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Tuya Smart Inc.
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tuya Smart

4.65 out of 5
43.4K Ratings
3 years ago, fun security
Fun security
As a rule, we are anti-technology. Things seemed less stressful before technology became popular. Some things may be improved and others not so good. However, we love this! It has given us no problems. The sound and picture is clear as the phone. It detects motion and sound farther than expected. It gives the temperature, humidity and wind speed and the metric pressure through your location. It maintains a date and time window and can replay with ease. The 64G SD card, not included, plays constantly and will overwrite when the entire card is filled. It takes a screenshot and has a beep on your phone for alarm whenever a motion is detected. The notification and screenshot can be viewed in messages. Very easy to use without carrying a direction booklet with you. Pairing didn’t come easy. The booklet wasn’t clear. Download the app. Within the app is a faqs section. Directions are clear there. The unit is 4” in length plus a 4 screw swivel mounted on the back that can be unscrewed. The wrapped cord with USB port in plug is 31/2”. I had a problem finding something and went to messages and submitted a request for help. Within hours the message was answered clearly. Great support. At night, if a yard light is turned on, it is vivid black and white-easy to detect something unfamiliar. We couldn’t be more pleased.
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2 years ago, PDFingRidiculous
404 error occurs when attempting to link Google Assistant
Updating my review to 3 stars. I had to delete the app and authenticate via Google Home’s browser connection to solve my issue below (worked the second time). Still not a huge fan of the app and features it has to offer. My main issue is that I want to be able to set a scene to change a Daybetter smart bulb from one color to a different color. However, changing the mode of the bulb with a scene seems to be all I can get it to do (e.g., switching from white light to whatever color it is currently set to in Color mode). There is a Color Temperature setting that it shows in the scene setup, but unless I’m not understanding what that’s supposed to do, I think there is a bug that causes this to change the mode from color to white, and it functions the same as white light brightness as a result. Hoping they fix this with a software update, will change to 5 stars if so… I can’t get this app to link to Google Assistant. When I try to connect via the Google Home app, I’m taken to the Tuya Smart app where I’m asked to Agree and link to give the app device control permission. When I click Agree and link, I am redirected to a page that indicates “404. That’s an error. The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know”. This is a bug that will make a purchase I made useless until it’s fixed or I’m provided a solution.
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7 years ago, davidreinstein
Easy set-up and reliable operation!
I have become a fan of Wi-Fi controlled lights and household devices that I could activate from my iPhone app when I am away. Lights, music, etc. It helps me feel more secure when I am not home. The consistent problem has been the inconsistent ease of installation and performance of the available plug-in devices. Also, the expense can get out of hand when you need it to be several of them. With one major brand, it took nearly an hour and additional time on the phone with the helpdesk to get a single Wi-Fi hub let plug up and running. It took me a total of five minutes to successfully install three of these-two for lights and one for a radio. Please plug seem to have worked out all the bugs found in earlier and clumsy or attempts. Additionally, they are smaller than any of the others I have found-taking up just a tad more room then hey single plug and, most important Lee, not covering the second outlet on the wall plate. Suffice it to say that I love these! They do the drug easily and reliably from anywhere you have access to Wi-Fi. Great product.
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2 years ago, JordynnZ
I’ve been using a Tuya Smart camera and the app for almost two years now, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a product decline at such a rapid rate as these products have. The camera started out ok when I first got it as a baby monitor for my then 2 month old. The app would constantly freeze then, but no biggie, just close and reopen the app and it would almost always go right back to normal. After using this app for two years now, and having two daughters for the camera to watch it’s gone to absolute garbage: the app almost never opens anymore, it constantly says it can’t connect to a server, any time you ask for customer support they just say “it must be something on your end, it’s not us,” but nothing has changed on my end over the last couple years, I have the motion detection set on “High” and it never sends me updates until 6 hours after movement has been detected, sometimes the app glitches and will send you 50+ notifications in a couple minute time span for absolutely no reason, and the app constantly closes out on its own now too. This product and app used to be good and tolerable a few years ago, but after the many “updates” it no longer is a smart product to use. Find another company and app, don’t trust this app to give you what you need.
