Turno for Cleaners

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TidyDaily Inc
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Turno for Cleaners

3.75 out of 5
467 Ratings
9 months ago, East Coast Cleaning Services
Average cleaning prices not accurate
I’ve used this app for several years and have definitely gotten my fair share of clients here. There are a few things that need adjusting. First, the average cleaning prices (at least for my area) are not correct. I have lost a few bids due to this error, a 2,000 sq foot home should not be priced between $90-$145 (this is less than .10 per sq foot which is my base rate). My cleaning company is very detailed, organized, and these “average prices” do not reflect our quality of work. Second, the time it takes to deposit funds to my bank account has slowed down significantly. Deposits used to be made very quickly, usually within 48 hrs at most. Now it seems, especially when I have several jobs in one day, that it’s sometimes taking up to 5-7 days to deposit. Lastly, in the past I would see several cleaning opportunities each week, that’s no longer the case. I am seeing a couple every month. This is of course, bad for business. While the app has flaws, it also has its benefits.
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2 years ago, sofiab.hw
Highly profitable cleaners app and easy to use
This app gets me cleaning projects more than I expected and it’s so highly profitable!! I started an independent cleaning job when I moved to a new apartment and my bldng manager made an agreement with me that since the rent might increase the following year, she can make an exception for me if I clean other properties she manages. She paid me good money and so I decided I could make cleaning properties a full-time job! 2 years later, I decided to clean for vacation rental hosts in my area and I wanted an easier way where I can find clients, automatically get paid, and have projects scheduled every week! I heard about Turnoverbnb and gave it a try. I’m happy this app allows all of that plus it is very manageable to all other things– from rejecting projects, through easy chat communication with my clients!! I’m so happy I found this app because I can tell they care for cleaners like me and they prioritize our safety and credentials! For example, I found a broken mirror in one of the airbnb houses I was cleaning. I was able to report the problem through the app with photos, time, and date right away . The host was glad I reported it right away and she was able to replace it before the next guests checking in
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2 years ago, Hollingsworth21
Wish I could give 10 stars
I have been working with this app since April 2019. This is the easiest platform to maneuver through. I haven’t had many issues with the app either, I think maybe 2 small glitches, but anytime I have messages customer support I immediately got a response. Very impressive since the last time was on a weekend. I got an immediate response and they got right on the issue and it was fixed promptly. They even followed up to ensure everything was back working promptly. Just that in itself earns my 5 stars because these days attentive customer service is just hard to find and the fact that they genuinely care about the product they promote. And then finally I have made some decent money getting connected with short term rental managers and owners as well. It has definitely been a positive thing for my cleaning business. Highly recommended! Just to piggyback on this review I am still receiving excellent customer service through the TurnoverBnB app. Alice is the greatest and had a solution to my problem within minutes. Short term rental cleaner’s definitely should be using this app!!
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2 months ago, Bad updat
3 Stars because I do get a lot of business
This app is set up to support hosts only. You can tell cleaners are not valued. Hosts can go in and get refunds even if you have proof the job was done correctly, they charge you state taxes and don’t pay the state on your behalf so I get taxed on that income a 2nd time. Customer service reads from scripts and it can be very frustrating, they also don’t know much about stripe which is who they use to process payments. I did give 3 stars because I do get a lot of work on this app, otherwise I would give 1 star as I don’t feel valued as a cleaner who grosses about 75k a year on the app. I am listed as a super cleaner so I receive a lot of bids so it has helped my business grow. I wish cleaners had more access like being able to disconnect from a host instead of having to ask customer service, I wish the app wasn’t so slow and so flawed; it’s almost impossible to read my messages now, it takes so long to load. I also hate that hosts can leave reviews at anytime but cleaners are forced to leave a review after the first cleaning in order to access the app and see your other jobs. If the app was more accommodating to its cleaners I would give it 5 stars.
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6 months ago, Lostell
Could use a hand?
I was referred to this app by a close friend of mine, as my full-time job does not offer the opportunities for me to secure a second source of income via a different place. I thought this would be a beautiful, sign up and get started, but I’m restricted based off of my access and I am unable to reach a wider audience unless I increase my response times to bids, however, I get notifications at midnight and 3 AM which I have screenshots of to prove. Like so many others I am trying to be more cognizant of going to bed at this time and am rarely up at those times if at all, I just don’t understand why this cleaning app has dating-esk features such as restricting access levels and not being able to reach a wider audience unless I go out and begin an LLC and get bonded and insured. Is there anyone who has read this review that is willing to provide some insight and clarity?
