Truck Paper

4.7 (7.2K)
11.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sandhills Global, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Truck Paper

4.67 out of 5
7.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Bulldawg WV
The new format is horrible. Whoever designed this should be dismissed immediately. They obviously have not a clue as to how a search engine or website is used to search for used equipment. I’m canceling my adds for all 4 companies and advising the numerous folks around the country that I do business with that I will no longer be using truck paper. What a flipping joke this is. Try searching for a specific model of truck with the engine you are wanting. Unbelievable. I have bought and sold equipment here for 30 years. No more. Who made these changes??? A 27 year old from Snapchat ??? WTH.
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1 year ago, Mroutdoors27
Newest update2023
I don’t like the new format or the new update on the app or on the website because I can’t do a detailed search for the trucks that I’m looking for as easily. On the current new update on the app and the new layout on the website I can only select sleeper trucks, but I cannot select cab over specifically which I am looking for. I have to search through hundreds or thousands of posts just in sleeper truck category in order to find Cabover’s and the same goes for conventional‘s. I cannot do a detailed search as much easily as I used to on the old layout and format of this app and the same goes it’s not as easy to search for any trucks. I’m interested in buying on the website so I recommend to everybody that reads this. Please change the layout back to what it was before because it was easier to navigate. Now it’s much harder and difficult since the current new update on the app and the website I cannot recommend my friends and family use the website or the app because it’s too complicated.
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11 months ago, Claudio Aguilar
Key feature lost in new version.
In this new version of the truck paper app they did away with a key feature of the old one. Before, when viewing a particular truck, you could tap on the name of the seller (say….Ohio Truck Sales), which would then redirect you to their whole inventory. From there you could see and save other trucks into the Truck Paper app. I came across countless trucks that interested me, from dealers across the country that I didn’t even know existed, this way. Trucks that I would not otherwise have known to search for. Now that option has been taken away and this app has lost at least half of it’s usefulness to me. If the object of this app is to help increase the chances of people finding the equipment they need and increase sales…..then my suggestion is please bring this option back.
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1 year ago, kathskical
Terrible new update
March 20, 2023. This newest update is absolutely terrible. It makes the app harder to navigate than a webpage. App’s are supposed to be cell phone friendly. The last update got rid of Cabover versus conventional trucks sorting… So now searching for Cabover’s is much harder. If that wasn’t bad enough, the developers try to find a new way to make it even harder and less user-friendly. I no longer care to use the TruckPaper app simply because how crappy this new update is. Go back to the old browsing application format. It was much more user-friendly I promise you will see a decrease in users with this new update. The new update is so terrible I didn’t just close the app out of annoyance and frustration… I went to the App Store and logged in to make sure I could write a bad review… That’s how bad this new update is! Get rid of it.
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1 year ago, Benjoeshaker
Not bad.
I like the new update, finally Im able to select more than one model, BUT pls bring back the small picture view. Or "list view" so I can see more then one truck on the phone screen, so I can scroll through faster on results.
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5 years ago, JDnate1947
Watch list
The watch list option does not work. You can save to it but when you want to go back to see what you've saved it gives an error. This error has been going on for over a year and no solution to it through updates. Pretty frustrating when you need to go to the website to view your watch list. Having the app should make these things more seamless rather than using a website.
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11 months ago, JuJu Mc Grew
Lucky in Cleveland Loves Truck Paper
I have bought and sold equipment on this app, I love it. But the new format of the app is a drag, I like the old format, you could navigate a lot faster, but I’m sure they will find that out themselves! A great market place though.
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3 years ago, Behdjfndicbehdi
Lira to customers!
I try to post my truck here! Cuz they said your first post will be free! They just call me saying that I have to pay almost $300 dollars to post for a month! I tell them about the free offer they have! I they said my truck was posted on their web page about 4 month ago which it’s a lie! My truck has never been in their web for sale! He said he can not post for free, and I understand it’s just a hook to get more customers! I just cancel everything! E aware of this garbage!
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7 years ago, Lil Ozzie23
Truck paper
Well I would give this app 5 stars because well I run a business it's farm and big farm it 2nd biggest farm in Michigan and so well I need a truck I go check this or Machine of heavy equipment I go us tractor paper or heavy equipment I construction paper so yes like this app it better then Craigslist
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1 year ago, Double DD 124
Review of new website
Found that the new version regularly repeats same trucks untill you scroll down all the way. If you pick options or preferred styles of trucks you get a limited selection. If you ask to go low price to high you again do get the whole of content available.