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7 years ago, reVOLTe Lighting
Smart Socket
This device works great However, I can see how some consumers could get really confused when setting the time for astrological timing. I would give it 5 stars if you fix the recommended issues below. The scenes do not work at all. It would be nice in the timer section to give your first option a sunset/sunset adjustment feature then a specific time. Then for the other two in the middle allow a set time with the very last timing adjustment to allow for sunrise/sunrise adjustment or a specific time. Scene would be great if you are grouping devices together to create a scene between multiple devices. To confusing to have a scene adjustment and then a separate feature of just time adjustment. The other thing is make it understand its geographical area and whether you use military time or standard 1-12 as well as Celsius vs Fahrenheit. Other than that the app is super fast and responsive and works great with Alexa. Please make the fix for I sell these devices and do not want anymore calls or returns because of goofy programming.
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2 years ago, 06scotch06
I love our new outdoor security camera I have it on the center point of our roof so it gets everything in our front yard better yet I love how I can move it left right up me down. Plus we can her anything that goes on out front. I love that I can use the microphone to talk to anyone in the front yard and it’s really clear. I have about 4 different camera systems nd this one is by far the best one in everything you could want in a security camera system. Oh and having Wi-Fi allows me to access the camera while I’m at work or out no about. If I’m not watching it live it will record movement so I can go back on the cloud and access any day I want to go back to. I give this camera 5 stars.
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2 years ago, brickets
Cloud Backup Issues
The Cloud Backup on this app has NOT worked in over a MONTH since I upgraded to iOS 15.5. I have paid monthly for this back-up option for about two years straight. Now when I needed it it isn’t there! I have sent a trouble notification to Tyua Smart via the app FOUR separate times over the last couple of weeks. I needed to have video of a particular incident from my cameras before the 15 day period that I pay for for back-up, expired. NOT ONE single acknowledgment from them in any sort of way! Very very angry and disappointed that I am not receiving the service that I pay for nor can they bother to contact me back to address the issue. Now the time has already passed and I cannot get the video any longer, and never will be able to. We have 4 iPhones in this family and NONE of them will play the Cloud back-up. This defeats the entire purpose of having a cloud back up and this will be the LAST month I’m paying for their worthless Cloud service when this term expires in a few days.
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3 years ago, Jaison13
Best thus far
I will definitely say that of all the smart bulb and plug type apps this one does work the best. You do get an occasional moment where it doesn’t connect with the Alexa app but it’s very easy to fix. The one thing I would love to see change would be involving scenes within the bulbs. Scenes would be so much better and more useful if they could be set up as a library of scenes and then attached to a bulb. How they are set up now you have to set up a scene inside each lightbulb. So if you want all the lightbulbs to have the same scene you have to go into each lightbulb and try to duplicate the exact same thing which isn’t easy. Plus if your bulb goes off-line you have to start all over again because all your scenes will be lost. If the scenes were a library outside of the bulbs and then a scene could be attached to a bulb or a group that would be awesome and way more useful. If you can do this and change the app that would be fantastic!
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7 years ago, nrsngstudnt
Almost Five Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Almost Five Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟 This device and app was very easy to set up and works great, and I only have a few recommendations for improvement to make this a five star 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟 winner. It is fast and works great with Echo / Alexa. On a few occasions Alexa would inform me of trouble connecting to the device and we weren’t able to connect via the app either. There was an error message stating the device was offline. I contacted customer service quick and easily via the app and they responded fairly quickly within 3 hours on instructions on how to restore the device connection by pressing the button on the device for 6-8 seconds. While this worked in a snap, my concern is what if we were away and wanted to turn the lights on remotely via one of the wonderful features in the app? There’s no way I could have reestablished the connection remotely. Thank goodness this problem has not occurred to often and did not appear to occur when we were away and wanted to turn the lights on and off at random times to ward off any potential burglars. Being able to reset the device remotely would be ideal. Other recommendations I have is to allow landscape mode in the iPad version of the app and to allow options for temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Also would like to be able to control via Apple Watch ⌚️. But works great otherwise.
