Truecaller: Spam Caller ID Log

4.5 (245.9K)
220.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
True Software Scandinavia AB
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Truecaller: Spam Caller ID Log

4.46 out of 5
245.9K Ratings
9 months ago, Baaron87
Notification Spam
I’ve had Trucaller for quite a while now and can vouch for how well it works. As long as it’s setup properly, you will see a sharp drop in spam calls a majority of the time. If you’re a premium user, the virtual assistant does its job well with screening calls. That said, the latest updates have brought honestly useless notifications to my phone. “Check out our new look.” The first time I saw that, I thought “ok, cool, new look, new features.” After seeing the same notification and other similar ones since said update, I’m starting to get annoyed. Your app/service is supposed to cut down on spam and distractions, not create them. Give us as users an option to disable these notifications or take them out entirely. Until then, knocking my rating from five stars down to four. Good app, annoying spam
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1 year ago, Haolejoe
Quirky but helpful
I need my phone for my small business however, I receive constant spoofed calls to the tune of over 30 per day. In combination with Truecaller, I use my carrier’s app to block known spam calls. Neither my carrier’s app or Truecaller blocks spoofed calls. This is where the Truecaller digital assistant steps in. It is amazing to ignore spoofed calls knowing the digital assistant will connect important calls. The customizable message is professional and real-time integration with callers is helpful. The assistant doesn’t come without quirks however. I constantly receive calls answered by the assistant that bring up a notification in the app but don’t push through to the assistant tab. When that happens, the app brings up push notifications that won’t clear. I have to continually delete the app, reinstall the app, and set everything up again just to clear notifications of conversation recordings (usually hangups) that aren’t pushing to the assistant tab. When addressing this with Truecaller support, they closed the ticket without a solution. After offering support or resolving app quirks, I would gladly rate 5 stars.
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6 years ago, LeonJon
I find the app worthless, and the cost to privacy not near worth the price of giving the developers FULL ACCESS TO EVERY SINGLE CONTACT ON YOUR DEVICE. There are two main benefits to this app. One, is to allow you to report a spam caller as a spammer to the developer - Gee Thanks (can you hear the sarcasm dripping in my voice?). Two, allows you to double check a number that has just phone you, to see if other app holders have previously reported the number as a Spammer. Really do not understand the near five star review average, in fact I’m baffled by it. Someone, please explain to me how this is not a worthless app. This is an update to my prior review, which follows. [This issue has been resolved, But the app is worthless.] In order to set up Truecaller on the iPhone, in my case an iPhone 7, to to Settings>Phone>Call Blocking & Identification to turn on Truecaller. The problem is, Truecaller does not appear in the Settings. It appears in my family’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 5. Since Truecaller does not warn about not working with iPhone 7 in its self description in the App Store, I’ve given it one star. I would have given it zero stars, but Apple does not provide the zero star option.
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4 weeks ago, BkkVet
Not That Effective
I haven’t been that impressed with the app. They want to sell you the paid version, so naturally the free version is kind of lame. The app is stable and I haven’t noted any glitches, but It only seems to “catch” (i.e., successfully id as a spam call) somewhere around 1 in 10 of the spam calls I actually receive (of which I get maybe one every day or every other day). And oddly, I always seem to GET a spam call - not caught - soon after I do an ‘update’... So not something I’d spend money on. Using a weak & marginally effective app to lure you into buying the paid version seems like a strange marketing tactic to me. ‘Will probably uninstall. Just had an update today. And just like clockwork minutes after the download I got a “portfolio recovery” spam call. TC identified it as spam, but how did they happen to get the number at just that time in the first place? ALWAYS happens after a TC update - not after other app updates. It’s like downloading & installing a TC update sends out some kind of “beacon” to spamcallers.
