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The Travelers Indemnity Company
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User Reviews for Travelers Mobile

4.72 out of 5
56.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Blargy14
New app is beautiful, but keeps crashing
UPDATE: They finally fixed the bugs, changing review to 5* The new UX is really nice, but there’s no point if it can’t be used. I get a “something went wrong on our end” error on the home and bill details pages. Tapping on the Policies tab just crashes the app. Also it would be nice to have it automatically log in instead of having to tap “sign in” every time.
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2 years ago, NevadaLamb
Travelers is absolute garbage. I’m furious right now, as I only now discovered how shady this company is. I’ve been a customer for five years, without any claims. Travelers has made close to $10,000 from me. Today I went to pay my bill and noticed they raised the rate $80. For a majority of the five years I’ve done auto pay in full. Travelers took advantage of this by slowly raising my premium. I discovered this because I wasn’t happy about the price increase and looked at other insurance companies. I found another company that is charging HALF of what Travelers wants. We’re talking hundreds of dollars that I’ve given to Travelers when it wasn’t necessary. I cancelled my coverage and they have the audacity to say I owe them $100 when I have never been late on a payment. Their website is hard to navigate and they do not provide much information, which is obviously to avoid proof that they’re scamming. The numbers do not add up, but I am unable to provide proof. It’s especially upsetting because Covid has hit me hard financially. I’m no longer able to pay in full and struggle to make ends meet. My car currently needs maintenance, but I don’t have the money to fix it. Had Travelers not been so shady and I was charged the same amount as the other insurance company, this year alone I would have $1,260 back in my pocket. More than enough to fix my car.
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2 years ago, Poly girl
“Unusable” app
I have been trying for several minutes to pay my bill online which is the way I have paid it for several months. Today, when trying to pay via my iPhone, the app does not provide a cursor for me to to insert the last four numbers of my credit card. It specifically asks for this information and I can’t continue without providing it. I changed to my iPad, and the app now asks for me to choose a payment method. I want to pay by credit card, so I I have selected that and a blue dot fills the credit card selection. Now, however, it still says “payment method is required”, and also says “add a credit card”. When I select to add a credit card, it changes to another page which says “Loading payment form”. It has been “loading” for about 15 minutes now. If I choose “Continue” on the previous page, it will not let me continue until I add a credit card( which it won’t let me do).
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1 year ago, Abec3
Will not accept payment method
I have a bill due I click on pay my bill. The screen comes up to enter a new card so I attempt to except I get a spinning wheel saying loading payment page… And I left my phone on for 20 minutes and it went nowhere. Finally on the fourth try I got the page to come up where I could enter my bank account routing number and account information and when I enter that and pressed on next it went back to the previous page telling me how to find my routing number and account number and we go no further so now I have an outstanding bill that I’m gonna have to call and read the card number over the phone because your automation does not work I really really dislike having to work so hard to pay a bill I’m sitting here with money in hand yet your computer systems won’t take it you’ve got something to fix please do it or I’m moving on
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2 years ago, Oldest living menstruater
Very elegant but gets hung up
This is one of the better insurance portals I’ve used —many won’t work on iPad or iPhone but this one does… mostly. I have not yet convinced it to hold onto my payment method which it says it can do, so each transaction (even within the same session like when you are paying your auto and then your homeowners) you have to re-enter the financial info. And, on my iPad, I can usually pay one thing successfully but then the app gets hung up when it gets to the add payment step. To remedy it, I have to delete the app, then download it again.
