Tweak and Tuneup

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Shrishail Rana
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8 months ago
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10.7 or later
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User Reviews for Tweak and Tuneup

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6 years ago, Tuckmun
I Have to Take T&T’s Word that it Works
I am not a tech savvy Mac user, but I know there are scores of documents and records and lines of software in this computer that are probably not needed anymore. I wouldn’t know where to begin to find them, but this app reports that it cleans the System, Logs, Trash, and partial downloads with just one click. I’m looking forward to seeing if the cleaning results in a smoother running Mac. I don’t have ANY complaints whatsoever because whatever it does, it does NOT cause any problems with the operation of my Mac. I just have to take T&T’s word that it does what it says it does. The only reason I didn’t click on five stars is simply because I don’t know. But I’ll still recommend the app.
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5 years ago, Steve O'Reno
Sorry, no 5 yet.
I don't give a "five" unless the developer pays me to use it. However, it works and the interface is straight forward. If you browse the web a lot, the trash that is left behind will choke a horse - a digital horse - not a trojan horse. That's a horse of a different color.
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3 years ago, Creakycracker
I migrated this app from my old 1347 mini to my new M1 mini. I suspected it may not work on the Apple silicon but I guess Rosetta 2 took cate of that. What surprised me was that it took a couple hundred files off the machine I just bought yesterday. Maybe migratiion assistant brought them over, I can't say - but it seems to have done it's job without screwing anything up and that is what I need from a utility like this. Recommended.
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6 years ago, serfaces
COuld be better
i bought this app many years ago , i was so excited when i got it, it is an ok app to me... today it does his job but the cleaning there is always something in there to fix even if your run it over and over , i paid 10 bucks before today is on sale for a reason , hope they can improve and make it more powerful with more cleaning options and a new user interface and please fix that malware thing when i run to software its annoying ….
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6 years ago, smacken
overall pretty darn good!
this is a good cleaning application. The only issue I have with it is that it shows up as malware when I run a malware detection programme. I hope they can fix this when they do an update in the future. Other than that, it works fast, and is effective. Recommended! but it STILL shows up as malware when I run virus scans! Please fix!
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4 months ago, Jryan11275
Warning: upgrade taged as malware on my upgraded AVG anitvirus app
Warning: upgrade taged as malware on my upgraded AVG anitvirus app - had an existing version this SW and noticed the version was no longer compatible w/ my iMac OS, so upon downing the updated SW from the Apple app-store, imagine my surprise upon seeing this warning…. so now I need to dig deeper - this all aligns to the law of "anti-simplicity”, that being "nothing is ever as easy as you’d think it should be"
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7 years ago, LoLoMac
Can’t get any easier or faster!
It’s a great app. I’ve used others before on my Mac but Tweak & Tuneup optimizes & cleans my Mac is just a few clicks. It’s a no brainer! But if I need extra cleaning there always the option to select what & where you want cleaned or check.
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4 years ago, gutausse
Indicator appears at status bar
I just had it updated and this status indicator appears in the status bar. It is most annoying and I can not get rid of it.
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7 years ago, drmasai
Appears to work well
Overall it seems like a decent tool. I am reserving judgement since i just set up High Sierra and they have a new format for their operating system and it appears to have a few quirks. Waiting to see how effective this tool is with the new OS
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8 years ago, NoTxtDrvr
Good Tool
I am, by no means, a computer whizz, which is why I like this software tool. It’s idiot proof; one or two clicks and it’s done. My 2011 MBP’s 320 Gb hardrive is about ¾ full, yet it took only a few minutes for Tweak and Tune Up to clean it up.
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7 years ago, anna the paddler
Best investment I’ve made this year by purchasing this app to clean up my laptop! I had duplicates, 3x and 4x of photos that seemed to reproduce over the years. The app is fairly user friendly. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Jtw560
Glad I got it
This app is fast and does a great job. Had a small problem once and these people helped me right away. Great app, great support. Try It you will be glad you did.
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7 years ago, KennyG100-24
Very Helpful App
Works well, speeds up your system and it only take a few seconds. Great product, I use it constantly.
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7 years ago, Magfilms
damaged or incomplete! Help!
It does not work!! Every time I want to open the application says that it is damaged or incomplete! I can not use it since I bought it! :/
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7 years ago, 🎶🎸Donn🎸🎶
Been working great for me. I usually cant use any of these programs but this does everything for you and very simple
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7 years ago, Rebellwilson
My computer runs smoother and faster after each cleaning
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6 years ago, AdrianRune
Have had for a long time with no problem. Had to reinstall recently due to anti-virus program disabling it due to PUP issue.
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7 years ago, Dave @ ME
Easy to Use - Fast Results
This product is so easy to use and the results are fast and quick to resolve.