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3 weeks ago, Capandjudy
Works As Advertised
Truecaller like many spam blockers for iPhone uses an AI “Assistant” that deals with all calls that usually go to iPhone’s voicemail. This fine but under settings for Assistant that an option not to deal with any calls from callers in the iPhone contacts if you choose. The problem is that because the app uses call forwarding to send calls to the Truecaller servers, it is not possible to exclude calls from contacts. You can get the iPhone voicemail back by dialing a number listed under the Screen My Calls button. This disables the call forwarding which connects Assistant to your cellular traffic. In short, it is not possible to use Assistant and exclude calls from your contacts. It is one or the other. If you like Truecaller handling all voicemail that’s fine. Really, the Assistant function is what screens the telephone calls.
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2 years ago, IPhone5 OSv7.1.2
Simple to use - Effective - Spam Blocker
I have had "truecaller" installed on my phone for close to a year and have had no buggy glitches or annoyances from the interface. It does a wonderful job identifying and sending the majority of SPAMMERS straight to VM and out of my life 😉. I am an IT Professional but I have suggests it to many friends and family who are not tech savy because of the ease of setup and straightforward navigation of the app menus. Give a try !! The worst that could happen is it sends a caller you may have wanted to get through .. to VM. So just an extra minute or two spent to find out and call them back. But for the number of True Spammers it sends away .. that small inconvenience is well worth it IMHO ! 😎✌️
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5 years ago, BasCarMel
Wrong for many reasons
We had an issue with someone on Craigslist who tried to get personal information from us. We hung up on him. Shortly afterwards we learned that our phone number was listed as a scam on Trucaller, probably as retribution from the Craigslist scammer. We learned about our phone number being listed as a scam from a local pet grooming shop when they saw it was listed on Trucaller. Trucaller never bothered to check that we had the same phone number since 2001, nor did they check our home address, nor did they contact us before labeling us as scammers. When we finally contacted them, they removed our number from their list. Maybe you should check with them to find out if someone has given them your number out of spite. This is a dangerous violation of privacy for them to convict people in a way for the whole world to see without any proof at all, just some jerk reporting you. The Nazis and Soviets had the same kind of system where you could rat on a neighbor and they would disappear!
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2 years ago, DoovenJohn
Gave me spam texts after signing up
After signing up with an account to stop spam calls I kept getting from telemarketers and scammers, I started to receive spam texts which I never had a problem with before. Now I get spam texts sent to me everyday and cannot get rid of them even after deleting my account and requesting my phone number from the TrueCaller website be removed, I consistently get the same spam texts everyday now. I will forever hate TrueCaller for doing this to me. I never believed for a minute that I would be constantly bombarded with spam texts after signing up for a service that tells you they help stop spammers and scammers from calling and texting you. I fear the only way to stop the spam texts from coming in at this point is to change my number which is not what I wanted. Find another app or service to sign up for rather than TrueCaller. You may be making a mistake that haunts you daily like it does me.
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9 months ago, CocoCrickett86
Can't remove from your phone unless you do a factory reset. As in wipeout everything out of your phone to like brand new. App doesn't use like it should. Callers can't leave a message it cut them off. No voice mail. This app should not be in the app store. My service provider said they are no different that a hacker taking complete control of your phone and when you try to remove it destroys your phone. Customer service is a joke. They send you a message saying:thank you leaving us know of the issue. We will forward it to out tech department for future updates. We are always updating and adding new features,but the updates will not include,then a long list of features. Nothing of any help. No one answers your message. Just an automated message. DO NOT INSTALL WILL DESTROY YOUR DEVICE. WILL HAVE TO RESET TO WIPE ALL YOUR FILES AND APPS TO REMOVE TRUECALLER!!!!! And if the devolver removes the warning,I will keep posting everywhere. DO NOT INSTALL TRUECALLER!!! WILL BREAK YOUR DEVICE!!!