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2 years ago, Dong G Nguyen
Worse customer services
The app is ok, but because I cannot find their company on Yelp, so this is the review for their company not the app. When I first started my quote at there, they asked me to call the customer service to confirm the quote When I did that one of their employees asked me to provide my roommate personal information while I just moved in and not really close to him, so I asked them to canceled that quote. Few days later their automatically added and charged my account for the quote. When I called back they said that their employees fall and try to convinced me to accept that quote, so I accepted. There was any problem until two months later. They automatically canceled my quote and refunded back four months left I have in their policy
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1 year ago, Gameeeeer82
Incapable Of Handling Multiple Policies
I had been insured with Travelers for over a decade on one home. Things were mostly fine. Then I bought a second home and added a second policy, Travelers was incapable of handling two policies simultaneously. I had over 8 separate calls in a year addressing a range of problems. From the wrong policy being associated with the wrong address, to policy numbers being reported to my lenders incorrectly (or not at all), and even the policies being randomly canceled... several times. It was exhausting and recently I landed up throwing up my hands and canceling all of my policies with Travelers. Firing them was one of the best moves I've made. A decent company for the simplest of needs. If you're a multi-property owner, look elsewhere.
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2 years ago, slychacon
Bad customer service
I had gotten in a accident at no fault of my own , since the lady that hit me had a low budget insurance policy, I had to go through my insurance. Travelers, and I from the beginning was complaining about air conditioning all of a sudden stopped working do to accident and travelers ignored the complaint and sent me to service king and they only specialize in body work and failing to look into why a/c stopped working and refuse to get it fixed. So I paid , then 4times A/c line broke and was proven to be part of accident cause my motor mounts to crack which made engine to shake badly, which caused the line to snap. And they still refuse to pay to fix it. So I say prices might be low but over all they lack communication through all services
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3 days ago, Toyota Driver in Nashville
Error message from the start…
On the splash screen, it makes it look like you have to sign in to access any of the items with the icons. But if you tap the icons, you can access some of those things. Very unintuitive and confusing (I’m an app designer) Also, after clearly accessing my auto policy before signing in via tapping one of the icons, and then proceeding to sign in, I get an error message saying that I don’t have a policy with Travelers. Again, very confusing. I almost could not rent a truck because of the problems with this app and not being able to access my proof of insurance, even though I have it and am on auto-draft.
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2 years ago, Mdesharn
Didn’t work for roadside assistance
I needed roadside assistance and put my info in via the app. I got a confirmation my request was received. No one came so I called. After waiting 30 minutes for a call back I was told that despite getting a confirmation my request had not been complete bc I didn’t enter my phone number or account #. A) I did enter my phone # B) it did not ask for an account number and C) shouldn’t the app be designed so I don’t need to add my account # if I’m signed in. Then I got a bunch of “sorry something went wrong on our end” messages in the app. No one ever came for me. So not really the best app. Finding an insurance company with a working app.
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5 months ago, 182847737373
Best insurance ever
I love Traveler's Insurance. We have them for four cars, a home, and umbrella insurance. They actually cover what they say they will. No games. My amazing insurance agent - Mike Rosetti - sold us our travelers insurance and got us all the discounts that we were entitled to. My agent and I go over my needs every year and my family has all he coverage that we need for our risk comfort. My agent uses Traveler’s for his family too - the very best advertisement.
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7 months ago, intrepid-user
Very useful
I like how accessible all my ID cards are and the integration to apple wallet is neat too. Would love to have a button to full screen and rotate the screen and view the ID the long way. I know I could just rotate the orientation on my phone but I have auto-rotate off because its usually annoying. This would be a good way to keep autorotate disabled and rotate it just while I'm viewing the ID card.
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7 months ago, HouseMusicLova
Oak Insurance Group
Oak Insurance Group is the one that wrote my insurance policy with Travelers and it has been a nightmare from the beginning. I realized I could cancel before the 13 months were over and the agent, Dolan Jablonski, has made it very difficult I cancel and had it set up so that if I called Travelers that would force me to call him. Once I thought we had this taken care of, I found out he had renewed for the upcoming year and didn’t cancel that. I demanded that Travelers talk to me because he kept screwing up. Now I see they are saying I owe money for the canceled accounts even though I never agreed to the renewal and they’ve sent me back my refund.
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2 years ago, I'm the bunny
Update blows!
