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User Reviews for Trello

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6 years ago,
Getting there
This app is good. Its very similar to the website though. Its nice to have an app now on the desktop. But it woudl be great if there were more features. Like drag and drop in the boards menu so you can move boards from one team to another, etc. Also its just a bit clunky still. I love trello, use it on my phone and comptuer. Its getting there slowly but surely. Could use some upgrading a bit though. I wish they had a bit more of a way of creating a difffernt type of board. Love the pictures and video links elmetns though. Like instad of just having the dorp down lists having the option to do like a general note pad on one would be great where you can keep typing rather than just bubles or have to open the note and do description. Love the pictures and video links elements though. That way I could move fully off Notes as well and use this for things like journaling ideas etc. As of now its really jsut great for vision boarding and lists. Calander things too but this is a bit clunky. Its more of a reminder option thats kinda nice but i dont use it much the way its set up.
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5 years ago, SD-I
Trello is great, App is unreliable
Love using Trello, and rely it on for both professional and personal projects. However, the app vesion is completely unreliable. I keep the Trello window open on another desktop while I work, and after a few moments of inactivity, the window seems to constantly freeze. Frequently it will take multiple clicks to register, then, when it does, it will reset to the home page and any card I was working on is gone. The latest problem now is that after inactivity the app no longer reponds at all and has to be force quit. Update1: It’s 2019, and the app is still worthless. Constant freezes requiring me to quit and restart the app. Now it’s freezing *while* I’m typing entries into a card; I then have to force quit, losing whatever progress I had. Tell me again why this is better than using the website, which, as far as I can tell, works flawlessly? Update #2: After two years I’m giving up and uninstalling this piece of garbage. The app freezes constantly, outright crashes, or loses cards after I try to enter them. The app is completely unreliable and worthless for extended use. It’s fine in short bursts, but as I rely on it throughout the day, it simply isn’t stable enough. The website, by comparison, doesn’t crash, or freeze or lose my data. So, whatever benefits the app held aren’t worth the trouble, I’ll just return to using it via a browser.
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7 years ago, Kurose
Buggy and less performant than on the web
The main reason to use a standalone app of something you can get in the web browser is that it should be more performant and feel more native than in the browser. This app needs some real work still as it’s neither. It actually seems like it’s just a webview inside an application window, because it gives me the exact same “disconnected from server for too long, please reload” messages I get on the web - unlike the iOS app which has great offline capability. It is also SLOWER and buggier than the web - we’re talking ASANA SLOW, which was the original reason I ditched that and started using Trello... Switching from the list view to the calendar view is particularly buggy. Sometimes it doesn’t work, or there’s a several second lag during which I’ve clicked again three times and then it flashes back and forth the number of times I’ve clicked once it catches up. This is not a computer processing speed issue - I regularly edit videos and photos with less lag than the Trello app. Please make a native app that is actually performant - it’s clear to see you’ve just thrown a web view into an app and put it up on the app store to get another marketing touch point to make users sign up. It’s lazy and below Trello’s normally high standards.
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6 years ago, kate gee
So incredible for certain kinds of organizing
I have been trello gold for a while - because I evangelize the heck out of it! It has been incredible for my work place and I also have finally figured out how to use it for my own organizing. I have one complaint - as an art organization that uses drawing tablets - trello is the only app that can not accept input from the tablet and pen (this goes for all the desktop & laptop macs we have - using multiple brands of tablets.) I contacted trello to see if this was something we could solve and was told it was the manufactures fault - but I highly suspect something else is going on now that we have purchased yet another 100$ tablet that also doesn't work. If I didn't love and use the app so much I wouldn't have even noticed - so let this just be a testament to how much more I wish I could use it without this hangup. Kudos to all the 1,000 other things they have made absolutely incredibly right and functional. It boggles the mind. If you are wondering if you should be using it - yes, especially if you work in teams and deal with images - there is really nothing else that can compare. It handles hundreds of images with ease and grace. I have tried a million systems and can hardly believe how great this one is - and that it still doesn't have to cost you anything. So yeah, download it! (...and then help me figure out how to make it work with our tablets!)
