TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID

4.2 (20.5K)
116.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Epic Enterprises
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TrapCall: Reveal No Caller ID

4.23 out of 5
20.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Rfarley77
Top Call ID App
I’ve been using Trap Call for about a month now. It’s the best app I have found among many others in the App Store. The “Live Caller ID” feature works like regular caller ID on a land line. Even blocked numbers are unmasked. All you do is don’t accept the call and it rings back with the unblocked phone number. I’ve used a lot of contemporary apps that state they can do a lot to stop the “Robo Calls” and telemarketers but none of them did. Not for nothing but none of them have that live Caller ID feature like this one and it’s huge. No longer can they spoof their phone. You can just unmask it. Must have for those of us that want our phone back.
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2 years ago, Stygiana
Functions well, but cancelling is difficult.
I’ve used this app with lots of luck in unmasking and recording/transcribing unwanted calls. However, when you try to unsubscribe, after signing in the website gives you the run around and never gives you an actual unsubscribe option. Plus when you finally do get to unsubscribe you have to follow a ton of steps to deactivate the service on your phone. I went months without voicemails and not even my service provider could tell me why or how to fix it. It was a review here on the App Store that led me to the fix. On top of that, after unsubscribing the company continued to charge me for several months, and the only way I could force them to stop charging me was by cancelling my credit card and ordering a new one. If you have the money to keep this app up and running every month then it’s an awesome suggested and really does what it claims; but if you can’t afford it every month or only need it for a short time make sure you follow all their instructions for deactivating and definitely check your accounts for charges that come after the subscription ends. Even if you deactivate the account and delete the app they will continue to charge you until you notice.
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7 years ago, hmmmm01
Would give this 5 stars buttttt...
I had this app a couple years back when my Bfs crazy stalker ex was nonstop calling me with threats and hang ups all day and night for a couple months from a blocked #. Always had a feeling it was her but couldn’t prove it...and this app absolutely solved my problem on day 1 but I continued to let her call for another full week so that I could gather proof...then I provided her with some of that proof...and threatened prosecution. Never heard from her again...! Moving forward 2 yrs to now I’m with a different carrier and I Reactivated my account today just to try to get rid of unwanted telemarketers but I’m having trouble getting my phone to decline their test call that’s supposed to activate TrapCall. Wasn’t until I went to troubleshoot that I found a list of unsupported carriers!!!! That really should be the leading bit of info on the site because now I’ve paid for a service that’s not even offered to me!!! Andddddd there is no phone number to contact support, you can only email and hope that they this would techically be 5 stars for me based on performance last time I used it but now...since unsupported carriers are buried in fine print on page 1 billion(exaggerating a bit)...I’m at 1 star until I can get a refund...then I will gladly update with 5 star!
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6 years ago, Ash2019271
I got this app over a year ago because I was getting tons of spam callers daily. While it worked for the purpose of filtering out a lot of those callers, it completely messed up my voicemail. People would leave me voicemails that I would get hours and often times days later. The voicemail issue frustrated me more than the spam callers so I decided to delete the app and cancel my subscription after only a few months of having it. My voicemail went back to normal, that is until a few months ago. I was woken up by my phone ringing and looked to see who it was when I noticed it was being flagged as a suspected scam by TrapCall. Since I had just been sleeping, I thought maybe I was just seeing things but sure enough a week or two later I get another number being flagged by TrapCall as a suspected scam. However, this time I recognized the number as my pharmacy’s. Additionally, my voicemail is extremely delayed again and I know it’s due to this app that I thought I had completely got rid of. So if you like some spam callers being flagged as spam, some actual callers being flagged as spam, waiting for voicemails and an app that sticks around even after you delete and unsubscribe to it, then this is the app for you.
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4 years ago, KatyH970
Inaccurate info & voicemail issues
I downloaded this app on my personal and work cell phones as I was receiving harassing phone calls from someone that continued to use other phone numbers after being blocked. The app seemed ok at first but the caller ID data is often incorrect. My own mother called and it’s recorded her under a few different names. I would understand if she had a relatively new number but she’s had the same number since she had the clunky bag/car phone in the 90s. I cancelled my subscription and uninstalled the app on both phones. I started noticing people would call my work phone multiple times and never leave a voicemail. I do get some spam calls but I didn’t receive a single voicemail over a few weeks. I figured out my voicemail wasn’t working at all. I tried all kinds of fixes and updates thinking it was caused by and iOS update or carrier issue. Wrong. It was all caused by Trap Call. I finally located a fix on their site and the issue was resolved but getting to that point was time consuming and my business had already been negatively impacted. Do not use this app.
