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TruthFinder Inc.
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for TruthFinder Search

4.61 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
6 days ago, summa.cummalaude
a worthy tracker
I wanted thorough information about my ex-partner who I did not trust so I purchased truth finder search and believe me, i wasn’t surprised at its capabilities, it’s like I envisaged that it would not get me the utmost satisfaction I desired. It was a day to my ex birthday, I was on Facebook and saw that the woman I loved receive a text from a man saying, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow Liz.' I immediately called her phone and all she could say was, “I am sorry, I had previous plans with him, but realized that I loved you, and I could not just break plans with him.” Dear reader, what does this even mean? I tried talking to her about it but it didn’t seem like she wanted to let me in on what was going on. Surfing through the net, I stumbled across a top rated review about a private investigator at SpyTechGuru @ gmailcom. All Dustin needed was her full name and cell phone number to extract the information I needed from my ex partner’s phone. I saw everything. From her phone conversations to her exact gps location down to her texts on messenger, iMessage and Snapchat. I was broken beyond repair. But I have no regrets at the moment. I would have ended up with a cheat but I dodged a bullet. Since I got court admissible information provided by Dustin, I went ahead to file for a divorce. Anyway, if you can relate to my experience and you need a drastic solution, hurry and write to Dustin. I assure you that his services are a-one!
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10 months ago, SLZ67
Best support ever!
I really don’t understand some of the negative reviews I’ve read because I find Truthfinders invaluable. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve used it. It’s been worth every penny I spend on it. And when I accidentally got charged twice one month, Jasmine was the friendliest, most helpful customer service agent I’ve ever dealt with. All in all in my opinion this service is hands down the BEST!!!!
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5 years ago, dirtrider65
Seriously can’t believe the service absolutely worst customer service I have ever delt with!
If I could give less than 1 star i would not only is it a bit pricey to operate and run but my account is active and current and I’ve had to have two reports emailed to me as a pdf. And to make it worse the customer service is absolutely crap the # to call is always having some kind of difficulty or problems and you will wait on hold on average for me 45min plus just to get some one two answer then talk to them and convey what ever problem you may have, also my app has been freezing while looking up phone #s, names all kinds of stuff like that so it’s been pretty much worthless for over a month for me now. I tried to just go on line and sign in on their website in hopes of well maybe their app is just having issues, nope! It doesn’t work either I can’t get my report to come up I’m extremely disappointed and tired of trying to contact some one any one for that matter to even try to get this issue resolved, I mean hell they can’t even reply back to a simple email. And I’ve tried their repeatedly as well, just not sure what’s going on I pay for premium access and expect premium service but got a big middle finger every time I try to reach out and get something fixed wth so it’s time to move on and just give my money to another company that is willing to take care of me like a premium customer should be just figured I would let everybody in on my experience over the last year.
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7 months ago, Rogogirl74
Gem of an App
This app is a gem to have handy. It’s proven to be more accurate in finding out information than any other app in its category. While I do believe in anonymity and privacy, too many times having been burnt by those I gave the benefit of the doubt taught me it’s better to know and say nothing while keeping your guard up than to know only what they care share and have your belongings and personal space jeopardized by a liar who manipulates for personal gain using monetary theft and identity theft having given them my blind trust. The only reason I’ve not given Truth Finders a five is simply for the cost and much of what I search for being added costs to the basic charges each month. Not to mention I don’t use the service on the daily, nor even weekly and at times not at all during the month. Seems rather unfair to be forced into automatic payments when I do not use on the regular. This would be the only drawback to this otherwise awesomeness of an app. All in all it’s worth its weight in gold and you don’t see me canceling my subscription cause it’s truly worth the whine to get the information that is so easily accessible even if it means the added cost to subscribe. You won’t be disappointed and if ya are, you’re likely not gonna be pleased with any service cause this one is the best hands down. Try it and see for yourself!
