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User Reviews for Transcribe - Speech to Text

4.46 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
4 months ago, Mbmalik98
Sentences and end of sentences
I transcribing I was hoping to finish my sentences myself by for example saying “period” or pressing a special key I am saying this because if for any reasons like thinking about what to say the system types a full stop. That fragments what you are transcribing in chunks of separate sentences that make no sense.
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7 months ago, HBS'79F
Wish I had found this sooner!
I had already manually transcribed two hours of a three-hour interview, which took me for-ev-er! I was in a time crunch so searched for a transcription service instead - and found this app. WOW! The remaining hour took under five minutes to transcribe and it is soooo accurate! I have to fix names, which I would expect, but it is so much better than doing it yourself! Also, I had an issue with the time package I bought so reached out on a Sunday when Customer Service was not open, to leave an email asking for assistance. I had a response in just a few minutes anyway, with a proposed solution and an offer to have it handled Monday morning. Monday morning came around and it was taken care of first thing. Great product and great Customer Service!
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4 years ago, Joeperezp
VERY Disappointed
I was extremely exited to use this app. I loved the fact that you could upload files from multiple sources easily and transcribe it seamlessly. I also liked that I could just purchase time credits on demand without a monthly fee. So I got the app and uploaded my first Voice memo file. I purchased $4.99 credit for 1 hour worth of audio transcribing and went ahead and started the transcription. Everything was sooo easy and intuitive I was over the moon just thinking of the possibilities. It told told me that it would notify me when transcription was completed and sure enough in just a few mins it it was completed. HOWEVER when I go in to see the transcription it was a complete and utter FAILURE! I was expecting few words here and there to be off, naturally. But I mean if this got 10% is a lot. Amazing potential, great UI/UC but horrible transcription. I would truly appreciate it if you would refund me the $4.99 please.
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4 years ago, LAwoman310
Not for long qualitative interviews
I used this because I needed to transcribe a qualitative research interview quickly after having problems with Zoom’s transcription. I downloaded the app, tested it with my phone’s voice memo, and did a quick transcription. It was nearly flawless. Based on that, I figured it’d be worth a shot to see if it could do a longer 30 minute interview that I had. I recorded that to the voice memo, checking on the quality and sound. My interviewee was younger, and spoke quickly with some colloquialisms, so I knew I’d have to fix that. I didn’t realize I’d not only have to fix those small things, but that the app didn’t transcribe large portions of the interview...missing full sentences of not only my interviewee but myself as well! I agree with another reviewer that this is best for short transcriptions, but not for longer interviews.
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6 years ago, GuitarUniverse
Woks Great!
I am disabled and I’ve been looking for this exact technology for at least two years because I can’t type anymore. A lot of these transcriptions don’t work, but this one does. I’ve probably done 60 hours of transcribing audio memos checks and with with very few exceptions it was Word for Word perfect. And when you didn’t get the word right it was because I was mumbling, or what have you. Plus, I asked them if they could donate some time to me because I have no income, and they were kind enough to gift me some free hours, more than a little bit. Support these guys! Besides, the first 15 minutes free, so you have absolutely nothing to loose.
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5 years ago, Stephanie_in_VA
Okay, but no Dragon
I tried this app on a recommendation from a fellow writer. For the test recording I used a Voice Memo recording done in my car. It missed/skipped entire sections randomly. Thinking it could be the quality of the recording, I paid for one hour and transcribed a dictated piece for my current manuscript. It was recorded using a high-end SpeechWare mic and Voice Record Pro app. Accuracy improved, yes, but my spoken punctuation was not recognized. Only “period” was used accurately. Open quotes, close quotes, and new line were all ignored, adding a lot of editing time to the transcription. Also, dead air resulted in a period, while I was searching for the right word to use. Perhaps this program allows for no spoken punctuation except “period”. I don’t know. I could easily re-train myself on how I dictate, but I couldn’t find any suggestions for use on formatting in the app. For now, I’ll have to stick to the cumbersome Dragon dance (record on one device, upload to Google Drive, download to a PC, run Dragon transcribe (Pro feature), upload transcription to Google Drive again, download to my Mac. All because Dragon has a reduced accuracy on a Mac. Wish this app had worked better for my needs. Would have saved time immensely!
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5 years ago, alpeters
Just what I was hoping for!