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3 years ago, Cotayk
It works, but continued to forward my calls even after I deleted the app
I downloaded the app after I started getting repeated calls from a blocked number. It did the trick, I found out who was calling me. It works by forwarding your calls to another number and rerouting the call back to you. When I no longer needed the app, I deleted it, but apparently my calls were still being forwarded to the number issued by Trap Call. I found this out because people were unable to leave me a voicemail. Instead of going to my voicemail after ringing, the call would just drop. I had to call my cell phone provider to find out why people couldn’t leave me voicemails, and I learned that it was because my calls were still being forwarded to Trap Call. I definitely recommend the app if you’re desperate to find out who is calling you like I was, but keep in mind that people may not be able to leave you voicemails and you will need to stop the call forwarding even after your membership ends and you’ve deleted the app.
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5 years ago, Mon PR
False Advertising - DON’T GET THIS APP
I have the monthly subscription, and payment was withdrawn from my account a few days ago. My subscription is supposed to still be active until October 21, 2019, but my app tells me my subscription expired and gives me two subscription renewal options, the monthly one and the yearly one. When I click on the monthly one it tells me my account is active until 10/21, if I click on the yearly one it gives me the option to pay the yearly fee. I still can’t get into the account, even when I’m still active. This is clearly a scam from this app to force you to buy the yearly subscription. There are similar reviews in here, which shows they are doing it on purpose to scam people. There’s is no customer service number. You have to write a question and wait for an answer. The answer I got was asking me a question not related to what I was asking. I responded to the email and never got an answer. I also asked for a refund, which I didn’t get. It’s a shame they want to scam people financially, they will get more money if they have more clients, instead of getting less with their yearly subscription scam.
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1 year ago, Dr.HASHISH
Works great
One of my long time ex girlfriends just had a horrible relationship. She ended up getting a restraining order but kept getting blocked calls in the middle of the night. So she asked me what to do. So I looked for something to help her out and I found trap call. We both downloaded it and tested it out and we felt satisfied it would work. It took 4 months before her ex with the restraining order called her six times in a row from a blocked number in the middle of the night… but he don’t know about trap call!!! He got TRAPPED, trap call shows his full name and the number he called from. Police had no problem taking the call log from trap call. To make it even better he downloaded a spoof app the next day and sent her a text saying he lost his phone yesterday…. Haha I don’t know about that buddy, trap call says otherwise!
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5 years ago, Mishka99
Caution: the ring back notice does not work
Because the ring back notice does not work, you will undoubtably miss important calls. I have missed calls from mechanics, delivery services, restaurants, potential employers, and even my mom! Trap calls says that any Un-identified call will ring back after being id’d. That only works once in a while. Mostly it just blocks the call and you’ll get a text message from trap call about it. Also- I’ve heard from people I was actually expecting a call from that they were not given the option of leaving a voicemail. Obviously this is not ideal. It does block calls pretty okay. And if you don’t use your cell phone for calls then this will work for you. FYI: I was on the premium plan, paying $10 a month for at least 6 months and this continued to frustrate me. Also even though I paid this month, when I cancelled it cuts off immediately. It does not even honor the full month you paid for! Make sure to do a lot of research before deciding this is the best option for you.
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2 years ago, Honestgal801
Please help me remove it permanently from my iPhone and account!
Please someone help me with this. I have been unsuccessful at removing this from my iPhone. It gets very frustrating and I would be very grateful to have directions and help to remove this from my life totally. Thanks for the info on this being a concern in others and the difficulties you have had to deal with in removing it completely. I don’t see the directions on the app or anything else. I’m also assuming this is for Robocalls and all the other things that are meant for blocking unwanted spam calls or insane people or stalkers. lol I just wanted the spam to stop but I am missing out on important calls and voicemails and each time I do it’s a big hassle to fix the problem from awaiting a call that doesn’t get through although I’ve had it turned off and not used it and still haven’t gotten rid of it. Thanks for the help! Please let me know how to remove it and how to fix this issue.