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6 years ago, Chiaelle
Antivirus thinks this is mareware. This app is now worthless.
As of May 7, 2018, this software no longer works with my Avira anti virus. I tried several times to reinstall and rerun the app, but Avira sees this app as potentially dangerous and suspicious software and puts it under quarantine. It was working good but between updates, you guys did something that anti virus does not like. Please Fix the issue.
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6 years ago, joeyNcabbit
Very Thorough at Cleaning
This app got rid of all the crap and left me with an almost brand new system. Very thorough at cleaning my system
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4 years ago, faiz555
Hassle free and easy!
Been using it for years now. It’s simple and hassle free to use. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, LuSant!
Nice little cleaning app
Have been using this for years. Seems to the job.
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7 years ago, Dr. Prallel
Not worth buying
First, it says “Tweak and Tuneup” but it comes only with the cleaning part and you need to pay extra money for the tuneup part. Also, the cleaning part is actually so simple that you can do the same thing manually. I don’t think it worths buying.
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4 years ago, Rick Ferraro
rick ferraro
Very fast and smooth. Time will tell how well it worked.
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6 years ago, Mike R from Clearwater, FL
Reliable, good and simple to use app
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5 years ago, tynes13
Very fast cleaning.
It does what I need it to do quickly.
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6 years ago, Bill Bla...
Ran it and it looks like the only thing it did was empty my trash bin. My ESET Cyber Security is throwing up alerts like crazy. Keeps popping up do I want to rate. In my opinion not worth $3.99. Already deleted it.
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3 years ago, R-uss
Does not work with Bitdefender on Mac
Tried customer service but no response on how to get this app to work with OS X Monterey when Bitdefender is installed. I guess its time to use another app.
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5 years ago, rjriera
Antivirus from Ciber byte, recognizes Tweak and Tune up as a thread so if you clen the issues some functionalities are blocked, i uninstaled the app and the warnings dissapeared but it's a shame to spent some bucks in something viewed as virus for other apps Who has the thruth? meanwhile I'll keep it uninstalled
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8 months ago, archtopp
good app
This app seems to do what it states
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7 years ago, RPMcestmoi
Tweak & Tuneup
This is a marvelous utility, fast, safe and accurate. A real bargain to keep that ssd cleaned up. A keeper.
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4 years ago, Jerry M 1956
if you have any junk on your computer,tweak will get rid of it
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7 years ago, Rattusrex
Very fast cleaNUP TOOL
fast and simple - an effective cleanup tool
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8 years ago, rmoye
A great app
I normally don’t write reviews, but this app is too good to not acknowledge it. I am the type person who wants to turn my MacBook pro on and get to work. I don’t want to have to learn how to diagnose the process it is going through or how to identify operating issues. I was told by a tech that my machine was running slow, but I guess I was just used to it. I checked it out and it was running slow. I then came across this app. I read the reviews and then installed it. With some concern, I ran it the first time and then began using the programs. It was truly the difference between night and day. I still don’t know the how but do know that this is now fast… like it was when I first bought it. Thanks.
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6 years ago, WayneJH
Detected as Harmful by Malwarebytes
I have used and trusted Malwarebytes for many years on both Windows and OSX pc's. Malwarebytes detected Tweak and Tuneup as harmful software. I trusted the result and deleted the App.
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5 years ago, steven ray lane
Application contains a virus
Purchased the application and upon install my anti-virus discovered a virus! Don’t buy this app.
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9 years ago, pahrumpterry
Perfect for novices!
For a new convert to the world of Apple, an app that does what it is supposed to without the need of input from a beginner is a blessing. This app quickly and efficiently tunes up your computer and all you do is tell it to go ahead and do its thing. It’s got to be helpful for the computer, and it is certainly helpful to me. Only issue I notice at this point is when you see that the app wants to update and you click to take advantage of the update, the computer attempts to look for the update and seems to find nothing available, the little progress wheel just keep spinning like it’s working on it but nothing is apparently found.
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9 years ago, Magpie_505
Super Fast Tweak and Tuneup
I’m not computer savvy at all, but I’ve had a problem with my server today (still needs to be resolved) and thought with the application, why not give it a try (it seemed like karma). I’ve been tempted with another product stating a similar type of tweaking and resolving, but couldn’t find anyone who has tried it and thought it was a good idea. After all this is an Apple device and does not normally have issues. Can’t say for sure if I had any issues, but it sure was fast, indicating to me, I had, if any, few problems. Time will tell, but I’m thinking positive.
