TruckX - Electronic Logbook

4.7 (2.2K)
61.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
TruckX Inc
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for TruckX - Electronic Logbook

4.68 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 months ago, Abbas Elomari
Abbas Elomari
Dr Dharuv hi you know actually I am I have a some issue with my log and when I call TruckX I speak with the team is the guy Mr. is very nice very kind very professional and actually I’m very happy with them. They are very professional people and they understand and I hope the old tracker they can have this app and they can enjoy with them because anytime you call in the morning or afternoon or night. If you have any issue or any connection or anything that will land they will answer understand the problem they will. They will patient and they very nice especially this guy I don’t want his name is DHU is very very very nice guy and you know it’s like I’m very happy with them. I did very good thank you very much and I hope everything gonna go good with you and with youthe driver thank you
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12 months ago, nagni77
Dhruv Goswami
Just got done talking to DG aka Dhruv Goswami from TrucX what a great guy just help me out so much today & in the pastEvery time I talk to DG he’s so very helpful and he goes above and beyond doing his job and is very knowledgeable of how things work. Like most of you I don’t like using ELD, But DG is very calm and patient to explain how it works I’m starting to understand it more we need more people like this gentleman who take’s pride and appreciate their job and gos the extra mile to help individuals like me understand what my options are, what’s right what’s wrong and keep me out of trouble and in compliance with the DOT. thank you very much sir God bless.
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2 months ago, zebii 3leko
I had the pleasure of interacting with Simran from Truckx customer service today, and I must say it was an outstanding experience! Simran's knowledge and professionalism were truly commendable. She went above and beyond to assist me with my inquiries, demonstrating a deep understanding of the product and its features. Her patience and attention to detail ensured that all my concerns were addressed promptly and effectively. Simran's dedication to providing top-notch service sets a high standard for customer support. I highly recommend Truckx, thanks to the stellar assistance provided by Simran!
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3 years ago, Karrot bunny
Highway Transport
I have been using this from past two years. It was working fine until last two months. The issue became that when I logged into my admin account, and it was showing multiple violations. There was a discrepancy between my driver log data and the admin log data. I tried to resolve this issue by contacting TruckX customer support however, they were not able to resolve my issue and repeatedly gave me different responses each time I contacted them to resolve my problem. I took their advice and started using the app on my cellular phone however, I recently checked my admin account and the violations and log data discrepancy is still there. The customer support is completely blind to the issue that I am facing. They have no answers for my problem.
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3 months ago, FAST FREIGHT
Truck X is easy to use logbook. What they just play a game to make Money. Highway is a company that broker used to set up contract and tracking . Which you can hook up with logbook. Before TruckX was revoked by FMCSA. I was set us for tracking with TruckX and Highway. I did all the contract set up with truck ex. When Truck X revoked. They set up new version Off ELD right away. So with new set up. They said you can not do tracking. You have to get premium plus plan. Which is $30 . I am on basic plan for $20 a month. So they played very trick move on here. This information is for anyone who is using Truck X. Thing can change pritty quick here . Without you realizing. My set up with Highway went down because they were revoked and in new version they pull the plug out for tracking.
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2 months ago, JustBeNice.
Great Customer Service!
It’s very frustrating when you have connectivity issues, your logbook gets disconnected and you need help fast, but with reps like Vaishnav it’s easy to get them fixed! When he said, “No worries, mam” I felt so relieved. Being the “trucker’s wife” and handling this part for him, Vaishnav was so friendly and patient! I was able to understand how the process of making changes works and how to avoid some of the issues with connectivity issues and how they effect the logbook. 😊
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8 months ago, Sidhus339
Sudhakar Sharma
Just got done talking to Sharma from truckx what a great just help me out so much today and he is so very helpful and he goes above and beyond doing his job and is very knowledgeable of how things work like most of you I don’t like using eld but Sharma is very calm and patient to explain how it work I m starting to understand it more we need more people like this gentleman who takes pride and appreciate their job . Thank you very much sir god bless
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1 year ago, Boogie62@
Going to Google review.