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1 year ago, 67948402926
Absolutely terrible. Hard to navigate. Search won’t refresh either. Multiple listings of the same truck. Bring back old truck paper.
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1 year ago, JRAusmus
I’m not really happy with the new format. The previous set up was much easier to navigate with more options readily available. I’ve played with the new version and I’m not fond of it.
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3 years ago, mmelanson1991
App won’t load anymore
I’ve use this app countless times before and it has worked amazing but since yesterday I try to open the app and select the trucks option along with every other option and it just tells me unable to load I’ve uninstalled I’ve reinstalled and nothing works please look into this thanks
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3 years ago, J-Lo-G
Glitching garbage and full of bugs.
This app is total trash. It has been that way for as long as I have used it which is unfortunate to say but has been several years. Constantly glitches and/or kicks you out when you are 45 minutes deep into a search. By now you’d think they would have taken initiative to get it functioning properly. It appears there may be no initiative after all.
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1 year ago, snootsnchutes
Clunky new version
The up dated version seem much more clunky to navigate the previous. Disappointed so far but gonna keep trying to figure it out.
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1 year ago, Bro. Darrell
New version
I don’t like this 2.0 version at all, searching for a specific engine is disastrous, the old version is much better, such as the A26 only in trucks.
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3 years ago, Cloudfare Error Message
App & Website
I’ve been trying to log in and see what for sale for about 2 weeks and neither the app or website are working. I even tried clicking the support link in the Apple store and I still get the same Cloudflare Error 1016 message as I do with the website
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5 months ago, My side of the story
My review
I loved how helpful and organized this app is and recommend it to manny people for truck business owners. Five stars!
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4 years ago, Tank2299
Just use the website
The app isn’t terrible but you can’t select multiple manufacturers or sort results by distance (I don’t care about trucks I can’t see in person). Needs a lot of work and mobile site is much better as functionality matches desktop. I’m sure there are other issues, but I only used it a few times before deleting it.
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1 year ago, B.L.C.
This USED to be a great app now it is crap thanks for the “update”!
Thanks for downgrading this app to crap. It used to be really easy to use and search but because they developers think WE are all morons they went with pictures like in first grade! Not only that, the pictures do not even remotely cover everything that USED to be in the menus. Way to wreck a good app!
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1 year ago, BD3408
Redesigned App
The new app design is absolutely terrible. It’s difficult to navigate and slow to load. The old design worked so much better. Why do companies insist on constantly changing the software when all the users are comfortable and knowledgeable with the current platform? Especially an app like this one which has many older users.
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12 months ago, Nubz76
Almost 5 stars
My only issue is that you can’t save a search, only listings. Every time I open the app I have to go through all of the filters then search.
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3 years ago, Rifrafus
After scrolling locks up or glitches entire phone
Lot of trucks and selections that I like however can only scroll/look for a few minutes before the app locks up or glitches the entire phone to the point have to force stop everything! Please fix and run an update!
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6 years ago, Squid1242
App needs attention....
Seems to crash frequently when searching and have to start search all over again and find the truck you we’re looking at... Would also be nice to be able to filter the trucks/items in your “watch list”.
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1 year ago, Bign6512
Poor performance
This app has went down hill fast in the last year or so, same with tractor house and machinery trader. Hard to search for listings, difficult to use the search item feature. Always has glitches, not even worth using anymore. Back to the web page.
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1 year ago, Alrmel30
Used to be #1
This used to be the best app for searching for trucks. You could could search for exactly what you wanted. Engine make, transmission, suspension, and many others. Now it’s so basic that you have to sift through everything to find what you’re looking for. Progress isn’t always good.
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5 years ago, fireline0109
Fixed bugs what a crock of bull
App worked great before last update, now every time I try to do a detailed search the app goes to a black screen then automatically closes. Never did this before so I installed the app reinstalled same crap. So wanta explain why you say you fixed bugs an issues yet last update created issues an bugs?