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11 months ago, renaemfintiredofthisshiid
Haven’t even had one cleaning
I’ve cleaned for over 10 years for clients homes, businesses, airbnb’s etc. Every single cleaning I bid on I’m out bid because they’re only worried about getting the cheapest price. I know my worth and how hard I work when cleaning I’m not going to do it for $10 an hour. I’ve been in the industry for years and it’s pathetic that people are bidding so low they’re not even making a living out of it. A basic cleaning from a company runs around $400-$1000 and they don’t do deep cleanings. I charge a minimum of $200 usually and people that want their properties cleaned correctly pay that. I have been bidding way under my average pay $80,…$100 and haven’t received anything. Be for real why are y’all tearing your bodies up for minimum wage?? You’re only helping the company profit this company won’t help you when your spine is ruined from scrubbing someone else’s tubs. Have some self worth. Even a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom should be a minimum of $80 and that’s if it’s a light cleaning. It should be against the law the underpay service workers that are doing a job most people can’t and won’t do!
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9 months ago, Lifeless corps
Stay far away
Stay away, this app is GARBAGE! Offers never come to you, but your punished for taking to long. Bids disappear randomly, chats disappear. Lose a bid? Good luck knowing what the winning bid is! Get an offer and you bid? Never to see it again EVER! Turno cares less about it and only about the fees and money they collect from hosts and cleaners. Most every offer is fake and always expires. If your lucky enough to win a bid, good luck! Because you’ll never get to clean. Of the 2 accepted bids out of a hundred or so I’ve made, I’ve chatted with one just to be haggled down from my price. Finally told that person to kick rocks. Another I had a phone conversation with, never to hear from them EVER AGAIN! NOT TO MENTION VERY IMPORTANT HERE, MAJORITY OF OFFERS ARE THIRD PARTY OF A THIRD PARTY. You’re never dealing with the actual owners of the property’s and they are managed by huge “property management” companies who want to pay waiters wages. Also most the offers on here don’t even list the properties correctly which would be an issue from the host side of the app. I’ve been on here a couple months and it’s a joke.
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3 weeks ago, KB@”’
Turno experience
My experience with the Turno app has been positive overall, though it comes with both benefits and challenges. Since using the app, I've retained most of my clients and ensured consistent work for my team. Features like the client review option are particularly valuable, as they allow customers to gauge performance. Additionally, cleaners can review clients based on property descriptions and pricing fairness. The customer service department is always ready to help, with Samantha and her team available 24/7, providing a great sense of security. However, there are challenges. The bidding process can be tricky, often requiring bids at very low prices, which has caused me to lose some opportunities. Also, the payment option can be unreliable if a client doesn't have an up-to-date payment method.
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6 months ago, FatAlbert1234567890
Such a hassle
This app is such a hassle! I just wanted to see what was out there for some side hussle cleaning projects. I downloaded a couple of other apps and there was nothing in my area. After a month and uploading five different profile pictures that apparently didn't meet criteria (very appropriate, clear, headshots but nothing below chin can show apparently.) then I went on to connect all of my banking information even though I still don't even know if I find a single person in my small community that is looking for a cleaner! About a month later I'm finally accepted into the marketplace.. but oh wait! I have to pay for a background check now.. seriously?!? I'm not even allowed to see what my potential options are in my area before spending all of this time and now actual money before I can confirm yep. My towns too small for this app. Not going to waste my time or money, it's unfortunate. I would potentially pay for a background check if I could view the "marketplace" first and see if there is anything to even off..?
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2 years ago, Yoleeee
If You’re A Cleaner/Housekeeper Download This App!
If you are a cleaner that has ever been stiffed on payment like me, you need this app! They take the payment for you ahead of the job. If you are a cleaner that would like to work for yourself then you need this app! You have access to a wide range of possible clients in your area or whatever area you’d like to work in. The app is easy to navigate. They have a 24/7 support team. Mia just helped me with my issue within a couple of minutes! You won’t regret it. You represent yourself or your cleaning team and they provide the support you need on the back end like..finding the client, scheduling, reviews and it’s compatible as an app or in your browser. You can also merge your current clients so you’ll have everything and every communication in one place.