The app constantly crashes, and will not go on the drive line automatically— I can't put it manually either unless I'm editing the log, and then once I do that it removes my pretrip inspection. So for example when you do the pre-trip in the morning and start driving, when you stop you'll notice you're still on line 4 doing your pre-trip and when you edit the log it removes the pre-trip, leaving just the driving entry. This is with the tablet or the phone. I've decided to post my review on Google to warn ⚠️ others. I’m certain there are better E-Log apps available. This one is horrible. Don’t get a ticket using this app. You’ve been warned
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4 years ago, Lobo 142807
Great support
App started messing up and putting me on violations. Had on 3full days of non stop driving and kept me logged in with 18 violations. Amen from customer support was very patient and walked us thru the whole thing. She spent hours with us off and on fixing the issue, still working on it and a lot has been fixed. Truck X made a great choice in hiring this person for customer support. We appreciate u as our Puerto Rican customer support. Keep up the great work
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6 years ago, RDZ Transport
Real De Zula Transport
Great app! Great customer service! The app automatically switches to “driving” when it detects the truck is in motion, switches to “on duty” when stopped more than 5 minutes or engine is turned off. It automatically calculates driving, on and off duty times and also alerts you when a required break or driving/on duty time is running out. Very easy to use. Way better than paper logs. Thank you Tapan and thank you TruckX! Jose M
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4 years ago, Santini7
Poor support
I actually like the program. But God forbid you have even a simple problem. You’ll have to deal with their completely worthless, outsourced support. On my phone, the program only works when it’s active. If it’s in the background it won’t put me on drive time when I pull out. I’ve tried tech support twice. The first guy I could not even understand. I asked him to give me someone who could speak better English. He said they would give me a call back, that never happened. Second try I could not even get the girl to understand my problem, much less get any kind of solution.
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2 years ago, Ashima Rafi's great help
Ashima Rafi’s great help
I needed to fix some problems in my logbook today. I called TruckX. Luckily, I got connected with Ashima Rafi who took a lot of pain, interest and time to resolve all of my issues. I am really impressed by her passion for work, her attitude to solve problems of the clients, and her friendliness with customers. She is really an asset for the company. I wish her the best in life.
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1 year ago, ashjohal
Non cooperation from tech team
The Truck X ELD is a poorly designed electronic logging device that has caused many users to experience difficulties during installation and integration with their existing systems. The device is unreliable and often fails to record accurate data, which can cause serious problems for drivers and fleet managers alike. The customer service is also terrible, with long wait times and unhelpful representatives who are unable to resolve issues in a timely manner. Overall, I would not recommend the Truck XEL D to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly electronic logging device.”
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2 years ago, Iphone 5c you knw
Not enough info
The app is good i just dont like how it does not show your times left, like when your 10 hours will be up or your 34 hour reset will be complete. Its missing some things… those changes would give it a 4 1/2 to 5 stars i like how it doesnt ask you “did you make a move so and so time” while disconnected from it finally able to make appointments and move around with freedom keep that up!
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1 year ago, AshvirSingh
Issue with the odometer reading
I was having an issue with the odometer reading where on the log book it always was showing less miles driven than I was actually driving. I called several times but Anushka was the one that was able to resolve my issue.
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6 years ago, ROCKY@12
Happy with it
Honestly, I was supporting KeepTruckin and I didn’t want to use any other E-Logs. With this amazing app you may have the option to edit your log to some extent, BUT with KeepTruckin, you will have difficulties. It does NOT give you the option to edit your mistakes. As soon as you move. It jumps to drive mode. Trust me there is no need to make things up. Try the TruckX and you will be happy. If you are smart enough you won’t get c...................😜👍🏼
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9 months ago, omanant
Tahir Niyaz
Today I talked with Tahir Niyaz from TruckX he is great guy he help me so much just to get quarterly IFTA miles they can give you right away but I asked him miles for all year he said it could take 24 hours but he called me after 30 minutes to let me know that he already sent an email with info was requested Thanks Tahir
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8 months ago, Shub68
Just finished talking to a good lady named miss priya from truckx. Explained whole heartedly the process needed to be done and how does it take effect. App is overall good app but nowadays it is having some issues but i hope they can fix these issues and have more people like miss priya to help other users of this app.