You updated the app that resulted in booting out users that use a thumbprint to log in, haven’t used a user name or password for this app for years ...and you didn’t think ‘forgot user name or password’ was important to have for THIS update? >>>> “The feature is planned for a future update” <<<< What piss-poor planning it was to push out an update that wasn’t ready.... So we can waste our time trying to get logged in and have to write stupid reviews to make you realize how stupid it was to save a few $$. But you don’t care... it’s probably my last payment that funded the update. I ironically found a new ins co recently... adios
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3 years ago, taylarae99
So easy to navigate
Travelers is hands down the best insurance company. I’ve had nothing but good experiences especially recently when I needed roadside assistance. I don’t have roadside on my policy so I only paid $50 out of pocket. The people I talked to that helped me get the roadside assistance were nothing but helpful and polite. It was a Sunday night and I had no issues what so ever. 10 stars. I will always recommend Travelers.
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9 months ago, everygoodboydoesfinr
Insurance cancelled
We cancelled our insurance with you months ago. Allstate also cancelled it months ago. However, we continue to receive bills from you for lots of money. That is harming our credit score. We have talked, Allstate has talked, we have sent papers , etc. Could this be taken care of immediately before any litigation begins. I am tired, your stamp man must be tired. Do it today, PLEASE!!
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1 year ago, LMP in Mass.
Positive about Travelers
I have consistently been pleased with my business dealings regarding my auto insurance policies. The wait for customer service is never very long. The representatives are always pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful. My only regret is that I did not switch from my prior insurance company to Travelers sooner. The cost savings and ease of communication has been a great benefit. Thank you.
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3 months ago, cmiller0204
My agent will only call me on Saturday. Asks the stupidest questions he should already know the answers to because I’ve told him more than once and they are on my claim. Never responds to emails. Never has any information for me when I ask about my claim. He’s been totally useless and now I see why travelers was the cheaper choice when we were looking for insurance. Sure would be nice to get an update even if an adjuster isn’t available. At least tell me your working on it. Good Customer service is t that complicated. And now I have to submit this stupid review under a nickname, Jesus Christ just use my name!!
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2 years ago, Brassyi730
Bad Update, Glitchy!
C’mon Travelers! What happen to your integration testing!?! You ‘finally’ fixed major issues only to expose more! The website & app are very glitchy! The app & website have several links that don’t work. For the Website, there are popup windows that don’t provide a way to close. Stored banking information for payments that have been there for years now gone. If I was informed that my payment information was going to be removed, I would have been prepared.
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2 years ago, NEPA Tom
Kinda ruined it, for my specific use-case.
Still a very useful app, but no idea why they had to change it. It used to be very simple, clean and legible. My grandparents aren’t able to make good sense of it anymore. Devs are going to have to increasingly consider senior users in app development, in that pretty graphics are often inversely correlated with ease-of-use.
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3 months ago, Domhdhdjdkskxnn
Car insurance
My wife and I have travelers insurance for all our needs resently I made a claim a car backed into my wife’s car while we were in a store well when I brought it in for repairs I was told she didn’t have rental insurance that’s a joke I’m 68 years old and I’ve never heard of such a thing I was told underwriting would look into it well almost a month has passed and I’m considering changing companies
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2 years ago, Dmguth3
Well done!
For an insurance app, it’s got everything I need and no sales pitch. Straight up ID cards, help when I need it and easy payment and balance inquiry. Nicknamed all my wheels just like we refer to them around the home. Only wish is to be able to make deeper changes for adding or removing vehicles. Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, 369DGT
Might be an Excellent choice for both home & auto if…
… if travelers can resist the urge to raise rates a little bit each year until they force good solid customers to price search for better rates. Why not just keep those customers in good rates while you have them? ;)
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2 years ago, RoscoeTheKat
App—5 stars; Wallet card—3 stars
The Travelers app itself is well designed and easy to use. Today, however, I received an email saying, “You can now quickly add your insurance cards to Apple Wallet for easy access!” I went through the steps, but what is now in Wallet is only faintly similar to our vehicles’ insurance cards. The Wallet version has only my wife’s name, the policy number, and beginning-ending dates of coverage. It does not have my name nor does it specify our two vehicles. And even thought it says, “See back for details,” there is no “back.” I realize the Wallet version is not acceptable as proof of insurance, but it would be convenient to have more information at glance readiness.