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4 years ago, elmstreetschool
Trello is great, app has problems
Currently this app has some serious bugs, at least on my Mac. It has become somehow invisible to Finder and the menu has disappeared. Fortunately the app is identical to the website so getting around in Trello isn’t affected, but starting and quitting are now a hassle. I would rate the Trello system (as opposed to the app) 4 1/2 stars. I use it for everything. It's so flexible that it works for production workflow, as lesson planner, storage shed for links/ideas, image transfer device. Support for Trello is good. I recommend the Calendar power-up which links project deadlines to a Google calendar. They have a paid plan if you want extras but there’s no pressure to upgrade. I think Trello was designed for people in a specific type of corporate environment, so home users will need to work around some issues — I spend a lot of time trying to make my data fit into the board/card/list structure, and the Facebook-like Home Page is useless and annoying. On the whole, though: Trello is an amazing tool for free. But, unless your internet is unreliable, there’s not much difference between the app and the website.
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5 years ago, Jacknedie
For artists
For creative projects, writing, planning and producing events - I have just come to appreciate this app so very much. Before Trello, I was using PowerPoint and then Google slides to organize my projects. It sounds funny but it was surprisingly effective. A slide for each scene in a play — attach research and notes to the slide. But team work was tricky, as not everyone had access to Microsoft products, and Google, although free, for some team members had a sizeable learning curve. Let’s be honest, PowerPoint isn’t always intuitive either. New users glaze over until you encourage them to get in and click around. This app works in a similar way to what I have described; with boards and attachable cards, but it also has the additional benefit of being able to keep multiple projects working at the same time. In addition, you are easily able to create and work with teams. There is a great dashboard for all projects that keeps your complete organizational structure visible in ways that other Apps do not. It is easy to jump in and add a note, article, or web page whenever you trip across something you can use or don’t want to forget. I have searched every App Store for a tool like this—something for the visual organizer that I am. I have finally junked my post-its and have been using it ever since. I also appreciate that it is so affordable.
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6 years ago, dillonbrownbear
This app is good, but a few small features could make it great!
I am an entreprenuer, freelance designer, and business consultant. I rely on technology to keep in touch with teams/clients while working any and all of my projects. Like a lot of poeple I found trello when looking for free alternatives to similar apps. I figured it would fit my needs, but didn't expect much. Trello by far is better than I expected. Even witout upgrading to any of the paid options, I find Trello is way more useful than I ever thought it would be. It is really easy to navigate and understand and within a day of setting up my account, I recieved emails in my inbox with videos on how to get the most out of the app. I strongly recommend trello to anyone who needs to organize to-do lists, task, project guidelines, etc. with a team of 2 or more people. Though I love Trello, there are a few things preventing me from rating it 5 stars: 1) Though it provides excellent push notifications to my mac, I wish that I was able to add a trello widget to notification center in MacOS. It would be a bonus if it were an iOS widget as well, but I would rather have one for mac. 2) There is no menu bar icon. Having a quick glance access in the menu bar would be AMAZING. All in all, this app and service is great. If you need to colaborate on any projects in the near future, you need to give Trello a try.
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2 months ago, Flickerofmind
I enjoy using this to manage projects
I'm a project manager and co-founder of a nonprofit whose whole objective is projects that support people compassionately. I have my hands full in 20 given directions at any time (I use to be a wedding coordinator and had 200 weddings on my radar at a time, so it's less, but still a lot). I use trello like my notebooks and file folders; assigning each board a valid master category, and each list considered as a folder; each card is an item in the folder. It's helped me go digital in my planning and communications as it can mimic what I'd do in real life, because it's that flexible for me. I've tried many others but found better versaility with trello, and am looking forward to getting the pro version, priced for nonprofits.
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5 years ago, jenlawyer
Really pleased
I was disappointment in Microsoft's decision to phase out Wunderlist and even ore disappointed when I tried their replacement app, MS To Do. It lacked most of what I liked about WL. Also I'm Mac based and don't want to use Outlook so whatever functionality exists for Outlook users doesn't for me. I tried a couple of different apps, none of them were what I was looking for. Then I downloaded Trello. I'm using the free version currently and I am really thrilled so far. My life is complicated (I have a career, a family, I'm in grad school, and I have various creative projects going on at any one time) and Trello gives me a way to organize all of these different facets of my life really well. I haven't had any of the freezing issues described in some other reviews but will update if that changes. So far I'm just really, really pleased.
