Trucker Path Load Board

4.5 (2.3K)
183.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Trucker Path Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Trucker Path Load Board

4.53 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 years ago, old school baby girl
Truckers should charge a fee
For every load. They need us to move the freight Our fee should be extra plus the load money. Think about it broker is taking money out of the load. Factoring companies doing that also. Truck stops charging you to park. Seems like everyone is trying to get there hands in the load money trucking companies charging you to pay you and then brother is telling you when and how to drive I would say freedom pretty much gone in trucking and let’s not forget each state makes up there on laws don’t see anything united about the United States even randy is in on the deal. Load pays for a 1000 miles but when you drive to delivery it’s 1100 miles
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5 months ago, IamJuniorKey
Best Load Board in the Industry
This is the most comprehensive, data intensive, and analytical load board I’ve ever used. It’s simple to use and has so many tools for you to evaluate loads. I’m a fan of the profit calculator. It runs in conjunction with Trucker Path which is an app I couldn’t drive without. The two together are dynamic and extremely driver friendly.
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4 months ago, Bigfoot1961
Greenhorn O/O To Arranging Backhaul
Been a trucker since the mid ‘80s and had not arranged for my own backhaul since then. Had kept an eye on this app for several years recently just to educate myself about the market. Today I booked my first trip and was pleased to see how efficient and effortless it seemed to be. Time will tell….
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2 months ago, PolarbearJAR
Starting out
I’m a newly form company and the 1st fuel I bought was off Trucker path. I had no item what I was doing and probably still don’t lol but when I had big company fuel cards Trucker path was still cheaper. When I need fuel I definitely look here 1st. Been working with there Beta test load boards is been easy to navigate & post trucks. Only gave it 3 stars cuz of being new user & still learning but like what I see so far.
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6 years ago, trucking my
Brokers please put the price. !!!!!!
I think brokers must put the price for load. Waisted a lot of time by calling. Just put your price so people won’t waist there time and yours also. Looks like brokers making money just by volume of phone calls. Don’t have any other explanation. Other than that very good app. Love it.
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5 years ago, Bubba2340
This is the only free app I could find that wasn’t a 30 day trial that gives live load data without having an MC number already. This is important for people thinking about starting a trucking business with no prior experience and wanting to research load data.
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2 years ago, Kalib2222
Hope they take over DAT
This is super easy with lots of features and way cheaper than some of these other people. Wish I could help these guys take over the load board world.
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2 years ago, Martmos
For Free
It helps understand the loads without having to pay a full membership. Once I go activate I plan on using it he paid service. It can only get better.
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6 years ago, Lee770
Nice App
I would give this app a 5 star rating if you would make a few small changes. I think loads that can be carried by van/cargo/sprinter should be listed in its own category. This would cut down on contacting logistic companies that’s not looking for your type of equipment. Other then that, the app is very good!!!
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7 years ago, Mr.J.Smith
Best Part it’s Free!!!
It’s hard to find a useful app with out ads but this app not only helps you find loads. It makes it easier than a lot of paid load boards out there. Everything TruckerPath touches becomes awesome
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6 years ago, the friendly grumpy trucker
Need to somehow separate reefer from van better
Only complaint is there have been a few times where a reefer only load will find its way to the van side of things. Can be frustrating when it’s a great rate, only to find it’s a reefer only load when I specifically requested van only.
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6 years ago, Fresno Trucker
This app allows my team n I to pick loads that suits our days on n off. The sense of being able to connect with different companies to find future partners. Overall you pick your work life.
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2 years ago, BubbaFlavor
How do I get a refund??
I tried this app on a 7 day free trial. During the 7 days I determined the app isn’t for me. I didn’t use many of the features, at one point it planned a route with a U-turn on a 2 lane road, and I didn’t feel, for me, it was worth the annual subscription. But on the 7th day I was charged for the annual subscription. Not after I’ve had the free 7 day trial. But ON the 7th day. I didn’t get a chance to cancel. So how do I get a refund??
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7 years ago, G. Power
Very easy to navigate
It’s a very user friendly, actually better than paid load boards apps I’ve tried. Lots of loads available daily. Free things are normally not good but this free app is great. It’s 💯% couldn’t ask for more 👍🏿.
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7 years ago, Truckin Easy ;)
They have a dollar amount posted to many of their loads!!
I really love this app!! With the dollar amount posted on many of the loads, it allows me to know ahead of time what number I am negotiating against...
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6 years ago, Trucker Matteo
Easy to Use
It would be a lot nicer if the brokers would display their asking rate they are paying on the loads. We don't have the time to be making dozens of phone calls to Broker's. Love the app tho.
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7 years ago, ddooall17
Trucking app
Very optional app for looking for loads awesome to find stuff It’s an a way to make your own money without having to go through a company... it offers more options for most truck loads
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7 years ago, ArysinDrake
Nov 28 and the app is crashing??
Love the app! Pull most loads with this, yet I keep getting “an error occurred”. What’s going on? I have tried several different options only to get the same message. Help!
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5 years ago, k#34
Love the board has some decent loads. Just wish they would put the price on the load. Have to call 3 to 4 brokers to find out all the same load with different prices. Seems like a lot of wasted time on both parties
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6 years ago, EMOCochran
Very useful free tool
So far I’ve been able to book good pay loads thanks to this free app Highly recommend to try it before you pay $$ using others
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2 years ago, MarkJ Sr.
Love The App!