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3 months ago, Noor200002
Seamless Scheduling Made Easy with Turno
Turno has truly revolutionized the way I manage my appointments. As a busy professional, keeping track of my schedule can be overwhelming, but Turno simplifies the process effortlessly. The interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and schedule appointments with clients or colleagues. One aspect that truly stands out is the exceptional customer support provided by Claire, the support agent. Whenever I encountered an issue or had a question about the app, Claire was there to assist me promptly and efficiently. Her dedication to ensuring a smooth user experience is commendable and greatly appreciated. The app itself offers a wide range of features that cater to various scheduling needs. From customizable booking forms to automatic reminders, Turno streamlines the entire scheduling process, saving me time and reducing the risk of double bookings. Additionally, the ability to sync my appointments across multiple devices ensures that I stay organized no matter where I am. Overall, Turno has exceeded my expectations, thanks in large part to the exceptional support provided by Claire. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly scheduling solution.
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1 year ago, kayleew13
As a cleaner, this app is terrible. You will NEVER get paid what your work is worth. People in the app bid so low, you will always be out-bid and hardly ever get a job unless you bid $60 to clean a 3 bed/2 bath home. This app favors cheap clients who don’t want to pay standard cleaning fees and won’t pay a cleaner what they are actually worth. Additionally, the app interface is a NIGHTMARE. I have a client I am working with on this app, and I can NEVER message her, no matter how urgent the matter is!! Because the interface is so bad, it won’t let me send a message from my list of customers and it doesn’t let you message someone if too much time has passed?!! Even if they are your customer? And what’s worse, is I messaged support and they didn’t even care. What’s even worse, is I can’t get her phone number to communicate with my client, or I get kicked off the app. So it’s bad for both the cleaner AND client in that regard. I’d avoid this app if possible, or try to just get their phone number and get off the app ASAP.
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2 years ago, Rebeccawicked
It has been great for me BUT…
I have been pretty successful with this app and the hosts, jobs, efficiency, etc, but the problem that makes me really upset is that I recently got a bad review from a host. It says “from a host in San Diego” I live 22 hours from San Diego. I have never lived or worked there so how would I have a bad review from a host in San Diego? My current hosts that ARE out of state, still show up as an Oklahoma property. I contacted support and was told it would be escalating to tech but it’s been a week and NOTHING. Also, if I go to website and not the app it says all my hosts are in the town I live in which is a town of 5K, 30 miles outside of the city I work in. So I know that’s messed up too. Come on developers and tech… I shouldn’t have a bad review from CALIFORNIA when I don’t live or work in CALIFORNIA…
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2 years ago, TONY-RO-OIL
Would be better for cleaning companies support
I am s fan of the app and it’s by far the better platform to grow up your short term cleaning business. Therefore, in the past months, too many fake bids are being sent by fake owners, which by fact are cleaners searching for prices. App should only allow someone to post bids when a form of payment is set. In regarding for of payment, cleaning business does not have any guarantee that the credit card payment will be addressed accordingly, owners can void the payment and you can’t do anything they the platform. You even can disconnect from a owner if his project is not paid and will happen in 24H. I feel a lack of support. Besides that, unfortunately properties managers and cleaning companies are using the platform to hire cleaners, which is not the purpose of the app. The app was developed to home owners to find cleaning business or cleaners. The platform of payment, called Strip, is not the easiest one and it’s unfortunately not full connected with the App, the payment is sent to strip but you can’t consolidate. In overall, I see some improvements in the past months. Support team is always attentive, Ari is wonderful.
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2 years ago, Meggz1288
Doesn’t represent cleaners well
The app is highly catered toward the host not the cleaners. If you’re a host and want to remove a cleaner, it’s as simple as clicking a button. If you’re a cleaner and want to remove a customer, you have to email customer service and wait for them to remove the customer. There’s not a good set up for delayed checkouts and more often than not, a cleaner will show up to a house at the normal scheduled time, only to find the guests are still there and have scheduled a late checkout without the cleaner being made aware. I’ve had hours of my time wasted as I wait for customers to leave. The cleaner’s time is not considered at all. There should be an inconvenience fee cleaners can charge the host when a cleaner shows up at the scheduled time and guests are still there and the cleaner was never notified, ESPECIALLY if the cleaner is making hourly pay. Messaging through the app is extremely delayed and not effective.
