1.7 (28)
16.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Trader Interactive, LLC
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trade-A-Plane

1.71 out of 5
28 Ratings
7 years ago, Brocktricep
Glitchy. Oh so glitchy
For those of you who don't know, trade a plane is probably the largest aviation specific classified publication in existence. They tend to have premium quality listings albeit at premium prices. That's fair enough. They had an app that was not as flashy looking a few years ago but it worked. Rock solid worked. The new app is laggy and bug ridden. If you happen to get impatient and mistakenly double tap a tile because it's taking several seconds to respond... it locks up. The app doesn't hesitate to blame the user. It regularly claims that network connection speeds are to blame (I stream video on all my devices No Problem) but this little app needs more than 50mbps? Not likely. I would have given one star but they do help people sell some of the best aircraft available. Use the website. Far less nonsense.
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5 years ago, Vermen1
Nothing but a webview of the website
This app is literally just a webview to access thw website. It actually provides LESS features than using Safari because it doesn't store your password for you. Apps that provide no additional functionality than a website are actually against the Apple AppStore developer guides and this app should be removed.
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3 years ago, DJ NV
Save password
Really wish this app would allow the log-in and passwords to be saved via my iPhone. Annoying to have to log in every time. Otherwise, love the app.
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5 months ago, Nebular64
The app no longer works
The app has been declining over the past few months and is now completely useless. It constantly gives error 503 Services Unavailable and no longer loads. Unfortunately, the website is just as bad…
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3 years ago, itodd3
This app has been getting worse every update. After deleting and reinstalling several times, it now no longer functions at all, but gives me a “not connected to the internet” message.
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1 year ago, en-dmiller
Fix your App!
The App has had the same bugs for over a year. It won’t save login credentials. It also gives an error after too many searches, forcing you to change your IP address.
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5 years ago, jdavidtx
Garbage, stick the website.
Slow, freezes, hangs, pictures don’t load. This use to be a good app but with the latest update total garbage. ZERO stars if possible. Stick to the actual website if you don’t want to be totally frustrated.
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6 years ago, britishtq
Have to sign in every time
The auto log in feature does not work. Please fix this! I have to enter my login info every time I enter the app, even if I never closed it.
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6 years ago, malcolmkitti
Sign in
The app signs you out every five minutes and the auto sign in function does not work. It is very irritating to use.
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5 years ago, GulfstrmTravelwrld
What happened?
Wow went from ok, slow & clunky to nothing loads faster than the speed of molasses. I can’t even surf using iPad
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6 years ago, WaltSzab
Shame on you!
Get different developers, this is not that hard
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3 years ago, Scuba ninja
Can’t log in, can’t retrieve password. Could be the worst update ever.
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3 years ago, Bob3747486
Please remove the sticky banner!
I want to use this app, but the sticky banner makes scrolling absolutely nauseating.
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5 years ago, EiTurner
Trade a plane is a great way to buy an aircraft. However, stick to the online site, app is not good.
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6 years ago, Miketnr
Nice pic of clouds.
Would really like to use the app. Just a pic of the clouds on iPhone and iPad
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10 years ago, G. Quagmire
Can't search by ad number-locks up
I get trade a plane print edition delivered. When I'm looking through the magazine and I see an aircraft, it usually has an ad number attached to it. When I use the button at the top right of the app's home screen to search for a specific ad number, it will bring up the appropriate ad, but then the app freezes. I can't scroll up and down, I can't tap on anything, even the back button at the top left of the screen is inop. Needs to be fixed, as I really don't want to have to navigate through numerous aircraft/make/model filters within the app just to try to find the corresponding online ad from the print version.
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8 years ago, Big fan 11829
Please rethink the new release
The new version is unusable. If the app isn't crashing then the latency and clunky search design give the development team a really bad name. I've found numerous bugs, and to their credit the support team has responded to my comments. And while I have noticed fixes to major bugs (like the app not knowing the difference between scrolling touch and selecting a listing), overall the app is such a step back from the prior version I've deleted it. I'll just use the website going forward. Not a very progressive user experience Trade-a-Plane mobile/apps development team. I like new things as much as the next person; however, the latest redesign should be thrown out. One star because no stars is not an option.
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11 years ago, IMRAN.TV
Flimsy Bug Ridden Crash Prone Disappointment
I have been a subscriber of this magazine for a long time. I downloaded the app a while back but was not immediately in the market for an aircraft. Now that I am, I was sorely disappointed in the poor quality of the app. It crashes inelegantly for no reason at all. It very poorly handles wrong login information & freezes.
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7 years ago, Haacker
Keeps getting worse
The new version is much more cumbersome to navigate the site and to quickly peruse planes for sale. Also, viewing the photos is a much slower process than before. I don't like it at all. Update: Now it crashes 9 out of 10 times and when it does work, it's slow and awkward. Also, some categories (experimental) of aircraft are lumped all together making searching through them time consuming. Update Mar. 2017: It keeps getting worse with each update. The pictures are very slow to load if they load at all. The app is almost unusable. You'd think that they'd want to fix it. Guess not.
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12 years ago, Daviation
Dave s
Trade a plane needs to get with the times!!! This app doesn't represent a company who used to be the place you went if you were looking for aircraft related items. This app seems to be put together in a sad attempt to show whomever recommended to trade a plane that they may sell aircraft on the Internet that it just couldn't be done. I am a pilot and an ia mechanic and haven't had a customer or friend point me in the direction to this company in at least 5 years. I got this app last night and now I remember why.
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6 years ago, RonMexico77
New update makes scrolling harder
New update removes the Engine time from the ad if you're scrolling. You have to click into the actual ad to find this info out. They replaced this feature with 'get financing' and 'sale status: for sale'. Both are useless info whereas engine time is actually info about the plane for sale. App definitely designed by someone who doesn't actually want to buy an airplane.
