4.2 (489)
32.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cerulean Studios, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trillian

4.18 out of 5
489 Ratings
4 years ago, rAllcorn
Valuable asset, but missing a couple of items…
The trillion chat utility is an awesome program, and I love many of its features! I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t seem to be real iOS friendly and that it doesn’t support a selection of a paragraph with the “speak” option. This is really important utility. So, if you’re driving and don’t want to read the text to be safe, you could reach down and tap it and tap speak and have it read the entire message to you. That works in Google hang outs/Google, but not in this app.. I also wish, like the Google app, but it had the option of a voice/phone call, or video conference like many of the other apps. Then… I wouldn’t need the other apps!! I’m not sure why they have a login separate for the app, did you have to pay for to get premium features… The app is good all in all by itself without those features. I don’t know that I’ve ever chatted with anyone with their truly an ID, but rather use other ideas with other services. All in all, it’s a great program, and I highly recommend you get it! Of course I would prefer a pigeon, a Linux utility that also works in Windows, and used to work in macOS… But we can’t always have what we want.
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6 years ago, Gregory and Tammy
Some more features needed...
I use Trillian at work. It is a great app for communication around our hospital and even within our clinic. It could almost replace my pager except for a few key things surrounding the notifications. They are just not annoying enough. The trillian noise is so soft and soothing that it is really easy to ignore. I wish there were options to use a different noise (something more annoying) and set it so that it continues to repeat a notification until it is read or actively deferred. As it exists right now I still have to carry a pager becuase I often miss the mobile notifications becuase of the above reasons. I think this is a simple fix and it would really make this a 5 star business messaging solution for hospitals and clinics. Thanks.
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6 years ago, SirenKnight
Great FREE app for more than a decade- Thank you!
I’ve been using this app for probably 15 years or more. I paid for premium for one year and wish I’d have just done the lifetime membership because I love this app and use it over every other one for chat. I loathe other chat apps (FB messenger can go diddle in the corner). Thank you Trillian for making a TRUELY FREE TO USE app that does as promised. Thank you for not removing features every year in an effort to force us to pay. Thank you for offering incentives to go premium. Next time that lifetime member deal pops up, I’m taking it. Because I thank you for making it simple, convenient and consistent enough that I can keep using the same app without having to start over. Thanks!!
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11 months ago, Jonathan Sudduth
Trillian remains top tier for chat.
While many have moved on to the multitude of chat options, Trillian shouldn’t be overlooked. For personal use, it had a lifetime subscription option which is rare in this world. Uptime is near perfect. The ability to keep logs via device or the web depending on if you’re using desktop or mobile, also very key for my use. Occasionally, there is a notification problem. After fully diagnosing devices, my friend and I just attribute it to being a dropped packet of data or something. Trillian gonna Trill is our joke.
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6 years ago, West Coast Princess
Good but room for improvement
The flexibility between devices is a good feature however I would like to see thunb print lock or at least password for privacy/security. I agree with the idea of having sent/read feature. Currently it is unclear if a message has been read. Also, would like the ability to use bitmoji keyboard in Trillian. Lastly, it would be nice to be able to easily write paragraphs rather than run-on’s. On the phones if one hits return the message is sent even though it may not be completed. This can be avoided by using dictation (speaking “new paragraph”). But dictation is often inaccurate therefore proofing and editing is required. Thanks for providing message option
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7 years ago, Romkslrqusz
So close!
I’ve loved trillian on my desktop for over a decade now. My only wish is that notifications would consistently come through - I still have to keep Hangouts on my phone, otherwise I often miss important work IMs when away from a workstation. Otherwise, everything about Trillian is great. I was pleasantly surprised to have iPhone X support right out of the box.
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6 years ago, wwwmaster1
Often unreliable; Occasionally unusable.
I’m a lifetime member and have been using Trillian for a very long time. This app can be a great supplement to the desktop app, but unfortunately it rarely works properly. The alerts are actually pretty good... I get them on my phone and watch, and can reply from the watch... however sometimes they just don’t come through. But often when I go to reply from the phone, the messages are not there. When I click on a contact, I get the spinny wheel indefinitely (or as long as my patience can tolerate - which is not long). It’s sad because with some efficiency coding and minor advances (like a quick option to just send the last photo) this could be a 5 star app.
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10 months ago, myangw
Perfect for me!