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3 years ago, Texasgirlhikes
Great app for any cleaning professional
In July 2021 I was told about this app through a potential new client (whom I did land her business of 4 properties). I completed the initial process and was approved fairly quickly. It’s now September and I have grown my business extremely fast. I do not have to market my business as I stay very busy from all the clients on this app. I love that all my clients are on this one platform which keeps my schedule so organized. The payment process is easy and I’m paid within 2 business days. The customer service is exceptional. When I have a question or concern I send an email and they respond promptly. I highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to start a cleaning business or expand their current business.
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2 years ago, Lissy.Dee91
Perfect if you’re just starting out
I clean on my own, and am using the app to test the waters in my area before moving forward with starting a business. I’ve used it previously when working for a separate company in Denver. Everything runs smoothly for me. I’ve used chat only once, and Juniper was a great help. The only con I can foresee just yet, is the fact that they use a third party payment system called Stripe, and they delay your pay. I recall this for my old coworker as well, and I myself an experiencing it so far. It’s not too much of an issue for me, as the app isn’t my only source of income, but if someone was solely reliant on the payments from this app, it might be a problem. Otherwise, it’s great!! Easy to use
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3 years ago, RadHorne
Some weird, but mostly good
Initially, I gave the app a poor review because it kept kicking me to the site when I tried to use it. There’s a weird glitch when you try to make an account through the app that causes it to make two separate accounts. I had to sign out in the app and sign back in and the problem resolved. I wish it was a smoother in the beginning, but now that I’m logged in on the correct account, the app works great.
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2 years ago, Jessica21235420
Don’t wasted you’re time on this fake app
Don’t waste your time and money on this app I know some people do get work but most of it it’s fake I been using this app for over 10 days and I bided over 12 times and nothing I was told on the welcome call that after 2 days it will Expire and if someone got hire I would get to see the other person bid and info and I hadn’t seen any of that none of my bids got accepted so I messaged costumer service to see what was going on and why I couldn’t see if someone else got hire after my question 1 minute later I got on the app and I was able to see 3 bids that I lost but it made no sense one of them said that they had won 8 days ago when the bid was send 7 days ago I know to everyone might be different and some might get work but if you don’t have the time to be waiting it’s better to not use this fake app and try using Facebook groups or Neighborhood app
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7 days ago, Baby Boomer2022
Should I take the chance
The chance has been taken! Dalia has made me feel like I can get work here, also I can help improve the $$$$$ paid to the cleaning industry! Like 30 a hour for cleaning supplies alone. U can’t leave until the laundry is done and you have finished your job! I guess my next review will be when I get some consistent work. If not I will have to say goodbye! However Dalia does amazing job with customer service A+ and that alone has kept me moving forward and being excited to go forward! Let’s put Dalia on the top ranked team!!!🤝👏🤞👌 Let’s make this a awesome workforce so the cleaner and the company can make🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑
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7 months ago, Nick Florida Cleaner
Bad set up for cleaners
Property managers and owners will use this app and it’s set up to drive down prices and take advantage of a competitive industry. This would be fine if the clients we run into on this app are nice and respectful but a lot of them aren’t. Our overall experience with customers in this app are negative. There is no incentive for customers to treat cleaners well as they can jump back in and get a bid for cleaning for $75 dollars if you don’t bend over backwards for them. Clients on Turno will not approve payments and then not pay you outside of the app. We are owed over $800 from clients on turno who take advantage of the system and don’t pay. Turno will not do anything unless it’s for the owner and they are taking money back from a cleaner. Turno does not allow you to respond to reviews. We have not closed a new client in a long to time to do an outrageous review from a psycho client who scream at cleaners on phone and is clearly has OCD. Allowing cleaners to respond is a standard for business’s, just look at google. I could go on and on about improvements that need to made to this application to make it a better experience for everyone involved. Turno just doesn’t understand it’s own issues and has done to nothing since I joined to remedy any of it.
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10 months ago, Disappointedandmad08
horribly made app
the way this app is set up could give me a brain aneurysm. first of all, they require SO much information before you’re allowed to see offers. i needed to provide two references which took days for them to approve. then, i had to set up my payment account, and then pay $15 for a “background check badge” that they didn’t even give me. i think the worst part was also requiring me to schedule a welcome call before i was allowed to see jobs posted, and i sat on the call for 10 minutes waiting for someone to come on before it just disconnected. so because they didn’t approve my background check badge that i spent money on (that i better be getting back), and joined a welcome call that didn’t even exist, i can’t see or bid on any jobs. what an awful, awful app. please do not download this, it’s fully giving scammer vibes.
