4.3 (4.8K)
9.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sandhills Global, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TractorHouse

4.29 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
2 years ago, last time on
Bring back old app
This app is like coka cola changing their taste I hate new app. I would get on old app two or three times a day now can’t stand to get on once a month and get frustrated can’t find anything. Great way to decrease your look.
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2 years ago, George 79
Is there anyway to get back to the version prior to the new one on tractor house and machinery trader?????? I cannot understand for the life of me why you all are doing this. Why would you think that anybody wanted to look through every single dozer or tractor or sprayer or whatever?????? I assume this is just some backhanded way to drive traffic and get people to look through everything instead of being able to just almost instantaneously go to a brand and then model and look in peace . I noticed truck paper hasn’t been screwed up yet, just let me know and then I can just delete all three of them at once. Maybe I’m just too dumb to use these apps and maybe I need a online tutorial or something to learn how to better navigate the new version, but the better question gets back to why did we need to mess with it in the first place it was easy to navigate easy to go right to the thing you were looking for and go , not be forced to look at all kind of other things that you have no interest in whatsoever
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6 months ago, John Deere Man 730
I like this app as my second hand but I would suggest big iron over Tractor House because big Iron doesn’t charge buyers fees and Big Iron is just a more professional app. But my overall rating on Tractor House is a 5.0 because it is easy to find what you are looking for for example I recently bought a John Deere 730 narrow front and I would like to swap the narrow front for a wide front and I actually found a wide front for my 730D.
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2 years ago, farmboy@6'5"
Hate the update
Please bring back the old platform. The biggest problem is when filtering out looking at brands or models you hit the back arrow and it takes you back to the beginning and you have to start over. I thought after a few months I would get used to it but no way. It works different that every internet browser or app made you can’t get used to it I’ve tried for months! Again please fix or bring back old platform! It was simpler and faster! Saying of a farmer “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”
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2 years ago, TRamseyB
What happened??
From the best app and website to browse farm equipment to the worst, I’m deleting this app and will find another way to look for equipment. The old app allowed a simple easy way to look for specific models/items or at the same time allowed for easy browsing of specific types of equipment. Don’t know if it’s in the name of more exposure for specific advertising but it is nearly impossible to find any on the new version, needs the option to refine on the row spacing back. Must be great if you are 30in rows! Bring back time old program otherwise I will no longer use this app thanks.
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2 years ago, Redrider 4876
Crappy layout
Tractor House over the years has gone down hill. Old layout was very practical. New layout is more steps to navigate & not logistically easy. Averages of auction prices vs current asking prices was nice. Also why won’t you allow users to go back 3 plus years data on AuctionTime? Machinery Pete is passing you by with data and functionality. If you like going from top player to mediocre keep up the good work with your design engineers and layout. Consult farmers & dealers before making big switches. Best of luck in lowering the bar and being more like fastline.
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1 year ago, Inventor1965
UX needs some attention
The stuff you can access with the app is great. However, the app leaves much to be desired. It can’t remember your preferred settings from each use. You have to enter them each time, which wastes your time. When used on a tablet, it will not allow you to view it in landscape format. Even with rotation lock, it will rotate the view to portrait mode. Really annoying, as everything else I do with my tablet is in landscape format!
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2 years ago, A Farmer dude
Poor search setup
Very hard to look things up quick with the new update. It’s a waste of time to look things up anymore. It use to be user friendly but not no more. I’m looking for different sites to find equipment because this site is a joke.
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4 years ago, timcw1965
Designed terrible with flaws
Hard to navigate, isn’t easy to get to particular sales items. Just poorly designed with good potential. I should immediately be able to hunt for sale items or sold items and the system is simply Helier Skelton hodgepodge of operating design that leaves the buyer or seller going “What the Hell”. There are a lot of programmers out there available to work on fixing this. At least hire people who know what a tractor looks like or what stack mover is for before saying “your hired, design away”.
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4 months ago, AC92KandiKay
Need saved/recent searches.
Too often, I spend a few min creating a filtered equipment search, scroll through some of the results and then get distracted for 10 min or longer. When I do this, and return to the TH app, my search results are gone and I’m sent back to the home page where I have to build the search filters again. Thanks,
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4 months ago, RDS_SATX
Still haven’t changed it back?!?!
