TreeSize - Disk Usage

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10.10 or later
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User Reviews for TreeSize - Disk Usage

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8 years ago, Jere_
Not Like TreeSize Free
TreeSize Free is a great app for PCs. I was looking for a similar app for Mac. While this app looks similar, it doesn’t perform as well as TreeSize Free for PC. This app scans the directories including all child directories, so you have to wait for it to finish the scan as opposed to it just showing the the folder/file sizes at the directory being viewed. It would make this app better/faster if it just showed currently viewed directories’ folder/file sizes. I think the app is still useful though and will continue to use it.
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7 years ago, ditto13041
Another Update
OK, had nothing else going on….started the app…my screen eventually went to “sleep” while it was running…. Eventually logged back in….system was hung again….had to kill the app in Activity Monitor So…..if this app would work it would be great….but I have not run it in any situtation so far when it did not hang up (Mac mini….4GM memory) So I think I’d have to pass on it…memory hog…cpu hog…hangs all the time somtimes requiring a hard boot.
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4 years ago, Riptide junior
I enjoy this app
Tells me what I want to know. Takes a little bit, part of the maintenance work flow
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4 years ago, mpol
This application is simply useless. Crashes all the time. Doesn't do what it says. Here's my brief experience today: - Installed app. - Scanned HD. - Approved the first 3 or 4 requests for permissions to various folders (even folders that should not have been necessary, like my attached USB ... that I did not scan. - Crashed. - Tried again, crashed again. - Tried again, crashed again. - Opened Security and gave it Full Disk Access. - Scanned again ... crashed.... What a waste.
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4 years ago, zzzz user
Very useful tool
I use Treesize with both iOS and PC laptops. It is very useful.
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10 years ago, jsoenke
Good app, fair price
Very similar to Tree Size for PC. This app scans your hard drive or a selected folder and reports the size of the contents. Great for finding out which folders are taking up the most space, or tracking storage consumption that you might not otherwise be aware of. The best feature is the analysis at the end of scanning and the ability to instantly see the top 100 largest files. The developer did an excellent job!
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10 years ago, soundtracker
Great Value
This application is fast. The user interface is straight forward and powerful. The graphics are very good for the price. i like that I can move files to the Trash from the top 100 file display. I removed 130GB of files in 5 minutes. Only complaint. Where are the tooltips? Each icon should tell me what it does when I hover over it. All in all I like the app and would buy again.
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