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7 years ago, MobilePhoneBill
Nice app. Yet another subscription...
This is a really easy to use project/task management, group collaboration tool. Would be something I’d use, however the monthly fees start at $5 and go up to $10/user/month. $60 to $120 / year doesn’t sound like much until you multiply by the number of users and then add in all the other essentials (ie Office 365, etc). The ease of use is not really worth the annual fees for us. Since more and more applicaitons are requiring a subscription these days, we have to guage what’s important versus the nice to have features offered here. The free version is relatively light and will probably not work for most small business applications (limited “Power-up” extensions, limited file attachment sizes (even if I store on my device), and no options to store on my other cloud services (free version offers access to OneDrive, but then only one extension is allowed at a time)...
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6 years ago, NWgirl81
More Functionality Needed
I hoped that the app would allow more viewing options. It would be great if there was a dashhboard view that combined upcoming deadlines from multiple/all boards so you could see what you had to do that day/week at a glance without opening each board individually. It would also be helpful if there were little notifications on each board from the dashboard so you could see which boards had tasks coming due that day (such as you have for unopened emails on you computer). These were the types of functions I was hoping the app would have that the iOS version doesn’t. Otherwise, it’s a great place to be able to store/organize your projects/to-do lists.
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6 years ago, Iyad Hindi
Helped me be more efficient
For years I have been switching constantly from my white board to using excel to track my daily, weekly and monthly tasks while not finding any one method fully satisfying! Trello was the perfect solution for me. I am not using it to collaborate on projects, but just for myself to track what is Pending, In-Progress, Waiting on someone else, Completed and Backlog actions. Each of these is a separate list that I can easily drag any one action between (and back-and-forth). It allows me to visualize what needs to be done “At-A-Glance” that is simpler than, say, a Gantt chart. Trello is intuitive and allows me to compartmentalize say, work, vs. volunteer work in differetn boards. I use it daily and I love it!
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5 years ago, MS778899
Great but few things
Love the app. Use it on computer and phone. My issue is with the program as a whole. Think it would be much nicer to allow clearance to certain lists. Say I have a board set up for myself and my employees. The way it is set up now if I want to have a "daily to do" list set up theres a chance that I will have things on that list I don't wish employees to see. So I have to put that list under my personal board and switch back and forth all the time. Would like to be able to control access to indicidual lists instead of just boards. Also you can drag attachments from desktop to app but why are you not able to drag uploaded attachments to your desktop?
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6 years ago, Brooklyn Cyclist
Nearly There...
I like using this app instead of the browser-based version of Trello. It has most of the functionality of the browser version, and keeping your Trello boards outside of your cluster of browser tabs is very welcome. However, the fact that you cannot bookmark pages, boards and searches is the reason why I can’t give this app 5 stars. I’ve tried workarounds using the Edit>Paste URL and Go menu command but it does not work. Not sure if this is a bug, or if this Menu item is reserved for something cryptic I don’t understand. Whatever the case, if it was enabled so that it could receive a URL, it would be useful—and I’d give this app 5 stars!
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7 years ago, ianthetechie
Disappointing “app"
First off, let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t actually an app. It’s a browser-in-a-box. Probably an ElectronJS app or something like Slack… So that’s like hugely disappointing. I mean, I guess it’s nice that I have a dedicated space for Trello now, but it still has most of the overhead of a web browser, and has the same bugs as the web app. To make matters worse, it has some new display glitches of it’s own. I’ve had several occasions where it gets the frame wrong in full screen mode. And it doesn’t even work with trello’s “add-ons” (which are really browser extensions in most cases). In short, they could have made a really nice app. Or even an acceptable app like they already have on iOS. But instead, we got a somewhat disappointing browser-in-a-box.
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6 years ago, simiannojob
Great Way to Organize
This app is excellent for the storyboard or card style of organization. Easy to group items and view them all at a glance. For now, however, I think I'll need to keep a basic to-do application like apple's reminders or wunderlist. This app doesn't have the ability to do recurrent tasks (with recurrent due dates). I really wish they had a way to freely organize the cards. Having them all on one row requiring me to scroll seems unnecessary if I've organized each project with a few tasks each, but have many different projects. I'd like to avoid creating 50 different boards.