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1 year ago, shavonious ferounious
I feel like I was lied to this app does not work for iPhone
On galaxy, Truecaller will have a badge and let you know the phone number the name if it’s a spam call and all that information while the phone is ringing it even will tell you the service provider. I am an iPhone user when I found out that Truecaller had made a system for iPhone I was more than excited as I use my iPhone four my business. Now that I have it it does nothing, I promise to do, it does nothing that it does for galaxy. Unfortunately, I feel like this was a scam just to get iPhone users money. I am not able to delete the Truecaller log under my assistant. The last thing I want is more junk clogging up my phone I’m not sure if the creators even read these comments I would hope they do. Many things in this app just do not work. PERIOD! I am sure that people are sick of hearing me. ahead and stop here, but there are many more things that don’t work.
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3 months ago, Demosthenes
Subpar App & Fraudulent Reoccurring Charges
I tried this app for the first time back in January 2023 to help combat spam calls. At the time, the app was a bit buggy, and the incoming calls always had a fair amount of VoIP grain. That said, when I cancelled my subscription in March 2023, it has been a full calendar year and I’m STILL getting charges on my card for monthly AND yearly subscription payments. I have tried everything, calling their customer support and being on hold for 45 min to have the call end. Emailing their customer support, to have them tell me that it’s cancelled. To having so far as to report fraudulent charges to my CC company, and now, a year later and nearly $200 of reoccurring subscriptions that I haven’t authorized I finally had to report my card as stolen and get a new card. AVOID this app, they will steal your money, and tell you that your subscription is cancelled and then keep charging you.
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2 years ago, D Shade
I got the True Caller App and I like it a lots. The reason I can’t give a 5-Star rating is because the policy is to not automatically block spam callers. The reason given is that sometimes there might be something important to me. There is nothing important to me about a scammer and everyone else should feel the same way. My personal line of defense is that I don’t have a trusting nature. There are others who do have a trusting nature and scammers have done and will continue to day great harm to those people. For that reason I think know spammers deserve any break whatsoever. I suggest automatically blocking known spammer. I don’t know of any other call screening and blocking app which will not auto-block known spammers.
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5 years ago, Tenthandjordan
Need consistent, frequent app store updates
Love the idea of this app and really appreciate it. It seems to work well at blocking spam callers, HOWEVER, I hate that it doesn’t automatically update on its own; notify you when there’s a new update available; or even show up in the app store to show there’s an update. As a result, I still get spam calls more than I should because they are not included until I go open the app, check if there’s an update, and then initiate it myself. Imagine if we had to do this with all apps? That would be obnoxious. I really hope we can get regular/frequent app updates for this via the app store so we dont have to constantly go in this app and check ourselves. It would save time and stress.
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2 years ago, Nibw
Useless and breaks your number
Like many I was getting harassing calls and searched for a way to stop them or ID unknown numbers. I installed Truecaller and it did not work at all. The only option it gave was to search existing numbers through the app. It did not block the harassing unknown callers or reveal their number at all. However my dentist did inform me they tried to confirm an appointment and got messages my number was not in service, and eventually was forwarded to a company that told them I did not work there. Nothing ever rang on my phone or showed in any call logs. They confirmed the right number but cancelled my appointment. I did reach out to support and they only replied asking me to set up an account of their website. No other response or info. Beware. There is no real use for this app and you’re more likely to create more problems than solve any.
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5 years ago, DweezyGurl
It’s awesome I thought it wasn’t going to work but it immediately turned all those spam calls into red lettered SPAM. I get spam called all day long at school ONLY AT SCHOOL I’ve literally never got spam called at home but at school I get so embarrassed when my ringtone goes off super loud in the middle of class one day it literally happened 3 TIMES i turn my ringer off but the stuff in my backpack shoves my phone all around and one time even ended up calling the cops on accident because of the side buttons. They literally were like “Can the person with the phone number (blah) bla - blah come down to the office IMMEDIATELY.” I was like 😱 but yeah my phone causes problems but this app can fix em so :3
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1 year ago, melech79
So far so good but have a suggestion
So far I like the app and the assistant is a cool feature to have. The price on the premium plan is in line with what the US carriers charge for their premiums and they are not as feature rich. I have only 2 complaints so far that kept me from giving it 5 stars. 1. The assistant set up wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It failed 3 times before I realized you have to turn Wi-Fi off and setup over LTE (at least that worked for me) 2. If you are a dual sim user, I can only cover one number. I wish there was a way to be able to support multiple numbers on one phone
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5 years ago, ArcoAria
NOT True Caller...