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2 years ago, ShoDiddly
app failed during emergency
I Had an emergency/ mechanical breakdown far from my home today.. Travelers app failed multiple times and then the web link they gave me via text also failed.. had to speak to an agent, then when I clearly gave her my correct policy number, name, etc etc.. my info did not show up on her screen.. then suddenly it came through.. my emergency was ultimately solved in a reasonable matter but the failing app & other issues added unnecessary stress & delay
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5 months ago, Tony 11H
Terrible customer service!!
After a claim for water damage in my basement the claims agent wouldn’t even come out for the initial adjustment for 24 days after filing. I called to confirm what was covered and the during the first call with the claim agent he told me none of it was covered. I told him I was told otherwise on a previous call. He reviewed the call recording and called me back 10 minutes later and said it would be covered but he couldn’t come out for 3 weeks for the initial adjustment. I would never insure anything with them!
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2 years ago, MrsAlwaysRight14
Saved by the App
The app makes it super convenient to issue your insurance card when pulled over or when in a time crunch. I was super relieved when I didn’t have my insurance card on me to be able to find and quickly pull it up to show the officer. Thanks Travelers developers!
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2 years ago, Team Goodnight
Easy Access, Everything I Need
Have really enjoyed the experience in this app. I like the look and feel as well as the functionality. Between easy ID cards for auto and the ability to make changes without having to bug my agent, it’s great!
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3 years ago, scooct224
Love the new version!
Love the new app! Being able to request roadside assistance and report a claim is great. It looks really easy! I also saved my ID card to my phone. I haven’t had to make a payment yet on my policies (I have 3), but I’ll update my review after. It also looks really easy!
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2 years ago, djm1952
Where is my insurance ID card
I can’t find it, or a way to download it, or even a way to upload a scan of my paper copy. *** In response to your reply, my whole point is that I don’t see the option to “View or download your auto ID card.” Where is that option in the latest version of the app? I note that you added this feature to the app two months ago. Is there a chance that when you updated the app five days ago you inadvertently removed the feature?
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1 year ago, joe 330!
Bad experience buying home insurance
The rep took all my information and made 3 different quotes wasn’t helpful at all took out money out of my account with a policy that wasn’t what I was quoted and now they are telling me I need to wait 24 hours for paperwork to go through to the right person and then it’s going to take 7 to 10 business days to get my money back when it took 5 min to get a year payment out of my account I should not have to wait to get my money back.
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2 years ago, djwkubrick
Cannot Access Insurance ID Cards
For at least a month now the app has been broken. If you are in a pickle and need to download your insurance ID cards on the go you are out of luck. The app just says ‘there’s been a problem’ whenever you try to view your ID cards and any mobile web browser automatically opens the app. Travelers, please fix this issue. People rely on having access to their insurance ID cards.
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3 weeks ago, TDP12345!
Terrible App
For over a month, I have not been able to use the app. When you put in your login info and hit enter, it just goes to a blank screen and has a spinning red circle and will not change to anything else. No new updates have been available for over 3 months so it doesn’t seem anyone is working on this issue. I have read tons reviews with the same complaint as mine. Screwed up to offer a broken app and then not fix it.
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2 years ago, Dcat78
Horrible update
The update they did a month or two ago is such a nightmare. The UI is slightly better but everything else is so much worse. It never saves my payment information and when I try and adding it back in takes multiple times and the form never loads. If you have multiple policies you need to load your payment information in each one. An app that works is better than a pretty app that doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, dlbaz
Great Company. Garbage app
Stop changing stuff. Stop updating everything. The app gets worse with every update! Gees… I can’t even pay a bill on your mobile app, in full, without having an app hiccup! App won’t let me update an existing credit card. Upon entering a new card, and the countering error messages. When hitting the “update card details” button, it just takes me back to the page where I can enter in a new card. Stop making this complicated.
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2 years ago, GilianMay
Easy Peezy
This is the term used to describe an easy task or process, one, that before tackling it, you were certain would be cumbersome. This is my experience of using the Travelers’s apt to pay my premiums on-line. Give it a try; you’ll discover how easy Peezy it really is.