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6 years ago, Guoji Shangren
Handy App to Make Your Home Smarter - Integrates with Alexa
Bought some of the Tuya WiFi wall outlet switch modulesThey were simple to set up as long as you followed the instructions on the paper insert. The app also tells you what to do. Make sure you have a clear view of the LED. Even when you unplug the module, it still retains it’s name, the one you choose when setting up the module. Use the app. Pretty straightforward. It’s also easy to integrate with Alexa. The Alexa app has the ability to pull in different manufacturers of smart home hardware, by giving each its own name. I recommend keeping the same name on the Tuya app. Amaze your friends by what happens when you say, Alexa, turn on front fountain!” One last thing: I discovered the app let’s you set timers. Choosing start, stop times and repeating days. It’s easy to set it, vastly superior to a electromechanical timer I owned in the past. Have fun with the app, making your home smarter!
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9 months ago, your ol' buddy bud bud
Great, for the price. Couple small details
This thing was very inexpensive when it comes to security cameras. I already have other smart devices, so it used the same app as well. Considering the price, the night vision and motion tracking capabilities work quite well. I haven’t quite figured out the scheduling function yet, but that’s probably more due to my lack of time commitment to doing so. Another benefit is that the camera is extremely easy to setup. My hang ups: -The sound detection alarm, even while set to lower sensitivity, triggers A LOT. It may not be worth using if you have pets that travel in the area of the camera. -The snapshots with human body detection seem to be a bit delayed. This might be more due to the fact that my cat sometimes sets it off, so I can’t totally blame the speed of the camera. This does lead me to my next drawback though… -The human body detection is picking up my cat. I realize she’s slightly larger than your average house cat, but unless I have a ghost (sarcasm), then my cat is setting off an alarm meant to detect human movement. I suppose I would rather have the system be more sensitive than less, but 3 alerts with photos of my cat watching the tv seemed worth mentioning. Overall I’m happy with my purchase. It fits my needs fairly well.
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10 months ago, HayleyGathers
Love the options, hate it in general.
I love how many options this app has for my sound machine; but it almost never stays connected. Even if it does stay connected I can almost never control it from my phone like I’m supposed to be able to without having to delete the app and reinstall it. Every time I have to do that I have to log back in and connect my device over and over again. It’s really annoying and when my son wakes up in the middle of the night I don’t want to walk into his room to turn it on so I like to turn it back on from my phone; but I’m not able to do that until I delet the app and redownload it. It’s an amazing sound machine and has so many options, just a terrible app. If it would actually work and stay connected or keep giving me the ability to turn it on and off without hassle I would have no complaints. We need to get this fixed. It’s beyond ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Bostelmann
How many wrong updates?
How many times are you guys gonna put out an update that screws up my camera? When I originally installed the app, it worked beautifully on my iPhone and iPad. You then put out an update that made the image upside down and not fill the screen on my iPad. About a week later, you fixed it. A week after that, the image is upside down and won’t fill the screen, again, on my iPad. Whatever you’re doing, maybe see it working on these devices before releasing it to the public. It’s a great app when it’s coded and working correctly. Please, fix it so the image (and the entire app, for that matter) is right side up when my iPad is in the horizontal position, and so that the image fills the screen. And, no, this has nothing to do with the “flip camera” settings in the app. It’s about the way the app interprets the iPad’s gyro information.
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6 years ago, addy2010
Schedules have left the building
I have several switches with schedules assigned. Last week all schedules disappeared from the app under each device however the schedules are still working from their servers. This would be ok but I can’t change an existing schedule nor could I delete one if it was no longer needed. Tried to uninstall and install app as well as contact via feedback but no solution to be found. Also, if I lose power all switches have to be reset—which is a pain for the modules behind a large piece of furniture. Works great with Alexa and TuyaSmart app to turn things on and off and would get 5 stars if it weren’t for the schedule, lack of support, and reset issues noted above. Update May 31, 2018 It looks like the latest release fixed my missing schedule problem, but now the widget function seems to have disappeared.