After adding the app, my spam calls increased considerably. Apparently, the app sold my phone number. In 2 weeks, only 1 call was considered spam by the App when I started receiving over a dozen calls per day. I had to turn the ringer off and ignored the calls I didn’t recognize. I called back some of the “missed calls” and all of the numbers were for non-existent lines. Apparently, the numbers appearing on the calls were randomly generated from non-existent lines. Most of those numbers attempted to be from areas where my number originally came from. I no longer live nor communicate with people with numbers from the area my number originated from, but kept the same number because I’ve had it since the brick phones of the early 90s. I don’t know what True solutions are out there to resolve the spam calls issue which has now gotten worse.
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5 years ago, JoshuaJ37
App is worthless now
I used to love this app, and used to tell everyone I know to download it because of how well it blocked spam calls and gave you excellent caller ID. I work in wireless, and used to tell all my customers about it as well. However, in the last 12-18 months it's slowly but surely been going downhill, and now it's completely worthless. It literally blocks no spam calls anymore, doesn't give me any caller ID, and the number lookup took finds absolutely zero names of people or businesses. I will be deleting as soon as I'm done writing my review. I had always considered this a 5 star app, but now if I could rate it 0 stars, unfortunately I would. Developers, if you decide to fix things and make this work as well as it did years ago, please let me know. It was fantastic when it worked, but unfortunately those days are long over.
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5 years ago, CShay2272
Saved contacts I would have lost upgrading my phone.
I am very glad I installed True Caller on my last phone and now this phone because when I upgraded to an Apple phone I had trouble transferring everything and wound up with only a portion of my contact list. I had all my customers I’d spoken to within the last 4 years on my previous phone before upgrading. Thanks to True Caller I got many of them back because when I installed their app on my new phone they still had all my information since I started using them, several years ago, as a caller ID and Blocker. I actually just realized they would show up in my Outlook on my phone and am very excited and happy to have all the numbers I saved for customers or potential customers who had called in for various reasons. I now once again know if they have called before and what ever info I had for them except I don’t think the notes saved. Not sure yet. THANK YOU TRUE CALLER! I really appreciate your service!!
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1 year ago, Chromanical
beware of the possibility that it just *might* be a false scam report
OK so its an overall great app and does what it says..most of the time. PLEASE do not rely on this 100% because my friend called me and it marked it as spam so i didn’t answer, turns out she was in the mental hospital and it marked it as a children’s hospital scam. I think the developers should add some kind of bypass for things that might be hospitals, but im not really sure if they can. This is just a slight warning to everyone so no hate to the developers <3
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3 years ago, Anonymous93848747
Needs So Much Improvement
After making sure the correct settings were on, updating my phone, and turning it off and on, I could not get this app to block spammers or spam texts. The only thing it would block were numbers associated with updates I need (USPS, payments made, etc.). I still receive the annoying calls from people who want to buy property I don’t even know and the possible spoof calls where the numbers appear to be real but are not blocked and definitely not people I know. I paid for a premium membership hoping it would work and nothing happened. I still don’t understand the benefits of having a premium membership anyways. Waste of money and energy.
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6 years ago, Melih..
I've registered my phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry and I was getting a couple spam calls per month. As soon as I installed this app the number of spam calls drastically increased. Since they want you to upgrade their pro/paid version they share your number with the spam callers, so you'll get frustrated from the spam calls and pay them to stop it. It's like the antivirus applications who puts viruses to your computer to make their service valuable. I presume this applies to most spam blocking apps. All in all installing this app was the biggest mistake I made; it's been 2 weeks and I'm getting at least 5 spam calls per day. Do not make the same mistake. Try national do not call registry first. If you're still getting more than 5 calls a day then you can install a spam blocking app.
