TQL Carrier Dashboard

4.9 (22.2K)
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Total Quality Logistics
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9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for TQL Carrier Dashboard

4.93 out of 5
22.2K Ratings
4 years ago, azcardnlz1
Doesn’t operate in background
I like everything about the app except that unless I have the app actively running, I get notifications literally every 20 minutes telling me that my location hasn’t changed or that I’ve shut off the app, neither of which are true. Even though location services for this app is set to Always, and background app refresh is on, I still get these annoying notifications All. Day. Long! I don’t have these issues with any other tracking app. Fix this and I’ll gladly give it 5 stars.
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11 months ago, singhsation
Could be much better
It would take the brokers/agents not even a minute to enter pick and drop times yet a lot of them fail to do that and I just don’t see how someone can be productive at work when they stay on the phone all day answering just those 1-2 questions when they could have avoided that and spent their time doing something else. Tracking is another issue in the app. If you stop for even an hour or two the system thinks tracking has been turned off and some of your agents start to worry about useless things. The app is close to perfect but I spend way too much time calling TQL brokers to get just pick and drop times or other small details which isn’t very productive for me. It shouldn’t be that difficult to enter pick and drop times! So until that is fixed, just TWO STARS from me and my team.
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2 years ago, Trucker and Tourist
App is fine more so reviewing the company
I absolutely hate when I see my next load is gonna be a TQL load. They make it absolutely the worst experience prior to getting the load that they can feasibly manage to achieve. And their rates are bad. Most of the time the only reason they book with TQL is to pay for the fuel to get to better freight and kill time. The people are very pleasant to talk to on the phone as long as you aren’t trying to get any real information from them prior to heading to the city the pick up is in. Improvements they could make would be to raise their rates by 300% so that we can actually make a buck and to treat drivers with more respect and provide us with the information we ask for. I start trip planing the minute a trip sheet drops in my email. And it makes it a giant pain when they don’t give us addresses or customer names and PO numbers.
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4 years ago, SoCalMario
This app is still useless, not only is TQL squeezing everything possible from the carriers they really waste your time most of the time. The ability not to see what time a load picks up or delivers is undesirable. Owners operators are going out of business, so will brokers. Let the mega carriers keep all the freight, their rates are a lot better.
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1 year ago, Fludson
Almost good
Literally the only broker app that won’t post pick and delivery times for loads. Need to block their number unless you need to talk to them because they call you all day asking if you have a truck available in a place where you don’t have a truck. They are trying to be efficient I suppose but it’s really gross when your trying to drive, they almost always get it wrong Still put fake info on DAT constantly Only major broker who won’t put driver info on rate confirmation It’s a shame. They have good loads sometimes and they are getting better responding to problems on loads, but it seems there is someone at the top coming up with these weird policies. Like trying to be creative from behind a desk without knowing how the business works. They start doing the above things normally they would be our first or second place to look instead of a last resort
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4 years ago, Arios1893764
Poor app design
At glace app is great, when you're using it is another thing. No matter if you have your settings for location always allowed, background app refresh on, cellular data on it won't track you unless you open the app throughout the day even if you don't close app you will still have to open it and manual check call, now when you manual check call the agent don't receive the information because you will get messages asking you if you're loaded/unloaded after you've already updated the app hours prior for that matter their message system is the same. It's a waste of an app for tracking until they fix the bugs out but overall app is easy to use, good layout.
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2 years ago, trfghji
I don’t like it. Tql called me 5 times in an hours time. Where are you? What time you gonna be there? Are u checked in? I did all the check ins on the app and text messages 😡 they gonna tell me me just wanna make sure. Goes off while you sleeping. Send a check call. Getting calls all day to be watched annoys drivers. So if they call ask when Im gonna be there. If my appointment at 4pm. I tell them 3:45pm even it’s 7am and I’m 3minutes away. I’ll call when I arrive. Because they will call every 5 minutes even with app. Now after 2nd call. I send information to boss. Third call I don’t answer. They can call my boss But for the most part. TQL employees are ok just the calling.
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9 months ago, Disturbed_all_day
Why bother with the app?
Isn’t the whole purpose of the app so you don’t have to call the driver every 30 min? You guys just hound us to death! And why does this app totally invade our private information for things that have nothing to do with the load ? Our contacts? Our email addresses? Our pictures and videos? Really? Why you need that? Oh wait , Even our key strokes are monitored. So basically you have passwords. Bank info etc. then on top of all that you call us constantly! Everyone NEEDS TO READ THE USER AGREEMENT on this app. I’m sure they would be surprised to see exactly what info TQL actually links to this app.