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7 months ago, MK.Love’s 1991
Manjit singh
Just talk to DHARUV and he was very helpful and very understanding of my issues I was having and he took the time to explain me everything which he made it easy for me understanding. And he services was really great and he did exactly was a drive look for when we call in for help so thank u very much
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10 months ago, jassbadesha
To Manvir
Excellent Customer Service! I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the excellent customer service provided by Manvir their assistance was outstanding and truly made a positive impact on my experience with Truckx their prompt and knowledgeable support resolved my concerns efficiently, leaving me highly satisfied. Thank you for the exceptional service Manvir :)
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3 years ago, Ramandeep bajwa
Great app, helpful staff
Great app, I been using this app over six months no issues as far, There is employee name Ramandeep Kaur on extension 128 she is very helpful, sometimes app doesn’t support for connectivity problem I call her to change my duty status . She is very patience and work on my stuff.
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4 months ago, JAZZ CHEEMA
Great service
Great customer service special the guy name Inderbir Singh. He took his precious time to listen my problem regarding log book and he sort out everything in few minutes. I am all satisfied of his service. I really appreciate for his service.
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7 months ago, Harpreet Singh Malhi
Got help from Manveer Sir
Really helped me in solving my problem. Talking and discussing the problem with manveer was nice. He understood everything within 1-2 mins and solved problem within min. He also answered my questions and cleared my all doubts.I will always call manveer for any issue.
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9 months ago, dsksingh
Manvir singh
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the excellent customer service provided by Manvir their assistance was outstanding and truly made a positive impact on my experience with Truckx their prompt and knowledgeable support resolved my concerns efficiently, leaving me highly satisfied. Thank you for the exceptional service Manvir :)
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2 years ago, BainsBoy
Amazing customer service
I been with Truck X for almost 2 years now and no complaints. They been very helpful with any issues I face. They are always available day or night. The new update is so easy to use, very clean set up. 5/5 stars
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4 years ago, MikeAngelo82
Great customer support!
I had a problem with my device and was promptly helped by Amisha Sanhootra, I’m one of the first customers with this company and very happy with this product and this company, it’s clearly a company that was built with the truckers/small business owners in mind, thank you very much for your support and great work!
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3 months ago, A singh22
Log book error
Mr Vaishnav was very quick and helpful with my situation. It had an error saying I only took my break for 29 min but when in surety I took it for 35 minutes and today it changed to 29. He was very helpful. They mostly are right on.
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11 months ago, sabby45
Exceptional Customer Service Experience
I had some problems with the ELD ,by my own error.I called in customer support line and Priya Saini was really nice ,supportive and helped me fix the issue and she set an example for what customer service is supposed to be. Thank you
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12 months ago, Fateh transportation llc
Roop cargo inc
Just got done talking to jayson from truck X what a great guy just help me out so much in the past every time I talk to jayson he so helpful guy he goes above and beyond doing this job and is very knowledgeable of how things work nd jayson is very clam and patient to explain how it works THANK YOU Brother God Bless .
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11 months ago, Deep916
I was having issue with my cycle hours of 70 hrs as I stopped for 34 hrs and even the time exceeded to 43 hrs of break and i still didn’t receive the 70hrs she helped me out with this within few and i was good to go back on road soon! She was really nice !
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2 years ago, Nixon@1972
Great Customer Service
Very efficient and professional customer service agents. Few weeks ago I talked to Agent name Preet, and she was really updated with App and system. She knows what she is doing. All of agents are very polite and helpful, such a professional people. Keep it up guys
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3 months ago, Gurmeet Ji
Great Service
A great customer service representative Simran Kawatra helped me out today and went above and beyond to make sure i was assisted properly I was very impressed and in my 30+ years of professionalism I have never met someone so helpful!