This converted my rambling voice memos directly into text for use in a word document. My audio quality was low: I recorded with my iPhone in my lap while driving on the highway so there's lots of background noise. Still, the imperfections in text are all from me stammering. Actually, the app cut out lots of ums and repeated words improving what I said. It still requires editing and correcting - mostly formatting - but really couldnt be improved much at all. This is mature technology. Also, the software interface is top notch, like google or even better. Costs money, about $3/hr for 10 hrs, and its SO worth it. Thanks for devoloping this.
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8 months ago, wq_s78
More accurate than Dragon Anywhere
I like this app. It has a clean interface and it’s really easy to use. I don’t have to be on the app while it’s transcribing, and I can upload already recorded audio bits that I did in the car. It’s super easy, especially on the go and it’s very accurate. I tested it against dragon anywhere, which I’ve been using for a while, and it’s better than that in terms of accuracy. The only thing that I noticed it doesn’t do like dragon does is quotations. other than that though, it’s really great and it serves my purpose well.
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6 years ago, Deb Driscoll
I love this app!!!
I’m a freelance writer who uses the Voice Memo app when conducting interviews. It would take me HOURS to transcribe what was recorded. And that wasted my time when i could have been writing the article. Transcribe has now freed up that time. All you do is download the app from the App Store. Upload your voice file to Transcribe and it’s completed quickly and quite accurately. It cost $4.99 per hour and they charge for exactly the time listed on your file. If it’s only 24 minutes... they hold 36 minutes for you to use towards your next transcription. Love, love , love it!!!
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2 years ago, noah yyy
Stops Recording Suddenly
I enjoyed this app at first. It worked seamlessly. Transcribing wasn’t always accurate but it was accurate enough. Now, the app stops recording my live recordings at random points in time. I cannot find what’s causing this issue if there is an issue on my end. I’ve resorted to cleaning storage, uninstalling, reinstalling, etc. It will NEVER record consistently anymore. It will end randomly at 44 seconds, 2 mins, or 1 minute in the middle of my speaking. On average, I use about 6-8 minutes of Transcription time. Others use theirs for 30 minutes or more and have no issues. I do not currently recommend using this until the issue is resolved. I encounter these issues on iPhone 8+ and iPad Air Pro.
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3 years ago, Real mandorla
Great if it actually works
Not sure what to do as I’d like for this to work. Tried it twice and liked, so I bought some more time... the third thing I recorded as been spinning “transcribing” for days. I thought I might delete the app and reinstall, but what do I delete? Will i lose my words and the money? The point is that I can record and put into print what I say, but anything I record might just spin around and I have nothing. Why would I use this again only to lose time, money, and words. I don’t trust the app. It’s a couple bucks to throw down the drain, I can earn another dollar. To lose a thought or idea is different though, as you can never quite restring your thoughts and ideas into words quite the same that second time.
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6 years ago, GalacticCass
If I could give more stars, I would
I had recorded a once in a lifetime interview on my iPhone’s voice memos and needed to transcribe it. It took me an hour to, by hand, type out the first SIX MINUTES of a forty minute interview. I tried using my iphones note feature by turning on my microphone, google translate, all sorts of things and nothing was working. It only works in fifteen minute intervals but only takes like ten minutes (maybe less if you’re in a place with better WiFi). Complete game changer and it’s completely free. LOVE IT.
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2 years ago, Sethmonus
Stops when screensaver starts - lost info
I’ve used this app quite a bit and have been very happy with it. What I did notice today though is that I CANNOT rely upon the app to record the original conversation. Previously I had recorded my conversations using my native iPhone voice memo app and then forwarded to this app for transcription. The problem that the app has when recording is that it is disrupted by screensaver or some other alert on my iPad so today I lost more than 50% of the conversation. I will need to go back to the two-step process of recording on and the native voice memo app and forwarding to the transcription app.
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7 months ago, Debbie TX
Incredible customer service!
I am a heavy user of this app and love it. I recently lost all of my transcription (almost 2 years worth!) except for the 4 most recent ones, and panicked! I immediately contacted the support center and Razinkov responded quickly. I was referred to Mikhail and he spotted the problem, resolved it quickly, and all of my data was restored immediately!! He was a life saver! Great job team! Keep up the great work. Much appreciated!