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2 years ago, Taiesedenae
Ok so I was reading all of the reviews and no one gave clear instructions on how to deactivate your phone from the app so I am: if your calls are still being forwarded after you cancel your subscription go to the app scroll to the bottom and select the terms of service. There will be a list of options just under terms of service, number 10 says Cancellation, select it. Scroll down to the third paragraph and select deactivate my phone. Select your carrier then dial the number they give you to deactivate. Lastly continue to next step and enter your phone number so they can call you, when they call DECLINE THEIR CALL. After that wait the 45 seconds or however long they say to wait then call your phone and see if your voicemail works.
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2 years ago, kay_1313
Worst app I’ve ever downloaded on my phone
If I could give this app 0 stars I would. I have deactivated my account and deleted the app off my phone yet I still get calls constantly from trap call off “Unknown caller”. Every single time I get a call on my phone trap call will spam my phone with about 10 unknown caller calls. When I awnser it’s the same automated message telling me to reactive my account when I don’t want to!!! They also leave me multiple voicemails with the same automated message I’ve called my phone carrier and there’s nothing they can do so they gave me trap calls email. I’ve emailed the email I was given and was told to do steps that I’ve already done & there was one I haven’t done but it didn’t work of course. They told me to contact my carrier so they can remove it on my phone but I have and they can’t do anything. My carrier is Verizon and they said they don’t not recommend trap call what’s so ever because they spam call you more then do what they are suppose to do to keep their app running.
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11 months ago, Tattoojeni75
Inaccuracy across the board
So far they are 0-3 with their unmasking and call ID services. I placed a test call from my work phone to my cell phone to see how the unmasking worked. I blocked my work number so when I called it came across my caller ID as "unknown" rejected the call as they say to do and then when I looked at the log to see the unmasked caller ID, it was someone's name I've never heard of and it wasn't even my work number it wasn't even a number in the same state as my work #. So off it's not even funny. Then today they blocked a number that called i never even saw it come thru my phone. They say it's from someone named Karen (I forgot the last name) so I decided to try and call the number and it turns out it's the company who has my auto financing and is a big known bank, I would have liked to received that call. Their accuracy is way off reality. And I'm paying them to give me inaccurate info and block calls I want to answer. Smh.....
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2 years ago, Lahgirl
I got this app after some kids prank called me about my missing cat. It did what it was suppose to and unmasked blocked calls. But when I decided to cancel my subscription a few months ago, my voice mail stopped working and my phone wouldn’t ring for calls. After some Googling, I managed to get my phone to ring but it still wouldn’t take voicemails. I went to the AT&T store and they couldn’t figure it out, to the point where they told me I needed a new phone. I GOT A NEW PHONE and my voicemail still wouldn’t work! So I finally decided to look into this app. I looked at a bunch of reviews that all say the same thing, it’s hard to unsubscribe and it will mess up your voicemail! Finally I figured out how to “unregister” my number and my voicemail finally works after 3 months! I bought a house in that time and got a lot of snotty emails from my underwriter about how I don’t answer my phone because of this app. Thanks for that.
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7 years ago, NancyInTexas7
TrapCall was able to immediately unmask the person who had harassed me for over a year!!! I went to the sheriff’s office to file a report with the unmasked number and recorded voicemails and right there in front of me the deputy was able to call & confront my harasser! The deputy was also able pull up this person as a criminal with a record. I was finally able to file a police report against my harasser. The customer service with TrapCall is superb! They genuinely care and made sure that questions I had on my app were thoroughly answered. This app is worth every penny! I pay for the whole year up front to save some money. If you are concerned about your personal safety, cut out a couple of lattes/eating out per month and commit to investing that money into TrapCall. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent!!
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1 year ago, Robg559
Best app ever invented
Love this app. Being a single man, and giving out my number to many people, it used to bug me when someone would call me from a blocked number . I just wouldn’t answer it. Literally bug me because I was always wondering who it was. But now with trap call , it shows the caller I’d. And I act like if I don’t know who it is . I even ask the caller “why are you calllng me from a blocked number?” It’s hilarious when I hang up and call them back, or sometimes I just play the part and little do they know I have there number right on my screen. Download it and use it. The best app ever in my opinion. And there’s is a lookup feature , block spam or unwanted calls and you can even record conversations. You can’t go wrong with TrapCall .
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3 years ago, xxDontDoitxx1
Don’t do it!