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3 months ago, Bsanro
Turno does not protect or care for cleaners. They give host two weeks to cancel for a service that was completed. They don’t care if you have proof they just simply say “we can’t help you and the host has the right to cancel up to two weeks, even if you submitted the photos and checklist we just don’t care” a lot of host get on this app to hire cleaners and get free cleanings. They get away with this 100% of the time. This has happened to me TWICE in under 3 MONTHS. $400 stolen from and $300 from another host. They don’t care and I would 100% not support this app at all. Warn all your friends and family to stay far away. There is other options that support cleaners unlike this app. They also charge crazy fees and use stripe & we all know stripe is know for stealing. Stripe charged me $38 from one of my cleanings I was shocked.
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3 years ago, Salvatore Percival
Awesome way to schedule your customers
I have been using TurnoverBnB for over a year now to schedule with my customers. I first was introduced to the system by a Airbnb client I have, and then I began requesting all of my clients to signup to keep my work in the same place. The app is straight forward, easy to navigate and clean. Also, their customer service is great and they have always been able to assist me with any questions that I have. I would recommend this app to any cleaning professional or company that is hoping to streamline how they keep track of their cleanings and scheduling.
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6 years ago, Honu_cleaner
Bad support and delayed payments
There are no safety features for cleaners on this app. Currently I have someone using multiple profiles and providing misleading information to get me to do a job. I accepted it under false pretenses. In trying to verify the authenticity of the user with TurnoverBnB I had no success. The app support (which is via chat only with only two operators) is unavailable on the weekends. Without any regard for the safety of the cleaners someone could potentially be put in harm’s way by the hosts. Also payments to cleaners go through a third party app which delays payments significantly. People are cleaning for money and when it’s difficult to access that’s a problem, what’s the point of even using TurnoverBnB if they are ok risking people’s lives and not paying them promptly? I think the creators have good intentions, but it’s time to rethink and restructure this platform.
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2 weeks ago, kaylamariegam
This app saved my life
My job closed down from the pandemic. And in a world of underpaid deliver/gig apps, I couldn’t make ends meet for my family. Then I found turno…. I have been using the app for about a year and have made money than I have ever before. The app is extremely easy to navigate and is a true money maker. The customer service team is outstanding. They have instantly resolved any issue I have. Dalia is especially friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you to the creators of this app for bridging the gap between str owners and people looking to work.
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3 months ago, Grh1100
Customer service is excellent
I have been helped multiple times for different reasons and their customer service employees are always extremely quick to respond and as helpful as they can be. Beryl especially has bent over backwards and went out of her way to help me with an issue I was having just recently. Vance has also always been so much help. I know I can reach out to them with anything I need. The app itself has also improved over the last year and had become slightly more user friendly.
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2 years ago, shinemaids
Great app to grow your cleaning business!
I have been in the cleaning business for over 10 years. I first started using TurnoverBnB back in 2020 to schedule the cleaning jobs with one of my existing customers. Once I joined their Marketplace, I had access to several Airbnb hosts in my area, which was very helpful for our business. Ever since, I have completed hundreds of projects for multiple customers, and had to hire more employees to cover the demand. It has been and continues to be a good way to connect with new customers and grow our business. Recommended!
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1 year ago, zoo zoo peddles
Might just be fake
Downloaded the app in 2021 just added info and pic. Kept getting you have jobs in your area emails and offers. Lots of them. ignored it til this past month. Payed for the back ground check. Got my badges. Looked for all those jobs they said I had offers for. No where to be found. So they got me for 16 bucks for the background check. And said I have limited access because I don’t have any client history on their app. And I’m not getting any email reminders like I did for years about pending job requests in my area.!!!!!!!!! Fake fake fake. I even updated the App. I feel like a fool and paid 16 bucks which I needed very badly. It’s only 5 bucks for a Craig’s list ad. Don’t get this app. It’s a scam a fake scam!!!!!!!! I want my money back. Get this app off of here scammers. I’m reporting you
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4 years ago, RMR131
The app is glitchy
Perfect example is I recently had a customer who is now, and scheduled a cleaning for his Airbnb property but his payment declined. It showed up as an available project and I clicked except and then it disappeared because he did not have payment info, that all makes sense but what doesn’t make sense is then he updated his payment info and I was not notified until an hour after the project was scheduled and I had made another appointment in the meantime and get a bad review from the customer because I wasn’t notified nor was it EVER on my schedule, not even after accepting it, it just disappeared and customer service can’t do anything about it, including removing the inaccurate information in the review for 30 days. Not acceptable.