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8 months ago, Jeremagi
Great, with one major flaw
I found the dictation to be pretty solid for normal dictations. It’s way better than Siri. However, they charge you for silence. Silence is something that can be easily stripped, and should come for free. UPDATE: developer contacted me, said this didn’t exist because they were working on new speech API. Developer said pro version provided unlimited dictation, but the documentation says you only get five additional hours per month. Also, their documentation says they use OpenAI, so not a proprietary engine. Open AI charges $0.006/min or $.60 an hour. Versus $3/hr here.
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3 years ago, cantheatu86
Purchase does not include text export!
I have never written a review for the App Store for any app that I have ever owned or purchased in the 10 years that I’ve been an Apple user. This app has forced my hand. I purchased transcription credits. I received transcriptions that were alright, I guess. But I also expected to be able to properly view and edit the text results of the transcription as part of the purchase that I made. Instead, you cannot export the text. You cannot easily copy and paste the text. You cannot do anything with the text except for view and do minor changes to it on your iPhone in the app. Oh, I’m sorry - you can! If you purchase a monthly subscription for no less than 3x the cost of the transcript. I am an early adopter of technology, but I will never be as good at text editing on a phone without tactile response as I will be with a physical keyboard. I expect text, simple characters, with a purchase like transcription. End of story. This is unacceptable.
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5 years ago, amrad97
Sound Off
I love the app actually. I’ve been using it for the past few days, but for some reason today, it’s not producing any sound. Like it’s transcribing the voices and everything, but when i play the video to make sure of the text, there’s no sound that comes off. I checked the sound on my iphone and it’s working fine so the problem is from the app. Any solutions for this? Update: It worked. Thank you! Back to 5 stars 😊
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5 years ago, Mulitpage manager
I’m a public affairs officer and am a one-person shop. This has been a huge time saver! I couldn’t be happier with this app. It isn’t perfect, but then again people don’t speak clearly all the time anyway. The convenience for me is being able to quickly scan for the quotes I want, then replay that particular section to clarify any confusing parts. This has saved me hours, upon hours of transcribing! Thank you!
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3 years ago, Tetris Purist
Huge time saver
I just used this app to transcribe a 24 minute interview (on Apple Voice Memos) with my dad, about our family history. Using this app vs. transcribing it myself has literally saved me hours. The transcription was good enough that all I will need to do is clean up a few minor “misreads”, and I can present a written version of this interview to my dad as a gift for Christmas. Thanks for a great app!
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6 years ago, MissMelD
Wow! I’m blown away at how well this works
I tried a couple other apps that resulted in a garbled mess. With machine transcription. I was just about to concede that I’d be hiring someone on Fiverr to transcribe recordings and/or pay $1/min elsewhere until I found this. $5 per hour is WELL worth this app and the transcriptions I am getting out of my recordings. Thanks so much for you developers for doing this right 👍🏻☺️
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2 years ago, Sebaha
Great App, some bugs though
I successfully transcribed my voice memos without any problem whatsoever. The problem came when I tried to transcribe a video. It said it completed the transcription, but then showed an error saying it couldn’t transcribe it. The page is empty, yet it still took the 1.5 hours off my time that I paid for. This needs to be fixed, if I try to transcribe it again will I just lose 3 hours in total for no transcription?
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2 months ago, BustedKate
Most accurate and easy to read
I’ve tried a few transcription services, and this one has been the best. Other services break up every line or so - this app will show entire paragraphs of speech. Easy to label different speakers. I wish there was a monthly fee option in addition to just buying minutes.
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4 years ago, deeveef
Teacher’s dream
I love recording to-do lists, etc. As a teacher, I needed an app that could write what I said and was easy to share. I’d speak out the class assignments quickly and effectively. I don’t have time to type it all out on my phone and avoiding carpal tunnel is heavenly. Small tweaks are necessary occasionally in the texts but it does also depend on your diction! Makes my life 1000x less painful.
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6 years ago, V1221M
App Review
This is ok for really short transcriptions but nothing more than that. Although the payments are cheaper than other transcription services, it takes SO long to clean the transcripts up. I gave it a try for a qualitative study where I conducted interviews. I wish that I did not spend the extra money because the product was very difficult to follow and I could have written the transcriptions myself. If you have a shorter and more straightforward recording (maybe not an interview) this might be a great service and the transcription time is pretty quick.
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4 years ago, RegP
Paid $4.99 and half of the transcription was not there
I needed to transcribe audio recorded on my cell phone. I recorded a telephone interview from my notebook telephony call onto my cell. I paid $4.99 to have the 22 minute business interview transcribed. My voice was transcribed, but the interviewee was 20% transcribed! Fortunately, I took notes during the interview! Save the money. Take notes. Use google docs or text messages and speak your notes (after the call). Docs or messages will transcribe your notes for free. That’s what I had to do, after paying for a service that’s not fully ready for the marketplace.