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6 years ago, Tasticks
Increased Spam/Robo Calls
My number is registered under the National Do Not Call list so I rarely used to receive spam, marketing or calls (switchboard) calls. However, since installing and using this app, I’ve gotten at least one spam call per day — sometimes three. After some investigating, I read other app users are having a similar experience regarding this app’s privacy policy. It’s almost as if the app is catering to spammers by providing them with your info. Also, this app only allows you to search numbers after a call or text. It’s not preventive. It does provide some names but most of the time, it doesn’t. Most people are able to self identify with these apps so the results will be whatever information a person has volunteered, which may not necessarily be their legal or government name (i.e., “Mr. L”). Use with caution.
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3 months ago, Jherb325
Free works but paid doesn’t!
I have been getting hammered by endless Scams and phishing scam Calls and text messages. Tried the free trial and it worked. Paid for the App followed the instructions for setup and it doesn’t do Jack! The Call assistant is useless and doesn’t screen anything when turned on, caller ID is just as useless but after getting a higher volume of 30 - 74 phone calls a Day I am just ready to resort to Telegraph instead. Tried to disable the Call assistant but keep getting tech messages saying incorrect numbers or not a Correctly Dialed Number that is programmed into the App. Wasn’t even worth getting at this point my Call and Text volume only Tripled once I Signed up.
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4 years ago, tessadedek
Didn’t block spam calls
I downloaded Truecaller because I got a ton of spam calls in a few hours. I don’t usually get very many, maybe 1-2 per week or so. But I randomly got 13 spam calls in less than 3 hours today. I read that the FTC recommends using a spam blocker app so I tried Truecaller. Three calls came through after I downloaded it and followed its instructions. It also identified a non-spam text as spam and I can’t identify it as not spam. I read the Truecaller FAQ which said a conversation will automatically be moved to non-spam when you reply to it, but this particular message is a promotional message from a company that I subscribed to. So I can’t respond to the message to remove it from the spam section of my messages. I’ll try a different app
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5 years ago, Studio155
Unblock my Number
I have been getting SPAM calls from numbers from +972 and +970 since October 2018. On my whatapp and viver and even direct calls. I have blocked 300+ numbers so far. And still get harrased daily by these people. They have listed my number on TrueCaller as Spammer by 110 people. Who are Ofcourse the spammers. Today i just to know that True Caller has lsited me as a Spammer and i had never used TrueCaller ever in my life. Viber has blocked my number since November 2018 and refused to unblock me. Its my official registered number. I suggest TrueCaller to remove me from this block list.
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6 years ago, valharp
No longer effective
I have used Truecaller for the past 3 years. It was great at identifying mystery numbers, especially those reported by other users as spam. It was integrated into my phone, stopping blocked calls before they rang. And the database updated quickly every time the app was opened. Deservedly, it was picked up by reviewers as an effective tool. But for the last 5 mont, the app has been totally useless. It does not update its database on opening, and updating it manually is very, very slow. It rarely finds the numbers calling me and no longer blocks them. Short story is that it was once a 5-star app and now is a 2-star app. I'm moving on to something else. What happened, Truecaller - did fame go to your head?
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6 years ago, Ruilus
Works - sort of...
The fact that the spam database has to be updated daily is a huge setback. I have to manually open the app and click update every day or otherwise spam calls go through. Why? In fact spam calls go through anyways. I was getting a dozen each day even with updated spam list. The funny thing is that after hanging up on a spammer I always check the number against Truecaller database and 90% of a time, the number is on their block list. And yet the call goes through anyways. I am not sure why this happens and have the app all needed permissions. Anyways I just installed an ATT call protect app and it blocked 7 spammers within a couple of hours as I can easily see from the log. Only one went through but the app warned me that this was a telemarketer. I understand that the Truecaller technology is not as the one ATT app uses but but there is night and day difference in results. Thank you for helping me but it looks Like there is a better solution for me as of now.