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5 years ago, JUNEBUGG9991
If the app functioned properly it may be ok however I had nothing with issues from the start. I immediately canceled my subscription literally after using it, or should I say trying to use it for several minutes. Wouldn’t load, then I got zero results several times but when I entered in the same info as before the app must have grew a brain and popped out some information. So I emailed the developer and asked for a refund, after all, I literally used it a few minutes and finally had enough. They developer responded with a email telling me they can’t refund purchase through iTunes. So I go to iTunes, report a problem and it says “contact the developer.” All I want is my money back no matter who has to do what. Apples says it’s on you and your saying contact them... so I set on the phone for 57 minutes. Are u kidding me!!! You make it impossible to solve issues and have the WORST, call center. So I hung up. Just refund my money please and fix these issues especially with horrible service and crap app.
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2 years ago, So easy to use to use the app!
I paid and the app doesn’t work
I have used this app in the past and I liked it minus a few little glitches. I paid the monthly subscription for it and did the background checks I needed to do. I kept the subscription for the month and cancelled it since I no longer needed to pull up background checks. Fast forward to now and I again am needing to perform a background check. I pay for the subscription for the month and was charged. I go to use the app and it keeps prompting me to sign up for the subscription even though I am already signed up. I thought maybe there was a delay after signing up, but even after about two weeks I still cannot access the searches. I sent an email to the help address listed in the contact info with no response. I also reported the glitch and no response. The app still charged me the almost $30 dollars for the month and I still have yet to be able to use it.
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6 years ago, X Freis
So many things wrong with it
There are so many things wrong with this app. First it takes longer than it needs to to get all the data. Then it asks you to pay $27 per month after you spent so much time waiting for something you thought was free. Why would anyone want to do that if they don’t even know how accurate and informative the report is, and even if it’s a good report, it’s overpriced and you shouldn’t trust them with your credit card information. They should at least have a free trial. And last, this is just plain wrong. This is a violation of people’s privacy rights and strangers can see their information. This is dangerous because someone could get stalked. It’s also asks you for info on the person you are trying to get a report on. If you use the app, please press skip instead of giving them more information on someone. But just don’t use the app at all please.
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6 years ago, Jedster1962
Not accurate. Most information is either old or inaccurate
This product is somewhat useful but the reports are mostly out of date or inaccurate. You can use some basic information but I wouldn’t rely on it for accuracy. My own report had me at an address I haven’t lived at in five years and a phone number that was almost 20 years old. Associates or friends I feel is pretty much made up. There were no people on my report I had ever heard of. Although I have held the same position employment wise, it had me employed in a completely different field in a state on the other side of the country. I guess they think I commute 1500 mile every day. It had absolutely no accurate employment information on me. Totally inaccurate social media presence and it listed about 10 email addresses of which only one was accurate.
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6 years ago, Breezy1083
Stop the pop up !
I’ve been using the website and that works pretty good. Didn’t know their was even an app until today so I thought “great! Let’s give it a go.” Well, my first impression is not good. First, it takes soooo long to load a report. That I just end up hitting cancel. But that’s not the worst part. Every time I click on anything, a pop up comes up that says “have you searched for yourself?” It gives you 2 options, yes or no. And no way to exit out of the pop up. If you click No, it brings you to a different screen. If you click Yes, it just goes to a blank screen where it stays frozen for all eternity. So then you’re forced to close the app and sign back in. This has happened approximately 5 times in the first 10 mins of using it. Please fix this! And please get rid of that useless pop up! Of course I’ve searched myself. Isn’t that what we all do initially?
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5 years ago, TheHillsHaveMud
A horrible app with even worse customer service
I have never written a review for an app before but was compelled to with this one. Do not waste your time and money. Also remember to cancel your subscription with the application or they will continue to bill you every month. I only just noticed that, though I had tried to cancel my subscription roughly 5 months back, the attempt apparently never went through (my browser would remain processing the termination of the subscription for as long as two days but would never actually complete the process [which I found out after they stole over $100]). I tried to reach out to customer service twice and was given the run around of how they can’t cancel my subscription themselves. “[I had] to do it [myself] either through the app (which, mind you, has no way to cancel your subscriptions) or through the Apple store.” What a bunch of crap! This company is a shame and a crock. Spend your money elsewhere. For those who are also stuck in the limbo of trying to cancel your subscription with this godforsaken application; go to your settings, click your name, click “iTunes & App Stores”, scroll down and click “subscriptions”, and cancel through there. What a disgraceful lot.