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2 years ago, Gene Dinger
Easy & Convenient
This is a perfect app to convert recordings into words on paper. This app is worth the money and then some; what saves time saves hard ache and frustration of having to hit the pause pause button several times before you get the words down on paper… Love this app😁 Great job to whoever invented this... Thank you, Gene Dinger Int’l Speaker
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6 years ago, Benefit From My Experience
Better than most
This app does a pretty good job of capturing interviews even where one party is on the phone and the other is in person. You can use your phone to operate it and you don’t have to buy a special recorder. I’m sure that were both speakers are present, it captures words even better. Awesome app! Save yourself a headache from the other methods and use this.
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2 years ago, Mollyhouston
Can upload from phone
Overall I’m happy with the app in terms the the talk to text function. However, I’m not sure I will be using it any longer because for months I haven’t been able to upload videos to the app on my iPhone. When I first got the app that function worked great but something changed. Now I have to upload to my computer then upload to the app.
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3 years ago, mbx777
Does exactly what it says
I’ve been using Transcribe for about a month now to transcribe audio messages in the range from one to three minutes long. So far it has performed great. Texts are complete and almost flawless, requiring only minor corrections, mostly punctuation, here and there. I’m truly impressed and can only recommend this app.
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7 months ago, Endlessly impatient
The transcriptions themselves take up a lot of space, and there’s no bulk edit function that would make deleting transcriptions in bulk convenient. Moreover, once deleted, they continue to take up space in Trash, where again there’s no bulk edit function AND deleting individual transcriptions is buggy (swiping a transcription doesn’t always access the Delete option).
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4 years ago, TNTJD
Automatically shut off during long dictation
I did the free 15 minute test. I planned to use this software to dictate initial drafts of lengthy documents. 8-9 minutes into the free dictation process, the iPhone or application shut down without signaling me. I continued dictating for several more minutes before realizing the application was no longer working. No instructions were give to prevent this from happening. I don’t know if this is an application or iPhone issue, but it rendered the application worthless to me.
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5 years ago, pilihdez
Import from voice memo doesn’t work
I do love the transcriptions (in Spanish), but I recently recorded a lot of interviews using my phone’s voice memo app because I saw that it was possible to send to this app, but the app only allowed 2 voice memos to be sent and then just refused to successfully send more. I sent them from the voice memos as instructed, but when I come to this app, they’re not there. I give the transcriptions a 5, but I’m disappointed that sending memos to the app isn’t working as promised.
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9 months ago, Ohio cms
I love it
I try to walk more and this a great piece of software for first drafts of documents. I find I think better when I’m walking. Sometimes I use this to translate other times I prefer the voice memo function. Either ways it’s a nice alternative to sitting.
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5 years ago, Droelgg
Poor quality
I had a 30 minute recording to transcribe, this app seemed to have some good reviews so I decided to give it a try. You get 15 minutes for free and then it’s $4.99 per hour. I bought an hour, since my recording was 30 minutes. The transcript is missing a few minutes of the recording and many of the words are wrong. If you have a very clear, and simple recording this might be a good app for you, but for transcribing a meeting this app is worthless. I wish I could get my $4.99 back.
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1 year ago, JessRddd
Unique and professional
This app is unique and professional because it vey accurate in the translation Spanish and English. I have tried many apps and this is the only one that does the job accurately so far. I am impress. Thank you developers!
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4 years ago, AnonymsFan
Do not waste time or dime on this
This is a complete failure. Downloaded, attempted to transcribe a 5 sec. voicememo for first test of the app, complete failure. Not going to bother to troubleshoot or report. If you cannot release an app that you have at least PROPERLY user tested to meet some very basic essential milestones, do not release to general user population. If your developers have no ACTUAL experience in actual UX, you also have no business releasing an app especially if you are requesting users pay $ to you now or in the future.
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5 years ago, Jmfdmf
Woah. This actually works!
This is a great app, so incredibly useful! I had to transcribe six interviews for qualitative and if anyone has ever transcribed that amount of audio knows that it’s extremely time-consuming! With the app, it was done with an 11 min clip in maybe 30 seconds. I couldn’t believe it. Love it!