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4 years ago, Chu^2
New update broke everything since late December
I’m extremely frustrated with the new app, one day all of a sudden in late December, my app microphone stopped working, I thought, ok, maybe because I’m using iOS 9.3, so I tried my husbands phone he has iOS 10 and it still didn’t worked, I thought maybe because camera defective, so I tried it on my other camera still doesn’t work, after going through 4 more updates, they still didn’t fix the problem at all, right now both my microphone and camera tilt/panning control no longer works, customer service stopped replying back to me what’s going on, I cannot believe they broke the app and never fix it. By the way I finally broke down and tried it on my iOS 12.2 on my iPad and thinking maybe it will worked now, NOPE! Still broken, camera froze as soon as I touch microphone or panning button. By the way their app also said the software is compatible with iOS 9 above, so they had no reason to deliver broken software when none of my iOS worked
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6 years ago, Mystakill
Need to be a Universal app
I cringe every time I see a “1X” or “2X” pop up the first time I run a new app. It’s ridiculous to still be developing iPhone-only apps 8 years after the introduction of the iPad, and nearly as long for Universal apps. Utilize all of the available screen real estate to minimize scrolling and eliminate sub-windows where possible. Scheduling is more difficult than it needs to be because each on or off operation needs to be added separately, which is counterintuitive to how most people define schedules. Please provide the ability to define both on and off events in a single timer entry. Finally, the “Common function” link is completely superfluous, since there’s already a power toggle button in each item pane. If there are more options for a given device, then either provide that link, or provide addition buttons or sliders in the panel, as appropriate.
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3 years ago, Kate Kniga
Awesome lights
So i bough The LED wifi lights and i think it’s awesome u can control them with my phone and ipad i think that it’s so cool because when you put music on it flashes to the beat. Also Price wise they were worth it. In my opinion though they were very hard to set up, it says your supposed to reset the device to get the, to get them connected but that’s not how i did it. I tried resetting the device so many times, but i wouldn’t work. I was about to return them when my dad found out how to get them connected. He said you have to play with the little white box. I wish it would have been so much easier. But overall after i got them set up and around my room they were awesome! I use them everyday!
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3 years ago, Mindy Cline
New iPad update is terrible
With the most recent update to the iPad version, there is no longer the ability to watch the feed fullscreen without viewing it through a small emulated phone screen. I much rather preferred the option of using the phone app and just using the built in full screen button that Apple includes for apps that don’t have a supported app. If there is a way to revert to a previous app version, I would do it in a heart beat. EDIT: They have updated the app and fixed the video feed to be fullscreen rather than the weird emulated phone they included with the recent update. Thank you!
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6 years ago, SaltPeanuts
Faster than Wemo
I have several outlets that connect to the TuyaSmart app as well as a wemo light switch. I have been using these devices for over a year now, and I have found that the TuyaSmart app loads faster and picks up communication with the attached devices faster. Switching devices on or off from the app works just as fast as flipping a wall switch. The wemo device seems to work faster after it warms up, but other then to compare it for a review, I’m not sitting in front of my hall light toggling the thing on and off until it works fast enough. I always notice a lag with the wemo, but there is no lag with TuyaSmart. Adding devices to the app is also much easier and it works with Alexa. When I shop for additional wi-fi devices, I will look for compatibility with this app.
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7 years ago, TigerMO53
Timer is great; other features not so
As long as you just use the basic timer to turn things on and off at a set time, this app works fine with the mini smart socket. Other features that look like they should work in this app, don't work. For example, the app says you can create a scene to turn lights on and off at sunrise and sunset. In order for that to work, the location services within the app have to be able to find your city. I live in the fourth largest city in Missouri, but my hometown is not on the map. The GPS correctly finds my location on the map, but there is no city shown there. Without the app knowing what city I live in, it is unable to look up the sunrise and sunset data for my location. Rather than having lots of features and not have all of them work, I'd rather the app be bare-bones and have fewer features that actually do work.
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3 years ago, maricela8824
Love it!
This has made my job feeding my furry babies much easier. I have a schedule set for them to keep their feedings consistently. All I have to do is check that they are being fed. This product is helpful for families with busy lifestyles. I love that the feeding bowl is detachable so that it can be easily washed. I also love that this devise is about the width of a gallon of milk. So far I have had this devise for almost a year. It also holds plenty of food to feed an animal possibly longer than a week and it is easy to refill. One tip to make this product better is to have a stronger lid because some animals may be smart enough to open it (cats).
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4 years ago, Dallyoop
Love these smart plugs
I got these because my old fashioned timers became inconvenient every time I lost power for any length of time. I would have to go to each one and set them back to the current time. These smart plugs are so easy to use and they will reset themselves if I lose power. One of the many functions I love is the timer setting. I’ve turned on my scented tart warmer many times and forgot about it only to see it still on the next morning. With the timer set to 3 or 4 hours I don’t have to worry about it. I love these so much I got two sets. There are so many functions to these. They’re great for Christmas lights too.