I haven’t been on the app in at least a year cuz I couldn’t stand the new lay out and now I’m in the market to buy and sell some equipment and it’s still the same ridiculously confusing layout! It’s so difficult to look for equipment it’s unreal. Absolute junk! It’s a shame cuz it was my go to for equipment. I bought a lot thru out the years off this app! I hope maybe y’all will read these reviews and do something about it!
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1 year ago, BBgofarm
Old platform
The old platform was hands down better for browsing equipment. This platform is substantially slower and more steps to refine a search. Ultimately I will not look strictly at tractor house exclusively anymore since it has some of the slow and non user friendly features. These are the things that kept me from using Fastline and other websites like this.
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1 year ago, Ahenmn
Hard to search/slow
The last version was twice as user friendly. This version is hard to sort and slow. When you select a model, it shows you the same piece of equipment over and over based on sub category. It’s like ground hog day. If you want to look at a different model, you need to go all the way back to the home page. Frustrating at best.
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4 years ago, Oregon Farmer
Ads take up half the page now and cause you to click on them when not trying to. Needs refined.
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2 years ago, csteve312
Fixed it when it wasn’t broke
Very unintuitive and messy to use compared to the old format. You took something that was flawless before and ruined👍🏻
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2 years ago, TractorMan47
Can’t stand to use new version
The old version was so much quicker and user friendly than this new version. Used to look on it all the time and now it’s just so much more complicated than it used to be. 👎🏻👎🏻 used to be the best and easiest place to find what I was shopping for now the most complicated. WHY did you all ruin such a good thing that you had going.
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2 years ago, AX712
Ruined A Good Thing
Used TractorHouse for a long time, it’s always been my go to in search for a new piece of equipment. I can’t say that anymore. The interface is clunky an spends an eternity buffering after selecting any option. It’s strange that an update would make an app considerably slower. TractorHouse dropped the ball on this one, sometimes people shouldn’t create work just for the sake of it.
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2 years ago, ac8070
New tractor house
Very disappointed with new version a lot more complicated and harder to find things and harder to just browse when you dont know exactly what you are looking for. Farmers use this app and want it simple and to the point. I barely look at TractorHouse anymore because of this. The old version I was on every day. I look at fast line now.
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1 year ago, moxiemeister
New search process is mostly a lose
While you can group multiple models of tractor into a search, the cumbersome and lengthy filtering and then search process is much less efficient than the older horsepower/manufacture/model method
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2 years ago, Obieacres
Don’t like new version
Much slower to find equipment. Old version was much easier to use. Why did you change it.
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2 years ago, ncimbd
You ruined this app
This will go down as one of the biggest screw ups in app history. You had the best tractor locating app on the market and had the market corned and now all I do is use other apps and web sites. The app is clumsy and slow. It is hard to navigate and there are to many steps in a process to locate a machine. Congratulations
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7 months ago, eddy maldoon
Works well
They are really doing a great job of keeping this app updated and working well
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2 years ago, ia j
Old version was better.
It was better and easier to use before you updated. The new version, I find harder to find things and takes more steps when trying to look up certain models.
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5 years ago, heiddshishebufufnso
Banner adds, watch list doesn’t load
Banner add is a pain covers limited space on phone screen we know you offer other services. The watch list doesn’t load tried reloading app no luck. Makes this app less useful if you can’t save items your interested in to it.
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4 years ago, Farmer Deere
Great app for farmers
I gave a five out of 5 because I think it’s a gray app for farmers to browse all sorts of equipment. My uncle in fact bought a 4440 of this app and it’s been running great since
Show more
7 months ago, Ulrichj7
Great app but one suggestion
Please make it so we can save our searches!
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2 years ago, jd@6400!
Tractor House review
I used to look at Tractor House daily as it was super easy to navigate. I have hated this new format since it was implemented. I only look now when I’m looking to purchase a specific piece of equipment. The new format is not user friendly for me a 42 year old, I can only imagine an older farmer trying to figure it out.
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2 years ago, vt james
New update is horrible
The new update is not a improvement by any means, I’m going to download fastline if that’s more user friendly I’ll be deleting TractorHouse. It’s a absolute shame as I look at this app close to ever or every other day. I haven’t seen a single person across social media that has said they like it.