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2 years ago, galocke
Serious glitch
Seems like a useful app overall, but every time I added a new policy I got taken to a “go paperless” page I could not get out of, even after choosing my paper/paperless options. All I could do was delete the app, reinstall it, and re-enter all of my user name/password stuff. A twice-repeated bother I could have done without, frankly.
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3 years ago, DML_27
Upgraded version is excellent!
Thank you for continuing to deliver robust self service capabilities that allow me to do what I need to do when I need to do it! All awhile providing easy to understand coverage explanations and connectivity to my agency. Well done!
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4 months ago, ACGLLC
Stay far away from this insurance
I was a member for this car insurance over 4 years. I upgraded to a newer vehicle and without letting me know per email or app. They canceled my membership and I was unaware !!! For months I then received a letter from the DMV saying my license will be suspended because of no insurance. I called them and they had no proof of email and had no excuse they just said we canceled your policy. People please for your own good STAY AWAY. From this scamming company !!! Criminals
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10 months ago, Login frustration
Login roadblock
I can login easily to my Travelers account via a browser, but when I download the mobile app on my iPhone it does not recognize my account. I have tried resetting and also creating a new account via the app, but it won’t create the account because the email address is already in use. I deleted the app. I can still login via a browser. Help.
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3 years ago, Astergawker
Why can’t we access the car insurance cards from the Wallet app?
Every time there’s an update to this app, I look in vain for the option to save the car insurance card to the Wallet app. Why not? My previous insurer had this feature and it was extremely useful. Maybe it’s in the developer’s “to do” list?
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2 years ago, NAPJAP
Price Increase
We were paying under $900 for 6 months. Now we are paying over $1200. My wife had an accident which was not her fault. A bolder fell off a dump truck in a construction area. She was in the middle lane and was blocked in both sides. She couldn’t get out of the way. It went under the vehicle and damaged the under carriage. My insurance agent told me that was the reason for the price increase. Thanks
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2 years ago, jld0025
OK I guess
I thought I was going to be able to use this when I purchased a new car. However the new car wasn’t in the system so I couldn’t change the insurance when I thought I would be able to. So I had to drive a brand new car home without any insurance until the next day.
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1 year ago, Meh 🫤
Does not work
New customer here, instructed to download the app to streamline and stay on top of things. After downloading it, it passed the first screen then nothing. Uninstalled the app , rebooted phone and downloaded again with same results. I have an iPhone 12 with updated software so I don’t believe is the equipment. Was looking forward to handle everything from the app but it seems like phone calls it is 👎👎👎
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1 year ago, anon7649
App Crashes When Policy About to Renew
In the couple of days leading up to the renewal date, every time I try to view my auto policy documents in the app, it crashes! Once the policy renews, the crashes stop and I can see the policy documents. It’s rather annoying.
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11 months ago, Tom10293857
While their web page has more detailed information, this phone app provides a simple to use interface for basic information.
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6 months ago, 720-383-0858
Let me go landscape on my I-pad for god sake
The app overall is great, but it is a pet peeve of mine when I can use my I-pad for everything I would have needed a laptop for until I encounter apps like this one that, for some reason, the developers think I would just love to not have the flexibility to rotate my screen. I get that the app is primarily designed for cell phones, but come on, is it really that difficult to let me rotate it?
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3 years ago, JMAN42
Great update
I’m a long time user of the app. I love the new look. Long overdue:). I like the ability to have my auto insurance card easily accessible and can share it. I’ll definitely use the roadside assistance vs calling it in.
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1 year ago, woa wood
Great app easier to use
Great app very easy to use very informative and would definitely recommend you to use it. It’s a must have easy to navigate.
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2 years ago, trulyblssed1984
Horrible App
I am a new customer and have been trying to access my account information via the app as well as your website and neither one are working. Every time I put in my login information the page just keeps swirling and I get no where. You should really get with your app and web developers and get this fixed ASAP! This is a huge inconvenience.
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