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4 years ago, nbachampions2016
Lights turn on by themselves
So, I think this problem may go back to the July 8 update. I have a light that goes on by itself. I noticed it three days ago, but my husband says it's been happening for at least a week. The first time I noticed it in the middle of the night, I opened my Alexa app and turned it off. Fifteen minutes later, it turned back on. This time, I physically turned off the light. I'm writing this in the middle of the day and it has happened several times already. I've also turned it off using the Tuya app, but it still comes back on. What the heck? ? I've had these bulb for more than five months and have had no problems running through Alexa. I used the Tuya app initially for setup. Just thought I'd report this in hopes the developer can investigate.
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6 years ago, Upback
Update killed timer function
This last update by the company actually made the device useless to me, you can still turn it on and off with the app but the timer function to turn on and off, that was working great until the update, does not work anymore. I even removed my device and set it up as new again and it still doesn’t work. Why would a update ruin a good device? Maybe so you have to purchase another one. Sorry never will I buy a product from you again. If it is ever fixed I will do a follow up review.
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2 weeks ago, Goodgodallthenicknamesaretaken
This app is garbage.
Got this to control my automatic litter box. It’s garbage. It doesn’t track my 3 cats correctly, it’s hard to understand how to get things done, no options to change time from 24 to 12 and SO many more annoying things that either don’t work right or are hard to figure out how to use. English translation of instructions is poor. One time it gave me about 40 urgent alert messages in a row that my cat box waste pan was full - a few minutes after I emptied it. It consistently tells me that my 14 pound cat weighs .44 pounds. And on and on. I like the new cat box. I HATE that it’s controlled by this awful app. Two stars because I can actually clean, level and freshen the box with a touch of a button, three stars knocked off because that’s about ALL I can do easily with it.
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11 months ago, brandonlagle
No App Update Details
When the app is being updated, witch is quite frequently the past couple of weeks. There are never any details listed besides it saying solving commonly know issues. I just am not understanding why there is no description posted with every app update to let users know what is being updated and why so we also are being kept informed as well. The app has worked for me really good the past few times I’ve used it. That being said the Alexa skill needs some work. I am not able to tell Alexa to lock my door in any way due to it not giving me the option to ask for the door to be locked. It just gives the camera option, can this please be looked into and solved.
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5 years ago, Blkgayguy
Okay I suppose. Some caveats.
Joining these to my network is always a bit of a challenge but I get there. My biggest gripe is that it’s obviously “cloud-based“. Meaning, even if the outlets and my phone are all on my private home network, if my outside Internet is down, I can’t communicate with the outlets in my own house! That was a RUDE SURPRISE the first time I had an Internet outage! With everything on the same wi-fi network my phone and the outlets should be able to communicate directly at all times. Any “added bonus“ that the cloud may give should be icing on the cake, not a requirement. Still, once these are joined to your network, and if you don’t have an external internet outage (which is rare), they work and work fine. The app is simple and intuitive. Nice interface.
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11 months ago, VivBonnie
Disconnects 20 times a day..
I have 4 security cams and this one is the ONLY one that gives me problems… and they think I’m gonna use there cloud service🤣🤣.. I don’t know if it’s the Ap or the camera an really don’t care.. I just know, I’m very tech savvy and have had video surveillance for years… this camera is a waste of money and honestly so is the app. There’s much better cameras out there with software that will make you laugh at these guys… this software for this camera is like bare bones.. no bells or whistles so screw there cloud service which is to expensive for what you get anyhow.. oh yeah, the cameras lights have flickered since the day I got this junk… I suggest, spend a tiny bit more and get a much better result from a camera that DOES NOT use Tuya software
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2 months ago, FLmuscle8
Password feature issues
I am no longer able to add change or delete a password for my lock. All I keep receiving is the same error message. “ Failed to create a password. Please try again.” I am the accountant administrator and have the access however, I am not even able to change my password unable to reach any customer service support for Tuya. Yes, I’m on the current version 5.12.0 (the time this review was posted the version was 5.12.0). It would be helpful if Tuya actually had some method to contact someone for help besides an AIbot that isn’t very intuitive. Tuya support if you are reading this review then please relay this error to the development team or provide a phone # or email to contact.