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5 years ago, Linnette46
Inaccurate, Duplicate Billing, Misleading
This app was good two years ago. Now I have to paying $50, I receive reports with ****’s in details such as addresses. Just before I made the payment, I pulled a report, showing me actual details, then the site said I had an existing login. I sign in, I purchase two moths of unlimited reporting, then for “all” information, I’m required to make two more payments of $4.99 each. After doing this and pulling the same report up, I got false information, stars in the details, and 865 results for a person I just found with the SAME search information entered. I tried to call for customer service help, waited on hold for endless times. I did this numerous days, no person ever answered. I emailed right away asking to cancel, that something wasn’t right. I never heard back. Now they billed me again. I am so upset!
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6 years ago, ChazToz
TruthFinder is a $27/month People Search site
My personal search resulted in an 85 page pdf document (on web site, App doesn’t provide pdf download). Of which maybe 15 pages had useful information. Not listed was my twenty year military service. Not listed was my 20 years of public education. Places I lived only covered the last quarter of my life. It did list over 40 pages of people that may have lived near me or used the same Post Office Box I had rented. It did not list any of my employment history. It did not list any vehicles I’ve owned, but it did list a vehicle I lease from 1998 to 2002. I plan to cancel their automatic renewal subscription a week before it is due. Try the web site. The App is free but offers only about 20% of the data available on the website.
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6 years ago, golden goddess33
we will see
some ppl may not find this app useful but i do i plan on finding my boyfriend's dad i know that if i want more info i have to pay then that is what i will do to find his dad i'm doing this for him thank god he is the only person we have to find it's a lot more to his storry on why i'm trying so hard to find his dad and with this app i got some of the answers with money and the update i'm hoping i get a lot more if i get what i'm looking for then i will give you guys 5 star if i can just put a face to his name then i will be in there for get 5 stars i will give you guys 100 stars but only if i can put a face to his name only god's know i'm hoping i will now i don't like to put moneys on apps but for him i will do it this is for the love of my life i hope and pray to god that when i do i get my hard earn money worth i hope that this app will not let me down or give me fake hope ino trying to find his dad we try a lot of apps ppl search ppl finder face book so i'm hoping that this the the one can find his dad it's been to long so i'm hoping this app can and will help us
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5 years ago, helllllnahhh
If I could give zero starts I would
This has been by far the most worthless purchase I’ve ever made in my life. I wanted to see if my info was accessible to people and what was there. And I didn’t find anything. I unsubscribed and called the number for truth finder at-least 30 times over the past 3 weeks and no one picked up. I stayed on hold for over 2 hours each time listening to that annoying hold music. And yes I called with in work hours. So you know I spent money on this trash I might as well look up a few names and see what pops up and guess what ? NOTHING ...ZELCH ... ZERO... Huge scam. I’m an idiot for purchasing this. I mean wow this couldn’t have been any worse. Oh wait it is I want a refund and no one will pick up. I strongly advise everyone not to buy this junk. Save your money. Worst idea ever.
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3 months ago, Lee170950
Paid for the subscription and didn’t get my service
Payed for a subscription took out my account same day emailed customer service hopefully fixes if not will be asking for refund. Try to search for some one and asking me to pay again wouldn’t recommend. Customer service didn’t fixed nothing. Saying that I didn’t creat account or pay but I did and have the bank statement pulling money out of my account. They keep email the same email to you about they. I used it before and it work wonderfully but had to cancel bc of pay. And it locked me out of my original account and I didn’t have the password for it and you can’t retrieve it either.
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6 years ago, i Win you loose
Phone records
I was able to find hidden assets my husband was hiding.. so yes I’m happy The jerk filed for divorce and I ended up with everything because of his stupidity by not disclosing his hidden assets oh and he had his money in his girlfriends account.. Thank you truth finder I paid xtra for the phone record report. It doesn’t tell me much so I am disappointed with this add in feature.. May I’m not reading it correctly.. anyway will call customer service and find out.