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8 years ago, UnhappyinDE
Please return the prior version
I'm sure you developed an app that please the tech folks however the users of the aviation community truly prefer the prior version. We don't need nice cloud scenes just the basic search tools to navigate quickly... I'm sure you're beyond the point of no return and we will have to live with a premature release of this app. Looks like Controller will get more of our attention as they changed their site to resemble your prior one.
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12 years ago, Newbe77
Good, but could be better.
Needs a way to save aircraft you like for viewing at at later time. It is a pain to have to look through all the planes again to find the one you want to view. Other than that it is a nice app.
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8 years ago, AcecujO
Works great for me
I don't know if it's been updated and I've only used the new version, but the app works just like I anticipated, made for IOS version of the website. No complaints here, works great!
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7 years ago, Flaptime
Needs improvement
On iPhone and iPad the error messages and connection failure problem happens too often. Scrolling through listings it opens with too light a touch. It's very frustrating A tap to favorite function would be a nice add.
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13 years ago, Big Z74
The Best!!!
This is awesome! The information is great. Easy to read and pretty detailed. A great way to display your aircraft or purchase one. I'm on this app constantly! Can's say enough about it. Great app guys!
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11 years ago, Piper Person
I have been a subscriber to this magazine for years and find the laptop version great but the IPhone app is not ready for prime time, or any use at all. Everytime, bar none, I tap my app button and the app immediately closes. If it don't work, and it doesn't, fix it. It is not the phone either, I have tried it on friend's phones with same results.
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8 years ago, Scruffy 23
Seems to work pretty good for me.
The app works pretty well for me, except sometimes all the pictures won't load. Overall 4 stars unless something changes.
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8 years ago, Flightguard
Latest update/redesign is horrible
Can't scroll through ads without opening the one your thumb is over. The older design worked just fine, why the need to change what was working just fine? Also, you cannot scroll through the photos as easily as the previous design.
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8 years ago, Airdezaster
You ruined a perfectly good app
Why would you change something that is not broken and make it considerably worse!? The old version looked better, functioned better, had a superior user experience, and now we're left with this pile of garbage. Save your time and do not download this application. I'm sorely disappointed in Trade-A-Plane.
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6 years ago, Aeroviking
UPDATED: Advanced search restored
My biggest gripe was when the search functionality went away. Now that it’s back, my rating is back to 4 stars.
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8 years ago, Emroseman
Like the new app
I like the style and improvements in the new app. Glad that what I do on the app carries over to the website.
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8 years ago, JesNicoleM
This update is TERRIBLE. I'd give it one star if I could. Viewing photos is very laggy. Also, all of my favorites have disappeared. And now I have to create an account to sac listings. The person that designed this new update needs to be fired. This is why people are using controller. Listen to what people are saying!!!! Go back to the old version!!!
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6 years ago, LAO Club
Advanced Search Broken
When I try to do an advanced search, it just says “error loading page”. Crashes often. Much prefer website.
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11 years ago, TheBrewster
T-A-P 2.0.1 app working well now.
I get listings, photos, and links, just like the online browsing. Photos can expand full-screen. Nice app!
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8 years ago, 6JA
New update. Old garbage.
This app is still rubbish. Delay when you click a category, more difficult to navigate than ever, pictures take forever to load. TAP tried to reinvent the wheel, invented a toilet instead. Download Controller's app instead and don't waste a second with this one.
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8 years ago, ,.?
Touch too sensitive
Good app, but you can't swipe up or down without it selecting something. Very frustrating and makes it difficult to navigate the app.
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13 years ago, gaget wiz
Great app, but when you search a category there should be a "view all" button. Other than that it's great!!
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6 years ago, PlaneBuyer2
Price range?
Strangely, doesn’t make it easy (maybe it’s hidden somewhere?) to select a price range on the mobile version. Finally found it, again strangely, the filter is up in the logo and not the same bright color as other filters.
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7 years ago, Miamitraveler
Crashes and gets stuck
Glitchy, when trying to scroll, it clicks on whatever is in the screen, making it extremely hard to navigate.
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13 years ago, FlyMiami
Great app
App works great and I'm sure it can only get better. The videos on TAPtv are a great add-on to the apps already great features. Blue sky's and happy landings
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13 years ago, samuel745
Great App
I like it better than the online version.
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8 years ago, Brad6920
Difficult to use
Difficult to scroll through app without selecting something you don't want. It is also very slow when swiping through pictures. Terrible!
Show more
8 years ago, six300
This Version Is Awful!!
If the newest version doesn't crash, it will run so slowly that it will make you think your device has frozen. Bogged my entire phone down until I had to restart.
Show more
8 years ago, Mil nick
This version is as bad as the previous reviews state. I have experienced all of the problems that the reviewers have also spoken about. Better do something fast or you are going to start losing both buyers and sellers!
Show more
8 years ago, AWTharp
What happened?
What did you idiots do to the app? This version is WORTHLESS! I'll be finding my plane on Controller's app now instead. Either fix it to the way it used to be or lose all your customers. Dumb.
Show more
9 years ago, Datadriver
Needs iPad version
Love the iPhone version
Show more
8 years ago, Phishintrip007
Terrible app
This app is awful at best. Slow clunky lots of tapping to reload, freeze kill app, start over. Pretty much unusable. Not sure why someone would release such a terrible product.
Show more
8 years ago, KASW
Won't download on my iPad
Works great on my iPhone but won't download on my iPad.
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8 years ago, Tim333333add
Great app!!
A simple straight forward app that has great listings!! Thanks!
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