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9 years ago, JoeR1956
Simple fast and the job got completed in 10 minutes
This app popped up and I gave it a try because it was free, I expected something to appear that would say they could do it but it didn’t. it beautiful and in a full cleaning am completely happy with the results. I’m not easy with computers I click a lot and I collect junk. This was so simple and got everything that needed to be to clean up my computer now my computer seems to be moving a lot faster. So if anybody is not computer savvy but has a lot of junk in your computer. this is the app you need.
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9 years ago, VTNH
This App is so Good that I’m Bummed!
I had a gold 2015 Macbook Retina on order because my 2010 MBP was getting too slow. But after using this app (it took all of 15 minutes) my MBP was running like new again. I see some people saying they noticed a slight improvement, but for me it was pretty dramatic. Excel and similar programs were taking ~30 seconds to open for example and Safari was slow to load and switch pages. Now no lag for Safari, Mail or Calendar and Excel loads in 4 seconds. I was excited to be getting a new Macbook, but I guess I’ll cancel my order and save $$$!
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8 years ago, Haileyquin
The Real Deal
Let’s face it: computers become outdated and slow as time passes — even for Macs! I bought my MacBook Pro around 2011 and noticed within the last six months or so that things were slowing down..more than I would have expected. Using this app has made a noticable difference in performance and usability by clearing out unnecessary files that bog down the simpliest of tasks (among other features!) I never thought I would need to use an application like this, but I’m very happy with what I’ve seen over the past few months! Thank you thank you thank you!
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9 years ago, Mick6329
I really enjoy this app
I have had it for only a couple of weeks. Every time I Scan my system the app hounds me to rate it. That's the only frustrating thing that I have found. They need to allow you moreTimetime to evaluate the app before you can give a honest evaluation. At this present time I enjoy using the app and do not see any bugs or flaws. It has done what it said it will do. If later on I find out that is better than what I expected I certainly will update this post. Same if I find out that it is not exactly what I expected. Good luck enjoy the app.
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9 years ago, ChuckAtoZ
Fast and easy, just what’s needed
If you are skilled in using computers, you could do this yourself. But, taking the time to navigate to all of the folders by app and for the system itself, is time consuming. This app takes care of routine system cleanup quickly, easily, and completely. If you aren’t as familiar with the guts of your Mac, but (of course) want to keep it running lean and mean, this app is an obvious choice. Easy to understand interface, couple of clicks, and you done.
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9 years ago, L-Dog Williamson
It worked!
After trying to do a lot of manual cleaning myself, I still needed to free up space on my drive. I did the one-click cleaning on this service first, and that cleared up about 2 GB. Then, I used all the "Optimization" and "Manual Cleaning" options and was able to free up about 45 GB of space. Mostly in old iPhone backups that I didn't need anymore. What a relief! It was fast and easy. Here's hoping it was safe to use — so far, so good. (Posting day after the cleanup). THANKS for the free software, guys!
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9 years ago, hjurur
Let me know a lot about my system.
Does what it says it will do. I did use the large file finder to look at my pictures, and found that some ordinary pictures I really didn’t care about were each about 9 meg. Got rid of the ones that really didn’t matter and saved a lot of space. I had to do it manually, because there is no way to view the picture files when found by the program. Other than that, really great. J
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8 years ago, DH_Daniel
Works as expected
This app is great. It does what it says it is supposed to do. I routinely use it to clear junk on my MacBook, and often find that system logs and caches take up GBs of space. Super useful and works like a charm! The app also tells you where any large files are located (e.g big videos, folders) in case you forgot about them, which can also be helpful when cleaning up your mac. All in all, it’s a great app that does what it says it does.
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8 years ago, Podcaster10
Elegant and powerful cleaning tool
Got a message today that the new version was availible. I had just backed up my MAC last night so I said what the heck. It found 985 issues and cleaned them perfectly. Couldn’t ask for simpler UI, Just press one button to start the scan and one to clean. Done! I had forgotten I had it, I won’t now.. Great work!!!
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9 years ago, Famous Alice
It Worked!
My hard drive was getting full and I need to clean up my Mac. I started look for solutions and came accross this app. At first I thought it didn’t work, as it was done so fast. When I checked my system I went from having 16 gigs free to 66 gigs free. I still show 350 gigs used for “Other” sure would like to know what that is. My docs only like 77 gigs. Pics 66. ???
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9 years ago, PeterF1944
Will not open
I bought this app a week ago. It worked and now I can not open the app nor can I re-download it. If I could open and run it then I could give it a fair review however untill then it is not a good app. Also, I went to the customer support page. The customer support page is totally useless. I will never again use one of their products. If they had a real customer support page then the perception would be different.
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8 years ago, Ramcol
Great App
This is a great app that actually does what it says it will do. Refreshing in’t it? I am always pleased when this happens and they are not asking for you to pay for an update every week or so. It’s free so, download it and give it a try. It will not cost you a cent and you may actually like it!
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