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3 years ago, kbhairo
IM WARNING YOU NOW , if you respect your company and have dreams of growing do not book loads with them . They have soooo many negative reviews on other load boards it’s ridiculous. They screw your insurance up with claims thats not your fault. Will not pay you if items are damaged whether it’s your fault or not , they fight not to pay you tonu. They lie about distance and locations of shipper/receiver to save money on mileage . Beware truckers .I’ve learned from other drivers mistakes not to risk my company over their negligence. It’s up to you but I’m here to say I tried ! Be blessed truckers .
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1 year ago, tewayne thomas
Not really one day quick pay it’s a lie
Never pays on time if ur set up with quick pay prepare to play phone tag with the broker and account team if you don't you will never receive your money oh and they dont care if you get ur money late they charge 5 percent for 1 day quick pay and they never pay in one day its more like 3/4 days to get paid but they still will charge you 5% as if you were paid in a timely manner ohh and the account team will never call the broker for you that’s your responsibility what a joke
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1 year ago, Adrybanks
Brokers call you all day
Is frustrating how TQL brokers call you for tracking updates the all Day I don't really get loads with this company, they don't leave you alone doing your work, running the app for tracking, brokers still calling u, stay away not worth it, cheap freight
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4 years ago, Yusufbarbaroscelik
Tql never pays the layovers Last time I carried your load to Oregon from California but they unload me after 8 hour Your account executive thanked me and told me that you will pay for me my layover extra hours but never happened I don’t want to take your loads if I don’t have to:))
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4 years ago, jdsffasds
This app works fine I guess but a couple of things that will annoy any user. I give app access to my location always but I still get a notification telling me I haven’t moved and to update my location. What’s the purpose of giving access to my location if it wants me to manually give my location. Should be more self sufficient than it is. Also, would be nice to be able to see more load info.
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1 month ago, Tin hat driver
Why does app read info related to phone.
I forgot to plug phone in and when battery became too low TQL app told me I needed to charge my device so tracking would not be interrupted. If it’s getting data from my I phone about the battery what else is it monitoring? I thought it was only supposed to track location. At least that’s what I agreed to allow app to do.
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2 years ago, a1cargo
Not always working
Not all tql loads are posted here some loads are on dat that are tql loads but not posted here and tracking is headache if we don’t have the app open all the time it says location has not changed cant keep the phone on just this app and since this is TQL own load board your broker should post the temp and rate so we don’t waste your time and our time trying to find just the basic info on the load
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9 months ago, Powerponyetc
David journey trucking
I’m working again with TQL and starting up is a hassle I know on both ends I’ll get the loads there Tql continue serving our company with loads. I have a 5 star not a 4 star or 1 star. My affirmation is positive note Ty again the whole team TQ.
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2 years ago, SipresExpress
Sipres Express, expressing excellence!!
What an Awesome upgrade!! So much easier and explanatory there are no words to express how much easier this makes a Driver’s Day go!! It’s Great to be in direct contact and having the workload go so smoothly! Thx to the creators! You as well as TQL got it together!! Robert/Sipres Express…
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4 years ago, KUNTRYSWAG
No time to complain...
TQL, along with other active brokers in this industry is needed just as much as us small carriers! We "ALL" just need to get along and figure things out together. I've been in this industry for 20+ years and my perspective has served my business well. Good day,
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10 months ago, Fleetwire Trucker
First Time
I’ve never used this app before, But it was very helpful and easy to use, The broker that I dealt with on my particular load, Was just absolutely amazing, Thanks for providing me with one of the best!!
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4 years ago, LAR68
Most useful app for carriers
This app is by far the easiest to use in the industry. I do love the take me home feature; it’s great to quickly find a load to take me back home for the holidays, a birthday or just to see the family.
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1 year ago, Ryder Central
App really needs development
First, app takes so much data even couple minutes browsing drains your iPhone battery. Second, app even can’t preserve your search on freight finder page. You go update your current load and you need put all search criteria again. Waisted time. Third, app has minimum data on load. No required temperature, even wrong pickup or delivery points. You made possibility to track us just do not understand the reason keep us sending non stop notifications and asking us to update. I giving you just 2 stars, sorry. For a while your app is th worst compared to others.
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3 years ago, 9999666777
Company driver
Last time I used this app it didn’t update. Had to do it manually even with location turned on. It showed me at my pick up long before I got there and I still got calls to check on temp and eta . When I arrived at delivery I put in arrived but when I was empty and went to mark fine leaving it had already deleted my load. I pay for my own data not the company and I’m not going waste it on something like this.