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7 years ago, PhiloDoh
Great App
I love Trello - I use it for my own projects and whenever I need to coordinate work with someone else, even to the point of coordinating things that need to be done between me and my wife. This app is quick and responsive. I love that I get the same functionality as I would in the web, but it’s more native and I can pick a key combination to bring it up or add a card whenever I want without even touching my mouse. It works well and synchs without me having to initiate anything. This is a great, lightweight app that does what is intended quickly and easily and without getting in the way of your workflow.
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5 years ago, SmartyKatt
Seamless across devices
I use Trello every day, for both professional and personal projects. The website works well, but my obsession for checking my GTD list means I need something that is less of a hassle than logging in to the website on multiple devices many times a day. I started using the app about 6 months ago, and I've had no issues at all. Everything syncs well across devices and (from what I can tell) even Butler (a Gold feature) activates when I am on my mobile device ( this might be that the app is open on a desktop).
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7 years ago, rniller
Not what I was expecting - otherwise great app
Yeah, it’s now an offical, free Trello and Atlassian application. However, people paid for this app. And probabaly many paid for it recently. It’s the same app as Paws. Some sort of discount or refund would be awesome. Overall, the app is great. Becuase Paws was awesome. Even though it was just a web view, maybe Electron framework app, it still is a great alternative from opening up Safari or Chrome. It just bugs me that it was a paid app, now it’s free, and it’s exactly the same app as Paws, minus a few things. Apps like Ulysses offered something when they upgraded to a subscription model… just my opinion but man sometimes stuff like this makes me not want to buy from the App Store.
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3 years ago, Seg
Functional, but still Intel
The app mostly works as a standalone application than a tab on the browser. There's some refresh oddities where things will flicker or move around, even when information didn't actually change. The larger disapointment is it's an Intel build, not Universal (ie: no direct Apple Silicon support). For an app that is meant to hang in the background till needed, it's a disapointment that leads me back to using the browser interface.
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5 years ago, Benson Garner
Wish it worked offline and performed better than the web app
I love Trello, but not the Trello desktop app. To me, the reason to have a desktop version of a web app is to 1) allow for offline usage and 2) perform better than on the web by leveraging native capabilities of the hardware. The Trello desktop app does neither of these. It is completely non-functional when not online (e.g. when working in transit or on a flight) and actually functions slower and buggier than the web app. It really feels like they just duplicated the web app into a desktop app and called it a day. I want to love the desktop app as much as I love using the Trello web app but I just don't.
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6 years ago, iHarry
Very Good App
I am getting to like Trello. I do some small consulting projects occasionally and I find Trello helps me stay organized. I am not a power user by any stretch. I’m working on a project that will require my help on and off through the end of 2018. I happened to have Trello open and one of my clients saw it and is looking into using it in her organization. I think a low use annual pricing option for a single user that allowed some sharing would be a great idea. I really don’t have anything bad to say and look forward to updates and improvements.
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7 years ago, grimfish
SlowWeird graphical glitches
Love Trello - but this app is unusable at the moment. Half of my cards have weird geometric anomalies. Some are actually invisible. I thought they had been deleted when I first opened it. Dragging cards is slow. Also, calling the interface “minimalist” appears to be the new term for just wrapping up a big web page and calling it an app. Doesn’t look like or act like a Mac app and sticks out like sore thumb. Whatever they wrote this in looks like Slack and Discord. Is this the new Java/Flash/WriteOnceRunPoorlyEverywhere? I think I’ll just keep it in my browser for the time being and keep my fingers crossed for a real app. I do want to stress that Trello itself is excellent. This app just seems like it was a series of compromises.
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7 years ago, kbh987
Not great, but could be useful
As most reviews state, no offline mode is available for this app (unlike the mobile version). An offline mode would be extremely useful. That being said, it seems the only point in using this app is to keep Trello out of your browser. This can be useful in certain situations. My biggest gripe with this app is that anytime I click on one of the buttons (boards, notifications, etc.) it moves the window slightly. I generally ‘maximize’ apps to fill the whole screen, so any movement in the apps position looks off. It seems like bad UI design to have the whole app move when a button is clicked.
