Turbulence Forecast

4.7 (141)
36.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
PJM Media, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Turbulence Forecast

4.67 out of 5
141 Ratings
1 year ago, Stab329
This Flight Attendant Loves This App
I am a flight attendant and checking this app has become a part of my routine every day I am at work. It is standard for pilots to brief with flight attendants before each flight about what kind of turbulence to expect. Quite frankly, I find this app *at least* as reliable as the briefings I get from pilots, sometimes it is more reliable. There have been many times where the pilots have told me they expect a decent ride, but the maps I see on this app suggest otherwise, and this app has been correct. In fairness, after almost 10 years on the job I understand that turbulence can be difficult to predict, sometimes the flight is smoother or bumpier than this app has me anticipate, but I sincerely believe the information you find here is as reliable as any information available anywhere. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, EBEdwards89
Taking the edge off!
I don’t know how they do it, but Peter and his crew come through for me every time. I use their maps religiously before a flight. Sometimes I check them out days ahead and multiple times before heading out. I beyond recommend the detailed personal forecasts! Sometimes it helps just to know what it might be like. I find there has been. pretty high accuracy rate in all my time using them. Thanks!
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5 years ago, JennRose04Kids
Best turbulence forecast app
I fly 100K+ miles a year and remain an anxious flier. This app helps reduce the anxiety because I can prepare for what we are flight into/through. I have also used the custom, detailed forecasts for international travel. Totally worth it if you’re like me and benefit from knowing if you’re flying into forecasted turbulence or going to have a smooth flight. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, DearYourNameHere
Accurate so far!
I’m a very nervous flyer, which is silly because I fly multiple times a year, but I still get nervous every single time! So I was happy to discover this app right before my 2 flights last week. I scoped out the three “recommended maps” and found them to be very accurate on both of my flights! I highly recommend this app if you’re a nervous flyer. Docking 1 star juuuuust because I think the UI is pretty dated, but can’t complain too much since it’s a free app.
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5 years ago, Stecordoni
Best turbulence app
Great app with a lot of information on the maps. I paid for the email report and was very pleased with how detailed it was!! It even came with a map showing where I could expect turbulence and what level it would be, in addition to the written report that detailed take off, landing and time in the air. Peter is a great guy! Thank you for helping all of us scaredy-cats!!
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7 years ago, Collinsrox
A Comfort While Flying!
I love and rely on this app while flying. I am an anxious flyer and this app gives me an idea of when and where we could hit turbulence. I often use it during a flight, when connected to wifi, to gauge when the turbulence will be done. It has been extremely accurate for me and I can't recommend it enough! The new update is awesome!
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6 years ago, Cool gunes
A very good app to use
This app is very helpful, you can use it to see if there will be any turbulence during your flight, you can also use this app if you are getting into flying to check the weather. Overall this app has helped me plan many flights.
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5 years ago, HM_BG
Awesome app!
This app has helped ease SO much anxiety for me before and during travel. I avoided flying for years, but this app is now part of a routine that helps me fly with ease, multiple times a year. I recommend to everyone I know with flight anxiety. It’s very user friendly, as well. Thank you so much!
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7 years ago, APXweatherman
Need to know what's ahead for my next flight
Great app. I always want to be in the know. I love weather, fly often but get anxious at times wondering what's ahead weather wise for my next flight or while in flight. This is a go to app in my iPhone weather folder for traveling.
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4 weeks ago, Nicole.Reed823
Highly recommend this app
This app is great, it helps put some of my flight anxiety at ease. Peter, the founder literally provides the best customer service I’ve ever experienced from an app. The app is free to use but offers reasonably priced in app purchase options.
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6 years ago, ehabrams133
Critically Fantastic App!
This is the perfect app for a weather enthusiast who happens to be a mile high with in-flight WiFi, a flyer who feels uncomfortable trough every fluffy cumulous cloud, or a first traveler who needs to be taught the basics of lift and flying! From the weather and turbulence maps to the in-flight G-Force meter: this app is a must for every flight!!
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3 years ago, CarsonWells
Love this app
It’s free, very accurate, and very helpful. Though checking it’s either scares me or makes me feel great before I get in a plane I am always happy to know the turbulence before a flight. Thank you so much!
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8 years ago, Stefaniek99
Use it every time I fly
Can't recommend this app enough-- particularly with the latest update. Just like previous versions, it has all the info I'm looking for, but now in a much easier to understand format.
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7 years ago, fear pf flying
Wonderful tool
Terrific app to help me get over my fears of flying even though I fly 40 weeks a year! Prepares you for when the flight might get bumpy and also tells you when to relax on your flight. The great tool that I am beyond thankful for!