I have had the worst time with this App. I had someone continuously calling me private so I decided to give it a try. It did unmask the phone number- however, it was hardly worth the headache! Before my free trial was up they tried charging me 3x. The first time was a small amount, under $10, the next time it was over $65 and the third time it was $94. After you cancel your subscription and delete the App. They will continue to try to charge you! I had to reassign my account number and get a new card. THEN months later after taking it off my phone, it’s still somehow on here. I have deleted everything and checked all my files but when someone calls me, my phone makes random phone calls to Chicago, several times a day. It does not show up in your call log on your phone, look at the call log through your provider! It never stops. I’m going to have to call Apple to have them get in there and wipe it off. It’s not worth it.
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2 years ago, Ella in Greek
Do not get sucked in to this app. About a year and a half ago I started using them because I was getting spammed due to a major hack in my financial institution. Hideous! I tried to use this program to stop calls that I didn’t know. The first couple of months it seemed to work a little but upon further investigation it had been blocking my own contacts. I decided to cancel the service which I did and deleted the app however, they are still monitoring and evidently controlling my incoming calls because they’re blocking some good numbers. Why are they even paying attention to my account when I don’t do business with them and haven’t for over a year??? Then they had the audacity on several occasions to tell me if I want to “fix“ the problem on my account I should sign up for the premium. what? It was a monthly I canceled it you quit taking my money you’re not getting paid you haven’t been getting paid for over a year leave me alone.
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3 years ago, Jan J Wood
Highly Satisfied
After 3 months of sudden ‘no caller Id’ calls coming in on my cell phone up to 20 times a day at all hours of the day, I was at my wits end on how to determine who was calling me and how to block this unknown caller. Within 1 hour of installing the TrapCall app I was able to reveal the phone number that had been continuously calling me, I was able to see the name the number was associated with and then I was able to block the number. Since blocking the number the calls have FINALLY stopped. I wish I had tried this app sooner. No one deserves to be harassed by unwanted calls for no reason. Revealing this phone number may have potentially kept me from harm from this caller I didn’t know. Thank you TrapCall!!
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5 years ago, YumiAme
Won’t let me deactivate account
Okay so first things first, the reason I got the app was because I got a “no caller I’d” prank, so I download the app thinking it would be able to identify it, surprise surprise, it wasn’t because apparently this app cannot view a call that happen BEFORE you get the app, so keep that in mind. Alright, so I was like “cool whatever, I’ll just leave” and so I begin the process to deactivate my account by following the steps the website gave me, clicked on the link, gave my carrier, yada yada, only to find out the termination failed. HOW? I don’t give up on the first try though, I try four more times, nothing, so I put my phone down and try the next day only to have the same results. Very frustrating and annoying, I just want to deactivate my account, how is that so hard? Yet this app manages to do that. Word of advice, if you don’t want your info out there on an app where you can’t delete it, don’t get this app.
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5 years ago, Mademoiselle Victoire
Keeps logging out.
After installing this app I finally found out who’s my mysterious Unknown Number death threat harasser. Turns out boyfriend of criminal woman who menaced me with pack of dynamites then got arrested and Stay Away Order Of Protection by Criminal Court Judge was issued. I reported him to FBI with a proof of his first and last name, phone number which I didn’t know prior installing the app and his voice recorded with automatic voice recorder built in in the app. App also blocks many annoying spam calls. I would recommend this app - It’s worth $95 I spent for yearly subscription. The only minus is it keeps logging out which actually doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the app and I have to constantly login. - I wish app developers pay attention to this nuances and fix it.
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3 years ago, respond to me trapcall
Can't remove my number & no customer service options
Was getting spammed (100 calls within 3 days) from an unknown number and got this app to block that person. However, I CANNOT remove the app fully from my phone. I got the subscription supposdely removed, but when I followed trapcall's instructions on how to deactivate my number, it keeps failing. I've tried multiple times. There is NO customer support available which is absolutely ridiculous when you are selling a service. They have a "live chat," the catch? you literally can't find the live chat option anywhere on their site. It doesn't exist! Super disappointing end to what was a helpful app. My trust and interest in this app longterm has gone way downhill. Also I find it hard to believe that there are no questions on their support site - maybe they were never approved by trapcall hmm? Started with a scam caller & ended up with a scammy app, how hypocritical. I welcome a trapcall agent to reach out to me and fix up my account.
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7 years ago, JeannaHarrison
Absolutely worth the $35!!!