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4 years ago, Izella Bordeaux
This is the second time I have purchased a subscription with this company, and it doesn’t work. I contacted customer support the first time. They told me to delete the app and reinstall it, so I did and it still didn’t work. I recently purchased it again (I use this app for my job) and it STILL didn’t work. It said my account was synced and it “updated” itself, but every time I keep clicking on the phone number search, it keeps asking me to subscribe again. When I try to resubscribe, it tells me I already purchased the subscription. I am so done with this app. Absolute waste of money. I will never buy anything from this TruthFinder again. It’s a scam.
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6 years ago, _picklerickle_
Best app for safety
I’ve caught three cheaters red-handed with this app. When my friend found disturbing information on her boyfriends computer (as in catfishing other MEN on dating sites and pretending to be a woman buffalo bill style) we looked him up and he had been previously charged with stalking and domestic violence. We should have used it sooner. I also use this randomly to find relatives addresses at Xmas, find forgotten birthdays, the works. Highly recommend.
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5 years ago, JW2836
No free searches
If you are trying to run a simple background check this app wastes a huge amount of your time by acting like its downloading various things to create a report. You have to keep clicking ‘continue’ then wait longer. Then finally they say, okay your full report is ready but you need to pay for an expensive monthly subscription (around $27/mth) to view it. They must figure that walking people through the lengthy process of making it sound like they are finding lots of interesting stuff, as you invest more and more time, will get most people to think, “I’ve already spent so much time I might as well just pay for the report now.” Dumb scam.
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6 years ago, Cheat to win
Good luck canceling
Decent app but over priced and good luck canceling a subscription the phone number they list just directs you back to the web page. Then after several unnecessary steps you finally reach the cancel subscription button. Only to find out when you hit it, it takes you to a totally unnecessary page that says this may take a minute please be patient. It never moves waited 30+ minuets several times. This is intentionally done so you give up all hope and keep your subscription every other subscription service it’s one click and the next page loads with a confirmation it’s not that complicated of a process.
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3 months ago, Barbara Guy fly
Great app for finding people who hide near you
This is an awesome app that made me mad at the people that have been around me. It’s worth having to do a record check on the spot to make sure you ain’t got no child predator lurk around you or your family. now I have to restrain myself from beating people up.
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1 year ago, bryanwatson32
One of the worst I’ve ever seen
Completely in accurate for one you had information on there that belong to someone else idk what you guys are doing over there but you obviously don’t know what your doing the only thing you really got right is some of the contact information even that was out of whack but the location and the timeline on there was completely false I will not come buy your services ever again complete waste of money especially since I gave you every detail about the person I was searching for and you still sent the wrong information
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5 years ago, mrsknode
I know you’re full of 💩
Yeah. I was looking for records on my ex... my name popped up as a relative and it said I had 10+ criminal records. I have ZERO criminal records. Go shove a cactus where the sun doesn’t shine. You won’t get a penny from me. And to your response... why would I call you with SO MANY reviews saying calling customer service is useless and they get no response to emails? This is what happens when you provide garbage info, ignore customers and take people’s money when they canceled their subscription. They leave horrible reviews.... other people read them... and decide they have no desire to be ripped off. Lesson... don’t run your company like a thieving jerk. Pretty simple.
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5 years ago, Tkgrathwohl
APP Stinks
The app doesn’t show 1/2 of what you can find on the web portal. As far as TruthFinder it so far seems to be the most accurate of all other programs out there. However the information is out of order, behind by several months. My personal information is only about 70% at the very most accurate. Has me related to, friends with or living with people I have no knowledge of. Personal information like address and phone numbers I have requested on several times to have suppressed due to a potential stalker. Information has yet to be suppressed. Makes you wonder about the accuracy of other reports.
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1 year ago, jennNj10
Not accurate at all
This is so inaccurate that it even says I have a license. I was a cosmetologist when I went to school for four months and quit because I was pregnant and it says it’s still active. The license and my birthdate is wrong places I lived in the city is wrong everything is wrong and then I look up my friend and it’s just a father they’re showing not the son.. they don’t even show the sun so some people you can put in there and they don’t even find any results for them… I just did one month and I’m canceling the same day I bought it..
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6 years ago, Driller032578
Great app
This is the easiest app to navigate, although a bit expensive for a tad more information it can be worth the extra money if you can afford it. I would like to see the app updated on a more regular basis. I found some records that were a minimum of 5 years old with no current data.