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2 years ago, marcus aurelius2
Been using for years Domestic and International
Incredible app. Incredible service. Not just for white knucklers, but if you want to predict delays in flights for yourself or others… love it
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6 years ago, Check six25
Accurate and informative
Nervous flier. I have started using this to know what’s up ahead on my next flight and knowing ahead of time has assuaged my fears. I am excited to try out the new turbulence monitor.
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7 years ago, Darion Gomez
Helps a ton
If you have flying anxiety being able to know when you’re going to hit turbulence is super helpful. This app has been quite accurate, thank you!
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6 months ago, SFDoug
Super easy to use and understand. The flight-specific forecasts are detailed, interesting and helpful.
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2 years ago, Ghes student, Grayson
Very Accurate
I really enjoy this app…it’s very user-friendly and just “techie” enough to make me feel good. Lots of great options!
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6 years ago, KPOB-TV
A Must Have App
This app has been on my phone since day one! It’s an amazingly informative app that I highly recommend, no matter if you are a pilot or regular passenger in coach.
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5 years ago, PBelmonte8888
100% accuracy !
I have been receiving personalized forecast from Peter for several years . He has been 100% on point with his forecast .
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5 years ago, Aviators
Quick and easy
I’m an airline pilot and use this. Quick and easy and accurate for the most part. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Oside Dp
Great service !
Unbelievable forecast by Peter for a recent trip I was on. Highly recommend his service. Thanks !
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5 years ago, RMizek
Perfect for nervous flyers
Nervous flyers can see that most times, turbulence is limited to small areas and often, airlines can fly around storms or choose a smoother altitude. Great job!
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6 years ago, cintitraveler67
Never travel without it
Always check to see what kind of ride I'm going to have. Best app for travel
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4 years ago, backpacker130
Super helpful for those with a fear of flying
The app is great and really helps with my anxiety flying. I also highly recommend getting the personalized forecasts as well.
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7 years ago, tapper1969
Nice app
I like to know what lies ahead when I travel, used to Google for air maps, this app makes it so much handier and easy to understand. Nice app!
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8 years ago, mkoo
Best travel app got better
Wow, the new UI is amazing. Easier to read and navigate. Well done. I use this app every time I travel and it is spot on. Use it!!!!
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1 month ago, JMT69
Wouldn’t leave home without you!
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6 months ago, Twarr1
Must have app
I’ve used the Turbulence app for years. It’s an essential. I especially like tge G-Force feature.
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5 years ago, not so afraid of flying
Love this app
I use this app- looking at the maps before I fly. I really appreciate having a sense of what to expect.
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4 months ago, JBrooky
Explains a lot and accurate
Easy to use!
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5 years ago, MiaPet1201
Great app
Helps put everything in perspective while my nerves kick in during the flight.
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6 years ago, JDW1992
Very helpful
I fly a ton and continuously struggle with anxiety. The app gives me a sense of knowing and peace. It is such a helpful tool on your phone.
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7 years ago, sonicspectrum
Love this app!
I’m a nervous flyer and this gives me information I can’t find any place else.
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3 years ago, MacDaddy 49
Great Web Site
Very helpful in preparing for flights. It’s nice to know what to expect.
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6 years ago, MattHall1993
As a pilot, I use this program as a source for some of my weather/turbulence information for briefing passengers. Love the app!
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8 years ago, Fuzzy blender
Great for nervous flyers
This app is great! I'm not a big fan of flying and this app helps a lot so I can see if turbulence is expect and prepare for it (mentally).
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8 years ago, Speedster6298
Definitely helpful to see how the rides going to be. Pilot reports is my personal favorite map.
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6 years ago, jlc_nyc
Extremely thorough data. Always spot on.
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6 years ago, Sushi Mike G
You can make sure t
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2 years ago, PattyB04
Make it simple
I should be able to put in a specific destination to see what I’ll be dealing with. Make it simple for people who don’t know what some of those abbreviations mean.
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7 years ago, Saucy57
Great app
Nice and simple to use and understand
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1 year ago, dpletcher
Portrait mode only
Who ever made the decision to lock the maps in portrait only mode should chose a new career. I have deleted the app and moved tother turbulence and weather forecast apps.
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2 years ago, sam102xxxx
Good info
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6 years ago, sarahxan32
Interesting app to learn about turbulence
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1 year ago, Anuatti2d
Love the update!
Great job!
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6 years ago, Buci74
Great information for nervous flyers! Facts are power.
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4 years ago, Mac observer
Turbulence rating
This is an excellent app.
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2 years ago, Houtzbrian09
No guide or help screen? What does pilot report numbers indicate?
No sure how useful this is. No guidance or reference to understand readings
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