I have been receiving harassing phone calls by multiple people who were blocking their numbers. I had downloaded a couple of other apps to try and record them but it was very difficult to start the recording and it wouldn’t actually patch through until 15/20 secs in. This app is amazing! It gives you the blocked number and allows you to record from the second you say hello. Works perfect with the iPhone, the app is super easy to use and it logs all the information nicely as well as send you a text with the blocked caller info. ☺️ The only feature I would like to see if the ability to email/text the recorded message so I can get it to the authorities more easily. Thanks again for developing this app!
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6 years ago, millarishan
This app saved me money and gave me feel safe again.
Met someone out of state that couldn’t take rejection well. He harassed me for months. He stopped so I thought it was over then I got private calls every day 2-3 times a day and night for a month. I didn’t know who it was until I came across this app and was skeptical at first because they ask for money but I gave it a shot because I was so distraught. I found out it was the guy and I got him blacklisted so he hears the specific message thinking this number no longer worked. I haven’t gotten a call back. I think he’s left it alone but I have this app just in case. Not to mention no more spam calls due to this app which is a huge bonus. Thank you.
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2 years ago, lexlaprincess
The best worst app ever
I would’ve given this app 5 stars if I was only rating the function. It actually works in finding out who’s calling private. The set up was quite easy as well. The major downfall is that it completely messes up your voicemail. I have been without a voicemail now for months and was finally able to get it back to normal after calling Verizon and speaking with 4 different techs. The app also doesn’t have a customer service number to call when you have issues and want to speak with a human. The “helpful” articles on their site isn’t worth a thing either! So if you’re getting annoying calls from your boyfriend’s exes and want to desperately confirm who they are like I did, then download this! Just be prepared to be annoyed and frustrated when it comes to getting your voicemail back to normal!
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2 years ago, Ddeeeew
Too many voicemail problems; logs me out
I seriously hate this freaking app. I have a small business and decided to get this because I get tons of spam calls. However, I constantly have problems with my voicemails. Sometimes clients say it does not give them an option to leave me a voicemail, sometimes it does not stop ringing, once it said please hold the call is being recorded, sometimes it says sorry please leave the Vm of the person with whom you need to talk to. I keep reaching out to CS and it’s days of delays and frustration. I cannot do this app anymore. I’m addition to that this app is not consistent. Sometimes it logs me out and does not filter calls as it’s suppose to. So I’m paying for nothing. To make matters worse my voicemails that were recorded are stored with this TrapCall app. I find that just completely violating. I hate this app. It causes me more problems than it’s suppose benefits
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3 years ago, Isidore Berliner
This is, unequivocally, a garbage disposal run by negligent profiteers purporting a working service which is just a frozen screen with no one to account for the lie. This app has now stolen over 200 dollars from me. ATTENTION: This app freezes upon opening every single time. it is fully updated. this has been going on for months and I haven’t been able to even use the app at all. it just freezes every time. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it to no avail. By now I’ve lost over 5 months’ worth of payment and every time I reach out to support I am ultimately never given a solution that resolves the issue I’ve lost a ton of money for no reason. Horrible.
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1 year ago, Better ringtones
Forced to use even after you cancel it
I really liked the app and wanted to keep using it but felt it was pretty expensive. After canceling the service. I never could get services on my phone and ended up having to repay for another subscription. It is difficult to cancel and not worth the trouble unless you can pay for it for life. I would recommend just screening your calls. It does what it claims but difficult to cancel even as another reviewer had said. In addition, I had to repay for a subscription in order to get my messages that I needed. Due to the difficulties of canceling, you are better off without it unless you are willing to pay for a subscription for the rest of the time you have the phone and or life.
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3 years ago, jasonC19999
Horrible application! Don’t use
I’ve been paying for premium for 7 years but it has NEVER worked properly! It logs me out about once a month, every month. I’ve dealt with this since support has told me that it’s a bug that they are working on but it was never fixed. The worse bug is that half of my calls don’t even go to my voicemail. People tell me that the call just disconnects. Support never fixed this issue. About 5 months ago I reached out to support AGAIN about this issue and they told me to uninstall and install the app but I had already did this. Since that email from support which was 5 months ago, I have emailed them roughly 2 dozen times and have yet to get a follow up email. Today, u decided to cancel my service and reach out to my credit card to request a refund for all my TrapCall transactions since it never worked! Also, the reverse number lookup has never worked
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6 years ago, D95Camps
Below you can find my prior review, where I had given 1 star. I’m changing it to 5 stars because my money was refunded quickly, without question and customer service acted respectfully. Very impressed with customer service :) —————————— I didn’t use this app for more than a few minutes after learning about the charge after the free trial. I look at my subscriptions on Apple and it didn’t appear there, so I simply deleted the app and checked the subscription again. Today, I was charged 95 dollars for something I haven’t even used - let alone something that didn’t work. I’m going to attempt to get a refund - if not, I’m certainly disputing this with my bank.