I primarily use the desktop app but sign in with this app also. I work for a payroll software company where everyone is remote. We use Trillian for our internal messaging. Since we can't just "step across the hall" if we need someone, this mobile app allows me to stay connected in case someone needs me when I'm away from my computer. If it was the only version I used, I might need more features. But as it is now - it's perfect for me.
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3 years ago, CISO.Devine
Great for secure texting (Healthcare)
Works great for secure texting for business as well as personal use. Easy federation to other chat systems, great new interface that is easy to use. Enterprise Server is very easy to set up and able to manage clients effectively. HITRUST CSF certified and HIPAA compliant. Very affordable on premises and cloud solutions compared to similar products. Chatbot and APIs allow integrations with 3rd parties. Best of all phenomenal customer support and new features coming out all the time.
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5 years ago, ylcstudentsdotcom
Love Trillian
I have been a user of Trillian since it first started on the web. And the app is also very useful, awesome. But lately it has been crashing when I try to open a conversation. I have an Apple iPhone with iOS 12.4.3. I tried to update my iPhone, but it won’t let me so I don’t know if there is a particular bug in either software. It won’t discourage me, though. I still love Trillian. it is a great app!
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3 months ago, Astrrisk
Almost there
I love this app, it’s great to use to bridge the gap between laptop and phone, but it’s missing key features like sending videos. The call feature also needs a lot of work, half of the time I can’t hear the other person.
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5 years ago, Razputen
Notifications not working
The app used to work great. Notifications would push through as messages arrived. However ever since the latest update they have for the most part stopped. They come in batches now and I miss a majority of messages that are sent to me. It's a wonderful service however at this point in time not reliable unless I check every 5 minutes for messages.
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6 years ago, Jaizm
iPhone and group messages and photos for fb
I would love to use trillian as a perm solution to fb messenger, but it has a lot of flaws and for a long time. When you send a picture it uses trillian link and doesn’t show as image for the other user. It’s a link they have to click to see it. Another thing is kinda big, if you get sent a group message on fb trillian doesn’t know how to handle it and doesn’t send
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2 years ago, TaskMaster59
Great IM App
I have been using Trillian desktop app over 20 years. It is my go to app for messaging with friends and business colleagues. I love the new features especially the snip and paste. I love the iOS version that I can message my employees anywhere when I’m away from the office.
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7 years ago, Dunejmpr
Back to being cool again:)
The layout is back to working with the iPad in the landscape mode:) I like being able to see the list again full time also. Still, having all of my IM's work across all of my devices completely seamlessly is by far the best thing going. Thanks !!!
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7 years ago, Pearlcfam
Great customer support
I've been using Trillian for years it has always worked well integrating all of the different IM services into one easily customizable application. The reason this app is a no brainer is the quick, prompt and thorough customer support I have received over the years.
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2 years ago, Brandon26
Great app
Nice handoff between desktop and apps. Could use some more integrations with iOS, like having my frequent contacts show up in Share menus in other apps. Lags behind the competition in that I can't share videos.
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5 years ago, Rsggeehudh
This should be way more popular
Fantastic messaging program that works well across many devices. Very lightweight without sacrificing functionality. I don't understand why more people don't use it
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7 years ago, John Tenner
Good App
Love it. For all practical purposes it works great. Neatly separates your texts and friends. Only complaint is that it doesn’t let you personalize the sounds for different friends. But that’s a vanity thing really.
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6 years ago, Iforget85
Still room for improvement....
It would be super nice to revive a push notification when a certain contact or group of contacts come online. There’s some issues when in portrait mode trying to mute the chat, and sometimes the app gets confused when it switches between landscape and portrait.
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5 years ago, comicrebel
Privacy and interoperability
I’ve been using Trillian at work and on my personal devices to move info and images between devices for years. I like Trillian for keeping chat content awayf the prying eyes of corporate servers.
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6 years ago, Schief 79
Handy App
I use this app to keep in touch with friends all over the country. I like that I can send and receive pictures. I use it everyday and have never had any problems. Good Job.
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2 years ago, iOSsence
This is it
Trillian has always done pretty much what it’s supposed to do, with minimal fanfare or resources, under the circumstances it’s called forth into. Just look at the size of the thing.
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7 years ago, HeyNonneyNonney
Back in the Saddle Again
I had stopped using this a while back due to increasing nonfunctionality, looks like all that is long past now. Good to have it back and working!
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2 years ago, Derek Berube
Great Multi-Channel Chat Client
I’ve been using Trillian for years and I’m glad I have the ability to run it on my iPad. The support team is incredibly responsive.