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8 months ago, Key carrier
Mohamud Ahmed
Samiir he is the one of the technicians working with truck X, he experienced guy he can help you if you a lot he he will done everything right away, I will recommend you to find him whet every you need help for truck x, thank you
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4 years ago, Singh Guriqbal
Thanks for the Great Customer Servcies
Easy to use and reliable app .Great service 24/7, Customer Service is perfect they always make sure they solve the problem on the sport ,there technical service is very Knowledgeable. Amisha Sanhootra ,I appreciate the excellent service.
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2 months ago, Jazz sidhupuria
Helped in sorting eld connection issue
Called at CC, got problem solved ryt way. Everybody who is working there is very helpful and informative. Happy with the services. Wish they can add on route weather services and gps tracking. Stay blessed guys.
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4 months ago, jadine5150
Great customer support
Everytime I need help with my logs, they fix the issue right away and are very kind. Veishnev is very professional and friendly. I appreciate the concern for the drivers. It’s the best app I’ve worked with. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Inder Rai
Great work
Just got done talking to Priya Saini from Truckx Eld. She is great help me out so much today. she is very helpful and very knowledge how things job. I use Truckx Eld almost 2 years. Much easier to use, and to monitor. Much more responsive, and quicker hookup to vehicles. Nice program.
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1 year ago, ZORAWAR TRANS
Really good service
Anushka really helped me when there was an issue with my log book and she came through and explained everything to me and fixed the problem .I am very much thankful.
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2 months ago, Satwinder9858
Log book issues
I called Truck X , I talked to Arish Chawla He’s petty good fixing issues on my log , he knows what what he’s doing, I highly recommend to getting this log book for your truck , great customer service.
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3 months ago, ਰ
Log book issue
So I had problem in my Log book so I called 3 times but finally I talked with simran she really helps for that issue nd she fixed within 2 minutes so i appreciate simran
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4 months ago, Mirwais Ikhlas
Reliable ELD Partner
I am using TRUCKX ELD service for almost a year and it give me flexible to my drivers and myself to manage the fleet proactively while receiving timely support from TRUCKX technical and customer service teams. Friendly user Interface!
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1 year ago, Meesha369
Very good app, good customer support (Rishabh)
Good app, good customer support, friendly staff, I had to contact them 2-3 times and all of them were nice people ready to help, last time it was Rishab and he did a 5 star job like others.
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2 months ago, Mr Singh 109
For Simran
I had to call today to retrieve some records & I happened to get in contact with Simran, she is very knowledgeable and professional with her work tasks. I personally recommend her for future issues.
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1 year ago, D hayes123
Customer Service
I talked with Jason at TruckX he helped me with an issue I was having due to a bad signal. I couldn’t reach them at first they ended up calling me back about an hour later Good customer service.
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3 months ago, NightRiDR1
Always Helpful!
No matter what my issue..all do the TruxkX staff is always helpful. Not once have I had a rude or unpleasant experience. They always solve my problem in the most respectful manner! Thx Mr. DhanJay for helping me with my issue!
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8 months ago, (gopi)
Gurpreet chahal
Dharuv I’m on call with this gentleman he helped me through the call with my logbook great service as well they take care off any issues with your book right way thank you !
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2 years ago, Mungaberry
Bluetooth Connection
Guys we need to improve connectivity of the Bluetooth device! I only use my phone for multiple tasks and if the window is closed as background the device disconnects! Not good. The function needs to run even if I don’t have it open as a main screen.
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2 years ago, Diesel Train Elite
Thank you TruckX team!!!!
Thank you Akash for such a great service and also Adi the help me and guide me through all and help me understand how everything works I really recommend TruckX team for all your Trucking services you need
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2 years ago, SINGH. MOHALI
Best service she know how to care of customers.
Gagandeep kaur is the one of best employes there she help me out so well and explain me everything so well. And she have very good skill to explain everything with patience. Extreme best good customer service
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4 years ago, JS909
Excellent product and excellent support
Simplicity and excellence! Real clean interface and their support is amazing. So far I am really pleased with our fleet using this product. Devon Arora is one their best technical support representative and provides above and beyond service every time.
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