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1 year ago, AnjelikChyld
Complete Scam
Once you establish this app, if you get calls you need to identify first every number no searches came up “no information”. Second, every single no caller ID call, when declined per TrapCall instructions, is supposed to ring right back with the number “unmasked“. It never did on four attempts. Instead it would put a bogus number into the app list of “unmasked calls” and none of the numbers worked. I attempted to contact support and they did nothing. Didn’t even have my information on file to correlate my email and insisted I provide my pin through insecure email. Then I explained if this is a scam and doesn’t actually work that I am not paying for it. Not a single correspondence back and the app is disabled. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS. It’s a rip off!!! I screen shot everything as proof. Too bad I can’t put images here for all to see.
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3 years ago, Yezmenia12
What happened to this app?!
I use to use it all the time, it was perfect it worked perfectly but then everything stopped working....I’m not getting help out of it in anyway. Please tell me you guys are gonna fix the app. I spent so much money over it and as of right now I’m going to cancel my subscription because there’s no point of it. It literally doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t reveal no caller ids anymore it doesn’t reveal what number is calling, doesn’t tell you if it’s a scammer or not. It’s literally ridiculous. I had the subscription till now because I thought that maybe there would be change and the app would get fixed....but no. It’s been a long time and still nothing. I don’t get why you guys are still charging people when the app doesn’t work at all. That’s messed up. Either fix the app or delete it. No I’m betweens.
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7 years ago, Susie 121201
Rude director and customer service
I absolutely love this app but their customer service and director are rude. I had an issue with them all of a sudden Reactivating my account so I went online and put a request for someone to contact me as this is the only way. The person that called me regarding my problem was the director and he was rude and not professional at all. He wouldn’t let me speak and wasn’t letting me finish my sentence before he interrupted and wasn’t listening. When I asked to speak to someone else (not knowing his position at the time) he said no because he was the director, I was stunned to hear that because of how unprofessional he was. I will make a suggestion just like he did, hire people that have better customer service skills and have better phone etiquette then you. I hope any one else’s experience is different when they speak to a director of a business. What a shame.
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5 years ago, Happy with Trap Phone app
Thank God for this App
I have never wrote a review for an app until today. I had some one call me from a blocked number 33 times within 25 minutes. I been having issue with this person for a while but today it was just the last. I google the issue and it names this app. While it did cost me it work. I was able to get the name and number of the person. I was than able to call them back using their name and repeating their number and informed them that I am reporting them to the police. He stop calling after that message. During the day it continue to trap numbers and block them without the phone running.
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2 years ago, Theresa Engel
Trap call caught my stalker
I had a stalker for the last 13 years. Always calling private saying weird things. Contacted the police and they did nothing. This person was even calling my mom and harassing me at our businesses. Anytime I posted an ad with my number the private calls came up to 40 times in a row. I downloaded trap call and it finally caught her. Not who I expected. I showed her she was exposed and the calls have stopped. If they start again I have her info for the police. After all this time. People are crazy for no reason. Now I can get to the bottom of why.
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3 years ago, simmy2xx
I’m Getting Annoyed
I’ve been using Trapcall for over 3 years now. With being a mortgage broker this app really does come in handy. I purchased the top package to unlock all the features the app comes with. Which is around $250 a year if not more. Recently within the last year this app really crashes a lot of good features. My Unknown Callers do not get reversed any more. Random Numbers do not get reverse automatically anymore. I cant look up a random numbers without the app crashing on me. I am starting to see this as being a waste of my money and thinking of canceling my subscription with Trapcall and trying to find another app that is useful since customer service does not want to physical call me after stating that in the email to get this resolved quicker after 2 weeks of emailing back and forth. I’m very disappointed and upset. Resolve this issue.