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7 years ago, Quad quad
Worse than the problem it purports to solve
Once this app is on your phone a red screen will pop up saying ‘SPAM’ every time someone on their list calls. This isn’t often - it only blocks a fraction of unwanted calls - but you will always know about it when a spam call comes in. Infuriating! I don’t want to be notified when a spam call comes in - I want it blocked before my phone goes off!!! A far better and simpler solution is just to block unwanted calls from within your phone. Once “block caller” is enabled for a number you will never hear from them again. Nothing. But guess what? You can’t block calls on the Truecaller list, even after the app is deleted. It’s almost as though Truecaller is paid by the spammers!
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5 years ago, TheDancingJesus
Puts you in control.
The app does as promised. It blocks already flagged number. If you decide it’s not a flagged number, it give you the option to unblock. The best feature in my opinion is the community input. If you report a number, it takes note of this and then the next time someone reports it, it will show how many community members have already flagged the number. You are able to the same with text messages. Also, it creates a contact list labeled SPAM with all the fraudulent already verified number.
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2 years ago, Veccio
Kludgy and inelegant w/many moving parts. Stops working often
I want TrueCaller to work as advertised, I really do. I installed the free app, and went through all the install steps. It seems to get uninstalled if you use app offloading. You know it’s working because calls in the phone app show extra TrueCaller data. In practice this almost never happens. For some reason you have to turn on 4 TrueCaller filters in Phone settings and it hangs on one of the steps. Then you get it working but a few days later it stops. Maybe not all of it is their fault, but it needs to be tested better in order for me to want to spend for the in app upgrades.
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6 years ago, GhostriderGaleJ
Haven't had this app long enough to properly review it, but it's bugging me for a review right off the bat! So this is what they get till I use it. Up Update: Now that I’ve had this for quite some time and learned the best ways to use it. I actually enjoy Truecaller a lot for checking numbers that call me to find out who the number belongs to and I can block the ones I don’t want to call me any more. Truecaller has become my most useful tool to cut out spam callers as well as other unwanted callers I have no desire to talk to!
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3 years ago, dahutchinson
Used to be a great app
I’ve had this app for many years and it worked great. However, within the last 12-18 months it started disappearing from the share contact option on the call info. No matter how much I update or check the settings nothing works. The app is more of an inconvenience if I have to copy the number from the phone icon to then open the Truecaller app to search and block the number. I know you will blame Apple for this but it makes no sense you putting out a product that doesn’t work with the phone operating system.
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5 years ago, Monkey Markings cat
Not as good as it was at first.
Loved this app at first, but now it doesn’t identify most numbers as it did in the beginning. Now I just get a message- the truth is out there, search the web, when I try to find info on the caller. Then you have to pay another company to get the info. I am a paid member of Truecaller, but I am about to cancel. I have now downloaded RoboKiller and it works great, even let’s you use one of their bots for answering or make your own, and recording the call. However, if it is spam or robo call, your phone does Not even ring which is wonderful, you can check on your own without interruptions.
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6 years ago, Dmgabriel214
Good... when it works: INCONSISTENT
Used to work consistently, but does not any longer. I update database regularly, have software turned on to screen, yet the spam/scam calls keep getting through. I immediate check the app w/the copy/paste feature, and number is already in the system listed as “scammer.” Why is the software not catching these calls as they come in?! WHY AM I TAKING UP STORAGE SPACE WITH THIS APP IF ITS NOT WORKING?!?! Same happens with all if our household devices. Its not just mine. Ive stopped recommending it to others, and will not again until it works consistently. I may find an alternative & remove the app from our devices.