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12 months ago, Elegantlexi
Excellent service
I was waiting on a badge review for almost a week and I was wondering what was going on and why was it taking them so long to approve my paperwork. I reached out to the support team and spoke to Mary. She was so helpful and reassured me that they were running a little behind on approving badges and that she would make sure to put in a ticket with the badge team, in order to get things done quicker. A day later my license badge was approved! Thank you so much Mary for your assistance and eagerness to help. I appreciate it.
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1 year ago, 333powerof
App is more for hosts
As a cleaning company LLC of many years I must say the first thing you all should do is hire a cleaning company to set up the app. A bathroom with a shower curtain a whole lot different then one that is fully enclosed in glass on the beach x 4 of them but no mention during bidding. How about how many beds versus bed rooms. A 3 bedroom is not 3 beds. On the beach that could be 12 beds. Again huge difference in bidding. I also don’t like that I have to bid or reject or you won’t leave me alone. I am a 5 star cleaner on app and I get maybe 1 out of 15 bids. Very sad when there is supposedly a huge shortage. I have no idea as to my competition and now do believe most of these bids are actually fake.
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5 years ago, 307c
Great idea, but...
There are some things that would make this awesome! It would be great to be able to list myself as a cleaner, so I don’t have to create an entire separate account. Also, I really need to be able to print from the screens to show my business manager who has cleaned when. When I asked for help on this, the solution offered was to screenshot the calendar and print it from there...lame. Lastly, it would be great if there was an option to retroactively mark a listing by a certain cleaner. I originally was told I could go in change the date to a future date, add the cleaner, then change the date back. This didn’t work. Please fix these issues and it will be 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Kyle.X
As far as the picking up of projects is concerned it works pretty well. However set up is a nightmare the app itself doesn’t have half the functions the website does so In order to set up you profile fully you have to toggle back and forth between the app and the website. And that’s assuming that the app doesn’t crash on you every few minutes like mine did. Also the payment integration is THE PITS!! be prepared to wait 15-30 days for your money. Also half the stripe features (stripe is the payment integration they use) aren’t there. You have no control over your money flow and you can’t add a debit card to get paid sooner like you can on the normal stripe.
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9 months ago, klon4517
Customer service
Absolutely amazing customer service. I had an accidental charge that showed up on my account and one of the customer support representatives named Luiz helped me. Come to find out it was with a company they partner with, but he still helped me and went above and beyond on something he did not have to at all. He was so amazing and got back to me super fast and after hours. I am so grateful for that and appreciate him to much!!
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6 months ago, Becca7678
Very helpful customer service
I’ve been using Turno for a few years now. I have had to use customer service due to customers 3 x now and each time my service was great. This recent time Sidney and Anne helped and was super supportive. We will continue to use the app. Every electronic has its issues, every app has their issues, it’s not perfect but it definitely works and has helped my business grow .
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1 year ago, itsme sally
I highly recommend
I really love this app it gets new notifications cleaning projects periodically. It’s so professional. I love how I can instantly upload the pictures before starting and after to let the clients see my cleaning skills. Also I cannot speak enough about my experience with turnos customer support Kassie this lady went out her way to find a solution to my situation. She made me felt at ease. I really love this app.
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9 months ago, Tomnamy
Love this app!!
I love this App. I own a cleaning company and this app makes my life so much easier to schedule the cleans so I never miss one! I had a question and messaged a team member by the name of Vance. He was very friendly and professional and he answered my question with knowledge and understanding now thanks to him I have another client and added one to use this app! If you don’t have this app you need to get it!! 5 ⭐️’s across the board!
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11 months ago, Los Daddy 💚
As a Cleaner, Don’t use this platform.
I bid on a job 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bathroom. Plus wash and dry linen. Didn’t think it would take too long. Bid at $130. The Job ended up taking 8 HOURS because the host had a dryer that did not function properly. After running each load twice, things still weren’t dry. So I was forced to make the beds with damp linen because I couldn’t stay all day. After all the fines and fees, the payment was only $103. The next day, I received a message stating that the host voided the entire payment because of the bedding. Meanwhile I took an entire day of my time to clean this house. The Platform does not care about the cleaner at all.