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8 months ago, Jesusp26
Great app but can you guys add a refresh button
Great app I love using it and best of all I can get in contact with the brokers fast but I’d love to see a refreshing button on the corner like most apps
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2 years ago, T.E.N Transport
Missing an input section for drivers
Think we should be able to input comments after our check
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3 years ago, wtxsam
Owner operator
Great company to work with I worked with y’all in the past when I ran my own authority and y’all have always taken cared of me thank you God Bless great team y’all have
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4 months ago, vase h CD St h vs St
Respect bro
Benjamin this is the broken name. He need to respect all drivers because he don’t respect the drivers and he don’t know how to talk with the drivers or owner operator and somebody pick it up same location same location same drop location and he gave him $2500 and he gave me $2200 and he is rude and he don’t know how to talk with the drivers and make a deal so please he need to change
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3 years ago, hello dadyyyyy
We need to see the rate
I always like to see the rate on load, hope the policy changes and add the rate to give us the idea. Thank you.
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12 months ago, sunshine express logistics llc
Ummm me and my team driver think TQL should be the new HOFFA for owner operators and once the majority of owner operator’s are only with TQL then TQL can raise the rate per mile on all shippers and receivers but we definitely feel every one at TQL HAS BEEN AWESOME AND VERY RESPECTFUL AND JUST SUPER REAL AND UPFRONT SO WERE DEFINITELY PART OF THE TQL FAM CLUB
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3 years ago, Nialriver
I love the app. I hate having brokers call me constantly so being able to check call directly from my phone is awesome!!!
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5 years ago, RojoCin
Clean Interface
Clean, more intuitive than most. New load detail features make it much improved
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5 years ago, Waxonwax
I haven’t really used the app much, but the times I have it was very easy and simple. It would be nice if a rate was attached to the load posting. Overall my experience working with TQL has been a great one.
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5 years ago, sfd311
Easy and simple
Nothing hard about using this app. Really easy to keep up with loads and find some too.
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1 year ago, spud trucker
Using it
When it is working, it is easy enough to use.
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3 years ago, CalSpatks
By far my favorite Brokers👌🏾They always keep their word, and whatever problems that may occur during a load, they make sure it’s taken cate of.
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1 year ago, CaSunBabe
Working Great
This company is very professional and their app works great. The people who answer the phones are great to work with as well.
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4 years ago, MBMBestCarrierAround
Pretty intuitive! Love how easy the app is to use. Can adjust deadhead miles, shows weight of loads, can call directly to broker for additional details.
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6 months ago, balbirsandhu
Book on line easy to done book a load
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7 months ago, gwhjr1978
Gordon hale
I’m still waiting for s response to be able to sign in on load board
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4 years ago, broch1217
Broadway transport LLC
Qtl was easy to navigate through. Very friend. Accurate on info. Very pleasant to deal with . Thank you hope to work with y’all again soon .
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3 years ago, emuphabits
Great app
Easy to use and better than a broker calling you every hour.
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3 years ago, Heavey Duty
Wish they would not text me when I’m sleeping been up all day Thanks keep the good work up. Harvey
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4 years ago, $$$M3$$$
Easy to use would just like for them to add the pick up and delivery times other than that it’s great
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4 years ago, dowellel
Super easy
Able to find loads quickly
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4 years ago, fox6791
Buyer beware
I had been required to download and use this app a few months ago and all it did was hack my phone. I was assigned a load today and sent a link to download this app again. I will absolutely not use this again! When your house is robbed you don't call the burglar who broke in and invite them back in.
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3 years ago, Ansari84
Super easy
It’s easy to upload documents and get paid. Super fast
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4 years ago, TheBoomer 2
Once you get use to it it makes it easier all around
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1 year ago, ohberlin
Work for pennies
While the app may have received a decent rating, we can’t say as much for TQL, the load broker. They dispatched a number load to us that were still in the production process when our trucks arrived at the shipper. And don’t expect reimbursement for detention. I’d call that zero stars.
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2 years ago, Emblba
This app will definitely give relief from brokers call at all , must download .
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1 year ago, Boltman1960
Notifications run a muck
The app does non stop notifications. I am 1.4 miles from my delivery point which has an appointment for 8am tomorrow. So this stupid app dings me every 30 minutes to tell me I stopped moving . So now I have no choice but to put my phone on airplane mode. So annoying!
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2 years ago, bored to death 1965
I downloaded the app to get the rate confirmation
for a load. I couldn't grant the app the ability to use the background refresh function. I tried to login, but I received a safari is not connected to the internet notification!
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