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1 year ago, TheDhakaHitman
The best in domain (but not flawless)
I was really surprised by the quality of transcription made by this app. I used dozens of app, and this is by far the best. Hope the developers will work if on the algorithm more to get rid as much as possible if the existing flaws.
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2 years ago, ggffrroo
Terrible and worthless- Glad I only used the 15 minute trial
The transcript of the meeting I just held is an unintelligible and unusable hot mess. I would have been so angry if I had paid 4.99 expecting something reasonably accurate and instead received an hour’s worth of gibberish. When I compare this to the zoom transcript, it is like two different realities came to exist in the same time and place. I really would feel bad for anyone who relied on this app for accessibility.
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5 years ago, kayli-kylee
Less than half was actually right
First of all I didn’t realize that I would only get 15 free minutes of what I needed transcribed. Secondly what was transcribed wasn’t even correct. In one section that was 49 seconds long, all this app got was “Awesome coffee, Yosef hamburgers”. Like what? I would recommend that people use Trint. You also have to pay for it but most of the words were transcribed correctly and there are more tools for you to use to edit
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3 months ago, Austin Wren
Very worthwhile
This app is so worth the reasonable monthly fee. I’m without a secretary, I lead a meditation group and provide handouts for the group. Without Transcribe, sharing quotes and excerpts from sources would take much longer. I appreciate this beneficial convenience.
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10 months ago, Zillow rater
Works well
I think this transcriber works pretty well. It seems to accurately capture the words, and there are only a few that are unintelligible, as compared to other transcribers, which are virtually useless.
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3 years ago, Lucky punkin'
Can you export during free part?
Trying to figure out how to edit on my pc or Mac??? I want to buy this, but I need to know how to work it. Am I doing something wrong, or is uploading to google docs not allowed during trial?
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6 years ago, Peky428
Time saver!
Had too much work and it saved me a lot of time! Some parts were not complete cuz you have to pay, but honestly I just wrote those part myself, but still it was barely nothing. Went from 1hour of writing to 10 mins max! Love it 🥰 Pd. I did it in Español!
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6 years ago, Bai D
The transcription is very good, very precise. In English punctuation works very well, I couldn’t find how to make punctuation in other languages. I would highly recommend to add voice recorder to the app. This would make the transcription of voice memo much easier.
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6 years ago, Ninjakittenface
Paid version doesn’t work.
It muddled through my first few voice recordings in the free time allowed at the beginning. I had to edit quite a bit, but it wasn’t high quality audio so I wasn’t too upset. I paid the $4.99 for another hour of time. The first time I used the paid service I only got four words transcribed out of 17 minutes. FOUR FREAKING WORDS OF A 17 MINUTE INTERVIEW! It’s been two days of emailing support and never once receiving a return email. I’m highly disappointed.
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3 years ago, scamduser
Rip off
Needed to transcribe a 1hr 7min video. Says I get 15 minutes free and then asks me to pay for another hour. Alright, money handed over. Oh, but I need to buy another hour to get that 7 minutes. It won’t even do the one hour and let me manually do the last part. So you get 45 minutes of transcription, not one hour for the price. False pricing scheme and shady practice. Then I could only copy or export the first 15 minutes! I spent $10 for a 15 minute demo. This app is a total scam!
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2 years ago, Qbmantra
Very disappointed
The free version transcribed very well except a a few words here and there even at 1.5x speed. So I bought 1 hr for $4.99. The transcription even at normal speed is absolute trash. So many mistakes, meaningless words, missing phrases, incomplete sentences. I have tried it multiple times. I feel my money was wasted. In a way I am glad I didn’t spend more. The free version is the lure to buy more. Very disappointed with my purchase.
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3 years ago, condymmmmmmmm
Utter fail
I work for a large law firm and have to transcribe meetings and this was awful. I was so excited to use it because I thought it was going to make my job easier and instead it gave me anxiety because not only did it not help but i wasn’t able to do the notes for the meeting. I’m politely asking for a refund because this really was just not what I expected a hour recording and it only transcribed 6 sentences smh
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5 years ago, @MartinezEfra
I really want to love it but...
Uploaded 4 interviews and the transcripts are BEAUTIFUL! I really want to give them 5 stars but I’m unable to upload anymore interviews, even though I have a PRO account and I also paid (accidentally) for 20 hours. I emailed multiple times and I only got one response. PLEASE, could you please support? It would make a world of a difference.
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