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3 years ago, Elvira Hedwig
Trello has changed my life
I don't know what's been wrong with me for the past 65 years, but I never could seem to "stay on top of things," "keep my affairs in order," "get my act together," or "get caught up." Is it ADD? An instrospective nature? Distractibility? Lack of interest in mundane tasks? I don't really know, and it doesn't matter. What matters is that using Trello, in combination with the fabulous book Everything in Its Place by Dan Charnas, has allowed me to find a way to keep my life in order and have time to do the creative work I love.
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4 years ago, wolf_hands
Forcing "teams", CMD ` shortcut still broken
I'm mainly unhappy about Trello's move to "teams", so now all of my personal boards need to go into a team called "personal", but once I hit 10 boards I'll need to make "personal2" 🙃 Not very practical imo. I pay for Trello gold, but I honestly have no idea if I'm going to be forced to move to a business account (which is $120/year !?!? 👀 !?!?!?). And this last thing is kind of petty, but pretty much all apps on mac are able to use the CMD ` shortcut, which cycles through windows of an app. Well, Trello hasn't been able to use it for like a year or two. I know it's a low prio but for real, when working with 3-5 boards open on the app I want to keep my hands on the keyboard if I can, not have to faff around to switch windows.
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6 years ago, Ldgourmet
Admittedly I’m new to Trello but…onboarding is almost nonexistent
And the Contact Us outreach took too long, Twitter Support refers you back to Contact Us (why then have Twitter support?). I may become a superfan, who knows. Right now…a little shaky. Some functions don’t seem to work the same between desktop and app? The main reason I’m writing this at such an early date is that end of 2018 is too late to have such a bumpy onboarding UX. There are tools out there and I for one would pay for a better experience. I’ve already lost hours futzing around when I could have been crafting my next marketing outreach, editing my Tinyletter, etc.
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7 years ago, somecrankypm
not better than Trello website
Trello: Great. Trello iOS App: Great! Trello MacOS App: It's OK? I Guess? As far as I can tell, the MacOS Trello app is basically a dedicated browser window to Trello, plus desktop notifications. The desktop notifications are nice. The dedicated browser window is pretty pointless unless it can store local copies of my Trello boards for use when I have no Wifi. Instead, it seems to attempt to refresh itself under no-Internet conditions, therefore becoming a blank screen — which is even worse than what the web app does. At the moment, the benefit (nice desktop notifications) does not exceed the cost (even flakier offline behavior than the web app) to me of using this desktop app.
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7 years ago, GolfNut1400
Looking Good Trello Team!
Downloaded and install (no issue…good) the product today on my Mac Air and I had a chance run it though some of the basic functions. I found the response time (as expected compared to browser) to much faster. The keyboard short-cuts is great time saver. My plan is to evaluate the product for a few more days before joinging my new team in a week. Thanks Trello team. I look forward to seeing what other new features in your backlog that you will be releasing soon.
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7 years ago, robredcay
I love Trello! Desktop app is nice. Web and iOS versions also great.
I love the Trello product and have used it personally and with teams for years. The platform has gotten very full-featured over the years while retaining its simplicity. I am blown away that it is free and ad-free. I love the product marketing (I am a sucker for that wolf). I use the web and iOS versions regularly. Having this full-featured desktop option is really nice when I’m at work on my main computer. Thank you, thank you!
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6 years ago, SantiagoNaranjo
Buggy and Slow...
I have been running the browser version of Trello concurrently with the desktop version and I am finding that I’m having to go back to the browser version much more often. You cannot currently post any type of attachments on a Trello card via Dropbox. I reported this to Trello support and they stated that this is a known issue. Their work around is to use the browser. They followed up stating that this has been a known issue for a while and there is no fix in the immediate future. Deep sigh…. I’m so disappointed. I was starting to fall in love with a girl named Trello, only to find out she’s “broken” and full of bugs. Bummer.
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7 months ago, iamserda
Works for my purpose
I needed to get more organized in my personal life in order to grow both personally and professionally and this application has so far helped me become more structured. And as my list of completed tasks gets long, I have proof that I have put in the work. This is huge for confidence which I tend to lack in my current field as a newbie. I love it as an individual user. I can't speak for pros like PMs or teams.
