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12 months ago
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11 or later
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User Reviews for Transparency -

2.36 out of 5
306 Ratings
6 months ago, Tender Dreamer
Not much of a purpose
I had to laugh at Dairmud’s comment 3 years before my review in which he buys lots of board games and is terrified of counterfeits. My family has boatloads of board games and has a dedicated room in our home for them. I have never once been worried about counterfeit games, unless you’re buying them from the dark web. Maybe this app works well for folks buying purses, shoes and designer clothes. I think you’re board game purchases are perfectly safe, Dairmud.
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4 years ago, NYCNicolas
Does what it’s supposed to
I now know my iPhone case was made in China just like it says on the box. Nothing wrong with the app. I was curious enough to download it. I think they’ve updated it since the prior review- it works with big screen iPhones perfectly now and if you don’t want to share your location just say don’t allow. But while the reviewer was spot on in highlighting the pointlessness of this app they failed to note the true purpose this app, which appears simply to emphasize the pointlessness of existence itself.
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2 years ago, Mdjuelfs
I’m with the other guy.
Someone said what is the point. I agree. It just shows you a picture and description of the item. If you’re looking for additional info it’s not there. I figured it would have a hyper link to the manufacturer website or something so you can register the item. Might be okay if you believe you’re item is counterfeit but since it gives so little info I would be hard pressed to tell if it was close.
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1 year ago, Anonymous872
Completely worthless
I downloaded the app and scanned the barcode. The barcode was on a standard printable label you can buy from virtually any office supply store. All the app did is show me the product I ordered. As far as I can tell, nothing would stop someone from ordering one legitimate product, making a high-quality scan of the label/barcode, printing 100 copies, and putting them on fake/counterfeit merchandise. Supply chain fraud/integrity is a huge problem globally, but this app doesn’t appear to do anything about it. Save your time and your phone’s storage space.
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9 months ago, scooterD3
Works, but not sure the purpose?
App certainly does what it’s supposed to do, but I’m not quite sure the purpose of the app. It seems like it’s something to reduce or try and prevent fraud, but I’m not really sure how that would help or work. So nothing against the app, but can only give 3 stars simply because it seems like a completely pointless app. Maybe devs could add some extra info beyond “verifying authenticity”. What does that even mean exactly?
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5 years ago, yfdfghj
Doesn’t support iPhone X/11/Pro
The app does not support iPhones newer than the iPhone 7, resorting to a letterboxed compatibility mode. In the current year? smh Yet it harvests your location data for no reason. Ultimately, what’s the point of knowing that your latest intimate prosthetic was lovingly injection-molded in Shenzhen three months ago?
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4 years ago, Diarmud
The Why of the App
This app does exactly what it was intended to do. I find it funny that many people don’t see the point. I am an avid boardgamer and there have been LOTS of counterfeit copies of boardgames coming from overseas. This app allows you to confirm that you have the real thing. Since I want my purchases to benefit the creators of these boardgames, I am glad that this exists.
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3 years ago, leighadams9
Not useful at all
Waste of time. All it provides is a photo and dimensions of the product. It would have been halfway helpful if it gave production location details like some of the other reviewers experienced, or even the company/manufacturer name. Reviewers have commented that the value lies in being able to confirm authenticity. Those experiences seem limited as the majority, including myself, seem to have received barely any information. Save your time and go right past this app.
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2 years ago, Nickname999555
No save to watch later if needed
Needs a lot of work because I thought I could watch video later but with no luck. Need to save the scan so if it is actually more helpful you should be able to look at it at a later time. I was going to throw the card and box away except for the instructions. Now I have to keep everything to take up more room or space. This app needs a WHOLE LOT OF WORK to make it better.
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3 years ago, Drjimmy2112
What’s the point?
I received a gift and wanted to see if this app would yield instructions or explanations of some kind about the product. All it provides is a photograph and name of the product, nothing else. I don’t believe in my case it’s served any value. That being said, as others have noted, The app itself function well. It just doesn’t provide a significant service
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2 years ago, Showthebrightside
Another App?
