Trexis Insurance Corp

2.4 (17)
104.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Trexis Insurance Corp
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trexis Insurance Corp

2.35 out of 5
17 Ratings
12 months ago, ejschomaker
The app I absolutely out dated
It is just old... like really really old it seems, very difficult to use.
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2 months ago, AudrieHorne
Works for making a payment…
Needs more options like seeing payment history, showing more options like in-depth detail of account and the option to edit your information, they have my name spelled wrong
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1 year ago, Jagggggg1224578325
This app is horrible
It never works …. You cannot ever use it. Always says server down and information is not correct.
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4 years ago, Meshue# 1
I have
I have two problems with this one,, it should give you the info off your last payment,,,,,, and when you’re next payment is due,,,,, but it doesn’t,,, whenever you go to check your status,,,,,you get nothing,,,,, unless you call by phone
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1 month ago, Waldridge88
Get it together
Every time I try to login, it kicks me straight off. It needs to be completely updated. It’s very old, outdated.
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1 month ago, Yunito93
New version
I installed the new version and now it doesn't work. it does not open
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3 months ago, The car guy11
Do not get
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2 years ago, unsastosfied17
Needs updated
The app is very very old it seems. Everything turns to a side view when you open it and on my iPhone 12 Pro Max it even cuts out numbers or words not everything fits on my screen. It almost looks like it’s from 2000 and hasn’t been updated or modernized since. This is my way of pulling up all the insurance for all my vehicles easily and conveniently but it’s beyond that. The zoom on this app needs to be reduced. We should have access to our account too if we ever needed to change our personal info.
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5 years ago, pizzagal!
Easy pay
Decided to get the app after having trouble paying my bill through their website from my phone. Some reason I always had to use my laptop. The app made it super easy to pay, also all my information is right here at my finger tips including insurance cards.
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4 years ago, Drive142
Major Updates Needed
This app needs updates. You can’t see payment history, doesn’t give you the payment due date, and it denied access if your payment is late... so frustrating. Wouldn’t let me submit with one or two stars
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8 months ago, 🥷🏾 2.0
so many bugs, weird acting most times, glitches. old as dirt
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2 years ago, Geekin Mohican
Garbage app
Does NOT work - what is the point if you can’t use it to log in or pay your bill online??? Completely useless. What an awful company, too… zero customer service. Only reason to use is if they give you a lower rate than the bigger co’s
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5 years ago, TCv75
Does great
They must have updated the app. It works fine so far!
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5 years ago, pleasefixmygamesoicanplayagain
Doesn’t let you sign in
App doesn’t work keeps closing and the website won’t let you pay your bill at all my insurance is going to get cancelled because I am unable to pay it through both the app and the website...
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3 years ago, chad mccullough
Update the due dates
I never know when my bill is due and I’m tried of paying ahead to keep from having inc issues please update the app to be more user friendly....
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3 years ago, selena murray
I just downloaded the app and it’s nice the only concern I have is having a 4-digit password so your account can be a little more secure
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3 years ago, acehood143
This app just got me a ticket because it would not pull up my cards you really need to fix this app or just go ahead and remove it from the App Store because it is garbage
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4 years ago, Thug life 😎
Keeps crashing. It shouldn’t be this difficult to make a payment and view your information. Get it together already!
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4 years ago, Hot cocoa yumm yumm
Please fix
I got the app, created everything and it was fine. Now when I try to login it says inactive policy. Can you guys please fix this it’s ridiculous
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5 years ago, AmirD5
Was able to pay my bill ONCE with the app after that it kept saying inactive policy or whatever and wouldn’t let me sign in again.
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5 years ago, Hollyrberry
App doesn’t update ID cards.
Why don’t the ID cards update when the policy is renewed?
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4 years ago, tam9580
Doesn’t work
Let me sign in for a little bit now it’s says inactive policy and doesn’t work
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3 years ago, Johnpaullllllllll
Couldn’t even register or login
App is completely useless. Take it off the App Store.
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2 years ago, Einorah
Bad attention no good is very bad
Is very bad this app is no work never I try pay my bill and no work no good
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5 years ago, Blix318
Doesn’t work
I try to set up, tried to pay my bill. Can’t do anything
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4 years ago, Thriller PRO
I UPDATED THE APP I have iphone 11 Up to date IOS Am a mechanical engineer APP DOESN'T WORK After re-entering policy # DOB Resetting password Sending CODES back and forth I FINALLY got app to accept my LOGIN! But it says that my policy is inactive.... Funny I have a BILL THAT I JUST GOT IN THE MAIL!! I have paid my TREXIS bill with yhe APP for 12 months and NOW it won't work? I JUST HATE THIS SH:T!
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4 years ago, dt3200
Doesn’t work
App doesn’t work say inactive policy
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5 years ago, Guion76
Don’t work this app
Don’t let me do nothing 😒 I was trying make payment & send me back to login, try another action (report, information, policy information) but it’s same shut, send me to login each time
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3 years ago, Angry"Customer"
Isn’t it illegal to stop taking payment and basically cancel a policy on someone???
I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in about any state in US for an insurance company to cancel someone’s policy or stop taking the automatic withdrawal… leaving them with NO INSURANCE and NO KNOWLEDGE of this! If I hadn’t checked my account in detail to see why I had extra money in my account then I would’ve never known the money wasn’t taken out like it usually is! I don’t do the payment on my own, it’s supposed to AUTOMATIC! Which we had FULL COVERAGE, ROADSIDE, COLLISION, COMPREHENSIVE, UNDER OR NO INSURANCE, we had it ALL!! Now we have NOTHING! Now what I was told about a week or more when I texted my agent to see what the problem was, she didn’t even text back right away… days later she text me and said “I am no longer with the agency”. I asked her a couple other questions and stated it would’ve been nice to know my insurance was basically canceling on me and no one had the courtesy to even tell us anything! Many more days passed and she text “I’m sorry, I wasn’t allowed to say anything”! She never did sent me the number to call like I asked for but I found it. Just because someone quit or got fired does not mean you quit or fire all the people who got insurance under her/him!!! Now, if I get into a wreck between figuring this crap out and getting insurance fixed… what’s gonna happen with the insurance company who’s supposedly covering all my vehicles!?!?!? This was very UNPROFESSIONAL. My agents name was April Noland! And I’d like to know why she wasn’t allowed to tell her people their ins is being dropped! I’d like to know how this legal for an ins company/group to do this to someone!?
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5 years ago, NikkieW94
Doesn’t work!!
Doesn’t work at all.
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4 years ago, DeathValley91
I downloaded this app and registered my information. And it was set to save my username and password. I clicked on the app just to see if it saved my info. It won’t even open the app I get a window telling me my policy is inactive or my info is wrong. Please fix the bugs in this app and update it
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