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1 year ago, katalinaplyz
I didn’t get to the app yet but...
So basically why does it need my email address but I keep putting in the right email address I put it in I even asked my mom and I was putting in the right one it’s not sending it to me It had to resend it over 15 times and it’s still not sending it to me this is annoying me because I’ve been doing this for over 15 minutes and I’m basically having a tantrum right now I don’t know if it’s necessary or not because little things aggravate me but I don’t know what is trying to do because I even asked my mom and it’s just I don’t know it’s just annoying me and I didn’t even get to the app so I don’t know what to say am I supposed to be satisfied because I’m not sure because it’s not sending it to me and I’m at and I literally put it in so many times
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4 years ago, WFnN
Great international company
Monster size reach. I am impressed. Surprised I hadn’t heard more or much about them. I would readily give 5 stars for the information they make available and willingness to share BUT I have a TuyaSmart Smart cam that keeps going offline on me and there is no way to wake it up as well as no way within the app to communicate with it. It gets very frustrating to repeatedly see the “camera offline “ message and no way at all to do anything about it to get it back online. Otherwise very helpful links in the help section but none that easily or simply addresses the ‘camera offline’ issue for how to activate it to get it back online.
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5 years ago, Jeremy Moran
App No Longer Connects to Device
I am not sure what has happened to the app within the past few months, but once every three weeks, the light bulb disconnects and I have to reconnect it to the WiFi and set up the device all over again. Now, not only is the device not automatically recognizing my WiFi networks (unless I always allow the app to access my location, not sure why), but in order to set up the device, I have to MANUALLY enter my WiFi SSID EVERY TIME I RESET. I have tried COUNTLESS times in the past few days and nothing works. It is beyond frustrating since the reset process is long and tedious, and even more so because I am entering all of my information correctly. I used to love this app, but I can say that I am considering throwing away this light bulb and app for good if this issue isn’t resolved. Beyond frustrating.
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3 years ago, dbaquero80
my devices got deleted - no idea how
so I had this compatible alarm system installed at my house in south america and everything was working fine.... I updated the names of the devices and personalized my home, tested the alarm and everything was great! until the fire nation attacked.... jk... until everything was removed when I launched the app later today! I tried to find a way to restore the devices but no luck. I don’t even know how the devil they were removed!! I suggest: - double and maybe even triple check that people really want to remove a smart device - if a device was removed, have an option to “restore” - please improve the UI for better UX... as first time user, it felt a bit overwhelming with all the notification pop ups as well as navigating through the menus and views. - an option to login from browser (for the times a mobile phone is not an option) so the app is good when it works, but I took 2 stars out because all my devices disappeared and the UI is just a bit overwhelming from the get go.
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3 years ago, blt2092
Great when it works.
Have been using this as a baby monitor for about five months now. Has good picture, sound, and covered everything needed for a baby monitor, except reliability. We have started keeping the camera open on multiple devices and hoping that one of them stays on when the app crashes on the other. This happens at least 2-3 times a night. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, resetting camera to defaults, multiple device (both phone and camera) complete shutdown and reboots. The problem never goes away. In the end, you get what you pay for and peace of mind knowing that we will be able to hear our daughter if she wakes in the middle of the night is worth the extra money to buy a monitor that will operate as it should.
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2 years ago, Anonymous blob
does something weird to my phone??
i never write reviews but i’m annoyed. i got the Daybetter lights a couple days after christmas and they work nicely. i have very textured walls so it was difficult in some spots to put on but the adhesive is nice and strong. i downloaded the app and it took me awhile to figure out how to connect my wifi but eventually got it. my only problem is that when i go to the app to change the color it turns off my iphone. it’s so weird. it’s like my phone died but then it comes back on after a few seconds. it’s extremely frustrating. and it’s not just once every couple times it’s every single time i go to the app to change the light color. idk what is wrong with it.
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3 years ago, BreeFulton
Please bring back widget option on iPhone!