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6 years ago, hazeEdaze
They refunded me
Used the app for a day to see what would happen with friends. Nothing came up on 17 different people, but they never took my payment because of my dissatisfaction. I search my name and I had a criminal record when I was a toddler and my pictures come at my father? Searched my father and his pictures aren’t even him? I hope the government can regulate apps like this to work better but in the long run, this is the only app that refunded me for my inconvenience. That’s why 2 stars. Thank you for your time and patience.
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3 months ago, Rajpsych12345
App never worked. Fraud?
I subscribed through the App Store and wasn’t able to get the app to work. Called their customer service number and was told my order was lacking a Google play id. They gave me Apple App Store customer service number. I suggested a three way conversation so that we could debug the problem together, but was told they could not do a three way call. I call the App Store and they will file for a refund that could be granted in 48 hours, but no guarantee. Was this fraud? I recommend you avoid this product.
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5 years ago, cuzinfsner
The most truthful report
The app can be used for free you can find basic info it’s probably a 50/50 on wither the phone and address are correct usually on is right but not the other I have not needed to pay for the full report because it’s a wast of my money to pay for semi false results but mostly you can find a few things correct on each person
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5 years ago, J🤗
Why so many fees?
I paid the $27 and some change then when I tried to look by Telephone Number it was another $5 fee! I think if your going to charge all these fees have an all inclusive price because No one want to pay almost $30 then get hit with another $5 when your thinking you should be able to look up a number if I can search a persons entire life!
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2 years ago, Mook_Man01
Need to Support iPad Orientation
I just want the developer to know that I really like the application. I use it a lot these days. One thing that I find annoying is the fact it will not rotate based on how you hold your iPad. I use it on and iPad Pro with the Magic keyboard which sits horizontally on the keyboard. Instead of vertical reports, it need to orient based on the screen position, fix this and I will give you five stars.
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6 years ago, Nrskris10
Lots of free information
A lot of info is free. The more detailed stuff costs an additional fee. This fact is not hidden. There are ppl complaining about the fee. This is a business. Of course there’s going to be a fee. (&/Or incessant ads.). Idk anyone who has a business that isn’t attempting to make money. If another developer has an app that’s totally free, why are you here? It must be lacking something. For free, I learned a lot. More than I expected to find out about this person. I decided not to pay for more details at this time because I found enough info to give me the answers I needed. Thanks for a great app!
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2 years ago, face62688
This update is the worst thing that’s happened
I can’t believe how terrible this updated version is! It completely has all birthdates incorrect and programmed to only show the first of the month for each person. Please please please fix this error immediately. The app was working PERFECTLY fine before this last update. Absolutely a shame for whoever tried to upgrade it. We will gladly take the old version back over this one. Thank you and have a wonderful blessed day!!
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6 years ago, 26sarge26
Daughter is safe thanks to Truthfinder
Our daughter was going out with a young man that we felt was suspect. We asked her for his name and age and punched in the information and within five minutes we found out that he been arrested before and did five years in prison. Without TruthFinder who knows what could’ve happened!!
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6 years ago, Uniquely Jus
Let the dark come to light
With little easy ways to access freedom of information act information to track down where I come from. Or to put together the puzzle of my lifetime.... The skeletons shall fall always in due time. Thank you truthfinder. Honestly is loyalty. Transperancey is critical in today world.
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6 months ago, Twizzluh
This app lies
Wanted see my report on myself because i work a delicate job was curious what my report was tried say before you can even pay that i am criminal but after i paid it says i am not so to anybody that looks me up on here it will say i have a criminal background when infact i do not. Shorter terms wanted to see what information people could pull up on me and its said most people will see that and freak out and its not even the truth i have no criminal back ground.
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6 years ago, AyFlwr
Surprisingly Accurate Data
The story someone I was seeing on/off again gave me wasn’t adding up. I discovered he had a family in another state that he never discussed. Heartbreaking news ....that required ending that situation but I would’ve never known had I not used TruthFinder.
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5 years ago, T Lanee~
I searched myself and most of the information was false. They had me listed at addresses I’ve ever heard of. They have an evictions listed during times I actually was a resident at an legit apartment complex. I searched self 3 times and the second time there was different information from the first time. When I searched the third time it changed back to the original. I don’t fully trust this app. I wouldn’t rely on it for an accurate background check.