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4 years ago, JohnCorb
Absolutely needs offline mode, bug with checklist
UPDATE: Recently checking checklist items stopped working all of a sudden. Works for the first 2-3 clicks and then stops until reload. Overall I love Trello, it’s the best project manager. On the web it’s 10/10 the best. But this is the review for its desktop counterpart. It's little bit slower than the web and what is more important - lacks offline mode. There's offline mode on the iPhone and IPad that is really helpful when you're not connected. Every time Trello gets disconnected I need to open my iPhone and copy-paste text from the computer back and forth and then use those tiny cards on the small screen. It's really painful.
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4 years ago, acrisis
Ineffecient and lacks the basics, tons of wasted white space
I really want to love Trello, but get frustrated every time I open it, because Trello wastes tons of space to white space, instead of showing me my stuff. I am a simple guy with simple needs. I have a 34" screen and 24 boards. It will only show 12 on the center of the screen?! The rest hidden under " less active ". Then I have one board somehow stuck as a team board, separated out ... can't move it. When I go in a board ... there is no reflow in rows. Who insists that cards should be single row?! 2/3 of my screen is blank ... but several cards are off to the right of my 34" screen due to this STUPID single row and lack of reflow thing.
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2 years ago, Thumpygirl
They're back!!!
FINALLY we got the Trello we all know and love back to functional. It's been great for me so far, I haven't noticed any bugs, but I'm sure there are others that demand way more for it than I do. For all the grief (100% deserved) these folks got for the old non-M1 version taking so long to get updated, let's give Trello/Atlassian some props for getting the refreshed version out to us finally! Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, whysomanynicknames?
Nice — would be great if it worked offline
I use Trello every day and have used it for a couple of years as my main project and work management software. I really love it. This app is great as long as you are connected to the internet. If you aren’t connected it is actually a bit worse than the browser version of Trello because it goes completely blank when it tries to refersh. At least the browser version allows you to make new cards and edit offline without shutting down. If they made this work offline it would be awesome.
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6 years ago, Enaid13
Best App Ever!
I am a organisational-freak and I love this app because it is just simple, straight to the point and if you want more functionnalities, here you go, use them! I have been trying so many apps for do-lists and most of them are so hard to deal with, and it shouldn’t be. Anyway, I am very happy with Trello, I got boards for everything I do and all synchronise :D Even better, I made my team at work using it, now we share boards, just easy! Love it! Thank you!
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7 years ago, Jon C. Henry
It’s Great, One Quibble
Overall it has performed very well for me I have not run into any issues with the app crashing. End to end its a great platform for how I manage work. The only qibble I have is that it does not work offline. There are times when I’m working and have no internet. If I absolutely must move a card or complete a task, I'll use my phone if possible. Will being able to work offline be available in a future update? If so, five stars. Thanks.
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6 years ago, JulianRey
Great app, needs a dark mode
I am a young entreprenuer and recently started a clothing company with a colleague of mine and we needed a quick, simple, and free way of managing our tasks to make sure we're following our timeline. We tried Trello out after hearing about it from an acquaintance and we loved it. The interface is easy to use and the list function is so nice. Overall, love it, but I personally would like to see a dark mode for this app.
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5 years ago, Gryphon MacThoy
Functions are great, UI is great. But what's with the CPU usage all the time?
Everything Trello does for me as a user is perfectly fine. Really. Very useful. But what is it doing using 10% of a 3.2 GHz quad-core cpu when I haven't touched it in hours? Why is it using %5 of the available energy when I am not using it for anything presently? Why is it's memory usage fluctuating up and down? Again, haven't touched the app in HOURS, haven't used Trello from another device in DAYS. So, what is it DOING? Guess I can't just leave it open, or it drains my battery.
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3 years ago, Srinivas Kotaru
Good but remove clunky stuff
This is good application for Kanban. I like simple and efficient applications. Not sure why this app takes lot of memory in the form of helpers. I could see 2 helpers apps, they take more memory than main applications. Remove unnecessary stuff from UI and don't see any option to remove so many mentu items which distract the user. Keep it simple, efficient and fast.
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7 years ago, zacbdct
I’ve been a long time user of Paws, which was purchased by Trello to form this application and have had nothing but great experiences with it. Getting Trello out of my browser and onto my desktop has led me to using Trello constantly. This works flawlessly and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I hope this doesn’t change much over time, and continues to offer seemless integration with the Trello website. Yeah!