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4 years ago, Nessaa0622
It’s amazing but I’m have trouble
This app is amazing it has blocked all unwanted calls and spam calls, as well as no caller ID calls, it I have had this app for many years and i have to say it is amazing, but I recently have been having problems, I had added a call to blacklist so i won’t receive the call, but now it does not give me the option to unblock it or take it off the blacklist, on the app it does not have the the blacklist or washlist, and now I can’t receive any call from that number I tried reaching out to someone but it only sent me to the app and the comments it told me what to do to unblock the number but the directions they give are not on the app because I don’t have the option to click on block list down below or even to see all of my numbers I put on blacklist
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5 years ago, domeblue
Avoid - the developer *is* the Spammer!
Against my better judgement, I entered my mobile number but decide the $100-per-year service was not worth it to me so I cancelled the setup. Within minutes, without permission to send me texts, I received a marketing text from "Dan" offering me a free trial for the app. Really?! Talk about not knowing your target audience. Originally I was interested in his app to protect my privacy; when I see the developer implement unsolicited marketing tactics using my *private* information without my permission it tells me they don't get it. What an abuse of trust and lack of fundamental respect for users who don't purchase his app! I can't help but think of the old gangster movies where the thug walks into the shop and sweetly tells the owner it'd be a pity to see all this nice stuff ruined. This feels so very much like extortion, and it's really not welcome, "Dan". Delete my information if I cancel the setup, better yet, don't even save it until I become a customer! The app is named appropriately, TrapCall; once you're in this developer's trap, he's going to make sure you feel it. Oh well, I made the blunder and I'm posting this to help others. Don't make the same mistake as me. Avoid this app and protect your phone number.
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2 weeks ago, chelleybeansauce
Great Service!! Just a little pricey
I used this when a creepy dude kept calling me from a blocked number and being lewd. I was able to see his number, look him up and figure out how he got my number. My boyfriend gave him a call and now he won’t be bothering me. It works great! You can even have it auto record the conversation. It is nice to be able to filter out the spam calls as well and since I have used the service I haven’t been getting them like I used to. Can’t afford $20/mo so I’m canceling but I would definitely use again if I need to!
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4 years ago, Cindy Shopper
Doesn’t deliver
This app promotes itself as allowing you toIdentify who the true caller is as well as blocking telemarketers and scammers. In my experience it fails 90% of the time. This is another situation where a opportunistic promoter is actively promoting a “solution” which doesn’t deliver. Instead of blocking calls it persistently is unable to identify or block pernicious callers. Instead it charges the customer duped into purchasing this product into “reporting“ the malicious collar. In other words the customer is doing the work to develop the database that is promised while paying the vendor for what it doesn’t deliver. I’m waiting for the day where the federal trade commission actually gets off at stuff and not only goes after these illegal telemarketers and textures, as well as these vendors that sell air instead of actually working products. I would give -1 rating.
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2 years ago, Becklinds
Just what I needed
I am getting harassed by people calling with No Caller ID. I turned call trap on and already know who is calling me. I’m looking forward to using the call record feature because I am answering my calls with “You are being recorded, who may I ask is calling?” Which seems to stop the actual harassing words but it won’t stop their call and hang ups. I’m purposely not blocking the caller because I’m building a case for harassment since this has gone on for months. Trap Call is EXACTLY what I needed to do to make sure I could document the harassing behavior.
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3 years ago, shotgun jonny
Fraudulent Subscription Billing; Should be Banned from AppStore
The service works great. The issue is that the company now requires multiple additional steps to unsubscribe as opposed to simply canceling the subscription, as you would with all other companies, through your iOS device. This was also the instructions originally provided to unsubscribe. I cancelled over a year ago only to discover that I have still been being billed. I tried to resolve through their online customer support only to be told "their policy" was to limit refunds to 6 months. One should not have to jump through complicated hoops beyond the standard unsubscribe protocol that I suspect is part of "Apple's policy" for app developers. I will be reporting to Apple and my credit card company as this is fraudulent behavior.
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7 years ago, Mr. smiley.
If I went out, tried to listen to my voicemail with the TrapCall app, people were able to make it impossible for me login to my TrapCall account, if I was able to login to my TrapCall account, they were able to make it impossible for me to see my missed call, they were able to make it impossible for me to see my voicemail, in order words, they were able to remove my voice message so I could not see it, then they returned the voice message so that I can see it again, they made it so were able to bypass if I placed curtain callers Into my TrapCall blacklist.