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4 years ago, Lundberry
Don’t care about providing value just your money.
So these people will erase your chat history the second you let premium lapse. So if you have years of conversations archived but forget to update your CC then you are regarded as an idiot by the developer and probably don’t deserve to be able to see important conversations. They alas don’t honor lifetime premium. Scummy business practices that border on fraud.
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7 years ago, Sun streaker
Great communication app
I absolutely adore this app. It is way better than line app. We use this for group chats on my app games. Plus I can text my friends in other countries with it for free!
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4 years ago, 040147
Good app, and glad there’s now full iOS 13 support... but sometimes it hangs when loading and sending messages (send messages appear but are faded out with a spinning loading icon on the top right of the screen). It can take MINUTES sometimes at worst.
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7 years ago, IAmMikki
Years of greatness
I've been using Trillian since the late 90s/early 2000s and I have nothing but great things to say! It's always been reliable and easy to use.
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7 years ago, Mr Gage
Still the best multi-chat client available!
I have used Trillian since November 2000. Having Trillian on iOS and synchronize between all my devices regardless of OS including searchable history is invaluable! Lifetime License Holder
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2 months ago, Yahoo Eh
almost 5 stars
the apps and web version at some point need to be the same. then I'd give it 5 stars
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6 years ago, FelixLeech
Always my go to - Love Trillian
I’ve been using Trillian for well over a decade. It is my default chat program. I love everything about it.
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7 years ago, CannelleRoll
Works but not always!
Works, but still buggy. Notifications are messed up and don't work. Gif images don't show up as moving. Uninstalling and reinstalling hopefully fixes it.
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2 years ago, bluewolf84
Classic, simple instant messenger
Just a instant messenger with a simple way of contact at any one time while connected to the inter webs.
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7 years ago, DanVT
Needs Dark Theme
Amazing, near perfect. Needs a dark theme and maybe some other options for customization.
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7 years ago, GameBunny2
Great IM App
Have been using this instant message program for years... Great to have on my iPad as well. Works with a variety of chat programs. I <3 my Trillian.
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7 years ago, Lilactrap
First time I used this. Someone gave me their account ID to add and I don’t know how to search for them. There are no instructions anywhere for how to add contacts. 😅 am I missing something!? Also Facebook won’t let me connect. The line where you add your Facebook account name is greyed out and won’t let you enter anything.
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7 years ago, BadNewsGerm
Pretty good
Never had issues with this app. Works perfectly
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7 years ago, inkblood
Simple and clean
It's actually really good, it's fast and easy to use, it's very clean, and very simple, nice to see an app going back to the basics
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5 years ago, Hellicious the Second
Work around Google’s claws.
Let’s you have hangouts without agreeing to Google logging into safari.
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5 years ago, Lan58
Super Stable & Flexible
I like it because it’s very stable and it connects all sorts of IM’s. Four stars because I’m not sure how secure the app is. It stores data in their servers.
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7 years ago, Mparmley
Best multi chat app
I have used Trillian for years and it just keeps getting better!
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3 years ago, Chef Crypto Chris
Awesome App
This is everything you need in a p2p app that’s been around to test the waters. Trill is the real deal!
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4 years ago, nitacatt
Signing out
I can be invisible when I’m logged in, but when I log off it shows me as online. I end up with messages and they wonder why I’m not answering them. How can I fix that?
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1 year ago, Honeybee0612
Hard to navigate
Not user friendly at all. You can’t request an invite to your chat. Just need to be updated to the newest chat apps that are out now.
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1 year ago, Itscuzimmaturk
Nothing but glitches
They really try pushing the premium account Chats keep disappearing, these so called “bug fix” updates just keep creating more bugs Currently cant even copy a sentence without force closing the app and reopening it
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6 years ago, MiloTWiggins
My refuge after AIM
It works, it exists, and it us functional on laptop, tablet, and phone. Hallelujah!
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1 year ago, mg6035
Sign in
Since the last update I have to sign into the app every time. Before, I stayed signed in. And there is no option to use Face ID or to keep me signed in. What happened?
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7 years ago, jmuela1015
Great cross platform chat app and storage
This works great with any chat provider I've ever used
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6 years ago, INEPT Pablo
Annoying new bugs
All chats get flushed Sunday mornings. Frequent long reconnect pauses during use. Used to be a reliable app. May have to search for a replacement.
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