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3 years ago, atager
deleted all my stuff
I have been using Trello for quite some time. at first I was so excited about it but then things started to change and I realized that it was not a finished project and ideas were changing the whole time. half way through my using the app, they came up with a paid version and then I was forced to use a trial version and then they took the liberty of deleteing most of my stuff leaving only 10 of my projects open. what happened to the others? they deleted them and funny story, I was asked to upgrade to the paid version to be able to access them!!! what a robbery really! I had to pay for a monthly subscription to access my stuff beacuse I needed them fast. my rights have been violated using this app I moved all my stuff to another app and cancelled the subscription I do not recommend the app, there are many alternatives which are way better
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5 years ago, Alex Eiden
Fantastic in every way. But missing one thing: Dark Mode.
I've used Trello for years now and it has been the single most productivity-enhancing tool of any for my teams and I. The app is no different. Much more convenient than going to the website and excellently built. The big thing I am waiting for is Dark Mode, or at least integration with macOS's dark mode. I think it would look spectacular.
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3 months ago, asegar
Great app—when it works
I love Trello for its flexibility, even wrote a blog post explaining why it's my favorite software for keeping my life tracked and organized. But… …a couple of weeks ago, the Mac desktop app suddenly started to ask me to login, which it hadn't done since I first logged in years ago. When I entered my login email, the app presented me with a blank screen with nowhere to enter my password. The web browser version still works fine. I submitted a support request in February 16th. I did not get any response until February 28, when support suggested I completely remove and reinstall the app. I followed Atlassian's support article for doing this and started the fresh app with the same result. I've now been waiting two weeks for support. Love the app, but only if I can use it. Who knows when support will resolve the problem?
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4 years ago, TomD-MacTom
Non-native Javascript app and looks like it
Barely operates in the Mac environment. Don't expect standard key sequences, such as ⌘-w to work. Carries over the Trello clown-car look and feel from their Web product. In fact, looking at the package contents you can see that it was built using Electron framework for packaging Javascript to run as a pseudo-Mac app. Just as usable as the Trello browser-based app, but frustrating because it pretends to be a Mac app, but does not behave like one. Probably easier to just use the Web based version where it matches the user expectations of the delivery platform (which it definitely does NOT do as a Mac app). On a positive note, the Trello Mac app makes a fabulous negative example of how to create a cross platform app. It will help me enormously in convincing my colleagues NOT to go this route in developing "native" apps for various platforms. I will certainly oppose using Electron for our applications! It would get us laughed out of our corporate accounts!
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5 years ago, VolioB
Notifications Functionality is Annoying
This app could use some ironing out. When you click a notification it opens an entirely new window of Trello instead of navigating toward the active window. Downloading attachments takes you to an internet brower where it opens then you have to select download again. Little annoyances like this add up, and aren't prevelent when using the browser version. Please fix the details and make this app more usable than the website.
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7 years ago, _haileyclaire
FINALLY an app that meets my organizational needs!
Thank you Trello for creating this awesome app that I can organize and prioritize my day-to-day life on. I feel much more relaxed now that I am able to use this app. Super reliable and easy to use, with an awesome platform and cool add-ons. If you’re an organization extremist or just looking to declutter your life a little bit, and it carries over into your virtual uses, I highly recommend Trello.
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4 years ago, graycloud9
Love it!!
I'm currently only using this for daily use and a personal project. As someone with ADHD, I live by lists. This app is basically columns of lists, so it's a perfect way for me to keep track of everything I need to do. My favorite part is being able to make a checklist within the cards themselves. This app has been a great way to see how much progress I've made.
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2 years ago, ISAAC AIDEN
Used to be good until MacOS Monterey
After I got my new macbook pro M1Max.. the dropbox powerup wont work. I have been with dropbox on chat support for hours and it is clearly trello desktop apps problem. It wont show the links and will show this instead. We tried everything possible but no solution. Below is the error in case trello support is interested. Can't show Dropbox content A browser security setting may be the problem. In your browser, go to Preferences > Privacy and uncheck the “Prevent cross-site tracking” option. Then refresh the page.
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