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5 years ago, JaxxNYC
What a waste of time and money
How can a Developer who offers SO MANY FEATURES not even include a USERS GUIDE with their App. I installed, followed the very few pieces of information, tried to use the App but then those tiny pieces of information disappeared. Then I received a voicemail from a friend with whom I communicate daily, and that same voicemail was suddenly transcribed and sent to me in a text message filled with absurd errors sent from an unknown number with their Huge Logo TrapACall just below it! I never requested this and, to make matters worse, my friend somehow received the same TrapACall Logo in his text messages... so now he thinks I’m tracking his calls with a third party app, gathering information on him. I could not delete this App fast enough. What a Scam. People: BEWARE!
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4 years ago, jennmae
Waste of time
Tech support does not work in the same time zone as the U.S. I get messages at 4:30 in the morning, trying to resolve my installation issue. This has been an utter waste of time, and that’s because I also don’t even know if the actual features work. I explain explicitly what my issues are & am ignored, told to reinstall the app & I’ve added conditional call forwarding. There is no feature on the subscription page to restore purchases, so that you are forwarded to the next part of the installation process. Meanwhile, I am bombarded daily by an individual I’ve yet to confirm so that I can take this information to the authorities, so that I can stop the harassment. IF I am able to resolve this issue, I will update my rating. For now, it’s one star. And, that’s because I want to give it no stars.
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6 years ago, Dave Ray 66
Couldn’t activate after payment
I tried setting up trap call last night. I gave my credit card information and received the alert from my CC that the authorization went through. I had entered my number and created the password. I got to the page where I press the button to activate and my phone calls the number in the box on the screen. I kept getting “call cannot be completed as dialed message. I tried a few times and this morning when I tried to get back in, it was asking me to enter my payments info all over again! I tried to contact them and the only option was to speak with chat. The agent Steve messaged me that I needed to sign up again. No way am I authorizing my card again so they can get another payment in 7 days. Calling my cc company to dispute!!!!!
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4 years ago, Miakoda58
It did what it was supposed to do but in excess. Be warned. It basically took over every single phone call. It stopped recording voicemails for the last two months. Neither the AT&T voicemail service nor the service on TrapCall were recording the VMs. I lost potential business because of this. No telling what I’ve missed that I don’t know about. I tried using their deactivation link several times and it didn’t work. I removed the app. It is still taking over calls and not allowing VMs on my service provider VM. Now I can’t get any one in support to help me fix the ongoing problems since removal. I’ve tried chat and email and so far no response. I hate using this forum as a cry for help, but I don’t know what else to do.
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3 months ago, Skylerbnks
Freeze, log you out every day and doesn’t show Info
I downloaded this app in 2019 when I kept receiving over 100 unknown calls every night. And using the app I was able to find out it was this guy that I ended things with. I felt super safe with the app , however after much money invested in subscriptions ; it’s a fail. At first I noticed it logged me out everyday, but I was like ok I could live with logging in everyday no harm there. But then I realized that it stop tracking data, stopped unmasking unknown calls , blocking spam calls and now it freeze every time I go to the app. Great things always come to an end I suppose. Farewell, TrapCall as I won’t be renewing my subscription. I suggest people find a different app as this is a lost cause now.
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4 years ago, valenti2102
My opinion
Hello!, remember this is my opinion and if you don’t think the same then it’s alright because we all don’t think the same! , I honestly think that the app should be free to know the Id of who is calling you because it’s something that we all should have access to without paying, because I got this weird call and I tried to use the app but then I saw it essentially free to know who it was and it got me sad because I couldn’t know who was calling me , luckily it didn’t call me again but i just wanted to known who called me and this happened a few times with different numbers but I just ignored it because I couldn’t use the app or any other apps like this and right now I can’t pay a trial. Remember if yo update agree with me it’s alright because we all have different opinions !😊
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4 years ago, FrannieJem
App not functioning
For the last 3 years this app has been great. Anytime someone called me hiding their number (*67 before dialing my number) it unmasked the “unknown” or “no caller id” giving me the phone number (yes amazing !) But now for the last 2 months the app has not been working at all to unmask any phone numbers. I have repeatedly tried contacting customer support with no success and even others have complained on their Facebook page. Until this gets corrected I’m disputing with my credit card and they have reimbursed me my monthly fees and I will cancel soon if I do not get a straight answer on what’s going on with TrapCall. I’m completely disappointed in their service right now!
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