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1 year ago, rlames
Great app
I have been using this app for the last 2 years and I have had nothing but a good experience. With the change from turnoverbnb to Turno I did have to reinstall the app to fix a glitch I was experiencing. Anytime I have reached out to customer support I always have a good experience and my issue is always resolved fast. This last one Vance was able to help me with my issue in a timely manner.
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9 months ago, Sarahgrace2021
Not impressed and waste of your money
Don’t waste your money on buying the background check. I have been on this app for a month now they advertise that you get your first cleaning job in two days. I still have not got any jobs yet. I have bid on every job they have posted at the lowest bid possible without losing money. I use to get all kinds of notifications that new jobs have been posted in my area almost 15 a day while I was waiting to do the background check. Now I get maybe one a day sometimes none a day. Don’t waste your money on this app it’s definitely not worth it and I am very disappointed.
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11 months ago, GreenLeaf(/)
Good- major issues
Great way to find jobs, but they definitely need to level their priorities between the cleaners and hosts. I have sent multiple messages at different times using different devices/internet connection and they have failed to send causing me to lose clients. They need to fix this. Also, only hosts can rate cleaners but cleaners cannot rate hosts. Not right. Also, hosts can cancel same day without any repercussions leaving cleaners to miss out on money they would have made by accepting other jobs
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1 week ago, jazmin21$6)77?
Amazing service, great app!
The app overall is great and we use it everyday. We have been on the Turno app for over two years and we are able to schedule efficiently and make our money efficiently as well! Claire was awesome with any questions I had when I reached out to support and she is quick to respond with answers and very knowledgeable! Thanks again!
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1 year ago, Turno is horrible
Literally have access to no new clientele unless you bring your own clientele onto the app and invite them on. They don’t give you access because you have to earn your access by having clients but they don’t give you anybody in your area so you can’t fix that. Tried to message them try to have them give me more access in my area so that I can do instant bid so that I can get out there and they tell me sorry you need 10 jobs to get upgraded. Well I can’t even get 10 jobs I get one job sent to me every three weeks which I’ve bidded on and I get denied do not use this app.!
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4 months ago, Hlyday29
Excellent customer support
I am new to the turno app. After using it for several weeks and not being able to get a few things worked out alone, i reached out to customer service. I was helped my Mary. Who to my surprise went way above and beyond what i asked her to do and just really impressed me. Customer service isn’t always great. Mary was great today
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7 months ago, PaigesaraW
Turno customer service
Turno’s customer service is really top tier. I have had a few instances where I have had to reach out to them, and each time they have went above and beyond. My most recent time was an issue with payment and Claire, my agent, was so nice and quick to get the problem solved. I appreciate everything they do for the cleaners using the app.
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1 year ago, DCS 2023
DCS owner
I joined turno in December,2022 and it has been very profitable for my business. My business has grown in such short period of time. I have meet many of new clients. Turno also has a great support team. They respond very efficiently and handle issues well. Claire is one of there support person and she goes above and beyond. One of my clients is new to the app and Claire assist her in assigning me a project. Claire you are the best!
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8 months ago, Zk15663267$3453:;
They make it seem like you’re going to be able to get on there and start working immediately but they set you up to fail. You have to get 10 cleaning clients on their app before you’re allowed to do anything else.. Sounds simple enough, right? I have an LLC and I’m insured and I haven’t won a single bid in two months. Your first 10 are suggestions from turno randomly.. I paid for my background check in my badges so all I’ve done is losing money because of this app… Something’s wrong when I bid on a job for $75 and lost to $120 bid…. Tell me something ain’t wrong…
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1 week ago, Genius of all
Customer Service App
Yes this app has its upside and downside to it but all in all it’s beneficial in so many ways. I actually was locked out of my app in could not reset my password. After contacting customer service Sophie help get back in quickly. I appreciate being able to reach out to someone at any time and get help. Thank you again Sophia!!
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10 months ago, Paradise Cleaning Co
Amazing customer service!
The customer service team is so easy to get a hold of, always responds within 30-45 min, answers any questions I have instantly. Frank is so professional and knows his job! Solves any problems I have within minutes and goes above and beyond! Thank you Frank and the rest of the team for being there for us cleaners!
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