While the product is authentic. I’m failing to see the benefit given the hassle for the execution. I think there’s a better more intuitive way of going about this. More importantly it’s that ANOTHER app has to be downloaded to use it. I was under the impression that all I’d have to do was scan and then boom there it would be but having to have another app on my phone is a hard pass for me.
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1 year ago, para1965
Absolutely Pointless App
Bought an anti-bark vibration collar for our dog. Instructions given was to download this app and of course, charge the collar. The only thing this app does is show you the item ordered and a short video showing you had to set the collar. It would be nice if you could change the settings within the app as well, but, unfortunately it doesn’t. I just removed the app!
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3 years ago, Justin 17363818373829282938
It does what it does well
Sure, the app might not have a lot of use for many people including me, does it’s purpose perfectly, so it deserves a good rating for that
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4 years ago, BlindBane
It does exactly what it is supposed to, perfect
It’s great! Can’t believe how many other reviews want an app for verifying authenticity to act as google for them. If stupid was a sin we’d all be on fire.
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3 years ago, RajRao365
Great app
This app is supposed to help customers authenticate products and it does that well. I think most people don’t understand what this app does.
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3 years ago, mhcarlos
Serves the product’s creator, not the user
You shouldn’t download and use this. All it does is tell you that your product was made in China or wherever . The problem is it requests to access to your location (just say no) and your location is harvested as data. That’s useful for the people who made the product but not to you.
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2 years ago, hardchalk
So simple people are confused because they lack basic intelligence
Simple. Scan the product Get a green check mark ? Your product is NOT a counterfeit . No green check mark? Your product is a counterfeit . Simple Maybe this will help the idiots that say the app is useless. Definition of Counterfeit- made in exact imitation of something valuable or important with the intention to deceive or defraud
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1 year ago, Annoyed ;-()
Could be more useful
App is working OK and confirmed authenticity of the product I scanned, but according to Transparency site and app description it could provide manufacturing date which it did not do in my case. Would be nice to have it.
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3 years ago, nan kongju
Does not verify authenticity
So what’s to prevent someone from copying the copier and slapping it on their product? I got a box of fake masks. They started on the box not ASTM level 2 and had a misspelled website printed on the box. But when I scanned the sticker with the app - it assured me the product was a genuine item with ASTM level 2 protection despite the item itself contradicting that. 🤦‍♀️
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4 years ago, stanger828
It tells you where your stuff was made
If you ever wanted to know where the thing you bought was produced... instead of reading the side of the box you can scan a sticker. Kinda dumb but it works as advertised so can’t rate poorly.
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2 years ago, SpaceCase521
Nothing truly special
Downloaded the app for what I thought were some directions for the utechsmart Venus Pro gaming mouse. Absolutely useless! And a waste of time. There are only features described on this app. Other than that, there is nothing. No programming, no troubleshooting, no tips or tricks on how to get the most out of this item, just descriptions
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1 year ago, Solarborn
Scans a removable sticker
Some reviewers felt the need to insult the intelligence of anyone who doesn’t get the usefulness of this app. Well what does it do? It scans a sticker which must be scanned only by this app! Let that sink in! In what universe does this authenticate anything? It doesn’t appear to even authenticate the sticker! Where is the control in this experiment?
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6 months ago, 𝕗𝕗𝕝𝕠
I thought this was a remote
I love my LEDs, but I could barely open the remote app and change since I got them because I can’t and I thought the app would help but it didn’t it just tell me what I bought
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12 months ago, mrhyansutton
Not Necessary
I thought the app would have preset formatting or setting instructions for margins, etc but it literally just tells you what product you purchased. Kind of pointless imo.
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4 years ago, Mike Pocarovsky
Works on iPhone 11 without issues
Easy to use, nice to see if a product is legit
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4 years ago, Diamonds708
What’s the point.
Downloaded this app to scan the product. Thought there was more to it. It’s pretty useless in my opinion.
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1 year ago, GinTealMan
I only learned the exact title of the product and where it was produced. It seems there’s more to gain from the barcode number than this app.