I don’t normally leave reviews but I’m irritated beyond belief. I have an iPhone and I use the widget (scroll to the left all the way on home page) option to control my devices. I specifically have 13 devices of yours that I control. I’m really bummed that I have to now open the app to control them and see if they’re on or off. I was ok with using the “scenes” widget when I realized the other widget option was gone but now it’s all gone? It disappoints me that the option (or 2) would be taken away and replace it with a ‘voice assistant’ that ends up opening the app fully anyway. Please bring back the widgets!
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7 years ago, Frankee321
Take a little tinkering to get set up to your wifi, If it doesn't connect fast something's wrong, once I figured out the issues it was fine, fast flashing is continued I found if flashed for 5 times and stopped when it did this it would not connect- then held the on/off for over 5 seconds and it seemed to reset the unit. Now it's awesome. The auto on off schedule is a bit strange you have to go in twice to set the on then the off time but hopefully works... if it does will buy more units, seems okay for now
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1 year ago, Be4udie03
No alerts that my cat isn’t being fed
My cat always begs for more at all hours of the day because he used to be a grazer, but we got a small dog that could squeeze into his room and steal his food, so we got this feeder. I setup a schedule and it was all good UNTIL… they came out with an update that logged me out AND deleted my schedule WITHOUT even notifying me! My cat starved for two whole days! LUCKILY I noticed him checking the dog bowls for food and knew something had to be wrong. I leave out of town tomorrow morning for four days… he would have died, and they didn’t even think to send an email to let everyone know that they have to log back in.
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5 years ago, grfvdyvcfjzssyjkbss
Loses settings on each use (lights)
You can edit a scene’s icon, name, the colors used in the scene, the speed it changes colors, etc., however you have to do this EVERY time you go into the scene. It ALWAYS defaults back to red, green and blue in “flash” mode. Very time consuming when you just want your custom settings to work. Music mode - is relatively useless. I have to lay my iPhone on Alexa and crank up the volume very loud to get an occasional change of color. And the second your phone screen turns off the color freezes on that one color. Smart mode - you can set up events to run, such as “turn on scene mode” or “turn on color mode”, which can be triggered by Alexa - cool! But... The first time you run the scene, they first set all lights to cold white. Then you run it again and it works. Until next time. UNFORTUNATELY, there is no way to set a specific color, or a specific scene of colors/speed/etc. You can set a color for a single light, but if you want to control a group of lights, you’re out of luck. The only way to set a group of lights to a scene or color is via the app, and you have to program the colors every time you open the app, as it resets to defaults.
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6 years ago, Gatsu41
Great product, Updated.
Great product, very good application has many useful features for those who start in smart homes the app has great control and very good intuitive interface, but I would like to see in a future update the consumption of my appliances and not only to me but to several people as I read in the comments to those who would like to see the consumption of the product is good can be handled with different apps but these apps as I had mentioned do not give energy consumption out of this everything is fine with the product ⭐️⭐⭐️⭐️ additionally I would like continuous improvements of the app. good job.
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3 years ago, Fantasia💜
Old version vs New version
I had the old version and it was 100 times better then this camera. They look identical, but the new camera runs off this app, a different one from before. I HATE this app. It barley ever connects on the first try, set up took like an hour because it wouldn’t find the camera, half the time it says it’s undetectable and it always has a pop up appearing when I try to view the camera asking me to join a test server; and not only that, the microphone will randomly show that I’m talking through it when I never even touched the button. I loved the old version camera, loved the app, loved how easy it was to set up.. why try and fix something when it’s not broken? Very disappointed in all the issues that weren't there before.
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3 years ago, Royer2323
Hopefully they can add a new feature
I had lots of problems at first where it’ll constantly freeze up and lag but found out later it was a problem with my micro sd card. I bought a new one and it hasn’t lagged since. I hope a future update can add an auto pan mode so it can pan left to right or up and down (user can set pan width) automatically every few seconds. If this feature was added then this would be an awesome camera! TENVIS Outdoor Security Camera with Flood Light - 1080P Home Surveillance Camera with Motion Sensor, WiFi Camera with Phone App, Night Vision, IP65 Waterproof, Pan/Tilt, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa
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4 years ago, CuddleClutch
More Scene Options For Lighting
I just downloaded this app for smartbulbs i bought. It’s working fine, but I’m disappointed in the lighting options. Color, dimming, etc are fine. It’s in the “scene” options. I’d like my light to slowly and gradually change colors. The only options similar to this have the colors blinking and changing very quickly. Even when I turn the speed down on the color changing it still feels jarring how fast the colors change. Would be cool if the company added another scene with a slow gradient change, or more customization options on existing scenes.