I love all the features and the interface on this app. It’s very user friendly and intuitive. It’s not as cumbersome as many other apps.
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5 years ago, Rasekhi
I love this app. It’s really set apart from the rest of the apps. Out there one unique feature that I absolutely love is the “To and From” map. No other app. That I use or know of has that feature. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, Cam468
I have used this load board for years. Then I broke my phone so I bought another phone, same make. Reloaded the app and now put limits of five clicks on loads available; not five booked loads, only 5 clicks. Why would changing phones all of a sudden make my ability to search loads be taken away. Common sense is not common anymore. So I am deleting this app from my phone. Pure deception.
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6 years ago, Jason A Curry
They fixed the deadhead nearest not being in order even though I have it set, so now I’m happy. The lack of rates is brokers fault, not apps. Some brokers don’t even post on here so this is a nice hacker app!
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6 years ago, alex gogu
This free app sometimes is got better loads than those with subscription
This free app sometimes is got better loads than those with subscription
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4 years ago, chsusvusbzi
Truck loads
Easy to use, updated most of time, return calls frequently-great information
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6 years ago, chrisR1989
It was good until it stopped working
I love the app but today i cant get on to look at loads because I keep running into a error occurred message when I put in my search in the app. If you fix this and it does work again like it’s supposed to then maybe I’ll give it a 5 star review. For now I’ll use something else.
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4 years ago, gloverm2
They are Scammers!!!!
They cheated me out of my money! I accidently signed up for an annual subscription instead of the monthly one and they kept me on hold for more than an hour trying to reach support and no one ever answered the phone. In addition, although I had paid for the wrong subscription, I am not able to access the load boards even though they’ve gotten my money.
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6 years ago, aartrans
I love this app. It has everything you need at your fingertips. The loads are easy to find and it is truly free with unlimited searches. I wouldn’t change a thing.
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6 years ago, BamCor
Driving Ms Daisy
Prices should be posted on the loads. It’s really a waste of the transporters time to have to call for a price. Of course, it makes sense to have the loads priced! So why not be mindful of our time as well. Otherwise, the app is very useful.
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6 years ago, BMFR2L
Great tool!
Great app! Just see two items to evaluate. 1. Once drilled down to page two of load, there needs to be another option if you plan to call back later. For me it take both pages to determine if I can do it or not. It’s not always, yes, no, left message or rate too low. Needs, will call back shortly or currently jus evaluating options or something 2. More info on price and details of load would be nice. Not many out that
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6 years ago, Gold One Da DON
Great app
Gives you an idea of what's out there when you're interested in getting your own authority without having your authority yet
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2 years ago, Rcp trucking
Less driver
Great app it help me When my dispatch call me when he find load asked me for rate I always keep eye on load
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2 years ago, Tavo JoeJoe Carvajal
Filters Don’t Work
Updated app still having issues setting a weight limit. I place my weight limit and it just ignores it cus literally only loads OVER that limit shows 😅 pretty useless cus it shows loads I CANT get. I forgot to turn off the free trial and now I paid for this app I can’t even use for a whole month
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5 years ago, 2-chains
I love all the details about the load info when you click on a load. Makes it very convenient. All around great app.
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7 years ago, 420 Amini
Really good app love it you can book load easy you can see rates Broker credit and all information you need the good things is free thank you
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3 years ago, vvvvvvvvbvvvbbb
Works for me
Tried many different load board apps, seem to like this one the best
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2 years ago, imjasper
No cust support
Tried to set up my profile. Had to call them FOUR times and they still didn’t fix it. Well I canceled before the free trial was up and you can bet I won’t be back. Great job. You hire overseas customer support, language barrier AND lack of knowledge of the product they’re working with equals disaster every time.
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5 years ago, Pawn master
What I need
Easy to use. Wish they made it mandatory for payouts to be listed. Works great though. I recommend it if you need loads to book!
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6 years ago, Cr32244
Trucking made easy!
Choose where you want to go and most likely they will have a load
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5 years ago, mag8204
Truck Load board app
Great app, I get just as many loads from here as I do from the paid services I have. Wish the people posting here would put more rates up with the loads.
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4 months ago, Maurice Williams and Tony
Box trucks
Great app and I will let of peoples and friends and others business and box trucks
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2 years ago, HeaveNRa
Sort Filter
Hello Team , Please add a sorting filter where we can sort only shipper loads. Rest everything is perfect about the App .
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5 years ago, BG 7414
Very useful, and very much needed when other load boards have nothing to offer I can depend on truckloads, keep providing great loads.
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3 years ago, gatorHauling
It is a very good app I wish it would allow us to see the loads without having to wait for the next day or having to buy the premium
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3 years ago, landry101
Landry trucking.
It's helping find loads it's quick and easy. And it where are usually find all my work it’s very helpful.
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10 months ago, This is a scam app DONT
Don’t download this app UNTIL you read EVERYTHING
This app will take your money without warning, you join for little or nothing and if you forget to cancel they’ll take your money, and they will not refund it. I thought I joined just to see how it works, I should’ve never downloaded this app. TOTAL RIP OFF !!!
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6 years ago, Timi 29
It crashes in iphone xs cant open once it opens it will crash right away please fix bugs thanks
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5 years ago, Chilubula2401
User friendly
This app is easy to use and understand and also provides more information to calculate trips.
Show more
6 years ago, alexflone
Do better, you can.
Could be better, if you’ll add past weeks rates for load. It can help owners not to drive cheap.
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