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4 years ago, keeptryinanothernicknamedude
Identified numbers are few and far between
I’ve had this app for a couple of years now. I got it because the spam calls were ridiculous and I can’t afford not to answer my calls because it might be a customer or client or someone I need to talk with. I keep getting bugged every time I open the app to upgrade to premium, however, Truecaller has not really identified the owner of a number for many many months, other than telling me the name of the provider. Why would I want to pay for something that doesn’t tell me the information that I need. In addition, Truecaller has only identified three or four spam calls for me in the last 60 days.
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2 years ago, Harmanx
Company may be selling your phone number
I tried this app for a feature that was once in the app (according to a video I watched) but looks to have been removed. So I deleted the app shortly after — and was suddenly (within an hour of trying, then deleting app) getting spam and phishing texts that I never was getting before. The second such text was spooky — I got a phishing spam text claiming to be my specific bank — right as I was using my banking app. (I know it wasn’t genuine because it referenced a “prepaid card” that I don’t have with my bank — also came from a fake phone number.) So, did it sell my info and also plant spyware on my phone? This app may not be legit.
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5 years ago, Edgy01
Worthless, Scammer Themselves
Listed as a free application, but upon digging further you discover that’s untrue. It’s absolutely worthless. Hasn’t done a thing about intercepting and labeling robocalls. The basic premise of their system is flawed. It counts upon building a database (to share) of all numbers that are telemarketing numbers. YOU GUYS ARE LATE TO THE PARTY. The scammers are merely blocking calls with Call Blocker and then displaying a number of their choice that may or may not be active. There are clearly nearly an infinite number of these numbers. One time my girlfriend got called by HER OWN NUMBER as they attempted to get her to answer her phone. TRU CALLER doesn’t work—but they’ll charge you a couple hundred bucks a year for what should be a free service by your provider.
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5 years ago, Lainey L.
Still having to block spam/scammers
While Truecaller will identify a caller as spam IF you put it into their app it does nothing for the ten plus illegitimate calls I receive daily. Nor does it block spam messages, which I get frequently, though by no means as often as calls. Also, reporting/plugging the number into the app and blocking there does not actually BLOCK the calls. Truecaller has proven to be like all the other so called apps that block scammers. “Plug the number in and we’ll block it...” “We’ll identify scammers and block them...” so far a big pile of steaming BULLSPIT (you all know what I’m really saying.) Not only does it not work but I get notifications all the time telling me to support them by upgrading to premium. So glad I didn’t.
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7 months ago, RD 1
Not that great
The first few months of using this app seemed to be the fix I was looking for. My enthusiasm was short lived, however because after several months in, the spam and robo calls just kept coming. I was very diligent to report and comment on all the calls that got through but in time I realized I was wasting my time since the same phony companies were allowed through. I did a lot of reporting to Truecaller but number of spam calls they say the have blocked on their app never changed from the 999,959 the whole time I used the app. So bye bye.
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3 years ago, bayar berg
this app is great in most of it’s parts and functionalities, except chatting section. whenever i want to delete a conversation entirely i have to delete the app completely and reinstall it again from Appstore, normally i cannot delete it, and when i try to delete chats one by one, they get back after i close and open the app again, i’m really tired deleting the app and installing it again and again,, while it’s not a good solve at all, because all the other conversations are also deleted. i hope you can solve it in up-next versions.
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3 years ago, malzateb
Doesn’t work
I’ve been using this app for about 3 years, and lately I think there is a problem with iOS or is not compatible anymore because the call blocking & identification part that used to appear before to activate the Truecaller options doesn’t appear anymore, it used to worked when I uninstalled the app but it does not work anymore. So sad to loose this app P.S it also doesn’t work anymore with other spam id apps
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4 years ago, i need a challenge
Very Unhappy
A very important call was missed no thanks to you. If I hadn’t been looking at the phone I wouldn’t have seen the missed call notification. I certainly never heard the phone ring! Thankfully I got a voicemail minutes later saying they’d call back in x minutes so I had time to go through my settings and turn off Truecaller. Next call came through fine. Your spam filtering is opaque — there’s 3 parts to be activated with no info on what any of them do. Also there’s no history on the calls so I’m wondering what other calls may I have missed. This is unacceptable! Goodbye Truecaller. You worked well but now you’ll be uninstalled.