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5 years ago, Marjala
Much more stable and improved over the past 1 1/2 years
It’s been a learning curve as a consumer and I sense the developer has done the right improvements as well. Much easier to add devices -more stable consistent use with Alexa. I use to have to reboot and restart all my wall plugs anytime the cable modem went of line due to power outage. One great suggestion would be -tell Alexa to turn a device on for 5 minutes or more. I have an electric pet containment fence and would love the ability to tell it to be on for 5 or more minutes.
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2 years ago, KORAK69
A little invasive,,creepy
It seems to work but I tried to put it on my guest network and I did and then I “forgot “ the guest network and somehow it snuck onto my regular network. Kinda weird creepy stuff. The app can’t be contained. I like that it’s self calibrating. You go outside and boom it’s 400ppm. So I’m guessing it is accurate. I bought the Airthings wave plus to compare and of course it has many more options and of course it’s more expensive but to me it’s more likely to be correct. I don’t know. It always helps when your being stalked by a cult or should I say the cult. See you in the next life
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2 years ago, coastiegirl57
It get better with time!
I bought 4 plugs years ago and they were kind of archaic- it took forever to get them set up and when power/ internet went out, you started all over. Over the years, they have come up with constant improvements and all in all, the plugs are definitely worth having. My latest use is my best- the tea maker is plugged into one socket. I prepare the tea before bed and whenever I wake up, usually around 4 am, I remotely turn on tea maker and 5 minutes later, voila! Tea is steeped and ready to go🤗
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2 years ago, vetyi12345
Better than any other I have tried.
These smart home apps are always ripe with bugs and weird issues so I had to put a good review for the one that I have had the least issues with. Sometimes you just want things to work and while I haven’t tried everything you can do with this, I have had minimal problems with it and if you consider all the things it tries to sync together, it’s quite an accomplishment for it to do as well as it does. Developers deserve medal, or a little statue or something.
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1 year ago, BAM324
Needs Work
Firstly, it must be said that the hardware is good quality and does as it says on the packaging. For this the app earns some good will. I have two problems with the application. The first is easy; there are many subtitles saying ‘confrim’ rather than ‘confirm’. Not everyone’s first language is english, but this should be fixed. Secondly, and more problematically, I cannot seem to control my diffuser with the app. When I plug it in and attach it, I try to (i) change the light configuration (ii) stop it from diffusing (iii) set timers for diffusion and lighting periods. None of these functions work. I can only reset the colour gradient cycle using the ‘power’ button on the device dashboard. I have tried to troubleshoot, removing, resetting and reconnecting the diffuser, but none have worked. My request is that this bug be fixed, or if I’m making a mistake somewhere, someone let me know what it is and how I can utilise the diffuser maximally. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Nice but...
Timer doesn’t work
The timer feature doesn’t work on the new iOS. It used to work but not for the 2 newest versions of iOS (the current one and the one prior). I keep waiting for them to update the app but they never did. If you set something to be shut off in, say, 10 minutes, you’d have to keep the app running actively (ie, cannot be in background) for the entire 10 minutes in order for the app to shut off the controlled device. Otherwise, the timer just stops at whatever time it has left when your phone screen goes to sleep or when you open another app and it’s pushed to the background. The controlled device doesn’t get turned off.
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3 years ago, KamilaSF
Worst app/device of all time
If I could give 0 stars, I would. I bought wifi lightbulbs so I could adjust the brightness from my bed without having to get out of bed. I’ve used this app for the connectivity for almost 2 years. I would say about 80% of the time, it doesn’t work. It says the lights are offline, but my phone is connected to the correct wifi and has Bluetooth on. I’ve had yo go through the ridiculous process of reconnecting DOZENS AND DOZENS of times. Sometimes it will stay connected for a night, and then in the morning, the lights are as low as they can get, but the app says it is on 100% brightness. Ive literally never been so frustrated with any app or device in my life.
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