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5 years ago, Bk_stroll804
No listings
I not sure the purpose of this app but I’m assuming to sell or auction off Trucks.... right??? When I search a tractor as simple as a FreightLiner cascadia I get 0 results. Am I missing something? Let’s not make it jigsaw puzzle just view vehicles, sheesh. Ease of use could be better but results after attempting are beyond lacking.
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5 days ago, Mikey J Gmont America
Mike Jennings
Best paper for years, with every option of truck or trailer you could need or want. God bless
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1 year ago, Whipple trk
Don’t fix what not broke
Don’t like the new update on how to search for trucks
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7 months ago, movie menus
Trucking in 2023
Hopefully I can find a good truck to drive one day soon
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5 years ago, Love USA for ever
Saving pictures
Hi, I tried yesterday to save pictures of equipment to my phone but after I select the pictures I want to save and click on downloading the app is crashing & close. Not sure what’s going on. Thanks
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10 months ago, Bull hinkey
Can’t leave well enough alone
Used to be a decent app that was easy to use and search. Narrowing down specific items was easy and practical. With every update comes more bugs to fix and even less user friendly functions. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Abraham 111
Truck paper
I don’t love the new version. Specially: Breaking the trailers within a brand down by model instead of length makes it more cumbersome to search what I want to see.
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3 years ago, speedygt40
Horrible in every way
All these posts are old, already sold items, or not available to begin with. Be careful who you call because they ask for your information and put you on a scammer list. It’s sad that there can’t be a legit place to buy used equipment
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1 year ago, Justa truckin
What happened?
I do not like this new version of this!!! Have to look at every trailer in that manufacturer cause it won’t let one sort it by the size
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1 year ago, Hatingdeception
New web design
Too busy and hard to use on mobile because of filter menu. On laptop the curser doesn’t work unless the icons to links are rolled into the center of the page. On iPad it’s sideways. Ugh!!!
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1 year ago, wide load 63
The old one was ten times better than this new crappy one is
The one before was so much better and easier to use than the new version is now it’s harder to find the right category of truck you’re looking for
Show more
1 year ago, knorris62
New format is the worst I ever seen
Dumbest decision in the world to format the app like it is now. The worst idea ever. I would give this zero stars if I was allowed to. The old format was very simple and easy to use. Why change a good thing if it actually worked? Now it’s just absolute garbage.
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3 months ago, Tightlinesinc
Great variety; Increased saliva flow!
I learn a lot and if I weren’t 73 I’d like to have that diesel swat truck for sure!
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3 years ago, bjbwhite2
Not Working
Been using Truck Paper for over 5 yrs. Now all of a sudden it’s not working at all. App is up to date and so is my phone. What the heck!
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5 years ago, Taccone
The watch list has never worked since the app came out, they should have a better search filter set up, I mean it’s like going back to yahoo when it first came out in 1995.
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11 months ago, Corkman 66
New system
New system is terrible compared to the old format you just can’t scroll and look at all sorts of equipment like you sir to be a new to do
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4 years ago, Hartsell TV
Please update
I love this app but I only gave 2 stars because it started glitching so I deleted it and was going to redownload it but it says it’s not for the version my IPhone is, please update it when you can:)
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1 year ago, Hogg Nutz
Horrible update
The most recent update on the truck paper app is horrible. Really confusing to navigate through it. Can it please go back to the previous version? Thanks
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1 year ago, A_pissed_off_user
New Updated App
The new app is incredibly inconvenient now. There’s nothing easy as the old app. Does not save anything in the watch list anymore. Not the greatest idea for a new system. Ruined this app for me just like tractor house.
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3 years ago, bkl5049
I’ve used the website and application countless times and it’s not working. I know your probably aware of it by now.
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6 years ago, alex gogu
You only are allowed 1 post for free and they wont accept it
You only are allowed to post 1 truck or trailer for free and the it costs ,but the funny part is that they will have to call you and verify everything and in the end not posting your first post
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2 months ago, asfghtzohc
I like the old version better. It’s so confusing the new version. i’m trying to look up car carriers or car haulers. It’s kind of impossible for me to get around your new system.
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9 months ago, Mark and Michelle Ettel Family
New app is poor
I liked the old app better. It was easier to sort on specific things. This one just doesn’t make sense. It’s way more complicated then it used to be.
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