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7 months ago, 9876bfc
Liked the old version better
It was much faster to find what you were looking at when the app opened and you choose tractors then the hp and it didn’t try to populate all the tractors in that hp before you filtered the brand
Show more
12 months ago, Apple rancher
Go back to the old version!
The new app is terrible! Whatever tech person thought this up should be relieved of their job. In the world of agriculture we know that is something is not broke you don’t fix it. This was not broke. Why did you try to fix it? Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Show more
3 years ago, mikeand217
Slow and hard to navigate
The app will basically stop after about 3 minutes. It has been this way for at least 18 months. If dealers and individuals would use other tools I wouldn’t have the tractor house app
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11 months ago, Farmer man 2020
New app update not good
The new version is very user unfriendly. Difficult to navigate, laid out poorly. It’s a lot harder to search what category your looking for. The old version was very efficient how it was laid out. I do not care to use the app anymore unless the older version is brought back
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2 years ago, anslop87
New setup
I’m sorry I’ve tried within the last year to like the new format. I just don’t. I still use TractorHouse but it’s not near as user friendly as it used to be.
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7 months ago, coled232
Bring back the old app
This new app is terrible. Not user friendly at all. I went from looking at it a few times a day to maybe once every few months. Going to delete and find a different platform to view equipment.
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1 year ago, Navigate11111
Hard to navigate
Hard to navigate compared to the last version.
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8 months ago, JJ's BOOMBOOMROOM
Up grade
The new up grade I have is not like the old way it’s harder to find equipment
Show more
6 months ago, Nebraska15 farmboy
Liked the old version better
Please consider going back to the original layout showing every model of a brand I hardly use this app now only because of the old way was more user friendly thanks
Show more
2 years ago, Kelly's kar
Liked the old app 100 times better.
Show more
1 year ago, Big iron 86
Bring back old layout
This new version was poorly done and thought out. Time consuming and frustrating to look up anything. The old version was user friendly and easy to navigate.
Show more
1 year ago, lewismoudy4440
Old app was better
This app was awesome till they updated it awhile ago. Now it’s slow and a lot harder to navigate. I’d much rather use the old format.
Show more
2 years ago, WillyBillyJohn
TractorHouse App
This new app, along with the new style of the website, is terrible. It is not user friendly, it has lost some of its search features, and simply quits working from time to time. It’s really not worth looking at TractorHouse because of this garbage. Machinery Pete is my go-to now.
Show more
2 years ago, Birnam23
Bad update
New version of the app is makes very clunky, very hard to skim through quickly to see what is available. People would like to be able to glance through quickly, not run a bunch of specific searches.
Show more
2 years ago, better navigation
Layout is hard to navigate
The old layout is much better. Much like the truck paper app still is.
Show more
2 years ago, mdglawe1976
Bad update
I loved this app prior to the recent update/redesign. I attempted to count the additional steps necessary to perform a basic search compared to the previous version and literally lost count. Please just PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS! Change for the sake of change is just unnecessary.
Show more
2 years ago, carlton lease
Terrible update
I used to be able to look up anything I wanted easily across MachineryTrader truck trader and tractor house. I don’t even want to look anything up anymore. It is just a huge pain now to sort through and add filters
Show more
1 year ago, Farmerpete89
Poor App
I really like TractorHouse and have used it for a long time. But since the App has been redesigned its a lot harder and time consuming to navigate especially when I’m trying to search for specific equipment.
Show more
4 years ago, bigcountry4000
Auto closes
This was a very good app before the last update. After I updated it I tried to open the app and it just shows the little logo for a few seconds and then closes again and will never actually open.
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2 years ago, Coleston 2.0
Had it perfect before
Used to be the best way to search equipment until they changed the format of the app. Now it is difficult to browse unless you know exactly the model you want.
Show more
2 years ago, ThisAPPSux101
Used to be my go-to app
I have LOVED this app for many, many years. Hands down it was the best. Simple to use, easy to search. With this latest re-do, it has become completely miserable and just about useless to me. Unfortunate.
Show more
2 years ago, optimist farmer55
New platform disapoints
The previous version of the app was far and away easier to navigate to find equipment. Extremely disappointed would love to use the old app again,
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