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3 years ago, March 16 1751
DrJimmy is right
Apparently the only thing the app does is detects what the product is that the app scans, and provides specifics. There really isn’t any significant reason for downloading this. Transparency doesn’t need to exist. Kind of like MySpace.
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5 years ago, Neerajag
Works well and allow me check the authenticity
Works great. I hope that more produts support Transparency.
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4 weeks ago, Frodo Baggnz99
Won’t focus or scan
I cannot get this to scan the barcode. It doesn’t have an option to allow the camera to focus (either manually or automatically. I can’t use this.
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5 months ago, SUPER KO
Can’t scan
When I open the app and allow camera access, all I see is grey screen. I can’t scan
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2 years ago, iPod touch nick
Don’t download this app. You do not get any instructions, warranty information, etc. It will show you an image of what you bought and tell you the product name. There is no service offered, at all.
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4 years ago, jimmyjones120
Please explain...
To me the point of this app? Because it never told me the Authenticity, origins, production date, and more! -the statement it claims to make. It just told me what I read off the box; the name of the product :) greeeaat. I got more info off the product box. I’m sorry but explain to me the use of this app...
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4 years ago, moosa_rocks
Nothing to do with!
You will scan a barcode and it will shows your product. I bought a screen protector and I thought that it will give me a learning video how to apply it. But as I said first it only shows the name of the product.
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9 months ago, AlexG419@
The app needs work and scanning the barcode isn’t easy
The app needs work and scanning the barcode isn’t easy
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2 years ago, 801DubJay
I downloaded the app out of curiosity, as there was a “Transparency” sticker on the side of a “new” Logitech mouse I purchased from Scamazon. I scanned the sticker with the app, and amazingly the app confirmed what the sticker—and the box—said! Unfortunately, it didn’t change the fact that what I had received was someone’s old, used mouse instead of a new one. So, what is the point of this stupid app? Nothing. It serves only to reassure the easily impressed.
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3 years ago, xXFEARSLAYERXx
Great app ngl
Because of this app I knew that the product I ordered is 100% legit and ain’t counterfeit!
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4 years ago, DogMomto3
Doesn't tell info that it's supposed to!
Purchased Frontline Plus and I get same info from box. The app does NOT tell the product dates. It only tells what the item is, manufactured in France and a big list of letters. I want to know when made and when expires!
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1 year ago, DragonBreath1634
Completely pointless
All it does is show you a picture of the product and it’s name does not provide any further information
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3 years ago, omgpliable
Does exactly what it’s supposed to do
How it work: 1. U scan. 2. U get green check mark? Great your product is authentic and probably not a counterfeit. 3. U get something else? Probably a counterfeit Simple. So dead simple
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3 years ago, Kaye143
Didn’t tell me much
Only told me what I purchased. Didn’t tell me where it was from or when it was made. I was just curious and delete.
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7 months ago, Cammy2alex
Never Again
Most obtuse, annoying, and ridiculous app ever. I thought I had to download it in order to use the product I bought I did not It’s a joke.
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1 year ago, ivyvgvgvi
No point to it
Does nothing except name products that you already know what it is!
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1 year ago, tfkjones
I had hoped to find…
…warranty information for the Grillman cover I just bought, which has a lifetime guarantee, but no information on how to request replacement. The app told me I bought a Grillman cover.
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6 months ago, TFins923
What is the point?
Looking for instructions to install, but there are not. This app was a waste of both developer time and customer time. Deleting now.
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2 years ago, AndyBart
Was hoping to get manuals or a URL about the device, but it’s just a picture. Waste of time
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4 years ago, stewardaka
Don’t download
It is not worth your time downloading because it only tell you the name of the product which I know it doesn’t even tell you how to connect it to your phone
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3 years ago, deku505
Nothing to do after you get it sure you can scan your items but what next
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4 years ago, Bloxburg13
What is this???!
The product is good, but the app, the app... well, it’s trash. It just scans the box and there is just a blank screen? How did it work for other people? This is ridiculous and I do not recommend it.
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3 weeks ago, johnphiliph
Couldn’t make it work , app doesn’t work with iPhone
Camera on the app won’t work on an iPhone , couldn’t focus so I couldn’t scan the QRcode
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