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5 years ago, Female genius
Not Sure
I got stuck with a month membership on my credit card. Decided I would check some more things out, since I had the app for 30 days. I ran myself through it and it didn’t tell me a whole lot. Listed both of my parents. They are deceased. Also showed me in the same house with two people that I bought a house from 20 years ago and sold in 2003.
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6 years ago, Irishrenee
Great resource but how do I cancel ??
This is a fantastic resource if you want to check on people your going to hire, babysitters- even teachers and coaches that will be around your child. But....... canceling takes forever !!! We called truth finder but can’t cancel the subscription as we got it through the App Store. We’ve been emailing and trying for months at $30 monthly - it should be easy to cancel. The number listed on the App Store goes straight to truth finder reps but they say -“ you have to cancel through the App Store”- same number, I am going around in circles!!! How do we cancel?
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5 years ago, find what I need everytime
Good but it can be better
I would give it 5 Stars, if there was a way to add more information on the person. For example if I have some additional information on a particular family member, like children that are not listed. Maybe add an additional box for comments that applies to a particular person.
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5 years ago, Awesomeness324
I love this service, but...
I recently upgraded from a free account to a premium. However, every time I try to sign into the app now, it says that the service is unavailable. I know that this absolutely isn’t the case though, since the website works fine. Is there anything I can change on my end to fix this? I use a ProtonMail for that account, if it helps.
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7 years ago, Munzybunzy
Almost too revealing
I was able to find every member of my family. It is really cool how this app shows you Criminal Records. The other apps I tried didn't have as much data as TruthFinder. Recommend for anyone who wants more info about people they know, or just met.
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6 months ago, Devils advocate 6966
This app and service used to be a Boone for my professional and private life. They’re hit and miss lately. Technology and laws probably changed things for their ability to provide thorough and reliable information at times. Still works some of the time.
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6 years ago, dmorr00n
Retention of Previously Paid-For Reports
I am extremely unhappy because I paid the full rate for two months knowing that I was just going to have to download all the reports I could think of and go back and read them later. lo and behold, they want me to pay for my downloaded reports again! I enjoyed the accuracy but I run a home-based business, I have five children and I would never have the time to “binge read” all of them at once. Please tell me how to open the reports in my account without paying for them again. I have the $4.99 telephone account, love it, but can’t afford the more expensive ones again right now or I would. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Not EasyRider
I am finding what I need
I am doing some heavy research but what I liked the most was looking up my fathers name. He passed away Jan 3, 2018 at 90 years old and in all that time, he has not so much as a blip on the criminal side. It was a simple clean report just as my daddy was. A simple, clean, honorable man. Thank you.
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5 years ago, NiGGGGGGeeeeeeRrrrrrr
It’s The Best App
I really like the app cuz it shows me mobile numbers to contact people if I need to such as my grandma if my parents where somehow unreachable. This app gives date of births while most other ones don’t. I really like the relative feature but most apps do have that feature for free within there apps. Overall, I thank the creators of the app and hope the best for them. Sincerely, Jon
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5 years ago, M. TRUE
Good Confidence in this App
Exceptionally Informative ! not much more than what it would take a strong 4 hour research initiative ! app is of interest just to find what is pooled public source data !! and with all the security reassurances is under Symantec .. so .. also is 'cheap' to purchase a month ..
Show more
6 years ago, Hgfdjjdgjkgsehj
It’s ok
This has the same format as instantcheckmate, looks like the same company, different name. I found other information online for free when doing background checks, that’s why I said it’s ok. It does have other information that I didn’t find online but if I can find it online for free it looks like they should have it when you pay for it.
Show more
5 years ago, Rock.mama5
Such a WASTE!! Don’t do it!!
I signed up out of curiosity, and a search on myself said 3+ criminal records (I’ve never had more than a traffic ticket for speeding 8 years ago which was dismissed), a phone number 13 years old, “associates” I’ve never heard of, and an address from when I was a child. Obviously I didn’t pay for the monthly subscription after reading the other reviews, every single thing they had about me besides my birthdate was completely outdated and inaccurate.
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