 3 day both on my ipad and iPhone and keep getting the same error no internet connection. Even on Wi-Fi and this app is how I make money. Please help
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7 years ago, Tjblick1990
Works great! Hope the developers can figure out a way to change the ringtone for IPhone!
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