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6 years ago, bythebay10
Sketchy privacy policy! Ironic given the nature of the app.
Truecaller is actually an Indian company or at least they funnel your data through an Indian she'll company if you are a non EU user. I'm guessing this let's them do sketchier things with the data they collect when you install this app like your contact info and the people in your phone book etc. Their privacy policy also says they will use your contact info to send you targeted advertisements etc. Kind of ironic given this app is supposed to help protect your privacy and reduce spam calls. Just goes to show you never know what you're getting until you read the rules. Surprised apple allows this on the app store. Cue: defensive response from developer in 3..2..1..
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5 months ago, hammondjp
Gave this app a shot after seeing the mostly positive ratings. It is not a bang for your buck. Further more the customer service is horrible - especially in their web service where if you try to cancel that point you to the third party they use: RazorPay, which has a notorious reputation as being a leading scamming webpage. I had to cancel the credit card I used to prevent damages because RazorPay makes it impossible to manage subscriptions and do not answer complaints. Perhaps if they can choose a better vendor to manage their payments this rating will change, but until then It’s an automatic one star. Extremely disappointed.
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7 months ago, Kharazmi1364
Humanitarian demand
Sincerely, I have a request from the managers of the program and I hope they will agree that because it is not possible to pay for the paid version in Iran due to sanctions restrictions, I request that you do not take away the possibility of using this wonderful program from me. I hope one day. that all the restrictions caused by the embargo, which puts pressure on the people, will be removed, thank you
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2 years ago, Imjustagrl1978
Just NO
I had it for a very short while. I got rid of it after friends of mine were trying to leave voice mails and couldn’t. Or if I couldn’t talk at that particular time, I would reject their call, and instead of sending them to voicemail, it would give them some type of error message. After hearing the same thing multiple times, I deleted it off of my phone. This was several months ago. Still to this day, if I decline a call, it was ring back at least 3 times and I don’t think I have gotten 1 voice mail since the day I installed it. It has truly messed up my phone and I don’t know how to fix it.
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5 years ago, Gud Spelher
No Free Version
Don’t bother to download this unless you want a subscription. There are no free features to use and you can only try the app after giving them your credit card info. Most of the other available apps have a free service and offer a premium upgrade at a cost but I’m not paying before I’ve tried the service at all especially not 100 a year for the discounted service. This app should say that it’s a subscription service in the description because it’s deceptive that it is a free download that has nothing free in it. Also, I don’t trust anyone who forces third party billing, apps should be charged through the App Store and I should not have to enter my cc into an app. Shady.
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7 months ago, civilization
Mostly a miss
This has been a pretty ineffective product even with the paid subscription I have my phone set to ignore unknown callers and of that list, the only one it flagged as spam was, Ironically my credit card’s fraud department. The rest it happily let through. I don’t know if this is simply the scammers rotating numbers better or a terrible database. Adding new numbers requires one to enter in the digits, when it would be a lot easier if one could forward the unknown missed call directly. Also it’s be great is there were a hook to vary notifications for these.
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8 months ago, Billy G. Gruff
Regrettable Fail
TLDR: it doesn’t work; it doesn’t block calls or texts from numbers the end user inputs & requests be blocked TrueCaller used to be a great app. I considered it a must-have tool, right up there with apps like Waze & iCal. However, regardless of an app’s *potential*, if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do (that is, it flat out doesn’t work), then it’s worse than broken; it’s taking up valuable space on your device. I am a paid subscriber of TrueCaller, & I have the most up-to-date version of both the app & iOS. However, I’ll be terminating my subscription today, & requesting a refund for the remainder of the subscription period.
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